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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 27, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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savidge in our newsroom. >> the l.a. county sheriff and the ntsb report that we brought to you federal investigators said today that this group including kobe bryant and his daughter was headed from orange county up to camarillo and the pilot asked controllers for per hiss mission to continue under pro visional flight rules that allowed them to fly with limited visibility in foggy weather. the pilot circled for 12 minutes. the ntsb describes what happened next. >> the pilot advised they were climbing to avoid a cloud layer. when atc asked what the pilot planned to do, there was no reply. radar data indicates the helicopter climbed to 2300 feet and then began a left descending turn. last radar contact was around 9:45 a.m. and is consistent with the accident location. >> the aircraft was not required to carry a black box
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recorder but officials say they examined board which had the flight plan and some other data. federal investigators say they began documenting the crash scene earlier this afternoon gathering evidence and taking photos including from drones that were flying above that hillside. the ntsb described a devastating reck in rugged terrain. >> there is an impact area on one of the hills. and the -- a piece of the tail is down the hill on the left side of the hill. the fusolodge is over on the other side of that hill and then the main rotor is about 100 yards beyond that. it looks about -- the debris field is about 500' to 600'. >> the loss of one of
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basketball's biggest stars has prompted an outpouring of emotion. fans have been leaving flowers, balloonings even basketball balls at the staples center. seven others were killed in this crash all of them on their way to that youth basketball tournament. john al tobelli a community college baseball coach his wife keri and their daughter alyssa who played on the team. christina mauser a coach with bryant's academy, sarah chester and her 13-year-old daughter payton and the pilot ara zobayan who was set to be well respected in the los angeles aviation community. aside from looking at the weather ntsb says the investigators will be looking at other factors including the pilot and his training as well as the condition of that helicopter. investigators are quite
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confident they will ultimately determine the cause of this heart breaking accident. frank, julie. >> alex savidge in our newsroom thank youment. be fans made the pilgrimage to the staples center in los angeles. the lakers were scheduled to play here tomorrow against the l.a. clippers, but today the nba says the game has been postponed out of respect for the lakers association. as their home court in a statement today the lakers expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support and said quote, this is a very difficult time for all of us.. a local girl's basketball team from daily city was in southern california yesterday for the tournament at the mamba sports academy allison rodriguez spoke with their coach and he was very emotional talking about the exact moment that they learned that kobe bryant had died. >> alfonso jew focuses the
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basketball team in daily city. >> i jumped on it. got an opportunity. do i get to play kobe's team. that's how it all started. >> it's a chance he'll never forget. >> i said kobe, you left your clipboard um, and i kind of used it and he goes, that's okay. and as kobe smiled and demeanor and he said i've got a friend. >> so the team jumped at the chance to go back for another tournament this weekend. this video shows the girls playing their 10:00 a.m. game sunday not knowing the awful tragedy that was unfolding at the same time. >> joo talks about the moment they knew something was wrong. . >> then time started passing and um, he wasn't here yet and that wasn't usual. >> that's when a woman came in
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and said the unthinkable. >> the one court that she yelled out kobe is dead, that court stopped everybody stopped. >> the pain still so fresh for jo.o. he says everyone didn't know what to think. >> everybody confused trying to figure out what was going on. there was like literally just a silent chaos that's the best way i can explain it. >> l.a. county sheriff officials said a total of nine people were killed in thousand oaks sunday morning. >> we just all dropped on our knees one by one. everybody just dropped to their knees. >> joo tried to stay strong for his team a group of girls the same age as bryant's daughter gianna who also perished in the
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crash. >> how'd it happen why and where and it can't be. we're talking about kobe bryant. we're talkin talking about the whole team. that doesn't make any sense. >> now he will remember bryant for the work he did to help bring girls and women's basketball to the forefront. >> he did what no other nba player did. nobody. >> the bulldogs have a practice scheduled here in daily city tuesday. jo.o tells me he doesn't know how it's going to go but he does tell me the way they can honor bryant's memory is to keep that mamba mentality. ktvu fox 2 news the up coming issue of time magazine will feature the life and career of kobe bryant when it comes out on friday. times says he leaves behind a complicated and long legacy and will be remembered as one of the most famous basketball players of all time. and a reminder stay with ktvu and as we continue to follow the latest on the kobe
