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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  July 13, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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own orbiter on july 23 and at the end of the month, the u.s. will launch the rover perseverance. more restrictions are being rolled back in santa clara county. we will tell you about the guidelines that allowing gyms and other businesses to welcome back guests. preventing the pandemic. today on that 9 we are joined by explorer and resident. why nature is our best insurance in his new book. the washington redskins announce big changes. later a live report on the retiring of that team name. a beautiful summer morning across much of the bait area. here's a live look at the oakland estuary after a hot
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weekend in the bay area. a cooler start today. that's today. how about what happened on this date 35 years ago? >>[music playing]. >> today is the 35th anniversary of live aid. freddie mercury performed with the rest of queen during that iconic set. live aid was watched by 2 billion people worldwide when it was broadcast back in 1985. welcome to that 9. other big performances included paul mccartney as well as you to. i will say and i remember
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watching this at home. freddie mercury with a great performance. a lot of pressure on queen. they had an album that failed back in 1982 in here they were in 1985 in making this come back . a lot of people said, can you prove it and do it? he took the challenge and took the stage. will start with you claudine. he wanted to nail it and he did kneel that performance. >> when you watch it still and video it's pretty amazing to watch the energy that flows through. the freddie mercury story is so amazing in his voice and talent is so incredible. i was watching the adam lambert and how he got hooked up with queen and the relationship with him and the other banned members. it's interesting to see what they say freddie mercury would say about adam lambert and all of that. they have so much energy on
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that stage. >> so many great stars. a new generation now is learning the stories of those iconic figures. let's get over to steve paulson who is a fan of rock 'n roll. also a fan of this cooler weather, right steve? >> i am. i did see queen a long time ago. a long time ago. i've been a fan a long time. i'm a big fan of the cooler weather also. we saw the fog there and also over the bay. santa rosa at 63. san jose at 56. concord 102. san francisco and oakland at 71 and now 65. a cooler pattern kicking in
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after five hot days. d onshore breeze. southwind and that makes it cooler.
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the outbreak started a month ago after 100 inmates from a prison in san bernardino county were transferred to san quentin. so far a total of 1903 inmates have tested positive for covid- 19. state leaders are getting mixed reaction to a possible plan to release up to 8000 inmates to help stop the spread
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of covid-19. those inmates would be released between now and the end of next month under the governor's new program. those with 180 days or less on their sentence will be eligible first. only inmates who have committed non-violent crimes will qualify. family members are counting down the days until their loved ones are released but victim advocates call the plan dangerous. >> elder abuse, certain sexual offenses, all of these really horrible crimes are now serious and violent. >> they are not victimless. they are not social distancing. they cannot. spent the early release plan comes as prisons across the state have seen large outbreaks. a uc san francisco study found there is one habit that can greatly increase the risk of serious complications of covid-19 in young people.
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they think young men who smoke or vape may double the risk of serious complications including death according to the san francisco chronicle. the risk for young women rises to 150% compared to peers who don't vape or smoke. scientists say smoking or using e-cigarettes as a factor that can be easily controlled in order to decrease the likelihood of being hospitalized or dying from coronavirus. despite rolling back regulations earlier than the rest of the state, one northern california county continues to remain free of covid-19. making a case to protect mother nature. we hear from national geographic explorer in resident on why he thinks the effort to prevent a future pandemic has to do with a great outdoors. power through your morning when you wake up with mornings on 2. >> you always have the power to know everywhere you go when you download th app .
