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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  February 13, 2020 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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san jose. the new information we're learning about the investigation. >> a car plows into three pedestrians along a busy street in san francisco. what witnesses say the driver was doing right before the crash. crash. >> and, calling out pg&e. the news at noon starts now. >> this is ktvu fox 2 news at noon. >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. a standoff lasted several hours. marcus pardeau was arrested early this morning. he'd been hold up in a home since wednesday afternoon. ktvu's south bay reporter live in san jose to bring us the latest on the investigation. jesse. >> good afternoon , to you. and crime investigators dressed behind me. they're working on two properties that were involved
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in this standoff. a red roof, a white with green highlights. a short time ago i talked with suspect's marcus pardeau's mother and step father. >> i know my son is not capable of killing somebody he's had some issues. he's done things and break ups and stuff like that. and he's been upset lately. . >> art pardeau and barb pardeau say they didn't know their son returned. police investigators say he's wanted for a homicide although they have not detailed when or where the alleged crime took place. they attempted an arrest monday afternoon that stretched into
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the yeefr night and early morning hours. eventually police used tear gas on two separate occasions eventually getting pardeau to surrender. >> they did gas two times. that's the type of tear gas that burns your nose, your mouth and all that. and, if you inhale it, that's why they said we're going to do gas and some other things. >> pardeau is now in custody charged with homicide. neighbors are still dealing with a large police presence here and his father and step mother have left the area a short time ago and gone to a nearby hotel so they can get some rest since they're still unable to get back into their house. >> i have no control over whatever he did. but if we could of resolved this in a different way, he could of came to us and talked to us. i'm humiliated. i feel badly for what happened to my neighbors.
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>> that last reference by barb pardeau apparently the police thinking marcus was in the middle house they went inside and that was the wrong house. there's damage you can see to the house and neighbors are up with that. marcus pardeau now in custody while we wait for police to find out exactly what he has done. ktvu fox 2 news. we'll head back to you up in oakland. two men are in critical condition after a hit and run crash in san francisco. this happened at the intersection of mission and 23rd around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. witnesses say the driver identified as 62-year-old steven kernen of san francisco was speeding down 23rd street moments before the collision. they say he hit a pedestrian in the crosswalk as he turned onto mission and then slammed right onto an muni bus that was letting off passengers. >> the bus was struck by the driver of the burgundy prius and then quickly went on to the
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sidewalk and mowed down those as they came off the bus. >> witnesses say the suspect raced off but then returned to the scene later. investigators say they believe alcohol and drugs did not play a role in the crash. the man accused of the deadly bart stabbing of nia wilson was set to be cross- examined today but he's been thrown out of the courtroom at his own murder trial. john lee cowell first refused to come to court this morning. he was then removed from the courtroom after repeatedly swearing his answers across the room. he suffers from schizophrenic delusions. he has admitted to stabbing nia wilson to death. on tuesday, he testified he believed the wilson sisters were aliens and members of a gang out to attack and kidnap his graurnl. the district attorney says cowell's testimony will be thrown out if he is not cross- examined. china has reported a spike in the new cases of the deadly
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coronavirus. at least 15 cases have been confirmed here in the united states. benjamin hall has more from london. >> the chinese government reporting a huge up tick in coronavirus cases overnight as the deadly outbreak keeps spreading. more than 250 deaths and 15,000 infected setting single-day records and raising concerns about containment procedures. the surge in cases reflect a new way of diagnosing the virus in the field to help expedite treatment. >> the suspected cases will be confirmed as clinical diagnosis cases so that the patients can receive standard treatment. >> the world health organization says more cooperation is needed to stop it. there are also thousands of people still quarantined on cruise ships where passengers have shown coronavirus symptoms. one of those ships was allowed to dock in cambodia on thursday after being turned away by four
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other countries. >> we greatly appreciate that cambodia's willing to offer assistance to the wester dam. the safety of america abroad is my highest priority. >> it's stepping up its efforts to fight the outbreak. the first groups of americans were under a two week quarantine. >> i think the government has been very accommodating and very generous and i think it's a high cost very costly to contain so many people. >> there's also concern the virus could delay the start of the summer olympics in tokyo. the organizers say the games will go on as scheduled. in london, benjamin hall, ktvu fox 2 news. a palo alto woman and her 15-year-old daughter are finally home after being quarantined at a river side county base for two weeks after the coronavirus scare.
