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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 10, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2. back-to-school, but not exactly. oakland unified school district outlines its plans for the new school year one month from today. >> we are starting the school year august 10th in entirely distance-learning for all students. >> how and when to reopen schools has become a national debate. good evening, i'm christina run down. >> and i'm andre senior. oakland unified taking a phased approach and it's not alone. we have live coverage from ktvu's greg lee. >> we are starting to see districts all over announcing plans to anxious parents, teachers and students. tonight in oakland, officials say safety is at the center of their decision-making. >> we are starting with all students in distance learning. >> reporter: no students will
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be in classrooms when oakland unified starts the new school year august 10th. the district announced for up to four weeks all students will stay at home and learn remotely. than some will be phased back into the classroom. those with the highest needs returning first. >> the transition will depend on specific science, safety, student learning and support details. >> reporter: during the first month officials will focus on safety and hygiene protocols. the oakland undivided campaign is working to get a computer and internet to every student who needs it. >> i think that's a victory for the students, parents and staff of oakland. it's the only safe thing. >> reporter: the decision was cheered by a group of staff members who wanted schools to remain closed. district officials say this was a difficult decision after hearing mixed responses from parents. >> we are very much going to put pressure on governors and everyone else to open the schools. >> reporter: all this as the president continues to withhold
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funding from schools that don't fully reopen. in a letter to the governor, the states largest teachers union simply said, california cannot reopen schools unless they are safe . parent wilson buckley appreciates the focus on safety, but wants to see more details. >> i don't see any mention of testing. what is there going to happen if a kid is sick? >> reporter: district officials will hold a community meeting on sunday, a virtual community meeting to outline these plans for parents and likely to answer and face a lot of questions. >> greg lee with some of the information parents are looking for tonight. contra costa unified school district has decided online
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classroom instruction will continue in august. students will continue distance- learning until it's deemed safe to return to campuses in person. the second phase of the plan would open some school buildings for small groups of students. california has now climbed above 300,000 cases of coronavirus. nearly 7800 new cases were reported as of yesterday for a total of more than 304,000 statewide. 140 more californians died. nearly as many as the record yesterday of just 149. 6851 people have died from the virus. the test positivity rate remains high at 7.4%. more than 5.1 million test have been performed. there is promising news from foster based gilead sciences about their drug remdesivir. they released findings that the drug reduced deaths in
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coronavirus patients by 62%. gilead has warned more trials are needed. doctors said the news is encouraging. >> the numbers are in the right direction and are consistent with an nih study that used a more rigorous study design. it's just that one shows a statistical advantage and one not yet, but was close to statistical significance. >> the u.s. has purchased more than 5000 doses, equaling more than 90% of the world supply for the next three months to treat american patients. a german company and u.s. drugmaker pfizer are expected to introduce a vaccine by the end of this year. the wall street journal reported today if they receive market approval, the companies
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will make up to 100 million doses by december and another 1.2 billion by the same time next year. several million doses could be produced before the approval comes through. on wall street stocks rallied on the positive reports and revised early losses. the dow was up hundred 69 points , almost 1 1/2%. then asked beginning 69 points. and the s&p was up 32 points. the state of california is taking action and made a surge of coronavirus cases in prisons. the state announced a plan to release 8000 inmates by the end of august. only those with one year or less on their sentence are eligible and inmates convicted of violent crimes or sex crimes won't be released early. we look at the move the states as will protect the health of inmates and staff. >> can you tell us what it's like in their right now? >> like .
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>> reporter: the cries for help were clear->> let them go. >> reporter: and governor newsom has responded, a plan to battle the virus that's wreaking havoc inside california prisons. up to 3000 inmates could be eligible for early release by august. former inmates and advocate have been worried, especially surrounding san quentin, the site of the states largest covid-19 outbreak . seven prisoners have died. >> we can't afford the luxury of a slow rollout and continuing to make incremental changes in the state prison populations. we need a large- scale relief. we need to follow the public health experts and leadership on this. >> reporter: health experts agree, large packed settings are a prime place for the disease to spread. >> it's really a chicken coop of risk for covid. >> reporter: ucsf dr. peter chen hong applauds the governor's decision to in the prison population, but remains fearful.
