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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  June 29, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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before it begins. plus. you expect people will do the counties delay today's plan reopening because of the rise in the number of covid-19 patients. from "ktvu fox 2 news" this is "mornings on 2." >> we'll come. i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook monday morning june 29th. let's check in with steve paulson as we wrap up june. how hot will it get today? >> pretty warm. nothing we haven't seen or dealt with. then it will cool down so really only wanted to stay or maybe two where we jump up in the wind turns more northerly our north east and that will be the key in this fog around santa cruz to monterey and sneaking up on the san mateo bridge and otherwise we are
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clear and we have dry air in place in livermore is down to 352 and a high fire danger elevated in the hills north and east bay hills and that takes us through tonight into the north bay hills and look in vacaville and david's and travis' west. eastern solano county and counter contra costa and up in the hills is the areas of focus and a pretty big system for the end of june. it was a wind producer for us but we bump up and 70s, 80s or 90s in santa rosa. all right. we think this will be a quiet week. quieter than what we have and let's ask the man himself. good morning, sal. >> good morning, steve. as people queue up let's go up and take a look at what we have with interstate 880 and the traffic is moving along pretty well. i do want to mention there has
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been a deadly crash in byron and byron highway and in fact i will mention that port byron highway in clifton court road is good area to avoid. 880 on your screen and that looks good in both directions. let's go back to the headlines. happening today. a new time news conference by governor newsom with the latest on the record-breaking rise in california's coronavirus. the governor will tell us how he will deal with the recent surge in new covid-19 cases all across the state and it's a bird that continued over this weekend. just yesterday almost 4800 new confirmed cases reported here in california and how california has more than 215,000 confirmed cases and almost 6000 people have died from the virus. since the pandemic began. also this weekend the number of coronavirus patients in california hospitals rose to
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more than 4500 this weekend. that is a new record for california. here in the bay area the number of hospitalizations reached the highest levels since may 1st. with 340 coronavirus patients hospitalized in the bay area's nine counties in san francisco has postponed today's scheduled reopening plan. the businesses are delayed that includes san francisco zoo, museum, hair salons, barbershops, tattoo shops and outdoor bar. mayor london breed land on the brakes after last week saying the city was speeding up the timeline for reopening business. in marin county public health officials delay in reopening. gyms, hotels, motels and short- term rentals all were expected to reopen this morning. in indoor dining rooms at
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restaurants will still be allowed to open today. in contra costa county expected to announce its reopening plan today coming on wednesday, dining restaurants service is expected to resume and also expected to resume an reopen on wednesday, gyms, nail salons, hotels and indoor museums. the time is now 4:04 a.m. governor newsom ordered the immediate shutdown of bars that reopen in seven counties and it came after jump in the number of new coronavirus cases in some parts of the state. los angeles is the biggest county to be hit by that order and the other counties of san joaquin, fresno, tulare, kings, kern and imperial counties. the governor officials in eight other counties to issue health orders to close parts and that includes santa clara and contra costa counties. we talked with one bar owner in contra costa county who is not surprised the state
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is cracking down on the infection rate spiked. >> leading around to outdoor dining situations where people were i would say over half of the places i went to were not practicing social distancing. so the bar is your worst case scenario or the hardest place to practice social distancing. >> he says now he does not expect bars to be back in business until august or september and it's especially frustrating because the actions of a few people affect a much wider community. >> you expect that people would do the right thing. it's one of these where we are all in this together and it takes just a few people to mess it up and to affect the businesses, a lot of different businesses. >> uc san francisco health experts say the sharp increase can be linked to young people
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going out more in the past few weeks and a lot of family gatherings especially connected to graduations. even though marin county is putting a hold on reopening your words. near woods will be open and facemasks encouraged. no tours and officials plan to limit the parking lot to 50% of capacity so it's not as crowded as usual. check the news app for what is reopening and every bay area county. there is a running list of what is open and where right and are from page. happening today the european union is meeting to discuss a possible travel ban in response to the pandemic. the eu is considering banning all travelers from countries that it views as having failed in controlling the coronavirus outbreak and that list includes the u.s. and russia. this proposed travel ban comes as the european union gets ready to reopen its borders on
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wednesday following a three- month lockdown. and the cofounder of air b&b predicts global travel will never fully recover from the coronavirus pandemic. in an interview published over the weekend branch at police most people will sit close to home and predicts a huge drop in business trips and chest he says the company is tracking travel trends during the pandemic as it adjusts to the way it does business in the future. >> the time is 47:00 a.m. the man expected to being the golden state killer is expected to be guilty. joseph d'angelo will avoid the death penalty. charmaine nero has more on what's a head today in sacramento. it might be the biggest trial in history. >> a name and a case that strikes a chord with people all across northern california. joseph d'angelo, the man expected of being the east area sexual assaulters and golden state killer. >> everyone from 1980s to the present date knows the golden
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state killer. he was arrested in 2017. the superior court confirmed the latest hearing will take place at the sacramento state campus. the attorney says the location is unusual. >> to have it heard somewhere in the sac state ballroom is truly unique. >> dozens of victims and family members are expected to be in attendance. something that may have prompted the decision to move to a larger venue. >> i think this is driven by the covid epidemic. and maybe h overflow in the hallway with closed-circuit tv. >> now hearing scheduled for monday with prosecutors will strike a plea deal to avoid the death penalty. back in 2019 governor gavin newsom signed an executive order
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placing the moratorium on the death penalty in the state of california. >> it's possible the next governor would not oppose it. he will actually receive the execution of the death penalty and it is so remote. >> after years of waiting for answers and justice reichel says the latest hearing may bring closure for everyone pop following the golden state killer case throughout the years. >> now we have a guilty plea. we have a guilty finding. no more trial. no more guessing. no more speculation and no more fighting and that type of fidelity is probably good for everyone. >> stay with us for complete coverage on the golden state killer case and we will hear from the victims families and law enforcement officers who have spent years tracking the golden state killer. watch it live on the "ktvu" news app.
