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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 9, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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strong winds whip the bay area most of the day, bringing down trees, power lines, even shattering windows.ed how that can happen. but based on how strong the winds were today, i'm not super surprised something like that s0 miles per hour here in the bay area. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we're still under a wind
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advisory tonight. the strong howling winds brought trees down on to homes, took out power lines, leaving thousands without electricity and many intersections dark. the winds even shattered a window on the millennium tower, sending glass raining down on to the street below. we have live team coverage of the damage caused by today's powerful winds. chief meteorologist bill martin will tell us when things are expected to calm down. >> first we go to ktvu's azenith smith. she's in san francisco where the wind blew out a window on the forty-first floor of the millennium tower. >> property managers call it a fluke, blaming mother nature and an error from a resident who was not expecting these gale force winds today. they didn't just blow through the bay area, they left a lot of damage. plywood covers the window of the millennium tower in san francisco after sunday's wind gusts caused the floor to break. crews were busy cleaning up shattered glass that fell on the ground below. >> it was tiny pieces.
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it was like sparkling. >> reporter: this 24-year-old describing the shards of glass he saw on the sidewalk. he was at sales force park when fire and police closed out the park and surrounding streets. >> that's actually really scary, to be honest. because what if you're walking right there and there's glass coming down? i hope nobody's in the area because that's a really scary thought. >> reporter: no injuries, some questioning the integrity of the building. the millennium tower has sunk and tilted more than a foot since it was completed in 2008. >> it makes sense if the building is sinking and it's bending in weird ways. >> reporter: a spokesman said a resident inadvertently left the window open and rarely does did today. he added a building inspector deemed the building safe. >> that's crazy. i've never seen anything like that. >> reporter: in the oakland hills, a towering tree toppled on to skyline boulevard,
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bringing with it power lines. she called the strong winds abnormal and unexpected. >> this is more of a fall, august, september kind of a weather event. >> that tree has been here for years. i used to live across the street. >> reporter: in berkeley, a eucalyptus tree smashed the bus shelter. this man believes it was bound to happen. he says the tree was showing its age and needed to be pruned. >> i feel blessed nobody was here. if anything, i feel relieved. that's what i do feel is relief. because this is a very popular bus stop for berkeley. >> here in san francisco, the winds also caused a large tree to topple and damage a parked car. at this hour, it appears the winds have died down some. it's still very cold. frank and julie. >> azenith smith in san francisco tonight. thank you. now we head to sonoma where a huge oak tree came crashing down on to a street, destroying
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two vans in the process. happened about 10:00 this morning on riverside drive. the tree also fell on to a house. two adults and two kids were inside the home at the time but thankfully no one was hurt. the red cross was on the scene today to assist the family. in alameda today, a large dry tree fell over and narrowly missed several parked cars out on the street. it happened on willow street near buena vista avenue. alameda cleanup crews were called to fernside boulevard and san jose avenue when another large tree came down in the high winds. the winds were so strong, they also blew down a street sign in the area. thankfully no injuries were reported. a live look ats windy condig some delays, averaging close to an hour and a half early in the day. our chief meteorologist bill martin is here now to tell us when things are going to calm down. it was really blowing earlier today. >> speaking of the airports, some of the flights especially in central california going out into nevada and those areas have severe turbulence today with
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those strong, strong winds. had issues with some of the flights mainly south of san francisco. and this wind event was like an equal opportunity wind event. usually or oftentimes the wind advisories are for the hills or north bay or for the hills of the east bay. this was right down to sea level. look at livermore at 53 miles per hour today. san francisco, downtown, 51 miles per hour. mount diablo, up high, 75. and middletown up there in lake county, they got up to 80 miles per hour. the winds right now are still blowing but they've really backed off in the last two hours or so and as we go into tomorrow morning, you see how the colors soften a little bit. the numbers are there. the colors, the blues, the yellows. much less wind tomorrow. the wind advisory stays in effect is at 43. middle peak at 35 miles per hour. really it has come down a bit. i think the worst is over here. and we'll talk a little more about the event up in lake tahoe area. near alpine meadows.
