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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 13, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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evening everyone, i'm frank summerville. >> dine door dining, zoos and museums, theaters, and bars must close all operations. again, those industries have been ordered to close statewide. in addition, more than 30 counties are on a state watch list, and there are even more businesses that must close in those 30 counties, including gyms, places of worship, hair salons, barbershops, and malls. here in the bay area, those businesses will be closed in contra napa, and marin counties, and and altamont county will likely be added later this week. >> we are utilizing what is commonly referred to as a dimmer switch, not an on and off switch. >> newsom went on to say the stay-at-home order was designed to be modified based on data
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and trend lines. we have learned that businesses in santa clara county, such as hair salons and gyms that had just reopened today, are now being told to shut down again. the rollback takes effect on wednesday. we were the first to report this breaking news at 4:00, and maureen joins us again with new information. >> we have new information in the last hour. it's sort of whiplash. santa clara hat cleared businesses to open today including hair salons and gyms. it was the first time they opened their doors since mid- march, and then they said later today they found out from the governor's office those same businesses will have to close on wednesday. at state of grace tattoo in san jose, this is what i sounded like to be back in business. starting monday, tattoo parlors, hair salons, nail salons and gyms were able to reopen in santa clara county for the first time in four
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months, but then came new word. new guidance from the governor will cause those businesses to close on wednesday, along with shopping malls. one person we spoke too, though, was thrilled to get a workout in. >> there are only so many home workouts you can do until you are, like, i just want to push a barbell. >> i feel blessed. i've been waiting for this for four to five months. this is my favorite place. it's like therapy for me. it's where i let out my mental stress. >> reporter: a salon reopen $monday, and the owner saying it's heartbreaking to have to close again, and so soon after opening their doors. again, latest today, santa clara county said it was added to the governor's monitoring list yesterday. it's unclear why santa clara was not included on the list that the state released today. it's just another example of some of the confusion we're seeing between the state and county guidance and
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communication of varying rules across the state. santa clara's health officer, dr. sarah cody, released a statement saying in part we strongly urge everyone to rigorously follow the state and local health orders. >> yes, much confusion and so hard on businesses that are being allowed to open, and then sudly is to close down shop again. all right, thank you, maureen, for that updates. here is a look now at some of the coronavirus numbers in california. there were more than 8300 cases reported yesterday, and the 7- day dale average is just over 8200. the positivity rate has also gone up to 7.4% over the past two weeks, compared to 6.1 two weeks guy. currently, there are almost 6500 people hospitalized. that's a 28% increase over the past two weeks, and of those hospitalized, 1800 are in the icu. that number up 20% compared to the past two weeks.
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in the bay area, there are more than 36,000 cases and 650 deaths. alameda county has the highest case count at nearly 8,000. santa clara has about 6500, and contra costa county has 4800 cases. again, it feels a lot like california is right now back at square one, and as we mentioned, the governor today announce understood statewide restrictions because of the rising numbers. craig lee is here to explain what this means for several counties here in the bay area. greg? >> frank, back in may, the state began to slowly reopen, confident in stable hospitalization numbers. two months later, those numbers are spiking, and the state is taking a major step back. citing sobering covid-19 trend lines, governor newsom announce understood statewide restrictions and reopening rollbacks. >> this is a new statewide action effective today. every county in the state of
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california impacted by a requirement now to modify indoor operations. haven't every county must stop indoor operations at restaurants, wineries, and tasting rooms, movie theater, zoos and museums, card rooms, and all bars. in addition 30 counties on the state's watch list must shout down gyms, indoor worship services, and malls. >> these 30 counties in total represent about 80% of the population in the state of california. >> reporter: the list includes contra costa, marin county, napa, and sonoma counties. alameda county is likely to be added soon. he pointed to counties like placer and butte, where only about 20% of icu beds are available. >> covid-19 is not going away anytime soon, until there is a
