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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4pm  FOX  January 27, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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team continuing to argue for an acquittal in the senate impeachment trial among revelations of the president's national security advisor. >> from ktvu fox 2 news, this is the 4. >> and this afternoon the ntsb is at the scene of that helicopter crash that killed lakers star kobe bryant, his 13- year-old daughter, and seven other people yesterday. the search here at this site may take days to complete according to officials as we now learned the pilot in this case was given special clearance to fly in the foggy conditions. in just minutes, federal investigators are expected to hold a news conference. welcome everyone to the 4. i'm alex savidge. >> and i'm heather holmes. >> fans are remembering kobe's legacy. >> we're live from calabasas
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now with the tributes being paid to the nba great. >> nba fans say good-bye to lakers legend kobe bryant who was killed in a chemical cop ter crash. people in the philippines honoring bryant with a memorial outside the house of kobe basketball court. his 20-year career influencing people around the globe particularly in china where he played in the 2008 summer olympics. >> i grew up watching him play. i wish the conspirator of mamba will be carried on. >> bryant spent his entire career with los angeles. he was also a member of the u.s. men's basketball team winning two olympic gold medals. those appearances making him into an international star. >> he brought joy to people. he carried the torch. >> bryant's death stunning the sport's world memorials and
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tributes are popping up coast to coast in kobe bryant's honor . sunday night new york city's madison square garden lit up in purple and gold. as people remember bryant's impact both on and off the court. >> he was so much more than just a basketball player. >> he's not just an amazing athlete which he is but he was our neighbor. >> the ntsb is now investigating the crash with fog seeming likely to have played a major role. in cal calabasas, california. >> as soon as that happens we will go there. meantime the nba postponed the next game in the wake of bryant's death. >> the lakers were set to play the clippers tomorrow in
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staples center in downtown los angeles out of respect for the lakers organization that game will be rescheduled to a later date. >> and coming up we're going to talk with an aviation expert to learn more about the ongoing ntsb investigation into this deadly chopper crash. >> and now we move on to the senate impeachment trial of president trump. it was back in session today, the president's defense team is arguing for his acquittal and it comes amid league from john bolton's unreleased book. >> we're live here in studio to see what unfold in washington today. >> the president has not touched that leak at all today. they have not talked about it. they are sticking to their case. they wanted to rule out corruption in the case. which is also strengthening calls for the former nsa's testimony. >> the president was all-time acting under his constitutional
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authority under his legal authority international interests and pursuant to his oath of aufsz. >> president trump's defense team began its second day of arguments in the wake of a new bomb shell report. according to the new times the manuscript of john bolton's book told president trump to hold him until they helped with an investigation into the bidens. >> mr. bolton's book is further evidence that a large number of people were quote in the loop on this scheme as the ambassador sonland said and now they are all covering up. >> the president made clear that there was no linkage between security assistance and investigations. >> bolton's claim goes directly to the heart of abuse of power and obstruction of congress against the president. mr. trump said he never told bolton that writing if john
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bolton said this it was only to sell a book. republican senator mitt romney says he wants to hear that testimony and other gop members are likely to agree with him. >> it's pretty fair to say john bolton has a relevant testimony to provide to those of us who are sitting an impartial justice. >> questioned hunter biden's work in ukraine and attacked the house's process. >> these two articles come before this court, this high court of impeachment dripping with fundament at process violations. >> when people say why didn't you go to court to insist and fight and go through the district court of appeals and the supreme court we would still have that question unresolved a year from now. >> you saw ken starr there making his debut for the offense. that led to president clinton's impeachment today defending president trump he said like
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war, impeachment is hell. >> okay. but everyone seems to be talking about john bolton and this book that's set to be released soon and some of the excerpts that are coming out and do you think this will purr suede people like john bolton to come in and testify. >> this is a significant week for the senate trial. in addition to that he's obviously wanting to sell books. why has he not had a news conference or come forward with more of this. on the flip side of this, the significance is huge. to this point one of the defenses has been all of this was hearsay. no one ever heard directly from the president about this hold on ukraine. john bolton is asserting at least this report is it came directly from the president's mouth which is awfully damaging to the president and the case. we are going to have to see how it affects witnesses but already mitt romney, lisa
