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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 11, 2020 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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well, it looks like i'm still undefeated. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news. with the signs that the coronavirus is spreading rapidly through the community, contra costa is tightening rules on face coverings. >> we see a lot of people who do not. >> even with the easing of restrictions across the state the numbers show covid-19 is still a very big problem. good evening.
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>> today contra costa county amended its health order now requiring face coverings in social situations at all times. the county is also clamping down on some indoor activities. they are concerned about the spread of the virus. greg? >> reporter: yeah, the county health department made the unexpected announcement just this afternoon. now the county had been easing restrictions, even though covid cases were going on. but the county just hit a critical number prompting more stringent guidelines. drinking and dining without a face coverings, even outdoors will no longer be allowed in contra costa county. health officials report in a leslie, positive covid test have reached 80%, the number triggered officials to reconsider further openings and
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to begin rolling back. >> that is an alarming rate. can you imagine, a lot of people are doing the testing. most of the time it is positive. that is really alarming. >> reporter: health officials are concerned about the risk of transmission indoors and outdoors, this involves removing ink face coverings for eating in truckee. the concerta situations like this thing saturday afternoon in downtown walnut creek. >> there about 10 people sitting there and none of them have face masks gone. >> there all young people. >> reporter: new guidelines for wire face masks at all times, except when you're putting food or drink in your mouth. at restaurants, this means that a dining date is been moved back further. >> financially, it is not a good thing. i think it is the right thing to do. i really think so.
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for new guidelines also affect churches, as now indoor services are not temporally suspended, effective july 12. the county reports the seven day average of new covid cases jumped from 38 on june 8, to 148 in one let's. in the seven day period, a rose from 17 to 54. >> it is very nerve-racking to hear those numbers because you want this to be over. it seems to be getting worse again. >> reporter: health expert said that initial estate home orders help flatten the curve, as they were rewarded with more freedom, people may have been lured into a false sense of security. >> i think because we have maybe been so successful, we kind of feel like we rule the world, okay? but the problem is -- >> is new guidelines affecting indoor church services they do
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not take effect until 11:59 pm on sunday, so people are allowed to go to church tomorrow. on any given day health officials in the county say that half of the 206 adult icu beds are already taken. so the concern is if we start to see additional cases following 4 july holiday weekend, it could put an additional strain on available resources. christina? >> i know that officials are concerned about that. they really hope people will at least heed the warnings and where this face coverings. are right, greg liggins reported like a fresh. sonoma county could send close indoor dining, bars, wine tasting rooms as early as monday. coronavirus numbers are on the rise in the county. a surge in cases and hospitalizations have put the county on the state health officials watch list. the state will monitor the county for 72 hours and determine if they will set them certain businesses until at
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least july 22. their nearly 6000 cases in santa clara, yet starting next week county leaders will allow several businesses to reopen. >> if you think the test results are going to show that we don't have a problem here in he santa clara county, i would say let's prove that. let's prove that an extremely small percentage are to worry about. if you think there is a big problem are you think that there could be, the only way that we can figure that out is to keep testing. >> outdoor dining is set to resume operation on monday. a face coverings will be required even while exercising. cardio and aerobics are not allowed. there is also limited the number of people inside it each facility. hair and nail salons can reopen. health officers are warning residents that cases are spiking and they want things to reopen they need to do their part.
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>> in the last two weeks almost 2000 people been diagnosed with covid-19. nobody wants to set things down again. and the way to prevent this is for all of us to take action together. >> dr. cody urging residents to do the simplest things, where face coverings and maintain social distance to prevent the spread of the virus. alameda county health departments is abruptly ended all outdoor dining, creating confusion among business owners. what officials did not do that prompted the sudden about-face. in marin county, an outbreak has led to the death of five residents. 66 other residents are reportedly infected in ravel. the facility is located on san pedro road and is home to some 170 residents. 17 of the staff members have also been diagnosed with the virus. the state department of health
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reports that 45 cases of residents and staff were active as of friday. here's a look at the numbers. california now has more than 307,000 cases and almost 6900 deaths. here in the bakery, the number of cases has grown to 33,000, with 6000 38 does the blessed he 638 does. this is something that we have never seen before. president trump wearing a mask well visiting walter reed medical center. he refused to wear when, criticizing their effectiveness, even though his own health officials and the coronavirus task force recommended using them. in recent days, he has softened his stance. he claimed that he had never been a gets a facemask, but believe that there was a time and a place. the vice president recently said that he does not believe that there is a need for a national mandate for mask wearing, despite a rise in cases across the country. now to vacaville, while
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fire crews are monitoring hotspots. this happened just north of the valley around 6:00 tonight. the fires reportedly are contained and the causes are under investigation. no injuries are reported. fire agencies are asking people to avoid the area on the 505. cal-fire crews rest to contain a bunch fire that was burning today. the fire broke out around 10:45 am near alamo park in san jose foothills. the fire burned about acres and injuries and no all right to now our weather. blistering temperatures across the area. people putting up tents, as you can see there.