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vaccine and/or an effective therapy. >> reporter: different restrictions and paces of reopening from county to county have created some confusion. contra costa county rolled back indoor church services before the state's announcement. health officials there say they understand the frustration, but believe variances are needed. >> we are continuing to talk with our fellow counties in the bay area. we talk all the time, almost every day, and to coordinate as much as possible. but the reality is that each county's situation is a little bit different. >> the governor went further in his explanation. >> people come on that monitoring list, and they come off that monitoring list, because of the dynamic nature of this virus. nothing is constant. nothing is linear. >> the governor also said the data suggests not everyone is acting with common sense. he did not give a timeline on how long these new orders would
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last. san francisco mayor london breed and the director of health, grant colfax, held a conversation today about the data that is driving the decisions there. dr. colfax says compared to other major cities, the coronavirus case and death rate in san francisco is relatively low, but the city remains vulnerable when it comes to hospitalizations. dr. coal fax said the current rate of commissions is nearing the city's peak back in april. >> now it's starting to go back up, and we are in another surge. we are unfortunately in another surge, and we expect to see these hospitalization numbers to continue to go up. >> dr. coal fax said the alarming hospitalization rate was one of the reasons why the city put the pause on the next phase of reopening. he also says that starting next month, the san francisco department of public health will be the site of covid-19 vaccine trials. the number of coronavirus
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cases in the united states continues to rise. the center force disease control reported today there have now been more than 3.2 million cases in the u.s. since the pandemic began. that is up more than 60,000 from yesterday, and so far nearly 135,000 people have died from the virus in the u.s. the united states now has the worst recorded outbreak of the virus. this as the nation's leading infectious disease expert dr. anthony fauci and the trump administration appear to be at odds. white house trade advisor peter navarre roar said that dr. fauci has been wrong about everything he has ever interacted on him on. also today the president retweeted someone suggesting the cdc and others are lying about the coronavirus in order to hurt his re-election chances. >> we need to use science, but not use it and cherry pick it to fit whatever our particular political persuasion is. >> dr. fauci said the u.s. is seeing a spike in cases because
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it never fully shut down. he said there is some good news. he is cautiously offy mystic there will be at least within vaccine by the end of the year. a store clerk in alameda arrested for allegedly shooting a suspected thief. we have more on why he is in custody. henry? >> well, frank, we've seen a number of cases in which store workers had every right to protect themselves from harm, but alameda police tell me what happened here was not a case of self-defense. it happened in normally quiet alameda at the circle k store saturday night. >> the customer went behind the counter and started to remove items. >> in response, police say the clerk pulled out a semiautomatic pistol and shot him in the head. >> at that point, it appeared to simply be an attempt to steal maryland from the store. ats that that point, he was accosted by the store clerk, and almost immediately shot and
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killed where he was. >> reporter: the clerk called 911, saying he had shot a robbery suspect, but after talking to witnesses and revealing surveillance yesterdayio, police say there was no holdup and that he had crossed the line by killing 24- year-old ethan. >> that level of self-defense was not justified or appropriate for the crime that was actually occurring. >> the clerk, a 26-year-old man, was arrested on suspicion of murder american was also booked on suspicion of having a concealed firearm on his person. >> he did not have a concealed permit. if will is something occurring of a criminal nature inside of your business, call 911 to report it in progress, and try not to intervene under any circumstances. let the police get there and do their job. >> now, there is video, so the video will be very telling in this case. >> reporter: the ktvu legal analyst said any video and the testimony by the clerk will be critical if the case goes to
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trial. >> you have a clerk working, who i'm sure got awfully nervous, asure would tell the police that he thought his life was in danger. >> reporter: but oner in other hand, clerk? >> can't willy-nilly shoot people. they have to step back and weigh in their own mind, should i shoot this person, i do feel like my life is in danger. >> reporter: he said this should be a warning for criminals. >> you are going against someone who make take action against you and might take your life. >> the us secretary is being held presently without bail. can they reopen or not? at 5:30, new coming up tonight, some businesses in ali county are frustrated and confused over what is and is not
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allowed. plus. >> without a doubt, he's fighting for his life. >> an alameda county sheriff's deputy fighting for his life because over the coronavirus. his wife describes the toughest part about her husband being on a ventilator for the past two weeks. >> also it, may sound strange, but this wednesday, july 15th, is tax day. what you need to know if you're among the several million people who sometime haven't filed your taxes. >> significantly cooler today. very noticeable. have a couple of cool days coming our way. that's helps air quality and fire danger. i'll be back here with the forecast. trevor superfast internet.