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collins, susan collins said they would obviously like to hear from bolton. ktvu political reporter greg lee thank you. we have more on the presidential impeachment trial on our website and obviously on the ktvu news appment. let's take i live now to this news conference under way in l.a. county this is the l.a. county sheriff as well as ntsb officials updating us on the investigation so far. >> we also want to mention that the l.a. county fire deputy chief m adamroney is also here if you have questions that are fire related in this matter. jennifer homendy welcome in. >> again my name is jennifer hom.endy and i'm a board member of the national transportation safety board. with me today is member tom
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chapman and bill english who is our investigator in charge. we call the investigator in charge the iic. the ntsb is an i want federal agency charged by congress with investigating every civil aviation accident in the united states and significant accidents and other modes of transportation. we're here to conduct a safety investigation and our mission is not just to determine what happened but why it happened and how it happened to prevent this accident, a similar accident from ever happening again. before i go any further, i want to once again extend our deepest sympathies to those who lost loved ones in this tragic event. i can't imagine what the families and friends of those
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who perished in this accident are going through, but know that our hearts go out to you and we -- you will be on our minds over the next days and months and years ahead. . this morning, we began with an organizational meeting where we established parties to the investigation. parties to the investigation are entities that can provide technical expertise that will help us in gathering factual information to help us conduct the investigation. the parties to the investigation are the federal aviation administration, secorsky, island express and the national air traffic controller's association. we also established investigative groups. we take our investigators and the parties to the
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investigations to the investigation and we establish smaller groups to drill down to get the fact eventual actual information that we need. they will look at the pilot, the organizational structure, the company, how the company is regulated. air traffic control which will look at the history of the flight. airworthiness which will look at the air frame, instruments, wreckage, seat configuration, and flight controls. power plants which will look at the engines. there were two pratten pt canada two turbo shaft engines and the power plants groups will focus on that. we also have a weather investigator and speaking of weather we have a request for the public, we're looking for
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photos of the weather in the area of the crash. if you have photos that can help us again in the area of the crash. if you could send those photos to that's we're not just focusing on weather here though, we are -- we take a broad look at everything around an investigation and around an accident. we look at man machine and the environment and weather is just a small portion of that. so we would appreciate the public's assistance if you have that. please send that in. again to we also went on scene today. our investigators began documenting the scene, collecting evidence, taking pictures, and we had drones in
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the air to begin mapping the wreckage. there has been a lot of questions about the fbi and why the fbi is here. the ntsb have a memo random of understanding with the fbi to help us collect evidence. they are essentially a force multiplier for the ntsb.. there is no criminal portion of this investigation. so with that i really want to thank the fbi evidence response team for their assistance with our investigation. i also want to take a moment to thank the los angeles county fire department, the los angeles county sheriff's office, the los angeles police department, a variety of search and rescue groups, many of which i saw hard at work today on scene, and the las virgeneas
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water district. we're continuing to gather information. i do have some factual information on the flight path. with that, i want to read it because i want to make sure it is reported accurately and so if you'll bare with me as i read it, it's initial information shows that the helicopter was flying under visual flight rules from john wayne airport to just southeast of burbank airport. around burbank, the pilot requested to transit controlled air space under special visual flight rules. special vfr is an air traffic control authorization that allows an aircraft to proceed through controlled air space at less than the basic vfr
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minimums of a 1,000' ceiling and 3 miles visibility. atc advised the pilot there was a delay due to traffic. while awaiting approval the helicopter circled for 12 minutes until the special vfr was approved by air traffic control. the helicopter transitted the burbank and van nuys air space at 1400' and proceeded south, then west. the pilot requested flight following to continue to camarillo but advised the pilot they were too low for flight following. approximately 4 minutes later, the pilot advised they were climbing to avoid a cloud layer. when atc asked what the pilot planned to do, there was no reply. radar data indicates the helicopter climbed to 2300' and
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then began a left ascending turn. and is consist with the accident location. i anticipate we'll have more factual information to share tomorrow. i believe we will have a press briefing at some point tomorrow. please monitor our twitter feed at ntsb under score newsroom. >> you're listening in on an update of the investigation into the helicopter crash in southern california yesterday that killed lakers star kobe bryant, his daughter, and seven other people. this is an official with the ntsb offering some new information on the investigation that is really in its earl stages into this helicopter crash that took place in foggy conditions in calabasas. >> also sort of explaining the path and then what happened.
