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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 3, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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support, concern, and prayers. assembled at mount rushmore. it is overwhelming, as a parent and a mother, to have so many people reach out to you that do not even know you. they want to help. >> the president is expected to start his speech in about an hour. he is expected to speak out we are talking about a warm- against protesters that are toppling statues of confederate up as we go toward the fourth of july. most areas had sunshine with figures or calling for them to be removed. as ray bogan tells us, there is patchy fog. no requirement for the crowd of temperatures will climb on the more than 7000 people to wear masks, or keep socially distant. >> we will have a tremendous saturday forecast. evening. this afternoon, it is 85 degrees in concord. it will be a fireworks display, san jose is in the upper 70s. the coast is in the low and mid 60s. in the north a, we have 70s in like few people seem. >> reporter: the president is napa and san rafael. gearing up for a trip to south this is the plan for fourth of dakota for an independence day july. we have sonny's guys. celebration. big crowds are expected to turn we have coastal fog in the out for the event at mount rushmore. >> i think it will be a great honor and a great display of morning. american exceptionalism. >> reporter: there is some the microclimate is still out there. the beaches are not warming up concern about the spread of much. the bay is near 80 degrees. covid-19. the states governor says they right now, it is 83 degrees in will hand out free mass, but fairfield.
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we have san francisco checking they will be optional. in at 60 degrees. folks that have concerns should this is the satellite. stay home. >> we will not be social distancing. this looks like the same we are asking them to be coming satellite from the last few days. the fog, it is still a factor. we still have this patch. to enjoy the freedoms and liberties we have in this as we come in close, this is country. >> reporter: this comes during near pacifica and ocean beach. a period of unrest in major cities. the department of homeland we have some patches right near security is sending rapid deployment teams to protect federal statues and monuments around the country. >> we will prosecute, violent the headlands. this is the camera looking out toward sfo. we have fog over the hills. violators of the law that vandalized the property and the for lows will be in the 50s. history of this country, or threaten or hurt other we have areas of fog near the americans, other people that deserve to be safe. coast and the bay. in the afternoon hours, we are the most basic civil right is showing you the warm-up. we have more sunshine with right to be safe where you are temperatures in the mid 60s, all the way to the mid-90s. and where you live.>> reporter: the trump administration is offering an opportunity to on sunday, it will be warm. celebrate with flyovers called we will talk about the forecast a salute to the great cities of and the full five day coming up the american revolution. in a little bit. u.s. air force and u.s. marine fire crews responded to a two alarm fire in the mission corps jets will fly over boston, new york, philadelphia, district this afternoon. the flames broke out around 2:15 in a building at 2966
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and baltimore in five waves. mission street. that is the address of the old they will include thunderbirds, b-52s, and at 35's. ray bogan, fox news. jerusalem restaurant. no one was inside the business at the time. no injuries have been reported. protesters from native the cause of the fire is under american tribes deadline the route to the event this afternoon. they say that president trump's putting tribal members at risk investigation. the mountain lion captured for coronavirus in order to last month while wandering the stage a photo op at mount streets of downtown san francisco was struck by a car and killed. the chp said it was hit on highway one in pacifica. rushmore. the young mountain lion had a tracker from the department of the people also say that the black hills of south dakota should be there tribal land. it was taken from them in violation of treaty agreements fish and wildlife. a century and a half ago. they released the puma in a rural part of the county but it the company that is putting made its way to the coast, searching for territory. the department of fish and on the fireworks show at mount wildlife says 100 mountain lions are killed on california rushmore tonight, usually does roadways every year. the san francisco show. we spoke to the ceo, in south dakota, about the big show this >> after the break, shots fired evening. >> we are ready. we have been here for two at a food court. weeks. four people are in the this is a challenging show. hospital. what we are learning from this is what we like to do, investigators on the scene? just like we did the golden gate bridge. we love the challenge of the structures. we have a skilled team here with my two sons, nieces and