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the time is 9:13. national geographic's explorer in resident is releasing a new book that makes the case for why protecting nature may be our best comes to preventing a future pandemic like the one we are experiencing now. we want to bring in the author of the nature of nature. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> you make the argument in your book that the more species we have, the more diversity between animals and plants, the less risk we have of another pandemic in the future. explained that connection. >> we have been encroaching upon impact forests and capturing animals, selling them in markets like in china where the virus spilled over to humans . also, studies show that the
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more species that are in a natural environment, the more diluted the viruses are. the lower the risk of that virus to go from one species to another and then to humans. we also know that the viruses are more likely to jump from animals to humans for animals whose have increased because of our encroaching upon their habitats. >> before the pandemic, most of us were accustomed to thinking of natural disasters as hurricanes, earthquakes, or wildfires but they pandemic is a type of natural disaster too. >> it is a natural disaster. because of this pandemic, was global wildlife threat, wild animals that were sold and in contact with many other animals in cramped cages and a market in china. today it is covid-19 but before
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it was sars, ebola, hiv. all of these are infectious diseases that jumped from animals to humans. this virus is the loudest wake- up call for us humans. >> how does a relationship with the nature and environment have to change going forward? do you think people are hearing the wake-up call? >> our relationship with nature is broken. for decades, scientists have been warning about the effect's of climate change. people thought while this is something that will happen in the future. for decades, scientists have been talking about the laws of nature and the collapse of our system. people said it is something that happens in brazil and the amazon but it is not affecting me. now, if we don't realize that the health of the richest person on the planet depends on
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the health of the poorest person in the poorest country with our globalized lifestyle, we are not immune or isolated anymore. >> do you think we have reached a breaking point where it is too late or futile? do you think there is hope and active measures to take in the next decade to turn things around? >> the good news is we can turn things around. if we continue sending wild animals across the world for pets or medicine or food, we will have new pandemics. if we continue destroying tropical forests, we will have new pandemics but we know that if we give space to nature, nature has this incredible ability to bounce back. this is why we are advocating to a new target of 30% of the planet, land and sea, protected. nature can come back and produce all of the services that are essential to our well- being. there is hope.
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>> one more thing before you go. i have to ask you about your title. it sounds like a dream job. you were in academia for many years before you became national geographic's explorer in resident. how did you land this job? what is it like? what would you say to future generations who want to be explorers in resident someday? >> it sounds like an oxymoron. i used to be a professor at the scripps institution of oceanography at the university of san diego studying the impact of humans on the ocean with fishing and global warming. when they realized that i was just writing the obituary of the ocean. i felt like a doctor who was telling you how you're going to die but not offering a cure. i decided to quit academia and it became my life. i thought
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national geographic would be an ideal institution because we can combine exploration, scientific research and storytelling to inspire people, to inspire leaders to protect the vital areas of the ocean that need protecting. what i would tell younger applicants of explorer jobs is that if you know what your passion is, if you know what your purpose in life is, just work hard at it. use the best of your qualities. if you are a musician, don't try to be a scientist. vice versa. use the best of your abilities, study hard, work hard. national geographic did not offer this job to me, i went and knocked on the door. just keep going. keep pushing. >> good advice. thank you so much. making a down payment on
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its housing pledge. coming up, how much apple is committing to affordable housing projects this year across the state of california. more than a dozen sailors injured following an explosion and fire on board a navy ship down south into san diego. the latest on the investigation.
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this morning, firefighters and fremont are watching out for hotspots from a grass fire that started very busy road. it started shortly after 10:00 on mallery avenue just west of mission boulevard last night. firefighters were able to control the flames and they did not threaten any homes. investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire. dozens of sailors and civilians were injured following an explosion and a fire on board the uss bonhomme are charred. it was undergoing maintenance procedures.
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>> reporter: firefighters in san diego are still working to extinguish a massive fire on a u.s. navy ship that has been burning since sunday morning. the fire sparked an explosion on board the uss bonhomme , an amphibious assault vessel. at least five sailors were admitted to hospitals for observation but they are all in stable condition and the rest of the crew has been accounted for. >> the uss bonhomme has reported 100% accountability for their personnel. there is no ordinance on board which was our initial concern. >> they are having a hard time putting out the fire even with water drops from helicopters throughout the night. the navy thinks it started in a cargo hold were vehicles are stored but they don't believe it was sparked by oil, gas, or other hazardous materials. the goal at this point was stopping the fire from reaching the engine room and other tight spaces which could cause major damage to the ship. >> sailors across this waterfront are absolutely doing a magnificent job to save the
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uss bonhomme richard. they are saving their ship. >> reporter: it is not certain how the fire started and investigators are not speculating at this time. number of foreign governments have denied any connection to the incident including iran. >> about the worship fire, it does not have much to do with us but it is interesting how fast u.s. worships catch fire. >> reporter: two guided missile destroyers were moved away from the uss bonhomme richard when the fire began. into san diego, ktvu fox 2 news. a large crowd made its way through downtown los angeles for a unity march and day of action. yesterday event was peaceful and festive. organizers say the gathering was to support the wounds of police brutality. it was also a show of unity between african-americans and latinos. >> we are bribing, coming together. >> it is that time.