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>> it may not be enough and i think the devil is in the details. >> reporter: because 8000 inmates is only 7% of the states current count. at san quentin alone 1600 inmates have been infected. >> the more you keep people in a burning house, the more they are going to use hospital facilities in the community. so that affects everyone. >> reporter: estate has repurposed this furniture factory at the present. it's a 220 benfield hospital, a place to treat sick prisoners. others are left isolated with no hot meals or time outside. >> scary, dangerous, uncomfortable, unpredictable. >> reporter: as some inmates considered nonviolent are released, others hope their day will come to reduce the risk of catching the virus. the 8000 eligible inmates are considered nonviolent. all will be tested just days before being released. the state says so far it has
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released 10,000 inmates since the start of the pandemic. out of san francisco, where firefighters are on the scene of a three alarm fire. flames broke out around 7:30 at a victorian home near franklin and washington in the pacific heights neighborhood. smoke could be seen from across the city. the fire was first reported in the garage of the home and quickly spread to other floors. there are no reports of injuries. around 9:00 firefighters said the fire was under control. new at 10, france fanning out, posting the fires you see right there for the search of a missing 67-year-old woman from hayward. she has been missing since may. she may have been spotted by a doorbell surveillance camera just this week. ktvu's amber lee is live in hayward without the video is giving friends renewed hope they will eventually find her.
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>> reporter: hayward police tell me someone recently turned in that video and friends say it helps them focus the search. friends gathered in union city friday to put up flyers in their search for elaine young agee, where she might have been cited a condominium complex on paloma court. the 67-year-old has been missing since may 19th, when she wandered away from a boarding care facility in hayward. >> if that were me, i would hope to god that somebody cares enough to try to put it out there to find her! >> reporter: it's been two months. now a glimmer of hope, friends is a hayward police told them a resident gave them the store bell video. it's thought to be young agee wearing her trademark hoop earrings knocking on the door of a home tuesday at three in the morning.
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>> when i saw that video it broke my heart in 17 different directions. because she didn't look like herself and she's in a desperate way. >> reporter: the video saddens her, but gives her reason for a renewed search. >> she's not going to get that far. it's just in a couple of days. >> reporter: friends are optimistic they will find her with help from the public. >> that's why we want to hurry up and search as best as possible. >> reporter: she went on a downward spiral after suffering three traumatic losses. her home to a predatory lender, her daughter killed by random that violence and her boyfriend from cancer, all in a span of six years. >> she is college-educated, but she has dementia and she's a senior. she walked away from her boarding place. so we have to find her. >> reporter: young is described as being five foot nine and 140 pounds. friends say she is an avid hiker and in good shape, but that her memory loss has led her to wander off before, but never for this long.
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>> she did have some situations where she would go to this door and get lost for a couple of days but the police were always able to find her. >> reporter: hayward police are treating this as a case of a missing adult address. friend say they want her to know they are waiting for her safe return. >> we have known her all these years and it doesn't matter what has happened. we are still here for you. >> reporter: police tell me it does not appear she has a cell phone. friends say there has not been any activity on her bank cards. >> that incredible video that hopefully will lead friends and family to that woman tonight. a plea from the family of a missing man from alameda. 21-year-old donald adams standiford was last seen in the early evening of july 5th near the college of alameda. authorities say he was driving a gold 2003 honda accord four- door. friends and family are concerned because no one has reported seeing him and he has
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not been reachable by phone. they say this is completely out of character for him. anyone with information to contact alameda police. martinas boarding up and bracing for a big protest and possibly counter protest. here from police about their preparations and precautions. >> a last-minute decision by president trump will keep a longtime ally out of jail. i'm in washington with more on who and how, coming up. and in bay area whether microclimates are we suffering this week. inland spots once again on the hot side. well many people have such a misunderstanding
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from their homes to finance their lives. they know the importance of having financial security. make an appointment so they can tell you how it works. it's a good thing. access your equity. stay in your home. have peace of mind. president trump late today commuted the sentence of his longtime ally roger stone. stone was set to report to jail next week for lying to congress and witness tampering connected to the russia investigation, but stoned is now a free man. >> i think roger stone was very unfairly treated, as were many people. >> reporter: friday evening president trump commuting roger stone's sentence. the white house saying stone maintains his innocence, is a
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victim of the russia hoax and plans to be fully exonerated by the justice system. quote, roger stone has suffered greatly. he was treated very unfairly, as were many others in this case. roger stone is now a free man. it comes just days ahead of stones scheduled date to report to federal prison for his more than three year sentence for obstruction, witness tampering and lying to congress. >> i am praying for justice. i am praying for mercy. i got to be honest with you, it's in god's hands. >> reporter: stone has openly asked president trump to grant clemency. stone also asked a federal court to delay prison time because of the pandemic. late friday that request was denied. the commutation of the sentence doesn't eliminate his conviction. but now it will erase his jail time. >> at 67 years old, with some underlying health problems, including a history of asthma, i believe with the coronavirus it is essentially a death