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nephews. we have 20 the top and the vice president's visit to arizona is postponed after secret service agents test positive for the coronavirus. superfast internet. the back of mount rushmore. this is one of the greatest symbols of americana in the nation. this will be an 18 minute pyro musical production called spirit of america. it will light up the skies and be a kickoff to our nation's independence. >> they say this show is one of a handful that they will put on this year. about 400 land shows were canceled due to the pandemic. a sharp spike in coronavirus cases hit california right before the fourth of july holiday weekend. some areas have closed their beaches or parking lots to avoid big crowds. rob roth shows us the areas that have been closed off along the san mateo coast.>> reporter: a sign of the times in the era of covid-19. fearing a migration from throughout the bay area this
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with of july weekend, city officials closed all beaches on it's a beautiful thing. superfast internet with an the county coast from sunrise friday until sunrise on monday. xfinity flex 4k streaming device included? that includes here in pacifica even beautiful-er. and half moon bay. is>> reporter: they have to do and now flex also comes with peacock. ooh la la. this rare bird lets you stream tons of movies, it. it is not going away. the numbers are getting shows, news, sports and more. and with flex, it's all at your beck and call... worse.>> reporter: law show me parks and rec! enforcement was turning people see? the best really did get better! away at some beaches. some were not happy about it. some surfers did manage to get magnificent. switch to xfinity internet on their boards. they arrived before the and get a flex 4k streaming device authorities had gotten set up. those that came later felt with peacock premium included for no additional cost. cheated. and >> i do not see why they will not let people social distance in the water. i feel like all of the surfers get it. >> reporter: up north at the municipal., we found a different story. the beach near the pier is closed. people came, even though the sign says they are not supposed to. is >> i thought it was at noon today until sunday.>> reporter: we did not see law enforcement why we were right here.
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is>> reporter: i have been coming down here for walks with my dog. this is the least amount of people we have ever seen. >> reporter: that could be due to foggy weather. >> is time for people to be accountable, and to not go out to the coast. that is the clear message. >> reporter: in san mateo county, the number of people testing positive tripled in the month of june. >> my worst nightmare, we have seen this in other parts of the state. we have 300 people, on the beaches, packed like sardines, and there is no social distancing. >> each go or stay without the shots rang out outside of an alabama shopping mall closures, this scenario would be possible. >> since they opened it up, the leaving at least four people wounded. multiple shots were reported this afternoon near the food crowds have been incredibly court inside of the gallery in hoover, alabama. it is located near birmingham. dense. very few people are wearing masks. >> reporter: the parking lots are also closed. officials say they do not know what led up to the shooting.
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this ranges from $60 up to two victims are being treated at the house at all. $1000 in fines. authorities say the scene has rob roth, ktvu fox2 news. been secured and there is no word on any arrests. vice president mike pence's trip to arizona next week has been delayed. according to the washington at the parking areas of san francisco's ocean beach are post, 8 to 10 secret service also closed the weekend. agents tested positive for they will reopen monday morning. it is the same goal, preventing large crowds from spreading the virus. law-enforcement says they will patrol the coast to ensure restrictions are taken serious. coronavirus, or are showing symptoms. more spaces being created he was scheduled to visit arizona on tuesday with members of the coronavirus task force. in danville. town council approved the move. nascar driver, jimmy johnson, tested positive for hearts avenue from here to the coronavirus. the motorsports team says he school street will be shutdown was asymptomatic, but got a test after his wife tested to allow for businesses to open positive. he is a seven-time nascar champion. he will miss this weekend's race up dining areas. the weekend closure started this afternoon and will last through august. >> it will drive is is up. at the motor speedway.'s team we have more people out here. says he will not return to competition until he is cleared by a doctor. he is the first nascar driver to test positive. we will see. coming up as 6:00, a team this is the first time doing
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it. we will find out what happens. obviously, this does affect people about having them come into my store. those that want to come in will find a way to park and walk of 300 are watching out for over. danville officials say illegal fireworks. we will hear from the leader of a facebook group that has assumed the responsibility to anyone outside of the close of area, or inside the closed off respond. later in sports, the new area will have to wear a mask. normal as the giants report for spring training 2.0. the manager weighs in on the there will be a similar closure, grizzly peak boulevard changes at the ballpark. will close from skyline boulevard over to centennial downsizing, how the pandemic is forcing the transit drive. vehicles and nonresidents will system to make difficult be prohibited for 24 hours, starting at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. and palo alto, other roads will choices? close two cards. several downtown streets will be free of traffic from thursday until monday, and it is hoped that the closures allow pedestrian traffic to increase shopping at area businesses. some businesses are open this weekend. they are counting on the holiday to make money. tom shows us the popular spots that are open in sonoma county.>> reporter: at midday, the friday traffic into the
