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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  June 29, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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plans to hire close to 600 for its new location. the great wolf lodge is looking to fill a variety of jobs for 500 room indoor water park resort in metika. the hiring event starts today and runs until july 10th. weighing in on the effects of coronavirus here in the bay area. and a big mixup at the bet awards last night. this morning we are talking live with former san francisco mayor, willie brown. coping with the fallout of covid-19, how health services are expanding to address a mental health crisis. a bay area robotics team is adapting to the fallout of coronavirus. we will let you know how the innovators are helping to preserve their sport while maintaining social distancing. good morning, welcome to mornings on 2 . a beautiful picture here of the oakland estuary with san francisco the background. a bit of fog. steve says that should go away and we are going to talk to him in just a moment on what we can
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expect to this monday forecast.
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we are here now and take some action because we get been getting a lot of run around. we are investigating and working on it. nobody hates that police more than us. we are looking into it but we have a had any action so we are
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here asking for action. >> the family of the man killed by the officer in san francisco joined the protest this morning saying they were shocked to find that he had been hired by the police department. happening today, the man golden state killer is expected to plead guilty to several charges. the 74-year-old joseph d'angelo, reached a plea deal with prosecutors to plead guilty to 13 murders. 13 kidnapping related charges in addition to admitting responsibility for up to 62 red's in the 1970s and 80s. in exchange, he will avoid the death penalty. prosecutors consulted with survivors and victims family members before agreeing to the plea deal. stay with ktvu news all day today and we will hear from the families of the victims and law enforcement officers who work for years to track down the suspect you can also watch the hearing in sacramento in 30 minutes live on the ktvu news app. coming up , making an effort to change the name of san
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francisco general hospital. in our next half hour, while one city supervisor is pushing for removing martin zuckerberg's name from the title. the first across the country, states are reopening.but health experts warned the worst of covid-19 may yet be to come with the fourth of july this holiday weekend. this holiday weekend coming up. power through your morning when you wake up with mornings on 2. >> you always have the power to know where you when you download the ktvu 2 news app . oh, we love our new home. neighborhood's great. amazing school district. the hoa has been very involved. these shrubs aren't board approved. you need to break down your cardboard. thank you. violation. violation.
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as we've been reportin states he a spike in covid-19 cases. the escalation comes with the fourth of july holiday now just days away and many experts fear the worst is yet to come. doug luzader has more than washington. >> reporter: we are talking about a number of states rethinking their opening plans now is there are more calls for a nationwide requirement to wear masks. just as a number of bars and restaurants across the country were starting to dip their toes back in the water, many states like texas and california are being told to take close again or reduce service.
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and even farmers to where face masks or not enough. >> i think a smaller bar, this is absolutely going to be devastating for some. >> devastating for many businesses. and in florida, some of the most popular beaches will now be shut down for the fourth of july weekend. as of yesterday, many states are having to pause the reopening plans with positive coronavirus test results on the rise in some parts of the country. >> if you open when cases are still increasing. as many states did, it is likely the into a left hook you will get hit hard. and that is what is happening >> reporter: the vice president visited dallas yesterday and at times he was wearing a do the for >> wearing a mask is a good idea. and it will, we know, from experience, it will slow the spread >> reporter: president donald trump has so far resisted the
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idea at least in public. of spending part of the week and playing golf. the speaker of the house nancy pelosi, says it is time for a nationwide policy. is the time to mandate the wearing of masks across the country? >> it is long overdue for that. >> around the world, there have been 10 million confirmed cases of coronavirus although the actual number is probably much higher because of testing limitations. the economy in turmoil and millions left unemployed, a lot of people are having trouble dealing with the stress of unemploymentor employment insecurity and also to top it off, dealing with covid-19. with advice on how to high leve are joined by family therapist and ceo of the platform motive appeared rachel, thank you for joining us and it has to be really stressful. obviously to not know when your job will come back. you have been laid off and now we are seeing more closures because of covid-19 so it looks like we might have more closures. how stressful is it and how can you deal with it? >> is sure is. so stressful on so many levels for people across the country
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to deal with the job loss in all of the other impacts of not being able to be close to q1's family and not being able to participate in some of the social activities that we all enjoy so it is a difficult time for people and it's a great time to be seeking help. and people either in's therapy are with a few trusted friends, they will be a some of the recommendations i make you know it will be a great time to be looking for someone to talk to about what you're going through. i don't want to dissuade anyone from going to a therapist but is there something you can say right now that might help someone who is stressed out at home. what are some the tips you can offer. >> i think is definitely affirming for yourself that the whole country is going through a very difficult time right now. and, being gentle with yourself to be able to do some activities at home that you