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an oakland attorney filed a
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civil rights lawsuit gains three c lp officers who shot and killed a stolen car suspect last month. columbo who it was pregnant at the time was also shot but survived. the unborn baby died as a result of the shooting. the chp said officers shot the suspects after he ran a traffic stop. the attorney said he was shot almost 40 times with a high- powered rifle. >> the number of shots fired was enough, in my view, to kill a militia of terrorists. it was a massacre. the young people were sitting duck us as they sat in that car. it was a complete overkill for the type of case involved, which essentially was a stolen car. delgado's family wants the chp to release the names of the officers and video of the shooting. >> there was some talk in washington last week of
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delaying tax day once again, but enough to it appears that wednesday the 15th will be the day. tom is here now with what we're in the bross of, how many procrastinators are left, and the importance of filing something each if you owe money, tom. >> that's right. this year, even the tax man and the tax woman are feeling beat up by pandemic, pandemonium. >> reporter: as of july 3rd, about 142 million american taxpayers out of about 155 million had already filed their federal income tax returns. but because of the pandemic, only about 131 million returns have actually been processed because the irs has fewer staff available. so that leaves some 11 million taxpayers wondering about refunds affecting about $2800 each. and if you need help, of the five bay area irs taxpayer assistance centers. san francisco, san jose, and santa rosa are open for air
5:17 pm
pointments, but oakland and walnut creek are closed. so your best bet at this date? >> irs is a good place to go. visits are up three times over previous seasons. >> reporter: the treasury department was in the process of issuing 160 million economic impact payments just as tax returns were coming in for processing and refunds. on top of that, the 7500irs employees were directed to do much of this under strict social distancing and work at home orders. >> so really it's been a challenge, the last two, three, four months. >> reporter: if you need more time, filing for an extension is easy, but you must pay all or part of the taxes due by wednesday. the irs said it will deal. >> the penalty for not filing is much greater with a balance due than it is filing the return and just paying something and then paying over time. >> if your return is delayed,
5:18 pm
the irs will pay you interest, and one more thing, the irs does not send threatening e- mails more makes robo-calls, nor threatening calls for collection or arrest. >> these scams continue using the irs as a lure. stay vigilant and be aware. >> because so many people are losing hours, or losing their jobs, or being furloughed, uncle sam now stands to take in a whole lot less money than in a normal year in the same time he is wracking up trillions of dollars in debt. and as we look at the map, you can see plenty of heat out there. temperatures generally today cooler, by significant any mounts. so here is the forecast, or the actual kind of where we were today, the forecast is coming up. so i'm going to hit it.
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there you see it's come per the valley. look what happens tomorrow in the valley. and then you see 94 in fresno, instead of 101. the man tomorrow will be approach more of the same, as we have this weak trough lingering over the top of us. it's not creating any dynamics other be than its releasing the fog and allowing a food onshore flow. this current map doesn't show all of the fog.