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bryant crash and the investigation into what caused it. the number of people infected with the corona virus continues to grow here in the united states and around the world. the cdc says there are now five known patients with corona virus in the united states with 110 potential cases now being tested. in china, there are now 81 confirmed deaths. more than 2700 people have gotten sick from the virus. there are another 31 confirmed cases in other parts of asia, australia, europe and canada. >> the epidemic prevention and control is at a critical moment and is necessary to ensure every house hold and individual fully exercised the prevention and control measures. >> several drug companies are now trying to fast track a vaccine but the cdc says it will be at least three months before any trial vaccine is ready for testing. the corona virus is rattling investors. stocks plummeted again today amid worries the expanded
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outbreak will derail economic growth. the dow close the 353 points lower. nasdaq fell 175 and the s&p 500 dropped 51. there are now reported corona viruses here in the bay area. the city of san francisco has now activated their emergency operation center in preparation for the possibility that the virus spreads here. >> the potentially deadly wuhan corona virus already has a toe hold in china and now public health are working to make sure that virus doesn't spread here. >> it's important to recognize that there are no confirmed cases in san francisco at this time. we are actively preparing for the possibility of confirmed cases. >> san francisco taking no chances. the city has activated this emergency operation center to track any possible cases and react quickly. >> we will be broadcasting in partnership with the department of public health. public health information about
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how to prevent the spread of the virus, and what to do to stay healthy during flu season. >> doctors say wuhan corona virus may look a lot like the flu. the patient's travel history including any recent trips to china may be the key to telling the difference. >> we won't be able to tell just from the symptoms. that's why the history of where that person has been is the most important factor. >> san francisco international airport says all outbound air traffic out of wuhan has been cancelled. the airport also addressing the report that the state department had planned to land the plane with personnel who had worked in wuhan here in the bay area on tuesday. >> the latest information we have is that flight will arrive to the u.s. via anchorage and then it will make its way to ontario, california. >> san francisco authorities say they are in contact with state health officials as well as the centers for disease control monitoring the progress of the corona virus around the world and here in the u.s. in
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san francisco christien kafton ktvu fox 2 news. president trump's impeachment trial entering its second week. coming up we'll hear from his defense team and from his national security advisor. >> later on ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. the san francisco police officer's union slammed the city's new district attorney. the decision members are upset about and who else is supporting the officer's union. >> and we're looking at some umbrella weather at least a little bit tomorrow. kind of mid morning. we'll talk about that. not a big deal and then a warm up in the 5-day forecast. we'll have that when i see you in a little bit. >> and we're live here at marlins park in miami. the 9ers on the stage. talking to reporters and the fans. i love it. we'll tell you what's happening coming up. and here in the bay area, a live look outside at the monday evening commute on highway 24 in lafayette. the commute direction heading towards walnut creek those are the lanes on the left.
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we're now in week two of president trump's impeachment trial. today his defense team continuing arguing for acquittal. new and incriminating evidence from the former national security advisor john bolton. more tonight from political reporter greg lee. >> the president was all time
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acting under his constitutional authority under his legal authority in our national interest, and pursuant to his oath of office. >> president trump's defense team began its second day of arms in the wake of a new bomb shell report. according to the new york times the manuscript of former national security advisor john bolton's book says president trump told him to withhold aid to the ukraine until they helped with an investigation into the biden's. >> mr. bolton's book is further evidence that a large number of people were quote "in the loop" on this scheme as the ambassador sonlin said and now they are all covering up. >> the president made clear that there was no linkage between security assistance and investigations. >> bolton it's claim goes directly to the heart of the charges of abuse of power and obstruction of congress against the president. in a series of tweets, mr. trump said he never told bolton
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that writing if john bolton said this it was only to sell a book. republican senator mitt romney has long said he wants to hear that testimony and today said he believes other gop members are likely to agree with him. >> it's pretty fair to say john bolton has a relevant testimony to provide to those of us who are sitting in impartial justice. >> the defense called rudy giuliani a distraction questioning hunter biden's conduct in ukraine. >> these two articles come before this court, this high court of impeachment dripping with fundamental processed violations. >> when people say why didn't you go to court to insist and fight and go through the district court of appeals and the supreme court we would still have that question unresolved a year from now. >> another republican seen as a key swing vote senator susan
