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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 6, 2020 10:00pm-10:59pm PST

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>> this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 . hundreds turner at uc berkeley for crash course on the coronavirus as they try to alleviate concerns among their diverse students. >> a late add to the curriculum as we try to teach ourselves about the coronavirus. >> the berkeley expert says the
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u.s. should be okay but if the coronavirus catches hold in a poorer nation without sufficient medical infrastructure the results could be devastating. right now the vast majority of cases are in china. health officials they are confirmed 31,000, the youngest patient so far is a newborn diagnosed 36 hours after birth. the death toll now in china has risen to 636. >> among the dead is a doctor in wuhan who was reprimanded for sounding a warning about the coronavirus outbreak. the 24-year-old eye doctor was among several doctors who communicated with colleagues about the out break in online chats back in december's. he was allegedly forced to sign a statement admitting to "illegal behavior." >> there's also 41 cases of coronavirus on a cruise ship in
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japan. that brings the total number on that ship to 61. about 3700 people are being quarantined on board the ship for the next two weeks. japan is as a holland america cruise ship also has suspected virus patients. >> now to uc berkeley and that opportunity for students, staff and the public to learn about the coronavirus and stop the spread of misinformation. >> amber lee is live on the campus where she spoke with the defections infectious disease expert. >> reporter: the expert says that the new information is coming out daily about the coronavirus but he says the good news is that that there will not likely be rge number of infected in this country. uc berkeley school of public health hosted a talk about the coronavirus that drew hundreds. there was standing room only, many came looking for answers.>> if i have better knowledge i could prepare for it
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and let other people know what the situation is it.>> dr. art rheingold is in infectious disease expert and professor at uc berkeley. he says wealthy countries such as the united states have the capability to prevent the coronavirus from spreading in large numbers.>> even if we have the rare event of someone transmitting to someone here in the units, we are not going to see large communitywide outbreaks like we see in china. >> rheingold says despite working to develop a vaccine quickly, he does not believe there will be one readily available for at least a year. for now, the university of california has suspended his university abroad program to china for the spring semester. school officials said since the spring semester started before the virus was elevated as an epidemic, none of our students were impacted to our knowledge.>> we were looked at, kind of stared at on the plane
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by others. >> this graduate student tells me she wore a mask on a flight back to the bay area on january 24 after a visit back home to china. it was 600 miles from wuhan where the outbreak started. the campus student health center told her that she didn't need to be quarantined because she did not have any symptoms. she says she's been treated well by others on campus. >> some of the students and other colleges either pointed at or shouted or things like that, but i feel like at berkeley everyone is very open-minded and welcoming. >> generally we go about our business. >> i asked dr. rheingold if people should avoid large gatherings and is wearing a mask help. he said there is no indication
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doing either is necessary. >> amber lee in berkeley tonight, thank you. some of the americans from wuhan under a 14 day quarantine at travis air force base are talking about their experience on social media. many say they are glad to be back in the united states and are well cared for with three meals a day and twice a day temperature checks. one man in wisconsin told reporters that his wife and two young daughters have everything they need inside the west wind in on-base. >> there's diapers, baby food, all these things are supplied in the hotel on the air force base. >> one quarantined man posted on instagram that he can walk around the hotel freely and even go outsidee cdc says they will be taken to a nearby hospital and kept in isolation. president trump celebrated his acquittal today by speaking at length into a room full of supporters at the white house. john roberts tells us that the