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there are a lot of questions that we're going to be talking with an expert about including this request for special visual flight rules to sort of go around that. what does that mean? that's what we're going to talk with our expert about in just a few minutes. make sure you stay here for continuing coverage on this deadly crash that took the life of kobe bryant. >> and we'll continue to monitor that news conference and bring you any new information as we get it. still to come here at 4:00, we go live to miami. ahead of opening night in just a few hours at marlins park. ktvu's joe fon zy will join us live coming up at 4:30. >> also the number of people infected by the corona virus just keeps growing. city officials in san francisco outlining steps they are taking to try to keep people safe. >> cloudy skies over the bay area this afternoon and a slight chance for scattered showers getting into your bay area tuesday. i'll have a look at what you
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the union wants the federal government to prosecute a man who attacked officer its back in september. this comes as san francisco's new district attorney more on this controversy and henry officers there see this as a
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real slap in the face it is this side of the situation. two officers ended up shooting and wounding jamaica hampton. he has proved that the prosecutor has a criminals first agenda. >> this is video police say shows jamaica hampton attacking san francisco officers in the mission district last december. officer torres was cut in the head with a vodka bottle and the officer shot and wounded hampton. but now district attorney chesa budine says he isn't prosecuting hampton for now. >> for his unprovoked violent attack on officer haze and flores validates every penny we spent. >> behind san francisco
4:21 pm
officers and denouncing the former defender. >> he no longer defended the criminals. he empowers them. . >> it sends a message that the so-called former district attorney with attacks on police officers go unpunished. >> the union launched a website saying they want to hold the d.a. accountable. if they say budine is protecting criminals. also want attorney bill barr to step in. >> what we are encouraging is that ag barr takes the intervention and prosecutes mr. hampton for this crime. >> you know we're mostly concerned just with his status as a victim in this matter i think. he's left concern with the politics of all of it. >> budine says he's holding off because it would be unfair to testify hampton while
4:22 pm
they're still under investigation for shooting him. depends on internal clarity around the charges being filed which becomes more complicated when you're dealing with an instance where there is competing criminal liability. >> now the response to that statement, the police union says the d.a. should be able to dhu gum and walk at the same time. now for her part, mayor london breed issued a statement to officers today saying she supports them, understand their frustration, but knows that any violence against them will be met with quote firm resolve. >> and henry as we saw today officers there in san francisco really upset about this decision was it goes beyond fran. the police chief in san jose also critical of the d.a.'s decision. >> that's right. san jose police chief eddie garcia putting out a tweet saying the d.a.'s statement was shocking and despicable. >> we will continue to stay on
4:23 pm
top of this kofrnl versy. henry lee this afternoon in san francisco. nfrnlts yolo county police have arrested a man accused of killing his five infant children. paul perez is suspected of killing the babies between 1992 and 2001. officials discovered the bodies of one infant in 2011. last year using dna technology, the baby was identified as nic.o lee perez. with this information investigators learned that nico had three siblings also believed to be dead but their remains have yet to be located. >> i cannot think of a case more disturbing than this one. there can be no victim more vulnerable and innocent than an infant and unfortunately this case involves five. >> all of the children were
4:24 pm
younger than 6 months old. perez is set to be arraigned tomorrow afternoon. the sheriff says this case has haunted his department for decades. the number of people infected with the corona virus continues to grow here in the u.s. and around the world. the cdc says there are now five known patients with corona virus in the united states with 110 suspected cases now being tested. in china, there are now at least 80 confirmed detdzs and more than 2,700 people have been sickened by the virus. and more countries are now starting to close their borders with china because of this outbreak. >> the epidemic prevention and control is at a critical moment it's necessary to ensure every house hold and individual fully exercised the prevention and control measures. >> it could be three months before any trial vaccines are ready. the city of san francisco
4:25 pm
has activated its emergency operations center preparing for the possibility of the potentially deadly corona virus outbreak. ktvu's christian kafton joining us live from san francisco's zuckerberg hospital. it's important to note with all of this there are no reported cases of the corona virus in san francisco right now. >> that's absolutely accurate. there are no reported cases in san francisco. as you reported zuckerberg san francisco general hospital here does have isolate rooms on stand by ready to accept any corona virus patients should they arrive here in the city. at this point the city, the hospital all taking the attitude of hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. . >> the potentially deadly wuhan corona virus already has a choke hold in china and workers in san francisco are working to make sure that virus doesn't spread here. >> it's important to recognize there are no confirmed cases in san francisco at this time.