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it is 49:00 a.m. and we check in with steve paulson at 4:09 a.m. napa issued small craft morning. how do the winds look? >> not as bad as the weekend and out toward eastern solano contact kirsty. i thought i was changing zip codes. there were 45-mile an hour gusts here and yesterday we cooled off some except for santa rosa with the northwind and today the main focus is on the north bay hills. east bay even though it is on the north bay and there is fog toward monterey, santa san mateo coast. it will be warmer today and we have to deal with the north- northeast breeze today and then it looks like it's relaxing. temperatures warming up and napa only 79 yesterday.
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these are pretty much wind driven if you get that north or east wind. after yesterday's 77 and san jose from 79 to 84 degrees this might be the warmest day of the week and look at mount diablo north and almost 50 miles an hour and yet it's west- southwest in the oakland berkeley hills. 71 and warm in vacaville and 50s for most with the few 40s up and the marin county. the point raised in lima valley at 47. cloverdale at 63 and san anselmo's 51 and ken wood and petaluma 52 and even kelseyville is 51. that's a big system for this time of year in the intermountain region. patchy fog in the santa cruz area to monterey in this again i think this is the warmest day of the week and we see the winds relax and it will be warmer tomorrow but then it looks cooler going into the end of the week and it could be a bump up but nothing crazy by the weekend.
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4:11 a.m. up next. the message is bay area gets its red flag forewarning of the year. we will tell you why the rolling stones are suing. you have the power of two and you have the power to know everywhere you go when you download the "ktvu" "fox two news app."
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." for 14:00 a.m. in the pandemicstop people celebrating pride this was the scene was night in new york outside the stonewall inn and the side of a 1969 riot.
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june marks pride month but the coronavirus forced leaders to cancel large public gatherings including new york city's annual pride parade. the members of the lgbt community included demonstrators from the black lives matter movement. in san francisco a nonofficial pride and back lives matter gathering took place and took over the castro district. yesterday would've been the final day of the 50th anniversary of pride month. they are forced organizations to move the events online and hundreds of people went there for socializing and dancing and speeches about social justice. >> 4:15 a.m. four wildfires being battle by firefighters in utah and it's her toyota springs more than 3000 homes were evacuated to get away from flames and high winds and one of the fires in utah was caused by illegal
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fireworks and the bay area is under our first red flag warning this year as fire season really begins in the national weather service said elevations over 1000 feet and parts of napa counties. high temperatures and low humidity and powerful winds will increase fire danger and the fire danger warning began at 10:00 p.m. last night and will continue until 8:00 a.m. rather 8:00 p.m. tonight. the red flag warning is fueling concerns about illegal and dangerous fireworks that have started fires around the bay area. "ktvu" azenith smith has more. >> i'm trying to avoid the fires. >> reporter: the first day customers could purchase the safe unseen fireworks. >> the first day of sales are
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unbelievable and we've done 10 times. >> for nonprofits fireworks sales are one of the few viral works selling. the fireworks approved by the state are allowed. >> nothing that will blow up. no firecrackers are met schools are all illegal. >> these are illegal happening throughout the bay area happening every night well ahead of the july 4th holiday. >> definitely we can see and hear the activity and we do get calls fire related and citizen complaints. >> and sedate the oakland fire department says illegal fireworks were to blame for a brush fire says they've had an uptick of firework related fires in the last few weeks. >> we've been keeping them small to this point and the weather's been cooperative. >> the weather will be on their
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side in the coming days with high temperatures and low humidity and strong winds increasing the rent risk of fire danger. a red flag warning in effect in the north bay mountains and higher elevations and parts of marin, sonoma and napa county. >> with the rain can increasing its is concern and we will increase staffing as needed and we will have seven extra companies on duty that day expect this is my first time buying it. >> this man buying four-year- old son fireworks. >> people are having more private celebrations. >> reporter: customers urge to practice safety and be vigilant . >> hopefully people will celebrate responsibly and have expired fire extinguishers like we do. azenith smith "ktvu fox 2 news." 4:18 a.m. and we were just talking about that with the red flag mornings in place and the firework