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president unloaded on his perceived enemies and called the senate impeachment trial corrupt.>> i never thought a word would sound so good, it's called total acquittal. >> the president thanked his republican colleagues, all but one of whom stood by him and took sharp aim at nancy pelosi and the house manager. >> adam shift is a vicious and horrible person. >> it was the second time in just a few hours the president trump ripped the speaker. at the prayer breakfast with pelosi looking on, the president scorched her and mitt romney. >> i don't like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong. nor doi like people who say i pray for you, when they know that's r weekly news conference the speaker fired
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right back. >> he's impeached forever, no matter what he says. you are impeached forever, never getting rid of that scar. >> pelosi also defended ripping up her copy of the president's state of the union speech. >> it was necessary to get the attention of the american people to say this is not true, and this is how it affects you. that was not a state of the union, that was his state of mind. >> president trump predicted that pelosi will soon be replaced by kevin mccarthy. >> you will be speaker of the house because of this impeachment. >> and while mitt romney was fully expecting it, the president letting him know that he is now er.>> say hello to the people of utah and tell them i'm sorry about mitt romney. >> bringing this proces president clinton apologized to
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the nation. >> i want to say again, to the american people, how profoundly sorry i am for what i said and did to trigger these events. >> from president trump today, different kind of apology. >> i want to apologize to my family for having them have to go through a phony rotten deal by some very evil and sick people. >> while there was no attempt on the president's part for a the opposite, the re was president did say that republicans and democrats could come together and accomplish some incredible things. now to the iowa caucus where officials still have not declared a winner three full days after voters registered their choices and the democratic presidential race. pete buttigieg has 26.2% of the
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vote with bernie sanders very close behind with 26.1%. elizabeth warren with 18%, joe biden has about 16% followed by amy klobuchar with 12%. 41 delegates are at stake. the democratic national committee is calling on officials in iowa to take a second look at the caucus results overgrown concerns over accuracy. officials say every canvas can only be done if it is requested by one of the candidates. every canvas is not a recount but a check of the vote count arithmetic. the iowa account was plagued by technical issues blamed on a voting app. seven candidates have qualified for the next debate, it is being held in new hampshire tomorrow night along with the top five finishers, tom stier and andrew yang will appear on the debate stage. new at 10, a pitbull and bulldog mix was found brutally attacked and then dumped at a shelter in palo alto.
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staff there are worried that the dog part of a ngdo and used animal . >> reporter: the shelter is equipped with cameras, they did not capture much, just two men that dumped the dog right after the staff left and blatantly ignored the sign that says it's illegal. >> our employee parked the car, came up this way and found him sishelter describing what they found at the front door late last month. doug crammed in a crate and left overnight. >> he couldn't walk or stand, he was very weak at that point. >> rushed to emergency vet for treatment, the one-year-old to 30 puncture wounds. >> he had obviously been in a
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dogfight of some sort. puncture wounds on his neck, arms and face. >> the vet indicated that he may have been part of a dog fighting ring. >> dog fighting rings will train dogs to attack and go for the throat. >> many of the wounds were found in the neck area and it appears that he may have been attacked by more than one dog. perhaps for long. of time. >> he looked an awful lot like some of the big dogs i saw back east when i was running the shelter. >> this is probably the most severe case that i've witnessed.>> paulo alto animal control said they found no evidence of day baby has althou he shows no signs of pain and his temperament is good>> it's
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can bounce back so weekly. >> staff believe there will be any repercussions from the trauma. >> most animals would be traumatized by something like that, but he's got the sweetest disposition in the world.>> paulo alto animal control has set up a tip line for information. those responsible could face animal cruelty charges a. those interested in adopting baby could do so at the end of the month. coming up, a call to unite and unionize tonight's big rally by hundreds of bakery workers. and if you are enjoying the warmer temperatures, i will have all the details of the weekend forecast for you. shattered glass from a shooting on a freeway, the second in 24 hours along interstate 880.
