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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4pm  FOX  February 27, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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invariably, we have met it. >> wall street is glad today is over, coronavirus fears and the dow plummeting again. a disappointing zero snowpack is raising concerns about wildfire. with ktvu fox2 news, today is four. what happened in solano county did not surprise anyone. the only thing that surprised folks is that it did not happen sooner.>> reporter: the governor addresses concerns about the coronavirus and the uncertainty surrounding the illness, now that a patient has become america's first case of transmission of unknown origin. date officials are trying to figure out how the woman was exposed, and if anyone else might have it. welcome to the four. key to slowing the spread of is
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the virus. the governor says the cdc is sending california substantially more testing kits. 10 cdc workers are on their way here to california as date officials will open more testing sites for the coronavirus. >> the governor laid out new numbers. right now, there are 28 confirmed cases of coronavirus here in the state. 8400 people that recently traveled to china are being monitored. there is also the mystery case, the first of the country, of a person contracting the virus from an unknown source. the person is from solano county, and is being treated at uc davis medical center. we have team coverage. rob roth is learning more about the woman. we are looking for efforts you may have had contacts with her.>> reporter: we start with tom, live from uc davis with more on the announcement today from governor newsom.>> reporter: if the mystery will be solved, it will be solved right here at uc medical center.
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because of the unusual nature of the case, it is fair to say that the battle against coronavirus is not only fully engaged, it is rapidly growing. we are on top of this, that was california governor gavin newsom's take on the revelation that a new coronavirus case with no clear indication of where it came from surfeit surfaced in solano county. the female patient had no travel history, or explainable known exposure to the virus. she's been days in her community before going to her community hospital for help, heightening the risk to others. nonetheless, the state has vast experience with many diseases including swine flu and ebola. >> nothing has surprised us. what happened in solano county did not surprise anybody.>> reporter: nobody is taking it lightly. they make this case to be the first possible transmission in california. we do realize this case we are
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discussing marks a turning point. as such we are expanding our surveillance activities. we are increasing laboratory capacity, with more testing. >> reporter: no one is overplaying it either. >> our experience is that most people, more than 85% will have mild or no symptoms. the risk to the general public remains low. >> reporter: this is a rapidly evolving situation. we are leveraging all of the necessary state resources to address that. we are in constant communication with our federal partners. we are the first in the nation to begin to roll out testing. we are going to be expending that in the hours come. >> reporter: the federal centers for disease control is vastly increasing the number of test kits available, and supplying personnel to california to speed up the tracking process. >> we have a very robust, first- class tracking system to ensure
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we are reaching out to all of the potential contacts. >> reporter: despite dozens of losses between california and the trump administration, the governor says cooperation is excellent. is doing politics has no place at this moment. we have to meet this moment with a sense of urgency and conviction that transcends politics and transcends pettiness.>> reporter: it is important to note that the hospital itself says they will have no comments on any of this today, or anytime in the future, until there are other things that they can talk about. thank you, tom. health officials have gone into detective mode. they are hoping to find the line of transmission that led to the first case of communities spread coronavirus. rob roth is live in solano county where the patient lives. we do expect to hear from experts they are, coming up later in the hour.
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>> reporter: that's right, public health officials are expected to speak at 4:30. we should get everything then. the concern is how a solano county woman contracted the coronavirus. solano county health officials confirm that the patient had checked in here at the north bay hospital in vacaville on february 15 with flulike symptoms. she was not tested for four days, because the cdc said the patient did not meet the criteria for coronavirus or covid-19. the reason was, she had not travel to any of the regions hit by the outbreak, or come in contact with anyone known to be infected. epidemiologist that they did expect transmission through community would happen eventually. >> it does not come as a particular surprised to epidemiologist that study respiratory infections. all of us assumed this would happen eventually. the question is, how extensive is the circulation of the virus
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within the united states? >> reporter: dozens of hospital workers that came in contact with the patient are being monitored. the hospital issued a statement saying, we launched a meticulous tracing of anyone in our vacaville haas at all that may have had any contact with the patient. anyone that had the high risk category are asked to stay home and monitor themselves for any sign of covid-19. the school's are also taking precautions. the district has ordered all commonly shared services in each school to be wiped with a disinfectant. this comes after the cdc notified the district and outbreak could come. that did concern the community. >> i saw that in the news, and i wondered if i had it. i had a fever. i'm going to go get checked by a doctor. >> we need to test people that have influenza -like illnesses, to see if some of them have
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this covid-19. >> reporter: the cdc announced today they would expand the criteria for testing. >> all right, as mentioned, health officials are trying to figure out who this woman may have come in contact with. can you tell us how the officials are going about doing that? >> they are speaking to her and retracing her steps, and seeing who she has been in contact with. obviously, her family, and building the circle that's getting ever larger. that's how they will have to do a. >> we are waiting for that news conference to begin, thank you rob. lawmakers on capitol hill are hammering details on the spending patches package aimed at tackling the coronavirus. the white house initially said $2.5 billion would be enough to address the crisis, lawmakers are expecting to improve and approve $6 million.
