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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  February 11, 2020 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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another one, zion williams, with a career-high, 31 points tonight, and again he has the approval of dr. jay, who was not even at that game, but he was just on the present. that is the sporting life. i could actually just watch those dogs all night. >> it is 11:00, time for more real news. coming up next at 11. >> this victory here of is the beginning of the end for donald trump. >> the 11:00 news starts now. >> bernie sanders wins the first democratic primary.
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hello again everyone, i'm julie haner. >> it was a very close race with 2% of the vote separating the top two finishers. here are the numbers with 87% of the precincts recorded. sanders at 25.7 and buttigieg as 24.4, klobuchar has 19.8%, then a big job to elizabeth warren and joe biden, well behind in single digits. our political reporter greg lee breaks it all down for us. >> thank you new hampshire. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders celebrated a victory in new hampshire's first of the nation primary earning the most votes in a tight race at the top.>> the reason we are going to win is that we are putting together an unprecedented multi generational, multiracial political movement.
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and this is a movement from coast to coast. >> sanders edged out former south bend mayor who pete buttigieg buys the margin, carrying the momentum and pulling away in new hampshire. >> you inserted the famous independent streak, and thanks to you, a campaign that some said should not be here at all, has shown that we are here to stay. >> senator amy klobuchar surprises him and surged to third place, capitalizing on strong debate performance in the granite state. >> we have be in the odds every step of the way. we have done it on the merits, we have done it with ideas, and we have done it with hard work. >> senator elizabeth warren and former vice president joe biden faltered, failing to hit the threshold of delegates. biden left the state before the
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polls even close, focusing ahead on the diversity of nevada and south carolina. >> we are moving into an especially important phase. up until now we haven't heard from the most committed constituents of the party, the african-american population. >> the new hampshire primary also serving to whittle down the crowded democratic field, colorado senator michael bennet and entrepreneur yang suspended after poor showings. >> it is clear by the numbers that we will not win this race. i'm not someone who wants to accept donations and support in a race we will not win. >> sanders win tonight comes on the heels of a new poll that shows him leading the pack nationally for the first time, overtaking longtime front runner joe biden. bay area investor tom stier
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is focusing on the nevada caucus where voters go to the polls a week from saturday. he went to douglas county today, he is currently tied for second with elizabeth warren in the most recent fox news poll of nevada. stier has spent heavily on advertising and plans to spend several days on the campaign trail this week. police in oakland are investigating a brazen daytime robbery. take a look at this home surveillance video of the incident. it happened yesterday in the diamond district read two men walked up to a man washing his car and put a gun to his head. one of them enforces the victim to the ground and then steals his phone, gold necklace and bracelet. the victim was not hurt but neighbor say they are on edge. anyone with information is asked to call police. the man on trial for the murder of bart rider nia wilson , john lee cowell said he
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killed nia and stabbed her sister latifah because they were aliens and out to attack his grandmother. he often gave incoherent answers and talked about radios implanted in his ear. he also told the jury that he's bipolar, schizophrenic and hears voices. many of nia's relatives say they believe it's all an act. >> i believe 75% of it is made up in 25 percent i think is racially motivated. it's crazy how he keeps talking about black women and gangs, >> prosecutor butch ford vigorously cross-examined cowell , asking him if it's true that he was a drug and alcohol abuser. each time cowell said i don't remember. >> in riverside county evacuated americans toss their masks in celebration as their quarantine ended. they been monitored at a
