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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  July 16, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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accounts that were exposed. as coronavirus researches, political leaders, health experts, and companies require facial coverings. a major retailer that now says you cannot come in without one, a mask that is. from ktvu fox2 news , this is mornings on 2. >> well good morning to you, thank you for joining us and welcome to mornings on 2. it is thursday morning, july 16th, and i'm dave clark. to talk about traffic and see if there's anything on the roads right now, sal is in his office right there. good morning, sal. good morning, dave. we do have traffic right now doing well around the bay area. and this morning we can show you some of these pictures. i can show you the bay bridge for example. it is a nice looking drive, and the traffic is moving well. the skies are not all that cloudy here. you can see some clear pictures driving through. you can also see an estate 880
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an oakland and traffic is moving along well, heading south or north on 80. we can also look at south bound 880 between hayward and fremont. that is nice looking drive, all the way through the bay. checking the pass, we don't see a lot of traffic here that is going to be slow. lots of times we have that. we don't have anything to talk about there, or on san ramon and pleasanton. and on north barry north bend 280, the entire silkfor 101. let's go back to the headlines. the supreme court approved a second federal execution. 68- year-old wesley ira purkey, scheduled for last night, was removed. the claims that he has progressive dementia and severe mental illness needs to be evaluated. but the department
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of justice appealed it to the u.s. supreme court, and they voted 5-4 to allow the execution. wesley ira purkey was accused of killing a 16-year-old girl and an elderly woman. this will be the first case of this type since 2003. here in california, 355,000 people have tested positive for the virus. only new york has more. 404,000. while new york is reporting fewer than 1000 new cases every day, california averaged more than 8300 in the past week. governor newsom signed an arise . there were almost 6800 patients in hospitals, yesterday. that is a one-day state record. >> with reopening, and certainly
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the protests that we have seen these last few weeks, over the fourth of july weekend in particular, and social gatherings that people have had , as they have slowly, with the reopenings, these are not surprising. >> now, 32 counties are still on california's coronavirus watchlist, including seven bay area counties. the only bay area counties not on that list, san francisco and san mateo. in san quentin prison, the death toll from the virus keeps rising. 12 people have died there so far. more than 1300 have tested positive. 64-year-old death row inmate jeffrey hawkins, died yesterday, of complications from covid-19. hawkins was convicted of killing two men in sacramento county, in 1987. at a trader joe's in the south bay, reports that four employees have tested positive for the coronavirus. the bay area news group says they work in san jose on
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prospect road, right across from the westgate shopping mall. reportedly, they tested positive last week after having close contact with each other, away from the job. there is word that a fifth employee is still waiting for test results. in hospitals in san francisco, they will be overwhelmed with virus cases in the coming months, with 10 times as many cases as they were in april, if the current trend continues. that's according to dr. greg colfax, san francisco's health director. right now, 4700 virus cases, 54 deaths. high alert levels spiked between last week and the week before. >> that rate is now increasing at a 33% rate. that is read, a cause for it is important to limit gatherings to people outside your hassle.
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he also says almost 3000 coronavirus tests are given in san francisco every day. well the head of the cdc says the nation could get the virus under control, if everyone just war face mask. yesterday in a tweet, dr. robert redfield said commit everyone's wearing masks for the next 4 to 6 weeks. the virus can spread through respiratory droplets that pass when an infected person coughs or sneezes. studies suggest facemasks are helpful barriers to spreading infection. it is now 4:05. next week, walmart will require all customers to where masks at all its stores all across the country. it is the biggest retail store to do this so far. they are joining a growing list of companies making the change. >> we always have our masks on hand here in calvary.
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back at bay area walmart stores, stories, signs, greet customers about masks. >> we always have them in the glove box, in the purse, whenever we leave the house. matt walmart and sam's club, now joined best buy and starbucks, requiring masks on customers. kroger, kohl's, and apple too. as the national retail federation urges a mask standard among rising covid-19 rates. >> i walked in and didn't see anybody with masks. >> this shopper was startled in washington state. >> nobody gets near me like that because i care about myself a lot. seeing that makes me feel sad. >> retailers have been not wanting to antagonize customers and put employees in the middle as enforcers, which does happen, all the time.
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i work for costco, i'm asking this number to put on a mask because that is our company policy. so where the mask -- >> i'm not doing that, because i woke up in a free country. >> this confrontation in may ended up with a employee walking away with a man's cart. costco calls masks a simple step to prevent the spread. employees will be stationed as health ambassadors and store entrances, to, work with customers who show up without a face covering. they can count on resistance. a few days ago a walmart shopper in florida pulled a gun on a father and daughter who asked him to wear a mask. two out of three of omar's 5000 locations are in areas where facemasks are already required. >> don't be a baby about it, just wear it. it's a mask. >> ktvu fox2 news, reporting. in a letter, the senator
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says, evidence continues to grow that masks can help prevent transmission, and that states with mask mandates saw slowdowns in new coronavirus cases after implementation. the time is now 4:08. good news for east bay businesses, as andre senior tells us now, alameda county received a variance from the state allowing more outdoor businesses to open. >> the state, granting alameda county, wednesday, a permission that allows the oakland zoo to reopen, and for restaurants to officially allow outdoor dining. a welcome development for businesses of other types too. >> nobody is out. it's like a closed monday, it's really sad. >> an antiques store -- >> the lack of foot traffic has a most killed my business.