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sentence. >> reporter: house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff saying quote, with this commutation trump makes clear there are two systems of justice in america. one for his criminal friends and one for everyone else. stones attorney says he is honored by the president's decision. he calls it an act of mercy. president trump maeda visited to florida today. miami-dade county, where the president visited the u.s. southern command, has the highest number of cases of coronavirus in the sunshine state. the president received a briefing on increased efforts to stop the flow of illegal drugs into the u.s. >> i will not have open borders. we will not abolish the police and we will not/the budgets for our military. we will not allow her of her country to be swamped with deadly drugs. we have stopped numbers we have
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never stopped before, or even close. >> the president was not wearing a mask or seen wearing a mask. some in the audience did. a term campaign rally is scheduled for new hampshire tomorrow, but was postponed for safety reasons due to tropical storm fay. facebook is reportedly considering banning political advertisements on its platform before the november general election. facebook has been criticized for allowing misinformation and hate speech on its site. in the past the ceo said he would not police politicians adds. no decision has been finalized on an ad blackout. critics say she facebook has not done enough to protect people from misinformation and discriminatory ads. amazon says it made a mistake today when the company sent out an emailed to employees, telling them to delete the popular app tick- tock from their phones and they also used amazon email. at the time amazon cited security risks about the china
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owned app. tik tok said it did not understand amazon's concerns. so far amazon has not commented on why it may be about face. nearly 1 1/2 billion people use tik tok worldwide. in bay area whether our pattern has not budgeted all over the past 3 to 4 days. we had high temperatures inland, very hot. that we go to the coast and it's a completely different story with the fog greeting you. that's all impacting the highs from this afternoon. take a look at the numbers. 60s out toward pacifica and san francisco, 70s and 80s around the bay. the hotspots inland, upper 90s. once again, day two of triple digits toward fairfield and antioch. here's the plan for saturday, patchy morning fog, hot numbers inland once again. sunday should be the hottest day of the week. we will have a few more triple digits and the possibility for them tomorrow as well. 70s to report in concord, 79.
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san francisco in the upper 50s and as we expand the view in the pacific some scattered high clouds rolling through the bay area over the past few hours are kind of moving out to the east. here is our live camera looking above san francisco for your friday night. in the clear, no fog to speak of and as far as overnight lows 50s and 60s into the afternoon hours. we are showing you those brighter colors and temperatures once again mid-60s all the way to the mid to upper 90s for your saturday afternoon. coming up in your full forecast, we will talk more about fire danger and let you know if we have a gradual eventual cooling. tonight sonoma county has been added to california's growing coronavirus watchlist. if the county stays on the list for three consecutive days, the state will reimpose restrictions on bars, tasting rooms and indoor dining at restaurants. health officials say sonoma's infection rate is five times
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higher than it was in early june , with more than 100 per day over the past few days. there are currently 29 counties in california on the watchlist, including five in the bay area. they are marin, sonoma, napa, solano and contra costa. the san francisco zoo has been given the green light to reopen next week. there will be changes. capacity will be restricted to half of normal and all visitors will have to have a reservation. zoo members will be able to return first on monday and tuesday, followed by nonmembers on wednesday. visit was in a group of businesses originally slated to reopen june 29th. mayor lended rate for the reopening's on hold because of a spike have coronavirus cases in the city. other businesses, including nail salons, hair salons, gems and outdoor bars, will remain closed for now. the stay-at-home orders i've fewer homes actually changing
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and until this fight is over, we...will...never...quit. because they never quit. new details tonight about a shootout we first told you about last night that eluded three sheriff's deputies and left a man dead. as our crime reporter henry lee tells us, the deal started with an overnight hostage situation. >> reporter: this is the home in rural contra costa county were a wild shootout left a domestic violence suspect dead and three sheriff's deputies wounded by shock and fire. it followed a daylong standoff as a 45-year-old held deputies at a. drone captured him winning a shotgun at deputies and firing throughout the day. >> i heard two different guns
10:25 pm
going off. one was quiet and one was loud. there was definitely more than one weapon. >> reporter: neighbors who didn't want to going camera say the suspect made it clear to deputies he didn't want to go back to jail. >> there were guns drawn and two police officers at this wall right here. you can tell they were trying to peak around. >> reporter: it again when a woman called 911 thursday morning, saying her ex- boyfriend held her hostage overnight, broker ribs and poured gasoline on her, threatening to set her on fire. she managed to escape, but warned deputies he had a gun in his waistband. the s.w.a.t. team and hostage negotiators tried to get him to come out peacefully, but he barricaded himself inside. >> the only time i really heard something was when they did the flash bang on the far side of the house. it sounded like someone was yelling and screaming, panicking. >> reporter: at one point authorities not the suspects brother in hopes of convincing him to surrender.