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our meteorologist there is how long the scorcher will last. >> it has been quite the stretcher. the hot temperatures inland, either in the 90s, and the bhaskaran bowl of days topping 100 degrees. lots of triple digits out towards concord, livermore, antioch, 105 degrees. fairfield, 105. still warm to hot around the bay. 80s and 90s. san francisco, 71. as you scan these temperatures for the extreme temperature, 123 degrees out towards death valley early this afternoon. in fact they are still over 100 degrees. here is the plan this week. a hot stretch inland, of course. especially thursday, friday and today. one more day as we go into sunday. as we are covering the fire coverage, fire dangerous at this we can. it is this hot.
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the hillsides are really dry, any fire that can start can burn very rapidly. fire is a concern. right now it is 82 degrees in concord. san jose, 69. oakland, 64. santa rosa, 62 degrees. 52 in half moon bay. it is 10:00 and we are still talking about some 80s. what would cool us off, the fog is not showing up tonight. are live camera in empresses who, mostly clear skies. tomorrow, mostly sunny and warm to hot. 70s, 80s, 90s and once again the hotspots are topping 100 degrees in your sunday afternoon forecast. but we will cool things off as we go into next week, i promise. we will have your full forecast and your full update coming up in just a little bit. in fremont now, the search for a missing woman has ended.
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she has been found following a tip called into police. a ktvu viewer recognize her at the fremont automall today after seeing her story last night. young has been missing since may 19. in southern california, a fire has destroyed the historic mission one day after renovations had just been completed to the interior part of the church. the fire broke out around 4:00 a.m. and went firefighters entered the church, the roof began to cave in. the mission was founded in 1771. because the fire cause has not been determined, the recent toppling of a statue will be factored into the investigation. he is considered a symbol of oppression. the mission which had closed during the pandemic had planned
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to resume services next week. still ahead tonight, this is an effort to discourage large groups from capping. the citations been issurestrict and walking for social justice. meet the man who is about to complete a 1000 mile journey from alabama to minneapolis. ♪ local news and covid updates delivered straight to your inbox. >> it is simple design that. great day on the lake! it is. lunch is cookin'! and i saved a bunch of money on my boat insurance with geico. fellas, can it get any better than this? whoa!
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in the east bay, fairyland is facing hard times. the themepark has been a part of downtown oakland since opening in 1950. park officials say that it has run out of money from the paycheck protection program. the park had drafted a plan to open soon, but with the recent surge in cases, they have forced to postpone the reopening. a protest was held today at cesar chavez park in mexico
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know county. this comes after the secretary of the army ordered an independent review. she was found dead late last month after been missing for more than two months. a league of latin american citizens say that she filed a sexual assault charge against her alleged killer and she was ignored. >> we are sure that the fort hood base is lying about what happened, what actually happened. >> her alleged killer took his own life when confronted by police. it today marks one year since the travis air force base airman was found dead in her vacaville home. investigators called the death a suicide, but her family wants an independent investigation.
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we have more on the sport that they are now getting from a california congressperson. for this has been one year since the senior airman was found dead in her vacaville home. >> my daughter was everybody's best friend. >> reporter: 365 days later, her mother and dozens of supporters rallied in davis to demand answers about her death. b she was my hero. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the family led the demonstration outside of the congressman's office. >> she put that uniform on and she was proud. she loved what she did. she was a happy, happy young girl. for vacaville please say that evidence and a call to a suicide hotline led investigators to declare her
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life as a suicide. this is a claim that her family and supporters wholeheartedly dispute. >> there were no signs of depression. there were no signs that she was unhappy. something went wrong that day. we want to know what went wrong. >> reporter: her death was never fully investigated by the vacaville police or the air force, the family claims that they block them from obtaining a private autopsy. they believe that somebody may have been involved with her death. >> her mother had to see her body with a broken neck, with black eyes, with bruised and scarred knuckles. this baby had acid poured on her. that is not conducive to her walking in that room and committing suicide. >> reporter: they rally comes less than 24 hours after the congressman pinned a letter to the inspector general asking for an investigation into her death.