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it is expected to pass in the next two weeks. this is not a time for name- calling or playing politics. the first step that congress has to take is to ensure that the government has the resources needed to combat this deadly virus, and keep americans safe. >> diseases don't know party lines. i imagine members of congress will drop partisanship to keep our country safe. >> vice president mike pence is correlating the government effort. he held his first meeting of the coronavirus task force earlier today >> on wall street, the selloff continued on a seesaw day of trading. the dow dropped 900 points early on, and then recover the losses the acting index is longed in the afternoon with a new round of selling. the markets are now in correction territory, down 10% from a recent high. the dow was down 1190 points today. the nasdaq fell 414 points.
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the s&p 500 was down 137 points. the markets were down nearly 5% on the day. the stocks have wiped out their gains for the year as major companies, including apple and microsoft are warning that the coronavirus outbreak will hurt their businesses. we are joined by analyst, george. thank you for coming in here to sort this out for us. we do here the market is in correction territory. help folks understand what that means, and how much more correcting will we see? >> if you look at the fortune 500 companies on the market. 70% of these companies are in correction territory. that means they are 10% off of the 52-week high. 30% are in a bear market correction. that is 20% off the high. this is like an earthquake today. we will see a few aftershocks as we go forward.>> reporter: are you surprised how quickly
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the markets fell off the cliff? >> i did not think it would be this great. we have a lot of experience with this. in 2008, the s&p 500 was down 37%. from 2009 until today, we've been in a low market. what we forget about, there were 4 corrections during the past 11 years. in september 2018, not that long ago, the s&p 500 was down almost 20%. this is a 10% correction. some of this is due because the market is overpriced. the media has projected a lot of fear today. this is people acting out of sorts. >> we do know it is fear that drives investors and drives what happens on wall street. what do you think the traders are looking to hear, that will calm some nerves and calm things down? >> we will have some aftershocks that will happen until we reach the tipping point and the balance where
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there is a perception of the virus being contained. under no circumstances will enter the united aids in any fashion away. this really affects the global economy. there is a lot going on right now. there are thousands of people working to contain this. >> talk about the trickle-down effect, want to talk about things shutting down in china. we're talking about travel restrictions, factories that are shutting down, due to the outbreak they are. what is the trickle-down effect for many of the big companies, especially technology companies? >> we do rely on china for many goods. we don't manufacture them anymore. sewer plates and ball bearings, we are not getting them. after we run through the inventory, hopefully they will be online in the next couple of weeks and produce items we need. there will be huge purchasing going on. >> we got wrap up, is there any silver lining? >> there is a silver lining, you have a 401(k) plan here, last year, when money was taken
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out of your check, and you purchased a mutual fund, you are buying high. you are not supposed to do that. now the market is down, the money is coming out of your check and your buying low. you are getting more shares. any viewers with 401(k) plans, we don't want to find a blessing and a curse, but there is a silver lining. >> we do have to leave it there. we always appreciate your information. thank you gentlemen. concerns are jolting technology companies in addition to stocks taking a hit. facebook canceled its annual developers conference, scheduled to take place in may in san jose. also, microsoft are skipping the gaming conference in san francisco, set to take place in a couple of weeks. we will have more on all of the fallout, coming up a bit later at 5:00. if you need more information on the coronavirus, be sure to head to our home page, you can find it right there on
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it looks like we will not get any rain in the bay area this february. coming up on the four, we will tell you about the impact this is having on the state water supply as the snow survey results are released. things are coming down to the wire for candidates hoping to earn the parties candidacy ahead of the south carolina primary, and super tuesday. coming up next, we'll talk with mike bloomberg's campaign manager to learn more about the candidates path forward in the race. it has been a balmy day in the bay. we have unbelievable temperatures for february. we are looking out for rain. we'll talk about a temperature drop coming our way. your weather is coming up next. reproductive rights. expanded health coverage to 700,000 new yorkers. and decreased infant-mortality rates to historic lows. as president, he'll build on obamacare, cap medical costs, and will always protect a woman's right to choose. mike bloomberg: a record on health care nobody
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can argue about. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. tomtrump on the economy.ald his people over profits plan makes a living wage a right. creates thousands of good paying green jobs in california.
