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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  January 27, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PST

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second day in the impeachment trial and how the president's lawyers plan to confront this new revelation. from ktvu fox2 news, this is mornings on 2. thank you for joining us and welcome to mornings on 2. it's monday, january 27th and i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook and we have steve paulson to talk about more rain because saturday night, not a lot of rain. very little tomorrow and then it will be quiet for about a week and might even hit 70 degrees by friday and saturday. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy to the north with temperatures on the mild side an rain, mendocino county, pretty weak and the system will drag across us on tuesday. some 30s but it isn't coming over us until tomorrow, 60s for many and morgan hill in gilroy and something new we are just getting is getting
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busier on the roads. highway 24 from walnut creek to oakland is getting more crowded but not stop and go. you still have room here with a touch of stop and go traffic in marinda but nothing much yet and definitely getting more crowded. there is stop and go traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza, backed up with no major problems and 580 is one of the slow commutes, at the tracy triangle. 6:01 let's go back eir investig into the helicopter crash that killed nba legend, kobe bryant. the chopper went down yesterday morning in the hills above calabasas, 30 miles north of los angeles. kobe bryant and his 13-year-old daughter, gianna, died in the crash along with the pilot and six other passengers. recovering the bodies could take several days.
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right now, as you can imagine, it is a logistical nightmare, in a sense because the crash site is not easily accessible and we are now faced with, i guess, well- wishers, and people mourning who have defended the area and even the crash site, it sells. >> investigators believe dense fog may have played a role in that tragedy. as both the los angeles county sheriff's office and the police department grounded their choppers on sunday morning because of poor visibility. the los angeles county coroner has not identified the other crash victims but family members say a college baseball coach from orange county, john altobelli, died with his wife and teenaged daughter and her girls basketball coach in orange county, christina mauser, reportedly was also on board the helicopter. in downtown l.a., a
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memorial to kobe bryant is growing outside the staples center, home of the lakers. >> kobe was everything. he was my childhood. >> this is what it was like last night with thousands of fans bringing flowers and cards to the arena where kobe bryant was a star for 20 years. >> knowing they died like that, they didn't deserve that. he deserved to live a really long life. >> his mentality inspired me and got me through the military, the mamba mentality. i'm paying a small tribute to him today and it hits really close. >> some of the fans grieved along the los angeles freeways and brought kobe bryant jerseys to the overpasses above 101. we have cristina rendon
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outside the chase center with more on how kobe bryant is being remembered here and everywhere. >> reporter: good morning. kobe bryant is no doubt one of the all-time basketball greats and one of the greatest lakers to ever play the game and this morning, the chase center is lit up in the lakers purple and gold to honor him. he was focusing on challenges in retirement, a five-time nba champion and 18 game all-star, his entire career spent with the lakers. he retired as the third leading scorer in nba history and was now supporting women's sports and coaching basketball players, including his 13-year- old daughter, gianna. he opened a production company after leaving the lakers and was passionate about storytelling and won an oscar for an animated short film about basketball and wrote a ri that became new york times bestsellers.
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the area fans remember the man they admired so much. >> it's not just the basketball. he was a philanthropist and was helping the next generation of kids, just as a human being, a really good guy and it's tragic and unfortunate for the world. >> reporter: yesterday in san francisco, a video board at chase center displayed his image, and the loss hits the entire nba community especially hard. he had an excellent work ethic, and mamba mentality to describe the focus to achieve what he wanted in life. he inspired players like lebron james and steph curry. it was posted that our faith is being tested but thank you and may you and gianna rest easy. cristina rendon, ktvu fox news. it's 6:05 and bay area
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fans are paying tribute to kobe bryant. >> our thoughts are with the bryant family. we take a moment of silence in honor of kobe bryant and his daughter, gianna. >> there was a moment of silence between quarters as fans grieved kobe bryant. >> he was one of my favorite players and it's really shocking and hard to absorb. it doesn't feel real. >> if you grew up in l.a., kobe was your idol. >> last night, at many nba games, the teams 24- second violation to begin the games in honor have his number 24 jersey. stay with us and ktvu news all morning long for complete coverage of the death of kobe bryant. you can also get more information by downloading our ktvu news app.