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reserve base since arriving from china on january 29. among them was a woman from palo alto and her 15-year-old daughter. they had traveled to wuhan china to visit her mother who is sick. halfway through the trip the city went on lockdown. she says she is grateful for the government's help in the long trip home. >> i used to hate the long drive from los angeles to the bay area. but yesterday, i had a new appreciation for life. each minute, each second is wonderful. to make she says she can't wait to be reunited with her two other children that are staying with friends in san jose. chinese health officials said today that the number of cases of the coronavirus in mainland china has gone up to more than 44,000. they say the rate of new infections is slower than
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yesterday. more than 1100 people in china have died from coronavirus. now to santa clara where city leaders heard from residents about a serious speeding problem on their street. they say reckless drivers have rammed into parked cars, spun donuts and held illegal sideshows. new tonight, we are joined life from azenith smith. >> reporter: neighbor say this problem is only getting worse. they say they've spoken to police, the public works department and traffic engineers but haven't done any results. >> i'll will be watching tv or something and then i will hear it, i'll come running out but they are already gone. >> david is describing what he hears several times a month, sounds of racing outside of his home on briarwood drive in santa clara.>> just playing with their cars, screeching out, doing donuts and taking off. >> at the intersection of briarwood and st. lawrence drive, neighbor snapped >> richard: of someone doing
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donuts. >> we heard a loud noise. >> this resident wakes up to the noise and other say drivers go 50 to 60 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour zone, damaging parked cars. >> i've seen probably three different cars get hit right here. it's like all of the briarwood drive neighbors that are here, can you please stand. >> neighbor say it's been a problem for some time, they've gathered 60 signatures for a petition for speed bumps.>> we have students that walk our street all the time. >> they say several schools are in the area, and school buses use the route number two. they often use briarwood as a frontage road to the busy expressway. city leaders say it's not just their street. >> we have the same issue on lafayette street, it's a great
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conduit for racing and side chosen donuts. spread the council could designate the street as a school zone and assure that drivers adhere to traffic rules. neighbor say something needs to be done. >> our street is not treated as a residential street. it's treated no differently than lawrence expressway and we ask for your help. >> they will have to wait to get that help. the city council plans to address the residents concern at a city council meeting next month after the city staff study the issue further. coming up tonight, a price hike at disneyland, pushing tickets past the $200 mark for the first time. up next, protected bike lanes in san francisco, the progress tonight that's being modeled by bicycle advocates.
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the san francisco board commission is considering a plan to protect bike lanes. it has a two and half mile stretch from oracle park to pier 39. the protective lanes would replace the green painted ones. the mta is asking for feedback on the plan and as you would expect the plan has the support of the san francisco bicycle coalition. >> week are hoping that they come back and say let's make this happen. they've seen incremental approaches that are a good start, but it's not enough. we know people are being injured here. to make commissioners ask staff to come back in three months with the plan of action. it could mean one less traffic lane northbound and the removal of up to 100 parking spaces. 64 deaths are now being blamed and e-cigarette or
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vaping products. the number of people hospitalized has gone up to more than 2700 cases. the cdc says there have been more than 2000 lung injury cases connected to vaping. health officials think the outbreak peaked last fall but new cases are still being confirmed nationwide. the two largest teachers unions in the country say it's time to rethink active shooter drills at schools. they want the drills either revised or eliminated. report shows that simulating a school shooting can be traumatizing for some students and i can raise anxiety and have mental health implications. critics of the report say active shooter drills are effective when done appropriately. about 95% of schools conduct some type of active shooter drill. the los angeles fire department has signed an agreement to purchase an all electric fire engine. the fire engine it comes from and austria based manufacturer.
