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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  February 19, 2020 9:00am-10:01am PST

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pigeon who cannot fly and there is video of the two appear they are bonded and the foundations of the video helped raise more than $6000 the first two days of it being released online.>> australia has gone through a lot. >> suffering for the worst wildfires in australia's history and how the country's tourism industry is moving forward now the fires are out and a push to put an end to pink tax, and spring training is underway for those planning to see their favorite bay area team gearing up for the season. we will have tips for travel and where to book this day.>> the golden gate bridge is a little warmer over in arizona where the first ring training game for the san francisco
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giants is this saturday against the dodgers, i thought about baseball this morning because my kiss my little one good night he has an old buster posey doll tucked in amongst his menagerie of animals and i'm like buster posey, i remember the heyday of those giant championships.>> i remember when he was a rookie interviewing him on the field and he was just a rookie, you know he wound up getting three world series titles and the fact the giants are celebrating the first title later this year in august and a big celebration honoring the 2010 team and someone will not be there and that is aubrey huff but he is not backing down from his feud with the giants organization and he appeared on fox news this morning criticizing the team while defending some of his most recent controversial tweets bit >> i have been that guy not afraid to lay it out there and i just love talking to people and seeing how far i can go in this world of political correctness. it drives me nuts.
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>> in august the giants will celebrate the 10th anniversary of that 2010 world series championship and the ceo called aubrey huff to tell him a few weeks ago he is not invited due to recent remarks and posts on twitter about women, ernie sanders and guns aubrey huff was kicked off the radio show yesterday after he and the host got into an argument and pablo sandoval said he will not be sad that huff will not be at the reunion which is set for later this summer in august. a lot of the debate back and forth, the giants can invite whoever they want to this celebration of that first world series and aubrey huff will not be a part of it>> this is double-edged sword you talk about on social media and you put everything of yourself online and some people do not like it and those people have a way of influencing your future and participation and they can react. it is completely fair>> let's turn to something less controversial like the weather and the dry weather.
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>> very dry and if we do not see anything friday we may tie 1864 with a february with no rain. colder this morning even though it mostly sunny skies and temperatures a good 150 cooler than this time yesterday, 39 santa rosa to 48 and temperatures yesterday mid to upper 60s and today they slide into the mid and lower 60s we talked it out monday with mid- seventies and all the eyes are on the possible rainfall or lack thereof 1864 is getting nervous, it is the only month in san francisco for february the did not have a drop of rain and so far we have not had any and that sister might be our only hope and i do not think it will make it to san francisco but it may make it for san jose in the santa cruz mountains but my guess is it will not is my guess is it will go south. and after that probably not. things are looking grim in the rain department but looking better for the cooler department, cold water temperatures and a system will enhance the fog bank, 30s and
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40s unless the temperatures, although the visibility is good although a little bit of a fog report at novato and livermore is down 12 compared to yesterday in concord -9. the system will tract was central in southern california but starting tomorrow and into friday which will give us some cloud cover and maybe a tease of possible rain although i do not think it will make it here, it might make it to gilroy and i will find that out tomorrow. >> another group of evacuees from wuhan china's leaving travis air force base today the quarantine is over and some are going to sfo.>>reporter: good morning, we have been talking to someone who has been quarantine at travis air force base and they have loaded up the bus going from travis air force base here to sfo and it is the same route buses took
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yesterday. one bus took evacuees from travis to sfo and another bus took evacuees to sacramento international airport and were finally allowed to leave after the 14 day quarantine officially ended yesterday. they are the first group of evacuees from wuhan china and we were here at sfo when the bus arrived yesterday and we talked to a man who was quarantine, his dad took them up here and there was in the next few days as foreign san francisco. it has been a tough time for the whole family.>> you know i was pretty nervous when i could not do anything to help.>> these evacuees got on a state department chartered flight and landed at travis air force base on february 5 and the cdc says 180 people staying at travis were medically cleared and there quarantine orders are lifted, other state department chartered flights landed at travis this month, when on february 7 and later this week