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today, president donald trump's legal team begins at second day of opening arguments in the impeachment trial and the attorneys will have to confront a new report in the new york times that former national security adviser, john bolton, said the president told him directly he wanted to withhold military aid from ukraine until officials announced they would investigate joe biden and his son. the allegation is reportedly in a new book written by bolton and democrats want bolton to testify at the trial. >> i think they are deathly afraid of what the witnesses will have to say. the whole strategy has been to deprive the public of a fair trial. they don't frame it that way, but that is it. >> i think monday and tuesday will get better and show the american people there is nothing there. >> when the legal team wraps up the opening arguments, senators have 16 hours to ask questions of both the house impeachment managers and the
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president's attorneys. after that, senators will vote on whether to consider new witnesses and evidence. and when the trial resumes, we will carry it live on ktvuplus at 10:00 and then we bring updates on ktvu channel two. it's 6:08 and police in sacramento found the body of a man reported missing on new year's eve. the family of alex bolden said his car was discovered on the american river and he disappeared early new year's eve morning after leaving his apartment in downtown sacramento and they are investigating the cause of his death. four were displaced in east oakland after an early morning fire that started just before 1:00 this morning along 102nd avenue near bancroft and you are looking at video posted to the citizen app. firefighters controlled the flames and no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the san francisco police
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officers association asks the federal government to prosecute a man who attacked two officers in december. the district attorney decided not to file charges. officers shot the after investigators said he attacked two officers with a glass bottle in the mission district. hampton survived and one officer required stitches. it's 6:09 and let's check the roads with our morning getting moving. we have some commutes that are more crowded than others. for example, the golden gate bridge, traffic looking good and i would like that commute if it were me driving on the golden gate bridge heading south. no major issues and over to marin, it's getting more crowded with highway 24 looking all right through orinda but stop and go traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza and slowing at the tracy triangle.
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880 not bad and 6:09 and let's bring in steve with today's weather. a pretty quiet pattern for us and not much going on. tomorrow, a weak system will drag across the north. greetings and have a beautiful week, there you go. i appreciate that. 41 in campbell, santa clara, 39 and gilroy was in the upper 30s. santa cruz, 43 and after that, cooler. cooler south and north with the difference in cloud cover. partly cloudy today with mild temps and mostly cloudy tomorrow with light rain north looking to be the line with more sunshine and warmer temps going toward friday and
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saturday. it may be near 70 on friday with cloud cover focusing toward mendocino and lake county. 40s on the temps and 50s for some. lake tahoe, 30 degrees. lot of moisture and the jet stream is focused northward, not over us. the rain line stays and then after tuesday, everything says high pressure will be large and and charged with a dry pattern and near 70 friday and saturday with clouds north and sunshine south. mid-60s with temps on wednesday making a move and then warmer and close to 70 on friday and likely on saturday. 6:11 and two more cases of coronavirus were confirmed in california. the emergency evacuations from china arriving in san francisco. the 49ers are in miami getting ready for super bowl liv and the big sendoff as
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they prepare for sunday's big game.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:14 and the number of confirmed coronavirus infections is growing with at least five known patients in the u.s., including two new cases in southern california. authorities say all five were infected and they had all