5:20 pm
there's more fog out at ocean beach and san francisco than that, but you can see that we definitely have fog back at the coast, and higher levels than we've had the last couple of days. it's been there but breaks off real quick. this is more fog, and little cooler today, or a lot cooler today. a little cooler again tomorrow, and then we're going to ride it through the week with kind of a milder pattern than we've seen. >> yeah, i could file it today. definitely cooler, more mild. thank you. we'll see you in a little bit. >> i have to believe he's going to be okay. i have to. he would be disappointed in me if i didn't. she won her battle against the coronavirus. now she is hoping her husband can do the same. up next, an alameda county sheriff's deputy is fighting for his life at a bay area hospital. and coming up at 6:00, firefighters in the north bay rush to stop a grass fire as it burned dangerously close to homes. also ahead, tens of
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visit right now or call during business hours. an alameda county sheriff's deputy is fighting for his life with covid-19. rob roth talked with his wife about the ordeal of watching someone with the virus decline so quickly. >> without a doubt, he's fighting for his life. >> reporter: maureen rocha is hoping against hope her husband can pull through, but right now it appears covid-19 is winning. >> his lungs are completely full of fluid. >> reporter: alameda county sheriff's deputy oscar rocha has been on a ventilator for the past 14 days. he is one of two deputies currently in the icu with covid- 19. but his condition is far more dire. >> he's just a really good
5:24 pm
person. a really good person. and so many people love him, and respect him for what he does. >> we are kind of heartbroken here right now as he is struggle, and it's been very difficult. >> reporter: he is 56 years old, and has been a deputy for the past 25 years. he usually works in the superior court building, but more recently was taking shifts at santa rita, the alameda county jail where some four dozen inmates have tested positive. >> we know oscar was very diligent in following the health guidelines, but working in our job in many different environments, sometimes we get put at risk. >> reporter: maureen also was hospitalized with the virus but has recovered. they have known each other since they attended california high school together in san ramon. they now live in danville. she said the hardest part of this ordeal is being allowed just one hospital visit in the past two weeks. >> he cannot continue to stay on the vents at such a high
5:25 pm
setting. it is going to do damage to his lungs, and he's not getting the air that he needs. >> reporter: she urges anyone who tests positive for covid-19 and is coughing, to get their lungs checked. she wishes her husband had done that, but like so many people, he declined rapidly, but now she puts all of her efforts in trying to remain upbeat. >> i have to believe he's going to be okay. i have to. he would be disappointed in me if i didn't. i have to believe he's going to get through this. >> rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. frustrated and confused. coming up next, businesses in alameda county are left trying to figure out what is and isn't allowed. >> also, when the hiring starts again, these workers want to make sure they get their jobs back first. details about the ordinance that goes before the oakland city council this week. and dozens of cars broken into. in fact, one family had three
5:26 pm
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5:29 pm
the virus is to keep people separated. he attributed the current surge in cases to the united states not having shut down completely to stop outbreaks of the disease. but he also did express some optimism about a vaccine. >> we are pretty cautiously optimistic that at the end of the year, beginning of this coming 2021, we will have one and maybe more, hope more than one vaccine, that will be available. >> as far as returning to our normal way of life precoronavirus, dr. fauci said that is still a ways off. but the doctor says we can't stay shutdown for a prolonged period of time, so he says that states should shut down and gradually reopen under the phases already set by health experts. now to alameda county, where there is frustration and confusion tonight over what is and is not allowed. county officials are working on getting special permission for
5:30 pm
outdoor dining after the state changed its guidance, but now we're learning the state may not be accepting any more requests. >> it appears the state has paused the process for counties to -- ply for a variance or special permission to reopen some areas. right now, alameda county does not have a variance. officials say they took a more conservative approach. >> reporter: restaurants are reeling from a friday night announcement by the health department in alameda county, shuttering outdoor dining. >> we went so down on sales, it was pretty horrible. we get a lot of phone calls from people asking if we were open or will be doing outdoor dining. >> reporter: alameda county says it needs a variance for outdoor dining to continue, but as of monday, the state's website said the process for applying for a variance has been paused and no others will
5:31 pm
be accepted until further notice. >> we are seeking clarification about what this means for astoria county. but we fully intend to proceed, if there's a path forward. we're on pause regards of whether we have the variance or not. >> reporter: alameda county is the only bay area county that did not apply for a variance from the state in may. without it, outdoor dining isn't allowed, and places like fairy land and the oakland zoo can't reopen. several cities pushed back on the short notice. >> we had confusion over is this a state order, or is it guidance? the city manager made the decision not to enforce something that she wasn't clear about. >> county supervisor low ma chan said they didn't feel it was reasonable to ask for a variance with cases rises in the last several weeks. on sunday, alameda county was placed on the state's watch list, but the board of supervisors is set to discuss applying for a variance at a