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resort town of granville was a very slow role. now, with beaches closed for monterey county through northern sonoma county, many folks are seeking alternatives, such as this. >> the town will definitely be full. >> reporter: jeff bridges owns the are three hotel, which is only renting out one third of their rooms for safety. and >> all the rooms available are occupied. we are observing strict social distancing. we are wearing masks.>> reporter: not all of the tidal wave of people will observe the mask and distancing rules designed to prevent viral spread. and >> i do believe everybody is concerned about that. >> reporter: rule breakers are not tolerated by the majority of guests and residents that
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comply. and >> you have one or two people that think otherwise. they are quickly corrected. put it that way. >> reporter: the charming town made a short video, welcoming folks back, when the heaviest restrictions were lifted. nonetheless, there are still restrictions such as masks and social distancing. >> we are mindful of safety. >> reporter: with fewer unary seats available, and crowds expected, it is better to shift the visit to another weekend, or during a wide open midweek. >> we are always welcoming people. i want to be clear, for this weekend, most of the hotels, i think all of the hotels are sold out. things are basically full.>> reporter: finally, the hidden gem, for decades, this has discouraged any tourism out of wanting it to remain hidden. in a long tradition, they will not welcome guests this weekend
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. reporting for ktvu fox2 news. alameda county set a new one-day record for coronavirus cases. now to our top story, president trump is expected to they reported 228 new cases arrive in south dakota any yesterday. minute to kick off the fourth that is well above the average of 143. across the bay area, there are 27,000 cases of covid-19. 592 people have died. of july celebrations. these are live images coming statewide, there is almost a from the event where he is prepared to give a speech before a fireworks show at quarter million confirmed cases mount rushmore. of the coronavirus, including the governor of south dakota 5600 new cases in the last 24 says that masks will be given out, but the crowd of about 7000 people is not required to hours. we have a total of 6263 wear them. the seating is not socially statewide deaths. distant. people traveling from california to chicago will have chp is looking for the driver that hit and badly to self quarantine for 14 days. injured a 7-year-old boy in martinez. 01 was riding a scooter when a white van ran over him right that is according to a new outside of his house. health order from the chicago he suffered a concussion and mayor, and her health officials. california is among 15 states had surgery on his leg. experiencing a surge in new he is expected to recover. covenant in cases. investigators say they are hoping that witnesses and video the chicago order now applies evidence will lead them to the to texas, florida, and arizona.
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driver. all beach parking areas in san francisco are closed for a coming up, a shooting in the food court of them all in the deep south. what we are learning about the four people wounded. you are watching ktvu, new developments in the colorado case of elijah mcclain. three officers were fired today for taking selfies, re-creating the deadly chokehold. 6:30. folks in the south bay on heightened alert for illegal fireworks. they say more are being sent off every year. we have a lot of sunshine as and ruben explains, today. we do have patchy fog at the residents are explained are coast. it will be warmer on fourth of very nervous because of the dry july. we have the forecast up date visitation vegetation hot weath coming up. we have an update on the 7- year-old boy that was hit by a van in martinez. by all accounts this year has been worse in san jose. for pops and bangs. we are also searching for the fireworks has started in maine have not stopped since. driver that did not bother to stop. we have a live look outside with traffic on highway 24 >> 24 hours a day. through lafayette. you can see it right there. is flowing smoothly. traffic is light. they rattled the windows and shake the houses. ktvu fox2 >> jeff levine records at all and he is part of a facebook
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group calling themselves stop illegal fireworks. they are protecting their community. >> that includes me documenting the fireworks i see, trying to raise awareness to its. we testified before the city on a number of occasions. we have regular meetings, where we try to come up with solutions to this. >> the city of san jose has an online reporting toward encouraging residents to alert emhespot legal fireworks. some say it is flawed. >> i totally understand from a logistics standpoint. it is very hard to chase the noise. i cannot chase the noise and i have a very hard time chasing noises to find out exact addresses. that is what the city requires. as well as pictures. >> so on the holiday weekend the neighbors are bracing themselves, assuming it will be their responsibility to keep watch and respond. >> i'm concerned about all of the pets, i am concerned about people with ptsd.