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and provides a 10% tax cut for everyone making under $250,000. tom's plan also makes health care a right, by adding a public option to obamacare. protects union negotiated plans. and ensures californians can make their own health care choices. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. my sons were in their teens. when i came home from prison so i got involved in juvenile justice, i didn't want them to go through the same thing i went through. michael bloomberg created the young men's initiative. in helping keep other young men and young women from entering into the criminal justice system. and we see it, we see it in young people being employed. we see young people being removed out the system. running for president, what better platform for him to speak about real justice,
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real reform. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. the south carolina primary is just two days away. the university poll shows joe biden with a very strong lead there. 36% of voters say they support joe biden. bernie sanders is well back with just 16%. the area billionaire, tom steyer is at 15%. it comes out one day after a long time south carolina representative, james clyburn endorsed the vice president. mike bloomberg will not be on the ballot in that state's democratic primary on saturday. the former new york mayor has put all of his focus and money on super tuesday. for more, we are joined by the campaign manager for mr. bloomberg. thank you so much for being here. bloomberg has skipped all the early states and is banking on proving his viability next
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week. how important is super tuesday? >> super tuesday is very important for us. it is the first time mike will be on the ballot. the idea was to skip the early states. i think we made an enormous mistake as democrats by focusing on iowa, that trump is likely to win. he will win south carolina's well. had we activate democratic voters in democratic states? we need to focus on battleground states. california is an incredibly important state. it has moved up to super tuesday this time. it is the largest basket of delegates in the campaign. mike has dozens of offices in the state and tens of thousands of volunteers. we are looking forward to tuesday. >> is a candidate expecting to make any stops in california between now and super tuesday? >> he has made a lot of stops are california already. he is the only candidate that has been in all super tuesday
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states. that is not true of any of the other candidates campaigning in the race. we do have a great state chairman out there in san jose and the mayor and stockton. they are cochairs of the campaign, as are other folks up and down the coast. mike will be in texas, north carolina, and virginia. you will also go to florida between now and tuesday. he is traveling around. he spent a lot of time in california. >> on to talk about pulling. right now, does not look good for your candidate. talk to me about how he has dropped in the recent polls. to make our pulling has us tied in second place and the national polls. bernie sanders is out in front at this point. we do have mike in second place or tied in second place. it will be really important about who gets above 15% to get
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the delegates. most candidates falls below that. mike does fall above that. the big polls will happen on tuesday. we will see what happens. we will go from there. >> i got to ask you about a report that they campaign reached out to andrew yang about an endorsement, floating the possibility of him becoming his running mate. can you confirm either one of those things? did they reach out to andrew yang for an endorsement? is mike bloomberg considering andrew yang as a running mate? >> i can neither confirm nor deny not. campaigns talk a lot. i am a huge fan of andrew yang. he has a lot to give going forward. he ran an exceptional campaign. he brought a lot of people into the fold. the guy is a real go getter. we talked about the coronavirus all day. what we are seeing this week is that donald trump does not give us any safety.
