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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 20, 2020 10:00pm-10:59pm PST

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or channeled your inner jedi? you gotta love that... have you raced through radiator springs? or struck a power pose with them? now is the perfect time to feel like this... and this... and definitely that. kids enjoy the magic for just $67 per child per day, with a 3-day 1-park per day ticket. >> this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2. raking news tonight, a major shakeup in oakland. police chief anne kirkpatrick has been fired. >> tonight the oakland police commission voted to terminate the chief and requests that i as mayor joined them in a joint no cause termination, which i accept it. >> a new direction for oakland
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after the police commission voted unanimously tonight to fire the chief. good evening everyone. >> the mayor said they decided to terminate chief anne kirkpatrick without cause, but clearly they found her performance lacking. we get the breaking news now from reporter henry lee who has the latest on this startling development. >> reporter: it is startling, rumors have been flying all day, and a little after 8:00 the announcement was official, chief anne kirkpatrick is out of a job, fired without cause, officials saying it's time for new leadership.>> the oakland police commission voted unanimously to fire police chief anne kirkpatrick with oakland mayor libby schaaf giving her blessing. >> the trust between the police commission and police chief has become irrevocably broken.
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>> the mayor said the voter approved measure gave her and the commission the ability to fire the chief without cause. she thanked kirkpatrick for her service but said a new leader needed to move the department forward . >> i do not regret choosing chief kirkpatrick, and there are many examples of ways she served our city extremely well over these three years, but i must respect the authority and role of our independent police commission. >> regina jackson who has the least commission said there have been speed bumps along the way with kirkpatrick. >> there are a series of other issues that contributed to losing the confidence. >> an independent federal monitor in the police commission said the chief had slipped backward in her effort to reform the department. the rift grew between the chief and monitor after a deadly officer involved shooting in 2018. the chief said the officers were justified in using deadly
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force but the monitor and commission said who was homeless and ill do befired. kirkpatrick inherited the office in disarray. the assistant chief will now serve as acting chief until an interim is named. they said that they are disappointed by the fire but will work with the next police chief who comes along and then there will be a nationwide search underway. >> i guess i'm wondering here still, why was it that she was fired? was it because of that one case that you mentioned where there was the police shooting? >> well the city officials did not want to give specifics, but it certainly did factor into this termination, and quite frankly the mayor said it's an employment issue, and there was
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not a real cause. >> thank you henry. acting chief issued a statement to the department tonight saying in part "we will work hard to achieve and maintain stability, continuing to focus on public safety, service and community in true form, we will preserve together, as and opd family." police are investigating an incident that left a woman with diner injuries. when she got on the train there was a man on board playing loud music and threatening riders. when she got off the train with her mom and sister that men got off the train, too. they all ended up in the elevator together and that's when she says she was attacked. be back some crazy guy was provoking us, next thing you know i had to defend myself, we were fighting in the elevator,
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he took out a knife and was trying to stab me, so i maced him, and put him down so he would not hurt any of us. >> bart police say while everyone was in the elevator, the woman sprayed the man with mesas you heard her just say and then used a stun gun on him. during the melee, and i fell to the ground and officers were told that the men picked up the knife to defend himself. no one is being charged because it's not clear who that knife belong to or who was the aggressor, trains were delayed for a time but are now back on schedule. school officials in oakland say that a known carcinogen has been found in groundwater at a high school and now the school has been shut down for at least the rest of the week. people nearby are wondering if they are in any danger.
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our reporter attended a meeting in the neighborhood tonight where they can ask questions. >> reporter: here at the meeting the state epa officials said that at this point they have no evidence that there is a big public danger but they want to do more testing. the district is being very cautious. they believe the source came from off-campus. right now, they do not know where. design at mcclymonds high school that closed, the superintendent announced on thursday that a chemical, tce that is known to cause cancer was found in the groundwater under the school. there was no evidence, but concern about potential vapors inside the school building. at a community meeting quickly organized at a church, some parents and community members were upset that they did not get more information. they say they want answers about whether the health of the 350 students at mcclymonds and
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the neighbor surrounding the school could be in danger. >> the levels we are seeing here, they are just above the levels where there might be a problem i'm aware we start asking questions, they are not at the level where i think we should panic. >> energy from the state eta said they will be doing extensive testing through the weekend. tce which stands for trichloroethylene is a chemical found in industrial degreasing products. the school district said they learned of the tce by chance last friday, environment of test came back from the area where the petroleum tank had been removed from campus last fall. the tc was found in groundwater but was not found in any drinking water or irrigation. >> we are collecting more groundwater samples around the school to help understand, can site. >> many off-campus were they are looking into whether any nearby cleanup sites groundwater contamination. >> this will not be ignored.