5:32 pm
meeting on tuesday. >> there's somewhat of a contradiction in our minds from applying to a variance to open wider at the same time while you're being manorred, because we have more than 100 cases per 100,000. >> i believe if we applied for a variance in may that we would have received it, and then this technicality would never have arisen. i'm grateful that they're considering it tomorrow. >> reporter: the county said it wants cities to follow the guidelines, because future funding for covid is tied to funding with orders. for right now, reopening is on pause. >> livermore, there's not a lot of other cities right here, but, oh, well, what can we do? we are going to listen to what the health department says us to. >> and we reached out to the state term of public health for clarification on what this means now that it says they have paused the applications for a variance. we have not heard back yet. meanwhile, cities like dublin say they are open to make more
5:33 pm
changes to supply comply with outdoor dining. motel and airport workers sarged a car caravan demonstration today in oakland in response to the city's right to work ordinance. it would give them the right to be rehired by their employers when the positions reopen. it would affect nearly 15,000 workers. >> we haven't heard anything from the company about go backing to work, but this is why we're here to push on the right to recall, so that it won't be the company's choice. it would be mandated. >> the oakland city council is set to vote on the ordinance at its meeting tomorrow afternoon. joining us now is dr. lee riley, a professor of infectious disease at u.c. berkeley. this is so depressing what the governor had to do today, ordering all of those businesses closed. it kind of feels like we're right back where we started
5:34 pm
from. >> yes, i think it must be very frustrating, confusing for the businesses, and also the general public, as well. but i think the governor really had no choice, you know, seeing what was happening here in california, especially southern california, but we're also seeing another uptick eve in northern california, so this has really, think, alerted the governor to make these new recommendations and guidance. >> doctor, you studied diseases for a living. how much dops this coronavirus scare you? a lot of people thought it might gov away during the hot summer months, because viruses don't work well in the heat, but need is it seems like just the opposite has happened. >> right. so a lot of people thought that, like other respiratory infections this virus would go away over the summer, but it's actually increasing. we should have ached this.
5:35 pm
for me as an infectious disease physician and researcher, this is probably one of the most scariest viruses we've seen, just, you know, it's transmissionability and the large number of deaths that we're seeing. nothing -- you know, never seen this kind of pandemic since what, more than a hundred years ago, when we had the 1918 pandemic of influenza. you know, i wasn't born then, so i can't tell you what happened then, but, you know, this is somewhat reminiscent of what i hear about what happened back in 1918. >> yeah, inbelieve that pandemic in 1918 killed about half a billion people, 500,000, in the united states. so far with this coronavirus, we're at right around 132,000 who have died. doctor, have we hit bottom yet? do you see things getting even worse before they get better? >> so, you know, as you see from what happened in europe and asia, this epidemic can be
5:36 pm
controlled, andso it's not impossible. what we are seeing here in the u.s. i would say is largely because of the politicians, who are really not, you know, enforcing sort of adhering to what the public health people are recommending, and so it's a -- i would say this epidemic is now largely driven by just these people who pontificate about something they don't really know anything about, and this is a really serious concern. >> i just want to clarify. i misspoke, 500,000 people were killed with the spanish through during that pandemic in 1918. i wanted to make that clear. how long do you think this is going to go on? so many businesses and workers are hurt doing you see at some point things going le to get -- on to a plane or into an elevator without a mask? is life going to return to normal, as we used to know it? >> yes, life will return to
5:37 pm
normal. i can't tell you when. it really is up to the american people. if they adhere to what is recommended, what is being recommended by the public health people, we can really lift this epidemic. they have done it in new york. they even did it in new york city. so, you know, there is precedence for this. we just have to really follow the guidelines, and that's the only way to lick this. i know it's frustrate fog a lot of people, you know, people who want to go back to work and school, but we really have to do this. and if we just sort of bite the bullet and do this, we'll be able to go back to our normal life. it may take another year or, so but we will be able to go back to our normal life. finleyly before we go, what is your thought on reopening schools. there's been a lot of debate about that. president trump pushing very hard to have schools reopen pan lot of other people think that that's the entirely wrong move. would you feel safer sending your kids back to school in the fall? >> no, i would not.