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people get worried, and i think they should. mike bloomberg is one of the great public health experts in this country. the bloomberg school of public health is named after him. it does matter who we elect. there are things that the head of the country needs to do to keep us safe abroad and at home. what i will say about andrew yang, he has a lot to give. he is incredibly smart and talented. i do expect to see a lot of him going forward. >> they are giving him a ringing endorsement. as mentioned, the most important poll is coming up on super tuesday. thank you for your time, kevin. >> stay with ktvu for complete coverage on super tuesday on the national and local level. we got the latest results starting up 4:00 him, and continuing for 7 1/2 hours right here on ktvu and ktvu plus. if you are outside at all, you know it has been sunny and
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warm. we have very warm temperatures out there. we are taking a live look in san francisco. it has been a gorgeous day. let's face it, we want to see rain. you have to admit, it has been nice. i looked, these are not the official highs of the day. san jose, the university is at 80 degrees at 3:35 this evening. it is 74 degrees in san francisco. it is 79 degrees in napa and mountain view. it has been above average to  say the least. go. it is 75 degrees here in oakland. san jose is coming in at 77 degrees. we are starting to see clouds moving in. we have low clouds and fog that is offshore right now. as we zoom out, it is coming up from the south. the system is bringing clouds
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to southern california. as we go out throughout the night, this will continue to bring clouds our way. eventually, we will see a change in the pattern toward the weekend. we have areas of fog out there. remember, we have had a warm day. we have cloud cover coming in tonight. that me the clouds will insulate the heat of the day. temperatures will be mild tonight. the wind will be relatively calm. that will change over the weekend. tomorrow, in san francisco, we will wake up to fog in the morning. will work her way into the 60s with cloudy skies. we will make it up to a high of 68 degrees tomorrow. we are well above average for this time of the year. we should be around 60 degrees. future cast will show you what will happen as the clouds roll in. this is 10:00 a.m. on friday. we will see some plot pops the clearing. will get some clearing as we get into saturday morning. temperatures really change. check this out. when we look at friday's temperature of 73 degrees. by saturday, it is 60 degrees.
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livermore goes down to 60 degrees tomorrow as well. we have a 12-16 degree drop from friday into saturday. we will talk about the chances for rain, when i come back. for now, will send it back to the desk. a our meteorologist was up in the sierra today, joining the water officials for the snow survey. up next, here on the four, mark will explain what the measurement revealed, and what it means for the state of water in california. it is thursday night on fox, with the last man standing be getting it 8:00, followed by outmatched, and deputy at 9:00. stick around for the latest news on the 10:00 and 11:00 ktvu hours. or create a world at peace, remember that america is best when we strive to do big things,
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even when it's hard. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. voas the republicansupported mayor of new york city. bloomberg: they are male, minorities, 16 to 25, you can just take the description xerox it and pass it out to all the cops, throw them against the wall and frisk them. vo: and he blamed the end of discriminatory mortgage practices for the financial crisis. bloomberg: redlining if you remember was the term and don't go into those areas and then congress got involved and local elections were as well and congress said it was not fair, people should be allowed to get credit. vo: those policies were racist, and mike bloomberg was wrong to support them. but, thankfully, there is a better way tom steyer will be a president for all of america. tom will use his experience starting a non-profit bank
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for underserved communities and fighting for clean air and water in black and brown communities across the country to put social, economic, and climate justice at the heart of his presidency. that's how we make real change. steyer: i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. we have been talking about this for some time, the alarmingly dry february. it will likely go into the record books as the first time since 1864, but no rainfall, zero, for the entire month. >> the department of water
4:26 pm
resources conducted its third snow survey of the winter. our meteorologist made the trip to see how the snowpack has changed, needed at the experts of another drought is around the corner. >> on a morning that felt like a warm spring day in the sierra, the department of water resources conducted its third snow survey of the winter.>> reporter: philip station is a short hike off highway 50 and near the tahoe resort. this is one of over 200 snow courses that are monitored. the bible snowmelt supplies about 30% of california's water needs. just two months ago, winter was off to a great start with the snowpack measuring 90% of average. since then, this february will go down, and end up as the driest of february in the northern sierra, on record. >> reporter: sean deguzman is the chief of snow surveys with the department of water resources. he walked the snow course and sampled seven points along the way. >> we recorded a snow depth of 29 inches and is no water
4:27 pm
content of 11.5 inches. that results in a 47% of an average march. >> reporter: if you melted the snow, the water depth could be measured. the latest is no water equivalent of 11.5 inches will help with runoff predictions. the measurement of 43 inches last year, illustrates how the conditions can quickly change. does this change mean a future drought? >> we get concerned over a couple of years. a few months does not make a drought. >> reporter: the major reservoirs are in good shape, things to last year's epic winter. >> of the 154 reservoirs, we are 104% of historical average.>> reporter: the next survey is on april 1. that is when the water content typically peaks. that will be a key indicator of how much water is left in the sierra. all we can do right now is hope for a miracle march.