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know can't really, that you enjoy and can bring lightness and the other thing i would say is that, lessening the expectations you might have on everyone under like to understand what you are going through because they are going going through their own experience and, it might be just to pick up two or three trusted friends, you can speak to about it and be specific with the individuals of what you need. and text every day to check in or maybe giving you advice or maybe not just giving advice. and is a great time to be very clear about what your needs are for the support pee pecting an increase in suicides. how this moti as a platform, help people who are feeling really down to get access to mental health services? >> motive that specifically works on the workforce of new
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therapists who are coming into this so without getting too much into the details, therapist go through a very similar process as residency for doctor where they are required to complete two years of something called clinical supervision before they can obtain a license. and this is really limiting for people who live in rural areas of the country who don't have access to the clinical supervisors they need to become licensed. about 55% of u.s. counties, all of them rural have no practicing therapist the people who are in the areas that need mental health might not have a license provider anywhere near them. and so motive of help so that. we had the licensor process to help more therapist get into the field and the fact an easier and more efficient way. >> quickly, how can you help people deal with or what is the best way to deal with
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quarantine fatigue. a lot of us have it. you know, kind of a boredom or a feeling down, what is a tip to deal with that? >> there are so many. exercise. it is usually important and i know that it sounds like a no- brainer but it really is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. is to get outside and move your body into some type of physical activity also, spending time with family. no we are all fatigued from this but how can you schedule some creative dates to conducted kemp mill together play a game together or something like that just to have some level of connection and really scheduling ahead of time. rather than in the moment because sometimes get fatigued in the actual moment don't move forward. you put on your calendar as a every monday at 6 pm i will do this. >> rachel, thank you very much for joining us. those are good tips. tips on how to deal with the stress of the pandemic.
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still to come, the subject of a new docu-series. the new show coming to netflix about former san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. violence breaks out in kentucky in colorado. up next, an update to the protests that erupted over the weekend.
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running and shouting throughout
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the mall. offices were able to clear them out of the mall and no arrests were made. happening today, the former minneapolis police officer charged in the death of george floyd are scheduled to be back in court. charger second degree murder and pressing his knee on george floyd's neck. the others are charged with aiding and abetting. his appearance among the, the other three will be present in the courtroom, the officers could be asked to enter formal please. black lives matter protests continue across the country as micah tobin reports there was violence at protests over the weekend. >> protesters took to the street for another weekend calling for racial equality, at least one person was killed and another injured in kentucky over the death of breanna taylor, a black woman shot and killed by police.
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to demonstrate his clash with officers after a long day of protest there calling for justice for elijah mclean a black man who died after a police encounter last august. >> i can only imagine what the family is going through. >> the battle over controversial monuments and symbols continues after lawmakers voted sunday to change the states flag. >> nothing changed. here we are 19 years later and we are able to make some change. the call for racial equality gained steam after the death of george floyd in minneapolis. they knew not smelly approved unanimously approved. some critics say a change in policing requires support, not defunding. >> you need to invest in your police department and invest in the best practices, transparency and performance measures and that's exactly what the community policing does, it builds trust between our law
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enforcement and community and that starts with leadership at the top. >> minneapolis mayor says they have plans to rebuild the department. in chicago, mike tillman, ktvu fox 2 news. new this morning, a six episode series about colin kaepernick is headed to netflix. they will focus on x teenagers growing up in turlock will cover his expenses that led to him to become active as he is today. kaepernick will appear as himself and the narrator of the series to play the younger version of the quarterback. hundreds of prides parades and marches have been canceled because of the coronavirus, but that did not stop people from celebrating both online and in the streets. they tell us how lgbtq communities around the world commemorated the annual event. >> pride celebrations look drastically different this year thanks to the coronavirus with
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traditional festivities canceled, more than 500 organizations from around the world came together to host global pride. a 24-hour stream of music, performances and speeches in support of the lgbtq community. >> what makes global pride unique is it is the first pride of its kind to where we are focused on bringing the entire lgbt community together. >> not everyone marked it virtually. in taiwan unscathed by the virus, people danced and marched showing solidarity for countries unable to hold in- person events. and spank him activist took to the streets to demand more rights and protection for lgbtq individuals. supporters attended rallies in four major cities across the country and annual pride parade while spirits were still hard, many could not mask the disappointment for the scaled- down celebration. >> we waited all year and we wait for this every year.
