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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4pm  FOX  July 16, 2020 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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the schools when authorities under control. tell us that it's safe to do we started off behind the eight so. from ktvu fox2 news, this is the 4. ball. we had very few tests available at the beginning of this. >> coronavirus continues to we are still way behind where we should be, in terms of the adequate numbers of tests. the one thing people are talking about, is that in the impact educaon to start the school year just how it ended, wifour regions just looking at the bay area, in parts of the bay area where we have the most cases, we have the fewest testing this afternoon, i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm alex savidge. centers. hey, welcoming students today so that is a fundamental problem, in terms of allocation, appropriate for the drive through meet and allocation of resources. greet, we are live with a look so, we need more tests done. we need to get results back at what day one man's, and more right away, so we can act with on the path moving forward. tom? >> it's odd. contact tracers. and we need to make sure those i actually remember the first who get tested first, that we day i went to kindergarten. in have tests available to them in the coronavirus error, back to school has a whole different their community. meaning. and frankly we are failing on all of those regards right now. today was the first day of >> yeah, you have to make the
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school for kindergartners. one of hayward's four year-round testing easy and accessible. really good point. we appreciate your time, as always, dr. john schwartzberg amateur schools. day one is drive-through day, a from uc school of public time when teachers can meet and greet these brand-new students health. thank you. >> thank you so much. and parents. we have been talking about >> how are you? >> just as important, a the same weather pattern, the predesignated station has same with the heat inlet, and materials to pick up, as reques temperatures have stabilized a bit, not moving too much, typical in july. as we jump into the forecast for tomorrow, for your friday, technology for distance learning, if they cannot attain not too much change other, except a few neighborhoods would be a bit warmer, but still not as drastic a change out there. areas of fog for friday morning, and temperatures inland it. for kindergartners, this is right around 90 degrees. new. for veterans, it's a bit offputting. taking a look at current >> well i'm feeling numbers, brentwood is extreme uncomfortable that i'm not going to be able to play with my friends. at 95, but most inland are but i'm going to be able to see fairly pleasant, looking at 70s them, and i will know that they and 80s out toward concorde and will be safe. fairfield. santa rosa, oakland, in the >> the technology is a breeze for small children. teachers have had to prepare 70s, and we still have the fog
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for a new way of teaching through training and tutorials since last march. >> the hayward school district near the coastline. but look at has been working hard in technology and putting things together to make it easier for the teachers and their families the south, and that brings in we are going to have continued professional development. the stability and thunderstorms. if you look to the east, you >> before conducting actual might see puffy clouds out online classes, there will be a towards the east, those are series of virtual sessions with peers, children, staff, and teachers. >> we are really focused on thunderstorms developing. we are watching fresno county, trying to build experiences, over 16,000 acres, and some of where the focus is building the haze and the upper levels approaching the bay area, it relationships and building community. >> distance learning will continue as dictated by the could be part of the forecast science and the data on for tonight, later this evening, and into tomorrow. here is the fog, though, coast coronavirus. >> every one working in the side, keeping the beaches on district really really cares the cool side, and still a bit about our students. of a breeze. fairfield has a gust up to 32 >> we want to do it in the miles per hour. right way, and you know, hopefully open up when sfo picking up to 25, and san authorities tell us that it's safe to do so. jose has a northwest wind at about 13 miles per hour. here is our live camera looking
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>> but alas, it's looking more towards sfo. and more like this. back to classrooms is really a there is the fog bank, so not long long way off. completely clear near the coast, and already revving up tom vacar, ktvu fox2 news. to push back to the bay for tonight. low clouds near the coast and >> it certainly feels like it, bay tomorrow, and into the tom, thank you. well school districts afternoon tomorrow, temperatures not really moving preferring to start classes around too much. again next month are looking to hotspots close to 90 degrees the state for direction on reopening plans. many districts were planning towards antioch. limited in class instruction lots of 70s around the bay and beaches. the one constant bleeding in paired with distance learning. what with a spike in covid-19 the 60s. districts are forced to the forecast will feature a bump in the numbers, and we'll reconsider plans. have more on the weekend today the state superintendent outlook all coming up in a of schools said the state needs little bit. to give districts more direction about reopening. >> i acknowledge that we do mark, thank you. coming up here on the 4:00, need to provide more clarity for the state there is no baby's first foods. question of that. we have arranged for there to we are going to talk with a be a direct meeting for all pediatrician about the new 1000 school districts, with the guidelines that include a very department of public health to important message, get more guidance and information on health matters. >> superintendent tony thurman tune in tonight r lebrity w party and labor of love. said it's important for the it all gets started at 8:00. state to set a timetable on and of course we hope you stick
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around for the 10:00 news switching to classroom learning, when they started the on ktvu. year with distance learning. he said the state may advise schools to switch back to in this cheeseburger is the best! class instruction again when their particular county has seen a decline in new covid-19 cases for 14 straight days. and governor newsom is expected to layout state-wide recommendations for returning to school, that briefing expected for tomorrow at noon. we will bring it to you live here on ktvu. let's go ahead now and take a look at the latest coronavirus numbers across our state. it's about to get bester baby! new cases and deaths are down ♪ menutaur! from the day before. make it a double, yeah! more than 8500 new cases were reported yesterday, compared to 11,000 the day before. and make it a double for a buck more. and there were 118 deaths order now with no contact delivery. compared to 140. hospitalizations were also lower, down by nine patients, to aboutple hospitalized for covid-19.