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stomach families of two trenton 17 football players said they wanted to know how long it's been there, ramon sanders died of bone cancer. the family of darrell aikins who died of leukemia said this has been an emotional day. >> we are concerned, scared. i'd like to know what is the game plan for the weeks to come. >> tonight the school district said that mcclymonds can be closed all of next week. they are looking for an alternate site where tenants can get classes. they are also passing out these flyers area there will be another meeting on monday february 24 at the west oakland middle school at 8:30 in the morning and 5:30 in the evening. many people here said they are planning to attend because they want more answers.
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now we go to san mateo where police released a new person's case. a girl that was 17 at the time finished from a group home back in 1976. >> reporter: sherry's disappearance has tormented the family and baffled the police department for years. the family suspected that there was foul play involved in the hope this photo can lead to some answers.>> she managed to still get a's, gary has fond memories of his sister, they were particularly close coming from a turbulent childhood, raised in santa rosa. >> when she would run away, before, she would call me let
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me know where she was. this time she didn't. >> this is a case that investigators poured over since 1976. the 17-year-old was reported missing after she never returned from a part-time job in san francisco. >> the officers back in 1876 date and interview with some people that either worked with her or knew of her, there really were not any substantial leads at that time. she just fell off the map, and disappeared. >> now 44 years later investigators say a new photo has emerged of someone they are calling a person of interest. sherry's mother found the photo at the family's home. >> he might have some information about her, if they in fact had a relationship, again, we just don't know who he is. >> the photo was taken in 1975. perhaps one of sherry's last photos. investigators say sherry often hitchhiked, not uncommon in the 1970s, and they cross checked her name among victims of serial and killers. the group home where sherry was living is now a dental office.
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>> i just assume that she got picked up by somebody bad and that was her demise. >> age progression shows what sherry would look like at age 55. sherry's mother is 80, and is holding out hope that her daughter will come home. >> my mom says when she does pass, she wants everything split five ways, to include sherry for if she does end up coming back. >> please describe this man as six feet tall, they are calling him a person of interest, and they just want to know who he is. anyone with information is asked to contact the san mateo pd. not a race for president in san francisco, the department of elections and said they've already started processing vote by mail ballots for super
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tuesday. this is video of the process that was posted on the department's twitter page. officials are reminding people that anyone can watch how they count ballots in person at city hall. a new poll of company democrats has senator bernie sanders leading the pack. the monmouth university poll was conducted before the debate last night. it shows that sanders is in the lead with 24%, joe biden in second with 17%, mike bloomberg in third with 13%, senator elizabeth warren has 10% and pete buttigieg has 9%. california's primary is on tuesday, march 3. >> pete buttigieg made his way to california today to participate in a town hall at the university of southern california. buttigieg addressed a number of topics including healthcare, the environment, and facing president trump. >> i'm ready to go toe to toe with this president. but, the real key to debating
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him, and the real key to defeating him is to deny him the power to change the subject.>> after the town hall some undecided voters said they will now be supporting buttigieg. other democrats are back on the campaign trail after last night's debate. michael blue berm bloomberg headed to utah today, he said that the other candidates attacked him 45 times. tom stier who was not on the stage last night told us that bloomberg is running in the wrong primary. >> mike bloomberg wants to represent the democratic people, he can't just be trying to attract republicans and independents, he's got to pull together our diverse, wonderful, party. >> elizabeth warren continued campaigning in las vegas today, ahead of the state caucus this weekend. bloomberg's campaign said he is already investing $400 million of his own money into his run
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for president. social security, medicaid and medicare, and 10:30, the proposed cut that drew concern from the bay area seniors in a congressional town hall. i'm back here with the forecast, we've got some warm weather to talk about, and it will continue right into the weekend. details in the five day forecast. coming up next, the parents of a woman buried by a landslide return, how they are finding peace one year later. >> we can't change what happened, but we can celebrate a beautiful life. tom steyer will beat donald
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trump on the economy. his people over profits plan makes a living wage a right. creates thousands of good paying green jobs in california. and provides a 10% tax cut for everyone making under $250,000. tom's plan also makes health care a right, by adding a public option to obamacare.