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traveled to the city of wuhan, china. diplomats and other u.s. citizens will be flown out of the wuhan to san francisco tomorrow. the coronavirus is spreading around the world with 80 people dying and 27 cases confirmed in mainland china. infections are reported in singapore, south korea, france and australia. also, thailand and vietnam with the coronavirus being part of a large family of viruses, including the one that causes the common cold. protesters in hong kong clashed with police in the wake of the outbreak was demonstrators being angry over the plans to quarantine patients or the medical staff in the city and the hong kong government clarified there are no firm plans to use an unoccupied housing project as a quarantine site but it had been renovated to serve as an option. the 49ers are in miami
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with excitement building up to the super bowl. the fans got a big sendoff yesterday at minetta san jose airport with fans and players pumped up. >> we are ready for another city. go niners. >> i'm faithful and could not be happier. >> the 49ers arrived at miami international just after sunset yesterday to the sounds of california love on the speakers outside the airplane and they hope the trip back to the bay area will be just as exciting. and while the 49ers left the bay area in suits and ties, the chiefs may have been ready for vacation and landed in sunny florida yesterday afternoon with quarterback patrick mahomes and a lot of the other players, as you can see, wearing hawaiian shirts. >> some of them are matching. tonight is opening night
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for the super bowl with the chiefs and 49ers holding interview sessions. joe fonzi is in miami with a look at what is in store this week. >> reporter: one week from today, we will know whether the 49ers or the chiefs are winners of super bowl you the 49ers got a red carpet sendoff as they left the san jose airport yesterday morning and when they touched down in miami, it was easy to see who the pilot was pulling for. many of these 49ers are first timers for the super bowl but when they departed the airplane, the usual faces were there. kyle shanahan, jimmy garoppolo and what with the arrival be without a dance from kendrick bourne? when they arrived at their hotel, they were decked out in 49 or graphics. it was calm last night but the intensity will increase as the
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week wears on. call it a night of rest but things get going full blast today. they used do call it media day and now it's called nfl live opening night and it will happen later at marlins park, the home of the miami marlins. from miami, joe fonzi, ktvu fox2. you can watch super bowl liv with us this sunday, february 2nd on ktvu fox2 with live reports throughout the week from miami. joe fonzi was there last night and we will have mark ibanez and claudine wong joining him for a full week of coverage. claudine will be live in the mornings and will hit up all the super bowl experience areas. it will be fun. >> we can sit right here and watch everything while sal watches our commute. it's getting a littleded ou
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bridge toll plaza with a crowd and the good news is, a glass half-full kind of guy, it's nothing out of the ordinary. a typical bay bridge tng at the triangle, as normal. 680 is getting slower and then highway 4 is slow through bay point. 6:19 and here is a positive and chip or individual. >> always positive, you have to be. the rain returns and it looks quiet. there is a suite of forecast projections and some of them -- a couple of them, they seem to think that midmonth things will kick back up for rain and others say winter is canceled y
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this is a water year and we are doing so well, are we? oakland and san jose, hopefully, it will come from the clouds to make up ground later in february and into march. we may be would have had .1 inches, but we haven't had enough of those. light rain to the north and it will stay there with this system on its way. 30s, 40s and 50s and east bay temps, 40 in alamo, 43 in fremont and 52 in reading and lake tahoe, monterey, 45 with a pretty good system taking aim at extreme northern california and some of this will drag across tomorrow.
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south of that, i don't much happens and then high pressure kicks in to be our fair weather friend, near 70 degrees on the high temps friday and saturday and you can see the rain line and there is not much there and after that, nothing for 7 or 10 days. 60s foremost and then temperatures will bump up through the later half of the week. friday and saturday mild and springlike. >> too early for that, but all right. 6:21 and big changes on market street in san francisco. coming up, the reason the city made the changes and who will and won't be kept off the streets. the 2020 tax season begins and changes you need to know before you file.