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tom steyer: listen, every democrat running for president is better than the criminal in the white house. we all have progressive plans to address the big challenges facing our country. what makes me different, is i've been working for ten years outside of washington, to end the corporate takeover of our democracy, and to return power to the american people. i started need to impeach to hold this lawless president accountable. i'm proposing big reforms like term limits... ...a national referendum... ...and ending corporate money in politics. as president, i'll declare an emergency on day 1. and, use those powersto fie crisis. and, i've spent 30 years building a successful
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international business. so, i can take on donald trump on the economy - and beat him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message - because there is nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people. there were two shootings on in both cases the drivers in the cars being shot at were not hurt. henry lee spoke with the chp
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today about the investigation.>> reporter: shots fired 20 miles apart on i- 880, some drivers are on edge. >> yes i am, i'm afraid that only for my life, but anybody who comes through this area. >> the most recent shooting happen at about 10:20 wednesday night in oakland. it shattered the driver side window of a woman's chevy cavalier. at least four bullet holes were visible on the side of the car. chp investigators searched the freeway for showcases and other evidence. >> you know, it's unfortunate. all we can do is pray. >> it's just normal around here. usually people will crash or do a hit-and-run, and then after the hit-and-run it will lead to a shootout. >> less than 24 hours earlier, another shooting at three in the morning on the on ramp to
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880 in fremont. the driv the bmw and that shooting may have been targeted by two cars that followed him from another location. at this point the chp says there's no connection between the shootings in fremont and oakland. there is no motive in any shooting, and out of all the shootings since 2015, there have been 14 fatalities and more than 100 people hurt. there is no information tonight about a killing in concord. police say a teenager killed his mother. it was the first homicide of the year in concord and it happened about 9:00 last night near oak grove road. police have a suspect in custody. they tell us that an 18-year- old was arrested for allegedly stabbing his mother. concord police say he called 911 saying
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the voices in his head told him to kill her. the da has charged him with murder. san francisco's director of public works and a restaurant owner were back in court today in connection with a public correction case. they are charged with fraud involving several alleged schemes including trying to bribe an airport commissioner to secure a restaurant lease. the men appeared before a federal magistrate to confirm the conditions of their bond. outside court they declined comment but an attorney spoke in defense of his client. >> he wants to get to the bottom and put this behind him. he understands what he did, but they are aspects that they have to put together to make a determination of a, is it a crime, his conduct. and, we will have to make that determination in the future. >> both men are due back in court on february 27.
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they are free on $2 million bond. san francisco is making plans to open a sobering center for meth users as the city tries to contain a rise in drug overdoses. the center will be located in the tenderloin on a city-owned parking lot on jones street. will have nurses and counselors on hand and tents that can house 15 beds each. city officials say the goal is to get drug users off the streets and connect them to treatment. the center is expected to open sometime this spring. pg&e is being accused of operating a rickety powerline in butte county near the one that ignited a wildfire that wiped out the city of paradise in 2018. the accusations are in a new report released today from an expert hired to inspect the lines by lawyers of wildfire victims. pg&e said the crews are working to repair the power lines. still a judge has ordered the utility to answer questions about the line at a hearing later this month. as of today most flavored e
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cigarettes are banned across the u.s. the ban is part of a nationwide effort to stop teens from vaping a. fruit, candy, mint and dessert flavors from small cartridge based e- cigarette like juul are prohibited everywhere now. tobacco and mental labors are still on the market in places that have not been those as well. the cdc says the baby related lung injuries have sickened close to 3000 people and killed 60. we were warm today, and if you thought to yourself that it seems like it was a little warmer than we should be in february, you are correct. 59 was the high in santa rosa, that's 69 i'm sorry, was the high, so we were 10 degrees warmer than where we should be. we were in the mid to upper 60s for pretty much everywhere. right now we've dropped back into the 40s for santa rosa and livermore, about55
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and 51 in san jose. tonight, mostly clear skies with a light wind. and as we head toward the weekend, we are going to have a more of the same. friday is a high of 60, 68 inland, little fog tomorrow morning and then as we head towards the weekend we will start to cool down a bit but still a very nice weekend on tap. we will talk more about the extended forecast and the chance for rain, if we have any, when we come back in a little bit. a big new homeless encampment just a few miles from where hundreds were just evicted. why residents say the problem has just moved from one spot to another. in three minutes, a fire at disneyland. the scene that played out just off of main street.
