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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 2, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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we found that people didn't say catching a new movie, or going on a trip. it was to simply be with loved ones. having that first hug. sharing that first meal together. and showing off the good news. we know you can't wait to welcome people back into your home, and neither can we. let's get ready for what's next. ikea. a warning tonight about fire danger with the holiday weekend just ahead. officials say dry vegetation and illegal fireworks make for a very dangerous combination. >> we have extreme concerns over a lot of people trying to do fireworks in their backyards. >> fire crews tell us they are busy and it's likely going to get worse.
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>> we begin in contra costa county were firefighters say they have seen a dramatic increase in the number of vegetation fire is. we have details on several fires in the past 24 hours. >> reporter: i spoke with fire officials in contra costa and alameda counties. they told me crews have been busy putting out brushfires every day. with professional fireworks shows canceled in the bay area, they expect a very different fourth of july. this video, posted on social media, shows a fire that broke out along interstate 580 in livermore shortly before 10 thursday morning. the cause of the fire is under investigation. fire officials tell me there are homeless encampments in the area, but they did not rule out
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other causes, such as illegal fireworks were discarded cigarettes. vegetation fires are keeping firefighters in the east bay busy. this fire in concord wednesday night was one of six brushfires in just one day in contra costa county. it burned near a pg&e facility. small and acreage, but concerning. county officials said they have seen four times as many fires this june compared to the same time last year. the heat and high winds are factors. >> the weather, from almost the beginning of fire season, to the beginning of june on, has created fairly dangerous conditions every single day across contra costa county. >> reporter: in pittsburgh, ronnie williams and her seven- year-old son jay show us where illegal fireworks caused a fire in the courtyard of their apartment complex thursday afternoon.
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>> i was first scared when i saw it. it was a bunch of smoke. >> reporter: a maintenance crew was able to put out the fire quickly. >> i hope that going forward there won't be another fire in place. but i'm concerned. >> reporter: neighbors suspect it was children playing with fireworks. >> and was just like a boom. it was scary. i thought they were barbecuing earlier, but it wasn't no barbecue, there was barbecuing our grass. >> reporter: fireworks are a threat to home and lives. >> children 15 and under are disproportionately injured by fireworks, more than any other age. that's a good reason to avoid using illegal fireworks. >> reporter: fire officials said they have increased staffing for the holiday weekend because they are expecting it to be busy.
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the oakland fire department says it will be cracking down on illegal fireworks into the fourth of july weekend. collection barrels have been set up at stations throughout the city. residence can surrender unused fireworks without penalty. crews will be out monitoring the situation at lake merritt. nearly every fireworks show in the bay area has been canceled this year, but there is one city that's getting a little creative so residents can still enjoy the show. >> reporter: this is what no one will be seeing along the san francisco waterfront on july 4th this year. and not just here, almost every official fireworks show, including san francisco, has been canceled due to covid-19. except for one south bay city, gilroy.
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but to encourage social distancing, gilroy announced it would shoot its fireworks higher than usual saturday night so the show can be seen from the homes of more residents. all public gatherings are discouraged. >> it kind of sucks because it's the one time of year everything is really lively. >> reporter: fire protection district displayed how quickly a spark from a firecracker can blow to someone's roof and catch fire. >> as tempting as it may be, don't purchase fireworks. leave them in the package. >> reporter: judging from these legal fireworks sales in dublin, that appears to be wishful thinking. dublin is one of a dozen bay area communities that sells fireworks. despite the warnings from fireworks, this man plans onhe bought. >> everyone is going to do what they are going to do. >> we would strongly discourage anyone from using any type of fireworks. >> reporter: the head of the burn unit at santa clara valley
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medical center says injuries around the fourth are common to hands and face. >> they light it and nothing happens. so they bend over to look into it and it comes out and hits there i. we have seen significant eye injuries from that. now to the coronavirus. california sought 4000 cases yesterday, down from more than 5000 in recent days. there also 73 more deaths. statewide the total number of cases has reached 240,000 and more than 6000 have died. in the bay area there almost 27,000 cases of the coronavirus and 590 people have died. governor newsom today emphasized the need for people to wear face coverings. they are mandatory in california to protect others. the governor also debuted a couple of new coronavirus psa's. one is a dire warning with no words spoken.