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danger as well but it definitely feels like the winds have calmed down and let's check in with steve. >> very much so unless you are in the higher elevations pam and steve. it was kicking up its heels big time saturday night into sunday and that's a strong system that dropped in for the end of june and this has been going on for a long time right now and it's up in the intermountain region in the result was a huge increase in the lower cloud deck and drizzle in the moving affecting other counties. santa clara valley was cool and this was the temps on sunday. fairfield 81, ukiah 80, fremont and redwood city low 70s and gilroy 66 and santa cruz 53 and you don't see that all the time. santa cruz you can get there but that's cool for them. sunny and fog near and around santa cruz in near san mateo
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coast and there is your north wind. mount diablo 44 degrees and west-southwest and parts of the east bay hills so there is a dividing line there. lakeport it was 50 in vacaville 71. 50s for most and 50s menlo park and it's cool and make it to the upper 40s and temperatures only pittsburgh is really in there. 51 alamo walnut creek is 50. 50 lafayette and we feel upper lower 40s and the system is gripping the sierra but it is staying to the east of us east northeast patchy fog breezy and warmer with higher fire danger today and everything should relax and come down a little bit and it will still be nice on tuesday and then it looks to cooler wednesday into the holiday weekend and it looks okay, guys. >> thank you, steve. we are a little more than four months away from the presidential election and coming up we will tell you about joe biden shaping his campaign when it comes to race
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relations. former san francisco mayor brown was recognized was night but the reason he should not have received this particular kind of recognition.
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a little marshall tucker band from caleb jones. thank you, caleb. ♪ i'm going to the freight train ♪ expect let us know on facebook twitter and instagram and use the "hashtag
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#ktvu." >> the time is 4:23 a.m. family members and a lot of people have been checking in on former san francisco mayor willie brown after his photo was mistakenly included as a part of last night's nationally broadcast in memoriam segment on the 2020 bet awards. the show's producers lead to honor raiders hall of famer also named willie brown who died in october. i picked up the phone after saying this and i called mayor willie brown and he said he'd been getting a lot of calls but he's okay and by the way at age 86 mayor brown still writes many other things a weekly column for the san francisco chronicle and aside from the hiccup 2020 bet awards seem to run smoothly and african- american entertainers and most
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of the broadcast focused on bringing attention to the black lives letter movement through some very powerful performances . is star-studded updated rendition of public enemies fight the power was one of many performances and acceptance peaches drawing attention to the effect of racism and honored the best in black entertainment and former first lady michelle obama was there to help present prion site with the 2020 humanitarian. >> to my girl i just want to say you inspire me and we have to vote like our life depends on it because it does. please continue to be the change you want to see. bet celebrates its 40th anniversary anniversary. the time is now 425. 4:25 a.m.
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the rolling stones want to sue president trump. they say their legal team is collaborating with performing right arts rights organization to prevent the use of their music and president trump's reelection events. the president has been using rolling stones popular single you can't always get what you want at his rallies. the statement said president trump has continued to use their song despite previous orders to cease and desist. mississippi voters will have to approve a new design for their state flag in november. lawmakers voted yeto remove the confederate album. mississippi is the last state to have the confederate emblem on its flag and the commission will design a new flag but it must include the words and god we trust. there is a push to change the name of john wayne airport in
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georgia in orange county. many democrats are pressuring supervisors to remove wayne's name and statue and likeness from the airport. county leaders have passed an emergency resolution condemning quote racist and bigoted statements made by wayne, blacks, native americans and lgbtq in 1971 playboy interview . 4:27 a.m. and one families car was vandalized in alameda. the reason why they think they were targeted and her neighbors are showing report. $75 million donation might might not be enough to keep the zuckerberg name on the san francisco building.
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family demanding prisoners be released as the number of
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inmates with coronavirus explodes in the video with the man chanting white power in the political backlash the president is getting and how the white house is responding. from "ktvu fox" two news this is "mornings on 2." thank you for joining us and welcome to "mornings on 2" i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. it is monday, june 29th. your check in with steve paulson we are wrapping up a crazy june. we had just about everything it seems this month. >> do you know it's been this way since april. >> we are not getting rain anymore but we have a lot of wind events. >> steve the wind was so wild over the weekend. >> dave, saturday night i thought my power was going out


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