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there quarantine will be lifted and the other is a flight that landed a boy 16th a few days ago and newly quarantined cruise ship passengers are being housed in a separate area also under a 14 day quarantine and those here say they have their temperatures checked twice a day and monitored to see if they did not show symptoms and the cdc said those released is no health risk to the public again what is the bus that left travis air force base earlier this morning to be at sfo and we will be here for his arrival.>> in about one hour from now santa clara county board of supervisors will receive an update on the coronavirus in the south bay, a report presented at the monthly meeting, the county declared a local health emergency this month after two people tested positive for the illness and both had just flown back from
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wuhan china and have been isolated in their homes recovering about 500 passengers left the quarantined cruise ship diamond princess today and buses took them from the japanese port. passengers left after there quarantine had ended and showed no symptoms of the virus in 1000 crewmembers will remain on board. so far there are 542 coronavirus cases on that ship. and iran says the coronavirus has killed two elderly people. of the ablation these were the first coronavirus cases in iran. the virus is now killed more than 2000 people and affected 75,000 people worldwide and three reports from the wall street journal has been removed out of the country after the paper ran a controversial headline about china.>> gavin newsom will deliver a state of the state address at 10 am this morning and he is expected to talk about the future of pg&e, rise of housing in california and the homelessness crisis.>>
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and today president trump will stop in bakersfield , he was in los angeles yesterday where he was preparations for the 2028 summer olympics and attended a fundraiser in beverly hills. at bakersfield he will meet with farmers about his administration's efforts to direct more of the water from the san joaquin delta to agricultural areas in the central valley. bernie sanders shows in first with an 18 point lead and the poll by the public policy institute of california shows sanders lead win32 percent support among likely voters in the democratic party and joe biden second with 14%, elizabeth warren with 13%, michael bloomberg and pete buttigieg at 12% and amy klobuchar with 5% >> six democratic candidates will be on the debate stage in las vegas and for the first time michael bloomberg will be among them and he qualified for this to bait. he has been climbing in the polls and analysts say that will likely make him a target for the other candidates in
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tonight's debate.>> we will win this election not because we are buying the airwaves, as mr. bloomberg is. >> his name is even in the ballot in nevada and he skipped campaigning in the early voting states is that focusing his efforts on the super tuesday states including california.>> coming up, and attack at a taco via san francisco caught on camera and in the next half hour we will hear the victim explain what led up to this as police still search for the attacker and more than 30 years after it was created the aids memorial quilt is back in the bay area and how one of the co- creators is reacting to its return. tom steyer will beat donald
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trump on the economy. his people over profits plan makes a living wage a right. creates thousands of good paying green jobs in california. and provides a 10% tax cut for everyone making under $250,000. tom's plan also makes health care a right, by adding a public option to obamacare. protects union negotiated plans. and ensures californians can make their own health care choices. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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leadership that makes a difference. vo: a great president and an effective mayor. obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: together they worked to combat gun violence, and again to improve education for every child. obama: i want to thank the mayor of this great city, mayor bloomberg, for his extraordinary leadership. i share your determination to bring this country together to finally make progress for the american people.
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bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg, and i approve this message. police in central california have arrested two teenagers suspected of starting a deadly fire at a public library in the city of porterville been both are 13 and have been booked on arson and manslaughter charges. last night's fire killed two firefighters and as of right now officials are only thing one firefighter died and another is still categorized as missing. that library opened in 1953 and it did not have working smugglers. ag william barr and president trump is responding to reports that william barr is considering resigning and reporter lauren blanchard has the latest from washington.
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>>reporter: he has been on the job a little over one year but now reports surfacing that ag william barr has considered stepping down over the president's repeated tweets on federal investigations. the department of justice and the white house say there is no truth to the rumor>> the ag has no intention of quitting or resigning whatsoever and the president has been clear they have a good working relationship. >> what sparked this speculation? last week he told abc news that the president's tweet make it impossible for me to do my job and after the president weighed in on roger stone's sentencing thing the doj prosecutors were too harsh ag barr said he would not be influenced by any one or any tweets to which president trump responded on twitter first quoting bar and said this does not mean i do not have as president the legal right to do so i do but i have so far chosen not to.>> i do make this job harder i do agree with that. he is a very straight shooter.
