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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 2, 2020 12:00pm-12:59pm PDT

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essential worker to be one and another night of looting a small outdoor social and what prompted the leo gatherings will be allowed with social distancing and then june police officers to open fired 15th outdoor religious at a walgreens store overnight. ceremonies will be allowed for despite some violence many groups up to 100 people. protests remain peaceful here things are changing hour by in the bay area and more on the hour and check the county by county information any time call for change following the death of george floyd. through the "ktvu" news app and if you check your instagram you ca lot of blank posts. we are keeping a good running list of what's open and where near the top of the page. it's part of blacked out we are really warming tuesday. how the music industry is things up across the bay area. paying special tribute in the news it noon starts right now. >> this is "ktvu fox 2 news" rosemary orozco joining us now with where the temperatures are headed for the week. rosemary? >> alex and gasia. temperatures news at noon. >> i am alex savidge in today for mike mibach. >> i am gasia mikaelian. almost 10-15 even 20 degrees warmer than where we were at this hour yesterday. downtown san francisco you can an officer involved shooting, break-ins and police chases rounded out the early morning see plenty of blue sky with hours of this day. they announced city hall is haze and air quality is moderate. no spare the air day. we are looking at a 19 degrees closed for the safety of the public and we have more from
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"ktvu" sara zendehnam. >>reporter: weekend of warm up over areas of santa rosa and up by 15 to fairfield and 12 in concord and even around the bay opened up by 12 demonstration slides into the new week. branching off were some who caused chaos. and palo alto up by nine and at 12:30 a.m. half moon bay up by seven. for today temp to 90s vallejo police say officers went to walgreens on redwood street for reports of looting. when police arrived several people came out of the building. one shot at police and another inland. already 89 degrees. ran to an unmarked police car 93 for fairfield. according to a source. upper 80s in brentwood. closer to the bay we have 81 in oakland. 72 sfo. officer shot one suspect who is in critical condition. he traced the car from that 78 in san francisco. seem to rodeo. a very comfortable 66 at half moon bay. the driver left the car and ran half moon bay had some fog early this morning. it has cleared pricey five before being arrested. walgreens wasn't the only store broken into. about a half-mile away clothing store cabal that was hit twice. miles of visibility for you there. >> it was really bad. earlier today it was less than a mile. a little bit of clearing they are. >> the owner is out about $30 the temperatures have adjusted just a bit. thousand between damage and the winds are bearable and generally light. stolen merchandise. novato is reporting 40-mile an
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hour gusts and oakland reporting >>reporter: a break in may have on shore at seven. left rather led to this chase. napa at seven. you can see the arrows below the numbers coming in from the north and northeast for some and it is that type of pattern that brings us the drier warmer air. they finally pulled a toyota we see cloud cover moves across over video shows someone the bay area coming in from the handcuffed in the police suv. south and mid and high level all this activity despite the clouds provide us with the citywide curfew that went into effect monday night. beautiful sunset and we want to take you to the "futurecast" >> the city is enforcing a model and we are looking at a curfew every night from 8:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. cool down and a slight chance that a few scattered showers contra costa county curfew. showers, saturday 7:00 a.m. and very similar to last week. we are starting out very, very hot and we cool down and introduce the possibility of rain. as far as today temperatures supervisors are holding an emis needed for are going to be 10-20 degrees safety reasons due to ongoing above the seasonal average. civil unrest and looting. 92 for santa rosa and 96 for supervisors say they have never livermore. seen this level of fear, anger 80 degrees in san francisco and to the south bay 89 and san and unrest. jose and into the extended several bay area cities are forecast and harder for tomorrow with the he is advisory expected. we picked