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unofficial for the reno weather service. over 200 miles per hour. that would set the all-time record for wind gusts in the state of california. still not confirmed but that's some significant wind. the strong winds knocked out power to tens of thousands of customers today around the bay area. want to show you some latest numbers now. these are the outages from pg&e. on the peninsula, outages are affecting more than 2600 customers. in the north bay, roughly 600 customers without power. in the east bay, more than 20,000 customers are impacted. and about 5400 customers are in the dark in the south bay. pg&e says right now it is working to restore power about s around the bay area. that's down from 60,000 customers this afternoon. you can see on this live pg&e outage map where most of these outages are, the red icon in the east bay indicating power out to more than 5,000 customers. in the south bay and on the peninsula, you can see several pockets of orange meaning anywhere between 500 and 5,000
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customers are affected. and the high winds forced the oakland zoo to close several hours early today for the safety of guests. the zoo usually closes about 4:00 on sundays but today it closed before noon. the zoo in the oakland hills is surrounded by large trees and they were swaying during the strong winds. the zoo is expected to reopen at 10:00 tomorrow morning. alcatraz cruises canceled departures to the island today due to high winds and unsafe docking conditions. the company said all tickets for canceled rides will be automatically refunded. the national park service said mure woods was also closed today due to the weather. a number of regional parks in the east bay also had to shut down including roberts, huckleberry, claremont canyon, anthony chabot. a reminder that you can keep up on breaking news like all of the wind issues today by downloading our free app. you can stay up to date 24/7. this evening dozens of people gathered in vallejo at
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the spot where a young black man was killed in a controversial police shooting. however, it just wasn't a gathering to honor one life but several. >> the common bond all the victims lost their lives in controversial incidents involving police. ktvu's greg in our newsroom with more. >> here are three names. ronel foster, willie mccoy, eric reason. there are more names but what those three men had in common is within the last two years they died in the city of vallejo at the hands of police. tonight many friends and family gathered to speak out against what they call unlawful police killings and to honor those died. they gather outside what's now starbucks where one year ago young rapper willie mccoy was shot 55s outraged. >> 55 shots. i'm mad. and everybody out here ought to
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be mad too. >> reporter: mccoy was asleep in his car outside what was then a taco bell but was awakened by officers. when an officer thought he saw a gun, several opened fire. >> there's no visual of a weapon ever in willie's hand ever. but the caption suggests gun, gun. >> reporter: ronel foster died in february 2018 after a police confrontation ended with him being shot. and in november, eric reason, who had a gun, was shot from behind during an off duty officer. >> the officer was in a position of safety. he could not have been in fear of his life. for him to do that with a reckless total disregard and viciousness as it relates to the life of eric reason, and he should be prosecuted for it. >> reporter: so far the district attorney has not
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charged any officers. speakers urged the crowd to make changes by voting people who don't represent their desires out of office. >> anybody who stands in the way of justice, equality, and making sure they're doing the will of the people as they were elected to do, then they got to go. >> reporter: the gathering ended with a candlelight vigil for willie mccoy and the chanting of names of lives lost at the hands of police. and there were several additional names. on january 31st, the solano county district attorney announced the shooting in the foster case from 2018 was justified and no officer would face charges. but in the cases of mccoy and reason, so far no decision has been announced. live in the newsroom, greg liggins, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, changes in b.a.r.t.
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service beginning tomorrow. still ahead, a rundown on what's going to be different for your commute. the death toll from the coronavirus continues to go up as more cases are reported across europe. how the world health organization may soon be able to help.