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if people are using fireworks that cause any kind of spark. this is dry conditions again. >> jeff levine say he and his neighbors will have their cameras and hoses ready. >> all of us are on hyper alert status. watching out for our own home and immediate neighborhood to respond immediately, if there is a fire. >> last year 30s and san jose made two arrests. they issued seven online citations and responded to 15 fireworks related fires. and ruben, ktvu fox 2 news. reporting illegal fireworks just got easier in fremont. that's because there is a app for that. officials are using the fremont app will help to free up resources. officers will be out working out a special fireworks detail and will monitor responses complaints sent to the app. it will help keep 911 operators
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available for emergencies. oakland police announced a new details on the investigation into the death of illegal fireworks bust from earlier this week. they say they confiscated roughly 110 pounds of high grade fireworks, at 67th, at 67th ave. 23-year-old, elijah mcclain in aurora, colorado. and international boulevard. the police chief said she fired three officers that took photos at a memorial, and reenacted the department is writing people they are cracking down on illegal fireworks throughout the weekend, and have sent up a the chokehold use on him. they sent the photos to one of the officers that stopped him. collection barrel at the fire station so people can surrender on the fireworks without he was a massage therapist, walking home from a convenience store in august when someone reported him as suspicious. penalties. he was held in a chokehold, given a strong sedative, and suffered cardiac arrest. >> they should be fired. all officers should be fired, fire investigators are trying to figure out what not able to be hired in any caused a two alarm fire at a housing complex under construction. that happened in concord. other department, where they it happened last night, around will continue to kill.>> 11:45 at the willow terrace townhomes on willow pass road. that was near esperanza street. the fire damage to the the construction site and nearby cars. officials say the fire appears to have started on the first floor of the three-story reporter: the governor ordered building. >> the process of construction the state attorney general to does involve a lot of different reopen the case after prosecutors declined to charge the three white officers that confronted him.
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in the bay area, the district attorney says that she is recusing herself from revealing two cases of deadly elements that can start fires. obviously happened at night and not during the day while construction workers on site. at this point in time, it's too course by vallejo police. soon to tell what started the >> the current circumstances fire. >> it took 40 firefighters 25 compel an outside review, to not only restore public trust, minutes, to contain the fire. preserve the safety of our community, but also provide officials say, only one of the confidence in the outcome.'s to units out of the five unit construction site was burned. no one was injured, and the and make the district attorney is investigators are checking to see if there's any evidence of arson. they are canvassing the surrounding neighborhood for surveillance video and asking the state attorney general to review whether witnesses. new at 6:30 ac transit is criminal charges should be filed against the officers that looking of shot two men. its bus routes. montrose was suspected of looting a drugstore on june 2, when of alejo officer mistook a hammer in his pocket for a gun and shot him through the the transit line is bracing for windshield of the squad car. mccoy was shot in february of a potential long recession. trans bay service in routes in the east bay hills are expected last year after following his to see cuts. the ac transit port is expected leap in a car at a fast food to hold a public hearing before drive-through. police say that mccoy reached making the cuts. for gun in his lap. they have been suffering millions of dollars in losses due to the pandemic. alameda hired an outside investigator to look into an at the spring ridership was incident that angered many of down in fact 74%.
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officials in san francisco, the residents. on may 23, an african-american say some unique bus lines could man was detained by officers after a womapoce to disappear permanently because of the pandemic. report him dancing and exercising in the street. when officers arrived, they put as we report, the outlook looks him in handcuffs and forced him to the ground and detained him bleak.>> reporter: before the pandemic buses crisscrossed all on obstructing police. the officers involved in the incident have been reassigned to desk work. there were several black lives matter protest taking around. in april with a growing pandemic, san francisco's municipal transportation agency restricted crevice service to place today. its core route, taking 40 of this one was happening outside of the alameda police the 68 lines of the road. headquarters earlier today. now due to a budget crisis, demonstrators blocked the intersection and oak street and lincoln avenue to have an eight they may be permanent. minute and 46 second die in >> we do not have a viable path representing the lives lost run the country to police to even maintain the lines that we are operating at the moment. let alone, restore those 40 brutality. there was a black lives matter caravan this afternoon lines, that will likely not be coming back. over the next two years. around the late. protesters blue car horns and waved at supporters as they >> reporter: the director says, circled the lake in their cars. the agency is just the first to feel the financial crunch from they say they want to call attention to the ongoing struggle for racial justice in the united states on this the coronavirus pandemic.