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you know what time it is. time to unite black and brown together now. >> when everybody comes together like this, everybody sees that the races are together. >> the march ended at city hall in downtown los angeles. earlier this month, the city council voted to cut the budget of the police department by $150 million. an estimated 1500 people gathered in martinez for a peaceful rally to oppose white supremacy and support the black lives matter movement. >> black lives matter! >> yesterday's demonstration was believed to be the largest ever held in martinez, a city of some 40,000 people. it took place in a city filled with tension and in the national spotlight right now. vandals recently targeted a merrill in the city of martinez supporting the black lives matter movement and racist players showed up in the downtown area. >> i learned that there is a lot of bigots in my community.
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i also learned that defeating racism is a community effort. >> we keep going. we keep pushing dialogue. we keep pushing for policy change and accountability. this is nationwide reform that needs to happen so that black lives are safe in this country. >> police from across the bay area were called to martinez due to concerns of a large possible counter demonstration and possible violence but there were no problems reported. this march and rally followed two recent incidents in martinez that gained national attention. this couple was seen in painting over the black lives matter mural outside the city courthouse earlier this month. they have since been charged with a hate crime. also, martinez police are looking for the people responsible for posting the racist flyers we mentioned. a historic change in the nfl. in minutes, we catch up with a washington post who is
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following this story. the washington redskins are retiring the team name. sonoma county is regressing after a surge in covid-19 cases. the business is being forced to shut down again. you can have the morning headlines delivered right to you by signing up for our ktvu fox 2 newsletter. is a to sign up for the daily service.
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oh, we love our new home. neighborhood's great. amazing school district. the hoa has been very involved. these shrubs aren't board approved. you need to break down your cardboard.
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thank you. violation. violation. i see you've met cynthia. at least geicof money. two inches over regulation. thanks, cynthia. for bundling made easy, go to washington's nfl franchise announced this morning that it is retiring the redskins name and logo after years of debate. the team's owner and the head coach are working to develop a new name and a mascot they hope will be in place for the 2020 season. pressure from fans and sponsors have been mounting against the team to change the name. the team's colors of burgundy
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and gold are expected to remain. the team is not expected to reveal a new name until a later date. to talk about this new development, we are joined by washington post sports reporter scott alan who has been following this story closely. this is big news. we are seeing the build up to it but certainly now it looks like the wheels are in motion. >> reporter: i think it is a day that a lot of people never thought they would see. it was seven years ago when daniel snyder, the owner of the redskins, said that he would never change the name of the team. it has been that way for nine out of 10 not offended by things have happened really quickly in the last two months amidst the racial reckoning taking place throughout the country. what really spurred this change
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of heart was pressure from the sponsors. >> you would think about the climate of the country. you think about fedex who publicly requested the name change. nike and amazon and walmart and target taking the merchandise off their store shelves. anheuser-busch saying this is about a world that is inclusive. then, when you give credit to the team, is it credit for having this mindset change or is it with snyder saying the money talks and we will lose a lot of money so now the pressure is on? >> i don't think you can discount all of the native american activists who have been speaking out, protesting, pushing against the name change for decades. one of the earliest was in 72 when a delegation of native
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americans met with the then team president and ask him to change the name. there have been numerous petitions with the u.s. patent and trademark office to have the adderall trademark registration rescinded. the redskins have thought that through the years. they have won that battle. you only have to look at the fact that it was july 2 when fedex, the naming sponsor of the stadium and the ceo of fedex sent them a letter saying they wanted us to change the name and it was the next day, not even 24 hours when the team issued a statement saying they were undergoing a thorough review. that sets it off. >> where does the coach fall in this? coach rivera is brand-new to the team. he said it was not in his mindset. he has admitted that. he said his eyes are wide open now. how much do you think he played