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growing up in a family that struggled economically powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, betrayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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new video tonight shows a small fire burning at disneyland. it broke out in the main street area and prompted the closure of adventureland. there are also reports of a power outage. this is video taken by a park
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visitor and posted on social media. you can see an orange glow in a backstage area. the flames were quickly put out i may have been contained to just vegetation. no structures were damaged and no injuries reported. doesn't the people turned out tonight to support efforts to unionize a popular bay area bakery chain. workers along with supporters held a rally this evening at the 24th street bart station in san francisco. the company has four bay area locations, three in san francisco and one in berkeley. employees are asking the company to recognize them as members of the international longshore and warehouse union. >> we truly believe with our union supporting them, these workers have enough solidarity to really form, join and vote yes to joined the iw you. the workers are hoping for higher wages and paid time off. there are about 240 workers at
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the bakery locations and a large percentage of them are in favor of unionizing. >> a new art exhibit in san francisco's chinatown as being attributed to local businesses. the exhibit opened today across from the golden gate fortune cookie factory. through illustrations the artists show how food and other items are created by businesses in chinatown. and how it may affect the daily lives of three people, teenager, mother and a senior citizen.>> they bring out different sides of the chinatown experiences. i think it was providing a more and brought an exclusive plan for people to get to know chinatown. >> the exhibit will be open through march. and you can watch live coverage of the chinese new year parade this weekend right here on ktvu, it starts at 6 pm on saturday. big boulders put in place one by one, the
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transformation of the bay area street today as crews try to keep campers from returning. later in sports, rk will have the details on a trade deal and who the warriors are getting in return. tom: my mom always told me actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years
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fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action.
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attention in santa rosa. it's not far at was forcibly cleared just one week ago. critics call it inevitable because the government isn't providing solutions. live coverage tonight from debora villalon who was in santa rosa. >> reporter: we are at a public path where a few hundred people lived for months. it's closed for cleaning, you can see that it's fenced off so no one can come back to camp. about three miles awaybeachhead a sonoma sheriff's deputy and code enforcement officers passed through a new homeless camp posting notices to clear tents from the county road immediately. >> even thoughthere is a lock
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and it's unpaved on the other side? >> the road is impassable and have pastors on both sides with houses in the distance. >> this is about folks trying to make homelessness disappear without providing people with real options. >> when the regatta trail was weird last week hundreds of people had to scatter. a quarter moved into tiny cabins, others offered shelter beds at hotels and about 30 have landed on this new patch of pavement. reni went straight from the trail into rehab. >> when i went into the program it was hard for me to be inside, i was having nightmares, i was claustrophobic. 10 years of being outside, it's a hard thing. >> is very clean out here. >> volunteers build restrooms, make sure garbagis ran to warmington for nighttime and urge everyone to keep it clean and calm.>> they do not volunteers deliver outreach and
10:31 pm
meals. critics call them enablers. >> is not enabling, it's caring for another human being. >> those who live next to the trail who lobbied to be rate of the homeless camp are dismayed to see another settlement spring up. >> i don't see what gives anybody the right to take people from one spot to the other. i understand their need to help people, but at what cost? realistically it's not fixing the problem. it's just moving it from one spot to another.>> on that point, both sides do agree.>> it's a legal issue now, it's called trespassing. >> this ranch owner was surprised to find his coexisting with a campground. >> you start talking about e. coli, health issues, the livestock is my biggest concern . i understand they need a place to go.