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>> newsome called the psa and impactful, nonpharmaceutical effort. the governor is also warning everyone to avoid large crowds and extended family this weekend. santa clara county had an order today that does away with phase three openings and clears the way for business to reopen. and another two weeks personal care services will be eligible to reopen, along with gyms and fitness centers and hotels and motels. as long as everyone wears face coverings and the counties of the requirements are satisfied. >> this virus has proven time and again in communities around the country and around the world that it will come back with a vengeance if you let your guard down. we will not let our guard down
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here in santa clara county. >> the county also plans to allow outdoor gatherings for up to 60 people and indoor gatherings of up to 20 people. the new order would go into effect no sooner than july 13th , or once the state approves it. these businesses, reopening day can't come soon enough for them. >> reporter: several business owners have been waiting to reopen, having not worked for four months. many felt it was unfair to be closed for this long. one hairstylist i spoke with says the new parameters for reopening are too restrictive. >> i'm ecstatic to have a date. i'm ecstatic to not lose my business. >> reporter: denise russell has safety protocols in place at her business, special-effects salon and day spot in san jose. stations taped off to disinfected with harborside, done in the open.
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new sanitation stations and an outdoor patio for customers to wait for the coloring to be done. >> we are human, we do need to get out of our homes sometimes. this order makes it very clear how to do so safely. >> reporter: the county is resuming activities, despite an increase in covid-19 cases and being on the states watchlist. under the new health order, any activity where a face covering is removed remains prohibitive. the health officer says the county is being monitored for its change in hospitalizations. >> in our county, we still have relatively few people with covid in the hospital. you can think of it as going from very low to low. but the change was enough to land us on the list. >> reporter: witnesses must meet certain criteria to reopen , including social distancing, reporting positive covid-19 cas >> one worker for perry 250
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square feet of gross square footage of the facility. one customer per 150 square feet that's open to the public. >> that's going to limit a lot of businesses, as far as how many employees and clients they can service. >> reporter: erica martin, hairstylist in santana row is concerned for hours could be cut . her salon is considering staggering shifts. >> to but the restrictions on as , as far as the square footage goes, is something that no other county has had. >> reporter: back at special fx salon, the owner is grateful for the chance to resume business. >> we are going to have to learn how to to exist with this virus. it's not going to go away. i don't want to get sick or have any of my staff get sick. >> reporter: the new order encourages people, if they can, to work from home. some salons found out they will be offering virtual
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consultations. people living in san francisco were being asked to stay home due to a spike in coronavirus cases. city health officials said there has been a significant and alarming rise in new cases and hospitalizations over the past two weeks. cases are up from an average of 34 per day two weeks ago to 45 day now. >> wants this virus takes off at a high rate, it's very aggressive. we need to take this pause now and as much as possible stay at home for the fourth of july. >> public health experts say the surges in florida and arizona are starker mangers of how quickly the virus can spread. the city is also closing parking lots over the weekend.
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beaches will still be accessible for pedestrians and bicyclists. the idea is to keep large crowds from gathering and potentially spreading the virus. a surprisingly good jobs report, millions are now back to work. we hear about the industries that are rebounding and what lies ahead. and in bay area weather today, one of the cooler days of the week. but we will warm things up in time for the fourth of july. and a u-haul stolen in the east bay. the victim tells us generations of precious family heirlooms are now gone.