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enforcing their own curfews. antioch and walnut creek at the been drawn up cooldown on earliest from 6:00 p.m. thursday and by the weekend 60s at the coast and upper 60s to 5:00 a.m. san francisco's curfew is around the bay. quite the between 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. until further notice. in the south bay people are not roller coaster ride. when i come back we have details on that heat advisory. allowed on the streets in san jose and santa clara from 8:30 p.m. until 5:30 a.m. a countywide curfew in effect >> thank you, rosemary. wall street we go despite. for all of alameda county, including oakland, including a p.m. 's going higher. investors hope the gradual lifting of lockdown provisions to five a.m. will help economies recover until friday. the music industry is calling for a day of reflection in response to the death of from the covid-19 outbreak. the dow jones is up by more than one half of 1%. george floyd. organizers say the plan is to the s&p up by one third. disconnect from work and we finance deck still to come a connect with the community. artists and labels are using the hashtag #the show must be paused. many people are putting blank or all-black posts on social contribute to the two federal media pages to show their support. officers shot in oakland. one of them died and the other was seriously injured. the fundraiser underway and how democrats and republicans are at odds over president you can help. ♪when you have nausea, heartburn, indigestion,♪
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trump's threat of military intervention and civil unrest continues across the country over the death of george floyd. fox's ray bogan is in washington with more. >> the president held up the bible at st. john's church yesterday. >>reporter: the president is receiving criticism for his handling of the fallout from george floyd that. it comes after another night of peaceful protests that also included riots and attacks on law enforcement which followed a presidential speech calling for law and order. >> we would hope the president would follow the lead of so many other presidents to be a ♪upset stomach, diarrhea healer and not a failure of the relief pepto bism afast in a delightful chew with new pepto bismol chews. flame. >> republicans support the actions. >> first with justice you cannot have writing in the street. those two things should have puberty means personal space. so sports clothes sit around growing odors. not gone together. >> we can't have basic folks who want to rob businesses and that's why we graduated to tide pods sport.
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finally something more powerful than the funk. tide sport removes even week-old sweat odor. it's got to be tide. cause violence. >> monday night president trump made a white house peach saying using federal might. >> i will fight to protect you. >> as he spoke police officers used tear gas to clear a path for him to walk to the white house to st. john's episcopal hospital church across from lafayette park. the president and members of the administration stood in front of the church. >> it was an abuse of spiritual tools and symbols of our tradition and our sacred space. >> the curfew goes into effect again tonight at 7:00 p.m. in washington, ray bogan, fox news. hundreds of california national guard troops arrived in sacramento in anticipation of more protests against the death of george floyd and ordered thousands of priests to be on standby to work on social
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media. they are working to protect key infrastructure. the city council grade a local public emergency and enacted a citywide curfew. 500 service members have been sent to los angeles. still to come at noon. the number of cases continue to rise here in california. we break down the latest numbers as more and more cities expand their reopening plans. plus. >> nationwide protest could impact coronavirus recovery. we have the details coming up. at the solano towne center in fairfield looters use the piece of heavy equipment to get >> is shaping up to be a hot into the best buy store. one across much of the bay police have been trolling to keep vandals away from the area. shopping center. they reported there was looting and other stores around the mall. richmond police were called where there were large crowds in rosemary orozco has more on how high the temperatures could climb and how soon we could see some relief. the mall was not scheduled to reopen until tomorrow. police say vandals broke into the mall and they are not yet
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released any other information. a colleague is raising money for two federal officers who were shot while guarding the talents federal building in oakland. a white van pulled up and someone inside opened fire. dave underwood died friday night and another officer in serious condition. so far there has been no arrests. a go fund me campaign is raising money for the victims families. if you would like to donate go to "" and you find a link at the go fund me page. a police shooting that happened in hayward that wounded a suspected looter at a drugstore. henry lee explains its the latest in a recent string of police shootings in the city of hayward. >> the hayward department is investigating its third officer involved shooting in 12 days. civil rights attorney dontae says it's something that should there are so many toothpastes out there, which one should i use? not be concerned. try crest pro/active defense.