10:26 pm
>> they mentioned his brother and said your brother loves you and we know you love your brother. it was pulling on the heartstrings. >> reporter: but the suspect dug in his heels, telling his brother- >> i don't want to get out. i want to kill. i want to shoot cops. >> reporter: at about 9:30 the suspect fired his shotgun, wounding three members of the s.w.a.t. team. deputies returned fire, killing him. one deputy was shot in the chest , but was saved by his bulletproof vest. the shooting is under investigation by the sheriff's office. the coronavirus pandemic took a toll on bay area home sales during the month of may. data from zullo shows that in some counties they fell more than, excuse me, sales in some counties felt compared to more than a year ago. in san francisco they dropped nearly 30%. however, prices remain high and rose in alameda and contra costa counties. the median average for a home in seven bay area counties is
10:27 pm
just about $860,000. in san francisco it's 1.5 million. 1.4 billion in federal aid for the catholic church. coming up, new information revealing the church as one of the biggest recipients of covid- 19 aid. buster posey's decision to sit out the 2020 majorly baseball season, later in sports. , the city of martinez bracing for a weekend of protest. it has some businesses boarding up and not taking any chances. this will definitely be one of the larger events the bay area has seen in quite some time. ♪ ♪ we've always put safety first.
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the city of martinez is bracing for a huge protest and possible counter protest this weekend. what was originally planned as a black lives matter event gained steam after the arrest of two residents who were charged with a highly visible hate crime. we have how police and the community are getting prepared. >> reporter: a viral video but martinas in the national spotlight. now thousands of protesters may face off on sunday. >> reporter: businesses in martinez are decking themselves with plywood, bracing for what may be the biggest protest ever in the city of 40,000. >> they don't want this to descend on their town. it is a very small town. they are fearful. >> reporter: only seven hearing from residents all week. >> we have to live here and work here. we will be left with the aftermath of what is over.
10:31 pm
>> reporter: sundays four p.m. rally begins at the courthouse. marchers will wind through downtown to the martinez waterfront , organized by the bay area-based together we stand. it's in response to white supremacy flyers that have shown up around town. now the march takes on new urgency. >> we don't want any confrontations with anybody. >> reporter: organizers saw tensions rise after a martinez couple painted over the some of the mural while shouting racism is alive. they have since defended them on national tv. >> we are sick of this, we are sick of the narrative. >> i just don't want them to defined our police. >> reporter: it was police who had found the two vandalized public art and committed a hate crime, triggering charges and notoriety. >> we can't let that happen. we need to stand up and get together, all americans in every city and take to the streets. >> we have heard that there are several biker gangs that might be coming in to oppose our
10:32 pm
march. we have been getting threats throughout the week. >> reporter: threats of violence , unless they cancel. police asked for a postponement, but organizers say that sends the wrong message. >> that terroristic threats and bullying people of color is acceptable in 2020 in the united states. >> reporter: so merchants poured up, anticipating 2000 to 3000 people and the possibility of confrontation. >> everybody is pretty scared. there has been a bunch of peaceful protests here before, but since this is one of the biggest one we will have we don't know how it is going to go. >> reporter: other bay area protest have seen marchers and police clash, resulting in arrest, injuries, property damage. martinez officers plan to be as hands-off as possible. >> do not antagonize any group that appears that day. we will be there in a great number.
