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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 12, 2020 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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through after a couple was charged with a hate crime. trying to paint over a black lives matter muriel. police said they were prepared for violent clashes but luckily things remain peaceful. good evening everyone. that protest was planned after white nationalist flyers were found around the city. support started to grow after the muriel was painted over. live coverage now with more on today's demonstration. despite the heat and the potential threat of violence, more than 1000 people turned out to rally against recent racism in martinez. >> with temperatures cresting above 90 degrees, several hundred demonstrators gathered in front of the courthouse where a material is emblazoned around the street.
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they got inspiration to plan this event weeks ago. >> is started with flyers that were found a few ways to go. that is actually when we began organizing. >> then there was this. nicole anderson joined by david nelson painting over the muriel shortly after its completion. both charged with misdemeanor. the events prompted them to get active in fighting hate. >> i learned there is a lot of bigots in my community. i also learned that defeating racism is a community effort.>> we don't cannot justice? >> they don't get no peace. >> this was expected to draw opposition. potentially white nationalist. they boarded the shops in anticipation of a violent clash. the police chief called in actual law enforcement and urged people not to engage in hateful behavior.
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violence never happened. social media shows exchange between a few protest observers.>> just because i say all lives matter does not mean i am a racist. or i may white supremacist because i am not. in today's date, i feel in america, there is no such thing as oppression. if you are oppressed, you need to look in the mirror and say what can i do better. >> those advocating got there was. the event ended peacefully. for many protesters, the fight continues. >> we keep going. we keep pushing r change and accountability. this is a nationwide reform that needs to happen so that black lives are safe in this country. police were on hand to quell any potential violence.
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their presence really was not very visible. they pretty much stayed out of sight. thank you. in southern california, a large crowd made his way through downtown los angeles for unity much. it was peaceful and festive. they said the gathering was to support victims of police brutality. it was also showing unity between african-americans and latinos. >> it is that time. time to unite. getting together n when everybody comes together like this. everybody sees that the races are together.>> the march ended at los angeles city hall. earlier this month they decided to slash the budget by $150 million. the washington redskins are reported to announce that they are retiring the team's
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nickname. the team may make the announcement tomorrow. they're not expected to announce what the new team name would be because trademark issues are still pending. there has been growing pressure to change his name which many consider to be racist. target nike, will walmart, and amazon all stopped selling the merchandise last week. a 25 year veteran of the sheriff's department has tested positive for the coronavirus. the sheriff's department tweeted this picture of the 56- year-old. he is in critical condition. his wife tells us that he has been sick for almost 2 weeks. he is one of 35 people that have been infected with the coronavirus. they're asking the public to pray for his recovery. alameda has put the order has been put on the state
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coronavirus watchlist. today the counter released new information on the restrictions including a ban on outdoor dining. the state recently issued qualification that outdoor dining is not permitted in non- variance counties. at this time, outdoor dining and two operations would be permitted in alameda county upon variance approval even with managing restrictions in place. they are expected to vote on a letter of support for variance at their next meeting on tuesday. 4 cities are pushing back on the abrupt change. they all say they will not enforce the revised order for now and will seek more clarity on what is allowed in the coming days. now to sonoma county were officials announced the restrictions starting tomorrow. the health department says it is putting the county on his list.
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inside you will see food runners with mask. condiment bottles replaced with hand sanitizer. >> we have a very large restaurant. we have got the capacity down by have. >> this could look very different by monday. the department of health has placed the county on its monitoring list because of rising coronavirus cases. that is expected to trigger a tightening of restrictions. including indoor dining. although outdoor dining would still be allowed. tastings could only have been outdoors. family entertainment centers. places like arcades would all have to stop operating indoors. bars, clubs, and breweries would only be allowed to serve alcohol outside. people in the tourism and restaurant industry are anxious.