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it neutralizes bacteria for a healthier mouth than even the leading multi-benefit toothpaste. crest. at harter and mission darrell's family uses gain flings now so their laundry smells more amazing than ever. boulevard. as hayward police arrived several cars rushed out of the [woman] isn't that the dog's towel? parking lot and moments later an officer reported shots have hey, me towel su towel. been fired by police. more gain scent plus oxi boost the department has not said what and febreze in every gain fling. led up to the shooting. police found a male suspect with a gunshot wound to his who've got their eczema under, back. he was treated and released and with less eczema, you can show more skin. taken into custody. three other suspects were arrested with hayward's third so roll up those sleeves. shooting since may 20th. and help heal your skin from within with dupixent. dupixent is the first treatment of its kind that continuously >> very few police officers have to use their guns in the treats moderate-to-severe eczema, course of an entire career and or atopic dermatitis, even between flare ups. to see it three times typically that means there is a problem dupixent is a biologic, and not a cream or steroid. going on. >> it comes less than a many people taking dupixent saw clear or almost clear skin, killed the 61-year-old man they say lunged at him with the and, had significantly less itch. ninth. in the week before that the accused the suspect of fatally
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that's a difference you can feel. shooting homeless man. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. >> . serious allergic reactions can occur, >> the officers in both of those situations were reacting to a life-threatening situation that face them. >> nicole levari sent the first including anaphylaxis, which is severe. or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. two shootings says the recent so help heal your skin from within. spike means one thing. >> officers in hayward, as our officers everywhere, are and talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent. dealing with an increased level of violent crime they are trying to keep a lid on. this afternoon san francisco supervisors will thousands of people marched consider strict restrictions on and held demonstrations across the bay area with the message of being peaceful and we have hiring new police officers in light of the in custody death of george floyd in minneapolis. more. the resolution being presented at the board of supervisors meeting will prohibit the hiring of police officers with prior sustained findings of misconduct. >> two of the largest protests happened in the east bay siobhan walton and d.a., jason yesterday. thousands of people took part. the largest one was in oakland. take a look.
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>> we have nothing to lose but bodine, are set to announce the resolution in just a few minutes. today the california supreme court will hear anr scot our chains. >>reporter: 15,000 people peterson. gathered at oakland tech high 15 years after being found guilty for his wife and unborn school for demonstration calling for reforms in the criminal justice system in the way communities of color are son. they focus on the trial judge's treated and policed. decision to dismiss traverse and not to move the trial a >> most of us are young and hungry for change. >>reporter: they ranged to the second time. it was moved from modesto to read with the city but defense plaza and many of the people attorneys argued it was not enough. 47-year-old peterson is on death row and san quentin prison say police told the crowd to disperse before 8:00 p.m. and started firing tear gas as . still to come at noon. early as 7:40 p.m. amidst the damage across the bay to get people to leave. 80 people were detained and another 20 arrested for other violations. earlier in the day a area following looting of protests, volunteers lend a helping hand and what is being done to clean up the city of san jose. plus. more violence across the country despite curfews and the group of several hundred people threat of military intervention . that story coming up. marched through downtown walnut creek. >> we wanted to show that the white affluent suburbs also care about black lives manner. >> many share painful experiences as they call for
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reforms. >> people say we won't stand for people getting beat up for no reason or getting pulled out of the car. >> protesters moved to 680 blocking several lanes of traffic. police used tear gas and before that moments of harmony between protesters and police and the video was shared showing police nearing and solidarity with the protesters. >> even though there are no a lot of folks ask me why their dishwasher doesn't get everything clean. demonstrations planned for i tell them, it may be your detergent... oakland and walnut creek, both cities have curfews in effect and they started a p.m. and lasts until 5:00 p.m. that's why more dishwasher brands tomorrow morning. recommend cascade platinum... ...with the soaking, scrubbing and rinsing built right in. gasia. for sparkling-clean dishes, the first time. >> allie rasmus reporting live. thank you. cascade platinum. coronavirus is climb to a tide cleaners is offeringe free laundry services you. new high with 3000 new positive to the family of frontline responders. cases and brings the total visit to learn more. number of cases to more than 115,000 in california and the death toll stands at 4220.
