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stabbing rambled and gave in answers and the reason wilson's family says it is all an act.>> this victory is the beginning of the end for donald trump. >> bernie sanders emerges victorious in the new hampshire primary followed closely by pete buttigieg, looking at the winners and losers in the battleground states. >> good morning and thank you for joining us on mornings on two wednesday, february 12 i am pam cook. >> hello i am frank mallicoat , steve is front and center and i took a walk yesterday around five and it was like a spring day.>> i opened the window to let in air. >> santa rosa hit 80 before las vegas and phoenix hit 80 today
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will be cooler. patchy fog is back with a few high clouds and onshore breeze, a big change in half moon bay where it is 41 and yesterday this time it was 64. 37 out at fairfield and they were in the 50s yesterday this time. high clouds coming and highs today will mainly be low 60s, not as hot as yesterday with numerous record highs but did this man get out and enjoy the weather? emac i sure did, i got out and enjoyed it for sure, so 880 n. and south looks pretty good as you're driving to the toll plaza light with good conditions including faraway commutes like gilroy and san jose. now back to the desk. firefighters are at the scene of a house fire in the peninsula and fire crews responded to an emergency call
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on kings road around 1:15 a.m. and the home is near san bruno mountain state. firefighters are still on the scene at this early hour and no official word on the cause of the fire or if there are any injuries. we are on our way and will report on the fire this next hour. democratic presidential candidates are back on the trail this morning after a tight finish in new hampshire bernie sanders won the primary last night and will take the momentum into south carolina and nevada. caroline shively is in new hampshire this morning with the latest on this close race.>>reporter: bernie sanders for the win in new hampshire but the battle for the democratic nomination still has a long way to go.>> we are going to unite together and defeat the most dangerous president in modern history of this country. >> bernie sanders celebrated his victory in the new hampshire primary and the vermont sen. edging out his competitors for his first clear when this
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primary season but it was a very narrow lead. pete buttigieg emerging is a close second and he call for democrats to unite behind one candidate to defeat president trump >> we cannot afford to miss the mark or this moment. >> the biggest surprise of the night was amy klobuchar landing in third place and winning over undecideds after a strong debate performance over the weekend. >> it is exciting tonight we had such a good showing that no one predicted. >> elizabeth warren and joe biden walking away without any delegates been a disappointing finish for the two candidates who spent months pulling in the top three and despite the results both are vowing to stay in the fight.>> if we have the hope that comes with dreaming big, if we have the courage to fight hard, we are going to win.>> the fight to end the
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presidency of president trump is just the beginning. >> now onto the nevada caucuses 10 days away. >> there are just two contests between now and super tuesday, 36 delegates are up for grabs in nevada saturday, february 22, south carolina holds the primary one week later with 54 pledged delegates. 14 states including california vote march 3 and more than 1300 delegates are up for grabs on that super tuesday. a top infectious disease expert predicts the coronavirus outbreak will peak in china this month and it could be over by april. for now the virus continues to claim more lives, or than 1100 people have died worldwide along with 45,000 confirmed cases in the city of beijing is restricting sales of over-the- counter fever and cough medicine to avoid infected and potentially infected people to treat themselves rather than
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seek professional medical help. the world health organization will wrap up a special meeting later today, the head of the group says the coronavirus outbreak is worse than any terrorist attack. increasing evidence shows the disease is all linked to bats and meantime the world health organization is giving this particular strain of coronavirus, covid-19, 2019 is the year. a number of people infected with a virus on board a cruise ship quarantine in japan are 75 and princess cruises said 39 had tested positive for the illness, they are at 3700 passengers and crew members on the ship which is scheduled to remain under quarantine another week. police in oakland are investigating a robbery all caught on camera, look at this surveillance video from monday
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afternoon. two men walked up to them and washing his car and put a gun to his head and one of the men forced the victim to the ground and stole his phone, a gold necklace and a bracelet. the victim wasn't hurt but neighbors say they are now nervous. in san francisco police are looking for the person who attacked a boy on new year's eve police released this surveillance video showing two men walking along bay street one holding a pizza box and you see the man put down the box and ran towards a family that is when he smashed a teenaged boy into the wall and you see their teenagers father chasing after the suspect.>> scary. 4:06, the man on trial for the murder of a young woman edit oakland bart station will be back in court tomorrow after a bizarre day on the stand testifying in his own defense.>> henry lee was inside the courtroom and set at times the testimony got very