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>> we just feel like we're finally getting somewhat of a normalcy going. making the staff feel a little better. low and behold they're going to shut indoor dining down. >> they have 914 active cases with 51 new ones reported in the past 24 hours. the positivity rate is three percent. hospitalization rates are way up 54 percent. at a board of supervisors meeting, the public health officer explained that is why sonoma is now on the monitoring list.>> a lot of our cases are gathering. things were people have come together. now to the latest on the
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pandemic. california reached a milestone today. the death toll has surpassed 7000. there are now more than 320,000 confirmed cases of the virus across the state. the death toll stands at 7051. in the bay area there is more than 35,000 cases with 646 does. two more inmates have died from the coronavirus. they both died yesterday at a outside hospital. nine inmates have not died from the coronavirus since the outbreak began. they have about 3300 inmates. currently 1469 of them have tested positive. that is about 44 percent of the entire inmate population. the outbreak started about a month -- month ago.our virus co
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you can find the latest developments. new tonight, 2 women are facing felony vandalism charges for spray painting large rocks. police with the east bay park district says to make woman were arrested last week for painting rocks. officers did not say exactly what the woman were painting. police say someone witnessed the painting in the yosemite area. a witness took a picture then call police. the general hospitals looking for help identifying a patient who is in critical condition. she was found near a shell gas station. she is black in her 30s. she was approximately 117 pounds. she also has a two inch
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surgical scar. anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff's department. one person died and another injured in a house fire today. the two alarm fire broke out around 11:20 am. between spruce and maple. crews had a fire under control in about 40 minutes. the fire department says the injured person is in stable condition tonight. the cause of the fire is under investigation. at least 21 people including 17 servers and four civilians were all injured today after a ship caught fire. it happened on the uss ryszard while the ship was undergoing maintenance. giant plumes of thick dark smoke billowed 4 hours from the 840 foot assault vessel. authorities say the fire broke out just beforean explosion of
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of the oil used. the fire since at least 21 people to the hospital with moderate injuries including one person hurt by the explosion. >> the navy prepares for this. not only on individual ships but on the command as well. if anyone is prepared, it is the united states navy. the ship has a long history in participating in the war on terrorism. including the aftermath in indonesia. fire and rescue expect the fire to burn for many days. we have just learned that kelly preston has died. her husband confirmed her death on instagram. she had been privately battling breast cancer for two years. the life will also be remembered. i will be taking some time to be there for my children who have lost their mother.
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she was 57 years old. it seems nearly impossible. coming up the county that has set a record. it has yet to record a single case of the coronavirus. the cooldown is already showing up. it is going to be cool tomorrow. i will let you know what to expect. local health officials making big decisions. they have not made everyone happy. coming up the threats some said they are receiving. and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery. but what if you could startdo better than that? like adapt. discover. deliver. in new ways. to new customers.
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try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery. the county has still not recorded a single case of the coronavirus. there the only county in california that appears to remain completely free of the coronavirus. it is a remote area that make social distancing relatively easy. they also were also one of the first to openly defy the lockdown order. every open without permission in early may. some positive news now from the east coast. new york city did not have a single case yet -- death yesterday. at its peak, the city some more than 500 deaths in a single day.