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in the bay area there have been more than 14,000 cases confirmed and 446 deaths. people in marin county can eat in restaurants once again. you can only dine in once it is outdoors. for many customers it's been a long time coming. "ktvu", rob roth, tells us it's one of the many shelter in place orders. >>reporter: at people use to take for granted in marin county but not any more. for the first time marin county is allowing outdoor dining and restaurants. here at grazie the owner could not wait. >> it's really awesome without having people here. it's nice to have the people back. to almost normal life. >>reporter: to comply only
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eight tables are in play, hwear gloves. we know what we are supposed to do. we are cautious and careful and 100%. >> even with takeout service business is down 70% and customers are recommending the outdoor seating option. >> get out and the fresh air and have a nice lunch. >> the change comes as marin county health and human services department has rolled back the public health order and allows not only outdoor an investigation now underway after police shooting dining but use of office space, that happened during a night of child care services, summer looting in vallejo and happened camps, the reopening of parks around 12:30 a.m. this morning after officers and beaches and curbside library services. that comes as good news as the love to dance studio in lovato. responded to reports of looting at a walgreens store on broad st this is the first day of in several people came out and one
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person dance lessons after months of teaching dance moves on zoom. >> we get students back in the studio. >> anymore easing of restrictions will depend on the authorities. numbers. >> if we should see a southern another person was arrested after ramming their vehicle into an unmarked police car. a third person was arrested after leaving police on a chase into the city of rodeo. surge in cases or just a few minutes ago and hospitalizations, that may cause us to slow down a bit. an update on contra costa t we may pause on issuing further reopening guidelines. supervisors implementing a countywide curfew. during an >>reporter: the county says indoor shopping and outdoor religious services can resume in mid june if there are no surges emergency session, supervisors in the transmission of the coronavirus. rob roth, "ktvu fox 2 news." voted unanimously to approve the curfew for safety reasons because of ongoing civil unrest and looting. supervisors say they've never >> parking restrictions will be seen this level of fear and lifted in marin county. anger. that curfew will be in effect from 8:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. until further notice. park facilities with high touch equipment like playgrounds, gym we have just learned the equipment will remain closed, however. although it was loose and state of minnesota filed a people are required to wear masks or facial coverings when they are outdoors. human rights complaint against the minneapolis police department and the death of
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>> the were santa george floyd. unrest continues for another clara county further night in cities all across the country. fox's william la jeunesse says into phase two of the at times the violence is directed at police officers. governor's reopening plan. indoor shopping and outdoor dining as well as religious activities will be allowed to start back up. child care and summer camps and schools will be given the green >>reporter: another night of violent protests following the light to reopen at the end of death of george floyd. curfews in effect in both big the week. just a short time ago concho county health services is cities were largely ignored by issuing a new order to expand the counties reopening. >> we are opening up all indoor demonstrators, some of whom retail. that includes shopping remain peaceful. while others did not. the violence is increasingly directed at law enforcement. in las vegas two police malls and shopping centers. officers shot one in the head swap meets and insides of and in st. louis four officers stores. we are going to require that indoor shopping centers, they shot and all survived. are very high risk of people the police chief believes they congregating inside indoor were targeted. >> folks came down there just shopping center. we want to review their risk to steal and destroy property that was the purpose. mitigation plans to make sure >> in new york looters went on they have good plan to reduce a spree in the biggest shopping areas hitting nike, kate spade and others we are seeing a the risk of people congregating
12:16 pm
growing divide. >> the first person to break the window was of white female and it frustrated the hell out of me. >> meanwhile some protest groups are getting organized for a long effort. they want to force lawmakers to act while they are focused on the issue of racial inequality. exhegeorge floyd has ripped oped exposed the hypocrisy. put out at a moment when people are tired of it. >>reporter: looting is widespread in los angeles protesters blocking source of the looters cannot get in. in los angeles, william la jeunesse, "ktvu fox 2 news." the new order went into effect at 8:00 p.m. last night. police used tear gas to pick up a crowd that refused to leave
12:17 pm
city hall area. demonstrators were throwing rocks and bottles at police. 80 people were arrested for curfew violations and other offenses. several guns were recovered according to opd. last night's violent protest in oakland came hours after a large part peaceful demonstration happened in the city. thousands of young people gathered for a rally outside the technical high school and they came to express their outrage of the death of george floyd in minneapolis, as well as their hope for young people in america. >> most of us here are young and hungry for change. >> our demand of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has yet to be given to us. >> they wanted to turn the anger into action with the peaceful demonstration. a peaceful protest in the city of dublin shut down traffic near the dublin city center. they floodedtook for
