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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  July 6, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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a san francisco family grieving the death of a six year old boy gilled by gun fire on the fourth of july holiday. the latest on the search for who fired the deadly shot. good morning, thank you for joining us. welcome to mornings on two i'm dave clark. . >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. monday morning dave. hope you had a nice weekend i had a wonderful relaxing weekend. how about you? >> nice. same. beautiful weather. let's check in with kyla. got a little toasty. . >> yeah, so the weather obviously a big concern for the fire fighting going on. i was taking a look at that this morning. i want to start off with that to talk about the fact we have a break from the wind happening which is a good thing.
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if we take a look see the wind about 14 miles per hour but relatively humidity 50%. further north it's only two miles per hour. if we look at surface winds in san jose, we're calm. sfo breezy at 21 miles per hour. as we look further north, relatively calm this morning. not bad. a break from the wind is a good thing. current temperatures, san francisco 54. a live look at oakland. 58 in san jose. for the most part there's a few low clouds mostly clear skies today. woer going to see that change as we head into our monday night and tuesday. when we start to see the marine layer return. cooling off and temperatures are pulling back. more wind this afternoon. i'm a little concerned about that but temperatures are pulling back at the coast in the low 60s and mostly 70s around the bay.
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80s inland. more about your extended forecast, when we come back. good morning, sal. . >> good morning, kyla. traffic that is mostly good but one problem. first of all, i want to show you the bay bridge toll plaza. no major problems there at the toll plaza. you can see there very few cars there. also looking at interstate 880 in oakland, that traffic is moving well. a problem on the antioch bridge, southbound lanes are blocked by two vehicle collision. all lanes blocked southbound for the time being. chp issued an alert for the area. the antioch bridge is not the way to go. think of an alternate route. at 4:02 back to headlines. >> thank you sal. checking in with you in a bit. talking about the weather, our
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top story today, a wildfire near gilroy has now burned two square miles. the cruise fire started shortly before 2:30 yesterday afternoon. it's burned two structures so far. farm animals have been moed out of area. the fire was first reported along cruise road and oak springs circle. flames are burning towards highway 152 just south of where it started. several homes have also been evacuated. >> we have had some precautionary evacuations. there's probably 50 or 60 families now that are staying elsewhere tonight. . >> cal fire says it started as a structure fire and quickly spread to the nearby grass and trees. police in san francisco still searching for whoever fired the deadly shot that killed a six year old boy as he watched fourth of july fireworks #159d night on whit
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field court. we spoke to the family of the boy. >> i'm just hurt. an aunt grieving the loss of her six year old nephew. he was so smart and loved to read books and play video games. >> the six year old was at a friend's house for a birthday party saturday night on whit field court in san francisco after 10:30 he was outside with his older sister watching fireworks. >> the tragedy hit, somebody came through opening fire. he was wounded. >> loved ones say he was shot in the chest, rushed to the hospital where he later died. an adult male also shot not known to the family and expected to survive. >> you never know if it's some opposite sides fighting with
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another or someone want to go shoot off their gun in terms of celebrating. >> this relative has lived in the bay view for most of her life and says violence has plagued the area for years. >> i don't want to say wrong place at the wrong time. he was at a birthday party. >> unfortunately we have had shootings in the past and people have been reluctant to talk to the police. >> police hoping witnesses come forward. the shooting happened in supervisor walton's district. >> this is beyond tragic. we're all at a loss for words. really speechless. i don't know what to do or say. >> i wouldn't wish this on nobody. this pain is hard. . >> his aunt knew early on jays was special standing out among his four sisters and two brothers. he loved to dance, read and chocolate milk and holding conversations with adults at the age of two. >> he was a good kid. a good kid.
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jays had graduated kindergarten at kit view elementary. he loved computers and one day wanted to be a computer programmer. loved ones can't believe his life was taken violently and abruptly. >> put the guns down. we lost a six year old boy. that could have grew up and became the president. didn't have a chance to live his life. >> time is now 4:06. police want your help they're investigating a possible kidnapping. witnesses told police that last night around 5:40 p.m. they saw a young woman get out of a car and run towards an apartment complex. then they heard her yell, "help me, don't let him take me." a young man grabbed her by the hair, punched her several times and pushed her back in the car. here's what the car looks like. a sober infinity sedan. the suspect sped away and during a police chase, he
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escaped. if you have information, call vallejo police. the state of california has denied a request to ease some of the current lock down rules in santa clara county. the county wanted to allow nail salons, gyms and several other businesses to reopen later this month. it also planned to change the rules to permit larger public gathering but the state rejected that request in a move that could cause more confusion and frustration? santa clara county efforts to reopen. city leaders in morgan hill vowing to investigate a holiday weekend incident at a restaurant causing both confusion and anger. surveillance video shows two state alcohol beverage control agents walking into the grill on monterey road friday night. the agents surprised everyone by order thag restaurant to shut down. its outdoor dining service allowed in santa clara county for weeks.
