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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 3, 2020 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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we will be back in about 25 minutes with more. the american people are strong and proud. they will not allow our country and all of its values, history and culture to be taken from them. president trump giving a fiery speech on the eve of independence day. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now . president trump or the white house rather, a road trip to the kickoff independence day celebration. >> the president's speech at the foot of mount rushmore had a partisan flavor. the event wrapped up with a
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fireworks spectacular and included a flyover by the blue angels in the shadow of washington, jefferson, lincoln and roosevelt. the president focused on the movement to remove confederate monuments. he claimed that left-wing mobs are removing statues of the founding fathers. >> our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out history, defame heroes, erase values and indoctrinate our children. angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our founders, to face our most sacred memorials and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities. >> he only made a brief mention of coronavirus and few masks were seen. the president offered support for law enforcement think the attack on liberty must be
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stopped. >> the radical ideology attacking the country advances under the banner of social justice. both justice and socie they want to silence us. we will not be silenced. >> there were tense moments before the arrival as officers broke up a protest by native american activists. about 15 people were arrested. the company that is helping to put on the fireworks show at mount rushmore usually does the san francisco show. we spoke with the ceo in south dakota for the event. >> we have been here for about two weeks loading. it is difficult and challenging. we love the challenge of the structures. we have our skilled team here.
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my two sons and nephews and nieces. we have over 20 leworking. it will come off the top in the back of mount rushmore. minute reduction called the spir of america. it will light the sky and be a kickoff to independence. >> he said the show was one of just a handful that they will do this year. about 400 plan shows were canceled because of the pandemic. the girlfriend of donald trump junior has tested positive for coronavirus. she got the results this evening in south dakota. the presidents son reported negative and will self isolate. she has not been in close contact with the president but without the rally in tulsa. she was a prto
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gavin newsom before working for fox news. she is now a fundraising official for the trump campaign. the police department held their first dui checkpoint since the pandemic. officers were at the intersection of south nevada boulevard and making sure drive drinking and in possession of a valid drivers license. this location was chosen for a reason. >> we haven't done a checkpoint here in five years. we justified it based on the number of collisions and dui arrests in the area. >> officer said the operation was a bit different than past checkpoints because of covid-19 concerns. the pandemic is changing the way we celebrate the fourth of july with parades and fireworks shows canceled, many people are some of the fun the
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holiday. >> so many cities in the bay area are looking for virtual celebrations or ones with social distancing. it was interesting today, going around the bay area and seeing the many creative ways they are doing it. this fourth of july, no fireworks. shows have been canceled and parades as well to prevent group gatherings. the city of concorde got creative. they asked residents to film videos of themselves for a virtual parade in concert, online. >> it comes back to community. everyone is yearning for community. >>@reminds people to celebrate in place in home. all eyes will be on the skies for a different kind of show. >> we hired a plane to fly around thin red, white and blue for a decorating
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contest. instead of people going downtown for the parade, the parade will come to them. >> heading outside making noise and scream and shout. hopefully a parade will come by. >> fremont is holding a porch parade. residents that decorate their homes in red, white and blue will have a chance to win prizes as people drive by and vote on winners. >> i said hey, let me look it up. i emailed all the neighbors and said let's do it. >> even the pets are kicking off the dog days of summer. people are finding ways to feed the soul. >> we don't want to go out. stay home as much as possible. we decided to create these barbecue kits. >> preordered barbecue kits
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with ribs and sides let people get a anything you can think o add to make home a bit more special. some businesses are open this weekend and counting on the holiday to make money. we take a look at some of the popular spots people can visit in sonoma county. >> reporter: at midday, the friday traffic into the russian river town of guerneville was a slow role. now with ocean beaches surprisingly essentially closed from monterey through northern sonoma, many are seeking alternatives such as the city
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of guerneville. third of its rooms for safety. >> all of the rooms available s distancing. >> reporter: not all the tidal wave of daytrippers observe the masking and distancing rules designed to prevent viral spread. >> everyone appear is concerned. >> reporter: rule breakers are not tolerated by the overwhelming majority of guests and residents that to comply. >> you get one or two people that think otherwise. they are quickly corrected. >> reporter: the charming town of sonoma recently made a short video welcoming folks back when the heaviest restrictions were lifted. there are still restrictions such as masking and social distancing. >> we are mindful of safety.
