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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4pm  FOX  June 4, 2020 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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>> colleges will be able to track students so the rest of the student body does not have to be quarantined. >> as the common economic damage is climbing. a decrease in claims from the week before, but the
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about 10%. >> i think we can move these numbers quickly, even though they are going to have some jobs that are definitely going to take longer to come back. >> the white house is expecting a possible spike in cases from protests throughout the entry. mike emanuel, ktvu fox 2 news. 's to more states, counties and cities reopening, but it will not look the same in the aftermath of coronavirus. that includes changes to the casino experience in las vegas. we are joined by where gambling can return. >> guests finally welcomed back to the las vegas strip. that is the sound of vegas reopening.
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the strip has been dark since march because of covid-19, but now casinos are ready to turn the lights back on. >> we have been closed for 11 weeks, i couldn't be more excited to finally get back to what we do best. and we think the world is ready for some relief. we think the world is ready for an escape. but, we want to do it in a measured, controlled and safe way. >> casinos had to follow certain guidelines including strict capacity to 50% to apply social distancing measures and conduct and enhance planning court cleaning protocols. >> is just integrated into the overall expense. >> guests at the bellagio will have their temperatures scanned, and barriers will separate players at table place. >> if you want to get your cards, all the behaviors you have done before, it is the same. >> guests are excited to be back.
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>> i've been trying to come back for the last couple of months, but i got the opportunity to come back this weekend, so, i'm here. >> while the vegas experience look different right now, ceo saying it won't be this way forever. >> vegas will come back and go back to what it is. first stage is to get open, which i think we are going to successfully do, to be safe about it along the way, to be thoughtful, and to be patient about it. >> masks are mandatory for employees, optional for guests, and restaurants and pools will also reopen, but nightclubs and entertainment shows will have to wait for the time being. in las vegas for ktvu fox 2 news. from the pictures that were just in your piece there it looks like a lot of people are feeling confident in the changes in may. did you get a sense that people were in fact feeling good about what they were seeing about the steps that these casinos are taking? >> they were. i mean there was a good crowd here this morning, about 50%
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were wearing masks, and 50% weren't. but everyone i talked to was really pleased with the changes. they will temperature scan all guests that come in and have the plastic barriers separating players, so there is a lot of different changes, and people are happy about it. also people are excited to see the strip turned as neon lights back on. it has been eerie here for a couple months. so that is exciting to see. >> a lot on the line, for the rest of the casinos in the region as we see this play out. in brown, i'd appreciate it. thank you. tensions are rising between the u.s. and china over the origins of the coronavirus, and the warnings that were put out to the world early on. joining us now to talk more about these issues is retired brigadier general, robert spalding, who is a senior fellow at the hudson institute. it's really good to have you on. we have heard president trump accuse china of essentially covering up the coronavirus crisis in those early stages. what is the evidence that we
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have to that effect? >> will thanks for having me on. yeah, xi jinping announced, was in charge of the coronavirus, on the seventh of january, and of course on the 14th of january, the w.h.o. tweeted there was limited transmission, of course they took that tweet down, at the same time, we know that from the 13th of january to the commonest party of china knew about transmission through immediate reports in china. then of course it continued to allow people to travel, it was a peak travel season because of chinese new year. all the way up until the 23rd of january when they closed. of course when they did that, they also started awarding, acquiring ppe, all of this, while trying to portray that there was no danger from human to human transmission. and pressuring the world health organization to not say
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anything about transmission. >> there has been that, according to that china did try to stop the w.h.o. from sounding the alarm on the covid-19 outbreak back in january. why, why is that significant when you have potentially china applying that kind of pressure to a world health organization? >> well, because with the taiwanese found out in december, when they sent researchers to china to wuhan, because they had heard about this, and they didn't get the right answers. they came home and immediately began to institute measures like boarding your plans on january. they learned you reporting coming out of the chinese communist party. so we have every indication to believe that the chinese communist party leadership deliberately did this, because xi jinping, by his own account,
