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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 7, 2020 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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i burst into tears. >> with racial tensions still simmering, prosecutors file hate crime charges against two people seen painting over a black lives matter slogan-year- old. the incident over the holiday weekend plunged the city of martinez into the national spotlight. >> the mural was permitted, but what happened to it was a crime. we talked to the contra costa county district attorney about the case. >> reporter: and the man who pulled the mural together. 28 cans of paint and a community effort that two people are seen trying to ruin. >> i got the call this afternoon from the district attorney's office. honestly it was overwhelming. i burst into tears. >> reporter: testing gomez is
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the organizer who got the permit for this 165 foot mural, reclaiming black lives matter slogan front of the courthouse in martinez. with the paint barely dry, a man and woman arrived to deface the message with their own pain. arguing with bystanders that racism is a lie. >> it was truly heartbreaking to see the hatred come out in such a bold and brazen way. now we are just hoping the justice system works how it's supposed to. >> reporter: their identities emerged on social media. police questioned them and now they face charges. 42-year-old nicole anderson and 53-year-old david nelson. >> this is not just a regular moment in time, this is a movement. >> reporter: contra costa's district attorney has a high- level team that reviews such incidents. anderson and nelson are charged with vandalism and possession of vandalism tools. but also, a civil rights violation, or hate crime.
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>> it could be sexual orientation, nationality, race. that's what puts it in the category of a possible hate crime. >> reporter: tuesday someone painted white lives matter along a martinez road, which city crews were quick to open up . there is tension around the country and dialogue long- overdue. >> we have to address the root and the byproduct of systemic racism in our country. block lives matter movement is an important civil rights cause. >> ultimately this is paint on the street. >> reporter: changes the goal and martinez has an opportunity as a small city to use this incident to dig deep into issues of racial equity. >> now that all of our eyes are focused here, we have to talk about how we lead the nation now that everyone is paying attention. >> the accused vandals have not been arrested because of covid
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precautions. but they have notices to appear in court later. the misdemeanors carry up to one year in jail. a different type of protest in the bay area and across the nation today. black americans called for social change with their wallets. the organizers of blackout date urged supporters not to spend money for 24 hours. ktvu's greg lee joins us with the impact. >> supporters were also told if they needed to shop, to spend money out black-owned businesses. i spoke to one business owner who welcomes the new customers and hopes this continues to fuel the conversation. regulars have kept business study, even during a pandemic at gregory's gourmet desserts in oakland. they come for the pies and pastries, but today customers dropped in for another reason.
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>> we have had a few customers come in with the sole purchase of purchasing something for blackout tuesday. they made it known and i appreciate that. >> so we are supporting you on blackout day. >> inc. you. >> reporter: owner gregory williams saw an uptick in sales due in part to the nationwide blackout day. it's a movement started by activist calvin marner on social media, to draw attention to the power of black consumers and their allies and a call for social justice. >> if we could do it for one day, it would shut the whole system down. not one black person spends a dollar, i guarantee you we will get change. >> reporter: the economic boycott group from lack lives matter protests, ignited by the killing of george floyd. black americans were asked not to spend money for 24 hours, or only at a black-owned business, if needed. >> the nexus between social change in economic power, it is a very important lever in getting this society and
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country to a point where everyone is on an equal unlevel playing field. >> reporter: williams, the dessert chef, says he appreciates the support. and hopes this is a just a day or single purchase. he wants this to be a sustained movement towards change. >> i appreciate the new awareness that's coming across today. i hope that they really understand what's really, really going on today. >> reporter: according to nielsen, black americans spent more than $1 trillion on consumer goods in 2018 alone. the university of california has a new president and he is the uc systems first black leader. dr. michael drake recently stepped down as president of ohio state university. prior to that he served nine