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for mac with fewer seats available in big crowds expected, it is better to shift to another weekend or during the wide open mid week. >> we are always welcoming. i want to be very clear, for this weekend, most of the hotels or all of them are sold out. things are basically full. for decades, it has discouraged any tourism out of wanting to remain hidden. in that tradition, it will continue not welcoming guests this weekend. south lake tahoe sees its population quadruple on the july 4 weekend. those numbers carry anxiety for locals. year-round residents are beginning to fear what out-of- towners will bring with them. some say they will give upfor fe
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have coronavirus. >> we havesocial distance. we need to leave these people where they are and they need to leave us alone. >> he said more part-time residents are staying longer, thinking they are safer in the sierra van at home. strachan inmate just released from san quentin said he likely had coronavirus when officials dropped him off at a bus stop. the pandemic continues to grow. a record number of hospitalizations seen in the bay area.
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grab a box of 15 or try them loaded. get 'em now with no contact delivery. two more inmates died, apparently from complications related to covid-19. officials say scott thomas had been on death row since 2004 for the murders of two boys. manwell alvarez had been there since 1989 for killing a man in sacramento. a san quentin inmate just released said he knew he was sick and likely contagious when officials dropped him at a bus
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of the conditions inside the prison. >> reporter: from his hotel room in san francisco, josc gomez said he is relieved that he is finally able to quarantine after being released from san quentin. he said he started suffering from a sore throat 10 days ago and was tested for the 19. he said he was told he would be taken to a hotel on release. instead, he said he was dropped off at the san rafael transit center where he took a golden gate transit bus to san francisco. with no place to stay, he said he took a cab to his family home. >> my mom and brothers, i didn't want to expose them. >> reporter: he said he completed his one-year sentence.
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he said police were supposed to pick him up upon release because of an outstanding warrant. the california department of corrections and rehabilitation said the followed procedure and the release. >> we felt like they were just trying to get rid of him. >> reporter: ixonia is a relative that does not live with him. she said officials are exposing not only inmates families but the public. the day after release, he went to get another test. it was positive. he went to san francisco general for help. the staff got him a hotel room on thursday so he could quarantine. he was scared because of conditions. >> we play basketball and handball. >> reporter: he said he was in a cell by himself. the men on either side told him
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he tested positive for coronavirus. >> i heard coughing and vomiting. >> reporter: he told me his fear was that he was going to die in prison. now he is glad that he has a safe place to quarantine. at san quentin, amber lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. eight jail inmates tested positive for coronavirus. the sheriff said the inmates were asymptomatic and had been placed in quarantine. the sheriff's office said staff and inmates that came in contact with the inmates tested negative for the virus. the bay area hit a new peak for coronavirus hospitalizations today. the number has more than doubled in just two weeks. as of yesterday, the night bay area counties had 491 confirmed covid-19 patients in hospitals. that number tops the previous high of 471.
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california has 5500 hospitalizations. the 14th consecutive day with a new high. san francisco police said they shut down a second underground nightclub. the club was operating out of o order. law enforcement removed for gambling machines, dj equipment, 50 barstools and other nightclub equipment. the club was being run by the same people that operate another illegal club that was shut down in april. city officials say they completed the first phase of a rigorous effort to move homeless people off the streets. the chronicle reports that 65% of the tents have been removed. the city said the effort will continue but on a less intensive scale with the goal of a 70% reduction by 20 july.
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police need help finding a missing dog. why they are investigating it as theft and how it relates to a possible elder abuse case. a warning from health officials. why they say some shellfish may not be safe to eat. a little bit warmer today. the warming will continue, just in time for fourth of july.