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was in charge and really tried to gain an opportunity or advantage from the fact they were allowing these people who were sick to leave. and because we blocked travel to the u.s., they actually went to europe, and from europe, the infection spread to our east coast. that is why our east coast has the most infections today and most deaths. >> let me ask you, though, about the decision president trump last week, pulling the u.s. out of the world health organization, again. because of what he says is that organization working directly with china to cover up the outbreak. did that make sense to you, in the middle of a global pandemic? there was some criticism of that move, including from republicans, who say in the long run that only benefits china? >> well see the problem is, is that the chinese communist party has infiltrated not just the united nations and the world health organization, and the world bank, but they have
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done so in a way that actually doesn't promote global health. and so, health is not a political issue. but because of the nature of the totalitarian regime, they made help a political issue, and they've tried to create a bandage for the chinese communist party, based on health. that's not something that we should play around with. and i think the united states needs to get together with other free nations and ensure that we are transparent when it comes to health. if we can't get that from authoritarian regimes, because of the nature of their political system, then we need to be less connected to those nations, because clearly, global pandemics are not in our interest or the interest of the rest of the free world. >> arch. let's step back a little bit and talk big picture in terms of the relationship with china in light of the endemic. we have long-standing friction
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between the two countries over trade, over human rights issues, how much has the pandemic strained this relationship? and where do you think things are headed? >> i think it hasn't strained it so much, it has just made people aware of the nature of the relationship. it has you say it is strained, it has actually been quite positive from the standpoint. i spent 27 years in government for that time. it was very much about strengthening the chinese government, strengthening the chinese communist party, and the failed, democratized them, they closed down and oppressed their people more, and took advantage of their system more. i think it is recognition by the american people that this relationship is not in our interest today, and because of the nature of the regime. >> all right an important conversation, we have to leave it right there. appreciate your insight. retired brigadier general, mr.
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spalding, thank you for coming on. >> thank you so much. lots of sunshine today, once again, and another hot day in length. but finally some relief in sight . and major cooling as we head into the weekend, we will have an updated forecast, coming up. ♪ here's what we want everyone to do. count all the hugs you haven't given. all the hands you haven't held.
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all the dinners you didn't share with friends. the trips you haven't taken. keep track of them. each one means one less person vulnerable, one less person exposed, and one step closer to a healthier community. so for now, keep your distance. but don't lose count. we'll have some catching up to do.
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james mattis, criticized for , criticizing president trump to use the military as a reporter ray bogan explains, the defense secretary is also expressing concerns. >> reporter: more than 10,000 people have been arrested during protests in the wake of the death of george floyd. according to a tally from the associated press, the charges range from curfew violations to looting and assault on police officers. despite some peaceful protests turning violent, defense
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secretary, mark asper, said wednesday, it is not time for the president to use the insurrection act. >> active-duty forces should only be used as a matter of last-minute resort. and only in the most urgent and dire of situations. we are not in one of those situations now. >> as for, active-duty troops will remain on base in the dc area. meanwhile the presidents former defense secretary, general james mattis is strongly criticizing his handling of george floyd's death and protests. he wrote in a statement to the atlantic, donald trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the american people. he tries to divide us. he added, militarizing our responsery and civilian society. the president respd most overrated general. glad he is gone. >> reporter: here in maryland,
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larry hogan was asked about sending in troops to protect. they were not involved in clashes with protesters. reporting for ktvu fox 2 news. the bay area weather, another day of full sunshine, fog-free weather, but the immediate coast or right around the bay, you noticed that cooldown. inland, probably no change for you. right around 100 degrees. we will eventually cool off those numbers, in fact, and eventually big time, a sudden drop in numbers in your friday forecast. take a look. in fact yesterday the hottest day of the week pretty much the same though. i should say inland, and we do bring down those numbers for friday and into the weekend. so take a look at those readings for today, some of the pulmonary highs, and everybody has a down arrow, it's not just by a few degrees, livermore, 100 degrees, only in the upper 70s for tomorrow.