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all right, coming up after the break, we will go back out, live, to solano county where you can see from the pictures, health officials are getting set to hold a news conference and provide the public with an update on the first community transmission case of coronavirus in this country. we will have that story, and more news, up next on the four. that's why i wrote the nation's most progressive climate law. and that's why i'm endorsing tom steyer. because when big oil tried to stop our clean air laws, he led us to victory. same with the keystone pipeline. when tom says we can save the world and do it together believe him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. my sons were in their teens. when i came home from prison so i got involved
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in juvenile justice, i didn't want them to go through the same thing i went through. michael bloomberg created the young men's initiative. in helping keep other young men and young women from entering into the criminal justice system. and we see it, we see it in young people being employed. we see young people being removed out the system. running for president, what better platform for him to speak about real justice, real reform. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. to give his money to charity, giving pledge when this californian walked away from
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his billion dollar company for good. he drives a chevy volt, flies commercial, and spends his days building grassroots campaigns for social and environmental justice. why? tom steyer believes every child deserves the same opportunities as his. a healthy planet. good schools. quality healthcare, living wage jobs, and life without fear of discrimination. tom: i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. welcome back. we are following breaking news. health officials in solano county are giving an update on a case of coronavirus. this is a community
4:31 pm
transmission case. >> most respiratory diseases, the range of symptoms from asymptomatic to very severe. it is unusual for respiratory disease not to have some element of transmission from people that are not showing symptoms. this type of spread is not unusual. this is something we have been expecting and planning for. we do want to reassure the community members that the health risk is very low. the disease has been evolving since it was first described. this has been a very dynamic and rapidly changing disease. in order to allow us to investigate this incident more effectively and efficiently, had to declare an emergency and the county. with regard to the individual in question, the patient, we
4:32 pm
don't know what their exposure was. we don't know where the patient was exposed. we know the patient became ill, was hospitalized at a local hospital in our county. i am sorry. the patient was hospitalized in our county, at a local hospital and became progressively more ill. she was transferred to sacramento. at some point, the patient became well enough to warrant testing, the test came back positive. the patient was not tested prior to that, because they were not severely ill enough and they had no connection to any of the known risk factors for coronavirus. it does represent a scenario, while we knew we would have to deal with this, we were not able to predict for that individual. it is important to note that
4:33 pm
the individual is not a repatriated evacuee at travis. we've had multiple of the evacuees at travis air force base. this individual has no connection whatsoever to that federal mission. or any other personal involved in that evacuation process. this does appear to be a person who genuinely did acquire their illness in the community. because the patient did not initially meet the criteria for coronavirus testing, the patient was not in airborne isolation at north bay or uc davis, initially. there were multiple healthcare personnel that were exposed to the individual. at both hospitals, we are aggressively evaluating everyone who may have had contact with the patient. are being identified, and the risk for exposure is being assessed. they are being put into categories that are appropriate. some of them are under isolation, some under quarantine. some represent too low of a level of risk the to warrant
4:34 pm
either of those approaches. the hospitals are working aggressively to identify and properly address individuals in those environments. solano public health is working very closely with the state partners and the cdc. they have generously agreed to provide us whatever sapor we need. we were fortunate that they were ready, and we had personnel at travis. we had immediate access to the assistance we needed. we do want to call out, kudos to the cdc personnel and the u.s. marshals, as well as travis air force personnel, for their repatriation effort and the work they've done with us. also, travis public health for their assistance as well. in addition, we are working with the neighboring counties. the personnel who worked at
4:35 pm
north bay and uc davis, lives in both counties. went to work with a partner counties to make sure all the individuals can be quarantined and home isolated with the assistance of whoever is most appropriate for the individual. at this point in solano county, we are transitioning from trying to contain the disease to more of a mitigation approach. we do recognize that if we have community spread, it becomes necessary to consider more aggressive protection of the critical resources like hoss doesn't health facilities. we have recommended that they adopt a more aggressive prevention stance toward individuals that don't have the risk for the conditions, but they have community acquired respiratory disease. was set up departmental operations center so we can coordinate our efforts efficiently. as i said, we did invite the systems of from the folks at the cdc. the county is prepared to manage the situation.
