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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 2, 2020 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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bay area. thousands march demanding justice for george floyd entry quality for people of all colors. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox2 starts now. they were peaceful but not silent. bay area protesters made their voices heard. hello again, i am frank somerville. >> immense for new dialogue across the country and in the bay area, where bay area protests were mostly peaceful. a redwood city, line of officers blocked the protesters from getting onto the highway this evening. the demonstration began at four clock this afternoon was organized by silicon valley black lives matter. this is been largely peaceful. we did see some people being detained. redwood city police said they arrested a person carrying a concealed machete. >> in oakland, hundreds of
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protesters marched to police headquarters near downtown, they expressed anger over the killing of george floyd and called for justice. for a time, group of demonstrators stood in a line, right across from a line of law enforcement officers at eighth and broadway. we did not see any confrontations from advantage white up high. hundreds marched through the streets of downtown san jose. most were on foot, some on bicycles. at times, the protesters were weaving in and out of traffic on east santa clara street. it was a heavy police presence in squad cars and motorcycles. about one hour ago, police began enforcing the 8:00 p.m. curfew. they did detain a group of people in front of city hall. we have no word on how many were arrested. a san jose native and pharmacy owner is speaking out today after his store was alluded. he said he had been serving the community during the coronavirus pandemic. now, he has to tell his customers that their vital medications must wait.
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azenith smith joins us now with his story. >> reporter: much of the pharmacy's inventory is wiped out either stolen or contaminated. the owner is concerned that the drugs are in the wrong hands. >> we've helped out the community for so long. this is such a slap in the face. >> reporter: james owns garcia pharmacy in downtown san jose. it's been around for 40 years. clearly frustrated by the looting that has occurred. sunday night, just before 9:00, the curfew went into effect, surveillance cameras captured someone throwing an object, smashing the pharmacies window. seven people seen running inside. that leaves wearing masks, stuff backpacks with bottles. they were there for two minutes. hundreds of patients medications were stolen. drugs to treat diabetes, epilepsy, blood pressure, just to name a few. >> it was chaotic. this medication all of the
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ground. >> reporter: left the same way they came in. the owner arrived shortly after. he believes the leaders came back a few times, but drove off once he started reading off their license plate to police. >> this is the first time i've ever felt scared and san jose. i was born and raised here. it was a weird experience to go through that. >> reporter: you said that thieves use a tire iron to break-in. during the theft, fire extinguisher went off, contaminating drugs. >> we don't know if they open bottles or switch medications. we don't know if they spit in them. >> reporter: he had to destroy most of his inventory. that thieves do not steal any opioids or morphine, they did steal antipsychotic medication. >> it the general public.>> reporter: the owners not sure why he was targeted. $50,000 worth of drugs was stolen. hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage done.
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he says the looting is affecting a lot more people than you think. >> i to say something. this is getting out of hand.>> reporter: the pharmacy is hoping to reopen tomorrow. the owner tells me they are filling out paperwork and documenting all that was taken. he said he did call police, and he is waiting for them to come by. he knows their hands up and tied. thank you, that report. small business owners in oakland this suffered from the writing are asking the city for help. the cost of repairs for many of the businesses is a second blow after the crippling coronavirus shutdowns. city leaders sadie attacked by community. >> our businesses are being impacted the higher us and that are owned by us.
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>> a group of business owners sent a letter to the city, asking for commercial rent and eviction protection. a freeze in forgiveness of city taxes during coronavirus closures, and other requests. three more bay area counties issued a curfew in response to looting and vandalism. san mateo county has an a:30 curfew tonight and tomorrow. contra costa county is under an 8:00 p.m. curfew until further notice and so is solano county. san francisco counties already established curfews. there is no countywide curfew in santa clara. san jose's order expires on thursday. in san francisco, supervisors debated whether to approve or reject the curfew implemented by the mayor on sunday.e supervisors discussed issue with the police chief and the sheriff. the order will expire on sunday. right now, the curfew begins a 8:00 at night and goes until 5:00 in the morning.