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so there is some relief on the way. right now though, as you can see, it is 102 degrees in fairfield. santa rosa, 92, san francisco, 66 degrees, as we head and show you the current winds. we can see an onshore breeze, and that will wrap up as we head into tonight and tomorrow, bringing that cooldown. the temperature change compared to yesterday, most areas a bit cooler, but not even noticeable for livermore and out toward concorde orfeo feared fairfield. here is a satellite. and right now as you can see, look at this, we have some fog we are tracking out towards central california. that is approaching the bay area. so this cloud deck, you see nice circulation, as this makes a turn closer to monterey bay, so that cloud deck will be approaching the bay area. the fog later on this evening, and into tomorrow morning. outside right now, lots of clear skies, looking out towards san francisco. san francisco maxed out in the lower 70s and overnight lows will, partly cloudy skies, fog
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near the coast and portions of the bay to start out the day. this has been the setup, this big area of high pressure blanketing a good portion of northern california. we have the 60s and the 90s tomorrow. it is the last hot day inland. today was the last hot day inland, and as we head toward the weekend but more of a drop off in those numbers. here is the forecast model showing you this. low clouds and fog near the coast and bay. and into the afternoon hours, hardly cloudy skies into the weekend. this is your saturday. lots of clouds to start out saturday morning, and there is still a slight chance of maybe some sprinkles or maybe a light shower, saturday morning and partly cloudy skies by the afternoon hours. it looks like the best shower chance will to the north of the bay area. so not like last weekend, where we had the thunderstorms developing this weekend we are expecting a major cooldown.
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in the forecast highs, only in the upper 70s to right around 80 degrees. here is a look ahead. if you are not a fan of the heat, you are also bracing the five-day forecast and fog as well. winds will be a factor over the next few days, into saturday, it could be blustery. we will gradually bump up those numbers into early next week for monday and into tuesday. so there is the fog will come to the rescue, so relief in sight as we head to friday. all right, thank goodness for that. mark thank you. thousands of bay area students are graduating without nontraditional walk across the stage to get their diploma. but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate their achievements. so we hope you join us this saturday morning, as we honor the oakland unified school district's class of 2020. ktvu is proud to team up with usd in spotlighting standup students. we will hear from bry t speaker
4:48 pm
will include commencement speaker, u.s. senator pamela harris. ktvu hosts this saturday, june 6th, at 11:00 a.m., right here on ktvu. a quick walk, but joined steps for a graduating high school senior. next, here on the 4, the culmination of a two year process since a devastating neck injury.
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now to a beautiful story, an east bay high school senior received his diploma after overcoming an injury so severe that left him paralyzed, but not beaten. we spoke with this teenager about succeeding against all odds and despite all the obstacles. >> ryan joseph!
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>> the short walk across the stage at college park high school in pleasant , but for ryan joseph this was a injury that left him paralyzed but not broken. >> it's great. it's really special having everybody out here with me. >> two years ago, he suffered a spinal cord injury during a wrestling meet. he was left paralyzed from the neck down. he needed a ventilator to breathe. >> being able to stand and walk across that stage, that should, you know, a year and a half of extremely hard work. i don't think anybody really has their perfect high school experience, you know. mine was just this. so. you know, it's good it wasn't worse. >> ryan spent two years here in
4:52 pm
colorado that specializes in spinal cord injuries. this video was taken last summer when ryan took his first unassisted steps. he missed his friends back home. >> i was physically alone, but everybody here was rooting for me. and it made it a lot better. >> we caught up with ryan after he returned home over winter break, where he continues to rehab. he returned to school in january. >> i feel pretty good. i've been working out, so i'm just trying to keep easy. you know, i'm obviously in a wheelchair, it's not perfect. >> get past that where he can breathe and he can regulate his body temperature a little better, when he could first eat . all those types of things seem really big. even now, two years later, just two months after being back in class, the pandemic forced schools to close, preventing ryan from being with his friends. he expects to attend diablo
4:53 pm
college in the fall, and he has these words for anyone who may be struggling. >> you can't quit. you've only got one life. soak so, you know, finish we start. >> reporting for ktvu fox 2 news. >> so many times over the past week we have seen angry, tense confrontations between police and protesters. there have been many moments of solidarity between those groups. >> this moment of hope was caught on camera in washington, d.c., a woman and officers came together to pray for protection and strength. yesterday the woman asked if she could pray for them, telling them that she knows their job is difficult and dangerous. >> the l.e.d., l.e.d.