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ester tobeca and her daughter reunited with her daughter yesterday. she had not seen her family since she went to see relevantives in wuhan, china at the beginning of the year. >> that's what's going through. i'm happy we're reunited. hopefully we won't be separated get. >> last month tebecka and her daughter flew to march air reserve base. they were quarantined there and released. today harsh criticism of pg&e was released. the video has california homeowners. there are also comments by sander's supporters who praise his call for pg&e to become a publicly owned utility.
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the nevada caucuses and the primary in south carolina could shift the field ahead of super tuesday. doug luzader has more from washington. >> with iowa and new hampshire out of the way we're seeing a number of different strategies now in the democratic field looking ahead to states like nevada and south carolina. >> we need to hear from nevada and south carolina and super tuesday states and beyond. >> former vice president joe biden still looking to make his mark after disappointing results in iowa and new hampshire. and nevada looms large for others too. reports that elizabeth warren has shifted her media focus to be more competitive there and bernie sanders has more momentum. he may run into thorny union issues in nevada. >> his health care plan medicare for all would eliminate a lot of the power unions have over that issue. it's going to play out in a really fascinating way there. >> sitting out nevada former
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new york mayor michael bloomberg who was all in for super tuesday contests on march 3rd. a protester took to the stage. but the bigger issue may be new videos with bloomberg addressing racially controversial issues. >> those don't reflect the way that i've governed or the way that i run my company, or the way that i live. >> and other candidates like amy klobuchar and pete buttigieg going big on nevada. the next democratic debate will be there next week. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. . presidential candidate pete buttigieg is getting an endorsement from the democratic party. she thinks buttigieg can unite the country and defeat president trump. she'll introduce him tomorrow when he visits sacramento for a town hall before this endorsement california senators camla harris. joe biden is announcing a
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list of endorsements that include san francisco mayor mark farrell and a dozen more state and local leaders. we are getting a new look at the drought conditions across california. what we are learning about the state's situation following weeks of dry weather. >> also a bay area school is renamed after first lady michelle obama. how this new name coincides with the new design. >> and stubborn overcast over san francisco, over oakland, around portions of the north bay as well. we'll talk more about this changing weather pattern headed our way.
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mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. an elementary school in richmond has become the first school in the bay area to name itself after former first lady my shale obama. >> first lady of the united states, michelle obama. >> michelle obama and eight years as first lady, champion education and opportunity.
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her image and words hang next to the state where the west contra costa unified school board meets. >> we are on the verge of making history tonight. >> led by the pta president, that board voted to rename what was wilson elementary after obama. not so much a knock on woodrow the nation's 28th president, more in affirmation of her. >> they all can recognize her. they know her nishltives. healthy eating, you can do it. she's so encouraging. >> advocates figure what better time than now. it won't be a traditional design with haulways and classrooms. instead, suites that allow for collaboration across grades when needed. >> we'll change our logo and everything. >> new shirts one of the expenses . teachers and staff have been working the past two years at a temporary site in el cirrito. moving to their new campus, a new beginning and now a new
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name. >> to be able to decide, you know, we get to choose and i think it feels very empowering. >> i think it's really special and more schools should do that. >> there are a few dozen schools named after one or both obamas in the country. wilson is 3/4 latino and african american students. >> that person comes from the south side of chicago and that person comes from a place like the place that i come from. >> with no opposition it becomes the bay area's first school so named. >> michelle obama elementary school passes. passes unanimously. >> and all that's left is a visit from the former first lady. ideal ly when the new campus opens in august. >> we hope he comes along with her as her side kick. but she doesn't need barak. she stands on her own.
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>> ktvu fox 2 news. happening today, the board of trustees for san jose's will vote to close two schools. the recommendation by the district school consolidation advisory committee to close laurelwood and dub hill elementary schools. the district says it's facing a $12 million budget deficit amid declining enrollment. the board is set to vote at its meeting at 6:30 tonight. it's been overcast all day long. >> that's right. a dramatic shift in the area. we had record heat here in the bay area just two days ago. so the low clouds and fog really making a come back and a bit stubborn here near the coast over portions of san francisco and the bay itself. we are expecting some partial clearing this afternoon and in terms of rainfall, we're seeing a change of the weather pattern but not to change that will bring us rainfall. showing you this. this will be for an average february for the entire month.