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two protest attracted hundreds of peaceful demonstrators in bay area cities that you may not think of as activist communities. amber lee joins us to tell us the protesters hope their message will lead to change.>> reporter: the protesters say the demonstrations are about saving lives, and changes needed to make that happen. >> reporter: a display of passion, energy, and diversity in vallejo as hundreds of protesters marched along the waterfront. >> many of the riots, and the looting's are not indicative of the united states of america.>> reporter: demonstrators a peaceful protest make this country great. the goal is to stay on message and prevent what happened in minneapolis to george floyd from happening to others in the black community. >> we are here for a reason, and a purpose. we want to live. we don't want to die. >> reporter: went black lives
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matter, all lives will matter. >> reporter: from vallejo, to the suburb of livermore, dozens of people, largely high school students, protested against racism at the intersection of first street and out livermore avenue. >> i cannot watch industry without having a target on my back. i liked where my hood sometimes, but i can't, i look like a threat. i'm not, i'm a harmless kid. >> reporter: there was a moment of silence as protesters took to their knees holding up signs. this was a moment for reflection and unity. >> it is heartwarming to see, not just people in inner cities, people do look like me, the people that don't. it's one thing for me to say there is injustice as a black person, but when other peoples of color can say the same thing on my behalf, and makes a more powerful.>> reporter: back in vallejo, the march culminated in a rally at city hall. >> this is the most critical
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time that everyone needs to join together. went to stand up for the people of color. >> reporter: protesters say they want the message to resonate beyond the demonstration. >> we are fighting now, nobody stood up for us. we will stand up for ourselves.>> reporter: protesters say they hope the peaceful demonstrations will promote dialogue and understanding. there calling all police departments to make changes in the way they deal with communities of color. that is amber lee reporting for us tonight. in marin county, this was the scene in sausalito this afternoon. a large, and peaceful protest. demonstrators were at the gateway shopping center on the border of sausalito and marin city. protesters said they wanted to pray, march, and speak out. out of minnesota, where the mother of george plays daughter spoke publicly for the first time. >> she does not have a father.
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he will never see her grow up, graduate, he will a lot never walk her down the aisle. if there is a problem and she needs her dad, she does not have that anymore. this is the mother of floyd 6- year-old daughter, that is her there the podium with her mom. you can see her expression, you cannot help but wonder if she understands what is going on, and where her daddy is common when he will come home. roxie washington's today along with stephen jackson. he was a friend of george floyd. the governor of minnesota announces civil rights investigation of the minneapolis lease department. this will review department policies, procedures, practices over the last 10 years to see if there is systemic
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discrimination, and how it can be fixed. coming up, and other police shooting in the bay area during a confrontation with a suspected looter. what we learned about the incident at a walgreens store. the presidential election, the democratic primaries in nine states, and where that leaves the nomination?
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protesters in new york city are facing arrest turner curfew went into effect. thousands have been marching in lower manhattan. the governor was openly critical of the mayor and the nypd for not being able to control the demonstrations after the massive looting last night. in vallejo, police opened fire on a suspect after responding to looting at a drugstore. henry lee says this is the second police shooting in the bay area under similar circumstances in the past two days.>> reporter: vallejo police shot a suspected looter. >> dispatchers that were causally calling out officers to move from one situation to another. >> reporter: the shooting happened after officers call people breaking into the drugstore at 12:30. sources tell us, suspect shot at officers and police returned fire, critically winning the suspect. another suspect rammed the vehicle before taking off in a
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nissan pickup truck. the suspect led officers and the helicopter on a 100 mile- per-hour chase where he was arrested. the shooting happened the day after hayward police shot and wounded alluding suspect at cvs. >> there are penalties to property crimes, lethal force is not one of these. >> reporter: melissa knowles that police have not provided details of what led up to the shootings.>> until we see proof between surveillance of these people posed a threat, it is still just excessive force like we see in any other case. >> reporter: a retired officer the trains law enforcement said officers are not shooting leaders. >> enters into a situation where it is life-threatening to the officers or someone else, they can turn into a shooting in a probably should.>> reporter: one clothing store was hit twice. the looting was prevalent. >> [ indiscernible ]
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>> reporter: in another case, vallejo police chased a car to richmond suspected in the theft. officers found stolen wigs and head dolls of the truck. >> what happened last i was criminal. that was a criminal event of packs of individuals ravaging businesses. >> reporter: at a news conference, city officials addressed the looting but not the shooting.:this was a correlated attack i organized individuals seeking to cause destruction and harm to our community.>> reporter: the city of vallejo will not tolerate the kind of lawlessness that we have seen over the last few nights. >> reporter: vallejo, like solano county is under curfew order from 8:00 p.m. until 5:00 in the morning. it will last through the next couple of nights. henry lee, ktvu fox2 news. we are following breaking news. skyfox spotted a fire burning here. this is off of appian way. there are homes in the area and a school. so far, it appears the fires
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burning through brush. firefighters are on scene. if we learn anything else, we will bring it to you. three people were killed this afternoon when a helicopter crashed in solano county. the crew of the helicopter was working for pg&e when they clipped an overhead wire and went down. the crash sparked a small grass fire near soda springs road outside of fairfield. the cal fire water truck responding to the scene overturn injuring three firefighters that were treated at a local hospital. joe biden is closing in on the democratic nomination after nine states held primaries today . this was the line to vote and a precinct in washington, d.c. today. the voters in indiana, maryland, rhode island, iowa, montana, new mexico, and south dakota cast their ballots. many contests were in states where the vote was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. that gave election officials time to expand mail-in voting.
