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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 29, 2020 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>> members waited decades for justice, today they say they have closure. joseph d'angelo finally admitted to being the golden
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secular in a series of crimes from the 1970s and 80s. one survivor says she was 23 years old in 1978, when she was assaulted.>> he has taken two thirds of my life from me. the sense of relief came in for an hours long hearing held in the ballroom of sacramento state university to accommodate social distancing. his reign of terror of murders, rapes and burglaries which spanned the state 11 counties.>> today is about remembering all of the victims in this case and to finally hold him responsible for these crimes. >> reporter: now an admitted serial killer and rapist, he once served as a police officer in auburn. the crimes continued for years after he was fired from law
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enforcement. d'angelo was finally identified when the county investigators got a break in 2018. that led them to d'angelo and that technique has helped solve other cold cases. d'angelo pleaded guilty monday and faces 11 consecutive life sentences without parole in exchange for not facing the death penalty.>> i was 15 years old. i think there's a lot of closure and he is having to live with the fact that we are hearing every single thing he said and what he did to us. and he's owning it.>> the sentencing is scheduled to last for days because survivors will be giving victim impact statements. the hearing will be held in
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sacramento at a location to be determined viruses spreading an alarming rate across the state, and the daily briefing the announced arena positive results not 5.5% up from 4.4% just two weeks ago. there are now more than 223,000 coronavirus cases in california and more than 5900 people have died. that's a 45% increase in positive cases in just seven days. the governor had some thoughts and was causing his surgeon new cases. >> numbers continue to rise prompting the governor and county leaders in hard-hit areas to toddle back reopening. the states positivity rate rose to 5.5% from 4.4% two weeks
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ago. the governor says more testing is not the only reason.>> we don't like the trendline. that's why this mandatory mask requirement is in effect and that's why we're using this to start to pull back. >> reporter: over the weekend he ordered the closure of bars and seven counties and recommended the action and eight others. >> you're in a bar moving around, you are drinking and/or mask is off, you're close to other people. >> reporter: over the last two weeks hospitalizations have increased 49%, icu admissions 37%. still he stressed it's a small portion overall and he remains confident in the states capacity.>> numbers are going up but our ability to manage and absorb is also significant. >> reporter: the governor pointed to family gatherings, prison populations and people letting their guard down for
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spiking numbers. >> 72% represented in 19 counties that have target engagement with our state health officials.>> the governor warranty will use enforcement saying $2.5 billion will be contingent on counties comply with guidelines, adding the state will be needed like it did in hard-hit imperial county even hinting more action to be on the way.>> if we do not see a mitigation of the spread we will consider doing more. >> reporter: the governor stressed family gatherings as a point of concern as we approach the fourth of july holiday. he says he will have more to say on that in the days to come. a growing crisis at san quentin prison in one month the prison has gone from zero cases more than 1000 inmates.
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on prison runs to triage patients. >> they came on buses, inmates from chino transferred and without anyone knowing that many of them were infected. >> reporter: on the baseball field at san quentin state prison, extends going up more my followers the prison tries to stem a growing outbreak. >> and san quentin we currently have 1011 inmates that tested positive. >> with about 2600 infected inmates in the entire prison system, san quentin has more than one third. >> that is our deep area of focus and concern right now. >> inmates have been moved to hospitals, warrants in marin
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county and also the medical center in daly city and st. francis memorial in san francisco. public health productions show that numbers soaring to 200 inmates transferring to karen the next month or so.>> this is the worst catastrophe in state history.>> reporter: crisis that was slow to respond. >> is overwhelming them. it's a great concern. air-conditioned on campus of the prison to make sure they have greater physical distancing and for medical triage.>> each of the 35 prisons need a specific plan so prison search alongside community surge does not swamp hospitals. families of inmates are alarmed, their loved ones trapped in an overcrowded environment where they cannot avoid exposure. 42% of the inmates are already