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san francisco almost 4.5". it has been a very dry start this month. as we take a look ahead at the forecast. and at least at this point into next week. things could change between now and then. but at this point it looks like this dry weather pattern is here to stay. the storm track as you can see with this map here is positioned way up here. if you take this forecast model into the weekend and into next week, we're just showing you a bunch of zeros in the bay area. to pick' up the rainfall potential. you see the clouds that kind of draped across the coastline here in oregon and then for us here in the bay area return of the low clouds and fog. in fact persistent cloud cover near the coast is becoming closer. right around san francisco. out toward oakland. it looks like more sunshine for the north bay san rafael approaching novato. that's having an impact on temperatures right now.
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santa rosa only 50 degrees. san francisco 52. but the spots that are clearing out in the upper 50s flirting with 60 degrees. san jose checking in the upper 50s, 58. here is our live camera looking out towards the oakland estuary. and as i mentioned we will have partly cloudy skies. at least that's the plan this afternoon. dry weather pattern is here to stay, but the warm weather pattern is backing off all because of this guy. this system is moving in from the north and the fog is making a come back and once again into your friday morning. here's the forecast model later on today. stilt holding on to some cloud cover this afternoon near the coast and up in the north bay. so partial clearing. clouds will regroup later on tonight and into tomorrow morning. here is your friday morning forecast. we will clear things out into the afternoon hours tomorrow. but temperatures not moving around too much. forecast highs this afternoon. the warm spots approaching the mid 60s with mostly sunny skies out towards antioch and brent wood.
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partly sunny for portions of san francisco, the coastline this afternoon. temperatures only in the mid 50s. san jose already in the sun. 63. gilroy 64 and a look ahead at your 5-day. temperatures not moving around too much. the weekend we had that slight chance of shower into sunday at least for right now we're going to remove that and we'll just have a few clouds and the winds could pick up once again sunday into monday. we're still waiting for those real rain clouds to pay us a visit. still to come at noon, a recall alert for tesla owners. which model's affected and why. tom steyer: listen, every democrat running for president
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because there is nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people.
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sacramento based mclatchy newspaper has announced it is filing for bankruptcy. one of the largest publishes that includes the sacramento bee, the miami harold and the kansas city star. it plans to continue as a
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digital media company. it has been family run since the gold rush and the biggest loss will be to shareholders and employees expecting a pension. those are expected to be cancelled. let's take a peak at stocks here down by about 1/4 of 1% after spending most of the session in the red. we see it's losing almost 80 80 points right now. after a larger drop earlier today and the story's the same over on the nasdaq. united airlines is extending its hold on flights to china and hong kong. earlier this month, the airline suspended flights through february 20th. from u.s. hubs including sfo to china until april 24th. tesla's stock is up 5% right now dpoo it the company recalling some of its older cars. tesla's recalling 15,000 model x and an unknown number of
12:24 pm
model s cars. corroded bolts in the steering mount could lead to a loss of power steering which could make the cars more difficult to drive. the bipartisan measure limiting president trump's operations against iran. trump must seek approval from congress. the democratic controlled house passed a separate non binding last month. democrats on capitol hill are demanding an investigation. a long time ally of president trump. as ray bogan reports from washington there are even calls for attorney general william barr to resign. >> senators richard bloomenthal and attorney bill barr are forcing him to resign.
12:25 pm
the doj overruled prosecutors who recommended 7 to 9 years and asked the judge for less. four prosecutors have since resigned. >> we should all be calling for the resignation of the attorney general if he won't resign, remember the attorney general can be impeached. >> i think attorney general william barr has to say what am i doing destroying the department of justice. >> a larger number of lawmakers are calling for an investigation. bar will testify before the house judiciary committee march 31st. democrats wrote a letter saying they wanted to discuss the decision to overall career prosecutors. democratic senators are also asking senate judiciary chairman lindsey graham to start a probe. call for a 3.5 to 4.5-year sentence. only to be increased if the
12:26 pm
victim says they were threatened with violence. graham says the victim wrote a letter on behalf of stone saying that was not the case. >> having said that i don't think the president should of tweeted about an ongoing case. >> no, not at all he was treating very badly. >> yes, the judge denied stone's request for a trial. . an emotional day for some people in the east bay. we're going to show you a new tiny home community in castro valley. >> plus state payments for child care providers. investigators look into why those payments are often late or inconsistent.