4:26 pm
we are actively preparing for the possibility of confirmed cases. >> san francisco taking no chances. the city has activated this emergency operation center to track any possible cases and react quickly. >> we will be broadcasting in partnership with the department of public health. public health information about how to prevent the spread of the virus and what to do to stay healthy during flu season. >> doctors say wuhan corona virus may look a lot like the flu. public health experts say the patient's travel history including any recent trips to china may be the key to telling the difference. >> we won't be able to tell just from the symptoms. that's why the history of where that person has been is the most important factor. >> san francisco international airport says all outbound air traffic out of wuhan has been cancelled. the airport also addressing the report that the state department had planned to land a plane here in the bay area on tuesday. >> the latest information we
4:27 pm
have is that flight will arrive to the u.s. via anchorage and then it will make its way to ontario california. >> san francisco health authorities say they are in contact with state health officials as well as the centers for disease control monitoring the progress of corona virus around the world and here in the united states. we're live in san francisco christian kafton ktvu fox 2 news. >> the city is certainly prepared. thank you. okay. let's take you outside and give you a live look at the conditions because boy that cloud bank moving in rosemayor as we see behind you. >> it's going to be a fairly weak system especially by late january standards. in and out of the partly sunny skies for today. that's not expecting to change.
4:28 pm
right now from san francisco, santa rosa over from oakland to san jose. for some a few degrees cooler than yesterday. down by three in fairfield. getting into your bay area tuesday we'll go with mostly cloudy skies. northern california getting some activity this afternoon for us it's going to take until tomorrow morning. here's a look at your future cast. mostly cloudy into tonight. 8:00 tomorrow morning areas over lake county as well as the north bay seeing a few light scattered showers. this system as it moves through the bay area kind of falls apart. giving you a look there at lunchtime along i-80, we may see some as the south bay picking up on no rainfall there you can see. and by the afternoon we're already clearing out.
4:29 pm
we're expecting less than 1/10" with this system. even the last one over the weekend. tomorrow morning we'll wake up. it's a bit cool in the north bay. a little cooler for santa rosa. and around the bay upper 40s to low 50s. 46 along the peninsula in redwood city. afternoon highs a lot like today. 59 san rafael. 58 in san francisco. low 60s in concord but then we begin a warm up as we get into your bay area weekend. i have details and the extended forecast coming up. thank you very much rosemayor. continuing coverage next on the investigation that killed kobe bryant and his daughter. we're going to talk with an aviation accident expert about the new information federal investigators just released. >> and be sure to tune in tonight for the all new episode of rob low's star" and
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then we hope you stick around for the 10:00 news and the 11:00 news all right here on ktvu. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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now to an update from los angeles county on the deadly helicopter crash that killed nba great kobe bryant and eight others yesterday. the group was flying up to orange county to thousand oaks for a youtsz basketball tournament when that helicopter went down in very foggy conditions about 9:45 yesterday morning. the pilot in this case had been approved to fly under special visual flight rules allowing him to continue with that limited visibility. >> let's talk more about today's developments. we're joined by julianne fox pilot and aviation. what exactly do those rules mean and why would a pilot chopper be able to fly this these condit
4:33 pm
>> when you're a transitioning controlled air space, you have to have a certain amount of visibility and you have to have the clouds at a certain height and if that doesn't exist there's a special clearance you can request not requiring you to have an instrument flight plan you can transition that controlled air space with only 1,000' of the height of the clouds and less on the visibility and so the pilot was wanting to transition the van nuys and the burbank air space and to do so visually with keeping visual references to operate from they needed to have that clearance. >> so let's talk about the conditions. this was very thick fog according to the earlier reports here. how easy is it for a helicopter pilot to get disoriented in thick fog? >> that's a good question. we have pilots that only fly based on visual references. we have other pilots that get training and are allowed to fly