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collins saying the bolton story has strengthened the case for key witnesses. greg lee, ktvu fox 2 news. we're checking in on the weather out there. we talked a little bit about the rain coming our way. that shows up mid morning tomorrow. it should be after the morning commute is the plan and it will be almost nothing according to the latest models. you can see the system we're talking about right now. streaming in off the pacific and its trajectory that the focus of this thing is going to be up towards eureka north. something maybe in the form of drizzle. maybe something in san francisco but it would be light and not really that measurable. so it's not the kind of thing where we're going to get a half inch. as you're looking at the forecast model, the forecast idea. the plan anyway is for this system to push through as we go into tomorrow, mid morning. slight chance around 9:00, 10,
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11:00 a.m. and then it blows out and it's high pressure central. we're back into a warm, dry pattern that pushes into the weekend with potential for upper 60s even low 70s in the weather. it's going to feel more like an april forecast. i'll see you back here with the latest computer mode l and the 5-day forecast. >> now less than a week to go until super bowl 54. take a look at our countdown clock. you can see we're less than six days away in the big game in miami. >> and now opening night is under way. quarterback jimmy garoppolo. a short time with the kansas city chiefs wrapped up their media availability and now reporters are getting a chance to interview the 49ers. ktvu's claudine wong is live in miami and joins us live from outside today's media event. >> it's going great. we just got off the plane about four hours ago and right now we are in the whirlwind that is
6:18 pm
super bowl week in miami. it is opening night. you've got all the players packed here at marlins park. we've got all the players at podium. coach shananaha n jimmy g. all talking and answering questions. take a look at the video we just took inside a couple of minutes ago. you can see the fans that are all out there. you've got so many crews all over down on the floor just talking to players, coaches, and fans and when you talk about the excitement of this kind of event, the 49ers came out and everyone started taking pictures but guess what the 9ers were also taking pictures too because really the energy and the smiles we saw on the faces of the players and the fans is a shared joy of what's happening now and the fans we talked to a lot of them don't have tickets. none of them had tickets to the super bowl. some of them have never even been to spran but when you talk about the 9er faithful these are the fans we're talking about. >> we are ready to party with
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the 49ers fans in south florida are excited. >> i came down today for the opening night. we'll be back here on sunday. we drove over. so yeah, we're excited. >> i'm going to be with the fans. i'm going to be in miami beach. south beach. watching us beat the kansas city chiefs. >> do you like jimmy garoppolo. >> you're not along by the way. >> lots of people liking jimmy g. so this is when we'll be talking about what is the super bowl in terms of all the hype and whether they're saying jimmy g and his experience with the patriots will help to just kind of manage how much all of this is to take in. they were asking him like how is this different from the time you were here before and he said last time i was out there. some of the other players were out there walking around. so it's a big difference and what a ride it's going to be. they're going to have availability like this all week. this is the night where everyone comes together and really a special time for fans
6:20 pm
to say even if we can't play for the ticket to get us in hard rock stadium. we're going to be here. we're going to let those players know we'll be behind them. the 9ers will be talking for another 205 minutes or so. we'll have full coverage of all of the events as with ras we start getting into gear live here in miami. >> i know you just got there and today is media day. there are events going on all week. do you know what's coming up tomorrow? >> well they do have other media events up tomorrow in terms of different players and they'll make different players available to talk to and sit down with. there are clean up events and just like when we saw the super bowl in san francisco they like to pull in non profits and different groups and so all week if you take a look at their schedule there are so many things people can take a chance to be apart of the experience as the week goes on the super bowl experience, the nfl experience those things will open up as well. so they really want to make it
6:21 pm
this kre schenn canada week. there is plenty to do. >> i know you'll be showing us a lot of it. claudine wong reporting live from miami. thanks claudine: . don't forget you with watch super bowl 54 on sunday right here on ktvu live. still ahead tonight a report of a man wearing a ski mask sparks a school lockdown in the north bay. tonight what we're learning about the situation and the police investigation. >> also head tonight a plan for peace in the middle east. the deal being finalized in washington today before tomorrow's big announcement from president trump and the israeli prime minister.