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police are looking into an animal theft and elder abuse. the 54-year-old is accused of taking his
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without him. she may have been given to a for dog theft. elder abuse and possible embezzlement. another dog went missing in the same area but has since been returned to its owner. a two alarm fire in the mission district left more than 1000 people without a home. the flames broke out at 2966 mission street which is the address of the old jerusalem restaurant. the living quarters are up stairs. the fire department said the victims are receiving city services. no injuries are reported. what caused the two alarm fire at a housing complex under construction. the fire ripped warded around 1145 pm at the willow terrace townhomes. the fire not only damaged the site but also some cars.
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the fire appears to have started on the first floor of p both involve a lot of different elements. not during the day while construction workers were on site. it is too soon to say what started the it took about 25 men to contain the fire. no one was injured. the state is warning consumers not to eat certain's shellfish that has and harvested from monterey county up to the san francisco coast. it applies to sport harvested mussels, clams and scallops from monterey, santa cruz, san mateo and san francisco. officials that the detected dangerous levels of shellfish poisoning. they say commercially harvested mussels, clams and scallops from approved sources
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after a coto rebound. the trend will continue as we go into the fourth of july. still showing nothing extremely hot. still 80th out toward antioch. 90 degrees. lots of 70s around the bay. san francisco topped out at 62. tomorrow will be warmer as we celebrate the fourth of july. temperatures for the coast, in the 60s. around the bay, close to 80. in land, maybe a few hotspots approaching mid-90s. here is the satellite loop, cloud cover started the day with, moving out of town. mostly clear skies. we could have patchy fog and portions of the coastline in the morning. current numbers, most areas in the 50s. still lower 60s for nevermore and san jose. patchy fog tomorrow morning.
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temperature starting saturday morning in the 50s to lower 60s. a quick heads up, we have a beach hazard alert. the waves are 4 to 6 feet. keep an eye on the written current activity and possibility of sneaker waves. this area of low pressure was over the bay area a couple of days ago. it is moving out of town. the high-pressure will rebuild and be the source of some warming as we go into saturday. here is the plan, the forecast model is not painting much flawed. a few patches for the morning hours. mid-60s all the way through the mid-90s. look at the numbers. san francisco 70. antioch and brentwood low to mid 90s. san jose
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fremont 80. the five day forecast, we talked about the fourth of july. pretty much the same story. patchy fog once again. not much change with temperatures. gradually cooling things off into next week. we are talking about talking ab excessive heat. a different look and feel as the giants report for spring training 2.0. the manager weighs in on the changes at oracle park, next. businesses are starting to bounce back.
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good evening. baseball was back in the bay area today. the giants had their first workout since spring training was shot down four months ago. it is now being called
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summercamp and looks a bit different with many players wearing masks. no on-field or clubhouse interviews which will be conduct did via zoom. there were familiar faces like hunter pence, back with the team after an star season in texas. cameras also spotted the brandon's. one giant should be noted luis madero tested positive. overall, there were only 31 positives out of 1600 players. players will be tested every other day. the giants manager weighed in on what is now the new normal. >> it was different. one thing we asked was the flexible. understand that the camp will not be perfect. we don't really have any
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precedent. it is part of procedure now. players are taking it seriously and coaches are taking it seriously. a major health initiative and the way that we can protect each other's families. this is what the bullpens look like. located behind the wall in center field. it is part of the redesign, the fences were brought in between 5 to 8 feet. we may see a few more homeruns in this part. the first workout will be event detroit. first we show you docs chilling on the pond for the second round of the rocket mortgage classic. chris kirk is back after taking a year off to address what he called alcohol abuse and depression. he turned his life around and he is the coleader, along with webb simpson. not to be out done from the
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sand into the cup. he is also -12 after shooting a 64 today. we are still three weeks out before the 49ers hope to open their training camp. >> a rob low in the middle of the track. looking for a way through in deep stretch. it is garrotte below. he does it. >> that was a good idea. the two-year-old colt written by -- , winning. now i'm going to take a short commute up the stairs and call it a night. that will do it for us on
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