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a role in this? >> i think it is possible he geg snyder to consider a change but going forward he will have -- he has been a part of this review. he will have a say in what the new name is. he has had to take on quite a roll since coming over from the panthers because the team fired its team president. you have rivera not only coming to work with his team and try to build a roster amid a pandemic but then this reaches a fever pitch . he is the only one out there being asked to speak about the name so far. snyder does not say much. he has not said much through the years. there have been soundbites here and there about his thoughts on
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the name but he has yet to address this issue even during the course of the review. >> they are going to keep their colors burgundy and gold but in terms of names, there are some trademark discussions. we know the warriors -- people keep talking about that as a possible name mainly because snyder announced he might name an arena football team of the same name which is no longer happening. i know some golden state fans are like weight. we are the warriors. what you think? is that the frontrunner? >> i think that is still snyder's favorite. my wife is a trademark attorney. we have had a lot of conversations since this started about what does this mean? is warriors a likely choice given you already have established entity? they could come to a coexisting agreement
9:35 am
potentially. i think if you take the fans, warriors, because it is a name that is already established and is less popular than the one that is gaining traction around here with trademark consideration, the red wolves. either one word or two words. the arkansas state university are the red wolves as well. a lot of people like that because it would allow the team to keep one of their most popular slogans. >> do you think we will have to wait longer to hear what they finally decide? >> training camp is set to open july 28. i would guess that we would hear something before then. if not, i think certainly before the season. there is a chance they could play the season as a generic washington football team and they will figure out a name and a logo for 2021. >> it will be interesting.
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i know fedex said they wanted it by the end of the 2020 season. thank you so much for talking about this. it is interesting to see all the changes that have happened within the past couple of weeks as we wait for a new name for this washington team. thank you so much. >> thank you. the coronavirus showing no signs of slowing down. a record number of new infections just over the weekend. reporter jonathan seri has the story. >> reporter: new coronavirus infections reached record levels over the weekend. on sunday, florida recorded more than 15,000 new cases, the most by any state in a single day. health officials fear an even greater increase two weeks after the fourth of july holiday. >> took us about two weeks after memorial day to start
9:37 am
showing the increase in cases. we don't know what is coming by the end of the week. >> reporter: houston officials are calling for another stay-at- home order as icu's reach capacity. they need governor greg abbott to give local authorities the power to make that decision. several federal response teams have been sent to assist texas hospitals with the search. >> our healthcare heroes have been working for four months on this covid-19. that as well of us have a personal responsibility to stop the spread. >> reporter: hospitalizations are increasing in louisiana where governor edwards has ordered bars to stop on-site alcohol consumption as cases rise among young people. louisiana is also one of several states issuing a mask mandate. people still have mixed feelings over when and where they should be worn. >> if it is indoors, i am okay with it but if it goes outdoors, no. >> it is a good thing. we have the highest rate in the world.
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>> reporter: public health officials expect covid related debts to rise but say the numbers should remain lower than what they were back in march and april. in atlanta, jonathan seri, ktvu fox 2 news. a man in texas who attended a covid-19 party has now died from the virus. officials in san antonio say the party was held by someone diagnosed with covid-19 with the intentions of seeing if the virus was real and to see if anyone get infected. a 30-year-old man did become very sick and doctors say before he died the man told the nurse he made a mistake and thought the virus was a hoax. the california county at the far northeast part of the state 19. modoc county is the only county in california that appears to remain completely free of coronavirus. it is a remote area that makes
9:39 am
social distancing relatively easy. be where the 9000 people lived there. modoc county was also one of the first to openly defy governor newsom lockdown order. it reopened without permission in early may. today in santa clara county, hair salons, nail salons, and gyms can reopen. >> for those who have been waiting for hair and nail appointments for months, today is the day they have been looking forward to for a long time. earlier this morning, we got a chance to see what it looks like inside the gems as they start the process of reopening. they are trying to make sure that experience is as safe as possible. we went to a gym in san jose. clients can only enter after filling out the questionnaire about their health status. the gym has always been about health and safety but now they are taking things to the next level.