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with cases rising in more than 40 states across the country, congress and the white house are working on the next round of financial aid for out of work americans and struggling business owners. lauren blanchard is in washington and tells us there is a renewed sense of urgency to come to an agreement. >> people really do need this money. baby needs a pair of shoes. this is urgent. they need to buy food. >> house speaker nancy pelosi, calling to pass another economic relief. 1.3 million americans filed for unemployment, for the 17th week in a row, the number has been above 1 million. >> there is a consensus that there is a need for additional assistance to the american people. >> on july 31st, the extra $600 get a load of my southwest cheddar cheeseburger. per week, people have been receiving on unemployment is let menutaur make it a doubleeee, yeah! set to expire unless congress it's beautiful! extends the funding. say what? i said it's bea.... try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo
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it was part of the cares act and make it a double for a buck more. that congress passed in march. order now with no contact delivery. the $3 trillion heroes act passed in may is still sitting in the senate. republicans believe the extra unemployment benefit encourages people to stay home rather than return to work. >> we create incentives. the estimate of health and human services, and the >> pelosi has signaled she may deferment of agriculture confirmed that a healthy diet during pregnancy and during a be taxable on the six or dollar amount if there is an additional baby's first two years are essential to support healthy stimulus check, which president growth. new guidelines out today, include no added sugar, and no trump has said he is in support solid food for newborns until of. they are at least four months old. for mark we are joined by pediatrician, dr. natosha by. money would be focused towards underserved and minority communities for relief during this includes the emphasis for the pandemic, but also to allocate money to fix a the first time including infants. why is it important to add structure and other social programs. >> congress is set to be in recess in a few short weeks, recommendations for those under the age of 2? >> that is exactly right. and speaker pelosi says she is for years, they focused on age 2 and up. this year for the willing to cancel august recess if needed. lauren blanchard, fox news. first time they focused on infants as well as our youngest toddlers. and as a mother of young
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>> as lauren mentioned, weekly jobless claims are up by more children, i think it is than 1 million for the 17th fantastic that young kids are straight week in this country. these recommendations. recommendations are really important. so define the according to the labor department, more than 1.3 million americans filed for new unemployment benefits last week nutrition advice given to the , that's about the same number public, like when i was in as the week before analysts say school, we learned about the it could be a signal of unit food pyramid. also food assistance programs affect infant nutrition, like higher numbers as businesses begin shutting down, once again it is done by food california's numbers are due manufacturers and marketers. out tomorrow, but last month's report had the state unemployment rate at 16.3% in >> so obviously they are very may. for the latest on important, very influential. california unemployment, or the but let's talk about some of latest news and headlines, you the components. some of the guidelines can download the ktvu mobile themselves, and one of the big ones here is no added sugar. app , and you can find that in i mean none during the first the app store. two years. >> it's a big deal. >> fallout now at the vallejo so, as a pediatrician, and a police department. officials admit an employee weight management specialist, i replacedthe applaud efforts decrease sugars in foods. anfoods have excess sugar in windshield the killing eight them. looting suspect last month. for example, in packaged foods our crime reporter, henry lee in the united states, 74%