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here's a look at some of the top stories we are following for you. a standoff that lasted for hours. the suspect was hold up inside a home on vista verde drive. police initially went to the next door neighbor's house. when they realized that home was empty, they went next door which wound up being the suspect's father's house. the suspect finally came out and was taken into custody. a san francisco man is under arrest following a hit and run crash. witnesses say the driver identified by police as 62-year- old steven kernen was speeding down 23rd street before he hit one person in the crosswalk and then crashed into an muni bus. kernen returned to the scene and was taken into custody he was charged with running a red light and not stopping for an accident resulting in injury. the bart stabbing of mia wilson was thrown out of the courtroom this morning.
12:31 pm
john lee cowell's attorney had to convince him to come to court. then he was removed after he repeatedly used vulgarity. the defense team says he suffers from skrits forensic delusions. on tuesday, he testified that he believed the wilson sisters were aliens and members of a gang out to attack and kidnap his grandmother. authorities now say they suspect the same man is responsible for two east bay robberies. investigators say the victim was just walking by when the suspect pointed a gun at him and demanded his valuables. meantime authorities are investigating whether this suspect is one of two men we see on this surveillance video robbing a person who was outside cleaning his car in oakland's diamond district. up to the north bay now. police responded to the area at
12:32 pm
about 11:00 last night. detectives searched the scene but couldn't find a gunman. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover. a passenger on a bart train was hit with a chain in an unprovoked attack. it happened at about 6:00 tuesday night. bart says a man asked the passenger for directions and then hit him with what may have been a bike lock. the man then got off the train there at lake merit. the passenger was treated for non life threatening injuries. the attacker had not been found. the bart board of directors was talking about rebuilding ridership. the chronicle reports a major drop in ridership in recent years with fewer people riding on nights and weekends. bart has lost nearly 10 million passengers over the past four years. night and weekend trips have seen the biggest decline in ridership. 662 passengers showed crimes, dirty trains and stations and limited service where key
12:33 pm
reasons people weren't riding the trains. last year, more than 53 million people rode bart. bart has made changes to address some of the issues including homelessness and crime. most recently, it added bart embassadors to patrol trains at stations in the afternoon and nighttime hours. bard's board of directors is considering changing the daily parking fee. the current daily fee is $3 at all stations except west oakland. some 0 pgss include doubling the fee to $6 based on demand at different times at different stations. a state assembly sup committee is under way in san francisco to fund and end the homeless crisis. this is the first indeptsz hearing on governor newsome's proposal to shift authority away from government. the mayors of san francisco, oakland and san jose are there to testify about how state
12:34 pm
funding has helped their cities address the crisis. >> when the governor was giving these fema trailers just a few weeks ago, the state worked very well with us and our county to really guide the county in being able to draw down funding so that they can provide the service providers. . >> this year, governor newsom says he wants to spend $750 million. the money would flow to regional administrators who would then decide how to spend it. a new community of tiny homes opened its doors to some new residents this morning. a look inside and shows how the program will work. >> it is move-in day for patricia sores and she can't contain her emotion. >> i'm about ready to cry. so i am just excited. i'm ecstatic. >> this morning, she got the keys to one of the six tiny
12:35 pm
homes on this parking lot at the first presbyterian church of hay ward ending her struggle with homelessness. she worked as a live-in care giver and then the family decided to move out of the area. able to find a new job but not an affordable place to rent. >> the cold was very brutal. it's still brutal and i just, you know what, my faith has kept me going all this time. my faith and not giving up. >> some people end up being homeless because of a medical issue or a death in the family. >> community and non profit groups like the organization home aid came together to set up and build these tiny homes. the labor and materials were donated and the land set aside on the church's parking lot. >> the residents here had to go through a lengthy application and security screening process. they all have jobs and their stay here will be just
12:36 pm
temporary. the rent they pay will go into a savings account they can tap into after 18 months. >> it will go towards first and last month's rent or security deposit. >> as she settles into her brand new 150 -square foot home patricia says she's determined to make it work and pay it forward. >> i just want to hug everybody and say thank you for making this possible. >> allie rasmus ktvu fox 2 news. thousands of families rely on child care so both parents can work in order to afford right here in the bay area. many parents don't know this that some of the people caring for their children can barely make ends meet themselves. >> several home care providers contacted ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu's christina rendon reports. >> this has been my number one dream since i was a little kid.