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welcome back. today, the internal revenue service will start accepting tax returns for 2019 and the deadline is not until april 15 but the irs said there are a couple of reasons you might want to get an early start. people receiving refunds get back an average of $2800 filing early and they prevent i.d. thieves from claiming your refund. rates on deliveries have
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increased with priority mail rates increasing by 4% and priority express goes up 3.5%. small, medium and large flat rate boxes and envelopes will also now cost more. a new device could improve safety on delicate jet engines with a 3d probe scanning the surface of objects to detect the difference between cracks developing into something dangerous and something that is such a risk. there are workers running a fingernail over the surface to find possible defects and rolls-royce which makes engines has already said it is interested in this new technology. hundreds of amazon employees could risk losing their of a coordinated alleged threat to fire current activists for the climate
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change that work for prohibits employees from speaking public about the company without prior approval. organizers sayare speaking out. some popular restaurants in san francisco or letting customers know they are not associated with a delivery app, despite being listed. according to the chronicle, deli board and others had orders on grubhub made without their consent. they add that the menus are outdated and advise customers to call ahead. an announcement about more affordable housing for students at san jose state, with a news conference to announce the housing. the building currently owned by the state will be redeveloped into apartments. 6:26 and they went head-to- head on the basketball court
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as opponents. ahead, more from adonal foyle. a teenager paralyzed in a shooting at deanza high school is overcoming and preparing to head back for her first day back at school since that shooting. america isn't just sick of donald trump,
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america's getting sicker. there are one million more uninsured americans every year under trump. and he's repeatedly tried to repeal obamacare. mike bloomberg will make sure everyone without
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health coverage can get it, and everyone who likes theirs, keep it. while capping fees to lower costs. as mayor, he helped expand coverage to seven hundred thousand more people. and championed women's reproductive health. as president, he'll give access to everyone. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. from ktvu fox2 news, this is mornings on 2. the new york stock
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exchange, the opening bell live in new york, they are smiling. it won't be a good day because the dow will drop 400, almost 500 points with concerns about the spread of the coronavirus and down across the board, 2% for the nasdaq with your business news coming up in ktvu dollars & sense. good morning and thank you for joining us on monday morning, january 27. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook and thank you for waking up with us. people are saying, we didn't get much rain on saturday night but will be get more, coming up? not really. they will have to wait until february because the pattern looks quiet with son to the south and temperatures warming up. by the end of the week, upper 60s to near 70 friday and saturday. and mendocino county, light rain and it will drag across tomorrow with light rain in santa rosa.
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some mid-60s on the highs and sal is here. anything new you want to get to? >> it's slowing and getting slower, now that we are in the middle or the heart of the commute. westbound 24 is slow through lafayette and orinda and it's not stop and go but we don't have a lot of incidents to report. is coming up. the silicon valley commute, 6:31, and let's go back to the desk. breaking news from a scanning scan with twitter accounts linked to the taliban showing the wreckage of a plane crash southwest of kabul. that region is currently under taliban control and video shows the plane to be a u.s. air force aircraft with the
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military telling the associated press it is investigating the crash. 6:31 and we are following tragic news out of los angeles, the death of kobe bryant. the former l.a. lakers superstar died in a helicopter crash with his daughter and seven others and investigators say the helicopter went down in the hills above calabasas, 30 miles north of los angeles. investigators are looking for the cause and coming up, we take you live to the staples center in los angeles to get the very latest. in the bay area, a bay area high school student is going back to class 4 months after she was shot at a high school football game. sara zendehnam is in el sobrante with the details of ashley parker's incredible recovery and spirit. >> reporter: good morning. a ashley park or's school is ready to welcome her back and they have a monitor set up in
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the front office that says, welcome back, ashley. there is a sign with her name on it and that will greet her when she comes back to school. it's the first time in four months the 16-year-old will be back at school after being shot. she was one of three teenagers shot on september 27, 2019 at a football game. doctors had not much hope for her survival and she was not responsive when the first responders got to her. they had to bring her back to life once the scene, once in the ambulance and again during surgery. the bullet went through her arm, punctured her lung and lodged in her spine. her family was told to prepare for the worst. she proved them wrong and spent 19 days in the icu, instead of the two months expected. she is going into the new year and getting used two a new normal. she is paralyzed from the chest down but says she is
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lucky instead of feeling sorry for herself. >> i told my mom that one day i knew that if i had lost my mind, that would be crippling. >> reporter: there is an assembly at 8:00 were ashley and her mom will address the students and we will bring those details for you. in el sobrante, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox news. an investigation is under way into what caused two house fires in san francisco at the same time yesterday afternoon. the homes are located one block apart in the outer sunset district. one at 2:45 and it took 90 minutes to get under control. one person was inside and evacuated safely. the other house fire was contained in 20 minutes with five people displaced from that fire.