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years as president of uc irvine. he earned his medical degree at ucsf in ophthalmology and received his undergraduate degree at stanford. dr. drake is the uc's 21st president under places janet napolitano. governor newsom said he is delighted with the choice. has statement read in part, i am confident dr. drake is the leader we need to guide our world-class higher education system through this time of unprecedented challenge. now to the coronavirus and a shift in strategy in santa clara county. the county health officials are emphasizing risk reduction as they prepare to reopen more businesses. >> reporter: santa clara county officials tuesday announced things have been straightened out with the state, saying it's resubmitted request for a variance was approved by state officials, clearing the south bay to move forward with plans to reopen more businesses on
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monday july 13th. >> getting a variance granted does not mean the virus is doing better. as a matter of fact it's doing much worse. >> reporter: this, after confusion over the weekend when abc officers visited more than 100 businesses in santa clara county. they warned visitors outdoor dining was not allowed, even though it had been approved by the county for weeks. >> i just want to say this is our first pandemic. i hope we don't have another one. that we are learning while we are going. >> reporter: outdoor dining will continue. starting monday hair and nail , along with gyms and religious gatherings, as long as the indoor numbers are limited to 20 people and 60 people outside. health officials caution facial coverings outside the house and limited interactions with others are still crucial. >> when we go out to engage in business and activity, we must
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do it differently. if we don't, our cases will continue to accelerate and we will be in big trouble. >> reporter: this is deemed high risk will remain closed in santa clara county, including indoor dining and bars, nightclubs, stadiums and amusement parks. three core principles are known about the risk of getting covid- 19. outdoors is safer than interest, more distance is better than less, six feet being the minimum, and the briefer the amount of contact with someone outside your household, the better. in san francisco indoor restaurant dining and outdoor bar service will not resume next week as planned. the city has put its reopening on hold indefinitely as covid- 19 cases continue to rise. hair salons, barber shops, nail shops, indoor museums and zoos are also not reopening right now. officials say the number of cases rose sharply since the city's first reopening face
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began on may 18th. new case numbers in california are close to record highs. nearly 270,000 cases of covid- 19 have been confirmed in california and one 11 people died yesterday. more than 4.8 million people in california have been tested. president trump said today he plans to quote, put pressure on governors to open schools in the fall, despite the fact that coronavirus cases are going up. the principle of st. vincent depaul high school in petaluma, along with a student from the school, took part in today's meeting in the east room at the white house. the principal says his school has three different contingency plans for reopening. >> one will be the reopening, which we plan august 10th. and then a hybrid plan, which is
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two days, one day off, two days back in. >> the white house is calling for a full reopening of all schools. however, cdc guidelines call for desks to be played six feet apart. something that wouldn't be practical if all students return to class at once. coming up, a change in california's capital. the controversial symbols that came down today as a crowd watched. but first, on emotional visual for a six-year-old shooting victim. businesses are starting to bounce back.
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new tonight, an emotional visual was held for a six-year- old boy who was shot and killed in san francisco. as ktvu's amber lee reports , family, friends and community leaders prayed, sang and demanded justice. >> we ask right now you look down upon this mother. >> reporter: the visual in memory of six-year-old jace young was held in front of his home in the bayview. his mother was silenced by grief, his father pleaded for help. >> justice for jace and this family. >> reporter: on july 4th jace was less than a mile from his home , watching fireworks at a friends birthday party when he was shot in the chest. he was rushed to the hospital where he died.