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sonoma official ts are now scrambling to secure extra hospital beds for coronavirus cases after sonoma state university decided to reject the county's request to continue using the campus. now, county officials were originally told to leave the campus by sunday but officials say that was a soft deadline accord to go the press democrat, the university's decision to have students back on the the campus on august 10th is what's affecting this. county officials knew since late may that continuing to use the campus through the fall would be a long shot. time now 4:08. covid-19 patients from southern california now being sent here to bay area hospitals with a number of virus cases surging in southern california, some hospitals and medical facilities are at or near capacity. the bay area is now taking in patients from as far south as near san diego in imperial county. ucsf among the hospitals treating patients from far outside of the bay area.
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. >> it just speaks to the fact that it's very unusual times and i would say that not in imperial county there are could have had censuses about 50% of outside the county including imperial county and marin county but also others as well. >> san francisco health department says last week the county received five patients from imperial county and last friday 18 more patients came in from outside counties. . all right, it's 4:09. we want to check in with kyla. top of the weather forecast and the concern is obviously for the fire danger as you were talking about earlier. you said most of the winds have died down. >> they have for now pam. but there's certainly a chance they will pick up this afternoon. seeing breezier conditions maybing things tougher but basically when you're looking at fire, you're look at a
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couple temperatures pulling back today. which is good. wind giving us a break this morning and humidity levels which should be getting better as we head into tonight. so monday night. right now you can see right along half moon bay, a few low clouds. the marine layer is offshore. when it comes it increases humidity levels and that helps as far as fire danger. if we look at visibility here, five miles at half moon bay. that's where we're seeing clouds show up. current temperatures now, 51 degrees in petluma and mill valley. east bay, 50s in san leandro and fremont at 56. 54 in san francisco and 56 in palo alto. 58 in san jose. so temperatures have pulled back a bit this morning which is nice. running about 3-5 degrees cooler than we were this time
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yesterday. today a high of 84 in santa rosa. san francisco running right about average today, same story in oakland a high of 72. 83 in livermore. we are seeing another warm up at the end of the week. violence this holiday weekend in many cities around the country and several children hurt. we'll tell you which cities seemed to have the most problems. confrontations in the east bay after a black lives matter mural was painted in the streets. the tense moments after an argument ended with a man pulling out a gun. you have the power of two newscast. the 10:00 and 11:00 news and
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the power to know everywhere you go when you download the ktvu fox two news app.
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when we have young innocent lives lost we all need to be outraged. i will never accept, never, this level of silence. if you have any information reach out to our detectives. >> new york city, 13 people were shot.
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one man killed in a nine hour period over the holiday weekend. a community is in mourning after an eight-year old girl was shot and killed in atlanta. reporter emily aqetta exmrabs how driving down the wrong street turned deadly. >> the mayor's pleaer nest. >> this random wild, wild west shoot em up because you can -- it's got to stop. it has to stop. afrjts i mother's pain pal paable. the vibrant young girl struck by gun fire before 10:00 p.m. july 4th as the mother, daughter and friend reportedly tried parking at this liquor store. they were met by a group of armed civilians guarding a blockade. two men riddling the family's
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car with bullets hitting and killing her. >> he had pulled up to make a u turn. >> that barrier encircled the scorched wendy's on university avenue. ground 0 after rayshard brooks was shot ask killed by an atlanta police officer. >> we're doing each other more harm than any police officer on this force. we have had over 75 shootings in the city. over the past several weeks. you can't blame that on apd. >> apd setting plans to check out the area but were swamped with other 911 calls. two dozen people shot across the city. so far, three have died
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including little sekoria. >> they say black lives matter. you killed your own. you killed your own this time. they killed my baby because she crossed the barrier. you killed a child. she didn't do nothing to nobody. . our time is now 4:17. happening today, several helicopters inspecting power lines will fly over the homes of people who live east of highway 101 in sonoma koun thank you. county. starting today through friday the helicopters will fly about 100 feet above the power lines between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. next week the operations will switch to western sonoma county. the sierra club says it has major concerns about a plan by the oakland a's to build a water front ball park. the sierra club says it's
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concerned about significant environmental impacts presented by building a new stadium at howard terminal at the port of oakland. the sierra club sited several issues including insufficient public transportation. sierra club says a new ball park at the coliseum location where the a's now play would make more sense since there's already access to public transportation. a lot of us just missing watching baseball. >> yeah you're right. such nice weather. all right, 4:18 is the time. kyla has our forecast, good morning. good morning, hope you had a great weekend. we have challenging weather conditions with the fires. current temperatures now, cooler than we were this time yesterday. right now it's 59 degrees in