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there is no word yet about any possible survivors from a u.s. air force plane that crashed into a region. video was posted to twitter
6:25 pm
yesterday showing e11a surveillance plane. there are no indications so far that it had been brought down by enemy fire. two people they suspect may have survived that crash. >> the deal needs support from palestinians to work but it's prime minister is already criticized it as a plan to finish off the pal tin yan cause. >> this deal which is not based on international legality and international law which also gives israel all what it wants at the expense of the national rights of the palestinian people. >> president trump admits
6:26 pm
palestinians likely won't agree initially but he says he thinks he will come around eventually: 75 years ago today in poland the soviet army liberated the auschwitz death camp. and to always remember those who died. the pope says keeping the memory of what happened during the concentration camps is quote a duty but a new survey shows americans didn't know the nazis killedkilled. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next with a targeted shooting on a freeway in the east bay. what we're learning about the investigation and the two young children in the car when the shots were fired. >> later in sports we'll have more from miami when we hear from some of the players from
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opening night for the super bowl.
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not to our top stories, the ntsb is promising a thorough investigation into the crash that killed l.a. lakers star kobe bryant, his 13- year-old daughter and 7 other people in calabasas yesterday morning. the this afternoon, the ntsb confirmed the pilot was approved to fly under special fight flight rules allowing him to continue in foggy weather before the crash. the coronavirus is growing in the united states and around the world. the cdc says there are 5 known patients with the virus in the u.s. with 110 potential cases being tested. in the bay area, no reported cases but the city of san francisco has activated its emergency operations center in preparation for the possibility of a coronavirus outbreak. president trump's defense team made their argument minute
6:31 pm
argument today following a bombshell report in the new york times. the paper is reporting national security advisor, former national security advisor john bolton says president trump told him would to withhold you aid from ukraine until they announced investigation into the bidens. the president restart responded in a tweet, he said "if john bolton said this, it was only to sell a book. block this ehbs investigating a shooting on east bay freeway today that wounded a passenger in a car. >> it happened on eastbound 580 this morning near keller avenue near oakland. rob roth tells us young children were in the car. >> reporter: the shooting happened just before 10:00 this morning on interstate 580 you the keller avenue a exit in oakland. california highway patrol says a woman was drivin with a male passenger in the
6:32 pm
front and in the back were two young girls ages 1 and 4. then trouble from another car. >> a male adult in the right front seat of the pastor vehicle was struck by gunfire. it appears to be a targeted incident and he was taken to a local hospital with critical injuries. >> reporter: only the pastor was struck. the children were not heard. the driver also uninjured pulled off at the killer exit and called 911. passersby came to the parked car. >> they tried to help the individual out until paramedics could arrive. and officers arrived and we appreciate the fact the community came to his aid. they may very well have saved his life. >> reporter: the two people involved were wearing ski masks. the only description of a car is a white suv with a hatchback. the shooting could've been even worse especially with two children in the car. >> thank god they were not injured. thank god you have a 1 and 4- year-old little girl inside the vehicle and you also have a female driver that thankfully
6:33 pm
was not struck because that could have led to obviously the car going out of control. >> reporter: freeway shootings continue to be a problem in the bay area, with more than 185 in the past 5 years. last march, 3 freeways shootings happened in 3 consecutive days. >> sometimes they happen sporadically, sometimes they happen back to back. a lot of times, they are targeted and a lot of times are gang-related. >> highway patrol is investigating and reaching out to the public asking if anyone knows anything to please give them a call. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu fox2 news. cam high in mill valley was placed on lockdown before the school was set to let out for the day. police say multiple people call 9-1-1 just before 2 pm to
6:34 pm
report a suspicious young man dressed all in black and wearing a ski mask behind the school. students were kept in classrooms 90 minutes past the normal dismissal time. police say a search of the area turned up nothing and they don't know if maybe the suspect was behind the school casing cars to break into. new details about the gun show man at the cow palace and haywood city. today the state senate passed legislation permanently banning the gun shows. the palace had hosted some of the largest gun shows in the west coast over the past 30 years. last april the board of directors voted to end the gun shows but state senator scott wiener and phil ting did not want to risk the shows returning in the future so they authored the bill to permanently ban shows at the cow palace starting this year. the san francisco police officers union is furious over a decision by new district attorney, chesa boudin who decided to hold off on charging a man who attacked two officers with a bottle. as henry lee explains, the union wants the federal government to get involved. >> reporter: this is video police say shows jamaica hampton attacking officers
