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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  July 16, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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to this police department. >> a change coming to the san francisco police department. the decision by the commission that is upsetting some in the police union. from ktvu fox2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> well good morning to you, thank you for joining us, and welcome to mornings on 2. it is thursday morning, july 16th. i'm dave clark. i know where steve paulson is, he is right there, if you look at your tv, he is right there. [ laughter ] he is talking about our weather on thursday, steve? >> dave, i am running on two mobile hotspot speeds, slow and stop. let's see how it goes. we do have another big fog bank out there, and temperatures are very similar to yesterday. activity over the sierra has some of the moisture now firing
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up some thunderstorm activity, and i think that will continue. we could get some of the cloudiness the next few days. everyone is very very close here, 50s to 60s, so it's mild to warm to hot. some of the smoke from the fires, beginning to work its way out here, so there is some hazy sun. oakland, concord, napa, west with an onshore breeze as well. highs today will be near average for some, a little above for others, a little over for a few, santa rosa, san jose, also close. let's head over to sal now and see if there's anything out there. good morning, sir. good morning, steve. not too slow, as a matter of fact, we have traffic moving along well and if you are driving on most spots here, i can show you the traffic at the maccarther maze, it looks pretty good , with no major iss also looking good as we drive in the south bay. i might be able to show you how we want it in san jose.
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it doesn't look to 4:31, let's go headlines. all right, sal thank you. people in nursing homes can once again have visitors. but there are restrictions. family members, close friends, and clergy members will be allowed to visit, and there can be no more than two people visiting the same person at a time or it the visits also have to be scheduled, and they have to be outdoors. the exceptions can be made for legal or end-of- life reasons. time is 4:32. today is the first day of the school year for students at four hayward elementary schools that use the year-round calendar. students are invited to drive to events. today and tomorrow, parents can drive to the school and have the kids in the car, greet their teachers, still social distancing. students will also pick up study materials and hand in requests for the technology they need to successfully learn at home. the drive-through's
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will continue through this afternoon, and continue, tomorrow. well the state superintendent of schools says online learning is still the safest option when classes to resume. ktvu's greg lee tells us every district in the state is closely looking at its situation. many are already deciding on how to move ahead. >> most california school districts are set to begin the fall semester in less than a month, as the state continues to see record coronavirus numbers, tony thurman says distance learning is the right decision for much of the state. >> i do think if school has opened tomorrow, most of our districts would open with distance learning. >> conditions have changed since guidance was issued last month. several bay area districts have announced towards a hybrid approach. san francisco, l.a., and san diego, will start online-only.
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>> we applaud the superintendent and school boards in los angeles and san diego for making the decision to say let's open safety. >> president trump called the move a terrible decision. the white house continues to push for schools to fully reopen. >> we want schools to be open. and they will be open, and they will be open, i think, relatively on time. most places. >> any report from the national academy of sciences recommends students and children with special needs should attend in- person, if it can be done safely. the california teachers association says schools cannot reopen until they are safe. cta says they need money from the state and federal government, and additional training to close the divide for distance learning, and to ensure the best outcomes. >> in order to get the digital gap taken care of, and aching
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sure when we open it's going to be in a most safe environment that we are demanding -- >> thurman says there are hundreds of thousands of stilton's, students, who still need the technology needed for the fall. he is expected to release guidelines on distance-learning soon. greg lee ktvu fox2 news. the time now is for 135. the marin county health department and the office of education issued a joint statement that recommended schools start gradually, including online lessons, and small in-person groups. depending on coronavirus numbers and testing, the county health officer, and the school superintendent say on-site instruction could start no sooner than september 8th. the day after labor day. meantime, a group of educators and parents will hold a car caravan this morning, demanding the marin county schools set a higher health standard for reopening schools. well the first day of
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instruction at san francisco stool, schools, now set for the 15th. it will be distance-learning only. officials hoping to gradually move towards a combination of in class and online teaching. the school board president says he understands the strain on students, families, and teachers, but says health and safety always comes first. >> since the trending numbers are going in the wrong direction, we look at not being able, with the city order, for quite a while, they need to get better. time is 4:36. in brentwood, the liberty union school district is canceling sports training after three student athletes tested positive for the coronavirus. the superintendent issued a statement saying in part, our district has a strong belief
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that all extra curricular activities help promote the academic the physical, and emotional development of our students, we are suspending all conditioning activities until it's clear if or when interscholastic sports will even occur. those who came in contact with the infected students have been notified. school me teachers worrying about returning to the classrooms next month. in fact, some are submitting doctors notes excusing them for having to teach in-person. the teachers union says educators and high risk groups, because of their age or an existing medical condition, will be offered to teach their classes online. >> the letter would have to be such that the member truly would be health compromised by returning. >> the school board is expected to meet tomorrow or monday to decide whether to take a hybrid
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approach to distance and if- person learning, or strictly off-campus instruction. happening today, facebook ceo, mark zuckerberg, will live stream on facebook with dr. anthony fauci, talking about the coronavirus. the nation's top export on infectious diseases will talk about the latest developments, as well as facebook's continuing covid-19 response efforts. zuckerberg and dr. fauci's conversation will stream on facebook, live at 2:00 this afternoon. well the videoconferencing company, zoom, says it will offer standalone home devices. usa today reports zoom will be releasing a 27 inch dedicated video display unit, solely for zoom video calls, that will be called the me, and will always be on and ready to receive a zoom call. it will be available for $600.