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protects union negotiated plans. and ensures californians can make their own health care choices. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. we are coming up on a years into 22-year-old woman was killed in a landslide while walking on the beach at fort hudson in san francisco. today her parents honored her memory for thinking those who search for her. >> reporter: i met with the woman's appearance and they reached out to us asking for help and letting everyone who helped search for their daughter know how grateful they are. they tell me there was a surfer who helped in the rescue effort that they never met. they would like to meet him and others involved in the search on saturday, the anniversary of the deadly landslide. david and susan scarlet made the
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journey to san francisco to be close to the daughter they lost one year ago. she was killed by a landslide and she walked on the beach with her dog. >> we could either be crippled by sorrow, what good does that do? or we can try to make some sense of it. >> the families making sense of what happened february 22, 2019. she was at the beach to spend time with her dog and a friend. suddenly the cliff above them collapsed. the 22-year-old was buried under tons of moist sand and soil. a frantic search followed involving search responders and passersby. after doing the news footage they sought the server dig out kira's dog and her friend. >> it was so odd, it stuck in my mind for months and months,
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let's try to find the server. >> the family hopes to identify and meet the server to express their gratitude. kira's body was discovered a little over a month later in the same spot where she was last seen.>> if you go straight out, just off the edge of that rock, that's where she was for 33 days. >> her dad had visited the area and days before she was found. >> i stood on that rock, and the tide was coming in, but had i looked down, i might have been the one to find her. semantics scarlet say they find comfort in the place that she loved, at this day they pointed to the dolphins they spotted and what they describe as a son rainbow peeking out. >> i feel her here. my heart longs to be here where i can just come and look at this beautiful ocean and rememb >> the family plans to celebrate her life by flying kites and
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playing on the beach on saturday. they are inviting everyone who tried to help save her life to join them, particularly at 2:30 in the afternoon, the time of the collapse one year ago. we have updates on several coronavirus patients here in the bay area and northern california. one person who was evacuated from the diamond princess cruise ship in japan to travis airbase is now getting treatment at a hospital in san francisco. hetero health officials say a resident of humboldt county has also tested positive for the virus. in the meantime the patient who had the first confirmed case of rhinovirus in santa clara county has fully recovered and was released. there were two patients from san benito county that were at ucsf. virus infections doubled within 24 hours, workers disinfected a street outside of the church where at least 90 people have reported symptoms after
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attending services with the woman who tested positive with coronavirus. the city, which is the fourth largest in south korea, is described as being a ghost town after the mayor urged people to stay indoors and wear masks, even inside. san mateo county is making an effort to calm fears about the virus, it also stamp down on anti-asian sentiment. they say the greater threat in the u.s. is influenza. the last four months 26 million americans got the flu for more than 250,000 required hospitalization and 14,000 died. still, officials say asian americans in california have experienced dozens of instances of hate, harassment, racism and discrimination. >> we are seeing a global rise in anti-asian american discrimination because of the virus. >> officials say the virus is almost nonexistent here in the u.s., and while there are no
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vaccines to treat the virus, quarantine and patient care seem to be working. another beautiful spring day in the bay area, it's been really, really warm. we've had lots of upper 60s, and a 70 degree reading in napa, very similar for the last few weeks, we've been well above average, very little fog, just a pattern that is dry, dry, dry. february will go out pretty dry, and hopefully march will turn on, because we are looking at right now in terms of rainfall is not good, 50% of average with february missing basically, hoping march will pick up most of that. in this system here, it would do something, except we are on the wrong end of it. we are on the northern quadrant, and down here is where the dynamics are, so those
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dynamics will scorch on the shore, and that's where the scattered showers will most likely lie. they are our vows out there right now, look for clouds tomorrow, at times partly to mostly sunny, eyes back in the mid-to upper 60s. three attempted carjackings within an hour, how a would-be victim fought back when three men tried to take his car. and in three minutes, sentencing date for roger stone, how much time he was given, and how the president reacted. now, we know the trump strategy-
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try to win by attacking, distorting, dividing. mr. president: it. won't. work. newspapers report bloomberg is the democrat trump fears most. as president, universal healthcare that lets people keep their coverage if they like it. a record on job creation. a doable plan to combat climate change.