4:36 pm
it was probably rather fortuitous that we were county that was asked to assist with their repatriation effort. our hospitals and personnel, and local public health officials are very aware and are very comfortable in dealing with coronavirus for quite a while now. when this occurred, we are able to step up and do what was necessary to address the problem as efficiently as possible. for that, we would like to genuinely think our health partners that have done a tremendous job in carrying the low load in dealing with the issue. i want to remind people, coronavirus, as far as we know, by all indications, is spread similarly to influenza. the precautions that we have been advising people about for many months to protect yourselves against influenza are completely appropriate for the protection of individuals against coronavirus as well. droplets are the way that it spreads. if you are sick, stay home.
4:37 pm
if you are coughing or sneezing, coughing to your sleeve, not your hands. wash her hands frequently with soap and water. wash them long enough to clean your hands. if soap and water not available, use an appropriate antibacterial and antiseptic. the ability for us, as a community to address this exists. we do this every flu season and every respiratory disease season. we want to make sure we remind ourselves of the things we need to do in order to stay healthy. for the healthcare environment themselves, we want to make sure that the healthcare personnel take the necessary droplet and contact precautions for those that come in with respiratory illnesses, and continue to do airborne isolation for those that are considered to be at risk of coronavirus. the last point we want to make
4:38 pm
from our perspective, we want to remind individuals, this virus does not discriminate. there is no racial or ethnic component. the cases of disease we have had run across all ages, both genders, all races, and all ethnicities. it is important not to be blaming victims in this situation. with that in mind, we can weather this, just as we have weathered similar events in the past. with that, i want to introduce steve olson from north bay medical. >> thank you dr. good afternoon all. i have a few brief comments to make. i have spoken to most of you already today, at least once. i don't have much to add to the statement that was released earlier today from the hospital program. those of you that have not seen or have a copy of the statement, i have some available to give you. >> [ indiscernible - low volume
4:39 pm
] >> i do want to emphasize and clarify the reporting that is out there. both of our hospitals are open, and operating safely, and accepting patients in the emergency departments and the clinics throughout the community. we are delivering the kind of care the people have come to expect of us over 60 years in solano county. for a few hours last night, in the early morning hours, we did ask ems administrators to redirect ambulance traffic to the neighboring hospitals while we adjusted our staffing after some of the employees were taken off of their work schedules and sent home to monitor their situation and current health. we continue to check and double check to ensure we have identified every employee that has come into contact with the patient, no matter how briefly after the diagnosis. as far as the headcount is concerned, at this time, it is
4:40 pm
a moving target. we have identified dozens of our employees on our health team. it does remain less than 100. i also want to ask and implore you, to consider the patient privacy. i know you are doing your best to report on all facets of the story. some employees are being contacted as a leave work. summer being contacted through private email and cell phones. please respect their right to privacy as well. finally, again, i will add, we are pleased to work with our partners in county public health, the state department public health, and our neighboring hospitals, and the experts from the centers of disease control. if you need to see the full prepared statement, i have a copy for you afterwards.