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the coronavirus quarantine has ended for the 3600 people who were onboard a cruise liner just off of hong kong. passengers of the ship world dream got off today after the 1800 crew members tested
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negative. the ship had been grounded since wednesday after eight people who were on the ship during a previous cruise were found to be infected. most passengers reportedly stayed in their rooms during the holding period. more people have now died from the coronavirus than the sars epidemic in 2002 and 2003. health officials in mainland china have reported 97 additional deaths. that brings the death toll to 908. there are also more than 3,000 new cases bringing the total number to more than 40,000 worldwide. most of them in china. and those numbers may actually be even worse. many doctors think that the number of deaths and infections have been under counted because testing facilities are under strain. >> an advanced team with the world health association is on its way to china to assist with the outbreak. >> reporter: asia appearing to have its deadliest day in weeks
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as the death toll from the novel coronavirus keeps rising in mainland china. more than 800 people have died from the rapidly spreading virus. the vast majority in wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak. at least 37,000 people around the world also infected by the deadly virus. >> while the virus spreads, misinformation makes the job of our healthcare workers even harder. >> reporter: the coronavirus death surpassing the total number of people killed in china when the severe acute respiratory syndrome or sars broke out in 2002 and 2003. the centers for disease control and prevention says the sars outbreak killed more than 700 people with more than 8,000 infected worldwide. meanwhile, the united nations says the number of coronavirus cases will continue growing as tests are pending on thousands of suspected cases. the world health organization is sending health experts to china
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to investigate the epidemic in coming days. >> as we said from the beginning, one of the areas we're worried about for transmission is human to human transmission. >> reporter: symptoms of the crires include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. u.s. health officials say there aren't many preemptive steps that can be taken to avoid infection. however, practicing regular sanitary measures can be helpful. there's currently no vaccine to protect against the virus but the national institutes of health in maryland tells fox news they're in early stages of developing one. >> we should also mention the coronavirus has now spread to three european countries including spain and the uk. the death toll has gone up following a mass shooting in thailand. authorities now say 29 people were killed yesterday and dozens of others were injured by a soldier from the thai army. the soldier reportedly went on
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an 18-hour shooting rampage at a military base and shopping center north of bangkok. he was finally shot to death by thai security forces following a day-long standoff at the mall. investigators say the gunman went on a rampage following a heated argument with his commanding officer. the department of defense says two u.s. service members were killed in afghanistan today in what appears to be an insider attack. the two soldiers were part of a joint operation with afghan forces. >> two u.s. soldiers were killed yesterday and six others wounded when an individual dressed in an afghan military uniform reportedly opened fire on the group. according to a statement released by u.s. forces in afghanistan, the attack was carried out with a machine gun after the special forces held a meeting with local leadership in the eastern part of the country. while some are reporting this as an insider attack, others are waiting to make that assessment since the person who conducted the shooting was not with the
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forces before the event occurred. >> the operation is ongoing. we still do not know whether he was an infiltrator or it was done by mistake. a delegation has gone there for a comprehensive investigation. >> reporter: they come from the u.s. army's 7th special forces group. the army says the family members of the deceased are currently be notified. according to a statement released by the department of defense, both the soldiers are 28 years old and first class sergeants, one from texas and one from new mexico. at least one member of the afghan forces was also killed. officials tell fox they aren't ruling out the possibility of an attack by isis. there are more than 13,000 american forces serving despite the fact the taliban controls more territory than they did in 2001 when the original american operation was launched there. president trump has pledged to start removing american troops from the country although
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negotiations with the taliban are ongoing. twitter is making plans to expand outside of its home base in san francisco. the plans come nine years after city leaders gave twitter a big tax break to stay in san francisco. twitter ceo jack dorsey says he now needs to build a company that's not entirely dependent on san francisco. and he says twitter needs to expand far beyond its headquarters on market street. there was little support at san francisco city hall to renew twitter's controversial tax break after it expired last spring. start tomorrow there will be changes in service on all b.a.r.t. lines. one of the biggest changes will be on the antioch line. morning trains that have been running turnaround service between antioch and pleasant hill will now end one stop earlier at concord. also morning service from warm springs to san francisco will begin at 5:00 a.m. that's 15 minutes earlier than before. b.a.r.t. says details of all the changes will be available on
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their online trip planner page. also tomorrow, some b.a.r.t. riders will see ambassadors so riders can easily identify them. they'll work in pairs and walk through trains as they're running their routes. the ambassador program is in response to passengers' safety concerns. officials believe the ambassadors will cut down on crime and give riders more peace of mind. it's all part of a six-month trial program. if you drive over the summit on highway 17 in the south bay, be prepared for delays. caltrans crews will start fire protection work there tomorrow between idyllwild and madrone drives. it's about a 7-mile stretch of the highway where fallen debris and brush could increase the risk of a shower. 8,000 cars use that stretch of roadway every day. the wind was blowing today. one of the windiest days we've
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seen in a while. the all-time state record may be broken. we'll know more tomorrow. above 200 miles per hour. that was from the reno weather service. haven't had it confirmed yet. as you look outside, the visibility, the clarity really good with this wind. interesting that's the bay bridge going in town. it's going into the city. it's definitely slow this time of night. winds are blowing but they've really backed off from the 75-mile-per-hour wind we had in mount diablo today. middletown around lake county, 80-mile-per-hour wind gust. those winds have since died down. we're heading for a milder period of wind. we still have a wind advisory in the hills and parts of the inland valleys but most of the area around the bay, places like redwity and hayward and san jose, the wind advisory has been dropped for now. and then tomorrow morning the rest of the advisories will dropped for the hills and areas inland. the winds as you can see right now, 17 miles per hour at sfo. still out of the north.