10:33 pm
but you won't see us, that's the end of this. >> reporter: martinez police will have mutual aid from other departments standing by. march organizers say volunteers will monitor the crowd to keep it peaceful and respectful. >> one of the big concerns is who may be coming in from outside who doesn't live in martinez . because the city and police department have received so much attention from this. >> reporter: exactly, and they only have 37 sworn officers in martinez. they will be calling and help from outside. new developments in the massive college admissions scandal now. a marin county couple has agreed to plead guilty to paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their daughter into the university of southern california as a fake volleyball recruit. diana todd blake a gillett agreed to the guilty plea and paying $250,000 to rick singer
10:34 pm
to facilitate their daughter's admission into usc. this is the same scandal that landed actress felicity huffman in jail last year. full house actress lori laughlin is awaiting her sentencing. administrators at the presentation high school in san jose are admitting they did not live up to commitment after protecting students after complaints of sexual assault fell on deaf ears. our reporter now with the final results of an internal investigation. >> reporter: decades after the first complaint, presentation high school officials admitting late thursday night there from your san jose educational institution failed them of its students. >> i'm relieved, because it validated everything i've been saying for three years. >> reporter: former presentation student catherine heim posted an op-ed about the abuse in the 1990s. that led to almost two dozen victims coming forward, saying administrators did not report
10:35 pm
instances of sexual abuse and assault, stretching back more than three decades. >> it just goes to show how deep and vast this cover-up was, to think we started this well over a year ago and their reaction at the time was to blast the messenger. >> reporter: and emailed to alum, the current president writes in part, our school did not live up to its commitment to protect you. words cannot measure our regret or erase the harm you've endured. you were hurt and we can only hope to make amends by caring for you now. the admission comes at the conclusion of a nine-month internal investigation by a third-party law firm. 75 former students, teachers and staff were interviewed, with investigators saying no current students reported inappropriate behavior. the report figures 5x teachers and one former coach for committing the crimes. it also accuses six additional unnamed staff and singles out mary miller and variance tukey as past administrators who did not report the cases to
10:36 pm
authorities, as required by title ix. the email continues, which resulted in failure to adequately investigate or act timely on and information which may have led to more immediate and effective responses. >> what holy elkins' presentation did yesterday demonstrated the compassion, the transparency, the accountability i was looking for. >> in order for full accountability to happen, all of those who were involved in this process, going back decades , they need to be called out. they need to be punished. >> reporter: presentation and acted several changes as a result of the internal investigation, including the creation of a therapy fund for victims of sexual abuse and strengthening title ix training of all employees. it will remove any references or plaques of anyone implicated in sexual acts against students.
10:37 pm
the u.s. roman catholic church received at least $1.4 billion in tax payer back coronavirus aid. the associated press report found the church used a special and unprecedented exemption from federal rules to qualify for the cash and that tens of millions of dollars went to diocese whose financial stress was due not only to the pandemic, but also to recent payouts to victims of clergy sex abuse. the paycheck detection program the church took money from was intended to help small businesses and nonprofits pay workers during the pandemic. he spent 110 days in the hospital because of coronavirus. coming up him a bay area man's release after being told he wasn't going to make it. last call for las vegas bars. a new health order to curve a spike in covid-19 cases. and in bay area whether, this warm and hot weather pattern will continue this
10:38 pm
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a record increase in coronavirus cases today, with over 63,000, according to johns hopkins data. and deaths topping 800 per day in recent days. a surge in cases is largely centered in states that reopened their economies early. >> reporter: the debate over how to contain the coronavirus outbreak is intensifying as a new surge of cases emerges in dozens of states. more than 3 million americans have been infected and the death rate appears to be taking up. for the first time since april, the u.s. reported more
10:41 pm
than 800 deaths a day, three times this week. and the seven day average is up almost 19% from a week ago. public health officials now warning states they may have to re-implement social distancing roles in order to stop the spread. >> things are not normal and we cannot behave as if they are. because we are full and ourselves and the numbers are showing that what we are doing now is not working. >> reporter: the surge in cases is fueling a growing demand for covid-19 test kits, putting a strain on testing centers and pharmacies. some governors are warning a national backlog is causing delays that could make it more difficult to contain the outbreak. >> we are seeing turnaround time that's taking a lot longer. when test get backlogged they are going every which way. >> reporter: some states are pushing back on the trump administrations efforts to reopen schools by the fall. parent and teacher groups are warning of the possibility of a second wave when kids go back to class. the white house says reopening
10:42 pm
schools will benefit parents as much as students. >> single mom to have to work. if the kids are home she can't afford a helper, assistant, whatever. it's a tough thing. >> reporter: the cdc is expected to issue additional information on school reopening's sometime next week. in nevada the governor has ordered seven counties, including las vegas, to shut down at midnight. they will be forced to stay closed indefinitely as the state deals with a surge in coronavirus cases. restaurants can still serve alcohol, but only two seated customers ordering food. it's not clear yet how casinos will handle the restrictions. health officials said the uptick in cases stems from people exposed during social gatherings, domestic travel and a lack of social distancing. coming up, a celebration as bay area coronavirus patient finally leaves the hospital
10:43 pm
after 110 days. the obstacles he overcame. and the weekend is upon us, meteorologist mark tamayo will take us through his full forecast. these are real people, not actors,
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after 3 1/2 months in the hospital, today a san jose man was finally released.