5:38 pm
we already know that for instance what happened in new york city. there were about 100 cases of kids coming down with a syndrome called kawasaki-like disease, and two of those kids died. even if something like this happens in less than 1% of the kids, if they were my kids, i would not send them to school. >> dr. lee riley, appreciate you taking the time to talk with us tonight. thank you so much. protesters gathered outside the federal immigration office in san francisco, demonstrating against a new directive for immigration and customs enforcement. the rally was a show of support for international students who may be forced to go back to their home countries if their schools only offer online classes in the fall. i.c.e. agents are expected to enforce the controversial new trump administration policy targeting students from other countries. >> just voicing our solidarity
5:39 pm
with international students and protesting against a ridiculous policy that hasn't been thought out at all by this organization that is targeting researchers, students here, who are actively contributing to, you know, finding a solution to this pandemic that we're all facing. >> similar protests were held today at i.c.e. field offices in los angeles, san diego, and seattle. searching for the origins of the coronavirus. coming up next, details about the time of scientists heading to china to try to track down exactly where the virus started. plus a tragic end confirmed. the latest on the investigation after search teams found the body of a former "glee" starn a
5:40 pm
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as california rolls back reopening plans amid a surge in covid-19 cases, not all states seeing a spike are taking the same approach. places like florida and texas, where cases are hitting record levels. a growing number of young people are becoming infected. >> reporter: more than 1 million people have recovered from the coronavirus nationwide, but that has been overshadowed by a surge of new infections. overnight, florida added more than 12,000 new cases. while in texas, hospitalizations are hitting record levels. even new york city is seeing more infections among people ages 20 to store, even if there to be a lot of space, just keep that face covering on all the time. >> reporter: officials are taking different approaches to their reopening plans. florida is still moving forward with reopening of disney world, and the return of pro sports. while the mayor of atlanta
5:43 pm
rolled the city's reopening back to phase 1 due to new infections, and she is seeking help to control the spread from new york governor andrew cuomo. >> testing that gets people results very quickly, and also the contact tracing, because we know that is extremely important for us to help slow the spread and so i appreciate your offer to help. >> meanwhile, the world health organization sent a team to china to investigate the origin of the virus. officials safe this will be a preliminary mission. >> we start where the disease began in humans or where the first cases of disease occur in humans and work from there and keep an open mind. >> the w.h.o. said that team will quarantine for several days before they begin working with those chinese scientists. that's the latest from dallas, casey stegall, fox news. in southern california, a body found today in a lake has been identified as former "glee" actress naya rivera. her body was found this morning
5:44 pm
at lake piru in ventura county. the sheriff's department said they were confident that the body is that of 33-year-old rivera. it has been taken to the coroner's department, where it will be identified through dental records. investigators say there's no indication of foul play or suicide. rivera had been missing for five days. she was on the lake in a rented pontoon boat with her four-year- old son. he was later found along and asleep on the drifting boat. tomorrow, a bail hearing is set for ghislaine maxwell, the ex-girlfriend of sex offender jeffrey epstein. prosecutors today revealed at least win each epstein's victims will speak at the hearing, to try to convince a judge that maxwell should be denied jail. they also revealed that when she was arrested, fbi agents had ad to burst into her residence because she wouldn't cooperate with them. prosecutors say that maxwell have a flight risk and should remain behind bars until her trial.