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i led a complex, diverse city through 9-11 and i have common sense plans to move america away from chaos to progress! i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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the defense rested its case in the oakland murder trial of john lee cavil, he's admitted to the deadly stabbing at a bart station back in 2018 but the defense maintains that cavil was still delusional. they called several psychiatrist's to the stand thing that cavil reported hearing boosted and was
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suicidal. but the victim sister is not buying any insanity >> he is a dict, he continues to check himself into mental home so he can either get cleaned up off the drugs he used the days before or he wants to calm it down so he's getting ready for his next usage. >> towel was tossed out of court for his outburst and is now refusing to come to court. the da expects rebuttal statements next week. president trumps friend and ally roger stone was sentenced to three years four months and present with witness tampering and lying to congress, that's less than half of the 7 to 9 years the prosecutors originally recommended.roger st out of the courthouse, free, at least for now. he is sentenced to 23 years
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four months in prison for lying to congress and witness tampering. he is out on bond because the judge has yet to rule on his request for a new trial. jackson was blunt when describing stone's conduct, noting, even supporters described him as a bareknuckled brawler who engaged in political dirty tricks. she concluded that stones utter disrespect for the rule of law was deserving of punishment. >> i want to see a play out to its fullest because roger is a very as a very good chance of exoneration. >> president trump was asked if he will pardon stone, but he won't say. he's only offering support for stones pending request for a new trial. >> the woman in charge of the jury is totally tainted. when you take a look, how can you have a person like this? she was in anti-trump activist. >> senator lindsey graham supports the president's pardon power, he tweeted under our system of justice president trump has all the legal authority in the minority lead
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chuck schumer wrote if president trump pardons roger stone, it will be a green light to trumps accomplices to keep breaking the law. >> i think he is dangling this pardon but not necessarily offering it because he does not want them to talk. spent the judge has not set a timetable for ruling on stone's request for a new trial but briefs are due in the coming days. coming up, a joyous family reunion. at 10:45, a surprise reunion at bay area elementary school. plus the news on klay thompson, whether he will be able to play. first though, concerns tonight about budget cuts that could alter social
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security, medicare and medicaid. >> a lot of people don't have 401(k)s, don't have lots of money tucked away in the stock market. i thought steyer was brilliant in that moment. we have not said one word tonight about race. not one word. are you kidding me? the heart and soul of this party is diversity. when a kid succeeds in columbia, south carolina - in las vegas, nevada - that is a triumph for every american. people don't know tom steyer. i've known tom steyer for fifteen years. his commitment on racial justice and social
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leadership that makes a difference. vo: a great president and an effective mayor. obama: he's been a leader throughout the country
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for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: together they worked to combat gun violence, and again to improve education for every child. obama: i want to thank the mayor of this great city, mayor bloomberg, for to bring this country together to finally make progress for the american people. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg, and i approve this message. new at 10, proposed cuts to safety net programs are raising alarm bells for retirees. president trump's new budget calls for cutting medicare, decayed and social security. debora villalon tells us that seniors want to know if the threat is real.