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heated.>>reporter: john cowell testified in his own defense at his murder trial and the sheriff's deputy asked him on the stand and he told the jury he is bipolar, schizophrenic and hears voices and for the first time he gave his reason as to why he stabbed nia wilson to death and injured her sister at the bart station, they were aliens and gang members out to attack and kidnap his grandmother. he told the jury i stabbed both of the females because i believe they would not give my grandmother back. the mother of nia wilson does not buy it.>> on the stand galice it she was pointing at other passengers while staring at him but they say there was no contact with him before the stabbing and cowl gave random and incoherent testimony, talk about radios placed in his ear and was often at odds with his own attorney and confirming
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basic facts and dates. >> i believe 75% of it are made up, 25% i think it's racially motivated. he keeps talk about black women and gang members. >> with cowell taking center stage many of the family believes it is all an act prosecutor butch ford vigorously cross-examined cowell asking if it was true he was a drug and alcohol abuse are or bringing up other damaging aspects of his past and each time cowell that i do not remember and the mother believes the attack was placed on her skin color even though they have not been charged with a hate crime.>> he said white skin and dark skin and that is what made me think racially motivated. >> the bottom line is whether john cowell knew what he was doing at the time of the stabbing and that will be up to this jury of eight women and four men to decide. happening today san
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francisco's municipal transportation authority will launch safety improvements at a major intersection near golden gate park where a 54-year-old woman was seriously injured when hit by a car. she was standing on the sidewalk on january 6. the intersection is listed as a high entry locations. city leaders will announce details about the safety improvements during an event at the intersection later this morning. we're getting a new look at the next steps of barts spread into silicon valley, there was an event for contractors interested in working on the second phase of the project, a 6 mile extension to run into the city of santa clara and the project will include three underground stations and one street-level station on my face two should be complete by 2030 but project officials say it could be done before that.>> one of the things that could
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come out of a venture like this is they put together their contracting team and they may come up with different delivery methods and contracting packaging that could accelerate the program did >> phase 1 of the project which includes those stations was supposed to open two years ago but were crews have run into problems that have extended the timeline and there has not been any announcement on when the stations could open. for 10 am, it's check-in with sal castaneda and i imagine everything is a-ok at this hour?>> yeah that is not always the case, sometimes early in the morning we get severe problems that were off to a nice start. let's look at the faraway commutes first like gilroy and morgan hill looking good and up into san jose no major issues. driving up onto the peninsula and the east bay off to a nice start, this is northbound 280 a nice drive and you like it to be nice and uneventful for the
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morning commute. you don't like surprises and we don't have any just yet and hopefully will stay that way. now here is steve with today's weather. >> thank you sir, looking back to yesterday again were it was very warm, santa rosa at 80 and many upper 70s including napa, but santa rosa blasted 374 and 1996 and richman with a record 74 and napa 79. livermore tied at 72 and sfo 74 also tied. a lot back to 1996. the temperature change in 24 hours, fairfield is down 23 and half moon bay -18 and napa airport -20 and oakland airport -11 and haywood -9. an onshore breeze, patchy fog and a few high clouds make for a continued drive pattern and it will be cooler today, so 60s and 70s and not 70s or 80s.
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more clouds into the weekend and a hit a very light rain sunday. north wind at mount diablo but west it mount st. helena. 30s, 40s and 50s, a big change with a few high clouds equaling a cooler pattern and we continue that cemented the weekend. 60s and 70s and not upper 70s to 80s. continued cooling into the weekend. a local teenager fighting for his life this morning after being hit by a driver.>> we can go back and review the evidence. >> the tips investigators have to track down that driver. >> also the new charges being brought against jussie smollett after he dodge charges of lying about his supposed racist and homophobic attack in chicago. stay with us.