12:18 pm
george floyd to die. they demand justice for george floyd and headed to the chp building were officers and patrol cars were lined up and they block traffic for a short period of time. >> police monarch week clashed with protesters after the city's curfew went into effect at 6:00 p.m. last night. walnut creek police state arrested several people for violating the curfew. police officers and demonstrators suffered minor injuries. the class came after hundreds of people gathered in downtown walnut creek demanding racial justice. walnut creek says most of the demonstrators are peaceful but several downtown buildings were damaged during those protests. a
12:19 pm
video posted on social media shows law enforcement officers moving on a group of protesters who walked onto interstate 680 in walnut creek. they blocked on the northbound lanes of the freeway for nearly one hour last night. >> protesters took to the streets of downtown san jose for peaceful demonstration. one of a number of smaller demonstrations. you can see the crowds near city hall and no word on protests getting out of getting out of hand or police making any arrests last night. mayor sam carter says people are meeting to clean up damage left behind from the protests. dozens of volunteers came out. graffiti is being scrubbed away and trash and other large items are being picked up and they were moved to act after seeing the chaos unfolding on television. >> we are trying to do our part
12:20 pm
and support the people who are hurting a lot right now and do what we can to take care of our city. >> as difficult as it has been on the ci, and everybody else, i feel like i have to do something to help. >> mayor samler kari osep the cleanup teams will head up tomorrow to continue to restore the city. >> as a precaution california state buildings that have offices in downtown areas of major cities are closed today. this includes the dmv and offices that provide workers and the state attorney general is shutting down its offices in oakland, san francisco, los angeles and san diego. employees are told they should plan on working from home. >> in philadelphia the former vice president, joe biden, talked about the death of george floyd and the powerful messages that came from it. >> i can't breathe. i can't breathe.
12:21 pm
george loyd's last. they did not die with him. they are still being heard and coming in all across this nation. >> biden said it's a wake-up call for america and time to listen to those words. he went on to criticize president trump's response and said the nation is crying out for leadership. california superintendent of public education, tony thurmond, is going to fight it within the school system in the state education department will offer online resources against racism and meet with educators, leaders, parents and students to solicit their ideas for tolerance and justice. thurmond said asked if what happened to george floyd could happen to them. >> you think about trauma, every time i think about what happens to george floyd. i'm haunted by the sound of his
12:22 pm
voice begging to breathe and begging for life. and we must address that, head on and you must have hard conversations. >> the state is looking for more ways to make school say first, say thurmond. the proposals include reducing class sizes and holding classes outdoors. >> the unrest being seen all across the nation right now is by no means the first time the u.s. has experienced something like this. "ktvu" maureen naylor with how the protests relate to the ones we've seen in the past. >>reporter: for the fourth straight day protesters held signs demanding change. following the death of george floyd in minneapolis. >> while the powder keg was lit with george floyd's death, it
12:23 pm
is ignited a much larger societal issues that our society has to address. >> from the protesters to the weekend looting of stores, california has seen this type of unrest before. the 92 riots were set off after four white police officers were acquitted in the beating of rodney king. >> a looter is not a protester. >> they researched the riots and they say protesters are younger and more diverse but the outrage is the same. >> what the protesters and looters have in common is the healing of disenfranchisement. >> the in minneapolis based target says they hope the looters don't detract from the main message. >> the line about now has to do with property and money. the people who are upset are
12:24 pm
talking about lives. >> breaking the law in this manner will never cause people to achieve what they need to get from a society that has disenfranchised them. >> to change that greg woods who teaches at police department training says one main thing needs to change. >> trust is the essential ingredient between law enforcement officers and members of the community and the trust that's the clue and without that we will see what we are experiencing now. >> in san jose, maureen naylor, "ktvu fox 2 news." >> more cities across the country are reopening for business and the new concerns about a possible second wave of covid-19. >> a big warm up and when we could see triple digit temperatures. "ktvu" rosemary orozco has your full forecast coming up. u cook,
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markets close in 15 minutes. the dow jones is up by more than one half of 1%. that is somewhat similar to what we see on the s&p that's up one third of a percent. the nasdaq up by 16 points and not quite a quarter% bump but still on the plus side. joe biden could take the presidential nomination as soon as today. eight states are holding
12:28 pm