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it is such fun and party and love. >> in new york, hundreds gathered outside the uprising event movement, this year two movements came together as one with many protesting against police brutality and racial injustice. among other demands, advocates are calling for increased access to healthcare for the black and trans communities. >> i am here as an ally to my black friends and my friends of color who are still marginalized by the system and my own rights as a person. >> sheltered for more than three months but sunday announced it received the grant for the next several runs months of rent. fox news. addressing a controversial photo op. the next hop half-hour, over a picture that president trump took the democratic contenders for vice president and talk about that big mixup that happened at the
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happening today, the masses acted of being the golden state killer is expected to plead guilty to a series of charges in exchange, 74-year-old joseph d'angelo will avoid the death penalty. joins us live this morning with the story. sarah, good morning. good morning mike, the hearing has not started just yet but i am watching a live stream from the ballroom effect mental state and joseph d'angelo just sat down with his lawyers. he is wearing an orange jumpsuit and has a face shield in front of him there. we are expecting the hearing to
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start any minute now, scheduled to start at 9:30 this one. a lot of people did wait to get inside the ballroom earlier this morning. we spoke to a survivor who was just 13 years old when she says she was attacked by d'angelo. you hear from her in just a minute. today, joseph d'angelo's expected to plead guilty to 13 murders and 13 cannot kidnapping related charges as the golden state killer. admit up to 62 raves that happened in the 1970s and 80s. a plea deal is expected to take the death penalty off the table. the hearing was moved from a courtroom to accommodate more people and allow them to maintain their distance in the ballroom at saks state. we spoke to a survivor and today she gets closure. >> i myself personally as a victim, i think all of sacramento was a victim of this man because we couldn't stay indoors at night and leave a window open or leave the screen door open. everyone was in a set of panic and it was unfortunate what he
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did to this town. >> whether you knew this man is the golden state killer, east area , joseph d'angelo is accused of terrorizing the entire state of california in the 1970s and 80s. several gruesome murders, and break-ins reported in southern california and linked to the golden state killer. what you are looking at is a live look, the judge just walked in. judge michael bowman, sat down wearing his mask and it appears that the proceedings are about to start. like i mentioned earlier, joseph d'angelo was br jumpsuit, appears to be very frail wearing a shield in front in recent years, d'angelo lived in a quiet neighborhood in citrus heights a town northeast of sacramento and he was eventually arrested there in 2018.
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crime reporter henry lee is at second to stay and will have updates later on this afternoon and will bring you the details later on ktvu at noon. reporting live, sarah, ktvu fox 2 news. today claire county, hair salon owners will protest outside the public health building. owners and stylists want more open communication from the county about when they to reope could take weeks to contact clients and set up appointments so they need a timeline from county officials. >> more than 100 people held a rally outside the prison demanding all of the inmates there be released as covid-19 sweeps through the prison. >> free them all. free them all. >> the outbreak started over 100 inmates were transferred there from the prison in chino last month. since then there has been more than 700 50 new cases among prisoners and 89 staff members
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who tested positive for covid- 19. the protesters say that state officials do not keep the prison population safe. >> endangering the lives of the people inside. because this is a public health crisis, the action is to be taken right now. >> we contacted the california department of corrections and governor's office for the comment. so far we have not heard back from either. the united states is singing uptake of coronavirus cases and is a similar situation around the globe. several countries are also seeing a spike in infectious reporter amy kellogg has the story. so make a grim milestone reached over the weekend as global coronavirus cases sword passed 10 million with more than 500,000 deaths. some cities around the globe are seeing an uptick in new infections in response to the increase, officials in australia , the second largest city of melbourne saying they will consider closing the areas to
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help contain the spread. >> i think it will get worse before it gets better. >> healthcare workers in mumbai are conducting screenings as cases in india jumped roughly 20,000 and 24 hours. authorities say a nationwide lockdown is not possible due to high poverty levels. in south africa, which has one third of the continents cases, a local research company doing a test case, lester prompting the british government to consider tightening restrictions as the rest of the country prepares to reopen several sectors on july 4th including restaurants, bars, hair salons and movie theaters. >> i want to stress to people that we are not out of the woods yet. it's very important, we are making these cautious calibrated steps. >> meanwhile the unions expected to been u.s. travelers in an effort to tap down cases. the food program says the