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fairgrounds will serve as a drive-in theater. the fairgrounds will show movies on friday and saturday nights. each card is $30 or $25 if you purchase in advance. indiana jones and the raiders of the lost ark will be the first showing, next weekend. some of the other movies to be shown include goonies, greece, and jurassic park. it should be fun. a suspect emerges in the 13- year-old case of a missing british girl. i'm in london with all the details, coming up. look here, it's your very own all-in-one
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outrage over towards floyd 's death has to th it, and other symbols of the old south have become targets for graffiti, as well as destruction. in philadelphia, cruz took down a statue of a former mayor and
4:57 pm
police commissioner, frank rizzo. he became a symbol of racism in 1970s, and he famously told locals to, vote white. >> i believe we can start again in the process of healing their communities. >> back in virginia, the governor announced plans to remove the robert e. lee statue from the state capitol as soon as possible. it could be a big break in the disappearance of madeleine mccann. she is the little girl who disappeared from a hotel room in portugal, back in 2007. as benjamin hall explains, now investigating a new suspect in the 3-year-olds disappearing. >> german police say they believe a british girl who went missing 13 years ago is dead. madeleine mccann was 3 years old when she disappeared on a family vacation to portugal. authorities are investigating a 43-year-old man on suspicion of murder. the suspect is believed to have
4:58 pm
spent time in the same vacation town as mccann, around the time of her disappearance. police, not releasing his identity, only saying he is white with short blonde hair and a slim build. they are asking whether people remember seeing him in the area. >> translator: we are asking for the cooperation of the public. i can call on everyone, as far as we are able, to react to this call to help. >> reporter: madeleine's parents say they left her and her siblings asleep while they went to have dinner with friends. a van, pictured where madeleine and her family were staying. >> at various times, he used the vehicle to live in and certainly the week preceding he was in their living. so he would move around the area using that van as probably his base. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the family says they remain hopeful that the girl is life. >> they have never given up, nor will they, until they are
4:59 pm
presented with any incontrovertible evidence to the contrary. they need to know, as they need to find peace. >> reporter: police say the suspect is currently in prison for a different crime. in london, benjamin hall, fox news. ktvu fox 2 news at 5 starts now. it comes on the same day three officers accused of killing him made their first court appearance. good evening. i'm juli working from home tonight. >> i'm frank sommerville. it was an emotional day in minneapolis were people gathered at a memorial service. he was 46 years old. he got -- died in police custody after officers pinned his knee on floyd's neck for more than eight minutes. his brother was among the
5:00 pm
speakers at the service today. he says his brother has touched people's hearts. >> you come to the third ward where we are from. people are crying right now. i am just staying strong as i can because i need to get it out. i need to get it out. everybody wants justice. we want justice for george. he is going to get it. >> my apologies. i misspoke a moment ago. he died 10 days ago, not 10 years ago. this was the first of several memorials for the man to his death has touched off national outrage. there will be a private service in north carolina near where he was born. will be a public service in houston texas which is where george floyd grew up. now we had to fremont, a march getting underway to remember george floyd and to demand changes and how the city police as their schools and the


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