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just so you understand i chose not to be involved but i am allowed to be totally involved. >> sources say that the ag told president trump a few times that the tweets make the doj seem less independent but at this point the ag has no plans to resign. in washington lauren blanchard. san francisco mayor london breed said she has learned a hard lesson about keeping her personal and professional life separate and the mayor admitted to accepting $5600 in gift from former public works director and she told the chronicle in the state ethics law said she did not have to disclose gifts from close friends. however city law prohibit prohibits officials from accepting gifts of more than $2500 from subordinates and she said that they were friends long before either of them were high-level city officials. pg&e expects an economic
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turnaround after it emerges from bankruptcy and is predicting the utility will be more profitable than ever after paying out $25 billion to cover wildfire losses and pg&e made that announcement after reviewing it lost $7.7 billion in 2019 of the losses include wildfire settlements and the cost linked to the public safety power shut off. the state insurance commissioner supporting a plan to protect property owners in areas with the fire risk is high and a bill was introduced that would require insurance companies to cover all existing homes as long as they meet new and tougher fire safety standards. insurance companies would also have to give homeowners financial incentive to complete upgrades to the standards. this comes after many insurers dropped customers in areas considered a high fire risk. the aids memorial quilt is returning to the bay area and the handmade tribute was first created in san francisco more than three decades ago.>>reporter: here at this nondescript warehouse not far from the oakland airport perhaps the most iconic symbol
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of the heartbreaking aids crisis is returning home to the bay area. the aids memorial quilt. >> we lost our friends and we made new friends and they died and we made new friends again and they died>> aids activist cleve jones helped launch the quote in 1987 as a person a way to depict how aids was devastating the community and the quilt has names of the dead stitched together one after the other after the other and was famously displayed along the national mall in 1987 been this was the first panel of the quilt and now there are 48,000 more>> that was the point of this whole thing was to make sure these people and their lives were remembered. >> the quilt has been stored in atlanta the past 20 years until the national aids memorial was able to return it to the bay area this month and now that it is back it is to go on display in big fashion been about 1900 panels will be laid out in robin williams meadow and aids growth in golden gate park on april 3 through the fifth as
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part of the parks 150th anniversary celebration the names of the people on the panel will be read. >> this will be the largest display we've ever done in san francisco indoor or else. >> the aids quilt has come to symbolize the horrific death toll aids brought and continues to bring and also the lack of response of the us government in the early days>> it preserves the memories and it also, and perhaps equally important, preserves the struggle and what we had to go through because these lives were not valued. >> it is important our citizens know what it means to be a citizen of the nation and what it means to look after each other and what it means to stand up to injustice the quilt did that. >> the quilt now memorializes 105,000 names and counting.>> i wanted to show behind every one of those numbers on the charts there were actual human beings with families and loved ones on neighbors and colleagues and coworkers who cared about them and loved them deeply.
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it did its job. >> coming up, and the next half hour we will let you know about a proposal to prevent cannabis use from the coming an obstacle to getting hired did the first making a comeback, after being ravaged by wildfire we will talk with the estonian tourism industry on how they hope to move forward now the fires are out. i thought steyer was brilliant in that moment. we have not said one word tonight about race. not one word. are you kidding me? the heart and soul of this party is diversity. when a kid succeeds in columbia, south carolina - in las vegas, nevada - that is a triumph for every american. people don't know tom steyer. i've known tom steyer for fifteen years. his commitment on
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he's the only democrat who's run the largest and most diverse city in america, rebuilding after 9-11, creating over 450,000 jobs and expanding health care coverage to 700,000 people. the only democrat who's built a grassroots movement to combat gun violence and he's a leader combatting climate change. the only democrat who's never taken a penny from special interests. now mike is running to deliver on the american dream for everyone with common sense solutions and the ability to get it done. because mike bloomberg is the only democrat who can take on trump. and trump knows it. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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>> they are resilient and they have optimism in tough times, and always hope. >> australia just suffered through the worst wildfires in the country's history and tens of millions of acres burned with hundreds of millions of animals who have died, the flames are under control and other new concerns about australia's tourism industry but a group of australia travel tourism and wildlife experts appeared in the bay area meeting on this very issue so we're happy to welcome chris allison from tours of australia and craig will come, thank you for joining us. the headline is astray is open for business.>> that is exactly right, we did see some of the worst wildfires of our history and it is important to remember wildfires something new in australia as they happen every year much like they do across parts of the us the challenge we have for consumers considering travel to australia is they don't understand and so
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while we have seen broad wildfires this year and certain committees it has been very impactful the reality is astray is as big as us in terms of geography and the fires only impacted 3% of the country. whilst there has been a particular issues in certain parts, overall very little impact is positionally in big tourism centers, little if no impact>> the sydney opera house is not in flames. exactly. >> now let's talk about the impact on the animals as they are one of the reasons the people go to australia and when we hear the numbers of how many been killed by the wildfires people may think i cannot go there>> i guess if you look at the fact that 3% of the country suffered from those big numbers have been bandied around but there is a lot of wildlife habitat outside of that and australia has been shaped by fire.