5:45 pm
she is accused of helping to lure teenage girls to be sexually abused by epstein in the 1990s. i know folks who live in these homes had three cars vandalized. >> and they weren't alone. dozens of cars vandalized in just matter of days. the search for the people doing it, and the motive since nothing was stolen. a significant schooldown today, as much as 10 to 15 degrees. we'll look into that and the five-day forecast after the break. well many people have such a misunderstanding as to how a reverse mortgage works.
5:46 pm
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atop navy official said today that a fire suppression session sentence was not working when a fire broke out on a ship yesterday morning. the official said the system was being worked on while the ship was undergoing maintenance at the dock. hundreds of sailors are battling to keep flames away from a million gallons of fuel on board the ship. at least 57 sale orors were injured during the fire and
5:48 pm
while fighting the flames. >> san jose police are searching for clues to a vandalism series of acts. jes se gary has the story. >> reporter: san jose police investigators say from thursday to sunday, 60 cars were broken into at various locations around the city. >> was there a rash of car break-ins over the last couple of days. i know the forecasts who live in this home had three cars vandalized. >> reporter: the city's willow glenn neighborhood saw more than one-third of all cases. at least four cars were targeted on one street alone. neighbor say no items were taken from the damaged property. the motive remains a mystery. >> they're just kind of coming through, doing what they do, and then take off in just a matter of seconds, it appear seems totally senseless to me, because i don't know what the
5:49 pm
folks are gaining from, and it's just creating just more heartache for people who are already suffering through hard times. >> reporter: six months ago, there was a similar spree in the 1400 block of stokes street, also in willow glenn. a total of 12 vehicles had their side windows smashed. the san jose police burglary unit believe there's suspects are responsible for those crimes, but they escaped before officers arrived, and no one got a license plate number. investigators have not disclosed in those axes are connected to the current spate of crime. now neighbors are looking for answers. >> people need to be cautious about where ve their vehicle parked. >> some resident sayres they've hold a neighborhood video conference about the vandalism. as for san jose police, they say they have no suspect information and would like anyone who knows anything to give them a call. in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. we are looking at the weather out there, and i've got
5:50 pm
a live camera shot up here you're going to see in just a second that shows a lot of fog. pretty deep fog. pretty deep marine layers a well. with that fog, we have a considerable cooldown with temperatures, gosh, 10 or 15 degrees cooler than they were yesterday at this time. so a big cooldown with the flow we talked about that. fire danger, got a little break today. so did air quality. there's that weak trough over the top of us, and here is the ridge. there's the jet stream there. and you see how it curves down a little put. it's so kind of doing something like this. that gives you the idea that this cooler air got closer to us and has allow in order onshore flow. that is go to change eventually, but not today and tomorrow. think tomorrow will be a lot of like today. there is fog along the coast. europe see it there. there will be fog tomorrow morning again. you've see that if the computer model. current temperatures, you see the sea breeze, green, and then there's the sea breeze and the
5:51 pm
difference between yesterday and today. big difference. 16 degrees cooler in fairfield. almost 20 degrees cooler in livermore. so very no be cooldown today. tomorrow will be slightly cooler, but it's knot going to be 20 degrees. there is tomorrow's fog footprint. burns back, burns back. it's so kind of like it did today, right? that marine layer just keeps breaking up, and there is the temperature footprint, not just for tomorrow, but probably for wednesday, as well. 91 in brentwood. that would be the warm spot. 90 in antioch, and 82 in san jose. perfect bay area july weather. fire danger always something we concern ourselves with, but this pattern is much more forgiving than some other patterns that we could see in july. so there's the five-day forecast. and you'll notice, also, that these 90s, it pops up, temperatures pop up just a little bit on friday, saturday, and sunday, and those could turn into some mid-90s, in things slip around a little bit, so we could potentially be back into a little fire danger
5:52 pm
in that zone. so overall, a nice weather patt wouldn't call it mild, fra but it's exactly watt you expect for this time of year, and i think with the onshore winds and the cooler weather, it does wonders for cal fire's scheduling and for air quality folks. they appreciate it. >> yeah, totally agree with you. all right, bill, we'll see you again at 6:00, thank you. >> it's about time! >> that's just bunch of the reactions today to the understood the washington redskins are no more. the team is dropping their controversial nickname. coming up next, how the change will affect the team, the players, the fans, and the city of washington d.c. and coming up on ktvu the m pandemic. the ruling from a federal judge today on whether in person doctor visits are required. and an automatic one-year extension to renew expiring driver's licenses.