9:40 am
clients will have to go through entered the gym. they are using a uv light to sanitize items. the equipment is six feet apart and everyone is wearing masks even though the cardio equipment is still off-limits. >> we purchased a thermometer gun. we will be checking everyone's temperature as soon as they walk in the door. we had a uv sanitation light so that light disinfects phones and keys. every member will be required to wear a face mask. every member will receive a personal bottle of disinfectant to be able to clean their area. also, everyone will be required to go straight to the bathroom to wash their hands upon entering the gym. >> business is planning on reopening must complete an online social distancing form from the county. the online form includes a checklist and includes requirements for signage and employee training and a safety plan to protect workers and customers. the new order is expected to
9:41 am
remain in place for several months. many sonoma county businesses are shut down after being allowed to reopen earlier . indoor dining and any bar that does not serve food as well as museums and entertainment centers have all been order to close. sonoma county has seen a 500% increase in the number of cases in the s on the state's coronavirus watchlist. >> lot of our cases are from large gatherings, things where people come together in groups of over the 10 or 12. >> health officials say this round of closures is focused on places where groups mixed with other groups. outdoor eating and wine tastings are still allowed.
9:42 am
restrictions are scheduled to remain in place through august 2. contra costa county has added new restrictions as it sees an increase in the number of cases. everyone over the age of two is required to wear a face mask except when indoors. restaurants may not serve food or drinks except outside. indoor religious ceremonies are banned. outdoor services are banned. protesting the removal of thousands of international students. the academic workers who are rallying at immigration and customs field offices across the state including one in san francisco a popular bay area summer camp now offering deep discounts for its virtual sessions. how camp edmund is expecting to reach as many families as possible.
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the trump administration is facing criticism for the president's decision to commute the sentence of roger stone just days before he was scheduled to report to prison. >> reporter: roger stone, convicted of lying to congress, obstruction, and witness tampering will not report to prison on tuesday. on friday, president donald trump commuted stone's more than three year sentence. >> lot of good people got caught up in this whole russian witchhunt hope and i think the president just wanted to write some of the wrongs. >> reporter: democrats and even some republicans like senator mitt romney are calling the decision, quote, historic corruption.
9:46 am
>> should not matter whether you are a democrat or republican, this should be offensive to you if you care about the rule of law. >> reporter: special counsel robert mueller, who ran the probe which caught stone, writing an oped saying the russia investigation was a paramount importance. stone was prosecuted and convicted because he committed the crimes . he remains a convicted felon and rightly so. the white house press secretary responding. >> the fact that robert mueller had to write an oped, the fact that he had to defend his taxpayer wasted investigation on taxpayer dollars, millions and millions wasted on a russia hoax theory that found no collusion. >> reporter: chairman of the senate judiciary committee, lindsey graham, says he will grant democrats' request to have mueller testify before lawmakers. >> the only risk is that you dredge this whole thing back up a couple of months before the election. >> reporter: stone said his first plan is to write a book.
9:47 am
then, help president donald trump's reelection campaign this all. new report says president dona in 2017. former acting homeland security director elaine duke talked to the president. he asked if the u.s. could divest it as if it were a business. congress has approved roughly $20 million in long-term rebuilding aid to puerto rico. nearly 3000 people died. apple says it has committed $400 billion to affordable housing project in california this year. the company will provide immediate assistance for struggling bay area renters and will begin building four new low income housing projects. it is the first step in apple's commitment to contribute to the state's housing crisis.
9:48 am
a popular summer camp here in the bay area has made a transition now to online only sessions. to make all of the programs accessible to all families out there, camp edmo is taking up to 80% off all of its prices. the camp's executive director joins us live this morning to talk more about this. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i know you've got more than two dozen locations across the bay area. i can imagine this had to be a huge learning curve for you and your staff. talk a little bit about that and give us an update on how these online sessions are going so far. >> absolutely. we found out march 13 that all of the elementary schools will be closing in california, we gathered our team. how do you create a virtual camp experience that feels and looks just like a camp.