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this week, a major change on market street in san francisco with ride-shares in private vehicles not allowed on wednesday. cars or trucks with commercial licenses can use market street but the change safety, while speeding up public transportation. former golden state warrior, adonal foyle, as among those grieving about the tragic death of kobe bryant. he shared his memories last night and had played in the nba for 13 years and went up against kobe bryant on the court during his entire career and said kobe was a fierce competitor who hated to lose. >> he is one of the most determined athletes. if you beat him or kick him or hold him down, he will find a way to rip apart everything. his worldview is reconstructed to be more powerful so he can
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have another go at you. >> adonal foyle remembers that kobe bryant was a loving father and husband and father to four young girls and one of them, 13-year-old, gianna, was killed along with kobe in the helicopter crash in southern california. we have much more about the life of kobe bryant and his legacy on our ktvu website at and on our ktvu news app. >> a sad time for these people. 6:36 is the time and let's check with sal for the traffic. once again, we see traffic is now in the center of the morning commute and i show you the richmond bridge over to san rafael with slowing. that is typical and not too many incidents but the usual slow traffic around the bay area. you can see the bay bridge toll plaza traffic will be okay. there have been some noninjury accidents here and there but
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for the most part, the commute is typical. the tracy triangle is very slow and 580 especially throw a and 680 through pleasanton and walnut creek, slow. the silicon valley, the commute is turning out a little later. downtown san jose on the right, northbound 280, looks okay getting off highway 17 and into the west valley. 6:37 and we go to steve paulson for the weather. a quiet pattern this week with a tiny bit of rain to the north tomorrow and then a week or 10 days with not much going on. a chilly 46 and san leandro looking forward to warmer temps. 43 and san leandro and a couple of places where it may be cooler. hayward, 45, alamosa, 40 and
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pleasanton, 40. lafayette, 46. 30s and low 50s on the temps with patchy fog and more clouds to the north and sunshine to the south. down toward san jose and over to santa cruz, a little bit of rain but north of it is north of mendocino county. the system will drag across us tomorrow toward santa rosa and 40s on the temps and 50s on this panel. novato, 50. 47 in ukiah and the pacific northwest and points northward, santa rosa, clouds to the north and temperatures will rebound with the storm track dry and temperatures the friday into saturday. 50s for a few and 60s for many and after tuesday, high and dry, as we say. that will take us into the
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later half of the week. it's 6:38 and back to our coverage of the tragic death of kobe bryant in that helicopter crash. >> we have stephanie at the staples center for more coverage. >> reporter: good morning. here at the staples center, there is a lot of activity going on because it is a post- -grammy breakdown. there are trucks and people loading things in and out but last night, thousands came here to the staples center to pay their respects to kobe bryant, to remember him with tears, hugs, people love flowers and mementos and it's been really emotional with news of kobe's death sending shockwaves around the world and no city was hit harderngele i want to show you some of the reaction we saw some fans
6:40 am
talking about. >> he walayer, influencing so when he retired, he was involved in all different things with the kids and the youth and helping people that were homeless. it's sad to see him go. this one really hurt me. >> reporter: again, as you heard, kobe bryant did so much for this community and for the world. he truly was a cultural icon and people are having trouble coming to grips with this tragedy. it really, really hits home here. >> stephanie stanton in los angeles, thank you. the bay area commute may be affected by muni subway work and coming up, they will close the subway track and we tell you for how long. 49ers fans showed a strong
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presence in miami for super bowl liv and still had, the latest numbers of who will be in the stands. let's take a look with allie rasmus. >> reporter: coming up in a few minutes, san francisco's ban on the sale of vaping products goes into effect this week with about 700 shops and corner stores being affected and are bracing for a big drop in sales. san francisco leaders are looking for ways to help those small businesses stay afloat. a kid's dream job? a legos builder? how a man one ski more on this and we will be right back.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. as futures indicated, a big drop across the board in the u.s. the stock markets and investors are concerned about the threat of the coronavirus and there is a look at the dow jones, down about 1.5%, 28563 and the s&p 500 down and the nasdaq down almost 2%, 9149 with a lot of concern over how this will affect business and travel with a lot of economies