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>> that boost for heather warren may be coming back as outdoor dining returns, even as tough rules remain for customers. face coverings may only be removed during the physical act of eating or drinking. restaurants in alameda county -- >> we are thrilled with how fast everything occurred. >> the state granting the opening of the zoo, which faced an uncertain future, while it was losing $2 million because of the coronavirus. operations resume july 29th, touring the property and seeing the animals will look much different as the president and ceo details. tours will be staggered throughout the day. >> we will be doing advanced ticket sales, so we can have time to make sure people are safe and can social distance. >> while the zoo gears up for visitors, and restaurants once
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again serve customers outdoor, there are reminders life as we know it is still a long way off. places of worship can still not hold in a move that continues to have an effect on the local economy. >> every week we have to stay close, it's just every day, it's like okay, let's try to make it through this day. >> alameda county does remain on the state of california's monitoring list and will be there for the next three weeks, and that is because local case rates remain above 100,000 per day. i'm andre senior, ktvu fox2 news. all right, andre. now don't forget you can check out yuba county information on reopenings with the ktvu news app. there is a running list right on the front page. time is 4:10. twitter, still investigating how hackers broke into the accounts of some of the world's
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richest and most famous people, trying to steal money from their followers. a hacked twitter account list includes ama, joe biden, and companies like apple uber. packs offered to send people $2000 for every $1000 sent to a bitcoin address. and it worked. before the scan was discovered and tweets removed, the hackers pulled in more than $100,000. >> we were very lucky, in that whoever managed to get this axis and carry out this scam seems to have only wanted money, and not to carry out a misinformation campaign or start world war iii. >> twitter says the attack was caused by hackers, who successfully targeted twitter employees with access to the company's internal systems and tools. twitter says it has limited
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access to its internal systems while this investigation continues. time now, 4:12. men in handcuffs, attacked by an alameda canine, all caught on camera. what the department says wrong, and how they plan to make sure it doesn't happen again. the new strategy, a group of bars are taking, to help stay in business while the shutdown orders continue. you have the power of 2 newscasts at the 10:00 and 11:00 newscasts. >> you have the power to know wherever you go when you download the ktvu fox2 news app . dear california...
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we know these are challenging times. rest assured, you are not alone. we've all had to adapt. and with summer here, your energy bills might go up with rising temperatures. together, we can save energy and money. try closing your shades during the day... setting your ac to 78° or higher... or cooling off with a fan when you can. united we are always stronger. stay well, california, and keep it golden. investigating what the department calls a mistake by a patrol officer leading to a man
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who was handcuffed being attacked by a police dog. >> help! help! help! >> 30-year-old kenneth schultz was arrested outside his home, following a domestic disturbance call. as officers were putting him into the patrol car, a deputy opened the wrong door of the patrol car, and the dog jumped out and attacked kenneth schultz. >> it took 10 or 15 seconds what felt like forever. it was shocking. it didn't bite lightly, it jumped and latched on. >> this was clearly an accident . we are moving to make that bo labeling on it. >> now kenneth schultz did suffer bite marks, as you can see, and some bruising. right now, he's looking into getting a lawyer and may sue the police department. >> it's okay, buddy. it's okay --
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this is body, video from a hayward police officer de- escalating a crisis. started when a ranger called the police about a homeless man who pulled a knife on him. his property had been moved. >> when we first arrived on scene, he was obviously upset. he, i tried to make contact with him, talk to him, tried to create dialogue. but he wasn't having it. i went the route of just asking if he was okay. and at that point, he gave me a thumbs up, so i figured he's okay. we have a little bit of time >> the officer was keeping an eye out for weapons while asking the man to come out with his hands up, nice and tall. the men cooperated. he was taken to the hospital for psychiatric exam. the police say they are relieved no one was hurt. time is 4:16. northbay voters, getting a
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chance to let the federal government know the health bay need during the pandemic. voters have been asked to tell him how they have been affected by the virus, and what they can do to help. here is a survey for his voters to fill out. mendocino, trinity, del norte, and other counties. you can find a link to the survey on our website, look under the web links tab. the survey closes one week from tomorrow. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, suggesting the next economic stimulus package will include money for school reopenings. also extra unemployment benefits and money for healthcare providers. he says the relief package could be $1 trillion in benefits. two months ago, house democrats approved a $3 trillion package. house speaker nancy pelosi says any bill should include $100 billion to help schools reopen.