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some positive news about the economy. the u.s. added 4.8 million jobs, winning back some ground after the job losses from the pandemic. ktvu's jana katsuyama with the debate over what lies ahead. >> reporter: president trump says it's a sign of a quick recovery that some economists are warning their signals this could be just a temporary rise in jobs. >> it seems like it's starting to pick back up. i know that my boss is really eager for me to get back to work. >> reporter: adam steals' good
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feeling about the job market is interrupted by good news. unemployment fell and the u.s. gained back 4.8 million jobs, the largest monthly increase in history. >> today's announcement proves our economy is roaring back come up coming back extremely strong. >> reporter: the jobs report comes from mid may to mid june. >> as the economies reopen, reflecting that, we have seen improvements in just some of those industries. hospitality, eating out, dining out. >> reporter: those leisure and hospitality industry hired back 2.1 million workers. the retail sector rebounded with 740,000 jobs. but wells fargo economist gary schlossberg and other economists say it's too early to declare a recovery yet. >> these people were coming back off the sidelines, by and large. we still have a long way to go. we last 22 million jobs in
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march and april. >> reporter: a long road back to the pre-coronavirus economy. and new outbreaks across the south and west could disrupt the recovery. >> the gains are beginning to wind down a little bit and that may reflect the fact that this reopening is losing a little momentum. >> reporter: the jobs are for also brought as news for the number of people permanently laid off due to businesses downsizing or closing, increased by 588,000 last month. >> i work in the restaurant industry, so i've been laid off for almost 4 months. >> reporter: joe biden said thursday more must be done to boost covid testing and the economy. >> trump wants to declare his house health crisis over. unfortunately he's totally wrong. >> house democrats passed a $3 trillion relief bill two months ago. president trump says he
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supports the democrats' proposal for another round of direct payment checks to americans, with even larger numbers. but congress goes on fourth of july recess coming up. so is likely negotiations won't resume until the end of the month. in california weekly unemployment claims were down slightly this week to 279,000. also today, the employment development department announced they were extending and up limit benefits in california for an additional 20 weeks. state lawmakers are blasting california's edd. they say the department is feeling the people it's designed to serve. senator scott weiner and david hsu said that officers have been overwhelmed by people calling for help and getting their jobless benefits and they want the legislative audit committee to look into the problems. >> edd is truly failing our state. people are suffering tremendously. we have constituents who have gone without benefits from edd
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since march, just absolutely heart wrenching stories. constituents who have depleted their entire life savings, who have gone into extreme debt, who are in a deep panic. >> it's estimated more than one in three california workers has now filed for unemployment and if it's since the pandemic began. 30 year mortgage rates have fallen to their lowest level ever. the average rate for a 30 year loan fell to 3.0%, 3.07% this week. it's the lowest since they started tracking rates in 1971. 50 year mortgages also fell to 2.56%. analysts say many would- be homebuyers are having a hard time getting approved for loans, but many homeowners are taking advantage by refinancing. stocks rally on wall street today and the positive jobs numbers. the dow was up 92 points for the nasdaq was up 53 points for another all-time high. and the
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s&p added 14. the s&p has now climbed to within 8% of its record set in february. tesla shares also hit a new record today on strong quarterly sales. in bay area weather today, one of the cooler days of the week with lots of low clouds and fog. at least for the morning hours, and we have a stiff breeze throughout the afternoon as well. take a look at the highs from this afternoon. we are showing some 80s out there toward concord, fairfield and antioch. san jose down 77, oakland 71 and san francisco in the upper 60s. the forecast for your friday will be a warmer one. areas of fog in the morning, partly to mostly sunny skies into the afternoon hours. it will be mild to warm. the satellite has not been changing too much over the past couple of days. lots of clear skies inland and as we come in closer right now we have the breeze setting up and then we will transport the clouds back into the bay
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heading into the overnight hours. will check in on some of the current numbers. right now it is 59 degrees in concord, 56 and san francisco's , 64 for the south bay in san jose. here is a live camera looking out toward oakland on already those clouds are moving around. we have partly cloudy skies for today and more cloud cover expected first thing tomorrow morning. here is the plan tomorrow, 7:00 with overcast. and into the afternoon hours the clouds clear back to the shorelines. the beach has low to mid 60s, lots of 70s and even mid 80s will inland up tomorrow, heading toward the fourth. the warm-up will continue and we will take a look at the remainder of the holiday weekend forecast coming up in just a little bit. new at 10, authorities in the east bay are looking for a person who had a child with a van and drove away. it happened just before four this afternoon at vine and
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leslie avenues. they say this white fan had a 7- year old boy who was riding on his scooter. the boy was taken to children's hospital in oakland. he has serious injuries, but is in stable condition. if you have any information, you are asked to call the police. a new take on policing in the wake of recent protests. how oakland is using social workers instead of sworn in officers. new pressure for the washington redskins to change their name. plus a warning for commuters, how muni cuts in response to covid-19 can become permanent. businesses are starting to bounce back.