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>> sonoma county is spending millions to tackle homelessness and a sanctioned campground, maybe two, will be announced in the next month or so, possibly at the fairground. but in the meantime, people go wherever they can under the continuous threat of eviction. >> that's the big problem when it comes to the homeless, you move them out of one place, but where are they going to go? >> exactly, and we see this in not only sonoma county, but all in our bay area counties and across california. now to fremont where the city is placing boulders along the side of a road to stop people from parking there and living in their vehicles. the boulders were dropped into place today along a stretch of cato road. >> reporter: it was moving day along the 1700 foot stretch of cato road all but one rb took off before the fremont cruiser
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moved in. the homeless that have been living here say they are said to go. >> it's kind of like a slap in the face. like why, why are you doing that, why do you want to reject people? >> raymond says this is no rejection, rather an issue of health and safety. plus they say local residents and businesses have complained.>> this is a pilot, we want to see how this 1700 foot stretch of road goes, if it's effective. to make city crews total one remaining rv which was abandoned and they started installing boulders one by one to block any future parking. >> would try to give people enough time to know that they can move. i don't know where they went, they may have moved it down the road, and that is fine. >> some employees are okay with it too, they say the boulders are a bad idea. >> in that situation they have
10:34 pm
to park somewhere, they are human beings. >> those parked outside the tow zone will be allowed to tes out to talk to them.>> this woman stopped packing for now. the city plans to evaluate how phase i went before moving on with phase 2.>> a little extra time, we are thinking that we will go to newark next. >> the city plans to spend the next several weeks evaluating the pilot program. by mid february they will decide whether they are extending the boulders to the north and the south. details are coming out of plans of a public memorial to honor kobe bryant, his daughter and the seven other victims of the deadly helicopter crash in calabasas last month. according to sources the memorial will be held at staples center on february 24. the data symbolizes the jersey
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numbers worn by bryant and his daughter, number 2 for her, 24 for him. the staples center is also known as the house that kobe built he was a member of the los angeles lakers for his entire 20 year nba career. still ahead, online sex traffickers targeted. coming up, the statewide sting that led to 17 arrests and the rescue of several victims. as we head towards the weekend we've got more warm temperatures on tap, but what does the next week hold, and do we have a chance of rain? details coming up. driverless cars designed without windows and petals. the company just got approval to put this car on the road.
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federal safety regulators approved a new self driving car today. it carries packages instead of people. the mountain view company says the delivery vehicle will start testing in the coming weeks in houston. the electric r2 is smaller than a regular car, it has special panels to absorb energy a collision and 360 degree cameras. the model has been delivering groceries in scottsdale arizona for more than a year now.
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and endangered female gray wolf that wandered thousands of miles to northern california has died. the state fish and wildlife department says that the wolf was found dead yesterday. the cause of death is unclear. she was three or four years old and one of only about a dozen gray wolves known to live in california. her travels were well chronicled by environmentalists and animal rights advocates. >> fish and wildlife officials say officials in florida seized about 14,000 pounds of fins up. the shipment apparently originated in south america and was headed for asia. shark fins are considered a delicacy in parts of the world and used to make shark fin soup. this case speaks to a world wide crisis facing sharks. >> an estimated 1 million sharks are killed every year for their fins. unable to swim and move water through their gills, the short sinks to the bottom of the
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ocean and slowly suffocates and some bleed to death and others are eaten by scavengers. >> officials stress that while some people believe the finns have special nutritional benefits of there is no scientific evidence to support that. the prosecution rested their case in the harvey weinstein sexual assault trial after two weeks of testimony. jurors heard from the two women at the center of the trial as well as several other accusers whose testimony was used to show weinstein's alleged pattern of behavior. the defense will alcohol their first witnesses to the stand. no word yet on whether weinstein himself will testify. the 67-year-old is facing the possibility of life in prison and has pleaded not guilty. on wall street stocks extended the rally today with another string of record highs. the dow was up 88 the nasdaq gained a 63 and s&p was up 11. china today announced they are cutting tariffs on 75 billion dollars worth of u.s. goods. twitter shares also surged on
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strong user growth and revenue. disney has apologize for sending a bill to a berkeley elementary school that showed a lion king movie. they were billed $250 for screening the movie during a school fundraiser. disney is now waving that fee and the ceo issued an apology on twitter saying he will personally donate to the school's fundraiser. the company which represents disney says it takes copyright violations seriously but it understands the school showing the lion king was not a malicious act. law enforcement admits that human trafficking is a tough crime to crack. coming up, the recent success with the statewide sting that led to arrests in the bay area. and we will be back with the complete bay area forecast. when it comes to your business internet, which is more important? ♪ ♪