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independence day weekend. they say they have been able to stave off widespread layoffs, but revenue is down by 90% in ridership is not expected to increase to pre-pandemic levels the mother of a 7-year-old boy, injured in a hit-and-run crash is urging the driv surrender. elissa harrington reports that the little boy is recovering at the investigation to track down the person that hit him. in the foreseeable future. they are dipping into every foreseeable force to keep the lines that are running going for the next two years. after that, things get more >> all he had to do was stop. it was an accident. his response was tragic. dire. >> we will be living on our credit cards for the next two years. we are getting our fund reserve. we are getting our capital budget, and we are eating it >> reporter: amanda jones wiped for our operating budget. plan away tears as she spoke about her 7-year-old son, owen. he was badly injured in a hit- and-run, right outside of their home on thursday afternoon. a one was riding a scooter when opening more lines later this month and rail service in august. reopening rail service throughout the city will free a van ran him over. up some buses that are running is to make it is a blatant disregard for human life. >> reporter: this happened just before 4:00 p.m. on vine avenue. the routes that should improve frequency throughout the system. still it will be nowhere close to the city had pre-pandemic. >> it was right in the street. director tomlin said voters and >> reporter: the neighbor had just arrived home when it happened. is back this van flew down the politicians will have to make hard decisions about the future of mass transit in san street. i turned and saw that the boy was screaming on the ground. francisco. mack she shared video from a >> we have between now, and the security camera showing the
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2021 valid to start a conversation with our policy impact. the 7-year-old is on his scooter, wearing a helmet. he goes down his driveway, and makers and the citizens of san falls in the road and his head. francisco to see what is the >> if you run over a squirrel, right package.>> reporter: they you know you had something. to run over a child's body, there is no way you don't understand that ending some will disproportionately impact know.>> reporter: the highway patrol is investigating. they are asking for the public's help to trap -- immigrant and people of color. they say that's why it is so urgent that city needs to find tracked on the driver. new funding resources. in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 a >> we have video evidence and things we are following up on right now to find out if this exact white box truck is the news. coming up, $75 million in coronavirus aid distributed to undocumented californians. that did not get a federal suspect vehicle, which we believe it is, and who the stimulus check. a look at the state run program driver of the vehicle is, and that came to a end this week. possibly the responsible company. >> reporter: the driver was possibly wearing a yellow or lime green vest. the level of a gratitude, they could face felony charges. it was clear that it was the negligent act of leaving impactful this program. the scene is the most egregious part, not even checking on the boy. >> reporter:: was airlifted to children's hospital. he had surgery on his leg and suffered
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the state program that provided financial help to undocumented immigrants, during the coronavirus shut down, and this week. $75 million was given out across the state. we look into who it helped, and the challenges sent $500 is like winning the lottery. >>please call try your call again later. >>hundred phone calls every day, i never reach that. >> reporter: catholic charities was chosen by the state to approve and send covid-19
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relief money to those who cannot qualify for the federal stimulus or unemployment. >> the minute that phone number when out, we got hit with phone calls.>> reporter: that was the first hurdle, handling the near 4 million calls in the bay area alone. at one point the system crash. the other challenge was the tech gap. after the initial call applicants have to submit everything else electronically. >> it is hard because many people, hispanic they don't know how to use emails.>> reporter: mary rose helped oversee the program that ended this week. >> the need is astronomical. >> does that did get through had to prove they were affected by the pandemic. her team spent hours reading their impact statements. >> i realize we have this opportunity for the first time ever. to look into the lives of
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people that have no footprint in our communities. >> reporter: one letter in spanish translating to i am a field worker and i am older, and i have to pay the rent and the bills. another explained to have a two- year-old daughter, and it has affected me so much because it cannot provide. a third saying, i do not have a letter to prove it, but i need money for rent and food. >> it hits you. we just live in a different worlds.>> reporter: thousands pleading for $500. >> it meant a lot because when the pandemic first hits, we were terrified because, we felt so vulnerable. >> reporter: those young and old, 30,000 in the bay area, receiving some relief. >> i feel better. it helped us out >> the level of gratitude, it was clear that it was impactful this program. >> reporter: while this program is over, another $75 million is being raised to provide more assistance. in total, 150,000 undocumented immigrants will be helped in a
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state that has 2 million. ktvu fox 2, news. most areas are little warmer today than yesterday. that warming trend will continue as we head into the fourth of july. we have updated forecast coming up. you can also join us on gentoo plus. could the san francisco zoo become the latest casualty of the pandemic ? we will tell you about the big hit it is taking, and while why there's no relief in sight. president trump is expected to speak in the next hour as his pre-fourth of july celebration in south dakota. we are monitoring his visit to mount rushmore tonight. we have the stories and a lot more coming up live tonight on the 7 over on ktvu plus. thank you.