6:35 pm
torres and hayes in the mission district last december. officer torres was cut in the head with a bottle and the officer shot and wounded hampton but now, district attorney, chesa boudin says he is not prosecuting hampton for now. the san francisco police union is outraged. >> chesa boudin's decision not to charge jamaica hampton for a unprovoked violent attack on officers validates every word we used in our opposition against him, every penny we spent. >> reporter: the san jose and los angeles police unions are standing in solidarity behind san francisco officers into mounting the former public defender. >> we no longer defend criminals. we empower them and that is what he is doing by not charging jamaica hampton in this case. >> it sends a message that a district attorney will let attacked police officers go unpunished. >> police on the public can submit case information from the website if they feel that police are protecting criminals. they also want attorney general william barr to step in. >> we are encouraging ag barr
6:36 pm
take initiative and prosecute. >> we are mostly concerned just with his status of the victim in this matter. i think he is less concerned with the politics of all of it. >> reporter: the d.a. says it is holding off to avoid conflict of interest because it would be unfair to officers to testify against hampton while investigation is ongoing. the d.a. says the help of any criminal case depends on internal clarity around the charges being filed which becomes more complicated when you are dealing with an instance where there is potentially competing criminal liability." san francisco mayor london breed issued a note to officers say and she understands the frustration i want something or she supports them and that any violence against them will be met with "firm resolve." in san francisco, henry lee, ktvu fox2 news. up next after the break, a bay area university making a promise to ease the housing
6:37 pm
crisis for students and faculty. the new plans being drawn up at san francisco state. as mayor, mike bloomberg slashed carbon emissions
6:38 pm
and achieved new york city's cleanest air quality in more than 50 years. as a leader in the fight against climate change, he helped shut down over half of the nation's coal plants,
6:39 pm
then led one of the biggest pollution reduction efforts in history. as president, he intends to reduce emissions by fifty percent within ten years. because if we want to stop climate change, we need to make a change. this is a fight-we can't afford to lose. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. after months of demonstrations, san jose state university has laid out a plan to address the housing crisis that affected students and faculty. jesse gary tells us those in need could start feeling the impact of the plan by this fall. >> reporter: the largely vacant
6:40 pm
building in downtown samford san jose is a brown behemoth that could serve more than a handful of offices inside. san jose state university officials hope to transform it into an integral part of a solution to a housing shortage impacting students and faculty. >> this is not just their promise, this is our problem, too. these are our students. >> reporter: ateman ray -- at a monday news conference, about a faced multiyear approach was announced. >> this homeless thing with students is literally getting out of hand. we have to do something about it. >> reporter: part of the 6 point plan includes $3 million in grant funding for support programs for housing and security. planning and development of a campus village containing 3 residential housing facilities, discussions of an off-campus residential community and converting the aquos building to faculty, staff and graduate student housing. >> this would not only enhance
6:41 pm
the current faculty but help us in terms of lives, in terms of teaching and our living and also be a tremendous help in recruiting new faculty. >> reporter: san jose state has already implemented some measures aimed at easing the housing crunch that has affected dozens of students. members of the student homeless alliance have been pushing them to do more and say this announcement is a step toward the ultimate goal. >> we are excited to be to this point. we know it is just the beginning. the first steps. but we see a very bright future for those dealing with this. >> university us officials say students in need can access grant funding immediately. >> reporter: by converting the august building or constructing a village, that will be done in the middle of the decade. jesse gary, ktvu fox2 news. we have a little bit of shower activity, possible for
6:42 pm
tomorrow. not the morning commute but right after that. will get into that, look at the model end up 5 day forecast when i return. ktvu's heather holmes joins us now in the newsroom to look at some of the stories we are looking at for the 7:00 was on ktvu plus. details on a man on e- cigarette sales about to go into effect in san francisco but some supervisors are considering to soften the financial blow to retailers. >> more on the death of kobe bryant and his daughter. why they chose to travel around southern california by helicopter and it wasn't just to beat the traffic. those stories and more coming up live at 7:00 when alex and i see you over on ktvu plus. first, after the break, the special creations being whipped up for super bowl sunday. if you have not finalized your plans, you may be able to attempted. taking a live look outside , in the bay area, ktvu news at 6:30 will be right back.