4:34 pm
just by their instruments. so they don't have to be able to see outside but they would require to be oven an instrument flight plan and have an instrument clearance which we know in this case based on the facts that are coming out that aircraft did not have. >> okay. there seem to be a lot of questions about how low this chopper was flying. explain to us why that happened. and also that the pilot was circling for 12 minutes and when i heard that today from the ntsb i thought why not just go ahead and land at that moment because it appears the conditions are getting worse not better. >> so both of those airports as i understand the facts were operating in instrument meteorological conditions and so they were requiring planes that were taking off and landing to be flying by their instruments and to be qualified and credentialed to fly solely by their instruments and airplanes and not have to see outside only for let's say a 200' ceiling and a half mile
4:35 pm
visibility if it was a certain type of approach. but in this case we had vfr traffic, a pilot that was flying by visual flight records. he was trying to transition that air space that was under instrument control and so there were other aircrafts in the vicinities so he needed to wait. so to wait he started doing a circle outside of that air space. >> the chopper had a rapid descent of about 4,000' a minute. does that suggest anything to you about what may have taken place? >> so one of the causes of helicopter accidents in weather conditions consistent with what we have today is when a pilot gets disoriented due to visual illusions or vestibular illusions just like when you go up in the elevator really quickly and the elevator stops you still get the sensation in your ears. so the sensation you get from your ears and the seat of your pants when ugot different gs or
4:36 pm
movement that can be misleading and accurate and completely 100% with what you would have gotten visually or from your instruments if you were proficient at extracting that instrument and creating a picture in your head. >> so when you look at the information that has come out thus far, what does it sort of tell you about what happened? >> so the question i think the faa and the ntsb would be asking and what they would be looking for and they mentioned in the investigation they're going to have a human performance. they will be looking at what kind of training did that pilot have. were they instrument-qualified? what kind of pro efficienciy did they have and not just were they legally current but how recent was their experience flying by instrument on their own and without auto pilot. so what we know about pilots is it's just like tennis. you have to continually
4:37 pm
practice that tennis stroke you have to do the same thing with an instrument scan. if if they don't practice they're not going to be very good at doing it. >> we appreciate your insight. >> thank you very much. up next here at 4:00 we're going to sit down with the coauthors of a bill in oakland that limits criminal background checks on prospective tenants.
4:38 pm
4:39 pm
it's the first of its kind law. landlords in oakland are banned
4:40 pm
from asking potential tenants about their criminal history . the city council unanimously approved a fair housing chance ordinance. which rejects a prospective tenant from an apartment. john jones with the alameda county fair chance coalition. >> this is an issue you are personally invested in. you were in prison and for the following year and a half you struggled to find work, to find a place to live. how much of an impact does a law like this make for someone who might be in your situation? >> tremendous impact. as you shared when i paroled to be unsheltered, to be unemployed for 18 months because of a criminal record, when the fault is if you pay your debt back to society then to reintegrate successfully back into society you need
4:41 pm
access to these things and just the mental and emotional and psychological impact of being in a situation where it presents itself as if we're just a simple mistake. >> how many times were -- do you believe you were rejected from trying to find a place to live, let's say because of the past conviction that you had? >> every single time with the exception of my current residence. i'm still looking right now and that continues to come up. and we're talking about my conviction from 12 years ago. >> so this makes a huge difference for you and for a lot of others we know. counsel woman. let me ask you here. the idea here is to address racial december parities disparities and housing. >> so this measure is really important because there are surveys that have been done that show 73% of current people