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after the break, safety concerns at lake tahoe. as out-of-towners go to the mountain holiday weekend, one county sees coronavirus cases nearly double.
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the independence day holiday, is artie underway at lake tahoe. they are seeing a big crush of visitors. some counties are seeing a significant increase in the number of coronavirus cases. reporter kristin reports on the safety concerns at some part popular tourist hotspots. >> reporter: cars trucks and rvs line highway 50 as tens of thousands of tourists, flock to the mountains, for one of the busiest weakens of the year. lake tahoe officials fear it could also be one of the busiest for the spread of covid- 19.
6:28 pm
>> we know we will have a second homeowners and tie them in town, and visitors and just hammering the information of wearing your masks. >> reporter: covid-19 numbers have nearly doubled and half over all covid-19 cases in el dorado county. >> when you look at our numbers compared to what is happening in other places in california, we are still not increasing, nearly as fast or as exponentially as we are seeing in many other counties. >> reporter: this was taken at the hard rock hotel and casino upon the reopening last month. it shows current requirements of 50% reduced capacity in the casino. only three guests set a table, and while masks were not required of guests at that time, they are now. >> we take the safety and health measures very seriously to ensure we are compliant with osha, the gaming board, the governor's orders and local
6:29 pm
health departments. >> reporter: we spoke with one hard rock employee who did not want it on camera. he said via email that he is concerned for safety with the crowds growing, each night. he says, quote , staff are not wearing masks correctly and guests are not following protocols with property spacing. hard rock is not the only casino bending rolls to get as much business as possible. they are taking huge risk to its employees and patrons. >> at the new world we operate in. but we are doing everything that is appropriate to address all those concerns. >> reporter: meanwhile the tourist continue to come. just as covid-19 cases continue to grow. and south lake tahoe. the forecast this week and a lot of sunshine for lake tahoe, a lot of sunshine for us here in the bay area. temperature start to trend up a little today.
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that pattern will continue and that trend will continue as we head into saturday. here's the forecast for tomorrow for the fourth of july. mostly sunny skies, temperatures will warm up. beaches in the 60s, around the bay close to 80 degrees. inland spots close to 90 degrees. everybody has a up arrow. you can see the temperature range these areas coming up at least a good eight beaches in the 60s, around the bay close to 80 degrees. inland spots close to 90 degrees. everybody has a up arrow. you can see the temperature range these areas coming up at least a good 8 degrees for tomorrow. 6-8 degrees for your saturday compared to today's highest. nap is at 69, oakland 66, san francisco checking in at 60 degrees. there is the fog is somewhat of a factor near the coastline. left over patch there. it showing up here toward the sfo camera this evening. overnight lows starting out tomorrow morning in the 50s. ali cloudy skies, pockets of fog right around the bay end side. the coast we have a southerly swell increasing all weekend long. the wave is around 4-6 feet and a lot of energy is towards our south facing beaches. rip current will be up, and so
6:31 pm
will waves. seasonal over the past couple of days we talked about cooler weather pattern but this area of high pressure wants to return this will lead to a warmer weekend, it looks like we will cool things off into next week. here is a four forecast tomorrow morning. this model does not show you a lot of fog but i suspect some patchy fog coast side. 60s all the way the mid-90s and for tomorrow evening, this will be tough to see. it's going to be very faint. we have a partial lunar eclipse with max that 9:31. the outer shadow of the earth will fall on the moon in a very faint manner. but around 9:30 you should check it out. just look up to the moon that full moon out there. highs for tomorrow, 70s, 80s and some 90s for your saturday afternoon. the fourth of july, forecast. a look ahead, pretty much the same story, we cool things off into early next week.
6:32 pm
with interesting every year the fourth of july forecast is always a tough one. it is always challenging and usually fog is a factor, this year fog is not a factor so no firework shows but it looks like the fog will behave this year for 2020. kind of ironic as the fog goes away for 4 july. >> for sure, thank you mark. baseballs on the horizon, up next in sports, jason applebaum oh haas have details on the giants summer training camp.