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...a national referendum... ...and ending corporate money in politics. as president, i'll declare climate change an emergency on day 1. and, use those powers to finally address the climate crisis. and, i've spent 30 years building a successful international business. so, i can take on donald trump on the economy - and beat him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message - because there is nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people. >> closing arguments and harvey weinstein's trial will resume tomorrow after his defense team rested its case . jurors heard from the former agent of actress jessica man and the agent testified she did not appear distressed the day she claimed weinstein her and the
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defense called sevenpasses and rested without putting weinstein on the stand. >> tends to be this way and these kind of trials the defendant will not testify because of a big risk of getting up on the witness stand and having prosecutors hammer away at questions about these alleged assaults.>> the charges against harvey weinstein in this case are from an alleged sexual assault involving jessica mann and sopranos actors annabella sciorra and a production assistant and weinstein has claimed they were all consensual. jury deliberations are to start next week. >> and actor jussie smollett has been indicted by a grand jury in chicago after a special prosecutor reinvestigated allegations he falsely reported being a victim of a hate crime there and back in march last year the charges against him were dropped. then a judge appointed a special prosecutor to determine whether he should face any
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further prosecution a grand jury investigation concluded jussie smollett planned and participated in a staged hate crime attack. >> disorderly conduct does not sound serious on its face but when the disorderly conduct is making a false statement to a police officer it is a class iv felony which carries one a false statement to a police officer it is a class iv felony which carries 1 to 3 years. >> jussie smollett is scheduled to appear and an arraignment in chicago boy 24th. for federal prosecutors resigned from the roger stone case after the justice department overruled the men scaled back the sentencing recommendation for the former adviser of president trump and the prosecutor recommended stone serve seven for the former adviser of president trump and the prosecutor recommended stone serve 7 to 9 years in prison for lying to congress and obstructing a federal investigation. the justice department changed the recommendation to as little as three years after president trump tweeted criticism of the proposed sentence today federal reserve chair
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jerome powell will be on capitol hill to talk about any economic disruptions the coronavirus may have been yesterday he said despite global economic issues the us economy is strong with a robust job market>> economic expansion as well into its 11th year and it is the longest on record gains have been broad-based across all racial and ethnic groups and level of education. >> the chairman told congress yesterday now would be a good time to reduce the federal budget deficit which is expected to top $1 trillion this year.>> we will hear from him again. 4:18 the time and now let's check with sal castaneda for look at traffic and so far pretty quiet .>> he is smiling. >> i have got you. you know it is pretty quiet. your audio guy is like what? but it is pretty quiet which is good and i do not like
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surprises, neither do you when you're driving to work or maybe you're just about to drive somewhere else bit look at the bay bridge which is exactly how we like it. no major issues driving through interstate 880 traffic which is also looking good. at the silicon valley it looks very good, starting off nice this wednesday, hump day. now that's bring my friend mr. steve paulson. >> what day of the week is it? >> it is wednesday better known as hump day.>> you do that well. so we had records yesterday, airport had 81 and las vegas and phoenix have not had an 800 day yet, santa rosa congratulations at 80, richmond 74, a record high and napa 79 a record high and livermore 72 and sfo 74 of those two towns died. temperatures trending
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cooler by 23 at fairfield and napa and livermore -20 and double digits for concord and oakland and half moon bay -180 cooler than this time yesterday. patchy fog and a few high clouds with a westerly breeze. the drive pattern continues. the forecast models has a little hit of rain sunday but it took it out and i am not surprised. cooler forecast with more clouds and fog coming and higher clouds into the weekend, oakland and berkeley are in the 50s as is the city but down 100 compared to yesterday, half moon bay was 63 yesterday and it is now 39 fairfield is 37 and napa airport 38. they were in the upper 50s at this time yesterday so it will be a cooler forecast today and we will take that into the weekend. the rain is trying this weekend but i do not buy into it, trust me i've seen this before, 60s and now low 70s on the attempts