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new york city has reported more than 18,000 deaths from the virus. they're only seeing a 1.3 positivity rate. it has moved in phase 3 of reopening. public health officials are on the cusp between keeping people safe but not ruining their lives. some people are criticizing and threatening the local health officials. our reporter has more from san francisco. as they have put health officials in the spotlight, many have experienced intense criticism over their handling of the outbreak. she was forced out after the governor accused her agency of inflating biarritz case numbers. some still on the job are facing intense backlash. >> i like hundreds
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and have in fact received a lot of hate mail. in los angeles, she says she handles press briefings herself to showed her staff from attacks. they understand why people are angry but they said the backlash is misguided.>> there are some that take of fear and anxiety. place it into who they think are the decision-makers. public health has been brought into focus. >> officials are taking heat for acting to slow. too fast for imposing lockdowns and facemask requirements. >> wherever it was given was wrong and incorrect. as we learn more, it is able to allow us to do better advice
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and guidance. >> that leaves health officials walking a fine line. trying to save lives without upending them. new details now in the case of a woman who has been missing for two months. she was found safe sitting outside of a restaurant in fremont. she is 67 years old. she walked away from the facility on may 19. friends have been looking for her ever since. there was a few sidings. every search came up until yesterday. i asked her. we have been looking for you. she was surprised to hear that. >> with this virus, we realize even though we do not see each other, we are all connected. >> it is unclear how she managed
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to stay healthy for the past two months. she did not have a cell phone and there was no activity on her bank cards. there relieved she can get the help that she needs. looking at the forecast for the next few days. today was pretty hot. certainly saturday. tomorrow not as hot. we will drop a good 10 degrees. you can see the fog coming in. i think you will be able to see that pretty well. it is going to make it all the way across. probably getting a little bit in the livermore valley. it will be moving a little longer that has the past few days. although it is pretty weak out there. unless like we will see some burn off tomorrow. the fog is all the way to the
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beach. this just shows the extent of it. we are seeing it shooting across oakland right now. it is going to cool significantly tonight and tomorrow. with the current temperature, you can see the onshore wind is effected. this is tomorrow morning. the fog gets minimal. it just flutters around at the coast. it tries to come back. the forecast tomorrow. 93 should be the hottest temperature we find. that is antioch. the warmest in the spots. most of us tomorrow will drop a good five or 10 degrees. most of our temperatures will be upper 70s and lower 80s. the fire danger takes a break. a little bit. it is not going to be as dry in the bay area. heat concerns from fresno to
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modesto. it is not far in the bay area. the fire danger isvery real. the five day forecast. notice the cooldown tomorrow. this is the plan. we have not had a real classic summer. this week and last week look to be that way. i will see you back here tomorrow night. the tech executive who was caught on camera making racist comments has now stepped down as ceo. he says he has cut all business ties after a video of his racist rant was posted on social media last week. he issued a public apology but in another statement, he said he has once again began his journey back to sobriety.
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good evening again everyone. golf topping things. the northern california angle. he was making news. he begin the day three strokes off the lead. he turned in a clutch final- round. his t-shirt comes this close to a hole-in-one. he finished regulation tied with justin thomas. on the first playoff oh, it look like thomas. no way this point is going to go. that is a to further. all of the way. can you believe that? >> the pressure now to also make birdie. the shot not as long but maybe just as tricky. the playoff continues.
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the second playoff oh. then on the third extra hole. he sticks his approach within a few feet. he would actually to put from there. the 23-year-old went for the second time in just 24 starts. you cannot beat the scenery in lake tahoe. super bowl mvp. patrick holmes had a good week enjoying his growing notoriety. he is sitting his approach on the 11th oh. he finished with 4 points which was good for 30th place. steph curry another guy who knows championships and mvps. he sees his shot just roll off the left. he does a little push-up for missing that. finishing in fourth place. he shot a course record yesterday.
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picked up where he left off. he hits the green with his second shot on the par 518. to put it from there for birdie. that was good friend nine point victory over kyle williams. that has kind of become tradition. the payoff for his dad deal. he finished behind his son. the trophy donated this year to coronavirus relief. here is the little hybrid. that is joey look on of providing the energy for his son. a little early experience about what it feels like to go into a spin. if you can control your car, that is a lot easier. >> it is if you can do that.>>
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that is scary. we know how you drive. >> i slow down. >> that golf tournament up at lake tahoe is still beautiful. so much fun seeing all those guys jumping in the water. see you later. take care and good night. thank you for joining us. superfast internet. it's a beautiful thing. superfast internet with an xfinity flex 4k streaming device included? even beautiful-er. and now flex also comes with peacock. ooh la la. this rare bird lets you stream tons of movies, shows, news, sports and more. and with flex, it's all at your beck and call... show me parks and rec! see? the best really did get better! magnificent. switch to xfinity internet and get a flex 4k streaming device with peacock premium included for no additional cost.
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