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rowing in between yoga and art class, residence of the redwoods in mill valley is squeezed in a session with their congressman. not his first town hall on social security and medicare but it comes as the trump administration wants to reduce those programs, even after president trump said at his state of the union that he would protect them and tweeted just before his budget, we will not be touching them. >> it will not be such an easy job to take it away from them. >> they were feisty, seeking reassurance, and wondering about medicare for all, a big issue on the democrats debate stage. up and healthcare will get less. >> it's a really tough risk
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pool. >> this is not jim's first budget. many seniors essay at any age, it's important to pay attention and do research. >> we've been activists all our life, we keep track. >> at 93 this retired teacher worries about those next in line like her own children. >> some of them are on medicare, some are still approaching it. so of course they are concerned about it. >> the safetynet has an image problem, especially a young woman. plus the idea, it's an entitlement, akin to welfare. >> we all pay in to social security and medicare throughout our working lives, we earned these benefits. >> huffman supports new legislation that would fund social security this century by raising the cap and gradually
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increasing the withholding. >> it's not welfare, they paid for it all their lives. search and rescue crews in west marin are now calling the search for the missing couple recovery mission. the sheriff's department said the odds of survival are slim given the amount of time that has passed. authorities say they received for alerts from cadaver dogs on shell beach but found nothing. 77-year-old carol kiparsky and her husband ian irwin were last seen friday night at home they were renting in inverness. they plan to use jetski's tomorrow as well as an airplane and a drone. a different search and rescue mission had a happy ending, robert bennett was found more than 24 hours after he went missing while hiking, and his family released a statement today saying "we believe robert is still alive
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because of the response efforts from the marin county sheriff's office search and rescue team. and all of those involved in the search and rescue operation. the bennett family has extreme gratitude for this dedicated group of volunteers. today, this morning, on the 9 we heard from two members on that search and rescue team that found bennett alive. >> the search and rescue community, this is what we trained for. this doesn't happen all the time, so this is a special one. to be a part of a group like this, i get very emotional with the conclusion of these because we do make a difference. >> bennett, he is now recovering in the icu at marin general after suffering a stroke and fall during his hike. police are warning people about a string of attempted carjackings. they happen within blocks of each other early this morning.
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>> reporter: three attempted carjackings on san francisco streets, three different victims, one of whom is speaking out after being threatened at gunpoint.>> it was kind of crazy, to have a gun pointed in your face, but you are not taking my car. >> frank, who drives for uber commas will was one of the targets of a fan of attempted. five minutes after the one on harrison, another call of an attentive carjacking just a dozen yards away. finally the carjackers targeted a third victim at debose and mission street, the uber driver said the three suspects barged their way into his car as he was turning from harrison on the ninth. >> one got on the backseat, one was trying to get on the driver seat read and i just kept whacking at the barrel, and he kept trying to open my door,
10:37 pm
finally opened it, tried to yank mia, i just kept fighting him the whole time. to make frank manage to get back to his car and rushed to police that were responding to an unrelated issue nearby. >> i jumped back in and started to make the turn and realize there was a person still in my car, and i told him, get out. >> police are investigating but based on the descriptions of the suspects, it appears the same group was responsible for all three attempted carjackings. to make these incidents happen within blocks of each other, the first two incidents happened within minutes of each other. similar descriptions of the suspects, similar mo's. >> police say despite the fact that the carjackers never made away with a care neighborhood looking for any eyewitnesses or video of the incidents. free tuition at a prestigious university, the policy that usc announced today, and just who qualifies.
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we will get into the bay area weekend, just around the corner, i will take a look at a five day forecast and what you can expect for saturday and sunday. plus, the right of first refusal, the berkeley proposal that would give renters the first option to buy their home if it's being sold.
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mr. president: it. won't. work.
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newspapers report bloomberg is the democrat trump fears most. healthcare that lets people keep their coverage if they like it. a record on job creation. a doable plan to combat climate change. i led a complex, diverse city through 9-11 and i have common sense plans to move america away from chaos to progress! i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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the california legislature apologized today for the internment of japanese- americans during the second world war as well as other laws passed against japanese immigrants. one of several survivors was on the assembly floor for the vote. the japanese internment was a federal issue that the california legislature also passed bill that mistreated japanese-americans. today she reflected on her family and others who had to leave everything behind.>> i thought about people like my parents, that fought so hard, and i thought to myself, they would be proud. >> she was just five years old when her family was sent to arkansas. she says her family was lucky, the family friend paid their mortgage and taxes while they were detained. mayor berkeley is proposing a policy that says he will give renters the first right to buy
10:42 pm
the home or apartment they live in if the owners decide to sell.>> we can keep one person house, if we can keep an entire building house, rather than having those people ending up on the streets, that is success, and we think we can help hundreds, if not thousands of tenants in the city of berkeley. >> the mayor was joined by housing advocates, that unveiled the tenant opportunity to purchase act, it's described as the first policy of its kind here in california. resources will be made available to help renters purchase the home that they would be living in. tesla is climbing in the rankings from consumer reports. the company says that tesla's new model 3 came in at number 11 . out of 33 carmakers ranked, tesla is the number one u.s. carmaker. analysts say tesla's due to the improving quality and reliability of its cars.
