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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  June 8, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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momentum in several communities focusing on police departments calling for the police to be defunded and restructured. we have the details. coming together to honor a deputy killed in the line of duty and what we know about the suspect and the possible ties to another investigation. >> this is "mornings on 2." >> thank you for joining us and welcome to "mornings on 2." i am dave clark. good morning. i am pam cook and it is monday morning, june 8th. thank you for coming back dave clark, we missed you. >> we miss you too. we hope you had time to relax a little break from everything. >> yes. >> okay. let's check in with steve paulson. it's been windy and we worry about fire danger and let's check in with steve. how does it look today?
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>> more of a north wind and dave welcome back sir thank you, steve. we do have a northerly breeze that will not be as robust as over the weekend the temperatures bump up and it's cool this morning and rain develops in the sierra and that system swept through some rain to the north. 51 in santa rosa, in livermore 49. northerly breeze to the valley and i will show you that in his second and a cool morning will give way. sunny and warmer there should north wind out of vacaville, travis, nodded air napa airport but now they are both at 60 degrees. a warmer forecast below responsible for the wind and cooler temperatures kicks east and the high bills in which allows temperatures to go back up. livermore in san jose pretty close to average but the city and oakland is above. heading over to sell now and a happy monday. it seemed to use,
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steve. we have traffic doing well around the bay area and we are off to a nice start and we don't see much going on and if you look at the bridges traffic is moving along nicely and there are no problems on any of the bridges including the bay bridge or the san mateo bridge heading out to the other side and traffic is good on the east bay freeways as well. 4:02 a.m. and let's go back to the headlines. happening today. more details expected about the possible link between saturday's deadly shooting of the santa cruz county sheriff's department sergeant and last month killing of a security guard in oakland. yesterday in santa cruz a big crowd honor the memory of sergeant damon cuts weller. >> what i think about community policing and how we please here in santa cruz county, damon is the picture of community
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policing. the sergeant was killed while investigating of white van filled with guns and explosives and followed by law enforcement to house when those deputies were ambushed. because weller was killed and his family and friends and coworkers described him as being kind, caring and patient. >> when you look at his picture you will see everything you need to know. warm eyes and a kind smile. he was a very gentle man. >> injured in the ambushed the sheriff's deputy and chp officer . for chp officers a hand injury and the sheriff's deputy is in the hospital and expected to recover. the fbi is investigating whether that white van is the same van seen speeding away from the oakland federal building on may 29th, after security officer dave patrick underwood was shot
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and killed. travis air force base confirms the suspect, staff sergeant stephen carrillo has been stationed at the air force base for almost two years and part of a military police unit. his wife who was in the airport, committed suicide back in 2018 while stationed in south carolina. in a statement the fbi pointed to the possible link between rio and the federal killing of a guard outside the federal courthouse. they're working with the santa cruz sheriff's department to determine a possible mobility and/or links to other crimes in the bay area to include the shooting of the fps officers in oakland. governor gavin newsom ordered flags to be flown at half staff. they said jennifer and i extend our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends and coworkers are santa cruz county share serve it and
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he will be remembered as a hero and a loving husband and father. protesters gathered in several bay area cities in the latest demonstrations and response to the police custody death of george floyd. sky fox flew over the scene as thousands of protesters rode through the streets of downtown oakland. last night's black solidarity live was intended to pay tribute to the african americans killed by police officers in the bay area and across the country. hundreds of families circle lake merritt for kids march in support of racial justice. it began at children's fairyland many parents walking around the lake and organizers say the crowd was so large they had to form a second line to lake merritt which stretch down grand avenue.
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a large crowd of peaceful protesters arched through lafayette and mount diablo boulevard in the city's downtown area. at one point the demonstrators took in the contribute to george floyd. happening today. public defenders in contra costa county, san francisco, alameda and santa clara county are coming together in protest. at noon groups were gathered in front of their respective offices in support of black lives manner. participants plan to march past the police station and the courthouse and and at the public defenders office it will take part in an eight minute 40 for second woman assignments in memory of george floyd. happening today. house speaker national policy.
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it would overhaul legal protections for the police and create a national database of incidents of excessive force and sent new standards for training. nancy pelosi will unveil his scheduled at 7:30 a.m. this morning. the time is now 4:05 a.m. protesters have remained peaceful throughout the weekend and the president is going for national guard troops to lead. lucas tomlinson has more on the developments in the nation's capital. walking around the white house it appears national guard troops have left. so first sunday all is peaceful. that wasn't the case last week with the army secretary said five national guard troops were hit in the head with bricks amid violent protests in the next day there was a heated meeting were president trump ordered 10,000 active-duty soldiers deployed on city
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streets. a report the attorney general denied. >> that is completely false, completely false. >> the president did not demand that? >> no. he did not demand that. >>reporter: he said just given in order for the national guard for withdrawing from national d.c. now that everything is under perfect control. far fewer protesters showed up than anticipated. ryan mccarthy said sunday all out-of-state national guard troops will be withdrawn from washington d.c. very soon. over the weekend thousands took pan black lives matter protests. d.c.'s mayor said there was no plans to defund the police as black lives matter's have demanded as well as hilary clinton's former spokesman. >> what i know is public safety and washington d.c. and what our needs are in washington d.c.