12:37 pm
>> living her dream. she runs joe joe's little loany's day care out of her home in antioch. >> everyone thinks it's money in child care. it's more love love. >> can you find me a green one. >> that love and bond with her day care kids keeps her going even if it means living paycheck to paycheck. >> some children she cares for get government aid and joanna gets paid by the state at least a month after she provides services for those group of kids. last month, she and some other providers got their checks even later to that due to a paper discrepancy. >> we depend on these payments to make a living. your first instinct is panic. i have a family to feed. i have, yeah, there's other money coming in but just like anybody, you budget according to your paydays. >> now we're in january, a new year and it already happened for the first time, the first month of the year. . >> carry sanjamino another
12:38 pm
home day care in antioch is frustrated with delayed or inconsistent payments. nine out of the twelve kids she cares for are in government assisted programs. and those checks can arrive at different times each month. >> if your income is, you know, 80% to 90% of subsidy and you don't get paid, that would be a problem for anybody. >> my mortgage has been late and i've gotten a $50 late fee because i'm waiting for all this money. >> the state system is complicated because of the high level of ability. they want to make sure they're paying out funds to day cares for work that's being done. >> i just want them to think about with an if you were promised a payday and you waited all month for it and it didn't arrive until two weeks later. >> i think it's really important that they're able to continue their service for kids and they are working with a
12:39 pm
very vulnerable population too. >> john jones is the executive director of the non profit cocoa kids. to providers who care for kids that depend on government subsidies. he said the agency needed to correct a report. which delayed january's payments. >> we communicate as much as we can. >> jones also says delays can happen at the end of the school year every summer. we asked the state about those delays, they didn't respond but said january and february's payments to cocoa kids were processed and sent out on time. >> these kind of issues come up statewide. we're not the only type of alternative payment program. >> what homework did you do. >> providers told us they don't care where the bottleneck happens, they just need to get paid on time to keep their doors open. >> if you're doing it just for the money, you need to close your doors because you're not going to get rich off it.
12:40 pm
>> and a lot of us providers we're not doing it for the wrong reasons. when we're having a hardship to pay our mortgage or other bills, then that's when providers start to think for the wrong reason i have to close my door because i can't afford to do this. >> some providers have been forced to close which can have a major ripple effect on parents. >> they can't live anywhere, the kids and the parents are on the streets. >> some relief may be on the way. in contra costa county, officials say they're working to imp lement statewide child care policy changes. right now, the state sends checks through the u.s. mail which can take 5 days to arrive but upgrades are in the works. electronic payments may not come until after the year 2022. >> i don't care what i have to do, i'm staying open. >> in the meantime, joanna is working a second job at night with insta cart. >> the first piece of advice
12:41 pm
when i first started was don't get attached. >> i didn't mean to do this. it's one of the hardest things to do because they're kids. they can't help it. you can't help that bond. you just love them. we do this for the love of these kids. >> christina rendon,, ktvu fox 2 news. >> if you have a tip for two investigates, we would like to hear from you. or you can e-mail ktvu 2 investigates at fox weeks of no rain having an impact on california. next, a look at the current drought conditions here in our state. >> and in bay area weather while some areas have low clouds and fog, other areas of sunshine. here's a look at mount diablo. as we head towards the weekend. we'll have more on your forecast coming up. you know when you're at ross and... wow!
