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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 12, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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in a video a white couple for martinez deface a black lives matter mural outside the courthouse. they charge them with vandalism. organizers say they have been getting threats.>> we've been getting threats regularly that people are going to come to town. this march.>> marchers have their own security teams.
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police called an outside law enforcement agencies for support. they said well several officers will be on hand there would not be visible to demonstrators unless needed. so far relearned of only a minor shouting competition between demonstrators and just one man. there have been no reports of violence. vegetation fire at a homeless and cameron earned about 15 acres this afternoon and sent a large plume of smoke over the city. the flames spread quickly on the hillside but this didn't take long for crews to get the fire under control. investigators are still trying to figure out what started the
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fire. that fire broke out in triple digits each. this is one of the many areas with hot and dry conditions at this hour. toasty out there for sure those dry hillsides home live fire danger we had numerous days of very warm to hot conditions inland. this is pretty much where we are now. you can see looking at the central valley those are all 100s all the way down to bakersfield. we still have low 100s up in the fairfield area, you can see the pattern there, the real purples and watch what happens tomorrow, a slight cooling and a thing to note is you can see where the purple stops, were going to get a seabreeze in
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here and temperatures are going to drop down a good 5 to 10 degrees. that cuts the fire danger off quite a bit so were going to be in a situation tomorrow where the fire danger will not be as extreme just because we had so many days in a row of 100+ that's where the problem started, it's unavoidable that you're going to have fires with this kind of heat.: off tomorrow will help and temperatures creep back up again, we will get into all that in a bit. two more inmates at san quentin prison have died have covid-19 they both died yesterday as an outside hospital, nine inmates at san quentin have died from covid-19 since the outbreak began.
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a grim milestone today, the death toll has now surpassed 7000, there are now more than 320,000 confirmed cases of the virus across the state. the death toll stands at 7031, in the bay area there are almost 35,000 cases with 644 deaths. in sonoma county officials announced new restriction starting tomorrow. this comes after the state health department said it's putting the county on its monitoring list. >> reporter: you'll see servers, cooks and renters with masked customers tables apart.
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>> we have a large restaurant here and we cut the capacity down by more than half.>> the scene could look different by monday. health officials announced the california department of health has placed the county on its monitoring list because of rising cases. that is expected to trigger a tightening of restrictions on all indoor activities including indoor dining although outdoor dining would still be allowed. tastings that wineries can only happen outdoors, movie theaters and family entertainment centers would all have to stop up rating indoors. bars clubs and breweries would only be allowed to serve alcohol outside when customers also purchase a meal. people in the local tourism and restaurant industry oranges. the mac it's disheartening to say the least, we feel like were finally getting somewhat normalcy going and making the clients feel comfortable about coming back to the restaurants.
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then lo and behold they're going to shut inside dining down. >> reporter: the county has 914 active cases in the county with 51 new cases reported in the past we four hours. the counties positivity raise is 3%. >> this past thursday the county public health officer explained sonoma is now in the states monitoring list.>> a lot of cases associated with gatherings. things were people have come together in groups of over 10 or 12. >> sonoma county is not the only bay area county be monitored by the california department of health. alameda county put on the state coronavirus watchlist and today the county released new
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information on the restrictions announced friday including a ban on outdoor dining. at this time outdoor dining and outdoor zoo operations would be permitted in the county upon variance approval even with monitoring county restrictions in place. this could be good news for the oakland zoo which has been closed since march and is at risk of closing its doors for good because they lost so much money. the board of supervisors is expected to vote on a letter of support at their next meeting on tuesday. four cities now pushing back on the abrupt change to the health order, city leaders of livermore hayward and oakland say that they will not enforce the revised order for now and will seek more clarity on what's allowed in the coming days. florida broke the single day record for new
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primers cases with 15,000 new cases reported, this comes as a basis of over with the school should reopen for the fall semester.>> reporter: an explosion of cases with several states seeing shortages of icu bed and ppe. >> we are having sharp increases in cases, sharp increases in hospitalizations and now increases in debts. >> florida on sunday shattering the largest single day record of infections by any state with more than 15,000 cases topping is on record by nearly 4000 and the previous highs of by california on wednesday. some health officials same sports bike is driven by states real into early and not adhering to guidelines. the mac decided that we can normalize large gatherings again is not right.>> reporter:
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this is the ongoing debate over virtual learning versus the risk of putting students in classrooms continues. president donald trump pushing for students to return to school in the fall. going as far threatening to cut federal funding for districts that don't. health experts, lawmakers and teachers unions worry the president is focused on speed and not the safety of students and staff. >> there's nothing in the data that suggests kids being in school is in any way dangerous. we need to ensure that they are back in a classroom situation where it is possible and fully functioning, for learning. >> the u.s. is not the only country seeing a rise in infections, according to the world health organization global cases increased by more than 230,000 in a single day. one person died and another was injured in a house fire in san francisco, the fire broke out around 11:20 at a home on
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sacramento street between spruce and maple. crews of the fire under control about 40 minutes later, the fire department says the injured person is in stable condition, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. in santa rosa two men were killed and three others injured in a car crash in santa rosa. police say the driver of a bmw was speeding through the intersection of stony point road and crashed into a cadillac at about 12:15 this morning. the minutes of the cadillac were pronounced dead at the scene. police say it's unknown at this time which car had the green light at the intersection. san francisco general hospital is looking for help identifying a patient in critical condition. the woman was admitted yesterday right after midnight, she was found near a shell gas station in san bruno, the
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- ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. 21 people were injured after an explosion and fire on board the navy amphibious assault ship uss brassard, the ship is docked at naval base san diego, 160 sailors and officers were on board, far fewer than the 1000 typically on the ship when it is on active duty. because of the explosion under investigation no injuries considered to be life- threatening. and southern california parishioners celebrated mass on the grounds of admission heavily damaged by a fire yesterday. authorities say the fire east of la started at about four clock yesterday morning, the roof and interior were
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destroyed. they were undergoing renovation to mark the upcoming 250th anniversary celebration. the cause of the fire has not been determined but authorities say the recent toppling of monuments will be a factor in the investigation. joe biden with a large lead over president donald trump woman female voters in three key states. that support has the former vice president leading overall by six percentage points in florida trailing by only one point in texas and tied with the president in arizona. president donald trump wins all three states in 2016 but biden is drawing more support among female voters than hillary clinton did four years ago. a federal appeals court today overturned a lower court ruling this weekend and says the federal execution can proceed as scheduled tomorrow. the 47-year-old scheduled to be executed in indiana tomorrow,
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him and another man convicted of murdering a family of three in arkansas in 1999. a federal judge on friday sided with victims families who say there is no legitimate reason to carry out an execution during the pandemic. the justice department's appeal the judges order and succeeded with today's ruling. a missing hayward woman has been found thanks to a viewer, the viewer recognized elaine young at the fremont automall yesterday afternoon. friends and family found a renewed sense of hope when you appeared on normal camera video in hayward last tuesday. is now getting medical care at washington hospital in fremont. amazon teamed up with the alameda county food bank to deliver groceries to county residents with covid-19. drivers will make contactless deliveries of healthy food from the food bank. about 400 households have received food since the
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partnership began last month. the food bank is also providing more than 1 million pounds of food per week to county residents because of the pandemic, it's roughly double the demand for food before the crisis began. drivers on the golden gate bridge should expect possible delays once again tonight, road striping work will continue for a second straight night, several lanes at the toll closing beginning at a clock this evening, only one southbound lane and two northbound lanes will be open when work begins. the configuration will been changed one northbound lane and two s. lanes, the work expected to be finished by ada clark tomorrow morning. golden gate transit announcing significant changes in service, the transit system will undergo a temporary restructuring, something you not routes reduced by 50% where others will be added, officials say they hope to strike a balance between matching
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service levels while providing a service for physical distancing on buses. a new effort against tomorrow to reduce traffic and keep the year fresh and healthy as more employees had back to work santa clara county leaders and local air quality officials are teaming up for the campaign called cut the commute goal is to convince local companies to have their employees work from home whenever possible. the recent orders have resulted in far fewer cars on the road and far less air pollution.
