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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  January 30, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PST

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a little bit of activity in the sierra. for us it's just higher clouds and temperatures will be on the mild side. so for today high clouds, hazy sunshine #2e6r7s will be in the mid to a few upper 60s. here's sal. >> all right. and we do have the commute that's off to a nice start here if you're looking at any of these drives. i want to show you we are off to a good start here if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza. it is lightly traveled. there have been no major issues on interstate 80. we'll tell you more about the commute when we come back in a few now at 4:30. let's go back to the desk. and happening today, a large crowd of pedestrians expected on san francisco's market street. members of the group walk san francisco plan to celebrate the first full day without cars along a two mile stretch of one of san francisco's busiest roads. the walkers say they will be very visible because they'll be
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wearing matching shirts. imagine that. the walk begins in san francisco at 8:15 this morning. muny drivers we talked to said making it car-free will make it easier. but there's already some mixed reactions from people who use the street yesterday. >> i think usually there's so much congestion that i'm not able to easily just go straight down the street, i have to like weave in between all the vehicles and buses. >> so i'll have to watch for bicyclists that are going through crosswalks. i'll have to watch for taxis and for the buses. so i do feel safer but i'm not going to keep my guard down. >> market street is still open to commercial and emergency vehicles as well as public transportation. drivers say their concern
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making market street available to them will only make traffic on mission street more dangerous and more difficult. in china the number of cas grow rapidly. there are more than 7,700 infections and doctors say that number could be higher since not everyone who has the virus is showing symptoms. so far, 170 people in china have died. there are 68 other confirmed cases of the virus around the world including five here in the united states. there are no local cases in the bay area but people here are worried enough to make changes in their plans. at least two lunar new year celebrations in palo alto have been cancelled including one set for today. avanitas is a non profit organization and it cancelled its chinnew yearar organizers say they are choosing to be cautious. >> we had a number of our seniors coming to us expressing
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concern about having so many people in a relatively tight space indoors and not feeling comfortable knowing that the coronavirus was going around. >> the city of palo alto cancelled its large lunar new year celebration scheduled for next month. new this morning an italian cruise ship with 6,000 people on board is being held off the coast. a chinese woman became sick with what is suspected to be a case of coronavirus. this is a live picture you're looking at. you're seeing what we see. the woman contracted called the medics on ship last night and said she had a fever and was having l breathing problems. test results are due later today. all of the other passengers are banned from leaving that cruise ship. for now. again, these are live pictures from italy. we'll keep watching this and bring you more details as we get them in. time it 4:33.
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a 17-year-old man is among those living in chieven. and we talked to him earlier this week and now ktvu's andre senior talked to his parents back in the bay area and they're worried about his safety. >> wuhan, china is normally bustling atropicalolis with a population of a million people. >> streets are deserted. not many people out. there is a mild military presence just to maintain if there's any disorder they're there to maintain order. >> that is how doug perez and his wife christina tell us how their son is describing the living situation there now. he had the option to return to the u.s. but because he wants to stay with his girlfriend a chinese national. >> well i chose to stay because i could not rlfriend
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or my job with me. it's a state of affair for many americans. we can't bring even our wives unless they're american citizens they can't come with us. >> he recently ventured outdoors and found an open supermarket. >> they only went out because they weren't getting the deliveries and so they realized if they weren't proactive and went to the shops or tried to they were getting to the point where they were worried. >> masks are hard to come by in. she has boxes of them sitting in her living room but it's a concern if such a hot commodity will make it to the front doorstep of her son's. >> we're just worried about the food and the water, that they get food and water at their supermarkets. >> and that they can cope with the virus. >> people are taking it up on
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themselves to stop the spread of the coronavirus at least into their villages. some villages have blocked off the remaining roads and people are standing guards at the main roads through those villages to keep people and their vehicles out. ktvu fox 2 news. >> now make sure you stay right here with us at ktvu fox 2 news and the ktvu news app for the latest breaking news on the coronavirus both overseas and how it's affecting you here in the bay area. time is 4:36. bay area democrats now helping their favorite candidates win in iowa. >> hi, my name is irvy i'm a roll tier for elizabeth warren for president. >> calls to iowa with just four days left the to kickoff the democratic presidential primaries. this was for elizabeth warren.