5:53 pm
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nba star russell westbrook announced today he has tested positive for the coronavirus. in a tweet, the former league mvp said he tested positive before the team's departure to orlando. he said he is currently feeling well, quarantined, and look forward to rejoining his teammates when he's cleared. the nba's coronavirus protocol requires him to be tested dale. once he has two negative tests in a row, he can join the team in orlando. and then he would still have daily testing and an additional two-day several quarantine. the nba's regular season resumes on july 30th with all games. the washington redskins are no more. one of the oldest nfl franchises will be getting now a new name.
5:56 pm
the announcement comes following the death of george floyd and the civil unrest in major american cities focusing on racial injustice. but as ray bogan tells us, native american groups have been demanding the change for years. >> reporter: after 87 years, the redskins team name is no more. the organization says in a statement dan snyder and coach rivera are working closely to develop a new name and design approach that will enhance the standing of our proud tradition representative franchise. in the name has been subject to protests for years, but president trump said he disagrees. >> he says that he believes that the native american community would be very angry at this. >> reporter: the navajo nation president reacted july 13th, 2020 is now a historic day for all indigenous peoples around the world, as the nfl washington based team officially announced the retirement of the disparaging
5:57 pm
redskins team name and logo. the former senate majority leader did not hold back how he feels. >> we have 26 different tribal organizations in nevada, and he defamed every one of them every day with the name of that team. >> reporter: multiple sponsors were voicing support for changing the name. it's a 180-degree turn from may of 2013 when owner dan snyder told usa today we will never change the name of the team. the squad representing our nation's capital is based in virginia, and plays at their stadium in marysville. that is something local politicians say they hope to change. >> i would say yes. we want to change the team should be playing in washington. >> reporter: washington plays here at fedex field. the shipping company said in a statement we appreciate the team's decision and look forward to the outcome of the next step. ray bogan, fox news. the fallout continues from president trump's admission to commute the prison sentence of
5:58 pm
his friend and associate roger stone. stone was supposed to report to prison tomorrow for a 40-month sentence for a series of felonies, including lying to congress, obstruction, and witness tampering. some republicans are blasting the come mustation including utah senator mitt romney who called it unprecedented historic corruption it. >> shouldn't matter whether you're a democrat or republican, this should be offensive to you if you care about the rule of law. >> on saturday, special counsel robert mueller defended his prosecution of stone in an op- ed for the washington post. he wrote that stone quote remains a convicted fellen and rightly so. yesterday it was announced that mueller will be asked to testify before the senate george bush area committee about roger stone and the russia investigation.
5:59 pm
hospitalizations in california increase due to the coronavirus, and the death toll is now sir massing more than 7,000. >> a new order by the governor is statewide, but it goes even further. that includes six of the nine counts here in the bay area. >> sobering covgavin newsom announce understood statewide restrictions and reopening role backs. >> this is a new statewide access effective today. every county in the state of california impacted by a requirement now to modify in door operations. >> reporter: every county must
6:00 pm
stop indoor operations at restaurants, wineries, and tasting rooms, movie new it a errs, entertainment centers, card rooms and all bars. in addition, 30 counties on the state's watch list must shut down gyms, indoor worship services, offices for nonessential businesses, nail salons, and barbershops and malls. >> these 30 counties in total represent about 80% of the population in the state of california. >> the list includes contra costa, marin, napa, solano, and sonoma counties. the states two-week positive active rate has spiked to 7.4%, as reasoning for the added restrictions, newsom pointed to rural count e counts like placer and butte where only about 20% of icu bids are available. >> covid-19 is not going away anytime soon, until there is a vaccine, and/or an effective rerapy.


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