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tonight, there were 500 delegates up for grounds. at the moment, joe biden has 1876 delegates. he needs 1991 declension the democratic nomination. that is expected to happen next week when west virginia, georgia, and kentucky hold primaries. coming up tonight, evidence of the pandemic has an impact on bay area rent. we will show you where the rent is dropping and one spot where it is still rising. also, san francisco restaurants are feeling the pinch again. how the pandemic, followed by the curfew feels like a double whammy. a heat advisory is in effect tomorrow. it will get hot. we have a big cooldown afterward. ♪ here's what we want everyone to do. count all the hugs you haven't given.
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all the hands you haven't held. all the dinners you didn't share with friends. the trips you haven't taken. keep track of them. each one means one less person vulnerable, one less person exposed, and one step closer to a healthier community. so for now, keep your distance. but don't lose count. we'll have some catching up to do.
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contra costa county officers are issuing in order to expand the county's reopening to include indoor shopping. the health order says residents will be allowed to go back to work, shop at local retail stores, get childcare, and gather in small groups. pet grooming, and/or museums, and shopping malls will be allowed to reopen with restrictions. the new health order goes into effect tomorrow. san francisco restaurant owners feel like they have been hit by a double whammy. first the coronavirus shutdowns, now the daily curfew. as we report, they are also worried about the possibility of vandalism.>> reporter: san francisco's restaurant scene has been decimated by covid-19. now, just as the restaurants were beginning the process of welcoming back customers, they are facing uncertainty and early closures. >> we have concerns.
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we want people to be safe and we want businesses to be secure and say. >> reporter: lori thomas is the executive director of the golden gate restaurant association, and runs two restaurants. both of them are currently closed. she says her organization of most restaurants support the demonstrations, and share the frustrations after seeing the video george floyd dying in police custody. she said the knights of unrest and the curfew are adding new burdens on struggling businesses. the restaurant workers are allowed out after the curfew, but many restaurants are closing early so workers are not put at risk coming to or from work. >> it is causing our members ho reporter: she says black and brown owned restaurants are feeling the impact, as our workers and all restaurants, onto people of color and immigrants. the golden gate restaurant association says the unrest and curfew are adding to the
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uncertainty about how the coronavirus will impact business, delaying restaurants looking to reopen outdoor businesses on june 15. >> some folks say they will put the plans on hold. this too much uncertainty. also, we are concerned, there could be an outbreak of covid- 19. >> reporter: she is urging people to listen to one another at this critical moment in time. the golden gate restaurant association is urging people to support local restaurants by ordering takeout. the restaurant is to keep 100% of the money when it is takeout. in san francisco, ktvu fox2 news. the pandemic is having a big impact on the cost of rent in the bay area. the rental search engine tells the chronicle that the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in san francisco fell more than 9% in may. mountain view saw drop of nearly 16%. however, in oakland, the rent is going the opposite direction. a one-bedroom was up nearly 5%.