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new at 10, and san francisco police have made an arrest for a homicide that happened in april. authorities rested 53-year-old james davis for a number of crimes, including assault and
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involuntary manslaughter. the victim was a 41-year-old man who was found unconscious at franklin and mcalester. he was taken to the hospital, but later died of his injuries. san francisco's muni is estimating it will only be able to provide 70% of its free covid-19 service next year. that means that the roughly 40 lines that were cut at the start of the pandemic won't return unless a new revenue stream is found. just 23 of the 68 bus lines are running now. ferry service between tiburon and will operate thursday to sunday with new safety guidelines. masks are required on the dock and on the boats. crews will also disinfect the fairies with the fogging system after every run. and passengers will be required to book tickets in advance.
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>> since we do have a reduced capacity, we are running at about 25% of our normal capacity. we ask everyone to make a reservation in advance. us allows us a spot and how to keep track on how many people we have coming and to ensure the capacity. >> not everything is open on angel island. museums and other buildings are closed, but visitors will have access to bathrooms and hiking and bike trails. the cafcwill also be open, but on a limited basis. there are dozens of new american citizens in the bay area just in time for the fourth of july. a ceremony was held earlier today on the uss hornet in alameda. 25 people from 14 nations were sworn in as american citizens. many of them are looking forward to their new freedoms and rights as u.s. citizens, including being able to vote. >> the election in november is going to be an incredibly important one. one of the things i'm happiest about, becoming a citizen, is the ability to exercise my vote . that election is going to
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decide, for the next generation, how we choose to treat each other and is going to define how we treat other countries and people from other countries. >> ceremonies have been put on hold by the u.s. citizenship and immigration services, but they were recently resumed, along with social distancing protocols. the u.s. supreme court is leaving in place a lower court ruling regarding salaries and equal pay. the judges said the federal equal pay act was generally requiring men and women to be paid equally for the same work. it doesn't allow past salary history to be used as a justification for a pay disparity. the case was out of fresno and had been decided by the 99th circuit here in san francisco. how a bay area school district is responding after 40 administrators were possibly exposed to the coronavirus during an in person meeting. and a solano county
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district attorney is recusing herself in two deadly police shootings. heartbreak and berkeley after a break into a u-haul.