primaries and political analyst calling it the super tuesday of postponed elections. four states including maryland and pennsylvania postponed the votes due to the pandemic. many states expanded the option to vote by mail. growing fear about another wave of coronavirus, as thousands protest nationwide over the death of george floyd. fox's doug quick floyd tells why some people are pushing for contact tracing. >> mission and governors allows dining in new jersey moves into its next phase by allowing outdoor dining and in person retail to resume. officials fear nationwide protests over the death of george floyd could impact recovery especially if asymptomatic people show up to the demonstrations. >> we have to respect the right for folks to peacefully protest and i would say where your masks
12:29 pm
. i would ask folks to please cover your face. >> infected people can pass along the virus before showing any symptoms. andrew cuomo said they risk under doing weeks of progress by not social distancing at protests. contact tracing will play a big part in potential outbreaks. >> if you can say i was in this location protesting in this time and that weight you know if someone tested positive that you could potentially be exposed. >> business owners try to recover from the coronavirus are facing another pet setback. some protesters have robbed or set fire to businesses putting some back at square one. >> we were on a team that was excited to be back to work. the team has no jobs anymore affect the pandemic's impact could last a decade. in washington, doug mckelway, "ktvu fox 2 news."
12:30 pm
new data from the federal government shows nearly 26,000 nursing home residents have authorities say that is nearly half nursing homes nationwide and based on reports received from about 80% of the nation's 15,000 nursing homes as of last week and california roughly 1700 patients and staff members have now died from the virus. skilled nursing homes and nonmedical assisted living facilities account for 52% of all recorded covid-19 death here in california. >> at least 60 cvs stores across 21 states are closed after businesses across the country were broken into and looted. the drugstore had not released a full list but most aren't cities with large protests
12:31 pm
including san francisco, los angeles, philadelphia and washington d.c. cvs is the phone lines will be transferred to nearby sites for transcription. stores wl bee to the public. whole foods are changing their hours so people can get home safely. whole foods is closing early in cities or counties or curfews are in effect and whole fields is changing online order windows for pickup and delivery. amazon changing its delivery schedules to help keep drivers safe. if you have been outside already today you know we are cranking up the temperatures, rosemary. a warm work week. what are we looking like in terms of the rest of the week. a cool down and store may be. >> today and tomorrow and we see a cool down. for those of you that can't stand the heat is not going to last too long. this week mirrors last week. we started out with the bank
12:32 pm
with the heat and we began to cool down by the weekend we had scattered showers move through and the very similar set up for the week ahead and giving a look here at san francisco with blue skies overhead in temperatures ranging from the mid 60s on the west side to upper 70s near downtown san francisco. let's talk about heat advisory in place for tomorrow. starts at 10:00 a.m. and goes until 9:00 p.m. and four north bay, south bay, valleys as well as hills and into the santa cruz mountains. it does not include the coast, san francisco, or a majority of the peninsula, as well as, our east bayshore. just inside the bay, no advisory. along the coast no advisory. it's for the inland cities and hills and goes for the entire day tomorrow. in addition to blue skies and sunshine cloud cover coming in from the south and this is associated with the system part
12:33 pm
400 miles across the southern california coastline. the wraparound brings the cloud cover into southern california and drifts north into the bay area. if you noticed the clouds outdoors, a high pressure strengthening the bay area is the bigger weather element going on and the winds are generally light. sfo reporting in northeast present five and hayward reporting seven coming in from the west and it is a variable wind out there but the flow coming from the north-northeast that the drive float that tends to warm us up. temperatures 10-20 degrees warmer than we when we were 24 hours ago. 76 reported now in downtown san francisco and 66 half moon bay and parts of the coastline started out with fog. that held you temperatures down just a little bit. a lot of old 80s and upper 80s
12:34 pm
to low 90s for the inner east bay. 93 over areas of fairfield and let's go to the north where we have other numbers. 92 grown oak park and 91 reported that pope valley and 60s along the coastline and areas near bodega play and salinas and as we go to the inner east bay low 90s print went as you come westward san leandro low 80s. 10 degrees from our east bayshore to inland cities. here is a comparison from yesterday into today. napa expected to be 10 degrees warmer and oakland warmer by 11 or so. livermore your afternoon high of 96. definitely a dramatic heat up being felt around the area. 86 san rafael and we go 82 and berkeley and 96 for concord. 76 degrees in the water and pacifica 80 degrees and upper
12:35 pm
80s to low 90s for inland cities and the inland cities continuing to climb getting into your bay area wednesday. not much change around the bay and we creep up a bit. our inland cities hitting the triple digit heat and the heat advisory for wednesday with the dramatic cool down coming thursday with temperatures tumbling into the weekend with a slight chance of scattered showers. upper 60s around the bay and low 70s inland. back to you. this morning president trump visited a shrine in washington d.c. honoring pope john paul ii. the latest ceremonial read and observed a moment of remembrance and the visit partner to focus on international religious freedom . coming up at noon. as protests continue or celebrities are getting involved. up next. more on their message of solidarity.