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big strong high pressure. it's kind of sad we're not going to see any rain right away. i'll back it out a little bit too. you look at this thing. that's massive. a huge ridge of high pressure. a couple thousand miles that way. almost a thousand miles that way. it's just a huge dome. that's keeping this drive. we're set up with a dry pattern but it's going to include a warmup after these winds die. we'll talk about that when i see you in a few minutes. high winds not just in the bay area today but all over northern california. the incredible record that may have been broken at one tahoe area resort today. also ahead, iowa's democratic party finally assigns delegates. one candidate is saying he wants the state to take another look at the numbers. tom steyer: listen, every democrat running for president is better than the criminal in the white house.
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we all have progressive plans to address the big challenges facing our country. what makes me different, is i've been working for ten years outside of washington, to end the corporate takeover of our democracy, and to return power to the american people. i started need to impeach to hold this lawless president accountable. i'm proposing big reforms like term limits... ...a national referendum... ...and ending corporate money in politics. as president, i'll declare climate change an emergency on day 1. and, use those powers to finally address the climate crisis. and, i've spent 30 years building a successful international business. so, i can take on donald trump on the economy - and beat him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message - because there is nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people.
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the iowa democratic party officially awarded pete buttigieg the largest delegate count with 14 from the caucus that was held there last week. bernie sanders is now calling for a partial recanvass of the results. it's not a recount, just a check to ensure that the results were added correctly. sanders was awarded 12 delegates but he's still claimed victory in the state because he's ahead in the vote count. >> sanders and buttigieg, along with the rest of the democratic candidates, are kicking their campaigns into high gear with two days left before the new hampshire primary. lauren blanchard has tonight's update. >> reporter: the countdown to the first in the nation primary is on, and the democratic candidates are pushing for votes on their path to the white house. former vice president joe biden addressing his fourth place finish in iowa, as he tries to rebound in the granite state. >> i congratulate pete. i congratulate bernie. they did a great job and they
10:25 pm
were really well-organized. better organized than we were in iowa. i knew from the beginning you consider to take the first four as one. >> reporter: both pete buttigieg and bernie sanders claiming victory in the iowa caucus, but two new polls out sunday give sanders the edge. >> i'm running against some guys, pete buttigieg among others, who have raised campaign funds from over 40 billionaires. >> reporter: and buttigieg isn't afraid of swiping back. >> i respect senator sanders, but when i hear this message go out that you're either for a revolution or you got to be for the status quo, that's a vision of the country that doesn't have room for most of us. >> reporter: with the campaigns likely to continue heating up between now and tuesday, some voters worry all this infighting could be bad for the party. senator elizabeth warren reminding crowds the goal is to defeat president trump. >> the way we do this is not by launching a bunch of attacks on each other and trying to tear each other down.
10:26 pm
>> reporter: buttigieg is drawing record crowds, more than 1800 people showed up to a rally here on sunday, making it the largest new hampshire event for any democrat in this election cycle. still to come here tonight, a man is behind bars, accused of targeting new york police officers in two separate what they're calling assassination attempts. why police say they're lucky they're not planning a funeral tonight. also ahead, angry new yorkers banned from trusted traveler programs in what the governor calls a purely political move by the trump administration. and coming up later in sports, nick taylor tries to become the first canadian to win the pebble beach pro am.
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huge tax breaks for the rich, while the middle-class continues to struggle. that's what happens when billionaires are able to control the political system. our campaign is funded by the working people of this country, and those are the people that i will represent. no more tax breaks for billionaires. we are going to guarantee health care to all people and create up to 20 million good paying jobs to save this planet. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors.