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>> i don't see it as it's them over there versus us over here. it's really exciting to talk to people who might live in a different city than me but share those same goals. >> the candidates have been campaigning in iowa for months. off the campaign trail recently because of the senate impeachment trial. they're expected to be back in iowa this weekend before one last push on monday. today senators will continue their questioning of house managers and the defense team in the president's impeachment trial. as carolynn shively reports from washington d.c. >> the president still says there was no quid pro quo. now his lawyers say even if there was, so what. >> and if a president does something which he believes will help him get elected in the public interest, that cannot be the kind of quid pro
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quo that results in impeachment. >> house managers countered saying the quid quo pro was purely for the president's benefit and abuse of power. >> all quid pro quos are not the same. some are legitimately corrupted. >> senators are set to vote tomorrow on whether to bring in witnesses. democrats want them especially former national security advisor john bolton. he claims in his forthcoming book that president trump told him he was withholding aid from ukraine until they investigated joe biden and his son hunter. >> if they are to reject witnesses and documents, they're going against not just a small group or not just democrats but against the whole grain of america. >> and the momentum is moving to say we've heard enough. let's move to final judgment. erything open. ear hardened on i have not made my mind up.
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i am impartial. i want to wait until this whole process is over and i will make a mind over it. >> the senators running for president haven't been able to do much of go to iowa. in washington carolynn shively fongz news. time is 4:39. let's get you moving this morning. sal is watching our commute this morning. >> we don't have too much going on. we've been looking at the toll plaza that is making it easier for people to get through and as we get closer to 5:00 we are going to start getting a drew doughty. this is a look at the east bay commute on interstate 880 and also on 580 things are doing well. and the peninsula traffic is off to a nice start. so i you if you are going to be getting on the road soon. the question is what is today's
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weather? i know the man who can answer that. >> sal, i remember back in the day the metering lights did not go on until 5:30. >> even later. you and i reported it used to be go on at 6:00. >> i do. a little bit of patchy fog. there it is kind of dancing around. hither and yon. our best opportunity to do that would be tomorrow. there were some passing showers right there in the sierra. there was a tiny bit that was yesterday. 40s to s some sun and clouds. a few -- i mean fair skies one of my least favorite words but that's what you get these higher clouds and hazy sunshine. the temps. you probably will not cool off too much more. there's just too much cloud deck on the peninsula.
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43 menalow park. and upper 40s, low 50s. storm track, jet stream, whatever you want to call it continues to go to the north. are we done? be patient. there was already signs in the middle of february. we'll get some higher clouds coming in here and temperatures above average they'll stay there until probably saturday and then sunday a big change. windy and colder. it's a dry pattern. so for today high clouds, hazy sunshine. a little bit of patchy fog but warmer. temperatures a few upper 60s. santa rosa and napa. mid 60s for most. tomorrow's our best opportunity to hit 70. than a windy and colder pattern kicks in sunday into monday. lows monday morning could get down to 30. maybe a little cooler in wind- protected areas. >> all right. before you go, steve. take a look at this. this is video from ktvu sports reporter mark ybanez turns temporary meteorologist.