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>> i think of money to schools being contingent on opening, no, i think their opening on t money. but not money as a threat. money as a precaution to protect the children, to have the spacing in smaller classes. >> nancy pelosi, also calling on the trump administration to use a defense production act to make more testing kits and personal protective equipment, as the number of coronavirus infections continue to grow around the country. it is 4:18. several san francisco bars, changing what they offer customers, as a way to survive the pandemic. the future bar group is transforming its bars into liquor stores. popular bars, including bourbon and branch, and local edition also owns the cask liquor stores since san francisco is still not allowing bars to reopen,
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the group decided to transform the bars into cash stores. the first bar to make in the north beach neighborhood. our time is 4:19. let's talk about thursday's weather. steve paulson, right on time with our forecast for thursday. >> dave? here's the plan here. >> yeah? >> internet is down, so i'm running everything off my mobile hotspot. okay. so if something glitches or pixelated, you know why. >> yeah. all right. >> so let's get in, it looks like a stuck pattern, upper 80s to near 90. thunder storm activity fired up with some monsoon moisture triggering some thunderstorm activity. but for around the bay we have the usual fog, and there is a good delta breeze as well. >> are you going to make it? i don't know. >> oakland 59, san jose at 59 degrees, also. if you liked yesterday, you will today.
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there is not much change. around the bay, 70s, inland, 80s to near 90. livermore hit 90 yesterday, though they had a little clouds. napa on shore breeze, concord on shore, 50s on most of the temps, some 60s, though. brentwood, lakeport, also vacaville. even one observation there and 61. moisture for the sierra today. 60s, 70s, upper 80s to near 90 for some, and it looks like a quiet pattern as we go through the next couple days. maybe warmer, but not a huge jump as we head towards saturday. just holding steady. fears are going over the idea of the virus spreading at schools as they reopen in the fall. some teachers have a plan to avoid going back to the classroom. a lawyer in martinez is helping local restaurants stay in business. surgical green
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n95 white hospital blue. these are the colors of one nation uniting in gratitude thank you for showing us that we never stopped being... the home of the brave.
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good morning, 4:23 a.m. ♪, >> jackie wilson. thank you, very much. dave? >> come on, sal! >> this is the original version. jackie wilson was the man. fight me on this, jackie wilson was the man. thank you, tim for the request. send us your request. facebook, twitter, instagram, use the hashtag, ktvu. and if you have some spare time
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today, go to youtube and watch jackie wilson perform on the ed sullivan show, i promise you i promise you it will be worth your while. it's go back to dave. ♪ i agree, sal. san francisco subway project reached a milestone yesterday. the subway was connected to the new rail system that clears way for testing in a couple months. once its completed its runs, it will run to chinatown. it was supposed to run in 2018, but was delayed. now it is expected to start running late next year. a lawyer in martinez is helping struggling people with food who need a meal. we also see how he is boosting restaurant business by bringing them together. >> order up! >> the lunch rush at luigi's deli in martinez has slowed during the pandemic.
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owner, david, getting a boost from a donor. >> going day by day, wondering how you're going to make rent, and then somebody comes a check of the kindness of his heart, and that is something very amazing. >> luigi's eats, gifted from meals to martinez. >> when people hear this, it does not make sense to them, they think it is too good to be true. >> local attorney, joseph tully, donated to restaurants from his law offices, with the help of the nonprofit main street martinez, the meal program is giving out 600 meal vouchers to people in need, redeemable at one of the 16 restaurantlis. ng to put food o probably , okay? we knew restaurants were struggling to get customers, okay? we can put these two together and help both of them out. >> the program has sent out nearly 250 vouchers. anyone can nominate a resident that has been furloughed, lost
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a job, or deemed a nonessential worker. >> this could not be a better time to help those closing again. it has been credibly overwhelming. this is an amazing community. >> closing was never an option, she says. they shifted to take out and outdoor dining. from joseph tully, another way to survive. >> it was an absolute necessity when i got it. and down the road when people come in with a gift certificate for food, they are going to get the best meal they have ever had. >> the restaurant is hoping the program increases foot traffic to spread the business downtown. >> that is the most awesome thing that guy could ever have done. >> raised in martinez, he says every year he donates profits to charity. reporting for ktvu fox2 news. time is now 4:26.
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still ahead, one oakland community to part by this. a noisy neighbor. why some of the neighborhoods say this while peacock has got to go. also a key tool in the age of your conferencing is on the way. the latest gadget being rolled out by zoom, as more businesses and schools plan to continue operating from home.
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when we do open, it will be one of the most safe environments that we are demanding. >> safely reopening schools. how bay area families and educators are approaching this very hot issue, as more school districts detail their plans for the coming fall. plus, >> you matter, and you matter to this police department. >> a change coming to the san francisco police department. the decision by the commission
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that is upsetting some in the police union. from ktvu fox2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> well good morning to you, thank you for joining us, and welcome to mornings on 2. it is thursday morning, july 16th. i'm dave clark. i know where steve paulson is, he is right there, if you look at your tv, he is right there. [ laughter ] he is talking about our weather on thursday, steve? >> dave, i am running on two mobile hotspot speeds, slow and stop. let's see how it goes. we do have another big fog bank out there, and temperatures are very similar to yesterday. activity over the sierra has some of the moistu


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