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high winds took down trees across the bay area today. in the south bay, part of a large tree came down on to a grassy area in san jose. it was on santa clara avenue near 9th street. and in oakland, tree limbs came crashing down all over the city. an suv was one of the luckier ones, escaping major damage from
10:30 pm
the fallen branches. in oakland today a tree fell on to a home, barely missing a woman who was in her bed. >> you can hear it howl. super scary. >> reporter: a terrifying way to start the morning for oakland resident jennifer bunkers. she just woke up when a giant tree crashed through the master bedroom of her home on skyline boulevard. >> then i heard a really giant crack and i froze. i was in bed. and the tree hits my house. and i look up and i see the whole ceiling start cracking and falling. and i just kind of freak out. >> reporter: the large monterey pine was completely uprooted. bunkers was not hurt. inside the room, cracks were visible on the ceiling and wall. >> i've been worried about those trees for a long time. i called the city of oakland and complained about those trees. this was my worst nightmare that those trees would come down on my house. >> reporter: sunday's wind storm wreaked havoc in the oakland hills. tree after tree toppled over. branches and debris blocked lanes of traffic.
10:31 pm
>> what's really remarkable about this is it's breezy and then the gusts come in and they're really frightening. the trees shake, everything shakes. and you just don't know where it's going to stop. >> reporter: dan quigley said the neighborhood association reached out to the city about hazardous trees. some have been cut down. but days like this are a reminder how dangerous they can be. >> we had such a bad time last fall during the fire problems that we were very sensitive to wind up here. >> reporter: the oakland fire department responded to more than 100 calls, fallen trees, downed power lines, damaged homes and cars. thousands were without power. >> if you see a power line that's down or any kind of line, don't try to figure out if it's cable or power on your own. just call us. >> reporter: i asked battalion chief if the winds pose a fire hazard. >> the winds will increase the fire danger. however, we're fortunate right now in that we've got really, really high humidities and fuel
10:32 pm
humidities and it's nice and cool. >> reporter: many east bay regional parks closed for the day. the oakland zoo and fairyland shut down for safety reasons. fairyland posted this picture on instagram. >> for more on the windy weather around the bay area, you can also go to our website, richmond police say they have arrested a suspect in the hit-and-run crash that killed a 4-year-old boy. investigators say an suv struck the child while he was walking with his parents. the little boy was airlifted to a nearby hospital where he died later that night. richmond police say the driver turned himself into authorities and was arrested. the suspect's name still has not been released. one person is under arrest tonight on suspicion of drunk driving after a deadly crash caa motorcycle on highway 4 near bay point. officers say several cars collided in the eastbound lanes
10:33 pm
near bailey road just after 2:00 this morning. a 29-year-old motorcycle driver died at the scene. tony moss of antioch was taken to the hospital and arrested for dui. an accused gunman is behind bars tonight in new york city, suspected of trying to assassinate police officers. fox news correspondent alex hogan with the story. >> this was an attempt to assassinate police officers. >> reporter: that's how law enforcement officials are describing the two shootings that took place in the bronx. police say a gunman barged into the headquarters of the forty-first precinct sunday morning, firing multiple rounds at uniformed officers. one of the bullets hit an officer in the arm. nypd taking the suspect into custody but only after he ran out of bullets and put the gun down. that incident coming hours after the first shooting, targeting two police officers sitting in a patrol van with its emergency lights on. >> i said they're hunting us.
10:34 pm
they're hunting us. we have to stop that hunt. >> reporter: authorities say the shooter opened fire without provocation. the second officer was not hit. both officers were able to drive off without returning fire. the gunman fled the scene. mayor bill de blasio condemning the attacks. >> the way they handled this horrific situation is a reminder of the caliber of the men and women of the nypd. >> reporter: this is not the suspect's first offense. he has a lengthy history of violence including conviction of attempted murder in 2017. the suspected gunman also has an upcoming court date for a separate case. a woman who was there at the time of the incident is being questioned as well. meantime, president trump slamming new york governor cuomo and mayor de blasio in a tweet, linking the violence to what he calls weak leadership. the president adding, quote, our wonderful nyc police are under assault. stop this now. nypd say investigators are
10:35 pm
confident that the same man opened fire in both incidents. in new york, alex hogan, fox news. a man is expected to survive after being shot by a federal agent in san francisco last night. why the sfpd and fbi are now reviewing what happened. back here after the break, winds are dying down. you've noticed that outside. temperatures are on the increase. what'd we decide on the flyers again?