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i've got a record of doing things. i've got the resources to take on this fight. as mayor, i held myself accountable for results. as president, i'll offer common sense plans and i will get it done. so let's stay on the offensive, and let's win. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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(vo) this is how you broke from tradition to create new paths to success. as you continue to work hard to secure your future... wells fargo will be by your side, helping you make it happen. this is your moment. this is how empowered becomes empowerful. the result of a multicity operation targeting human trafficking were announced in santa clara county today. the crackdown was meant to women people involved in who have fallen victim to sex traffickers. >> the bay area has high concentrations of commercial sex. >> the human trafficking task force displayed evidence from
10:45 pm
the statewide operation rebuild and reclaim. during the last week in january undercover agents targeted sex traffickers online, setting up meetings at the hotel. >> the detectives would respond to those ads and set up a date for commercial sex. then when the individual arrives , we will arrest them for solicitation of restitution. >> 16 sokol johns were arrested for soliciting prostitution. 36-year-old isaac lee was arrested from the sacramento area. he recruited young women and kept them under his control using drugs and intimidation. >> if they don't follow the rules of their or exploiter, then physical abuse is something that will be as a result. >> president trump signed an executive order creating a position within his domestic policy team dedicated to writing human trafficking. >> we need to fight these monsters, persecuting and
10:46 pm
prosecuting them and locking them away for a very long time. >> the areas diversity, population size and strong economy exacerbate the problem. >> traffickers will target the area and bring victims to hear to exploit them. >> officials say five female victims have been rescued as a result of the operations last month. but with thousands of victims, this type of crime is difficult to eradicate. >> this is just part of the problem, we also see people through social media, that we do not always have access to. and there is stuff going on on the street level. >> and for that reason these types of stings will continue throughout the year. statewide 76 people have been arrested for sex trafficking, and several hundred men arrested as johns were seeking sex services from the victims. today was an historic day
10:47 pm
in space aviation. christina cook returned to earth after setting a record for the longest spaceflight by a woman. she landed after 11 months in orbit. cook's departure from the iss makes jessica mere the only female astronaut currently in orbit. if that name rings a bell it's because she and cook teamed up for the first all women's spacewalk. a >> i think highlighting this story helps us move towards a world where everyone who has a dream has to work equally as hard todream. >> continuing nasa's celebration , charles mcgee was on her today. the retired u.s. air force honoree brigadier general was one of the first black fighter pilots in the country. he was also honored during the state of the union address this week. well we have had one gorgeous day today with well above average temperatures. now we are sitting at a pretty mild evening. we will have
10:48 pm
mostly clear skies out there, with the wind nice and light. if you take a look at napa, 41 right now, 54 in oakland and 51 in san jose. here is storm tracker 2, it is beautifully clear, barely a cloud in the sky. high pressure, that is why we've got clear skies and sunshine, and there is another system on its heels, but it's just not the strongest system. it will not have a huge impact on our weather other than making it a little cooler. tomorrow we will have a little patchy morning fog, as we state mild to warm again. any storm system will go right off to the north of us. the low pressure kind of slides in as we head towards saturday night into sunday. that will cool us down and bring a little wind our way. but it will not bring this any
10:49 pm
rain. if you are heading out for the chinese new year parade this weekend, we will have some great weather. 57 degrees at 5:00, nice and dry, should be a really good evening. maybe you are heading down to pebble beach, also great weather. things will change a little bit saturday night into sunday. a little breezy on sunday, so just look out for that. this is the extended futurecast. just to show you, i will roll this all the way through the weekend and into next week, there's monday, tuesday and wednesday, no rain. we are staying dry. in the month of february we generally get about 3 inches and 6 inches in santa rosa but we have not gotten anything so far this as we look at the forecast over the next 7 to 8 days, we really don't have anything coming down
10:50 pm
the pike. so we hope the last two weeks in february will bring this summer rain. we will look out tonight for a little patchy fog, 45 is your overnight low in san francisco, with a couple of upper 30s. tomorrow temperatures will be warm, in the 60s, and sunshine. and the extended forecast, i'd like to see rain, you know i say this, but, outside of that i've got to say, it is nice out. i mean when you walked out the door today you just had to smile when you saw all the beautiful sunshine.a lovely day be outside. >> enjoy it while it lasts's. researchers at uc berkeley found a link between ozone and asthma. a recent study found an association between air pollutant exposure and an increase in inhaler use.