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navato. 58 in san jose. that's running a couple degrees cooler in most spots with the exception of half moon bay which is four degrees warmer. wind is also giving us a little bit of a break this morning. so not as bad as it was last night. that could change as we get into the afternoon with more of an on shore flow happening chlth a double edged sword with that because it will bring humidity levels into place but wind can be difficult. 21 miles per hour at sfo. taking a look quickly. the wind about 14 miles per hour in cordova ridge. relative humidity at 50%. so again this morning a chance for firefighters to hopefully get a little bit of an edge on the fire as the weather is going in their favor this morning. as you can see, we don't have the marine layer with us. there are a few low clouds showing up at half moon bay and visibility is reduced but we are seeing cooler temperatures
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today overall. we're cooling down. 66 degrees in san francisco. 79 in san rafael. 80s out there in concord and morgan hill. some spots warmer in upper 80s. antioch and fairfield up at the 90-degree mark. around the bay, beautiful. san mateo 72. that's because this low pressure system to our north and west is influencing our weather and keeping us cooler. however, as we get into the end of the week, high pressure once again is building up in the desert southwest. that's going to bring us back to the warm temperatures we saw this past weekend. so take a look at this when i was talk about marine layer. seeing beautiful sunny skies. staying clear. tomorrow morning notice the marine layer starting to move in. doesn't look particularly strong there but it should help us a little bit with trying to bring humidity levels down. then we get into our day and plenty of sunshine. your extended forecast shows temperatures are quite nice. really seeing the warm upstart
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as we get into thursday and friday. that's when you will feel the 90s inland and as you can see, they stick with us through the weekend. again, a little bit of a break. possibility of gusty winds as we get later into the day today. then a warm up near the end of the week. back to you. all right, thank you kyla. 4:21 is the time now, from musician to the white house, kanye west setting sites on the oval office but we'll explain why you may never see his name on a ballot. plus, a look at the big illegal fireworks show on saturday as most public displays were cancelled.
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many fourth of july fireworks shows were cancelled over the weekend because of the pandemic but many people held their own celebrations. in oakland, look at this. community fireworks show lit up the weekend skies for hours. illegal fireworks and explosions kept firefighters busy battling brush fires caused by falling sparks. in los angeles, you could see illegal fireworks for miles on saturday.
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lapd received more than 1,000 complaints and dozens of 911 calls. the fireworks were blamed for an apartment fire in north ridge. many people took time over the weekend to honor and remember the veterans who fought for our freedom. looking back at the greatest generation they helped win world war ii 75 years ago. . >> they are among the last surviving voices of the second world war. >> i never thought that i would have the chance to actually train and become a pilot but world war ii came along. . >> i'm stories of these two veterans and others are chronicled in national geographic coverage of the 75th anniversary of the end of world war ii in their june 2020 issue.
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that quarter century milestone is being celebrated across the groeb from a military parade in moscow to celebrate the victory over nazi germany to multiple celebrations on the national mall. 300,000 american world war ii veterans are still alive yet with that number declining every year, capturing their stories is more critical than ever. harry stewart served with the tuskegee airmen. just ten remain today. >> i felt as though i went meant to be in the aircraft was an extension of my body. i felt as though my arms were the wings. >> he wants the tuskegee airmen to be remembered as #2k3w50d citizens who helped protect their country during a time of need even in the face of discrimination. >> people are wonderful. these guys were segregated all
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the time and you know, how do they fly? are they god buy pots? the answer is yes. post war budget cuts forced him out and he does denied his position with pan america and trans world airlines because of his race. >> when i got out of the service i applied with a couple of airlines as a pilot and i was denied being accepted because of my color. so i went back to school and i got my degree in mechanical engineering as the years passed i would go to the airport there and i'd look in the cockpit and low and behold this african american sitting behind the controls there, ready to fly the aircraft and the one that truly brought tears, there were two african americans sitting in the cockpit there. they were both women.
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so that was quite a thing. >> in washington, brett bear fox news. nice to hear their stories. 4:27 is the time. tourism is the life blood of many businesses in san francisco. coming up, we have an updated look at the impact the coronavirus is having on fishermen's war f. celebrating history, the local display of the aids memorial quilt.
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what started off as a south bay building fire, has grown into a fire burning two square miles. what's the situation now and how many people are still evacuating. demanding answers after a missing u.s. soldier was killed.


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