9:23 am
kangaroo island, seven days after the fire had passed, without a lot of animals had survived even within the fire ground and with an area of about 1000 1000 mi.2, 2500 km2, outside of the fire totally unaffected and so the animals were able to move out of that we are seeing there was displacement and animals have moved from the fire ground to adjacent habitat and they are moving back in already put there are lots of reasons for optimism. >> chris let me ask about the talks you are having with tourism officials here in the bay area specifically the north bay and one country but we have suffered through a number of damaging fire seasons and for a time they were people who thought wine country is in flames it is a hard message to counteract. >> absolutely and that is one of the main reasons we are doing these updates it is important to connect with our consumers and our travel
9:24 am
advisors and our media partners in the market to help us get the story out. we have all seen the messages we have seen going on the past few weeks on social media in terms of some of the misinformation that is out there like australia is on fire and everywhere is burning and you cannot come and visit it is untrue. our role is to get the right information. >> so you have to get californians to australia but there is also a push locally to get people in the bay area to be a torus for the day up in sonoma and napa counties in are you talking to locals as well?>> absolutely, the first response was to people immediately around the area that had been affected, get the message out, because they can do that for a weekend. it is a much more immediate response whereas our international guests they have to plan and they have to fly and that is a little bit longer. we have done that as far as the
9:25 am
local tourism been >> what do you say to californians who have never been to australia and might be considering a trip so why go now?>> your money goes a long way as the exchange rates are also bit everyone likes a deal and you have the kangaroos and koala bears and beautiful beaches, so many things california has we do have, it is similar enough for it to be a very comfortable vacation but different enough to be a very awesome and memorable stay. come cs. we would love to see you down under. >> we would love to you and love to go, australia is open for business, thank you for joining. >> gentlemen thank you and coming up next, a bay area hiker which went missing for more than 24 hours has been found alive we will let you know about the late-night rescue and how that man is doing as he recovers at a
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hospital and an attempt to break in at a home in the east bay while the homeowner was inside and what the thieves did when they realized the camera was recording them. i thought steyer was brilliant in that moment. we have not said one word tonight about race. not one word. are you kidding me? the heart and soul of this party is diversity. when a kid succeeds in columbia, south carolina - in las vegas, nevada - that is a triumph for every american. people don't know tom steyer. i've known tom steyer for fifteen years. his commitment on racial justice and social justice is rock solid. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. hello, i saw you move in, and i wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood with some homemade biscuits!
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saving on homeowners and condo insurance can be. no matter how much you clean, does your house still smell stuffy? that's because your home is filled with soft surfaces that trap odors and release them back into the room. so try febreze fabric refresher. febreze finds odors trapped in fabrics and cleans them away as it dries. use febreze every time you tidy up, to keep your whole house smelling fresh air clean. fabric refresher even works for clothes you want to wear another day. make febreze part of your clean routine for full home freshness. la la la la la a police investigation is underway and hayward, police officers and the vehicle surrounded a gray bmw at about
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6:20 this morning and authorities received a report of a woman being seriously injured their officers and paramedics arrived and took the woman to the hospital and police are now investigating how the woman became injured. they are asking anyone with information to give police a call and they add they will be releasing more details on this as soon as possible a hiker vanished in marin county earlier this week has been rescued in the 76-year-old man is being treated at marin health medical center, cristina rendon own is live with a look at how he was found.>>reporter: good morning to you and we can tell you this hiker was found alive thanks to the help of searchers and two canines who were able to track his sent and it is one of the best possible outcomes look at some of the video from last night which shows the rescue of robert bennett was taken by ambulance to hospital and usually searchers are called off at dark but in this case it intensified an indication the rescue team must of had a strong lead on where he was. robert bennett was found around
9:30 am
10:30 and to k-9 officers played a big role. >> without them and the search and rescue members, and the extensive search i do not know we would have been able to find him without the k-9 officers. >> bennett had been missing since monday afternoon when he was last seen on surveillance video walking towards a trail off of lucas valley road officials were pinging his cell phone and the hours before he was found. the 76-year-old is from novato and considered an avid outdoorsman>> we've had two other searches this weekend and countless hours have been spent and we owe it to all of the volunteers and the search and rescue team of being so dedicated and involved. it is a great resource we are lucky to have.>> at last check bennett was brought here at the medical center, we do have an update on his condition and we've reached out to the sheriff's office and are waiting to hear back.>> later
9:31 am