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we have not invested up anymore or penny less than what we need . >> defund the police was written on 16th street right by the black lives matter bureau. lucas tomlinson, fox five news. happening today. a public viewing will be held for george floyd in houston a day ahead of the funeral tomorrow. derek chauvin who was charged with killing floyd is scheduled to make his first court appearance. they are facing long prison sentences if found guilty of their charges. nine in minneapolis city council members announced plans to disband the city's police department. at a rally yesterday the council president told demonstrators that she and a colleagues are committed to ending the city's relationship with the police department in the minneapolis city council is
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a total of 12 members that means a vetoproof majority for dismantling the police department. >> here because george floyd was killed by the minneapolis police, we are here because of minneapolis and in cities across the u.s. is clear that our system of policing is not keeping our communities safe safe. >> the minneapolis police department did not immediately respond to a request for comment. on saturday mayor jacob frey was chase from the protests after saying he does not support abolishing the police department. >> you are asking whether i'm for a structurally racist system the answer is yes. whether i will do everything possible to push back on the inherent inequities built into the architecture, the answer is yes.
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minnesota congresswoman ilhan omar was at the protest and told demonstrators that she fully supports dismantling the police department. the funeral for george floyd will be held in houston at 9:00 a.m. our time and be carried live and uninterrupted on ktvu. plus, live updates on "mornings on 2", channel two that is, and we will stream it live on the "ktvu" news app. the time is now for 11:00 a.m. and we are talking about your weather as we begin a new day and new week. how does it look for us? >> warmer and not as windy. it was howling. i don't know about where you live it was 40 miles an hour over the weekend and cranked up . no rain here but rain and snow in northern california north east and over the sierra and that was part of the system and that's pretty impressive for june. you can see that winding down and it's gone and high-pressure
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is about ready to does it is clear skies greet us here. the air mass is pretty dry and temperatures were quite cool and way below average. delay is bumping up from 69 to 80 and a northerly breeze tobaccoville and travis so for the quail fire there will be a north wind, not a west northwest and this is drier humidity for you 44% and 57 and north at 16 and 51 degrees and 57% humidity and there are big differences there on some of the terms but there will be a north wind. 38 lakeport. how about that? 60 in vacaville because of the north wind. in livermore is down 49 and there is a north breeze, mount diablo north at 37 and slightly offshore in the north.
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the water temperatures go right on down. 51 bodega bay, cold. san francisco buoy and friday it was 58 and now 51. highs moving offshore and it's a warmer forecast and this time of year it doesn't take much. we will bump up these highs probably into wednesday and back off a bit on thursday. breezy and warmer and not as busy as it was. 60s to 80s and temperatures continue to bump up to wednesday and get some 90s and it looks like another system moves in for cooldown and more of a breeze expect the time is 4:13 a.m. the bay areas continue to reopen and city services are coming back as well. coming up. were street sweeping in the issue of parking tickets will resume plus. >> it's like a dantes inferno type of thing. >> this weekend's windy weather
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." for 16:00 a.m. the california department of corrections say 50 more inmates in marin county have tested positive for covid-19. that brings the total number of cases at the maximum security prison to 500 since the pandemic began. so far no deaths linked to the virus have been reported at san quentin. the latest state numbers show the pandemic in california is going to more than 130,000 total cases. within 4800 people across the state have died since the pandemic began. there are now more than 15,000 confirmed cases, 460 people in
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the bay area have died. >> the time is now 4:16 a.m. and starting today carter county health agency is allowing churches and other houses of worship to reopen but there are several tough new restrictions and if you go to the services you have to provide name and contact information. outdoor services can have more no more than 100 people and indoor services have been a limit of 12 people. hugs and handshakes will not be allowed and face coverings are mandatory. also today the new rules for facemasks take effect in the city of berkeley and everyone has to wear a face covering anytime you go outside of your home and you are required to put on the facemask whenever you come within 30 feet of another person while you are outdoors. don't forget you can get complete county by county information on the bay area's reopening plan on the ktvu news app and there's a list of what is open and where right near
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the top of the page. all evacuation orders from the quail fire burning in solano county have been lifted but the fire three square mile is 40% contained. the fire has damaged three buildings including at least one home, 600 firefighters are working to keep the flames from destroying any other property. strong winds pushed the flames and firefighters from across the north bay and they are trying to green ground but things are home overnight. >> with self whether we are anticipating in the winds the last thing we want is a number two across our line and get the unburned fuels going again. >> air tankers were called in when the fire first started but they cannot be used during windy conditions or at night.