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so it will be cooler and we will carry it into the weekend you guys. coming up people living in one santa clara neighborhood say drivers are using their roads as a racetrack.>> they are playing with their cars and screeching out and doing doughnuts and taking off.>> next what they are demanding from city leaders and the police.>> and a potential red flag in the investigation into a deadly crash involving a tesla and its autopilot feature, what the victim said before that crash. ♪
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delivered exclusively with uber eats. >> welcome back to mornings on 2, we're getting a look at a frightening moment a school bus full of students was hit by a car and flipped over scary. this was in december in ohio and police are just releasing the video now the car ran a red light and hit that bus with 25 students inside and of course buses do not have seatbelts and you see the students just being tossed around. the driver and eight students were taken to the hospital and fortunately everybody was okay. back in the bay area police in concord are looking for a hit-and-run driver that left an 18-year-old in critical condition and conclusion happened monday night on the chicago on ramp to eastbound highway four. investigators say after countless tips they finally got a small break and they have a
4:25 am
person a vehicle of interest but so far no arrests. investigators are trying to figure out how the crash happened.>> there is no camera that we can go back and review the evidence. we do not know if this 18-year- old crossing, running on a shoulder in an illegal spot and gets catapulted into the road, we do not know that. >> the teenagers family is hoping someone out there know something and will come forward to help get the driver off the road. a staff member for the santa clara city council will spend the next few weeks studying the complaints from one neighborhood about speeding and sideshows, along briarwood drive near lawrence expressway asked the council last night to install speedbump or other measures to slow down traffic and neighbors say cars do doughnuts in the middle of the night and go 60 mph and a 25 mph zone.>> i will be watching
4:26 am
tv or something all of a sudden i hear the screeching and i come running out and they are gone>> our street is not treated as a residential street, it is treated no differently than if it wasn't expressway and we ask for help. >> 60 people in the neighborhood have signed a petition seeking a safety improvement and the council will address their concerns next month. and in two weeks santa clara police will present a report to the council on illegal street racing in the city. the ntsb will soon release its findings in the investigation of a deadly crash involving a tesla mountain view and the agency released documents as part of its preliminary report into the crash two years ago, the tesla had the autopilot function on when the car slammed into a barrier on highway 101 but the driver who was killed was an apple engineer and had earlier complained the autopilot feature malfunctioned on that same stretch of road which was under construction.>> if the vehicle is supposed to be looking at the lanes from the
4:27 am
right to the left and it cannot see it there is a problem so then had to go with other sensors to be up to make the vehicle autopilot.>> tesla stresses the autopilot system assists drivers and it does not give the car self driving capabilities. the campfire that struck butte county may have claimed more victims and coming up why a new report suggests that death toll from the deadly wildfire baby higher than originally reported the results are in from the nation's first primary election of the campaign season, i look at the winners, the losers, and who dropped out of the race. as soon as i started talking about
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putting term limits on congress, washington insiders went crazy. they said term limits are bad, that they'll break government. what a joke! congress is working fine for politicians and corporations, but it's not doing anything for real people on climate, health care or gun safety. the only way we get new ideas is electing new people,
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including a president willing to shake-up washington. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. >> hundreds of wuhan evacuees are home this morning after two weeks in quarantine and we will hear from a mother and daughter
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from right here in the bay area.>> i am a young kid and can still use my voice. >> bay area students are featured in a new film that so cases their story and we will take you to the premier. >> good morning everyone welcome to mornings on 2 and it is wednesday, february 12 i am frank mallicoat . >> good morning i am pam cook. nice to have you here. >> good to be on board.>> it is early. darn right hot yesterday for some spots. >> very much so but cooler today, cooler than 200 compared to this time i get fairfield, napa airport and livermore and i think half moon bay is colder than that. they are 39 but


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