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the coronavirus is hurting some businesses in northern california as shipments are being held up at ports in china. one businesswoman says she has hundreds of containers just waiting at the port and she's hoping the delays are lifted sooner rather than later. >> these are what we call one trip. >> reporter: american container sales offer units that have plenty of room to store about anything. from construction goods to medical supplies, to firefighting equipment. but a central valley businesswoman tells us hundredse port in china. >> because of the coronavirus, there may be a delay getting the containers loaded on to the ships. >> reporter: anne cibby owns
10:39 pm
american container sales. she showed us these pictures of about 100 units customers are waiting for. >> they're built. they're ready to go. they're ready to be loaded with inventory to be brought to the u.s. >> reporter: but she says the coronavirus has brought her shipment to a halt. >> are they going to have staff available on that end to load the containers and then at the ports put them on to the ships. >> reporter: anne says the coronavirus is not only affecting her business but has the potential to affect the businesses of hundreds of customers including farmers. she has a lot of customers in san joaquin county, stanislaus county, and calaveras county. >> there's a lot of farmland and that's a very big part of my clientele base. >> when one door closes, another opens. and she just hopes those doors open soon. >> we were not prepared for the coronavirus and the effect that it could have on everything.
10:40 pm
a late night nasa launch, part of a historic mission. how tonight's mission to the sun hopes to bring back never before seen shots of the sun. and chief meteorologist bill martin will have a look at today's very windy conditions and how long we can expect them to continue across the bay area.
10:41 pm
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10:43 pm
the fbi and san francisco police are investigating after they say a federal agent was involved in a shooting that left a man wounded. >> more on the investigation from san francisco. >> music is the only thing that we have. >> reporter: music is what brought nathaniel greenstein to san francisco saturday night. it's also what's helping him get through the trauma of what happens nearby. >> i couldn't sleep. i've been listening to music all morning. >> reporter: the san francisco police department says officers from the city's park district station responded today a shooting at 11:30 p.m. on ashbury street. they found a man with gunshot wounds and a federal agent who wasn't hurt. the man is being treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. the sfpd says the agent was off duty. >> it will be an ongoing
10:44 pm
criminal investigation, determine if any laws were broken or not. that's done by the homicide detail and the district attorney's office and there's also parallel administrative investigation done by the fbi. >> reporter: the fbi confirms the agent's involvement and is reviewing the incident. they can't say much but a statement reads in part, quote, the fbi takes any shooting incident involving our agents or task force members seriously. the review process is thorough and objective. as authorities work on their investigation, nathaniel greenstein hopes for the best. >> we were all praying for both sides, for peace for the world, and hopefully that guy is going to be fine. >> the san francisco police department wants anyone with information to give them a call. you can also text them at tips411. type in sfpd then send your
10:45 pm
message. a new satellite was launched into space tonight and is officially on its way to study the sun. >> 3, 2, 1, 0. and lift off. >> solar orbiter launched into space from cape canaveral, florida under a full moon and perfect weather conditions. it will make close observations of the sun including first ever looks at its south and north poles. scientists say this will give us important new information about our closest star and its magnetic fields. those magnetic fields can impact astronauts, satellites, and everyday technology including radios and gps. sending solar orbiter into space is an international cooperative mission between the european space agency and nasa. the state of new york is considering weather to sue the trump administration. if carried out, the move would come in response to the trump administration's attempt to block new yorkers from enrolling
10:46 pm
in trusted traveler programs. >> this change will affect around 800,000 new yorkers. it means new york residents won't be eligible for the program heading forward. the acting head says this changes in response to new york's new green light law which allows anyone to get a driver's license regardless of their immigration status. but the law also prevents dmv agencies from sharing criminal records of an individual applying for global entry. the secretary stressed new york is the only state to do this across the board. >> what they did is they don't allow cbp to check their dmv database as they vet applicants for a global entry or other trusted traveler program. without access, we cannot run a proper security check and risk assessment. that's simply dangerous. >> reporter: the announcement came a day after called out new york's sanctuary policies during his state of the union address. a group of house democrats believes ts may be an t by the administration and are demanding