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-hey, ktvu fox 2 viewers, if you're watching us using an over-the-air antenna, you're going to need to rescan starting on march 9th at 10:00 a.m. grab your tv remote, press the "menu" button, and go to the channel or "antenna" menu and select "auto tune" or "rescan." your tv will do the rest. and if you're watching by cable or satellite, you don't need to do anything. -if you have questions, go to or call us at 510-874-0168. othroughout the country for the past twelve years,m mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help
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teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. exactly what you need... yes. ...for your growing family? that's yes for less. everything your pet needs at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. a missing 6-year-old girl in south carolina has been found dead and a homicide
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investigation is now open. police announced that day they discovered the body of faye sweatwig today. police also announced the body of a man was also found in the neighborhood where the girl disappeared. that man's identity has not been released. police are not connecting the two deaths. no arrests have been made. oklahoma will resume executions. those executions were put on hold after a chain of death chamber mishaps. a chance to transfer to one of eight other state prison. the transfers could save the state money because of increased security cost at sanguineton.
12:46 pm
he said would last as long closing arguments got under way in the harvey winestein rape trial. and asked the jurors to ignore youth forces and use what they call their new york city common sense in weighing a case seeing a water shed. the jury is scheduled to hear the prosecution's closing arguments tomorrow. winestein is charged with raping a woman in 2013 and forcibly performing oral sex on a different woman in 2006. new at noon, government officials say almost 10% of california is now facing drought drought conditions after weeks of dry weather. let's show the latest maps just released this morning. the yellow areas are considered abnormally dry. the tan area is classified as moderate drought. the new report doesn't mean the state is heading back to the historic level. scientists are now hoping the
12:47 pm
last month and a half of winter will provide enough precipitation to balance out rain totals across our state. >> and here we are, mid february. it's a little concerning we haven't had any big storms rolling through the area. >> yeah, we are waiting for that big pattern change. and that map we just saw it's a very simplified map. it depends if you're in agriculture or a water manager. so we use that map quite a bit. but unfortunately the main headline it has been a dry february and no real significant storms in sight for us or snowfall in the sierra. here is our live camera looking out toward the oakland estuary. so stubborn overcast for partial clearing for places like san francisco. in terms of the driest februaries on record. way back as you can see in february of 18, '64. no measurable rainfall february of 1953 just .04. so hopefully we will not be
12:48 pm
added to this list for 2020. at least for right now of the the first half of february completely dry and next week no signs of intense storms headed our way. if you take a look at the forecast model we're showing you this and a bunch of rainfall up to our north here even up towards crescent city we have some rainfall but a bunch of zeros here in the bay area. that will continue into next week. things can always change between now and then. the cutoff is somewhere with rainfall primarily to the north of you chiia. here is the satellite showing the band of clouds. we also have the low clouds and fog really making a come back over the past twelve hours near the coast and right around the bay. we showed you the overcast over towards fran. more sunshine inland. more sunshine in the south bay and at least this afternoon we're expecting partial clearing right around the bay. current numbers, the cloud cover having a big impact on temperatures. san francisco right now 52.
12:49 pm
napa 53. brentwood 60 and san jose in the upper 50s. here is our live camera once again looking out toward the cloud cover up above. it's not the real dense fog but still some lower clouds paying a visit for today. a cooler forecast for today as well. this system is dropping in from the north and ushering in the cooler air for today and tomorrow. no real signs of any warm ups and no signs of a significant rainfall in our forecast. here is the forecast model later on today. still showing you some patchy cloud cover and then the clouds regroup first thing tomorrow morning and then we're going to clear things out into the afternoon hours. but the record breaking heat is out of here. temperatures kind of settling into this range over the next few days. mid 50s to the mid 60s for afternoon highs. san jose checks in 63. and here is a look ahead. your weekend will be dry. we once had a slight chance of
12:50 pm
shower into sunday. that chance has faded away. just a few extra clouds and some gusty winds by sunday and into early next week. a business owner in san jose wants you to take a close look at some surveillance video . someone stole his dog while his back was turned. >> they just unhooked the leash from under here and took him basically. >> tied to that leash, french bulldog hatchy stays behind the man cure table his bed, his second home is empty. >> we see the customer there and the dog is under the table here. >> surveillance video shows the man in the salon around 10, wednesday morning. the dog's owner says he unleashed the dog from his collar. when no one is looking he grabs the dog and hurries out the front door. >> it just really upsetting and mad. >> his owners are heart broken. hatchy a gift from a friend.