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and industries. we will watch wall street this morning. it's 6:45 and it looks like california super bowl fans are buying the most super bowl tickets. stubhub said at first it was kansas and missouri buying more tickets than california did but now, sales from california make up 22% of the ticket sales. kansas and missouri, combined, make up 20% and according to stubhub, tickets for super bowl liv already cost $7000, on average. san francisco's mayor london breed is holding up her end of the playoffs challenge that she made with the mayor of green bay. breed will volunteer at the boys and girls club of san francisco and the green bay mayor will volunteer at the boys and girls club and his city, in addition to donating $50 to cisco police foundation. you can watch super bowl liv with us this sunday right here
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on ktvu fox2 we will have live reports starting tomorrow from miami with joe fonzi arriving last night and we will have mark ibanez and claudine wong joining him for a full week of coverage. two teenagers were arrested in fremont after a group of cyclists blocked traffic. police cited 12 more teenagers after reports that drivers were being harassed on saturday afternoon and at one point, 50 cyclists were in the road. two teens were arrested and charged with resisting and obstructing police officers. they were released to their parents. the muni subway will be close this week at night with subway service ending at 9:30 so they can do the work. buses will run to connect to the stations and trains will continue aboveground routes during the closure and subway service will resume every day and time for the morning commute. bart is still thinking
6:47 am
about building a second transbay 2, they hired a director to build the link between san francisco and the east bay and it could cost $25 billion and take 15-25 years to complete. it's 6:47 and it looks like developments over a conquered weapons station is not settling the key dispute. the city received a letter from the developer and the union representing the construction workers. the letters indicate the sides have not settled the dispute over how many union workers the developer should be required to use. officials say they can't afford to use as many union leaders as they want. and sonoma county, homeless people will move into a tiny home village. they will come from the homeless camp along the trail after months of complaints. there is room for 60 people and the site has storage units, showers and even dog runs for pets but anyone who moves in
6:48 am
must be sober and no visitors allowed. the bike path on the an rafael bridge will be periodically clothes the next three weeks for safety inspections and caltrans will perform instructions on the span and the bicycle path will be shut down monday through friday. it starts today and runs through friday, february 14. a new political poll shows candidate joe biden leading in the race for the democratic nomination. the latest abc news washington post poll shows him with 34% support among registered voters certain to vote in the primary or caucus in bernie sanders, 22% and elizabeth warren, 14%, followed by mike bloomberg at 7% and andrew yang at 6%. pete buttigieg ve 4% support. it's 6:48 and with the
6:49 am
iowa caucuses a week away, candidates are campaigning in s following the race very closely. according to a harvard poll, voters between 18 and 29 will play a bigger role in 2020 than they did in 2016. in iowa, there have been rallies on college campuses and many young people say they've met many of the candidates to help them decide which candidate to support. that is a tricky question. exit polls in 2018 show fans with young voters in iowa backing democrats. the iraqi government promises a strong response after three rockets hit the u.s. embassy compound in baghdad. one person was hurt in the attack and one rocket landed
6:50 am
to hit a dining facility. the attack is the third this month and no word on who is responsible. president donald trump will host israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu when his political arrival at the white house today. it will be the first time that an israeli politician not holding a professional role will hold a meeting with a president during an election campaign. trump wants to talk about the deal of the century, focused on a middle east peace plan and netanyahu said the meeting will make history. >> translator: today, i stand by the american president who brings a plan which i believe is promoting our most crucial interest. >> palestinians and hamas have said the deal is dead on arrival after the u.s. recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel and moved the embassy there.
6:51 am
the meeting starts in 15 minutes. it's 6:51 and let's get you moving. sal is watching everything on the roads. everybody behaving? a typical commute. slow traffic and we haven't had a lot of serious incidents. your commute is going as you would think at the bay bridge toll plaza. 15-20 minutes delay, typical for this time of morning and nothing unusual on the bridge to get you across into san francisco. the east bay commute, hayward to fremont and 680 and the south bay, slowing and 680 is slow from concord to walnut creek. let's bring in steve with the forecast. we will get to it with a quiet pattern for the next 7- 10 days with a weak system tomorrow and then after that, very quiet.