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good evening everyone, it has been a little more than 3 1/2 months since we saw this. baseball players, back out on the field. they're working out even if it was at the llrt of it. the giants had their first sinc was shut down in scottsdale. that was march 12. now it's spring training 2.0 in san francisco, or summer camp as they're calling it. every team will be working out at their home ballpark until opening day which is in about three weeks. some players, wearing masks, others not. we did get a glimpse of hunter prints. one giants player picture luis
6:36 pm
madero did test positive for coronavirus, but overall in baseball the first round of corona testing there's only 38 positive over 3000 tests so that's 1.3% which is pretty low. players will be tested every other day, the giants manager gabe kepler, he weighed in on the new normal. >> it was different. and one of the things we tell our players is to be flexible. understand this camp is not going to be perfect. we don't really have any president for what we are all experiencing. this is part of a procur player seriously and so are major heal and away we can help each other reject each other's families. >> when they do start playing actual games, it will be a little easier, to hit home runs in san francisco. offenses were brought in between
6:37 pm
5-8 feet. these brand-new bullpens have been added. the one closer to triple valley will be for the visitors, the one closer to left field is for the giants. the a's will begin their workouts tomorrow at the coliseum. >> the nba season is set to return at the end of the month. but, not everyone is on board. victor eligible he's a guard for indiana, he becomes the ninth player, to opt out of the restart. each player has different reasons but for him it is concerned that he could reinjure his quadricep tendon. he's basically worried about ramping up to quickly. he will travel to orlando for rehab and he will get paid, as for the season which is taking place at the espn disney complex in orlando, charles barkley not all that optimistic about it. >>i don't think we have any chance of finishing this thing. the way this thing is spiking,
6:38 pm
and obviously florida is the worst part of the world right now. the chances of us going three months and not having an outbreak i just think that's impossible. >>on tuesday the owner of the washington redskins, daniel snyder said he would never, ever change the team's name. but money talks. now, that might have been. that's after their top sponsor fedex who is paying snyder $205 million for naming rights to the stadium, well fedex started to get cold feet and requested a name change. snyder, has taken notice announcing the team will undergo a quote zero review of the nickname, translated. we will see a name change at some point, which is a good thing. even if it's not being done for the right reasons. so what should washington's new name be ? we are doing a twitter pole and according to one person the top four choices are >> the presidents
6:39 pm
>> the washington generals. >> the washington lincolns. >> and the washington americans. so feel free to go to ktvu sports pick one or maybe write in your own. we will write in the results at 10 pm. a nice story brewing at the pga events. will tell you about that later but first, let's make sure you check this out anytime you can feature a canine playing volleyball we will do that. this dog is chiari. her playing partners in the red shorts. in the near court as a state the obvious kiara, half black lab half retriever not much of a speicher but a great stutter and when you win the point since you are a dog you go get the ball. so that's a win/win for both teams. andre ? christina ? >> thank you so much we will see you over at 7. to see if you could make two people fall in love in a matter of hours.
6:40 pm
that doesn't sound right. my research has shown that it takes three to five years of shameless begging. honey, neither of us comes off good in that story. koothrappali: yeah, i-i... i saw that article you're talking about. uh, the participants ask each other a series of questions designed to promote intimacy. and then they finish it off by staring into each other's eyes for four minutes. oh, that's nonsense. i proclaimed my love for you. and the last time i looked into your eyes was when you thought you had conjunctivitis. other than the fact that i had it, that was a magical night. raj, would you ever try an experiment like that with emily? what? i don't need science to win her heart. i have my family's wealth for that. i'm telling you, you can't create love in a few hours. right? oh, careful. you're poking at the whole foundation of the bachelor. sheldon: yeah, but we don't have to debate this. we're scientists. we can conduct our own research. yeah, i propose that we imprison two street people. no.
6:41 pm
and... you didn't even let me finish. forget it! oh! so, you can experiment on all the apes you want. but i want to manipulate the emotions of two captive human beings, suddenly i'm the monster. koothrappali: why don't you just do the test? in the interest of science, i'd be willing to. what? you're okay with an experiment where you have to answer awkward questions about your innermost feelings? yes. please, can i do it with him? please?! i've been listening to sheldon's feelings on things for ten years. tag, you're it. yeah, but what if the experiment works? i'm not gonna fall in love with sheldon. amy: that's what i said. before i knew it, he pontificated his way right into my heart. uh, fun fact-- "pontificate" comes from the latin word "pontifex," which means "bridge builder" or "pope."
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