10:43 pm
consumer reports ranked porsche as the number one overall carmaker with genesis and subaru as number two and three. usc said they plan to make tuition free for some students. applies to students who come from families with incomes of $80,000 or less. the university also says they will no longer consider homeownership when calculating students financial aid. the change will start with first-year students entering usc this fall undergraduate tuition right now is about $56,000 a year. hey boys. >> daddy? daddy, daddy, daddy. to make a celebration at an east bay celebration elementary school, a father returning from overseas three sons. >> and bill martin will come
10:44 pm
back with the forecast that will take us right on through the weekend, i had. i thought steyer was brilliant in that moment. we have not said one word tonight about race. not one word. are you kidding me? the heart and soul of this party is diversity. when a kid succeeds in columbia, south carolina - in las vegas, nevada - that is a triumph for every american. people don't know tom steyer. i've known tom steyer for fifteen years. his commitment on racial justice and social justice is rock solid. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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economically powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, betrayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. this is an incredible story. three young brothers in the east bay got the biggest surprise of their lives today. >> a navy lieutenant who also happens to be their father, returned home after being deployed overseas for almost a
10:47 pm
year. rob roth tells us that he showed up today at the boys school. >> reporter: there were surprises in life and then there's what the three brothers are about to experience here in the cafeteria at murray elementary school in dublin. eight-year-old brandon, 60 ethan and for-year-old kayla breeding lunch on thursday they were unaware that their father just returned home after 11 months overseas. navy lieutenant darren nelson was in the school office with their mother waiting to surprise them.>> it's been a long time coming. i'm extremely excited. >> while away serving on an anti-terrorism task force in africa nelson missed birthdays and ballgames and of course the problems. >> this little guy called me up to his room, he got a lego stuck in his nose. >> there was the sudden death of the pet hamster. >> when they were going through that it hit me that i wasn't there to help my son deal with the passing of something he
10:48 pm
loved. >> but he is back now and his wife wanted him to surprise the boys at school. during lunch the principal played along by asking the students a few innocent questions. >> the boys were invited on stage and then came the moment tranced in joy and tears. >> hey boys.>> daddy? daddy, daddy, daddy. i love you. >> the nelsons were a family intact for the first time in almost a year. >> that was one of the best moments of my life, i'm excited to be home with these guys. >> there are sacrifices paid by the men and women who serve and also sacrifices paid by the ones left behind. but for now, these boys have  their dad back.>> i'm never going to leave no buddy.
10:49 pm
>> we've got a little bit of a cloud cover out there now, you might have been hearing some noise about a chance of some sprinkles out there, there might be a little something tomorrow night into early saturday morning, but that would mainly be south of the area. i pointed out a little green on the radar. really, the main dynamics of this weather system are well south of us. the idea of getting any kind of significant precipitation is off the table. the plan tomorrow will be more of the same with just some more clouds tomorrow, especially in beautiful outside right now, overnight lows have been on the mild side, not too cold, at this time it's usually freezing straight up april right now even though it's february. outside we go, tomorrow is friday, i hope you have a nice
10:50 pm
weekend plan, the weekend will be lovely. a little cooler on sunday, it will be in the low 60s, so a cooldown for the tail end of the weekend. but 60s for february are pretty mild for this time of the year. the forecast for tomorrow, kinda partly cloudy/partly sunny, saturday looks like it will be the nicest day of the weekend. then sunday will be cooler so you see those clouds coming up from the south, and that's the weather system further sound that will bring rain to santa barbara. forecast highs, those are 70s, so partly cloudy, partly sunny and mild again, and of course, dry, there is tomorrow afternoon, here come saturday morning, and saturday afternoon . and here comes a few more clouds for sunday. and then the cooldown, so
10:51 pm
forecast highs for tomorrow, a nice-looking day, like i said earlier, we just need rain, it's nice to have it, there will be payback here at some point, and unfortunately i think march will have to do a lot of heavy lifting to get us out of this hole we are in now. i will see you back here at 11. coming up in sports, the warriors hosted the rock is tonight in their first game back on the all-star break. did that time off help them get a win? coming up on the 11:00 news, success in keeping people from slipping into homelessness. why keeping this program going could cost taxpayers. vo: a great president and an effective mayor.