9:49 am
our team was able to turn it around. if we can pilot something, we launched it march 23. really what we did was partner with our families. we have up to 10,000 families that we work with every summer and we ask them. this is new for us. we are going to learn how to do this. they gave us a ton of feedback. it was such a partnering feel with our families. thanks to those coming out in the first few weeks. we were able to refine the program and now launch three different online programs. >> you focus so much on the science and technology, engineering, arts, and math. at this point in of that? >> interestingly enough, we gained a lot more. not only are
9:50 am
we doing science, technology, arts, and math, we are taught king about things like hula dancing and graphic design and trombone. we actually teach on our platform. we have three programs. we have a half day summer camp program we have drop in activities. you could imagine an elective like an after school program where kids can do things like chess or dance or mindfulness or yoga. then we have our coach program which is a one-on-one coaching program. we had 300 staff that are already to work this summer. what kind of things can you teach kids? what are the talents and skills you have? it is incredible what people have. we can do anything you
9:51 am
can imagine. through those three programs, we are able to serve kids for half days, drop ins, one-on-one sessions and pretty much teach anything in the world you can think of. >> i've got two children. when i put them in camps in the previous summers, i always look at the relationship between the camper and the staff member. to me, that is important. i get feedback from my children and i observed a little bit. i can't imagine. do you feel like that relationship is more important since you have transitioned to online? >> absolutely. that is why from the start we did not want to do the prerecorded video and things. we recognize now more than ever for kids through their social and emotional development, they need their human interaction. parents need their kids to build relationships with someone other than their selves.
9:52 am
what we are able to do because we keep our group sizes small, the staff and the kids are able to build those real relationships. likewise, with our summer camp programs, the kids are with the same group of kids and the same staff member all week long. the staff really gets to know the kids. they can tell us soon as they login whether they are having a good day or bad day. they can do check ins. we have social emotional learning coaches and all of our camps with kids having a particularly hard day. it is more important than doing a science project that day, just having a caring adult listen to them. >> we got to run but you are doing great things.
9:53 am
you are doing it again this summer with camp edmo. we got to leave it there. thank you so much for taking the time. have a great rest of your summer season. >> thank you. still to come, following the footsteps of the wine industry. we will tell you how legal cannabis dispensers are hoping to display their products. details on the health guidelines in place at the winchester mystery house. that is up next. it is morning and we know that you want coffee.
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protesters have gathered outside the federal immigration office in san francisco demonstrating against a new directive from immigration and customs enforcement. the rally is a show of support for the international students who may be forced to go back to their home countries if their schools only offer online classes in the fall. i.c.e. agents are expected to enforce the policy.
9:57 am
>> just voicing our solidarity with international students and protesting against a fairly ridiculous policy that has not been thought-out at all by this organization that is targeting the search of students here who are actively contributing to finding a solution to this pandemic that we are all facing. >> similar demonstrations are planned in cities across the country head of a hearing in massachusetts tomorrow. harvard university and mit have followed for a temporary restraining order against the proposed directive. we have some breaking news to share with you. we are learning that a sheriff's official innayar rivera. there is a press conference scheduled for this afternoon so we will continue to follow all of the developments as this news is just breaking. we want to talk about california legal cannabis
9:58 am
industry as well. the wine industry can label their product according to where it comes from. lawmakers from sonoma county have introduced the cannabis appellation bill. under the legislation, labeling cannabis are grown in the ground in open air and not in greenhouses or endorse. the winchester mystery house is reopening its doors today after getting the green light from the county health department to do self-guided tours. visitors will be able to see the santa fe landmark that with a new set of safety guidelines. >> we can apply our new risk reduction health officer order with some flexibility. we can enable them to come online. we would not have been able to come online without the variance. >> we are excited. we are cautious. we are focused on makingcan
9:59 am
keep going. >> the move means winchester is rehiring about half of the staff it had to lay off during the shutdown. winchester executives say the new rules for the reopening will mean smaller groups and everyone will be required to wear a face mask. >> i have been putting winchester mystery house on my list for many years. i am glad to see they were able to hire some people back. it is a question of how we all enter back into society and enjoy the things we used to enjoy. have you been? >> no. it has been on my bucket list for a long time. if you grew up in the bay area and you did not go to see it as a kid during a field trip then you got to wait until your an adult and you bring people in town to do the tourist thing. >> the winchester mystery house is still a mystery in my family. we have not been there as well. i think one of us needs to step up and get there pretty soon.
10:00 am
also reopening today is the san francisco zoo. we will see you back here at noon, everyone. >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ now, here's wendy! ♪ [cheers and applause] >> wendy: say hello to my cohosts, my studio a


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