12:51 pm
the salon owner was 20' away and suspected nothing. she says the man came in wanting a hair cut. he left, then returned. >> he'd go out. he got some food and then men go and then he come in. he started to pet my dog first. >> the couple believes a man used a mango to lure the dog. >> he's so cute. and then he's gone. he took my dog. . >> salon regulars called hatchy a fixture. >> it's like kidnapping if you ask me. dogs are members of the family. >> the couple filed a police report in canvas, businesses and plaza. the suspect was seen holding a boba tea drink. >> a beautiful dog so greed maybe. maybe he wants to sell the dog. >> they say the french bulldog is valued at $4,500 and hatchy is different.
12:52 pm
they desperately want their dog back. >> the suspect is described to be 35 to 40 years old. he was last seen wearing a black and blue vertical striped hoody. the couple is offering a $100,000 reward. in san jose, i'm azenith smith ktvu fox 2 news. a woman who's a single mother to a child with disabilities and also a victim of the camp fire got a big surprise. she lost her home in paradise and all of her belongings. her six-year-old son has an issue that requires critical care. >> my son and i have had a little rough patch the past two years. so we're able to get down to
12:53 pm
stanford to make his appointment and working and stuff like that. so we're really privileged and blessed. >> the car was donated to the project spark initiative. . still to come this noontime gerber is looking for its next star. up next the deadline to be the new gerber baby. hey there, california residents on medicare. it may come as a surprise but medicare doesn't pay for everything. and that can leave you looking for help with some out-of-pocket costs. well, here's a way to help bridge the gap with a medigap plan, like an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. medigap plans help pay some of what medicare doesn't,
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so, call or click to connect with unitedhealthcare today putting term limits on congress, about washington insiders went crazy. they said term limits are bad, that they'll break government.
12:56 pm
what a joke! congress is working fine for politicians and corporations, but it's not doing anything for real people on climate, health care or gun safety. the only way we get new ideas is electing new people, including a president willing to shake-up washington. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. it's been anything but typical. today at 4:00 we break down the murder trial of john lee cowell in an open courtroom. >> once he showed up he was removed from court. henry lee's been in the courtroom. we'll also have ktvu's legal analyst michael cordoza. players for the houston astros issued their first public apology. the astros used a camera in center field and dug out
12:57 pm
monitors to steal signs and relay those signs to batters. the team fired its manager and general manager last month and this morning we heard from players at spring training out in florida. >> i'm really sorry about the choices that were made by my team; by the organization, and by me. i have learned from this and i hope to regain the trust of baseball fans. >> astros team owner gym crane and new manager dusty baker said the players should not be punished. crane went on to say he believes the cheating did not impact the game. former 49ers quarterback colonel inkaepernick says he's writing a memoir this year. in a partnership with audible. he added that he decided to write the book to tell the story of what led to his
12:58 pm
decision to kneel during the national anthem back in 2016 when he was with the 49er's organization. jeff bezos just bought two megamillion mansions in los angeles. one of the purchase is a 165 $165 million compound in beverly hills. broke the record for the highest sales price in history. bezos bought the 9-acre property for media mogul david guess is a. the second mansion which bezos bought for $90 million is less than two miles away. happening today the oakland zoo will stop selling beverages in plastic bottles. part of the zoo's plan to bring awareness to the growing problem of global plastic pollution. as a visual representation. there will also be stations for
12:59 pm
visitors to learn about anti- plastic positions. a baby shower for its first pregnant dog in san rafael. the $23 million center will open to the public in three months. . >> all of that wonderful socialization training all took place behind closed doors. this way the public can watch and see what goes on and it's pretty fun. >> guide dogs for the blind rely strictly on donations. >> gerber is looking for a new baby to be the face of the company. you have until february 21st to submit photos and videos of your little ones. the child must be younger than 4. the winner will receive $25,000 and will receive the 2020 gerber ambassador. >> 23,000 people just applied just from california. > . >> unless you really do want to
1:00 pm
have more. >> circle back around. >> thanks for joining us. stay here, dr. oz is next. he tried to ruin my life. dr. oz: revenge porn. >> not only were there topless photos of me but they added a google map to my location. dr. oz: what went through your mind when you realized eric scammed you out of $50 this. >> i was numb. i was in shock. what just happened to me. dr. oz: relationship horror stories just in time for valentine's day coming up next. r. oz: season 11 starts now. i became a doctor to help people heal. now i'm using the same


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