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pandemic has pushed audience of people into hunger. the organization is asking for nearly $5 million to help feed the neediest people across the globe. in milan italy, amy kellogg, ktvu fox 2 news. san francisco met amy is pushing to remove the name of facebook ceo mark zuckerberg from the hospital. posted a message on twitter that questioned whether it's appropriate to keep his name on the hospital after facebook was criticized for not regulating his speech. we named after they donated $75 million to the hospitals foundation back in 2015. happening today, congress is holding its first hearing on president trump's controversial photo op that happened at a church right near the white house. democratic leaders in capitol hill strongly criticize this incident in lafayette square this month. police in riot gear used tear
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gas and rubber bullets to clear peaceful protesters and he walked across the street from the white house to pose with a bible in front of the church. church leaders also criticized the photo op. the timeouts 9:36. lots of calls from coast-to- coast since his photo was mistakenly used during last night's bet award show showing famous people who died in the past year during the memorial segment of the show. i'm happy to tell you mayor willie brown is very much alive and well and he is with me right now is at risk as a in san francisco to talk about that and the other news of the day. mayor brown, good to see you. really good to see you. >> it's nice to be seen david. it's always nice to be seen when people assume you're being
9:37 am
covered up. >> what was your first reaction when you heard about this? or did you see it? >> fortunately for me i got a call from my niece who said why didn't you tell us, we would have planned something if we had known you were dying or dead. and she laughed. and i've course had no idea what she was talking about. she assumed that i provided bet with the appropriate information so that i would become somewhat more famous. >> this is a story that is all over the country. and media all over the country, usa today, everybody is picking up on this. your beloved and also the fact that it was supposed to be recognizing former raider hall of famer willie brown. and you knew him, didn't you? >> i not only knew him, we actually attended the same college in texas. amm.
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he did a bit of time there and became a very famous football player. i got sent home from that school for engaging in confrontational protests with the president. long before anybody heard of protesting. you don't do that and black colleges. willie went on to become extremely well respected, he became maybe one of the two most famous people ever at that school. otis taylor from the chiefs being the other. he made the hall of fame and believe me, i have been benefiting from his status all my life. everybody someone says are you willie brown, number 24 for the raiders is that who you mean? and they say yes and i smile and i don't say anything else after that. now i've got to be careful. >> i don't know if we have the video, the famous video of willie brown interception in the super bowl. one of the things that took him into the hall of fame was his
9:39 am
hard play as a quarterback for the oakland raiders. if we have it now i would like to show it. if we don't, it's okay. he will always be remembered but this is the great willie brown who was being recognized by the bet awards and he will always be just like you, here is the famous interception that they show all the time. yo he will never be forgotten just like you could never be forgotten mayor brown and i'm glad you had nice things to say about him. >> i'm not going to let him be forgotten because my experience with football was one play in high school. one play and they knew i had no future in football. and believe me when they say willie brown, i don't say a word
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, i like to be known as a great football player as well. >> you are a great man in so many ways as well. i want to ask you a couple quick questions because i you can't stay with me forever. couple things about the current arius coronavirus situation we have and some of the reopening is delayed because of the rise in cases, if you are still in charge, what would you do, how would you handle it? >> let me tell you, i think our local mayor has handled it as well as it could be handled. there has not been one level of either internally by all of us who shelter in place or externally by people of service nor have the numbers good judgment. following the directions and recommendations of our health department and her health department people sometimes don't take into consideration those kinds of things but i
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suspect they will bring what needs to be brought to the session and i will hope i would have been as smart as she was if i served as mayor of san francisco. >> it is a situation that we all love watching, let me ask you one less thing, who will joe biden and the democrats pick aswill be a person ,. max, who will bring a sufficient amount to ensure that trump is defeated. i don't think biden can defeat trump by himself, whoever he picks has to bring with him some state or some other reason why they should be selected and clearly, color is one of those.