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new at 10, a vehicle left turned to heartbreak for a berkeley man today. has rented u-haul was stolen right in front of his house and it held mementos that belonged to his elderly parents. we have the appeal he is making tonight. >> reporter: this was caught on surveillance video, which helps. but by now that thieves realized what they got was almost nothing to them and everything to the victim. >> i came down the steps to get ready to start unloading the
10:30 pm
van- >> reporter: scott boat this morning to find a moving van full of memories, missing. >> and my heart was just pounding at that point. >> reporter: it was a 12 foot u- haul parked in front of his berkeley home, with his parents moving to eldercare. you just spent three days packing up his childhood home in portland. >> everything had sentimental value and is connected to generations of my family. >> reporter: in everson security system shows the theft at about 6:30 a.m. several times, but fail. when they can't loot to the van, they steal it. >> i wish i had woken up and taken pictures of everything before i packed it. >> reporter: what he packed has almost no monetary value. a few power tools, and old couch and coffee table, but mostly housewares and memorabilia. >> all of the family memories. i mean i was looking at my parents' wedding pictures. there were so many little things for my kids that i wanted to bring them. a little
10:31 pm
desk at a little chair. >> items to pass to the next generation, and countless pictures, the only copies. >> i have to imagine that if anyone knew what was in there, they would not have bothered. >> reporter: police around the plate on the suv, but it was stolen out of antioch. if his stuff isn't recovered in the first 24 hours, it probably won't be. >> it was hard for them to part with their house and all of these things. >> reporter: his parents' comfort came in knowing their possessions were with family. >> i have not told them yet. i am holding out hope it terms up and we will be able to salvage some of it. >> reporter: u-haul has arizona plates and a distinctive the cal, large mushrooms. isn't angry at those who ripped them off. >> we have struggles and a lot of things that are in common are stealing this van. i fear for what got them to this place and i feel there's going
10:32 pm
to be pain for my family if it doesn't turn up. >> reporter: his family treasures being dumped somewhere is his fear. the best case scenario is that thieves abandon the load more or less intact and that someone spots that track. >> hopefully they do get a break, but it's so hard. within the first 24 hours, likely said, usually it's gone. oakland mayor libby schaff held a virtual town hall this evening. she discussed the idea of implementing community-based mobile crisis units that would respond to 911 calls, instead of police officers. the unit would be a team of social service workers. david harris of the urban strategies counsel spoke at the next town hall meeting and gave an overview of what the service might look like. >> i do need to have alternatives for things that don't go to the police, that
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really are the foundation for us building a healthy community when we have civic support and responsibility for each other. >> the oakland city council began working with the urban strategies counsel a little over a year ago to figure out the feasibility of implementing the so call m.a.c.r.o. program . since then there have been calls nationwide to defund the police department and replace officers with trained mental health workers and social workers. two people are recovering from serious injuries following a shooting yesterday afternoon. three women, all in their late teens early 20s were shot. two victims had less serious injuries, they are all expected to survive. chp had to shut down the freeway for more than three hours to carry out their investigation. so far there is no description of a suspect or vehicle.
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new video tonight of a carjacking that happened near santa cruz earlier this week. take a look at this video, miles raglan was driving north on highway one tuesday afternoon when he saw a man standing in the middle of the road. he was arguing with someone. this is his video from his car showing the man approaching him, then pulling out a gun. >> he looks at me and goes, help me out, help me out. i go nope, i won't shoot you if you get out. and he goes get out! and he hit the side of my car with his gun. he was out of his mind. he could've just pulled the trigger and that would've been the end of me. >> raglan drove off and his rear facing camera showed the suspect confronting others at gunpoint and carjacking and woman in a honda civic. he led law enforcement on a high-speed chase before driving off a cliff and into the ocean. amazingly he survived, unhurt,
10:35 pm
and was arrested. the solano county district attorney says she is recusing herself from reviewing two cases of deadly force from vallejo police due to a lack of public trust and a perceived conflict of interest. >> the current circumstances compel an outside review to not only restore public trust, preserve the safety of our community, but also provide confidence in the outcome. >> the district attorney is asking the state attorney general to review whether criminal charges should be filed against the officers who shot sean monte rosa and bulimic way. monte rosa was suspected of looting a drugstore on june 2nd when they vallejo officer shot him through the windshield of his car. willie mccoy was shot a fast fo- through. police say mcquay ha vallejo police released prime data for the first six months of the year and it shows
10:36 pm
a sharp increase in violent crime, including murder, or robbery and assault. that have been 13 murders in vallejo so far this year, templated compared to 12 of last year, 69 rates compared to 34 last year and 157 robberies, compared to 138 last year. chief johnny williams and speculate on the causes, but said he hopes to rally the community and city for more resources to implement reforms. cracking down on masks in hopes of slowing the spread. the areas that are now imposing fines for people not wearing a face covering in public. and toward the holiday weekend we are talking about a warming trend. longtime girlfriend and confidant now under arrest, the charges she faces that involve trafficking of underage girls. superfast internet.