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zoom ceo says it expects many to continue working remotely, and that this product was designed with them in mind. it is now 4:39. the san francisco police commission has voted unanimously to display a black lives matter poster in every station in the city. the chief and the staff fully support the decision despite backlash from the union. >> this is not at the expense of anybody else's life. this is not what this is about. this is about the fact we have to do the right thing in this issue. in the world is speaking to us, right now. >> the decision came after lawyers from the police officers association sent a letter to the commission. the letter raised concerns about introducing, wedgeinto th
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split, divided over the sounds of a wild peacock. how about that? neighbors say that peacock used to live a couple blocks away, but it moved to another yard in march. oh, pardon me -- when the previous person stopped feeding it. some of the residents in the new neighborhood say they like the novelty and distraction of the bird. they even have given it names too. some call it abraham, others call it bruce, peter, even taco. others simply call it a noisy nuisance.'s and there you have it, steve. time is now 4:40. we are sounding the alarm, because steve paulson is here, dealing with some tech issues,
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you still have our forecast today. >> i'll fake it till i make it, how about that? [ laughter ] >> you do your thing. >> 60s to near 90. it's that time of year where it does not take much to inland areas to get 90 and other locations will be near 65, 70. i don't think much is changing here. so it's a mild, nice to warm to hot weekend for it you could get some 80s, 90s this week. there was a good breeze yesterday, and that didn't stop some areas from getting to the 90s. the forecast models are under forecasting some of these highs, as in livermore, concorde. they are saying 85, but i'm adding about 3-5 to that. kenwood, closer at 52. we get that southerly surge,
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and that can be the pattern. i do not see much change today. fog is back, thunderstorms popping up over this year, mainly south of tahoe. so morning fog, hazy sun, because some of the fog smoke from fires is coming in. temperatures, really not changing much. there might be a bump up on saturday. after that it looks quiet going into early next week, dave. thanks, steve. a shakeup in the reelection campaign. why the president's campaign manager was dumped. and what a new poll is suggesting about individual voters during this election cycle. bay area sports teams, joining forces, the message the san francisco 49ers and the giants are teaming up on to promote. this, in the age of covid-19. don't forget, you can have morning headlines delivered to you by signing up for the new ktvu new newsletter. just go to and
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is now 4:45. u.s. economists are waiting for the latest jobs report, it comes out in the next hour. there are concerns that spikes in coronavirus numbers will also create a spike in unemployment. decisions to stop reverse opening as it is in more than 20 states could drive the number of layoffs even higher. >> well they use supreme court justice is now out of the hospital, said to be doing well, treated for an apparent infection. she went to johns hopkins to be treated for fever and chills. the court says she did have a procedure, and she was also treated back last august for a cancerous tumor on her
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pancreas. since 1999, the justice has been treated four different times for cancer. well kanye west has, he said he was running for president before, and officials in oklahoma confirm he will be on the november ballot, running for president, there. his team reportedly filed paperwork to get kanye west on the presidential ballot there. however, kanye west missed the deadline to get on the ballot in several major states including florida and texas. he has also filed paperwork with the federal election commission. the national organization of police unions has supported the president's reelection. the organization says it represents more than 1000 police departments and 241,000 law enforcement officers, nationwide. time is 4:46. a new poll, giving joe biden
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his biggest lead over president trump so far in the polls, 52% of registered voters say they support the former vice president. 37% say they support president trump third democrats and republicans are mostly supporting their party's candidate, but more independent are leading toward joe biden with 53%, up from last month. as his poll numbers are going down, president trump is shaking up his reelection campaign staff. the president's campaign manager is being demoted. he is being replaced with veteran republican operative, bill stabile. the relationship between the two has been strained since that disastrous rally in tulsa, oklahoma. it attracted a much smaller crowd than the white house anticipated. the governor of oklahoma
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who went to that rally in tulsa, last month announced he has tested positive for the coronavirus. republican governor, saying he feels fine and isolating at home. he is supporting some of the nations most aggressive reopening plans and resisted any statewide mandate to wear a face mask. the governor has taken after president trump by rarely wearing a face mask in public himself. the continuing dispute between members of the trump administration and dr. anthony fauci is becoming more public. white house trade adviser, peter navarro, wrote a piece in usa today, saying dr. fauci "has been wrong about everything i've interacted with him on. and when you ask me whether i listen to dr. fauci's advice, my answer is, only with skepticism and caution." >> i ca peter navarro, he is in a world by himself, and i wish we did not have a lot of those distractions, which i think is
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noise that gets in the way. i put that aside and try not to let it bother me and move ahead. >> a member of the communication staff at the white house says it did not go through the normal clearance process, and it is his opinion, alone. time is 4:49. happening today, bay area leaders will be out defending a black lives matter mural in palo alto. city officials want to remove the black lives matter mural depicting black revolutionary, as she was convicted of being an accomplice of a murder back in 1973. she escaped from prison, fled to cuba, and was granted political asylum. she was a target of the fbi's counterintelligence program directed against black power movement groups and activists. a news conference will be held at the palo alto city plaza this afternoon at 3:00.