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>> this mother and this family is asking for answers. were. foxnews. a man from alabama is about to complete a 1000 trek from his home state to the site where george floyd was killed next minneapolis. terry willis has been walking since june 2, as part of a silent protest against police brutality. he said that he saw himself in floyd and his death overwhelmed him with emotion. he decided that he needed to take action. >> once i see not i felt like i needed to do something. and as one person, i am not a activist , i am a carpenter who takes care of his son. i saw something that should not have happened and i felt like i needed to do something. >> along the way, willis reached out in kentucky and ferguson to pay his respects.
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he has a support truck with supplies following him, but at times strangers have joined him on his journey. giving him food, shelter and she is. he is set to arrive at george floyd's memorial tomorrow. a new development on the college admission scandal. admitted to paying a quarter million dollars to get their daughter into usc as a volleyball recruit. they will plead guilty to conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud. under the terms of their plea deal, she will spend six weeks max prison and he will get four months. they each will have to pay a $125,000 fine. still ahead, a rare public statement from robert moeller. he is now focusing on president trump and roger stone. why they say empty
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suspected overdoses have spiked nationwide, up 18% in march, increasing to 29% in april. now the most recent data shows more overdoses in may across the country, compared at this time last year. not all of them were fatal. will calls to domestic violence hotlines are on the rise. the alameda county center has seen an increase in mass complaints, rising from 45 in march to 264 in june. the national child abuse
10:26 pm
hotline saw an increase in calls as well. up 30% in june compared to last year. the alameda county family justice center has opened their family doors to victims of abuse. coming up at 10:30 pm, alameda county suddenly bans outdoor dining. this is all because of a technicality. details ahead. and disney world welcomed visitors back after a four month closure. with safety restrictions in place. reinventing. it's what small businesses do.
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at the alameda county health department has abruptly decided to end all outdoor dining.
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the county failed to get special permission to allow outdoor dining last month. now they have to pull back. this leaves hundreds of restaurants in limbo. for drive down college avenue in oakland you will see outdoor patios under construction. the hope was that the spots would be able to accommodate customers diming outdoors. late last night public-health ordered all outdoor dining to stop. the county health officer believes that under the new rules for the state, revises thursday, they now need a variance, or special permission from the health department. >> we are really disappointed. for this is a shock to restaurant owners. >> i heard on the news this morning, i'm disappointed. we did not even receive a phone call telling us what to do, giving us some permissions, advise. for the city of hayward have shut down streets to allow
10:30 pm
restaurants to serve customers outside. now this plans are on hold. >> because some folks do not follow the rules and not allow air dining. it is very disappointing. it does not help our local economy. for ktvu has learned is not because people are not following the rules, the state health department never told alameda county to shut down outdoor dining. after dining can still continue in places like san francisco and contra costa. they had applied for and received a variance from the state last month. alameda county what of supervisors was going to apply, but decided not to. a statement from the health department this morning explains that alameda county has paused reopening onto 29th, due to rising cases. back then a variance was not needed for outdoor dining, as
10:31 pm
of thursday, the county says that it is. the alameda county board of supervisors will vote to send a letter to the state, seeking that variance. at the next meeting on july 14, this coming tuesday. there is no timeline on when or if the state will give that approval. ktvu fox 2 news. today four student -- cities pushed back on the county's order to suspend outdoor dining. they said that they will not force the revised order. the city of oakland is stepping up efforts to enforce social distancing at lake merritt, by blocking stray access and issuing parking citations. as leigh martinez tells us, this has many calling restrictions unfair and discriminatory. for they were not happy that the city soon followed them
10:32 pm
with roadblocks, traffic cones and parking citations. >> it is a waste of time. there cutting off our business. they will not let us park in from. they give us eight $80 ticket. for an outdoor class was running behind schedule because they had to park away from lake merritt. >> i think that at this time in oakland it needs more morale and spirit. >> reporter: after a spike in cases, oakland's mayor is once again enforcing parking and traffic restrictions to discourage large gatherings. juneteenth and fourth of july holidays recently drew big crowds at lake merritt. >> it has been pretty festive as of late. i don't see any problem with it. as long as you're keeping your distance and you are wearing a mask. i have my mask on me, i take it off at times because it is hard for me to breathe. for many are upset that they received little to no notice
10:33 pm
that restrictions were coming back. even vendors felt that these were racially motivated. >> you don't see this coming in and is a. you know see tickets. for the oakland city council member since the city is just trying to protect vulnerable communities from the pandemic. >> it is really painful. it is really, really painful. i want everyone to feel safe at the lake. for someone who walks the lake, who has had family events and gatherings, and meeting and flirting, i think that this season right now is going to challenge us on what it means to encourage and welcome and honor the participation of black residents in our public spaces. but at the same time to really encourage black residents to exercise necessary cautions for
10:34 pm
their own health and safety. for as for parking tickets, she says those that are impacted can contact her. >> they can email me personally around that. to let me know if they were ticketed or if they were given fair warning. for the city of oakland plans to continue the parking restrictions over the weekend. for again the council member says that people who received the parking citations today can contact her about them. in oakland, ktvu fox 2 news. the coronavirus is researching in the united states with new cases. as fox news explains, doctors are worried about more hospitalizations and deaths in the coming weeks.