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the ceo says renters could be heading to the east bay because it is less expensive than silicon valley, and more people are able to do their jobs from home. stitch affixes laying off 18% of their workforce. they are based in san francisco. this move will affect 1400 personal stylist in california. the company says they plan to fill the positions with stylus from other states where the cost of operating is lower. this is a subscriber based company that relies on personal stylist to select and ship out clothing to customers every month. best buy also says they are planning temporary layoffs of about 460 employees of bay area stores. workers in pleasant hill in san rafael will be affected. workers at bed bath and beyond are being laid off. so far, 40 million people across the country have lost their jobs since the coronavirus pandemic began.
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so you may have noticed the heat today. it was warmer in the city. temperatures got up a few degrees everywhere. tomorrow, we warm up again. this will illustrate that. the bottom numbers are today. this is concord and 96. tomorrow, it will be at 100 degrees. mib more than that. the real hotspots will be fairfield and out toward the eastern side of the livermore valley. these areas will be at 101 or 102. that's why we have a heat advisory. thursday is warm. friday, saturday, sunday, temperatures plummet. is temperatures are down in the 70s. they are not in the 90s are low 100s. we have no fog at the coast. the heat is coming from the south or the southeast. it is moving toward us. this is down in this area. when the heat comes from death valley, and has more of an impact on the valet spots.
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that is where the biggest or the most temperatures will be. the plan will be warmer than today because it is warmer right now. it is a degrees warmer concord go. san francisco will get into the 80s tomorrow. the beaches will be in the low 70s. the high-pressure will echo on thursday. around this time, we can watch the big change. watch for the clouds go by friday. we would have a chance of showers. this is a much cooler pattern, no matter how you cut it. with that in mind, we will see temperatures significantly cooler after tomorrow. i said that like five times, didn't i? it is 102 in brentwood tomorrow. these are the hottest lots. the santa clara valley with the heat advisory, it is in san jose, not san francisco. this is a five day forecast with the trend from wednesday
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through sunday, temperatures go like this, on a decline. we have a good-looking weekend. we could have a sprinkle on saturday. i will see you back here tomorrow night. thank you, we will see you then. the nfl decided teams will hold camps at the main facility is due to the coronavirus. marcus coming up to tell us what that means for the oakland raiders, ne
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good evening everyone, and coming to you from napa, you know the mantra for the nfl since the pandemic has basically been, business as usual. today, ada speedbump as the commissioner announces, they will have to change something, like the training camp situation. raider fans, listen up, this will affect you.
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the commissioner says all 32 teams have to have summer training camps held at the main training facilities. also, no joint training sessions. they want to cut down on travel. the 49ers always trade in santa clara. it does not affect them, the oakland raiders like to go here. it will not happen. henderson, nevada is the place to be if you want to see the raiders train this summer. you would think all the trouble that people seem to get into when they tweet without thinking, they would learn before hitting the send button. another one, today, without thinking, that would be the longtime play-by-play man of the sacrament of kings, grant made a stupid decision before twitting out, all lies matter, in response to a question about black lives matter.'s employer
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called it particularly insensitive, he was the play-by- play man for the sacrament of ngtalk show out in the central valley sacramento area. on a much lighter note, we have time to check this out. many of us have played a little catch or bat and ball with our dads. this is father and son, a dad pitching to a son, the kid strikes out, dad gives them no mercy commies like get up kid, pick yourself up. and that is exactly what the kid did. he smacks his dad was a line drive. dad, got instant karma. that is the splife. that brings back instant karma.
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thank you. thank you for joining us tonight. we will see you later everyone. claire: honey, do you need me to move the car? oh, it's not in the way. okay. oh, no! iron cross! she's going down! oh, god. phil... you okay? yes. i am. i am okay. honey, why do we keep this car? it's a classic! no, it just sits here. and the seatbelts don't work. the doors stick. it leaks fluids. we haven't put fluids in it in 10 years. well, i'm gonna fix all that anyway. and then, uh, it's gonna be haley's car. oh, we're not giving this car to haley. it's way too easy to fit a mattress in the back. remember? oh, no. we're selling it. what?! mm-hmm. unless you don't think you can. seriously? you can't. you honestly think that's gonna work? you can't sell it.


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