6:52 am
we could use some rain. we've had some systems that are not doing much, just like we had saturday night into sunday morning but we haven't had two weeks of dry weather but we could see something of that sort going forward. santa rosa, 79% and the city, 71% and then some locations just won't get anything, maybe a couple of 100 of an-inch. things are brewing later in february. 30s, 40s and 50s with clouds and sunshine and we already are seeing this with a big system for the pacific northwest, a lot of rain from delmar and humboldt county and into seattle, a little bit of rain in mendocino county with that system dropping out tomorrow and maybe a tiny bit of rain or drizzle and santa rosa and parts of marin county getting
6:53 am
a little bit but that will be it. menlo park, palo alto, all checking in at 39. san mateo, 43 and redwood city is 41. 40s for many and even monterey and lake tahoe, again, a deep system and a strong system. we are on the southern end with no support and light rain with clouds to the south and after that, high pressure with the storm track north and maybe near 70 toward friday and saturday. north of santa rosa and calistoga, a little bit of rain but not much and it won't be much for us. 50s for a few and temperatures don't change much but then into saturday it will bump up near springlike by saturday. it's 6:53 in the redesigned 2021 cadillac escalade will have an suv shown off next
6:54 am
month and coming up, the oscar willing filmmaker that introduced the escalade in hollywood. american families are throwing away a lot of food and money and in the next hour, how much the american people are losing and which households are affected the most. first, music's biggest night and we show you some of the big winners at the grammys. america isn't just sick of donald trump, america's getting sicker. there are one million more uninsured americans every year under trump. and he's repeatedly tried to repeal obamacare. mike bloomberg will make sure everyone without health coverage can get it, and everyone who likes theirs, keep it. while capping fees to lower costs. as mayor, he helped expand coverage to seven hundred thousand more people. and championed women's reproductive health. as president, he'll give access to everyone. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 point grammy awards in los angeles took a backseat at staples center after the devastating news kobe bryant died in a helicopter crash. >> we're literally sitting here heartbroken in the house that kobe bryant built. >> hats off to alicia keys. she did a great job. alicia keys and boys to men sang a brief version of the song "it's so hard to say good-bye to yesterday" in honor of kobe. 18-year-old billy eilish swept all the major categories, album and new artist of the year, record of the year. she is the youngest to win all
6:58 am
top categories and lizzo dedicated her opening song to kobe bryant, and nipsey hustle was honored, as well with their pictures shown. and spacex scrubbed its falcon 9 launch in cape canaveral, florida. the launch was due minutes ago, but it had to be canceled because of strong winds in the upper atmosphere. officials with spacex have been trying to launch this for about a now, but bad weather continues to cause delays. the company is hoping to launch another batch of satellites into space. the next launch could be as early as tomorrow at 6:38 a.m. time is 6:58. researchers at stanford created a flying robot. it imitates a flight pattern of birds. rather than flapping its wing, the pigeon bot, the wings
6:59 am
on it change in flight just like a real bird. birds drastically change of shape of their wings while they fly, something that planes right now can't do. the team hopes that design will inspire a new wave of drones. exactly 75 years ago today, the soviet army liberated the auschwitz death camp in poland. yesterday, the pope asked for prayers of the holocaust and always remember those who died. >> the pope said keeping the memory of what happened at the concentration camp is a duty. fans around the world in shock after basketball legend kobe bryant, his daughter, and seven others were killed in a helicopter crash in southern california. what investigators believe may have played a role in the tragedy. we'll take a look back at
7:00 am
kobe bryant, one of the greatest players to ever play the game. we're at chase center in san francisco. we'll tell you how kobe bryant is being remembered. and the deadly corona virus, the number of cases grows and we'll have how authorities are desperately trying to contain it. good morning. it is monday january 27th. i'm allie rasmus in for gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm dave clark. good to see you, allie. >> good to be here. >> we have some patchy low clouds, mostly cloudy to the north. mostly sunny to the south and except for tomorrow


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