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the work falls to the hands of hand crews and bulldozer drivers to contain the numbers and try to prevent it from spreading in the cause remains under investigation. all right, pam. the time is 4:19 a.m. pam and steve you felt the wind right? >> definitely. >> i thought i was in another zip code. i had 45-mile an hour winds here. even the cats were freaking out. we do have more of a northerly breeze and it won't be the west northwest or west-southwest in the north breeze again will be confined to the hills and i will show you that in a 2nd and the snow in the mountains, how about that. that's pretty good for june and you could not get a drop in february and here we are getting some rain and snow in northern california. napa airport does not. travis, in vacaville and david's all with a northerly direction. conditions for the
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coral sky ranch north, 51 degrees. the winds will pick up late morning into the tail off and out of the north anywhere from 5-15 miles an hour and some of the stronger gusts look to be now and temperatures will be pretty warm and start to warm up with the north wind and i think 15-20 should cover it right now we see 21 and travis. 38 lakeport 49 novato in half moon bay was 48 and 47. kelsey built 38 degrees. a lot of 49's including point race and petaluma and american canyon down to 51. 28 up in lake tahoe and very cool there. 47 new kia in sacramento and 57. the low responsible for the wind and everything is pushing off to the mountains. the highest building in and we get a lot of 40s here for those.
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i think it will take form. today 60s 70s and 80s and the north wind can make from mild and warm conditions pretty rapidly. we see a jump from the cooler temperatures. it looks like it backs off thursday and another system dropped sand and it looks like more wind as we head into the next weekend. thank you, steve. >> demonstrators in oakland taking a page from activists in washington d.c. coming up. where you can see the latest black lives matter mural. >> the rumor swirling around colin kaepernick's possible return to the nfl. [♪]
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this is it. it's monday. how did that happen. julie busby taking requests by kenny loggins and yeah, it takes me back as well and if you do have a request it doesn't have to be an oldie. it could be a new song or anything in between. go to facebook, twitter and instagram and use the hashtag # #"ktvu." 4:24 a.m. san francisco's program expands to the presidio giving more people a chance to enjoy the neighborhood without all that car traffic. slow streets started in oakland and let people walk and run and exercise and bike safelyronavir some of san francisco's latest street closures include west pacific avenue between our way
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low empress radio boulevards and montgomery street between lincoln boulevard and sheridan avenue in the street closures continued through the 30th. san jose enforces parking restrictions today and the city stopped handing out citations for parking meters and other infractions during the pandemic and now the city will issue tickets for cars and vehicles that violate restrictions. today's focus will be identifying nonoperational vehicles on city streets. also happening today in the south bay , the santa clara valley transportation authority is restoring more services and many routes are being restored including service to stanford research park. the palo alto va hospital in the st. louis hospital in gilroy. weekday service will begin at five in the morning and continue until five at night and on the green and blue and orange lines and hours are extended this coming weekend on those lines. and a reminder.
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ktvu is highlighting frontline food workers. if you want nomin- mail and tell delts why they should be honored and send photos or videos to my hero and fox former san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is hopeful he can once again play in the nfl cabinet was released from the 49ers after the 2016 season. he has not played in the nfl since. many believe it's the attention during his peaceful protest. teams may now be more open to giving the 32-year-old another chance. u.s. soccer is revising its policy requiring team members to stand during the national anthem. players for the men's and women's national teams have been
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required to stand respectfully for any country's national anthem. this friday the u.s. soccer federation board will vote to change the rule. many peaceful demonstrations across the bay area and seeing a diverse turnout. the reason many protesters say that the demonstrations are the perfect learning opportunity in utah senator mitt romney making a site statement as he joins the black lives matter protest and the reason why it's important to support the cause.
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new colgate optic white renewal removes ten years of yellow stains. that's like all the way back to 2010. do the dougie! remove ten years of yellow stains with new colgate optic white renewal. arrested for dancing in the street. a police body camera captured this encounter between local police and an african- american man. now people in alameda want some answers.
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plus. san jose mayor dan mcardle does not support the defunding of police departments despite all the pressure from protesters. from "ktvu" this is "mornings on 2." >> good morning to you and thank you for joining us. welcome to mornings unto. i am dave clark. good morning. i am pam cook. monday morning june 8th let's check in with steve paulson because the winds kicked up and we talked about that and it's worrisome with some fires out there. >> the qualifier will have the north wind but pam and dave we are under clear skies and there are a few 30s and northerly county and it feels cool and it is and we have a good system clipped the sierra in northern californiamore of a northerly breeze now. a cool morning 40s and 50s and more sunshine and warmer temperatures


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