10:47 pm
documents related to the decision, saying in a letter to dhs, they're concerned it may be an improper attempt to use policy to punish the people of new york because their state government has a political disagreement with the trump administration over immigration policy. that's what new york governor andrew cuomo believes and is why he's planning to sue the trump administration over the change. >> it is an abuse of power. it is extortion. it is hurting new yorkers to advance their political agenda and we're going to fight back. >> this policy change is the latest example of the trump administration's efforts to crackdown on sanctuary policies and will likely be decided by the courts. in washington, i'm garrett tenney, fox news. a british airways flight from new york to london broke the record for the fastest commercial flight time foraccorg services, the boeing 747 reached top speeds of more than 800 miles per hour, landing at heath
10:48 pm
row airport in london. that flight usually takes about six hours and 13 minutes. the record time was due to strong tailwinds from a severe storm over the atlantic and the uk. the national weather service tweeted today that kirkwood mountain resort clocked a wind gust of 209 miles per hour. not long after that though, the agency determined the reading seemed questionable, citing several inaccurate recordings. the weather service saying it could take months for state climatologists to verify the potentially record setting winds. >> that number seemed a little anomalous based on some of the sightings around there. but nonetheless, the winds were howling today in the bay area. we had gusts up to 80, 90 miles per hour on the higher peaks. some areas at sea level, up to t us these winds. you might have heard earlier, we
10:49 pm
were talking about how this was the summertime or the fall or even the late spring. this would be really a high fire danger scary kind of wind, and that's in fact the case. the ground is wet so it's not the same deal. the mechanisms, the high, the northeast winds, the compressional heat. all that, pretty reminiscent of what we experienced last fall and late summer. this time of year it's not quite as upsetting because it's hard to burn stuff. as you look outside right now, it's cool, it's clear. we're not going to freeze tonight. we are going to see temperatures tomorrow warming. the winds die down. the wind advisory still in effect through tomorrow morning for the higher elevations and some of the windier spots in the bay area away from the bay. generally places like san francisco, oakland, san rafael, you're out of the wind advisory zone. tomorrow in san francisco, you end up at 64 degrees. down by mission rock, you may go
10:50 pm
65 or 66. the forecast overnight lows because of the wind are going to stay a little warmer. it's going to keep blowing a little bit. it stirs it up. it's tough to get temperatures down to freezing. but with that said, you get into wind sheltered valleys, specifically rincon valley, you guys get real cold. there's a chance you might see some temperatures in the 30s. the forecast highs tomorrow, those are yellows. those are 70s. it's february. it's definitely unusual weather for this time of year. not record setting but definitely warm. the forecast highs tomorrow, like i say, low 70s certainly possible. certainly some upper 60s and mid 60s. it's going to feel like a spring day. the winds are pretty much going to be gone by tomorrow. and this week is going to be marked by this pattern of really mild, early spring-like weather and marked by dry. we're not looking at any rain. there's nothing out there. southern california had a few scattered showers today. they're continuing to get that.
10:51 pm
there's a weak system down there. south of point conception. for us, we're under this massive dome of high pressure and not just for next couple days but for a ways out. certainly through this 5-day forecast period. we're setting up with a period of 70s in the warm spots. not too cold overnight. then saturday and sunday, right there. so if you're thinking to yourself, we need rain, we do. we're going to start crossing our fingers and hoping something breaks loose here pretty soon but not this week. looks dry right through the weekend. coming up, team usa takes on canada for a spot in the olympics. joe fonzi with all the highlights coming up in sports. >> then on the 11:00 news, history made at the academy awards. the film that took the oscars by storm tonight and the bay area company that notched another win. tom: my mom always told me
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped
10:54 pm
prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action. time for sports. joe is here now. we're talking about the corporate clam bake, the at&t pro am down there at pebble beach. >> it's beautiful even when the weather is bad. analyst perfect weekended today with the wind kicking up in the afternoon affecting the shots and ultimately the scores in the final round of the at&t. here's how windy it was. leader nick taylor getting ready to hit a shot on the 14th hole. he'll have to chase down his hat before he can get to that shot.