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the british socialite who spent years with disgraced financier jeffrey epstein was arrested today. ghislaine maxwell maxwell is accused of lowering at least three minors to epstein's home, where they were allegedly sexually assaulted. and if she is convicted, she could spend more than 30 years in prison. >> today we announced the rest of one of the billions in this investigation. >> reporter: the fbi arrested ghislaine maxwell, jeffrey epstein's ex-girlfriend, longtime confidant and now indicted co-conspirator. she was arrested at 8:30 this morning in bradford, new hampshire. >> we learned she had slithered away to a gorgeous property in new hampshire, continuing to
10:40 pm
live a life of privilege, while her victims live with the trauma inflicted upon them years ago. >> reporter: maxwell was at her 156 acre home, paid for in all- cash last december, under the guise of an llc the. prosecutors in the southern district of new york are charging maxwell with six federal accounts, including four counts of conspiring, enticing and transporting minors for the purpose of illegal sexual acts and two counts of perjury for lying under oath in 2016. between 1994 and 1997, maxwell allegedly recruited and groomed three unnamed minors to be sexually abused by her and her then boyfriend, jeffrey epstein. one girl was just 14 years old. maxwell allegedly traffic the girls between epstein's properties in the . city, palm beach and new mexico. even maxwell's home in london, england. >> maxwell enticed minor girls, got them to trust her, then deliver them into the trap that she and epstein had set for
10:41 pm
them. >> reporter: on news of maxwell's arrest, epstein accuser jennifer rose said today allowed survivors to take a breath of relief. executors want maxwell to be held without bail until her trial. they say she is an extreme flight risk. the 58-year-old faces up to 35 years in prison. republican politician herman cain has been admitted to a hospital in atlanta and is receiving treatment for the coronavirus. cain is 74 years old. he ran for president in 2012 and is now the cochair of black voices for trump and he attended the trump rally on june 20th in tulsa, oklahoma where this picture was taken. at least half a dozen members of the president's advanced team and two secret service agents who attended the rally also tested positive. texas governor greg abbott is having second thoughts about face coverings. today he signed a statewide executive order requiring face
10:42 pm
coverings be worn in public at all times in counties with at least 20 coronavirus cases. >> this requirement is not intended to be punitive. instead, we just need everyone to do their part to help to slow the spread. >> violators will first get a warning and then it will cost up to $250. back in may, when governor abbott was aggressively pushing for texas to reopen, he said the government did not have authority to order people to wear masks. refusing to wear a mask or face covering in west hollywood could cost you. sheriff's deputies there are going to start issuing tickets. a first offense will cost you $250. a spokeswoman for the sheriff's department said the agency will continue to seek voluntary compliance. now they have the option of issuing a citation if they want to. still to come tonight, 40 school principals in the south
10:43 pm
they possibly exposed with coronavirus. the details we have learned about the in person meeting they attended. also, temperatures are only getting warmer. we have the holiday forecast, coming up.