4:41 pm
thank you. you have been listening to health officials in solano county, updating us on the country's first case of coronavirus from an unknown source. the headline here is they do not know how the woman was exposed to coronavirus. they don't know how many other people might have it. also, they say healthcare workers that were initially treating the woman, before they were able to determine she had coronavirus, are now at risk. some of the folks of input in isolation and others are being quarantined. they are being evaluated for their symptoms. >> it is unclear how many people this person came in contact with after arriving at one hospital, and being transferred to another hospital. there is concern about tracking down all of the people that may have potentially been exposed. the other thing that health officials are quick to point out here is, the patient in question was not one of the people that was at travis air force base under quarantine after being evacuated from
4:42 pm
china on the flights we have told you about. this is a person that lives in solano county. somehow, they are trying to figure it out. somehow, she acquired the coronavirus. >> we will stream news conference on our facebook page. if you want to hear more from health officials in solano county, just go to our website, we are keeping an eye on your weather. we will talk about the dry stretch we have had, and any chance of rain coming in the forecast. we have your extended forecast, up next. vo: while other candidates argue
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about health care, mike bloomberg has a record of doing something. as mayor, he protected women's reproductive rights. expanded health coverage to 700,000 new yorkers. and decreased infant-mortality rates to historic lows. as president, he'll build on obamacare, cap medical costs, and will always protect a woman's right to choose. mike bloomberg: a record on health care nobody can argue about. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. this one's for you. the heroes who won't let your disease hold you back. you inspired us to make your humira experience even better with humira citrate-free. it has the same effectiveness you know and trust, but we removed the citrate buffers,
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welcome back. if you went outside and saw the beautiful sunshine today, you might think, hey, this is great but will we get rain. we have a live look outside at san francisco. it has been a gorgeous day. noticed the high clouds rolling in right now. this will continue throughout the night tonight. we are on february 27. the last rain we got was
4:46 pm
january 28. that makes 30 days of the dry stretch since we have had measurable rain. the setup has stayed the same with this warm, dry pattern. high pressure is in control, shooting any possibility of whether to the north of us. tonight, things will work differently. we will see the clouds moving in. by friday, we will have cloudy weather. it is warm day on tap. we do have a low pressure center coming in. unfortunately, it will not bring us that he rain. it will bring us cooler temperatures and wind. i want to take a look, this is the normal, february rainfall. look at this number in san jose. check this out. this is the total of rain since october 1. we start in san jose, they have gotten 3.82.
4:47 pm
that was doubled if we had an average february. that is why, for the season, we are at 36% of what we would be in san jose. we are at 39% in oakland. we are at 50% in san francisco. these numbers were looking better 30 days ago. what has been happening, the storm tracks keep missing us. they go to the pacific northwest or slide to the inside. they are passing to the south and going to southern california. none of them are having a direct hit here. that will happen with this next system. i will take you into saturday. this is the overnight friday into saturday. we have some moisture offshore. some of this will slide inside. some of this goes to southern california. we are getting nothing again. as we go monday into tuesday and wednesday, high pressure will keep us protected and dry. to illustrate the point of where the rain is going, which is not much, it is light showers. it goes right around us.
4:48 pm
we have a current look at the radar, we have clouds starting to roll in. that will continue throughout the night tonight. some of this is offshore. we will be looking at the clouds overnight. we have warm temperatures. we have temperatures in the 70s. look at redwood city at 78 degrees. it is 74 degrees in oakland. it is 77 degrees in santa rosa. it will be mild, with cloudy skies. we have mild temperatures due to the cloud cover. it is hard for the heat to escape when the cloud cover is there. tomorrow will be cooler. we have a very warm day with a pervasive 70s across the map. if you look at the extended forecast, here comes a cooldown, friday into saturday. with the 70s turn into 60s on saturday. it is breezy as well as we had for the weekend. the system is passing us by. this will only bring us clouds and cooler temperatures. we go to monday and we warm up
4:49 pm
again. i think people are enjoying the sunshine. it would great to see a system where i could say, you guys, we will get significant rain. does not look like it will happen we are hoping another wave will come. >> march is our month. i can feel it.>> we have to think positive. a plan to cut drug overdoses in san francisco. up next on the four, the controversy oh program that city leaders are introducing to provide a safe base for users to write out their high. san francisco police have an announcement of an arrest of a man that assaulted a chinese man while he was collecting cans. we are looking at this for for
4:50 pm
the victim in this potential hate crime. school districts are reinforcing an old staple of cleanliness to combat the spread of germs. how they are working to fight the spread of the coronavirus. that is coming up tonight at 5:00. i wanted my hepatitis c gone. i put off treating mine. epclusa treats all main types of chronic hep c. whatever your type, epclusa could be your kind of cure. i just found out about mine. i knew for years epclusa has a 98% overall cure rate. i had no symptoms of hepatitis c mine caused liver damage. epclusa is only one pill, once a day, taken with or without food for 12 weeks. before starting epclusa, your doctor will test if you have had hepatitis b, which may flare up, and could cause serious liver problems during and after treatment. tell your doctor if you have had hepatitis b, other liver or...