10:55 pm
he was cruising on the front nine. he had birdied four and five and then from the bunker on the sixth hole, this shot goes for eagle. taylor began the dale with a lead over phil mickelson. he tried to keep up after going double bogey and bogey on 8 and 9. mickelson came up with this on the 10th hole. made the birdie. at that point was 1 under par for his round. but mickelson would be passed by kevin streelman for second place. in route to his 68th. left him four strokes off the lead. taylor only faltered with a double bogey at 14. then at 15 he again had his short game going, chipping in for another birdie. taylor also birdied 17 by the time he came to the 18th fairway. taylor had a comfortable lead. his wife and young son waiting as taylor finished a round of 70 and claimed his second career pga title was worth $1.4 million for the 31-year-old canadian. the pac-12 southern
10:56 pm
california schools finished a weekend in the bay area today. the stanford women needed to bounce back from their loss earlier this week to ucla. russell wilson to see his sister anna as the cardinal met usc, this game was all stanford. lexie hull in the 2nd quarter with three of her 14 points. stanford led 31-6 at that point. the cardinal cruising in the second half. 4th quarter. now it's wilson from long distance. her big brother approves. the cardinal 21-3 overall. 10 and 2 in the conference. the cal women had the challenge of hosting 10th ranked ucla. the bears thinking upset, took the bruins to overtime. minute and left in o.t. jaylen brown hits a three to tie the game at 70. but too much bruins late. they work it inside to mckayla. ucla hangs on for a 74-70 win. the bears fall to 1-11 in pac-12
10:57 pm
play. tight game for 60 minutes between the u.s. women and canada in the finals of the concacaf olympic qualifying tournament. lynn williams hits the upper right corner of the net for the u.s. that goal opened the floodgates. williams doing it with both the steal and the shot. 11 minutes later, the u.s. padded the lead, this time it's williams with the pass to lindsey haran. she controls the ball in front of the net. makes it a 2-0 game. and then in the 82nd minute, more u.s. scoring. it's williams again, leading the charge. the breakaway and then pass to megan rapinoe. rapinoe converts what was a close game, ends in a 3-0 u.s. win. the u.s. has not been defeated in 28 straight games. both teams have already qualified for the summer olympics in tokyo. and utah jazz at houston tonight with the astros' mascot in attendance. early in the game, the responsibilities' austin rivers
10:58 pm
fires up the shot that bounces over the backboard. gets stuck in the back of the court. first attempt no good. second attempt, coming up. one more time. good. rockets were up 4. two of westbrook's 39 points. 15 seconds to go with the responsibilities trailing by a point. they take it to tucker in the corner. tucker hits the three. the jazz will inbound at mid-court. still with a chance. and this turned out to be more than a chance. as time expires, bogdanovic fires a shot that finds the eark, the classic 180-degreen game's final second and a as utah beats houston 114-113. you saw some change of emotions
10:59 pm
just about one week ago, didn't we, with about seven minutes to play in the 4th quarter. sports can do that. >> do you have any favorite moments? i know you go down to pebble beach every year. do you have a favorite moment from this year? >> it's always number one. so beautiful when you go down there. i was there for the celebrity shoot-out. they call it a whiskey run for a reason. it's five holes. you can play five holes of golf and take your whiskey with you or get there early enough to have some. that's kind of the way they approach that. so that day is just about the fun. >> do they raise a lot of money for charities? >> thatay raised $100,000 for charity. and what was fun about that is it was spread out over all eight charities that were represented that day. so it got spread out nicely. didn't just go to one. >> thank you. coming up next here at 11:00 -- >> you can hear it howl. super scary. >> powerful winds causing a lot
11:00 pm
of damage from a tree slamming into this east bay home to a window being blown out at one of the tallest buildings in san francisco and the high winds are expected to continue overnight. at this hour wind advisories remain in effect for much of the area. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> the north bay mountains and east bay hills have advisories in effect until tuesday. bill, you around here? >> yeah. >> i was thinking gosh, where did he go? >> they did drop the wind advisory and you mentioned that around the bay the wind advisory has been dropped, but through tomorrow morning in some of the flatlands out towards sacramento and davis and woodland and those areas will still have a wind advisory.


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