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>> pain and anger and frustration, knowing my family is grieving. >> reporter: jace turned six four months ago. his family shared with us this video of his birthday party, and exuberant little boy who left the dance. he had his life stolen. >> i feel robbed because i won't get to have another conversation with him. i won't get to hear him laugh or dance. >> reporter: ktvu has learned police have interviewed the mother of a 16-year-old boy who wants to turn himself in for the shooting. >> i'm waiting on investigators to tell us we have a suspect in custody and the investigation is over and they are going to jail. >> reporter: jace's father says black lives matter slogan start here at home. >> i have to be the voice for him, everybody here has to be the voice for him. >> reporter: family members say he loved to read and work on his computer. >> did not even make it to
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first grade! and i'm tired of giving our babies back! putting our babies in boxes! >> reporter: jace's family has a message for the person who killed him. >> if you have a conscious and any heart him a turn yourself in. >> reporter: family members are in shock over what happened and say no one should have to experience the pain of losing a child this way. a correctional deputy from the santa clara county sheriff's office is now behind bars, suspected of smuggling drugs to inmates. myra rios was arrested today. investigators say the 35-year- old antioch resident smuggled methamphetamine into the elmwood correctional facility on behalf of inmates. she was arrested in pleasanton after a two month long investigation. rios remains in custody at the main jail in san jose on $1
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million bail. a holiday weekend trip to the sierra ended with a father of three from danville being shot and killed for no apparent reason. dr. ari gershman was killed right in front of his 15-year- old son while they were off- roading. his son escaped and hid in the woods for 30 hours. it happened on a road and down he felt were they pulled over to get directions. >> they heard an atv, behind them and they were going to ask for directions. so they just turned around to ask the guy for directions and the guy opened fire on the jeep. >> she says no words were spoken. the man's son ran and hid for 30 hours in the brush, waiting for rescuers. they finally found him covered with bug bites, but otherwise okay. a short time later sheriff's deputies arrested a suspect in the shooting. he has been identified as 40- year-old john thomas conway of doraville. police say he also shot two other people, both of whom
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survived. coming up, and appeal to reopen the oakland zoo. up first, crews arrive at the state capital to remove a monument. the states effort to distance itself from controversial figures. we're looking at a little bit warmer inland tomorrow. and as we go through the week fire danger is going to come up a little bit. for the sweaty faces,
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and the hidden smiles. the foggy glasses, and the muffled laughs. a simple piece of fabric makes a big statement: i care. wear a mask. let's all do our part to slow the spread. in sacramento today a statue of two controversial figures was removed from the capital ground. the monument had been there for more than 135 years. the removal is drying a mixed reaction from residents. >> reporter: under the cover of darkness, construction crews began dismantling the statue of
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christopher columbus and queen isabella earlier this morning. the controversial symbols were hoisted by crane and then removed from the capitol rotunda that have been there home since 1883. >> i'm really excited about it. i feel like i just witnessed a piece of history, which is very important. >> reporter: around the capital today spectators watched intently as the columbus statue was moved onto a low bed truck and hauled off onto 10th street. and act celebrated by many today. >> that is slavery. he killed our people, he gave us measles. >> as an indigenous woman, he represents genocide. >> reporter: not everyone was celebrating. >> for italian americans columbus and columbus day is a symbol of our identity. we feel that taking down these statues is diminishing our heritage. >> to do this and literally the
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dark of night without any public input from our group and other concerned citizens i think is deplorable. >> reporter: california is officially saying goodbye, columbus. and these aerials show the statue making its way to a state warehouse near mcclellan where the statue will be cleaned and stored in a safe place to protect it from being vandalized. just like the statue of the controversial missionary torrent down by protesters on the east lawn at the capital over the weekend. oakland mayor libby schaff is asking alameda county to ask for a variance in from the state to reopen the oakland zoo. the zoo has been closed since march due to the pandemic. last week zoo officials say they are losing $2 million a month and it may have to shut down permanently unless it's allowed to reopen as an outdoor museum. mayor schaff said opening the zoo as a matter of public health. >> the ball is in alameda county's court.
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alameda county has to apply for a variance to the state of california. alameda county has to do that. and let's be clear, it is not just because of money . it is not just because of animal welfare, which of course has got to come first . but i believe this is in the interest of public health. >> the mayor says the zoo would be a healthy and appropriate place for oakland residents to get outside and safely practice social distancing. we are getting ready for your weekend. as we do that, we look forward to temperatures a lot like today. but a little bit warmer inland, maybe cooler at the coast. there is no fog in san francisco looking down toward market street on bay bridge. the salesforce tower is lit up in blue at the top of there. that we do have fog at the coast towards pacifica and half moon bay, pigeon point.
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the fog should be back up along the coast tonight. the winds are pushing it in and we should see temperatures along the coast slightly cooler tomorrow. this whole week kind of runs this way. in other words, july [ laughter ]. there, i said it. the winds aren't as strong as they were last night. they were really strong last night at the airport and in the past. right now we have a pretty standard set up with the high- pressure ridge. pretty easy to pick out. so that's the jetstream position. when that sets up in july, you get what we are going to get. and what we are going to see really all through the week. what we also get is high fire danger. no red flag warning's, but increased fire danger. please, please, please, please if you see people messing around with the legal fireworks , we have had a lot of fires today, more than we would like to see. the pattern this week will be conducive to small brushfires. not a big windstorm kind of thing, but small brushfires are certainly a possibility.