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leadership that makes a difference. obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: together they worked to combat gun violence, and again to improve education for every child. obama: i want to thank the mayor of this great city, mayor bloomberg, for his extraordinary leadership. i share your determinatior to finally make progress for the american people. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg, and i approve this message.
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clean water a right for everyone, regardless of your zip code. that's the truth. that's tom steyer. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. mark joins us now, wish you had some better news for us tonight. the warriors just got clobbered. >> this is one of those losses where you go man, i miss the good old days. this came in particular, so reminiscent of what they used to do to other people, but it was used in lighting it up, they had 25 3's tonight against the warriors, worst defensive three performance in warrior franchise history, it was announced earlier today that klay thompson will not play the rest of the season, that's not
10:55 pm
a big surprise, but they are playing it safe, and rightly so. the most 3 point shots in warrior franchise history, let it start to rain, it's james hardin, robert covington and >> ben: l'amour finishing it out for the houston rockets who made it very clear in the early stages that they were not going to be headed off tonight. bright spots, well as usual, eric paschal to the bucket, with 12 points, the warriors were down 22 at half, extending our the rockets in the third, look at andrew wiggins here trying to make a move to the bucket, now they get to the other end, beautiful pass and then this is a funny moment here. look at the kids, he's trying to do his job, mopping up the floor and all of a sudden, anderson is headed his way. he made a nice move to get out of the way, james hardin finishes with 21, another one
10:56 pm
of those nights for the golden state warriors. i don't know if it was great stanford defense or terrible washington huskies a shooting, either way, stanford out on the road, and they will take it. daejon davis, with a nice quick move, blows by the rim as stanford takes control of the game, another look right there, and there's the freshman to talk about. they have the inside and outside game going, stanford is now 6-7 in the pack 12, the huskies only shot 27% from the floor in the second half. and that was their problem. st. mary's just kind of on cruise control against a very underwhelming team, loyola marymount tonight. they barely beat them, that's
10:57 pm
the downtown three, jordan had a dozen, they were up by only 8 at half, but maliek, always continues to impress, doing it here in the lane, with 20 points, six rebounds, they win 57-51 over loyola marymount. ken zag, number three in the country looks like for a moment we might get a stunner, to charles, had them up 9 at intermission, but then after that, they were coming on strong, it's tilley with a slamdunk54. other locomotion on the college courts tonight, tj pumps 28, byu
10:58 pm
again santa clara, the final there was 85-75. the houston astros inspired cheating scandal continues to get uglier. whenever you use the word snitch, you know there's going to be problems. that is the word used by one of the most respected places in major league baseball to describe the a's pitcher today, seen here, number 50, working out and it's david ortiz otherwise known as the big poppy who spoke out about the man who is credited for the most part, with breaking the news about the houston astros sign stealing scandal. here he is at the red sox training camp today. >> after you make your money and get your ring, then you decide to talk about it, why don't you talk about it during the season when it's going on, why didn't you say i don't know , i don't want to be a part of it. you look like a snitch, you know what i mean. >> that they will go on for
10:59 pm
quite a while, everyone will voice an opinion, there is no choice an opinion with regard to the sharks, it's just not happening for them this year. they were up against a team that was probably just as frustrated. the new jersey devils, swinging it, there is one of the low lights, highlights, whatever you want to call it, first period, tim heat up and down for the minor leagues, using a screen or two in front for the first goal for the sharks. come third period, at 1-1, about 2:50 into the period, supra with the game-winning goal, that is the sporting life right now, we will have more at 11:00 , the warriors, just a different tune, right? >> frank and heather, more news. coming up next at 11. >> with this admission, we
11:00 pm
unanimously do not have confidence in the chief. i believe it is my duty to heed their request. >> breaking news from oakland tonight where police chief anne kirkpatrick has been fired. >> the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. >> mayor libby schaaf says the chief was fired without cause.>> mayor libby schaaf is selected anne kirkpatrick as a chief back in january 2017, just three years ago. now kirkpatrick is out. the interim assistant chief of police will serve as acting chief lected. as henry lee tells us, city officials said it's time for new leadership.>> the oakland


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