10:46 pm
he survived a very bad case of covid-19 and doctors credit his physical and mental strength for helping pull him through. >> reporter: this is what victory looks like after 110 days at the hospital battling covid-19. tom botts has beaten it. family and staff at kaiser permanente san jose cheered his release. >> the fight of this man, he will never give up. that's why i think he's here today. >> reporter: tom had been an incredible shape. at age 64 he was still in ironman triathlete. when coronavirus hit, it hit hard. >> about two days after he was admitted to the icu i got a call saying he wasn't going to make it through the night. he needed to do dialysis and his body really wasn't strong enough. his heart wasn't strong enough. >> reporter: his wife was
10:47 pm
brought in to say her goodbyes, but tom pulled through that night and the next. it was touch and go for most of march and april, each day full of obstacles. >> he has overcome each and every one. he is a testament to the power of humanity, the power of what we can do when we all come together and the power of one person's will. >> reporter: still, the severity of the disease came as a shock to the family. the fact that it could bring in ironman to its knees. >> how could somebody as healthy as he, with no underlying problems, be this sick? >> reporter: they are grateful for the team of doctors and nurses at kaiser who helped him pull through and grateful tom is so strong. >> just an insane amount of gratitude and faith. i am just so proud that he is the man that he is, willing to fight this hard. >> reporter: as for tom, he was wheeling out to chance of, you are in ironman.
10:48 pm
>> how are you feeling? >> reporter: great and ready to head home. tom botts had been a kaiser san jose longer than any other covid patient. he wrote his doctors and nurses a thank you note before he left. in bay area whether it seems like we have been talking about the same old weather pattern each and every day. of course the hot temperatures in the upper 90s, patchy fog post side keeping the beaches on the cooler side. it looks like microclimates will stick around heading into the weekend. a quick update looking out to the east, this is not tropical depression faye. no longer tropical storm. winds have backed off to 30 miles an hour. heavy rainfall, but thankfully the system has weakened a bit and still is a heavy rain producer and possible flood producer into the weekend. as far as the bay area forecast for tomorrow, some morning fog,
10:49 pm
hot numbers and lend in a not big change in temperature. sunday basically the same story with a few triple digits. there is a chance tomorrow, but more into sunday. with this warm to hot pattern fire danger is on the table. of course when you have the hot temperatures and dry conditions elevated fire danger, especially for the inland spots heading into the weekend. of 58 and some 60s for sunnyvale and san jose. as we go back up to satellite we show you low clouds leering from the coast. we had some high clouds streaming in late this afternoon and into the evening hours. eventually we had a nice sunset because of the high clouds. here is a live camera looking about san francisco for tonight. we have most the clear skies, some patchy fog and it will likely regroup near portions of the coast tomorrow morning.
10:50 pm
we have been tracking the phoenix forecast. can see into the weekend 115 degrees for tomorrow, 116 degrees on sunday. that's extreme heat. and the same pattern has kind of been nosing into northern california. it's really impacting the inland spots and this will be the effect. we are not talking about 110 degrees, but mid to upper 90s and possibly 100 degrees for saturday and sunday. low 50s to low 60s tomorrow morning into the afternoon hours. mid-60s all the way through the upper 90s for your saturday afternoon. lots of 90s in the north day for santa rosa, st. helena, fairfield. right around the bay close to 80 and inland lots of 90s for danville, antioch and brentwood. san jose 88, gilroy 93 degrees and san francisco 69. the cool end of the temperature range mainly co-side, as you would expect, with low to mid 60s. sunday the hottest day, the we cool things off early next week.