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10:45 pm
we're learning more about a meeting in the south bay where dozens of school administrators may have been exposed to covid- 19. as ktvu's elissa harrington
10:46 pm
reports, a person attending a principals meeting for the santa clara unified district, later tested positive for the coronavirus. >> reporter: in a june 25th board meeting for the santa clara unified school district posted on youtube, superintendent stella kemp mentioned a leadership meeting days earlier where attendees may have been exposed to covid- 19. >> unfortunately one of our members of our leadership team tested positive for covid in the days following friday's meeting. since then we have taken the following steps, cleaned and sanitized the meeting location and all attendees were guaranteed according to directions from the county health department. >> reporter: now the district is backtracking on her remarks, saying reports are inaccurate and she misspoke. part of the statement reads, for clarification at last week's board meeting, dr. kemp misspoke to use the word orenstein. she meant to say shelter in place as we are in the bay area and following shelter in place
10:47 pm
what is. the district spokesperson would not say why the meeting was held in person, rather than held remotely in the midst of a pandemic. she would not tell me how many people were exposed. vicki fairchild with the board of trustees voiced her concerns, saying about 45 people were there. >> i got several calls from educators who are a little panicked about the covid-19 exposure. i personally was surprised because of what i heard other school districts doing, that we had a meeting with around 45 people. >> reporter: the board president said attendees did have the option to participate via zoom and everyone who attended practiced social distancing. and in emails she wrote, attendees sat at least six feet apart, wore masks and ate lunch outside. in addition, doors were left open for ventilation. the office of education said the district followed social distancing guidelines and schools are considered an essential function. when i reached out to the santa clara public health department, they sent me a statement. it reads, it is not clear
10:48 pm
government agencies. even though they had the authority to hold an not mean t should exercise the right to do so. the county's health officer was asked if they will provide any sort of health guidance. >> we assist and consult manager and he went who is exposed it's follow-up. which includes testing and safely quarantining at home. in bay area whether temperatures have been cooling off the past couple of the days. we will rebound your friday, but especially by saturday. here is a look at the temperature trend today. probably one of the cooler days. we began to warm things up in your friday forecast. saturday a quick rebound and temperatures not changing too much in your seven-day forecast. we had to do a three-day weekend , we are going to tack on some areas of fog and clear skies into the afternoon hours.
10:49 pm
saturday is when we see a few neighborhoods back into the lower 90s inland. then on sundays it is mostly sunny and warm. here is the satellite showing the low clouds dancing with the coastline throughout a good portion of the day. we had some clearing near the shoreline as well. lots of sunshine inland. right now we have this, these onshore winds trying to transfer the clouds back into the bay. i'm seeing mostly cloudy skies in santa rosa, partly cloudy skies for sfo and partly cloudy skies in oakland. current numbers, talking about some 50s and 60s. livermore, right now 60, san jose checking in at 64. overnight lows start out your friday morning with temperatures in the low to mid 50s. the fog outward pacifica, san francisco, overcast for oakland and hayward, even up in the north bay as well. santa rosa already reporting mostly cloudy skies. here is the cloud pattern tomorrow morning. and then by the afternoon hours
10:50 pm
the clouds there back to near the shorelines. so, some patchy fog for the beaches and temperatures on track to reach the mid-60s to the 70s to the mid to upper 80s for tomorrow afternoon. why a little bit cooler today? it's this guy, this area of low pressure that will scoot on out of town. this area of high pressure builds in and a warmer weather pattern sets up our weekend, setting the stage for 90s back in the forecast inland. that includes saturday, showing you this for july 4th. beaches mainly in the 60s, around the bay close to 80 and in the inland hotspots not excessively hot, but still creeping up around 92 to 94 degrees. here's a look at our forecast highs for tomorrow, 60s, 70s and 80s. heads up if you will be near the shoreline. there will be increased rip current activity and sneaker waves. here is a look at your five day forecast with temperatures warming up and then we gradually cooled things down
10:51 pm
for monday and tuesday. of course with this weather pattern i will have to keep an eye on the fire danger because it will be warm. longtime television news anchor and host hugh downs has died.'s family said he died of natural causes last night in his home of scottsdale, arizona. he started his career in tv in 1945 and it lasted for 60 years. he was best known for anchoring nbc's today show and later, 2020 on abc. he also hosted the game show concentration. he was 99 years old. coming up in sports, the warriors sound off on a potential chasse of a second bubble leak. then under the 11:00 news, encouraging social distancing. however bmb is cracking down on so-called party houses ahead of the holiday weekend. businesses are starting to bounce back.