4:42 pm
who were homeless in oakland have a criminal justice background. and in fact one in four people in alameda county have a criminal record. so when we look at taking urgent action to solve our housing crisis, i think that this law by providing an opportunity for people returning home from the criminal justice system to have access to an opportunity to apply for housing or to stay with a family member. this is really going to create more fairness in the housing system. >> and let me ask you, there are similar measures in places like san francisco and richmond. but in those cases it only applies to affordable housing, subsidized housing. why was it important for the city of oakland to expand this measure or have it be more broad? >> so we wanted to make sure that people returning to our community have access to the many different types of housing. so including private housing and one thing i want to make sure that your viewers understand is that this does
4:43 pm
not mandate that you have to rent your home to someone who is returnling home from prison. -- returning home from prison. what it does is it sets a set of expectations so that you are not automatically doing a criminal background check. you can still do the same things you do to screen tenants which include reference checks, looking at income, looking at employment to see if that person would be able to maintain and take care of the property and it also taking into account that many of the criminal databases are highly flawed. >> all right. well we have to leave the conversation there. we really appreciate both of you coming in. counsel woman. thank you so much for sharing your thoughts today. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we're going to check our weather right now and rosemary's here for that. yes, so outside our doors this evening mainly dry. a few sprinkles this morning. a little bit of fog to start the day but all in all it's been a mild one out there with a mix of partly sunny conditions. as we get into your bay area
4:44 pm
tuesday, we will have an opportunity and a few scattered showers as we talked about in the last half hour this system not going bring us much. areas over washington, oregon even california. but for us by the time it reaches the bay area it pretty much falls apart. here's a look at what we're expecting going into tomorrow morning. perhaps a little bit of patchy drizzle and then lake county and the north edge of sonoma county. as we go ahead into the second part of the morning, the early afternoon it does begin to push through but it has a hard time holding together. here's a look at i-80. here's a look at the coastline right about lunchtime. we may have a few sprinkles over the sierra as well. but by the afternoon it continues to shift south. you'll notice how areas over san jose we really didn't see any greens or blues. a slight chansz of scattered showers.
4:45 pm
maybe a few sprinkles but all in all not a big deal and once we get away from this system it looks like we're going to be dry for the remainder of the week and by friday into saturday temperatures are expected to hit nearset degrees. here's a look at the overnights expected for tomorrow morning. a little bit of patchy fog, a little bit of patchy drizzle. mostly cloudy skies, upper 40s in oakland. 44 for the inner east bay of concord. 43 for santa rosa. the warmer spots tomorrow morning 50 degrees to start your day in pacifica. the cloudy skies in place. our temperatures tend to be a little bit warmer. this time of year we can be in the 20s and thirtsz as far as we know and as we get into the afternoon upper 50s to low 60s expected for tomorrow. we break away to partly sunny by the afternoon as that rain event we'll call it kind of sweeps through the first half of the day and th giving you a look here at the extended forecast where we are looking at temperatures very similar for tomorrow into the
4:46 pm
afternoon. overnight lows will continue on the cool side in the upper 40s around the bay area. but notice what starts to happen by thursday into friday. temperatures into the upper 60s. right now saturday looks like it's going to be the warmest day when we get to 70 degrees and then temperatures will cool back down once again. but 70 degrees haven't felt that in the bay area for a time. >> thanks rosemary. well the media frenzy ramping up in miami as the 49ers and the chiefs are both in south beach now gearing up for super bowl 54. we're going to head there live right after the break. >> also coming up in minutes at 5:00 there was a bay area girls team at that basketball camp where kobe bryant was heading. >> the one court she yelled out kobe is dead that court stopped. everybody stopped. . >> of course they did after hearing news like that.