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>> i'll leave you with that. mayor willie brown not only am i glad to see you, i am tickled that you took time to be with us on this morning. please stay healthy. >> let me tell you one thing. the great line was by my friend andy young, he called and he said hey man, you know you owe me $20 so whatever you do, don't die until you pay me. [ laughter ] >> mayor brown, thank you. >> i'm not going to pay it. i think the only way to stay alive is to keep calling andy. >> live and well, thank you for being with us, always good to see you. >> thank you. >> all right mayor, have a great day. i will send it back to you. thank you dave, coming back , hitting the road to get out
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of town for the fourth of july, in minutes, how travel plans are shaping up this year of people in the bay area and beyond get ready to celebrate america's birthday. plus, changing the way how practice looks for robotics teams come up next we catch up with one team that is coming up with innovative ways to meet without seeing each other in person. this cheeseburger is the best! it's about to get bester baby! ♪ menutaur! make it a double, yeah! nice mane! try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery.
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get a load of my southwest cheddar cheeseburger. let menutaur make it a doubleeee, yeah! it's beautiful! say what? i said it's bea.... try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery. saturday of course is the fourth of july and over the next five days, a lot of people will be likely heading out of town. travel plans for millions of people across our state are looking different this year due to of course the covid-19 pandemic. reporter melanie takes a look at the travel trends aaa is predicting. the open road is calling
9:46 am
for americans who spring early summer travel plan due to the pandemic. >> this will be the summer of the road trip strata >> each year aaa issues a travel forecast for the summer holiday but for the first time in 20 years, it did not for memorial day weekend and fourth of july. the travel organization did however give an overall outlook for the summer. >> the kind of trend we expect to sethe summer will be the same expect to see over the fourth of july weekend as well. >> aaa says the trends translate seeing passenger volume decreases. this year compared to last. planes, trains, cruise ships and buses will see the most dramatic drops in travelers between 74 and 86%. trips taken and automobiles will also be down but only by a little over 3%. a couple reasons northern californians will road trip this summer, those plans are easy to make at a spur of the moment notice, plus gas prices are down compared to last year and that makes going by car an
9:47 am
attractive way to get away. >> a reason why, they feel like they are more in control of their environment rather than risking going into an airport or getting on an airplane. >> still, aaa recommends following cdc, state department, and local travel guidelines during the pandemic. >> or another recordation is to hold off on any nonessential travel as much as you possibly can because you not only run the risk of contracting coronavirus but also spreading coronavirus. >> triple a estimates there wiping out 15 million trips people what taken this year and hopefully the industry heals by this time next year. and sakamoto, melanie. a robotics team is coming up with solutions to keep their sport alive during this covid- 19 pandemic. the practice going well social distancing, the innovator team has come up with it a way to
9:48 am
meet without ever being face-to- face in the same room. to explain how it all works we are joined by the captain. robotics is a future i'm very glad this is happening because we need innovation from your team. >> thanks a lot for having me. definitely we are all facing challenges during the covid-19 pandemic and one of the ways we are facing the challenge is that we no longer are able to practice driving the robot anymore. so we thought about how to solve this issue and the first thing that came to mind, players remotely can control the user in an arena and so we wanted to implement that very similarly into our robot, instead of being virtual it real life. >> something like this, was just
9:49 am
just thought about or were you thinking about doing this before and this sped it up? >> definitely the mother of invention because of the covenant in pandemic, we were kind of left without a solution and we started thinking how to solve this problem and so that's how. >> now that you invented this program, just to catch everyone up, you invented a program that now robotics operators all over the world can use and you're trying to get the word out, have other robotics teams come to you asking how to use this program? >> definitely. we have currently eight users of our program and it's very simple to use for many teams because all they have to do is download the program and from that they can get full access
9:50 am
to controlling the robots remotely. >> i want to thank you for the work you are doing, don't dig a lot of people realize how important robotics are for our future and i know a lot of the nasa programs and people use robotics so this is something that is going to be the future of our country so thank you, and i wish you luck in your innovation. >> thank you so much. still to come, a big year for celebrating black entertainment and the black lives matter movement. up next, we have highlights from the bet awards.