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he's there for super bowl 54. look at this. didn't stop anyone. flooded streets, bikes, cars. is this kind of normal steven? do they have flash flooding. >> well it happens in the summer all the time. right now i don't know about the end of january. that had to come up from something in the tropics. >> that's a super storm. >> and across the gulf. >> right. all right. well obviously everybody just going about their business though. it's still warm there. all right. we're going to go back live to miami in just a little bit. first... >> more than a dozen people had to be a high-rise in los angeles. video from the fire that investigators are now calling suspicious. >> plus... >> the super bowl surprise for a miami educator. we'll show you why she's getting tickets for sunday's big game. the number of uninsured americans,
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rising. the cost of prescription drugs, rising. the threat to people with pre-existing conditions, rising. the good news, so is support for the one candidate who'll do something about it. as mayor, mike bloomberg helped expand coverage for seven hundred thousand people, including hundreds of thousands of kids. including hundreds of thousands of kids. as president, he'll lower drug costs and ensure everyone without coverage can get it. that's a promise. and unlike him, mike actually keeps his. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a san ramon man is accused of throwing another man out of his wheelchair. this all started when phillip kinsler strieed to -- kinsler said she shouldn't be there adding that he had to park farther away. soon after the suspect jimmy tiger approached the suspect and told him to go apologize to his wife when he said no tiger
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started pushing his wheelchair. >> he attempted to grab on things nearby at which point the suspect became frustrated and turned the wheelchair on his side throwing him to the ground. >> being disabled if somebody did that to me, i wouldn't be able to get up. >> prosecutors have charged tiger with attempted kidnapping and assault which are both felonies. he is waiting for his preliminary hearing. our time is 4:46. a man from fairfield was arrested accused of carrying a replica ak 47 rifle. two schools were put on lockdown this afternoon. the marin county sheriff's office say the suspect 24-year- old michael kessler. investigators say he admitted to gun and & a mask to make a snapchat video near that school. and san bruno police say there's no public safety risk
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after a man and a woman were found stabbed in a home. police were called to that home on 3rd avenue yesterday morning. there were several witnesses in the home that gave no details about a suspect. police are releasing more information and asking for the public's help. the santa cruz county sheriff's office is trying to identify a person of interest in the mysterious death of 50-year-old tashar autry. on pleasure point drive just a few hours before he was kidnapped and killed on october 1st. they will now offering a $200,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case. >> the thought of a group of people entering somebody's home, kidnapping them and killing them right here in our community is hard to imagine, but it occurred. >> so officials say awetry was kidnapped and taken away in a
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white bmw. they located his car in the santa cruz mountains. sheriffs officials are also sharing this video. it shows three men walking out of an alleyway onto autry's street one appears to be armed with a rifle. property owners who have suffered in the kin cade fire have one more day to. people in the area that they do need to submit plans for debris removal to the county by january' 31st tomorrow. most have already completed the necessary paper work since last year's fire. our time is 4:48. g to th sunday. that's faran diaz. she's the executive director of career and technical education. she's happy. for years she's helped thousands of students get ready
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for the next step after leaving high school. so to say thank you, the nfl is sending her to the super bowl. >> i have always wanted to be at a super bowl, but when it's at home, it's even better. >> educators that help our athletes along the way are super important. i wouldn't be here today without the education that i received right here in dade county as a kid growing up. >> and by the way if you're wondering which team dr. diaz is rooting for in the super bowl. she says she's rooting for the designated home team, the kansas city chiefs. >> apart from the big game itself a lot of people were looking forward to seeing j-lo to perform alongside shakira in this year's super bowl half time stage. . ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> jennifer lopez is known for her signature dance moves. first rising to fame z aa fly girl on the tv show "in living
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color" she has since catapulted to a rising threat. with dancing, singing, fashion, and more. debut album on the 6th she sold more than 40 million albums worldwide. lopez has a hollywood risumi ranging from a break out role in 1997 is a lena. her most recent performance in the crime thriller hustlers earning her golden globe and sag award nominations. 2019 held big personal moments for the star including her engagement to alex rodriguez in march and her 50th birthday in july. and now jennifer lopez kicks off 2020 adding super bowl half time performer to her incredible milestones. co-headlining with shakira sunday night right here on fox. in hollywood fox news. >> i just may be watching
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those two. make sure you catch the big game and the half time show right here on ktvu fox 2 news. we're bringing you live coverage from miami all week leading up to super bowl 54 including a special report coming up at 5:00 with one of my favorite people claudine wong. >> all right. if you're like me, get the laundry ready to fold. you can camp out in front of the tv all day on sunday. >> and food. >> and food. and you know you have to have all your i know that the run to the store is going to be an important one. all right. good morning everyone. let's see if you're running out of the house right now. there's a little more slow traffic at the bay bridge in some of the cash lanes. still i would say it's a decent commute getting into san francisco. oakland commute doesn't look too slow here as you drive past the coliseum and there have been no problems on the san mateo or the dunbar ton bridge. this commute continues to be