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medically vulnerable. the crisis has neighbors near the prison frustrated as well. >> who made the decision to transfer all these inmates, that's the question i would have it >> hundreds of inmates are still waiting to be tested or waiting for results so numbers could actually be higher and about 90 staff members are infected, also the prison might have seen his first death, a 71- year-old man on death row found unresponsive last weekend tested positive. salon owners protested outside san jose health department today they want to know when they will be allowed to reopen. they say it could take weeks to contact clients and set up ointments and many are worried
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that many customers will be gone for good. >> we don't know when and if they will come back. >> they have taken several steps to make their businesses compliant, they have installed plexiglas barriers, pause. he and removed seating to ensure social distancing. the american academy of pediatrics has a recommendation for children to return to the classroom. doctors issued a statement saying the schools are fundamental to child development and well-being. the doctors also cited increasing evidence that transmission of the virus by children is uncommon in part because kids are less likely to get it in the first place. they urged all considerations to start with the goal of having students physically present in school whenever they can do so safely. a group
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working to stop school closures in oakland is getting some help from a lawmaker. women of color created the group of not for sale to seek a moratorium on school closures until the summer of 2022. they are urging the school district to hold off on closures and communities of black and brown students.>> remove the state of california and the imposition on the closure of schools. for decades now, the state has been pushing an agenda that has hurt black and brown students first and worst.>> today's event was to include a demonstration of how students can social distance and classroom seating. a roadside sign in the east bay saying quote do not slow for protesters.
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hear from the public works department about what happened.
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a surprise for drivers of the weekend, immobile roadside message board was changed to do not slow for protesters. the sign is on marsh creek road in brentwood. there was also a message about liberals and one that
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proclaimed trump 2020. a public works spokesman says it appears somebody pried open the signs operating system to change the message. it has since been fixed and the incident was reported to the sheriffs office. police are investigating the vandalism of a car belonging to a black couple as an act of hate. neighbors helped turn the incident into something positive and the couple got very emotional when they started talking about it. >> within a few hours this couple experienced one of the vilest acts of human behavior followed by one of the kindest and one day later they are still seeing it. >> the outpouring, i'm almost in tears now.>> they have been part of this well-maintained neighborhood for years without any problems. but they say they could not believe what they woke up to
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sunday morning. the mercedes parked out front was spray-painted with the letters alm which they believe stands for all of this matter, that is to come a mantra for any white racist trying to undermine the bloodless matter movement.>> i was hurt i truly could not believe the community that i lived in somebody could take part of this and something so hateful. >> police are investigating what they call a hate incident but for the alexander's something was far more powerful. photos began circulating on social media sunday and in no time neighbors spontaneously began pouring out of their homes, residents drove over from further out and began helping it figuratively. once they saw the pictures they cannot just do anything. >> i was angered beyond belief. so angry i was shaking.>> i want to come by and tell them
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their loved and respected and this action does not represent what our neighbors feel for them.>> i cannot describe to you the outpouring of love from this community. it was just overwhelming. >> is seeing the reaction of the family and how grateful they were for the jewelry support, that's what made me the happiest.>> they have no idea how or why they were targeted but they have this message for those responsible.>> hates never wins. it will never win. there are more of us than there are of them and my community show that. my neighbors showed up.
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state lawmakers in mississippi voted to remove a confederate emblem from their state flag. mississippi is the last state in the country to include a symbol of the old confederacy. it has flown there for 126 years. state lawmakers voted this weekend to begin work on a new design. the mayor of washington, d.c. is bringing the naacp to the nations capital. the organization is moving its national headquarters from baltimore. the dc mayor released a statement that said as we continue fighting for change and working to build a more fair and just nation we look forward to welcoming this iconic civil rights organization to washington, d.c.