this morning another search resumes in marin county for a couple from palo alto that has been missing since saturday, carol and her husband ian were seen on friday and they were staying in a rented home and left behind their phones, wallets in their car at the rental house. erwin's son said he is very concerned. >> they would not leave all of their stuff and car and just vanish. so yes i think it is very strange. very strange they would not have been a mile away or 2 miles away. it is like somebody picked them up and removed them from the area. >> investigators have checked the couple's electronics and financial records for possible clues as to why or how they may have disappeared but there still no answers. today the search teams will focus on water areas. medical examiner will look into how a sunnyvale man died at an oregon ski resort, this
9:32 am
was on monday night at mount hood meadows resort after going snowboarding alone and a friend said he knew the area pretty well and was an avid outdoorsman leaves behind a wife and two children and us with the second death at the resort just two days. and authorities are trained to identify the two people found in a vehicle that plunged 300 feet along the big serpent firefighters discovered these bodies early yesterday morning after putting out a brush fire started by the burning vehicle and the cause of the crash is under investigation today jurors are deliberating for the second day and the harvey weinstein trial and alex hogan reports on how the disgraced hollywood executive is waiting to learn his fate.>>reporter: jury deliberation now a day two of the harvey weinstein trial and jurors asking for testimony transcript and all of weinstein's emails about her and the panel of seven men and five women received the case
9:33 am
tuesday sending their first questions about 40 minutes into deliberation putting the request of a floor plan of weinstein's apartment and a definition of legal terms like consent and forcible compulsion to speak the questions they have asked in my view are very astute is if there was a sexual encounter between harvey weinstein and these women and then they stayed his friend and emailed him and continue to work for him does that negate the force and compulsion the state has to prove at the time of the event. >> the 67-year-old disgraced hollywood producer is charged with a woman in a manhattan hotel room in 2013 and sexually assaulting a different woman in 2006 harvey weinstein's lawyer said the acts were consensual and the judge hearing the case warning of the defense lawyer against talking to the press and a recent music magazine essay it was article iced. >> another way to speak to the jury unfiltered by court rules and this is a profound violation. who knows if it will have an effect on the jury.
9:34 am
>> she said she was writing about the jury system as a whole and was not speaking to the jury in harvey weinstein's case. the jury also asking to see an email reportedly listing accusers investigated by harvey weinstein. >> dozens of former patients for the doctor the university of michigan are accusing him of sexual abuse in a career that has spanned decades in the very city said allegation prompted an independent investigation into robert anderson who was a campus doctor and a doctor for some of the university's athletic team and he worked at the university of michigan from 1968 until 2003, he died in 2008. the county prosecutor's said no, charges would be authorized but the university of michigan is asking other potential victims to come forward. a hearing is scheduled in federal court today for the undocumented immigrant accused of killing kate steinle. he is facing federal gun charges but the court recently
9:35 am
ruled is not competent to stand trial because of an untreated mental illness but today's hearing involves what to do next in this case, he was acquitted in san francisco superior court the 2015 shooting death of kate steinle. police are looking for whoever carried out an armed home invasion in the oakland hills, security video shows the man knocking at the door of the front home in grandview drive and then a second man showed up and they moved the camera up and away and smashed right through a glass panel but the woman inside that one of the men pointed a gun at her and she says she locked herself in a bedroom and called 911. >> it is sad and i do not understand. we need the police department to be up here patrolling i guess. >> by the time police had arrived the two men had left without taking anything and anyone with information on the case is to call oakland police. attempted kidnapping was made of a 50-year-old woman, jeremiah porter repeatedly rang the doorbell at the home monday
9:36 am
night when the victim opened the door they say he pushed his way in and grabbed her by the neck and then try to force her into her own carpet she was able to get away and called 911 police found porter early yesterday morning after someone reported seeing him throwing rocks at windows and yelling in the same area as the attempted kidnapping the santa clara county sheriff's office is investigating a death in san jose's east foothills and the body of the woman was found yesterday at a home on mountain view ave. foothills and the body of the woman was found yesterday at a home on mountain view ave. authorities have not said how she died or whether there was any sign of a struggle and her identity is being withheld until family members are notified. detectives spent last night talking to neighbors and looking for surveillance video santa rosa police are asking for help after three people were attacked in the transit mall and the victims said seven or eight men confronted them last night around six and one of the suspect hit the victims with a golf club several times. the victims are being treated for serious injuries now to the video that san francisco police aren't examining as they look for a customer who attacked a cashier in the richmond district to
9:37 am
talk area. they hope someone will recognize the attacker.>>reporter: surveillance video shows the man inside on gary boulevard in san francisco's richmond district and it was super bowl sunday at 6:30, a worker hands the burrito to a man wearing a black 49ers t-shirt and then suddenly he attacked the cashier with his cell phone and throws the burrito. angelica hernandez is the restaurant's human resources manager and her father co. owns a business. she gave the surveillance video to police>> it was completely unprovoked so there's nothing to say that he would not try to do something like that to somebody else. >> the attack injured cashier fernando centaurus who asked us not to show his face and he spoke in spanish through a translator.>> he wanted a burrito and so we gave it to him.