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nice and the contra costa commute hasn't become very slow yet. sometimes when you start seeing the slow on highway 4 we're not there yet. 4:52. let's bring steve back in. >> thank you sir. we just showed some pictures of flooding in miami. and that's what happened yesterday. there it is pamela. watch again. right there. >> wow. >> that's what brought in all that flooding. >> now it's gone and look right now it's a beautiful day out remember, you can usually set your watch and thunderstorms in florida about 4:00 usually. partly cloudy. wind west northwest. i did see about 8 to 10. it looks sunny and 72 on super bowl sunday still is what i'm seeing. a little bit of passing showers up in the syria. so it wasn't too much but a little bit. 40s, 50s, some patchy fog's out there. upper 50s, 60s and, yes, we'll
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be pushing some upper 50s today. 40s and 50s right on. and 54 at sfo. also over to half moon bay 54. and mid 40s. livermore's at 43 degrees. a lot of high clouds. hazy sunshine. the ridge of high pressure's sending everything even now north of portland. that's really building in. but the higher clouds still spill over. but it's a dry pattern. it's warmer into friday and then we'll start to see more of an on shore breeze saturday and then a windy and colder pattern kicks in sunday and monday. 60s in the temps. you remember the 70s i'm talking about the temperatures dave. >> rwarmest day will be friday -- warmest day will be friday and cooler saturday. a little bit colder sunday and monday with some snow up in the sierra. time is 4:53 the los angeles lakers hold their first practice since that deadly helicopter crash that killed
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kobe bryant. still ahead kobe's widow trying to cope with losing her husband and her daughter. and the big problems facing the organizers of a public memorial for kobe bryant. >> plus... we're in miami with a live report there of how the fans there are preparing to watch the super bowl. >> but first... a historic discovery at the u.s. border with mexico. this huge tunnel the border agent its found and the unbelievable features built into that secret tunnel. tom: my mom always told me actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message.
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because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action.
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in 2016 i warned thatt donald trump was a dangerous demagogue, and when the republican congress wouldn't hold him accountable, i went to work helping run winning campaigns in twenty-one house seats. it's time for the senate to act and remove trump from office, and if they won't do their jobs,
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this november you and i will. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. welcome back to mornings on 2. police in rancho cucamongo in california. after falling through the ceiling he still stole a large amount of lottery tickets. a fire in a los angeles high-rise now being called suspicious. it started in an apartment on the 6th floor of a 25 story building. then it spread to the 7th floor. 11 people were hurt including a 3-month old baby. some of them had to be evacuated by helicopter from the roof top. firefighters say some of the people considered jumping from their balconies but they were stopped before it was too late. >> no one jump
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people continue plating jumping and we let them know to stay up ladder to address that. there are no fatalities. >> there were no spring letters in that particular building. it is now 4:58. there's a new problem that border agents are facing at the u.s. mexico border. high winds knocked down a newly installed part of the border wall yesterday. it fell over onto some trees on the mexican side of the border . the sections that fell had recently been set in new concrete. they couldn't hold up to the wind. no injuries were reported. and a major skory was made along -- discovery was made along the u.s. me the longest tunnel. it begins in tijanna mexico.
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it runs more than 3/4 of a mile before it ends in san diego. it had a very extensive rail cart system inside. an elevator even a complex drainage system. officials believe it was used to smuggle drugs. no drugs were seized, no arrests have been made as yet. the whole world needs to take action and be ready for any cases that come. >> the death toll and the number of those infected continues to rise this morning as experts are concerned the coronavirus is beginning to spread outside of china. >> also the 49ers and the kansas city chiefs will be back on the practice field today getting ready for super bowl 54. we'll tell you how the 49ers including pam's buddy is trying to stay cool and calm before the big game. >> from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> yeah, my buddy says he's
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great, he's ready. he says feels good baby. good morning thank you for joining us thursday, january 30th i'm pam cook. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. just nice weather today i think. here's steve paulson. >> jimmy said that to you, pam? >> yeah, he did. he texted me. >> wow. all right. it will be a day where temperatures bump up a little bit. a lot of patchy fog out there. nothing too widespread. upper 60s for a few. the best day will be 70 tomorrow. 40s to 50s. half moon bay and sfo. but everything's going up and over for now. today, high clouds, hazy sunshine. temperatures above arch it will be warmer to the few upper 60s. here's sal. >> we do have traffic that is getting busier bay bridge. a little bit of the cash lanes getting crowded. not a huge delay getting into san francisco. let's talk about that. there's also a problem on


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