10:51 pm
>> it is going to be as anyone. since is going to be so hot this next story may be so right for so many people. the marin county fair is not happening because of the pandemic, but that's not stopping people from getting a taste of the great fair food. a drive-through fair food event is taking place at the marin county fairgrounds. vendors are selling the favorites, including giant corndogs, funnel cakes and cotton candy. they drive-through fair started today and runs through next weekend in the parking lot of the veterans memorial auditorium in san rafael. it is open from 11 a.m. to eight p.m. coming up in sports, buster posey's decision to opt out of the 2020 mlb season was not difficult at all. sports director mark ibanez explains, next. than on the 11:00 news, late word that alameda county is shutting down outdoor dining.
10:52 pm
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how's it going? market bonnie is with you, hope you are having a great friday night. one of our viewers who hails from liverpool requesting more beetles up on the wall and the ramon's.'s your request is taking care of, it is friday night, hope you're having a good one. big news in baseball, i'm coming at the season of risky business as we approach the opening day and the san francisco giants greatly impacted. you can't lay many of the players for wanting to opt out at any stature. one of the games biggest names, buster posey, who has actually been leery about this whole restart from the very beginning , is officially out as of today. and we knew something was going on behind the scenes and today he makes it public as he and
10:55 pm
his wife kristen, just yesterday it was official, he has adopted two girls. they are in great health, but they were born prematurely by eight weeks and they will need neonatal care for a few months. obviously a weakened immune system for both of them, and buster puts family before play, obviously in the situation. >> in the current state that we are right now and these babies being as fragile as they are for the next four months, at minimum, this ultimately wasn't that difficult a decision for me. from a baseball standpoint it was a tough decision. from a family standpoint and feeling like i'm making a decision to protect children, our children, i think it was relatively easy. >> no-brainer, but he is forgoing an $8 million salary
10:56 pm
as well. that should be noted. it was a warm friday night, much like this back in 2009 when jonathan sanchez was on the mound for the san francisco giants doing something very memorable on this date. >> strike three! jonathan sanchez has thrown a no-hitter! >> no-hitter versus the padres. 11 strikeouts on the way in. that was the first giants no- hitter and some 33 years. you know what was cool about it? they flew his dad in from puerto rico. he had never seen his son pitch prior to that night. nice way to go. for more on this day in sports history, we have our local historian joe fonzi on the case. ♪ >> reporter: bay area venues and athletes dominated this day in sports.
10:57 pm
in 1999 brandi chastain had a chance to make the u.s. women's soccer team world champs. testings kick gave the u.s. the win over china before more than 90,000 at the rose bowl. still the largest crowd to watch a women's sporting event. two all-star games played in san francisco at this day. suzukis inside-the-park home run , signature play in the american legs 5-4 win at at&t park. a breathtaking view from our goodyear blimp! >> 23 years earlier carl hubbell throughout the first pitch at candlestick park. and vp gary coleman homered in the national league's three-one win. that's a this day in sports. even the coronavirus can't
10:58 pm
keep down the charity golf tournament with some of the great celebrities from the sporting world on hand. eryn rogers, steve young, charles barkley and jerry rice and steph curry getting what you might call a heat check in a different way, a basketball term. and steph wearing breonna taylor on his shoes and he will auction them off to support black lives matter. the half billion dollar man, patrick mahomes drains a long haul here celebrating, but he is in 47th place. hall of fame pitcher john smoltz, he will celebrate with the invisible gallery. he is tied with tony romo for second. in the ever popular sir charles
10:59 pm
barkley struggling, his third shot at 11 to go sideways. barkley is in second to last place, leading only football stud eddie george. the mls soccer bubble situation down in orlando meeting with mixed reviews here on night number three. they have had two teams will out of this because so many players tested positive. the san jose quakes though are very well and healthy as they debut against the seattle sounders in an atmosphere of support and unity against social injustice. and this thing is tough to come by. 70th minute, we are scoreless. the quakes on the attack, seattle's stefon freed diving with a great save and this thing and 0-0. the sharks have
11:00 pm
a hard time scoring anywhere, it's a tie tonight. time for news with andra and christina. next at 11- >> when i saw that video, it broke my heart in 17 different directions, because she didn't look like herself! and she is in a desperate way. >> doorbell video gives renewed health to friends and family of a missing heyward women, missing for months. we have a new lead in the case of a 67-year-old woman not seen since may. thank you for joining us. >> friends and family fanned out today, spreading word of a woman who may be wondering the streets.


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