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we are days away from this years extended tax deadline, wednesday, july 15 is the new deadline after the usual april 15 date was pushed back due to fallout from the growers. experts say the irs is still dealing with the backlog because there were delays, processing returns filed in the mail during the pandemic. the permit of treasury and irs announced the tax filing and payment deadline of july 15 will not be postponed again. the farmers market in oakland jaclyn square reopened today, the market had been close since mid-march because of the pandemic, today shoppers picked up fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy food items, the market will be open from 9 am to 2 pm every sunday. the first hour of operation is reserved for seniors and high- risk shoppers. the farmers market has been around for more than 30 years. they accept cal fresh and other food assistance programs for payment.
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it might be the warmest they were going to see all week as temperatures start to cool down a little bit. the forecast model of for tomorrow, you can see monday at 3 pm i just want to point out the other purples are all down here at fresno, there were hundreds all the way up sacramento so tomorrow we're going to see some slight cooling from the north, a little bit more font but you do see from fresno all the way down to palm springs those areas are baking out in phoenix with temperatures still in the triple digits and beyond, we will have more of an impact tomorrow as it's going to be around little bit longer, tomorrow right after the off the bat we just go cooler. be c instead of 98 is going to be 93. certainly significantly cooler at the coast where there's going to be much more far than there was today, the reason for this is, i wonder if you can
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pick it up. it's not a test but we do this all the time. pretty easy to figure out when you go to the jet stream right here. you can see the clouds frothing down as well and here is where the heat is so that is jetstream, if you're looking down from an airplane it would be like a river on the ground but it is at 20,000 feet. that pattern is consistent in the summer months for us. you can see a bit of a seabreeze and tomorrow the parties back according to this model in san francisco, certainly pacifica, the forecast high in san francisco around 66 degrees and there's the far all the way into winds
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tonight. the model has not been doing really well is the far end surface temperatures are off right now as well as inside the bay, some of the temperatures inside richardson bay and inside the golden gate ridge are in the 70s, really warm inside the bay and the shallows and that has an impact on how the fog is formed. 91 in pleasanton, 90 in livermore and then the five day forecast. police are warning people about another sighting of a coyote, police say a small daily approach to people in a neighborhood last night, first a person walking in the area of
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rimmer drive, carried and ran toward a bike rider who was nearby and nearly was bitten or injured. coyote was last seen running into an orchard in the area. on thursday police say tyler was actually bitten by a coyote at the park. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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golf topping things again this evening, two different tournaments with the northern california angle and in dublin ohio it was colin who was making news. she began the day with three strokes off the lead but turned into a clutch final-round. his two shot comes this close to a hole-in-one, he shot a 66 and finished regulation tied with justin thomas who had led with three holes to play. on the first extra hole it looks like thomas haddad, no way this shot goes.>> that is a
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two footer. all the way.>> his birdie goes in the playoff continues, both players on the second playoff hole. then on the third he sticks his approach. thomas took bogey on the whole. he wins for the second time in just 24 starts on the pga tour. calories are no galleries you can't eat the scenery at lake tahoe. the winning quarterback had a good week enjoying his growing notoriety. he has a little game pitting his approach on the 11th hole, comes this close to rolling it in he finishes with four wins for the tournament which was
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good for 30th place. and here's another guy that knows championships and mvp status. he sees his shot just roll off the lift, he does a little push- up from afar with 56 points, curry finished fourth. marty shot a course record yesterday, he hits the green with his second shot on the are, finished with 76 points rolling through a nine point win over williams. you win at lake tahoe you go for a swim. it was the payoff of a waiter finishing behind his son.
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