9:38 am
but after he just started staring at him. >> he said the man appeared agitated and drunk and the offer of food did not calm him down.>> the items the suspect through hit him in the right i causing it to swell and sprained his wrist as he tried to shield himself.>> he threw the card swipe and everything that he could grab here, metal container and the tips. all and all he was lucky he did not have worse injuries. >> the cashier went to see the doctor and was out of work for days and he said in the three years he has worked here nothing like this has happened before. >> he just wants him to phase 3 or face the consequences. >> so scary seeing people being violent for no good reason been>> police describe the suspect in his assault case being latino, 45 to 50 years
9:39 am
old and 5'9" tall and 180 pounds he work jeans and a black 49ers shirt and the workers say they've never seen the man before and suspect he may have been in the area to watch the super bowl. in san francisco amber lee ktvu . a car on fire with drivers trapped inside and minutes what one central valley police officer did to save the man as the flames quickly spread to other parts of the vehicle. plus it is time to pack your bags and go to spring training, we will let you know about the best deals when it comes to flights and hotels and much more in the state of arizona. that coming up after the break. this is a story of the american
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dream. it starts here, in a middle class neighborhood with a middle class kid named mike. when his father died, his mother went to work and became the breadwinner. she instilled in mike a belief in hard work and a drive to build a better life. so he started a company from scratch with an idea and endless hours- today, that makes him the only democrat in the race who's created 20,000 jobs. he's the only democrat who's run the largest and most diverse city in america, rebuilding after 9-11, creating over 450,000 jobs and expanding health care coverage to 700,000 people. the only democrat who's built a grassroots movement to combat
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gun violence and he's a leader combatting climate change. the only democrat who's never taken a penny from special interests. now mike is running to deliver on the american dream for everyone with common sense solutions and the ability to get it done. because mike bloomberg is the only democrat who can take on trump. and trump knows it. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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a police officer in sacramento county has been called a hero from rescuing a man from his car after a crash. >> the video the officer pulling the victim from his burning car was just released. here is this story.>>reporter: you can see the flames as elk grove police officer jared houston pulls up to the rack on waterman road last week.