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the rig will have two batteries that will allow crews to use it for about two hours. it will also come with an onboard diesel generator for longer calls. it could be on the road answering calls by early next year. the happiest place on earth comes with a steeper price tag now. someone day passes at disneyland will now cost or than $200 for the day. it's part of disneyland's new five tier pricing plan. it boils down to high demand days versus low demand days. the $200 a day tickets are for the busiest days of the year. parking is not changing though, it still costs $25 a day. students in san francisco received a unique lesson in black history from a well respected bay area musician. >> used music to teach elementary school kids about black historical figures. >> here at clarendon
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alternative elementary school in san francisco's twin peaks, hundreds of students gathered for a lesson in black history but by a musical soundtrack. this teacher was out well-known award-winning composer, markus shelby. he discussed the significance of harriet tubman and the underground railroad she used to rescue and guide about 300 slaves to freedom. >> underground railroad, a system of the safehouses. >> only about 1/10 of the children are african-american. >> black history is part of all of our history in this country. it's not just for black people, it's for all of us. >> the list included not only like history but lack cultural history. students heard about singer nat king cole. and great jazz artist miles
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davis. shelby says he hopes all students walk away with a better understanding of not only the history of struggles but also the contributions to art and culture by african- americans.>> we all need to see this as important, and to embrace it and be serious about it, and see how it's all interconnected. >> student seemed to grasp those messages and walk away with a deeper understanding. >> i think it was amazing. i learned a lot about musics i did not know about. >> on the corner african- american and i like learning about my own culture. >> i think it's important so we can learn about how we can all help.>> they like to see black history absorbed into the school history curriculum and not have just a month for it. in san francisco, rob ross, ktvu fox 2 news.
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temperature records shattered, and no significant rain in sight. coming up, the growing concern for what happens if this pattern continues. it is february and we are talking about 70s and 80s across parts of the bay area. coming up we will let you know if we will be tracking some cooling changes. mike: anyone hear the slogan,
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'mike will get it done?' ok, let me tell you what the 'it' is. as mayor, i expanded healthcare coverage. as president, i'll build on obamacare because healthcare is a right. i created nearly 500,000 jobs in new york city. as president, i'll build an economy that delivers good jobs with higher wages. i'll take on the gun lobby and save lives.
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and i will stop trump's assault on women's reproductive rights. i've got a record of doing things. i've got the resources to take on this fight. as mayor, i held myself accountable for results. as president, i'll offer common sense plans and i will get it done. so let's stay on the offensive, and let's win. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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weather here in the bay area, you can see our live camera looking out toward oakland, lots of clear skies with temperatures well above average. it did not feel like february here. we will cool things off a bit as we head into tomorrow but it will still be very warm. take a look at the records from today. santa rosa, richmond and napa all breaking new records and then we've actually tied a couple for livermore and sfo. tomorrow, the warm spot will be right around 70 degrees. highs today, lots of 70s, there's that 80 in the santa rosa, san francisco 74, livermore 72 and san jose in the 70s. satellites showing you the bulk of the stormy activity is way up to the north. we have clear skies and cool numbers right now. so with the winds backing off and clear skies we have the temperatures cool enough.
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40s for napa and santa rosa, san jose at 53. our live camera looking out toward san francisco, we are in the clear for tonight, expecting another sunny forecast, but as we mentioned, wednesday will be a little cooler than today. there is the temperature range, 60 to 70 degrees. we start off in the 30s and 40s, and then in the afternoon 62 right around 70. in the cool spots, lots of 30s for wednesday morning. this area of strong high- pressure warmed us up today. it begins to back off a little for tomorrow as some of this activity to the north begins to move to the south. with that, bit of a drop off in numbers, but it will not be cold, it will still be mild in the bay area. tomorrow, mostly sunny skies, thursday, patchy clouds return, then friday starting off the day with clouds, clearing skies into the afternoon hours.