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golden gate bridge tolls are set to go up this wednesday, july 1, the district says the money will go to maintaining the bridge and ferries, it will also help the district recoup revenue loss during the crisis. traffic on the golden gate bridge is still down 40% from levels before the pandemic. most drivers will be paying an extra $.35, for fast-track users the new toll is $7.70. fire officials say one person is dead and 40 homes
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have been destroyed in a wind driven wildfire in imperial county. the fire started last night and spread quickly in the rural town of nylund east of the salton sea. these pictures from the fire department show the intense flames that were fueled by strong wind. at least 150 people have been displaced, the red cross is now helping those people trying to find places to stay. there's no word on what started the fire. a red flag warning was up and it's now gone, that was up last night at about 1000 feet, no fault of the coast right now so tomorrow is going to be a warm day. there is the ridge of high pressure and there is that trough. that's where the wind came from when this thing sat over us and
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called us off. now this ridge is building in and that should set us up with a more typical pattern. once you get the high-back and you get the fog trying to reform and this one is coming from the correct direction now coming from the northwest and they were kind of gusty last night, gusty at times this morning as well but then they died down. temperatures run a generally warmer than last night. patchy fog at the coast at best, forecast size in places like san francisco will be in the low to mid 70s and around san jose and livermore back to the low 90s. tomorrow quite frankly the warmest day of the week. i think were going to see a lot of upper 80s and low 90s. still a nice week but tomorrow is a mid-
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and thursday. fire danger always a concern even though there are no red flag warnings. you can see the temperatures like i said last night i was look at these top two numbers, that's the max and that's the minute we fall on that line somewhere in between if you're of the coast. the plan is the coast and land is not that far apart so it is going to be a nice week ahead with the fourth of july turning out pretty nice. we have been talking about wearing your masks and social distance, just keep going at it here. some of the numbers coming in now are very clear. there is a five day forecast. see you back here tomorrow night restore my family and friends have been checking in with willie brown after his name and picture are mistakenly
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included in the 2020 bet award in memoriam segment. producers wanted to honor former oakland raider willie brown who died at the age of 78. but the use an image and description of the wrong round. today we talked with him and he says the first call he received about the mistake was from his niece.>> i got a call from my niece who says why didn't you tell us, we would have plan something if we knew you were dying or dead. and she laughed and i have course had no idea what she was talking about. she assumed i provided them with the appropriate information so that i would become somewhat more famous.>> willie brown played 16 seasons in the nfl, number 24.
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the grand experiment is about to begin, come the month of july is you care to name will be underway and on the circle right now, major league baseball. at the end of the week were going to have major training information for you from both sides of the bay. actually we sent our helicopter up to check out where summer camp will begin for both the a's and giants. the giants will start friday, we also get a sneak peek at the giants new bullpen area of beyond centerfield. defenses are just a little bit shorter. lots of changes with regard to the game itself and covering it. only 35 media members will be allowed and also no postgame interviews. players are going to love that. everything is going to be conducted by a zune.
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the 2019 topic for the san francisco giants hunter bishop of serra high school play in the college ranks, tested positive last week. he is asymptomatic that's the good news. says he's feeling fine currently in quarantine and could rejoin the team for the latter part of training camp which will be held at oracle. this is the odds and what they see in vegas for the season. astros and dodgers, fortune-1. everybody thinks the dodgers are going. what are the chances of the bay bridge world series about 750 to one. the top high school prospects may be in the last decade told everybody today made it public
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where he intends to go to college. >> michigan state is going to be happy about that but the funny thing about it is bates has two more years left of high school to play. she is a generational talent they say. shooter. this looks like a bit of trick photography but it actually happened at a beach. 20 backflips we counted in 10 seconds and you'll be able to
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see another angle. he is no doubt the sick at the beach. nphy, how do you respond to allegations that you look super sexy in your new suit? i haven't been elected yet. come on, kids! we gotta vote! honey, come on. please stop filming. i'm just excited! after today, you are going to be a councilwoman, and i am going to be a first husband. and if you don't stop filming, you're going to be my first husband. all right, everybody, come on! do you know what you're doing, kids? you guys are manning the phone banks. alex, you're in charge of that. why is she in charge? and what's a phone bank? (claire) hmm. that's why. phil. i got it. i will be driving 50 of our finest senior citizens to the polls, assuming, of course, that they remember that i'm coming for them. where you at? (laughs) high-five. old people occasionally forget things. okay. everybody, let's go. let's go. wait! real quick! sorry. everybody get in there. jump in there. i just want to say how proud of you we all are. you're an inspiration.


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