10:51 pm
it also found the impact of ozone exposure buried by age noting that children use inhalers more often than adults. researchers tracked asthma inhaler use in sacramento and woodland due to unusually high levels of asthma related emergency visits in those areas. d'angelo russell arrives and is welcomed in the twin cities. next in sports, market with details on the deal and what the warriors got in re then, for the chinese new year parade, how officials are trying to reassure the public that the parade will be safe despite concerns of the coronavirus.
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>> mark is here now with sports. we can't keep up with all the trades going on. five players in 24 hours? >> the deadline has come and gone and the warriors jumped in with both feet. if you've got the worst record in basketball you got to do something. it starts with d'angelo russell. it seems like the day he was here, he was out the door and now he is officially a minnesota timberwolves. frank has lived up there in
10:55 pm
minneapolis, get ready for the cold. acquired the day kevin durant left, never really fit in with the warriors of. the unwillingness to play anything resembling defense, he also could not stay healthy or keep himself on the court. it was obvious he was not in the team's long-term plans. and the warriors, what did they get in exchange? they sent former number one overall draft pick andrew the rookie of the year. he's got a terribly expensive contract come about 27 million a year. reportedly very glad to get rid of that, six years in the league, this is probably his best season so far. they also get number one and two picks in 2021 and they also have spellman and jacob evans packing for minnesota as well. all kinds of local basketball in the bay area tonight.
10:56 pm
and there is a theme for the local teams, and it ain't good, up in utah, the utes up 2, less than a minute left, tyrell perry will pop a 3, cardinals go up with 39.9 seconds left. we go to overtime, stamford was outscored 14-6, jackson with a baseline and brandon carlson, nicely done. and the utes hang on 64-56. stamford is just 5-4 in the pac- 12. cal also on the road in the cold in colorado against the number 24 buffaloes a. bradley driving with the left hand and a one point lead at one point. about eight minutes left, but the buffaloes tyler bay, from deep, and it's good.
10:57 pm
71-65, colorado and cal is 4-5 in the pac-12. so are you sensing the theme? will breaking the theme, the only team from the bay to do so, st. mary's, finally a winner to talk about, and they do it by the skin of their teeth as they trailed much of the way. thanks to maliek phipps, who brings them back. 17 points, 14 rebounds, and now ford has a better idea. driving to the bucket, nice slipshod from ford, he had 14 points, they go on a nice 7-0 run to close it, st. mary's taking care of things tonight. and they go up against gonzaga over the weekend. usf dealing with utah. a nice drive there, and they are at a
10:58 pm
21-9 lead. only 13 points for usf by halftime. and the band plays on, 60-48, usf on the short end. and on the college courts, santa clara 91-77, four out of the five teams from the bay failed to do it. i'm not sure what can exactly be salvaged from the rest of the sharks season, but winning never hurts and that they have done in the last couple of games. in come back in fashion in raight goals and a power rocket, evan king with a redirect. looks like he is just trying to stay out of the way. he gets his 21st goal. by the straight goals, max from,
10:59 pm
second nhl game, first career goal for the rookie and it is the sharks win, 24-27-4. pebble beach, beautiful weather, a lot of times we talk about horrible weather down there, but not this time for the clambake. let's go murray, always doing his thing. last year it was jack nicholson. pat with tubac, a nice birdie putt, nick taylor leads overall, eight under 63 beautiful weather down there,
11:00 pm
and yeah, it's the sporting life right now. 11:00, time for more news. when you talk about animal abuse, this in my mind is the most serious form of animal abuse. >> an injured puppy dumped at it shelter too weak to walk. the dog is now doing well despite all he's been through. >> the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. >> the bulldog/pitbull mix was illegally abandoned at a shelter in palo alto, all but left for dead. >> his injuries tell a story of abuse that have some believing the animal may have been used as eight in a dogfighting ring. live coverage tonightcontrol is investig animal control set up a tip line for information because they area lot of unknowns. security cameras


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