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it is 4:49. the family of george floyd now suing the city of minneapolis for his wrongful death, a civil lawsuit was filed yesterday against the city of minneapolis, and the four officers charged in the death of george floyd. it alleges the officers violated george floyd's writes when they restrained him. it says the city allowed a culture of excessive force and racism in the police department without consequences. >> the city of minneapolis has a history of policies and procedures and deliberate indifference, when it comes to the treatment of arrestees, especially black men. >> the lawsuit is seeking special damages and costs that would be determined by a jury it's also asking the court to appoint a police officers. meantime in new york city,
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more police officers are recovering this morning after a protest over the death of george floyd and racial injustice turned violent. surveillance video showed a protester on a walkway of the brooklyn bridge, hitting officers with a cane. we are not sure what led to that violence. at least 35 people were arrested, and eventually the protesters were able to move across the bridge and marched to city hall. time is 4:51. happening today, a city official in san francisco will be in court, accused of laundering money for former works. she used to direct the mayor's office of neighborhood services and the city's fix it program for safe and clean streets. she was charged with conspiring to launder money, illegally. if convicted, she could get 20 years in prison. our time is 4:51.
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we do want to know about thursday's weather forecast, and steve paulson knows . he has the answers. >> did, it depends on your proximity to the coast. yeah. >> if you are inland it can be warm or it if you are near the coast, it is not. there is a big fog bank out there. the footprint is there, no doubt about it. and some thunderstorm activity, popping up over the sierra. today, 60s near the coast, 66, downtown san francisco. it should be about right, you get to 80s, lafayette, walnut creek, keep going. out to antioch and brentwood, you can find some lower 90s, and i don't see it changing much. it's really tough to budget that this time of year as we get these temperatures to go below 90. 56, low clouds, travis
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has a west-southwest at 35, napa has an onshore breeze. vacaville does too. most temps are upper 50s or low 60s due to low cloud cover. livermore and walnut creek is 58. so is pittsburg. danville also, so everyone is close here. fremont, kensington, cooler at martinez, a 57. so not much a difference up and down the coast. you can even go down to most of southern california. cooler pattern this week. i know it's not as bad as last week. but that high is going to build in at least saturday. after that it looks like it will be more the same, just conditions not really changing a lot. 60s, 70s, 80s, into some low 90s, if you are in fairfield, antioch, and brentwood. and temperatures look like they will be on hold, they will bump up on saturday, and shift down, dave, sunday and monday. all right, steve, thank you.
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just a reminder, download the ktvu weather app. it has hourly updates, and a seven-day forecast, and an easy way to upload your weather photos and videos. it is free to download or tablet. time is for 154. a parked ranger in the east bay confronted by a man with a spear. still ahead, we will tell you how hayward police consoled the man through a mental crisis episode, and the escalated the situation. first, the biggest sports crowd in the u.s. since the virus outbreak began. up next, highlights from nascar's all-star race from tennessee's are still motor speedway. we're all doing our part by staying at home.
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that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden.
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this was sampled by tupac, and his songs, changes. it is bruce hornsby. thank you, charles, for the request. the song means a lot more today. if you listen to the lyrics, send me a song. it does not have to be deep. more clapping, dave, you are on fire. send us your request. facebook, twitter, insta #ktvu. >> i love it. the 49ers and the giants are teaming up to remind us all
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where a mask. 2000 masks around the bay area in the coming weeks, the 49ers and giants could produce 1 million masks. the sports event, since the pandemic started, watching last night's nascar all-star race. >> drivers, start your engines. >> faded. 30,000 fans went to the bristol motor speedway and tennessee to see it. you can see all of the gaps and the seeds. and tennessee, the governor allowed a large gathering. chase elliott on last night's race. tonight felt like an event. i felt like we had missed the piece for a couple of months. it felt good to get nascar back.
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>> the next nascar cup series race is a sunday, from the texas motor speedway. nike released new sneakers, inspired by the grateful dead. the shoes have the famous dancing bears. they are decorated with for to give them a bearlike texture. they have a zipper pocket that is built into the tongue of the sneakers. they come in three colors, orange, yellow and green. the price tag is $110. 10 largest bay area districts will start, and what it looks like for educators and san francisco. and less than an hour,
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hundreds of thousands of dollars are stolen by hackers, twitter deals with the largest data breach in history. we have details on what happened on the high profile accounts that were exposed. from ktvu, this is mornings on fox 2. good morning, thank you for waking up with us on mornings on fox 2. i am pam cook. >> it is good to see you. i am feeling good. the temperature is nice. >> it feels good outside. i am dave clark. you are dealing with all kinds of technical problems, at the home castle. you still do it so well. >> it is frozen right now. i will talk over pictures, how about that? once upon a time, there was a weatherman. there is a big fog bank out there. standing very far inland, they will not be much change here. yesterday, or today,


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