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call or go online today. it was surprising to hear the news earlier today with a spokesman person for the warriors denying this is in the close to happening. in case you didn't hear about it, the leak was in deep discussion about a second bubble to take place in chicago for the eight teams that weren't invited to play with other 22 in the playoff scenario in orlando, warriors have the worst record in the nba. they would join seven other teams who also g to
10:55 pm
start in september. there were millions of reasons not to do this, in my opinion. first of all, further risk of spreading the virus, injuries to potential stars and it really would prove nothing since these were the eight worst teams in the league. it was all about greed, but now happy to report it doesn't look like it's anywhere close to happening. fun and games, you didn't think it would be that easy did you regarding the business of sports? how about this, nine more current nba players have tested positive. so now the overall total stands at 25 players for the pool of 351. veteran's, nba staff, including coaches and assistant coaches, only 10 out of 884 have tested positive. those who did are in quarantine. just in case you are in the mindset that things change, no they never change and they
10:56 pm
never will. know, there is positive energy and information tonight to the contrary. that is for sure. get a load of this. for years the washington redskins have refused to change their racist and degrading the name and logo. the franchise at dozens of maj sponsors such as fedex, nike and pepsi are pulling advertising away from the team. in fact, the nike website tonight has removed any and all washington nfl merchandise. and with that much money at stake, you can bet things will change indeed. i would tell you that very soon they will no longer be known as the washington redskins. the holiday weekend can be always think of great sporting moments. that's not really going to happen by and large this holiday weekend, but there sure are a lot of memories to look
10:57 pm
back on. this day in sports history, thanks to joe fonzi. >> reporter: 303 no-hitters have been thrown in major league baseball history. only 35 pitchers have thrown more than one. the reds' homer bailey joined that number. in 1933 hall of famer carl hummel through all 18 innings of a one-zero shutout of the cardinals. on this day in 1963, same score with one maraschino pitching all 16 innings against the braves. willie mays sent everybody home with a home run. on this day in 1941 joe dimaggio stood alone. is three run homer was a hit in his 45th straight game. he would continue the streak for much more of the summer. that's the stay in sports, july
10:58 pm
2nd. pga golf, they're looking for week four to go through. they've got a good one going on so far. matthew wallace sinking a long birdie putt, he has six under. you're going to see bryson dechambeau putt for eagle. there are three at the top of the leaderboard. it interesting to note, 25 golfers within three shots of the lead through one round. that's pretty good stuff. we've got some fun stuff for you now. check this out tonight. i don't know what a rude goldberg machine is, but you are about ready to see it on a youtube channel and a guy named
10:59 pm
griese. we are putting it on fast-forward for you. t changes that they had to go through right here. and it's pretty amazing. it took about five minutes to get through this thing [ laughter ]. but eventually [ laughter ] eventually->> it's never-ending. >> it will come to culmination. a young gymnast in stride. i don't even know how to call the play-by-play on there. but from my vantage point that would tell you it looks like a whole lot of things can go wrong [ laughter ]. but that is the sporting life. we will have more for you in about 25 minutes. >> the things that people come up with. next here at 11->> this marks the end of a phase reopening and the beginning of a new stage that we anticipate will be stable for some time.
11:00 pm
an unexpected announcement from santa clara county health officials that makes it more businesses eligible to reopen as long as people are able to wear masks. >> santa clara county takes its foot off the brakes, even as we are seeing an increase in coronavirus cases. hello again. >> the county says some indoor businesses will be eligible to reopen on july 13th if the state gives the go-ahead. we are talking about hair salons, nail salons, gems, fitness centers, hotels and motels. we will all be allowed to reopen under the new law. however, indoor restaurants would not be allowed to reopen. we have talked to business owners who say they are owners


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