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forecast highs, san francisco 65, santa rosa 70, any act 67, san jose at 68 and half moon bay in the lower 60s. here's a look ahead, temperatures cool off a little bit, but still pretty warm, lots of 60s with a slight chance of showers as we head into sunday. let's keep our fingers crossed. speaking of rain, we are nearly halfway through february and the bay area has not seen a drop of rain. needless to say that's raising concerns about the upcoming wild fire season.>> it's the winter season but you wouldn't know it around lake mary, joggers traversed the lake amid the sunny skies and temperatures that sort of 70 degrees.>> every time i get into these patterns, it always makes me think, when is the rain coming. >> a professor of fire and
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science at uc berkeley studies had a bone dry conditions affect the state which is prone to wildfires and over the years has grown larger and more destructive. the world watched as monster flames ravaged parts of australia killing more than three dozen people and destroying more than 3000 homes. an estimated 1 billion native animals were believed to be killed. for those who study these types of conditions, the dry weather, being experienced in the bay area now, is something not to be ignored. >> australia did that, they jumped into their summer so quickly, then they had a huge fire season. here we can have a similar thing. >> the most recently menacing fire of 2019 was the kincade fire which chart nearly 80,000 acres, the year before that was the campfire which resulted in 85 casualties. repeats that cal fire is working to prevent. >> we are getting a little
11:24 pm
worried that the fuels are drying out a little earlier than they should.>> the conditions now have opportunities to increase the amount of land targeted for prescribed burns which can reduce the intensity of fires during the season. >> things will get wet, so the fires will basically get knocked down. >> the rain may have made a disappearing act, but rain in recent years have helped us, reservoirs across california are actually at or above historic levels. so we've got 20 of water into the foreseen future. coming up next, mark will tell us about a scary moment in a hockey game tonight when a player on the bench suddenly collapsed.
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we are going to guarantee health care to all people and create up to 20 million good paying jobs to save this planet. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors.
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>> mark is back with sports, we were talking earlier and we so that really scary moment during a hockey game on a player collapsed. >> i don't think i've ever seen a player collapse like that, and then the game immediately cancel. that happened tonight in anaheim. if you did not hear about it, and the national akili, the st. louis blues, had one of their defensemen, early on in the game, just seven minutes: 57 sick seconds left, jay bouwmeester appeared to be reaching for water when he went down. you can see his teammates frantically motioning for help, he was soon after carried off into the locker room on a stretcher to receive medical attention. he was reportedly awake and alert, and immediately transported to a hospital. it's been described as a cardiac episode. the game was called off just moments after, and the team is staying in anaheim rather than flying to las vegas as they have been scheduled to do.
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the bustamante red sox, the eve of spring training, they fired her manager because of the whole houston astro cheating scandal. they did not have a manager until today. and he is just a tentative manager, so we will see how that transpires. in the meantime, giant fans, if you were hoping kevin pillar would be back, now the red sox are snatching him up as they have mookie betts in a trade for the dodgers and apparently the red sox will sign the spark and the giants outfield last year. the deal is imminent but not yet official. back by popular demand, back in madison square garden tonight, the ever popular westminster best in show. if you love dogs, or even if you don't. apparently that slo-mo was specifically created for that dog. that is daniel the golden retriever, fans were screaming
11:29 pm
they wanted him to win. he was one of the finalists. but here is best in show, the winner. >> to have the privilege of giving you best in show, it goes to the standard poodle. >> three-year-old ciba, can't you see all the other dogs going dude, what's with the haircut. very well groomed, and ciba is your best in show for 2020. check this out, you've got to see this. maxwell pierce is his name, he's a trick shot artist. look at that. he looks a lot like steph curry. i want to see that again, can we? and roll it off the back here. and slamdunk. dr. j flying in
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from out of town does approve it, and that's the sporting life. rest in show, they are. >> see you later everyone, good night. (groaning) push, damn it! i'm not losing another baby today. -(flatline) -(groaning) cardiac arrest. crash cart! the shock could kill the baby! (paddles whine) that's something i'll just have to live with. maybe we could turn off the tv? -clear! -(tv shuts off) well, folks, i'm afraid i have some bad news. oh, my god. no. n-no, not that bad. i'm sorry. i did not think that through. no, you're not giving birth today. you've had false contractions, known as braxton hicks. it's very common. uh, so what does that mean timing-wise? it's no indication. it could be five weeks from now, could be five hours from now. i suggest you and your husband go home, get some sleep while you still can. oh, we're not married. we're just lovers. ugh! yuck. she hates that word. grosses me out, too, and i spend a lot of my time covered in afterbirth.


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