9:43 am
>> the first thing through my mind was making sure that no one was in the car spirit within seconds he jumped out of his patrol car and ran towards the fire.>> is somebody in there? are you on the passenger side? i could hear someone in the car talking. >> the driver had moved to the passenger side of the car and houston runs to the window and pulls out his baton telling the man stuck inside to watch a good>> backup from the window. >> the officer begins smashing in the window in the fire growing in the front of the car and houston knew he had to act fast and his training kicked in. >> due to my spirit and law enforcement i know if you do not act quick something bad will happen so it was instinct.>> give me your hand. >> through the broken glass the officer safely pulled the man out of the burning car>> just doing our job and going on to
9:44 am
the next call and it is just my job and everybody that i report with here and anyone in the passive law enforcement would have done the same thing i had done.>> go that way. >> nascar driver ryan newman is awake and speaking to his family and doctors, he was taken to the hospital monday after being rushed off the crack track after a fiery crash of the daytona 500 and positions that he is still a serious condition but the latest updates of brought relief and following the crash on monday the cars involved in the car wreck were taken to the nascar research and development ctr., north carolina rapid there a team selected the ntsb will look over every inch of the cars to see what safety features worked and what can be improved.>> that is probably the number one initiative nascar has his safety first and then it is the competition we want good competition they have gone hand-in-hand. if you look at the last 20 something years the cars have been much safer.>> nascar has been known to take us, crash
9:45 am
investigations so they could be several weeks or months until we hear how the cars held up and what possible changes could be down the road bay area fans of the oakland a's not be able to listen to games on the radio because for the first time the oakland a's will have no local radio broadcasting deal but instead the games are streamed on a free app called tune in. >> the sound of the baseball, cracking the bat and a spring training is here not just for little leaguers but the big leaguers to and we want to convince you to pack up and go>> i was telling gabe during commercial that we are debating in a few weeks whether to punch our ticket down to arizona. i have been to spring training and it is phenomenal but i have not taken my son and daughter so the debate is going on, sell me on it. >> am i picking up the aroma of
9:46 am
peanuts and cracker jacks? listen this is a fantastic time of year to travel to arizona and all so we will be seeing the oakland a's and the giants thing at least 30 game starting this weekend all the way through march 21 bit later in that timeframe you go the better the pricing and airfare will go down a little and hotel prices will drop. february is peak travel season in phoenix and scottsdale. this weekend we see flights around $300-$400 if you wait one week or so you will have flights between 175 or so you will have flights between $175 to two $75. you will be flying to phoenix sky harbor and once you are there you will be in the heart of the action. their 15 teams playing in 10 different stadiums across nine cities surrounding phoenix and lake goodyear, glendale on scottsdale. >> they may have to rent a car. >> so you have uber and other rideshare companies but if you want to do a lot of travel around the phoenix area you are traveling anywhere from 10 to 40 miles. >> and what about a roof over
9:47 am
our heads? >> listen right now 70s and low 80s in phoenix and arizona throughout the rest of the month into march and overnight lows into the 50s. people go there because of the weather is so perfect. that hotel prices will be on the higher end if you're looking for five-star bit $175 up to $400 on average and the upper echelon price will give you the great resource like the boulders and scottsdale princess but you can also find economical options especially in downtown phoenix. great property. >> i think my children want to go. i wife is from arizona and she is not sold on it yet and she does love baseball but i understand there are $600 million that goes into arizona this particular month. there are a large amount of things to do in the phoenix and scottsdale area if you do not like baseball pit most of the games are 12 until three and you have a full day to go do
9:48 am
other things>> spring training season will see about 2 million fans descend on the general area and it is about a $660 million boom to the local industry because of some of the best spas in the country and some of the best golf courses are in that area, fantastic cultural sites and the food scene is on fire. really the baseball may take you there but it is all that surrounds the phoenix thing>> i am not a big spa guy. spirit these are spot deals right now, these spa days have all of the spot amenities and valet parking and a couple of glasses of doubly. some of these will save you 30 or 40% off regular pricing and you will find a better availability on the spot is if you do it midweek but some are open from early morning on the way to nine or 10 pm. the mac you know what gabe, hot air balloons as well, i've never been in one but sometimes i offer champagne.>> i found this, this is arizona blue
9:49 am
safaris and per couple it is wrong 245 with a four hour expansion clinic champagne breakfast once you touch back down but the views of the desert from up above are spectacular. the grand canyon is three and half hours away from phoenix and tucson were used to live is only 100 miles south. you are seeing something amazing, the landscape is gorgeous, excellent weather and extra activities and at the end of the day you have the giants at scottsdale stadium, a gorgeous and quite stadium,. and you could take the hot air balloon and landon the grassy field next to it. >> the lawn seats are less than the stadium seats, the a's in mesa 20 miles east of phoenix itself, a plethora of options, even if you're not a hard-core
9:50 am
baseball fan. >> my bags are packed. thank you. coming up on warnings on two, people who lost their belongings some protections for people. in a push to end a pace tax, limiting extra charges for products based on gender. this is a story of the american dream. it starts here, in a middle class neighborhood with a middle class kid named mike. when his father died, his mother went to work and became the breadwinner. she instilled in mike a belief in hard work and a drive to build a better life.