10:35 pm
>> reporter: the united states is battling a major uptick in coronavirus infections. more than 3 million people have now tested positive for the virus. with the growing number of young adults among the patient's. some of the most populous states in the nation are seeing a surge. hospitalizations and fatalities. arizona reports dozens of deaths since friday. pushing the overall count of fatalities to now more than 2000. florida is still breaking records. state health officials are reporting more than 11,000 new cases there and 93 deaths on friday. this is the second time that florida has reported a single day tally surpassing 11,000. >> hospitals will be getting shipments of medication. report come california continues to break records.
10:36 pm
more than 300,000 coronavirus cases have now been confirmed in that state. texas reporting more than 10,000 new cases on saturday ring in the total number of infections to over 250,000. texas also reports 99 deaths on saturday, ending one of the deadliest weeks for the pandemic in the lone star state. even with the current spike officials at world health organization say that there is still hope for slowing the spread. >> there are many examples from around the world that have shown that even if the outbreak is very intense, it could still be pulled back and brought under control. >> reporter: overall, at least 33 states are seeing a spike in coronavirus cases compared to last week. in new york, fox news. part of walt disney world reopen today to the general public. the entire disney world have
10:37 pm
been set down in mid-march when the pandemic hit. today at disney reopen the magic kingdom and the animal park. passholders were welcome first, two days ago and now it is open to the public. there are safety protocols, including online reservations only. wearing masks, temperature screening and a number of visitors limited. the hollywood studios are scheduled to reopen next week. the world's largest chain of movie theaters have secured a deal to avoid bankruptcy. private equity is loaning the company $300 million. part of the deal, amc does not plan to reopen any theaters anywhere until later this month. still ahead, long lines at local food banks.
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the pandemic is driving people in unprecedented numbers. even now months into the crisis those numbers show no signs of slowing down. ktvu reports. >> reporter: here at the alameda county food bank cars line up for groceries in numbers that nobody has ever seen before. >> i'm able to get what i need. it is nice that the communities come together, that is really nice. >> reporter: all of the bay area food banks combined are feeding about 1 million people a month now. this is the equivalent of the entire population of san jose.
10:42 pm
>> this is unprecedented. we have been in business for 35 years that we have never seen anything like this. they need skyrocketed, overnight. >> reporter: it especially skyrocketed in up a, where the second harvest food bank is now serving half 1 million people a month. many of those never needed help before. >> there commuting long hours. they are barely making ends meet. those are the folks that were not able to go to work. they do not have substantial savings to carry them through months of being out of work. >> reporter: the san francisco marin food bank has seen their numbers double to a quarter a for million people. >> it has just been overwhelming. we ended up having to hire people. we are going to have to turn our product much faster. >> reporter: the food being scented warnings because of the cost of bay area housing is so high, it wouldn't take much to
10:43 pm
send people into crisis. this is exactly what happened. >> vulnerable seniors, low income workers cannot afford lost hours. >> this is broken the spirit of a lot of people. >> reporter: thankfully, supply-chains remains strong. but they constantly have to push their fundraising. >> that level of need will not go away. >> reporter: that means alliance for food will not be going away anytime soon. ktvu fox 2 news . a west oakland man may be one step to saving his home. unless he could come up with $350,000, he will lose the house where he has lived his whole life to the bank. he decorates the home warriors colors. gofundme page set up three days ago has already raised $212,000. the oakland-based tenant rights
10:44 pm
group is also helping him to save the property. it has been and his family for 50 years. still ahead, an earlier than usual tropical storm slams the east coast. and a sizzler of a saturday across the bay area. your complete bay area forecast coming up. first go businesses are starting to bounce back. but what if you could do better than that? like adapt. discover. deliver. in new ways.
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