4:47 pm
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all right. we are now less than a week away from super bowl 54 and both the 49ers are taking on the kansas city chiefs. >> and both teams are in miami. ktvu's joe fonzi joining us
4:50 pm
live from south beach where, joe, the excitement just beginning to ramp up. >> yeah, the super bowl's something that you can kind of watch it wind up as we get closer and closer to game time. it is monday so things are relatively calm. where it's not calm is inside where we are right now. we're inside marlins park right now home of the baseball miami marlins as they like to spread super bowls around town. there's lots going on at south beach as well. those players are inside doing their media appearance right now. this thing used to be called media day. it's now called opening night. fans are part of it as well and if you want to talk about a media crush i covered one a few years back. this thing gets bigger and bigger every year. so does the media crush but then the kansas city fans got
4:51 pm
what they were waiting for and then game the players. years ago the oakland a's used to play in a sunday uniform called their wedding gown whites. the one exception being andy reed which the chiefs adopted as they arrived here in miami. but obviously when you're talking about the kansas city chiefs, the guy you want to hear from is quarterback mahomes talking about what it takes to win the super bowl. >> i think it's about staying with the process and doing what you've done that gets you hear. obviously you're going to feel the magnitude and how big this game is. you already can with the media day and everything you can right now. i've always believed in going out there and being who you are and i trust your team will get you there. and we're going to go out and do that. >> and as i spread, this thing is all over town right now. here's what south beach looks like. it's a whole city that fox has
4:52 pm
constructed down there. it's right across the street from where all the historic art decco hotels are and then comes fox's little city and then if you go any further, you get to the beach. and i've said if you don't have a ticket and tickets are very expensive that would be the place to hang out because you've got historic hotels and bars and restaurants on one side. you've got big screens and live televisions shows going on the other side and then in addition to that, big screens to watch the games. so honestfully if you don't have a ticket, that would be the place to be and i know we're going to be there a lot as well. it's the fox compound. we'll be there all week long as well. but until then, i'm going to get back inside for the nuts and bolts because the 49ers will be making their appewe'll to you later on tonight. reporting live from miami joe fonzi back to you in the
4:53 pm
studio. >> before you go, the media sessions they are just insane sometimes. you have media from around the world and a lot of times these players are getting peppered with a lot of questions that have nothing to do with football as you well know. what do i think the strategy should be for these 9ers players to try to keep the focus on the game? >> well i'll give you one of the all-time questions i heard. i heard jim pluck et once asked if you were a tree what kind of a tree would you be? he had to somehow feel that question. the idea the players know the questions are going to be repet i. there's waves of reporters getting to people. we were in the wave trying to get to andy reed and i don't have anything new to ask that the three waves before me haven't asked. you just have to be patient and recognize it's all part of the process and do your work before you get here. get your game plan in. get all those things done the
4:54 pm
week before and then when you get here not let the game plan be a distraction you've already accomplished that part of it and i think both teams know that. >> all right. have fun. >> we'll get back to you guys if you guys were a tree what kind of a tree would you be? >> that i need to think about. >> fur. i'm going to find it. >> that is a really unusual question. >> yeah oh, my gosh the questions sometimes are i don't get it. prime minister minister benajmin netanyahu why palistine may not sign on coming up.
4:55 pm
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president trump and his israeli prime minister benajmin netanyahu. >> the palestinian prime minister says president trump and prime minister benajmin netanyahu are trying to create a distraction. the agreement is set to be released tomorrow. >> deal of the century is the opportunity of a century and we're not going to pass it by. >> israel's prime minister is in washington promising to make history with president trump on a middle east peace plan. the leaders offered few details when speaking with the press but projthe deal's ulnations have agreed to it. they like it, they think it's great. they think it's a big start.
4:58 pm
i think it's a fantastic thing if we can pull it off. >> the deal needs support from palestine to work but their prime minister criticized it during his weekly cabinet meeting. he says trump and benajmin netanyahu are creating a distraction from their perspective political problems back home. >> this deal which is not based on international legality and international law which also gives israel all what it wants at the expense of the national rights of the palestinian people. >> president trump admits palestinians likely won't agree initially but says they will come around eventually. >> without them we don't do the deal and that's okay. they're not living well. we could off aid to palestinians. >> a proposal could include a plan to address palestine's aid. >> the president says the big reveal is tuesday at noon eastern. in washington ray bogan fox news.
4:59 pm
ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 starts now... >> the one court she yelled out "kobe is dead." that court stopped. >> 24 hours later and the pain of his death is strong. a bay area girl's basketball team was at the mamba sports academy when news broke of kobe bryant's death. the group described those moments as silent chaos. good evening. >> we begin with the latest on the crash investigation in claesz. claebszcalabasas. when the helicopter went down in foggy conditions 9:45 yesterday morning. this afternoon the ntsb said the pilot had been approved to
5:00 pm
fly under special visual flight rules allowing him to continue under limited visibility. the ntsb described what happened next. >> the pilot advised they were climbing to avoid a cloud layer. when atc asked what the pilot planned to do there was no reply. radar data indicates the helicopter climbed to 2300' and then began a left descending turn. last radar contact was around 9:45 a.m. and is consistent with the accident location. there is an impact area on one of the hills and a piece of the tail is down the hill on the left side of the hill. the fus lodge is on the other side of the hill and the main rotor is about 100 yards beyond that.


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