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let's keep our head on a swivel for that kind of thing. the five-day forecast coming up will show what i'm talking about . inland valleys mid-90s, san francisco 60s and 70s. these forecast highs for tomorrow, 93 in antioch, 83 in vallejo. i look at that for july and go, that's a pretty mild pattern, typical pattern. 88 in pleasanton, usually at 90 this year, 93 in livermore. about where we should be, exactly what you expect, except we have a lot of illegal fireworks running around out there. we have kids and adults and people not being the smartest about it, so please pay attention. we had a number of fires today and yesterday. this pattern will continue. it's important we be vigilant. there is the five-day forecast, i will see you guys back here tomorrow night. mark is up next with sports as the giants are forced to suspend workouts due to issues with coronavirus testing.
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we must fight for the freedom all americans deserve. because all lives can't matter, until black lives matter. get a load of my southwest cheddar cheeseburger. let menutaur make it a doubleeee, yeah! it's beautiful! say what? i said it's bea.... try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery. how's it going, everybody? i'm coming to you from home in napa tonight. the baseball season in peril? maybe that's a little too strong. but it's are off to a rocky start three days into the training camp workouts. take a look at the headline in
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tomorrow's san francisco chronicle's sports page. is it all falling apart? i don't know. the a's had to cancel a workout yesterday, the giants the same today, suspending their summer camp. they were going to play an intrasquad game. the problem seems to be the players are to be tested every other day and they still haven't received tests back from day one. it's not clear as to why that has happened. we still don't know when the giants are going to resume, assuming they receive those tests and everything works out okay. in the meantime, we had fun with a twitter poll in our ktvu sports department. opening-day on july 23rd, but how confident are you things are going to happen. all things ago, 16%, 42% says the season will get shut down and the same, 42% say they shouldn't be playing anyway. so the majority of people i very questionable about it. will have to see how it
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happens. this being the early stages of july, we would've been talking about the upcoming summer games, the olympics in japan. however, that's not going to happen. it is slowed down by the coronavirus. the world's fastest human being, talking about hussein bolt who issued this beautiful picture on social media today. cuter than cute as he and his girlfriend had a daughter born in may. her name? olympia lightning bolt. all i can say is they don't make them any cuter than that. i think that is going to slow him down. nobody else can, but hussein bolt will be taking her out , making sure she's okay. not in the olympics this year. we are coming to that point in the evening where we can check this out. we are always getting emails from viewers saying more european soccer! how about this for you? check this out. this is from the premier league.
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danny wall that, sensational bicycle kick. they were the winners over norwich city, that's some talent right there. nothing at all to do with sports, but we just couldn't pass up a chance to show this little doggie. many of you have heard of driverless cars [ laughter ]. that's pretty cute. that right there is a perfect reason why you can go out and you get your little kid a dog. they will never forget it. >> i love that. i love that name for hussein bolt's daughter. olympic lightning gold. bolt [ laughter ] bolt. somehow i think she will be pretty quick, like her dad. >> this thing with baseball is going to be a huge concern whether they can get tests
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around and basketball starts at the end of this week. we will see what happens there. >> take care, see you. >> thanks for joining us, good night. hole days to yourself. please tell me you're not gonna spend them trying to wire the house to your ipad. nope, 'cause i've already done it. (man) showers and thunder-- great. now go out and see some friends. i'm headed out now. i have a third showing at that colonial. cam gave me a free pass to his gym. i am-- not too bright. - hmm. - i am-- - dim! - (manny laughs) honey, if you could hear yourself. promise me you'll go outside and play. miss you, too. (beep) (whooshes) phil dunphy, this is the year 2025. welcome. you're the first one here. ♪ shall we hit the waterslide first? i may just sit in the room for a bit.
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