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george floyd's brother, terence, is calling for an end to the violence we are seeing in cities across the country if visited new york. terrence floyd told people destruction will not bring his brother back. >> he would not want you all to be doing this. and i am not saying, the people who's doing it relax on behalf of the floyd family. let's switch it up. >> amen. do this peacefully, please. >> former boxing champion floyd mayweather is blamed for the services and set from one week from today avoids hometown of houston. police officers
12:40 pm
dealing with protesters and cities across america is a symbol of solidarity. the scene took place in cincinnati as a crowd took up and cheers after police took a knee. we have seen more unity as police reach out to protesters here. ktvu shows us how law enforcement and critics are finding some common ground. >> as protesters take to the streets in the bay area summer getting support from an unlikely place. >> i appreciate you guys and your right to come in peacefully protests. you guys are awesome, man. >>reporter: a group of young protesters were told that in his 30 years on the job i've never heard anybody.
12:41 pm
>> don't paint us with a brush like that. my police department loves you. we work hard to keep you safe out here. we appreciate you so much. >> instead of anger and yelling there was this reaction. >> we hear you and we will make some changes. >> they were there for the right reason and they wanted me to hear them and i heard them. >> oakley's police chief at the same we can protest scene taking a knee and hugging a young african-american girl, clearly emotional. oakland police officers also taking any and in santa cruz police chief there dealt alongside the mayor and demonstrators. >> whether or not i was a cop and wanted to go and protest and say this is wrong. >> like many police officers chief mills says he was deeply disturbed by george floyd's death and wanted to send a message but only to the all of
12:42 pm
the communities. this is all part of who we are. >> you can tell when a hug means something. there are folks that needed to be hug is much as i did. >> back in brentwood the police chief and praised protesters and a message of understanding and peace at times lost amidst the chaos. as miss smith, "ktvu fox 2 news." more american companies are turning to social media to publicly condemn racism and discrimination. well-known companies ranging from nordstrom to netflix are posting messages going on record expressing the outrage over the police custody death of george floyd. they are calling for the end to police
12:43 pm
brutality and all forms of racism here in the u.s. a report from cnbc that facebook, mark zuckerberg, will discuss the company's policies regarding several recent posts. hundreds of facebook employees staged a virtual walk out yesterday criticize the company's decision not to flag some controversial posts. >> more celebrities showing support with protesters who were calling for change. >> we need justice for george floyd. >> we have to make sure that once this is done we have to occur in it comes to police brutality. >> beyonce push for justice on instagram. model chrissy stephen is bailing out protesters and justin timberlake, steve carell among several donating to the minnesota freedom fund. >> good to be with you here,
12:44 pm
gasia. for the latest news and weather download the "ktvu" news app and we will see you here at four. doctor oz up next. and how it affected their relationship. >> i kept my daughters away from my brother. dr. oz: plus, harvey weinstein's former assistant speaking out. coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: season 11 starts now. i became a doctor to help people heal.
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