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>> there is a sea star wasting disease and this could be a strong factor in their disappearance, the disease is devastate populations of more than 20 species of sea stars up and down the coast since 2015 and the specific cause of this disease is still being researched. california's primary election is less than two weeks away at election officials are expecting a record turnout. a big change california's
9:54 am
primary will be held in march instead of june and it is one of the 14 states holding primaries on super tuesday and that means registered democrats in california could have a greater impact on who represents the party and the presidential election.>> if you have this very large and very diverse state voting for a particular candidate that can be a source of important legitimacy for that candidate moving forward.>> the state has seen a jump in registered voters with 81% of eligible voters registering this year compared to 68% back in 2004. about 20 million californians are registered to vote in the upcoming primary. the celebration of the 50th anniversary of san francisco's pride parade has officially begun. mayor london breed led yesterday's kickoff celebration and this year's theme is generations of hope organizers say there is reason to be hopeful in the future, 150,000 people are expected to be at this year's celebration and
9:55 am
parade on the weekend of june 27. the san francisco supervisor is working to make bathhouses legal again in the city. he requirements it would amend the city health care for adult sex venues and the city close down bathhouses in the 80s help stop the spread of aids and bathhouses were once a focal point in the community and he says medical advancements are making the regulations unnecessary. a plan is under way to open a public father and the montclair neighborhood and the montclair village association wants to redevelop antioch court. the street already hosts concerts, art shows and multiple events multiple times a year and the redesign would repave the street and install planters and benches a make it easier to close during events. the east bay times reports the city of oakland has committed nearly half $1 million to the project in the montclair village association must raise $130,000 in order to move ahead. an increase in the number
9:56 am
of people signing up for health insurance in the states marketplace has happened, more than 1.5 million people enrolled this year is a 1 1/2% increase over last year and officials say the increase is likely due to a new state law that finds anyone without any insurance come tax time period covered california officials say anyone who did not know about this can enroll through april 30. graduate student at uc santa cruz remain on strike this morning after the uc president threatened to fire them but the graduate student workers are demanding a cost-of- living raise, up to $1400 a month and the uc president is threatening to let them all go and she said the unauthorized strike violates their collective bargaining agreement but without an increase in some students say they may not be able to continue their education. today is the deadline for a group of people to move out of a homeless and cabinets at the resident for the past week dozen people have been living inside a camp inside a sports complex and most came from a larger encampment in south
9:57 am
santa rosa until they were ordered to leave there and this homeless group has until 5 pm tonight to pack up and move again under a proposed settlement caltrans were paid 29 dollars for destroying belongings that homeless encampment and this settlement is the result of a lawsuit first filed in 2016 on behalf of homeless californians who challenged the destruction of their property, heirlooms during the sweep. caltrans will establish a $1.3 million fund to compensate them for their loss of property and $700,000 to go to homeless action center for helping and recovery of lost items and caltrans will have to follow strict guidelines when conducting future sweeps. the sfmta is debating on whether to increase fares next year and the proposal would increase the cash bear from three dollars up to three to 3.25. the cable car fare would increase to nine dollars in the year 2022 and some supervisors oppose the increase and say they prefer increasing funding through a business tax ballot measure in november.
9:58 am
the sfmta will vote on next year's budget and april. >> calls in california to change employment rules regarding marijuana use by employees and job applicants who have been disqualified for employment after testing positive for marijuana use say the rules need to be changed now that marijuana is legal. they say they should not be discriminated against for employment if they are only using marijuana outside of work. but opponents of relaxing the rules said it would jeopardize the safety of other workers and the public 2010 lawmakers are pushing a bill to end the so-called pink tax businesses charge more rhymes marketed for women and girls, underwear blankets and razors and so on, women pay on average 7% more about 40 to percent of the time for similar products and they were in the capital yesterday to help gain support. >> while women earn less on average than our male counterparts we also pay more
9:59 am
for virtually the same goods. and this gender-based price discrimination result in women paying thousands of dollars more over the course of our lives. that is wrong. >> the lawmakers displayed the same items, some in pink and blue and a different prices demonstrating the pink tax california chamber of commerce calls the bill a job killer and says it would introduce costly litigation for claims that two products or substantially similar when there may be differences but i put all of that aside an ipo i go for price and quality. spirit whatever is the cheapest on the shelf. >> well whatever is good quality, i do not go bargain basement.>> even if it is not in pink packaging and marketed to women there is a price difference.>> i agree. >> i will be looking closely to see what is pricier.
10:00 am
>> get her whatever she wants if it is a personal thing and she wants pink. >> thank you for watching everybody. we will see you tonight. wendy williams is up next. >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show"! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> wendy: how you doin'? >> announcer: now, here's wendy! [cheers and applause] >>dy


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