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happening now, the mantis acted up in the golden state killer is excited to plead guilty to several charges, we were able to take you live inside the proceedings as they happen as seated in the center of this picture, 74-year-old joseph d'angelo he is sitting
9:54 am
with his defense team and you can tell they're wearing the plastic face shields because they are not social distancing due to covid-19. we hear the judge speaking now. sounds a good judge is asking questions of the lawyers and others in the courtroom, d'angelo has reached a plea deal with prosecutors expected to plead guilty today to 13 murders and 13 kidnapping related charges in addition to admitting responsibility for up to 62 rape's in the 1970s and 80s in exchange for the plea, d'angelo avoids the death penalty. prosecutors consulted with survivors and victims family members before agreeing to this plea deal. you can certainly bet that many of the victim family members are watching today's proceedings very closely. we were able to bring in this live picture what is happening inside and you can monitor it, watch it live as it unfolds in sacramento on the ktvu news app.
9:55 am
you can stay with ktvu for the entire day as we continue to bring you complete coverage of the hearing happening in this case. we expect to hear from the families of victims as well as law enforcement officers who work for years to track down the suspect, that has not happened yet but you can see that unfold when you watch today's hearing in sacramento live through the ktvu news app. back here in the bay area, happening today, the city council will hold a special meeting to examine police policies it will focus on establishing police oversight and antiracism training. there was a debate how police should respond to service calls. scouted at 530 tonight on zoom and it will be live streamed. the council will take a look at reallocating money from the police budget to community programs. president rebecca kaplan and several other councilmembers want to pull $150 million from the police department. he said the money can be better spent on mental health services , job-training programs, homeless services, and other community programs.
9:56 am
>> the truth is, when oakland does the right thing around policing and other progressive issues, the country doesn't. what we're doing here in oakland is not just for oakland are his comments for the entire country. and poor people across the nation. >> the city council approved a budget that cuts money from the police department but critics who want to defund the police say much more is needed. they made no comment on the proposed plan. >> the 2020 bet awards were held last night honoring black entertainment and bringing attention to black lives matter to powerful performances. welcome to the 20th annual bet awards. the chronic coronavirus pandemic did not stop the bet. hosted by mende fields honoring the best in black entertainment going virtual and honoring the
9:57 am
black lives matter movement throughout the show. performances and acceptance speeches bringing attention to the fight against systemic racism and police violence. ♪ 12-year-old social media sensation bryant kicking off the night performing his song i just want to live. then a star-studded rendition of public enemies 1989, fight the power. among other stars performing virtually, john legend, alicia keys, jennifer hudson, aretha franklin, paying tribute to kobe bryant. and wayne brady performing a tribute for little richard. an award video of the are going to dj collett featuring john legend and the late for hire. winning album of the year for please excuse me for being antisocial. >> i want to say that you inspire me. >> former first letter michelle obama introducing beyoncc the
9:58 am
humanitarian award. >> we have to vote like our lives depend on it because it does. continue to be the change you want to see. >> in hollywood, ashley, fox news. marion county is putting a hold on reopening, mayor woods is reopened to the public. the national park service followed through with this plan to reopen the park today. advance reservations are required for parking, as officials are limiting the lot at 50% capacity to prevent crowding. but park worms and doves say they are excited to welcome visitors for the first time in almost 4 months. i assume that you have been getting outside. any chance of going? >> i will be honest it has been years since i have been. we usually go and have out-of- town families and editors and since we don't have them right now we have not in a while, it would make a great daytrip probably on a wednesday or a thursday.
9:59 am
>> i heard a story last week about mayor woods discussing this. is to have mondays and tuesdays off and those are prime days to go to a place like that. it was still crowded but if you got there early enough to get a spot in the parking lot. that is not a big parking lot there. they're doing 50% capacity, go on an off day and go early and enjoy it because it's a beautiful spot. we are so lucky to have it here in the bay area. if you have not been here, i have not done the bay area but i would love to do still. it's one of things. someday i will get to alcatraz. we will be back here at noon for the governors conference. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ now, here's wendy! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> wendy: thank you for watching! [cheers and applause] say hello to my cohosts, studio


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