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drivers heading east to the
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caldecott tunnel may run into delays during the overnight hours this week. caltrans is scheduled to close the right border of the tunnel on eastbound 24. crews will be doing maintenance work on the tunnels lighting system. the closure will ask from 10:00 at night until 4:30 a.m. tuesday and wednesday night. the work only affects drivers heading eastbound from oakland to orinda. let's head to check of the weather. bill is here. it was kind of a mild day today. or were getting some rain? >> just a little bit, not, it has been nice, we need real rain and it looks like we will get some but not real and that is going to be here for a little bit, not 1 or 1/2 inch like we saw last week. this time of year, i'm kind of like old grandpa going we need the rain in here because we are like 70 to 65% of rainfall average in this is the time of year where if we don't get it, it makes it tougher to get in february and march even though those are very wet mark -- months. there is the system i'm tracking. i hate to be a grumpy guy but it is important.
6:47 pm
i would like to see, the best way would be to have like 1 could storm a week in the winter and with some really nice numbers and really good snowpack and we are kind of missing that, not really seeing that kind of robust storm once a week. we see a little bit of everything but this week is going to be kind of week. that is what i'm trying to say. we will see a little snow on the mountain, a slight chance of a shower or sprinkle, midmorning you will see that it the computer model and it will miss the morning and evening commute. from there, it is dry, dry, warm, warm through the weekend and there is the pattern. high pressure, everything in the pacific northwest, right through super bowl weekend, the weather will be warm. as you look at the forecast -- the current temperatures, it is 55 in separate cisco, 52 in livermore, cloudy throughout most of the bay area. here is how it looks tomorrow morning, around 10:00 or 11:00 we might see a few sprinkles and it clears right up really fast.
6:48 pm
that is the plan anyway. temperature around separate cisco, a mild 59 degrees. valley five tomorrow morning and clouds. here is the model. tomorrow morning, right there and there is the system that will roll through about 10 am and about noon you see it drapes over and you can see this from that there is not much going on and it opens right up tomorrow night and then we get into wednesday morning and then it is really valley fog and it becomes about warming up quite a bit and a slight chance of a sprinkle tomorrow. i would not freak about it at all. it would be nice if there was some rain but it is not doing much of anything. the 5 day forecast looks like this. there is the weekend in view and a little cooler for sunday but you will definitely see temperatures on friday, saturday and part of sunday on the warm side. --taking another live look
6:49 pm
right now at the san francisco 49ers media day taking place right now in miami. there is 49ers head coach, kyle shanahan, reporters from around the world getting a chance to ask their questions. the entire team is usually on hand for opening night at super bowl week. >> it is the first time a bay area team has reached the super bowl in 70 years and bay area businesses don't want to be left on the sidelines. maureen naylor shows us there's grading everything from specialty cupcakes to cocktails in hopes of catching it. >> san francisco going to the super bowl! >> reporter: at first cupcake factory in san jose, the super bowl run had never been so sweet. the owner has already taken between 30 and 40 separate orders for the 49ers named cupcakes and the calls started coming in right after the 49ers won the championship. >> we are closed sunday so together with the staff we decided we will open on sunday because this is a huge deal and we have never experienced this before so we will be open sunday for pickup of preorders and we will have to try to have extra stuff for people to pick
6:50 pm
up last-minute. >> owner, andrea bodwell has been a 49ers fan her whole life and says her team's winning streak is great personally and professionally. >> it is really exciting to not only do it because it is good for business but it is in my heart, too. >> san jose's japan town, employees at jack's bar put up decorations preparing for a rush of patrons on sunday. >> i have been at jack's bar for 13 years so there is always a rush during the beginning and during halftime and after the game. stadium, the seats will be empty come sunday. there will be a watch party down below at the steakhouse for fans willing to pay $100 per ticket. that will get you an all-you- can-eat chef's table at bourbon steak organizes say this is the calm before the storm. 0 guests. they will have to pay extra for the specialty cocktails including this one named welcome to miami. >> like i said, second best football play on earth aside
6:51 pm
from miami. we offer miami vice themed cocktails, we will decorate in the theme of miami to offer guests that feel as if they were there. >> reporter: in santa clara, maureen naylor, ktvu fox2 news. a reminder once again you can not say this too many times, you can watch super bowl liv this sunday, thyroid to right here on ktvu fox 2 and we will have live reports all week from miami from sports director, mark cabañas and claudine wong. leading up to super bowl liv, right now, the 49ers are answering questions in miami at media day. kyle shanahan, the head coach and we will hear from some players and opening night festivities coming up. lots watch 9-1-1 on star and prodigal son tonight on
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the power of 2 continues to work for you. here's where to watch ktvu plus on your tv. okay, jason is in from for mark today, it is media day and all the players get asked every tight kind of question imaginable. >> let's let the craziness begin. it is officially super bowl week.