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4:52 pm
and provides a 10% tax cut for everyone making under $250,000. tom's plan also makes health care a right, by adding a public option to obamacare. protects union negotiated plans. and ensures californians can make their own health care choices. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. the san francisco mayor is discussing legislation to discuss ending drug overdoses in the city. the mayor supporting the legislation that was introduced today by matt haney. it calls for creating san
4:53 pm
francisco's first, overdose prevention program. the legislation would grant a permit to create a supervised injection site after overdoses double last year. >> imagine them walking in the door, and getting a space where they are doing this inside, where it is contained. they are around people, who are treating them with respect, and making it clear to them, as soon as they are ready, we are there to help them. that is what this is about. >> last year, san francisco, there were 330 drug overdose deaths peer bay area environmental group is suing corporations that use plastic in their manufacturing. the lawsuit filed by the earth island institute names companies, including coca-cola, crystal geyser water, procter & gamble, and clorox. environment of group says plastic containers from the companies are polluting oceans, rivers, and the bay. even though the companies claim
4:54 pm
their recycled. >> these plastic peddlers, fals narrative, the big plastic lie, that they are products are recyclable, when the truth is, only about 10% of the products they produce will ever get recycled in facilities like this. >> earth island says they want the court to order them to reduce plastic production and pay for cleanup, among other things. >> a controversial bill is up for consideration in alabama. coming up next, we will hear from the lawmaker behind this proposed legislation that would force transgender athletes to compete under their birth gender.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
we are going to alabama, and a newly proposed bill. it will require transgender athletes to compete under their gender that was assigned at birth. >> jail explains how the controversy is popping up all across the country. spinning it will pass. >> reporter: alabama state representative, chris pringle is looking to pass a bill, known as the gender israel legislative act, or girl act. under the bill, transgender athletes in public schools must compete based on the gender
4:58 pm
listed on their birth certificate. >> what i am interested in is protecting the young ladies. they have trained and worked hard, and competed as a female. they should have fair competition. we know boys are stronger and faster. >> reporter: l.g.b.t.q.+ organizations say there is no evidence of transgender student dominance in athletics. >> the bill we see in alabama is a very dangerous and cruel effort to bar transgender children from important aspects of school life. >> reporter: this is an issue that reaches beyond alabama. transgender students are being victimized by a rash of bills across the country. nationwide, similar bills are being considered in georgia, ohio, tennessee, missouri, idaho, and washington state. seven other states have laws in place that limit transgender student athletes. >> we don't prevent them from
4:59 pm
participating, says they have to participate under the sex or gender assigned on the birth certificate. >> reporter: transgender advocates say the bill is an attack on one of the most vulnerable groups in society. >> if this were to pass, it was in a terrible message to transgender children and students in alabama and beyond. >> reporter: the actors heading to the house for a vote. if it passes, it will go to the senate for a final vote. if it passes, it will go into effect immediately.  in alabama, gayla whitfield, fox news. ktvu fox2 news at 5:00 is darts right now. this case could be the first possible instance of community transmission of covid- 19 in the united states, here in california. >> a turning point in the coronavirus, person has come down with coronavirus who has not traveled to china, or been on a cruise ship, or been around someone who has. that person is now being treated
5:00 pm
in northern california. once again, wall street is reacting, taking another huge hit today. the stock market suffered its worst, single day point drop in history. good evening everyone. the dow jones plunged nearly 1200 points today. investors are worried the coronavirus outbreak will wreak havoc on the global economy. that uncertainty made for a very rough week on wall street. >> here's what we know. the stock market has seen its worst week since october 2008. the dow is down more than 3200 points, and there is one more trading day this week. united states has its first coronavirus case of unknown origin. it is a woman that lives in solano county. she is being


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