6:55 pm
we can see it in our sites. joe fonzi in fact is still inside marlon park at this hour, gathering for the 10:00 news but we have some sights and sounds to kind of whet your appetite a little bit. let's meet the nfc champions, san francisco 49ers! >> let's meet them but i think we know them. what you think is going through these guys heads? this is kendrick bourne, always having fun, we saw for us buckner but when you come on this stage in front of all the media, thousands of media, only 7 49ers have ever played in a super bowl so this is new to most of these guys. george kittle okay, yeah. >> he has great. >> he is built to be a superstar. he is one of those guys. that is emmanuel sanders who played in two super bowls. let's listen to what jimmy garoppolo had to say about his third trip, two with the patriots and one as a starting quarterback with the 49ers. >> i was just thinking about it
6:56 pm
the other day. pretty crazy about a year ago i was learning to run again so how things change in a year and you know what could happen. this year has been a whirlwind and a great time. i had a great time with this team. >> have you ever have the first 25 play scripts already done? >> we worked on all last week and we will start over with players wednesday. will be pretty much the same stuff we will tweak a few things out and we know we will come up with a few other things but i will wait till saturday. i always do it friday night before go to bed or saturday when i wake up. >> the key will be how everyone reacts to this, the bigness to all of this is it is a business trip or not. you said patrick mahomes, the kansas city chiefs, a 1 point favorite in super bowl liv and they are indeed a force offense, not so much on defense but offensively but it all starts with mahomes. he was last year's nfl most valuable player and tight end travis kelsey is one of the best and he says mahomes is at his best when he is on the
6:57 pm
move. >> that is when he feels most comfortable at his rolling out and being able to find the boys on defense. from there, i wouldn't even say that is what he does best now because he has taken his game to another level in the pocket and being aware of where to go with the ball every single place of i think it is just that is where the game is more comfortable for him and you obviously, it shows his ability to be of the put the ball anywhere on the field the matter which direction he's going. >> all right, with the city of los angeles still grieving the loss of loss of kobe bryant come his daughter and 7 others who perished in yesterday's helicopter crash, the nba announced it will postpone tomorrow's lakers-clippers game and this was the scene earlier today outside staples center as folks gathered to pay their respects to the laker legend and the outpouring of love came from all corners of the world. the australian open, nick quiroz were a kobe bryant jersey before his match with rafael nadal and the soccer team had a moment of silence
6:58 pm
with sergio ramos donning a bryant olympic jersey. a lot of people have asked, why bryant chose to travel by helicopter so much. and he gave this answer on a podcast not long ago. >> you know, after school activities and all of that fun stuff, weekends, but then traffic started getting really bad, right i was sitting in traffic and i wound up missing a school play because i was sitting in traffic in the same's came out and i had to figure out a way to train and still focus on the craft but still not compromise family time. so that is why i looked into helicopters and being able to get down and back in 15 minutes. my wife was like listen, i can pay for -- i was like no, no, i want to do that is we have road trips sometime and you don't see your kids in every chance i get to see them and spend time with them even if it's 20
6:59 pm
minutes in the car, i want that. >> he was a family man. >> he was. >> that will do it for us. see you tomorrow. whatcha doing? i'm attempting to view my work as a fleeting peripheral image so as to engage the superior colliculus of my brain. interesting. i usually just have coffee. you've been up all night? is it morning? yes. then i've been up all night. and you're stuck? why else would a person try to engage their superior colliculus? oh, sorry, sweetie, i can't help you till i've had my coffee. penny, i told you if you don't put him in his crate at night he just runs around the apartment. what is he doing now?
7:00 pm
leonard: hmm, he's either isolating the terms of his formula and examining them individually, or... looking for the alligator that swallowed his hand after peter pan cut it off. captain hook's hand was eaten by a crocodile, not an alligator. if you're going to mock me, at least get your facts straight. aye, aye, captain. i can't see it! it just won't coalesce. maybe you need a fresh start. you're right. (tires squealing and car horns honking) it's a great idea, leonard. thank you. ♪ our whole universe was in a hot, dense state ♪ ♪ then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started... wait! ♪


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