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joins me now to explain now actually have added sugar. and what this means for the investigation. henry? that includes foods that are >> yeah. marketed and intended for the outcry over this infants and toddlers. it is hard as a parent to controversial shooting is deepening. monta rosa was not armed with a identify sugar on a label. sometimes it comes in a form that is recognizable, like gun, and body, did not show what he was doing before he was sugar, corn syrup or molasses. shot. now key evidence is forever sometimes it is harder to lost. but it can video shows a vallejo understand, like fructose, detective shooting through the sucrose, and words like that, window of a police truck, sometimes it is very obscure. killing sean monterossa. now the windshield has been destroyed by the vallejo police edible lactose, these are all words for sugar. department. but these are not words that >> i have to assume it was something intentional. >> the attorney representing most recognize as sugar. also there is some natural -- monterossa's family, saying it looks like the police have go ahead. >> no, go ahead. something to hide. >> there >> i think it will be hard for are actually sugar, such as us to understand, for most of us. juice concen pear >> vallejo confirmed windshield was tossed out and the truck repaired without the approval juice concentrates, there often of the police chief or city attorney. a city statement said in part,
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the employee has replaced, been added to things like pouches in the form of a syrup, which placed on administrative leave. works as an added sugar and sweetener. >> so you want to avoid that, >> those items should have obviously. already been in evidence storage, immediately, that talk about why it is so night. the truck should have been important when we are looking at this sort of early taken in as independent analysi nutritional exposure, and why they really want to emphasize this especially for young ones. >> so as you are developing your taste, your taste develops early in infancy, and even prenatally. so we know the amniotic fluid >> the windshield is necessary for our experts to view in person, photograph just is not sufficient. >> it does not look good for itself does have some taste in it. so babies are developing taste buds and preferences very early vallejo pd. in age. in children that are given >> this is yet another black foods that are minimally eye for the department processed, without extra sugars, grappling with deadly shootings and community distressed. >> it is complete ineptitude on those natural sweet foods taste the part of the person that got sweet to them. . of the windshield and put that vehicle back in to service. foods with high proportions of sugar takes a lot more sugar for something to taste sweet. what we would like to do is expose infants to the most
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>> the shooting has become a nutritionally dense foods. every bite counts, is the idea, political hot potato. the da recused herself from that the more options you get, reviewing it further. estate agent will not step in, and vallejo has reached out to you taste these naturally sweet fbi sacramento a. that agency foods, the more they will opt had no comment today, neither to choose them later on in life and prefer them, even. >> yeah, that was the theme of did the police union. henry lee, ktvu fox2 news. this report, every bite counts. i really appreciate you talking with us, dr., thank you. all right, henry, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> today, mothers against drunk a vaccine in the uk maybe driving came out against wrapping up human trials and a berkeley's plan to remove couple of months. traffic enforcement the significance of this step responsibilities from police and the calls for rules officers. surrounding vexing creation. plus -- traffic enforcement is crit toprotecting roads against >> two major hacks are putting a drunk and drug drivers who kill spotlight on cyber security. more than 10,000 people every year. the pushback comes one how hackers may have stolen information from companies day after the berkeley city council approved a groundbreaking proposal to developing a coronavirus remove armed police officers vaccine, coming up. superfast internet. from traffic enforcement duties the plan will also defund the berkeley police department by 50% over time or it it's a beautiful thing. well coming up here on the
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united kingdom are all accusing russia of trying to steal potential refers research coronavirus vaccines, and that is not the only concerning cyber attack. the fbi is also investigating how some high- profile twitter accounts were hacked. >> just days after drugmaker, releasing positive vaccine develop mints , the united states, britain, and canada are accusing russian hackers of trying to steal vaccine research. >> if it screws up vaccine development, this could affect millions of millions of people. falling breaking news this afternoon. the city of oakland has settled
4:14 pm
a civil lawsuit over the deadly warehouse fire. the city will pay $32.7 million no one has confidence that the to the families of 32 out of white house will take this seriously and push back on russia. >> the national cyber security the 36 people who died in that center, are almost certainly fire in december of 2016. part of the russian $9.2 million will go to a fire intelligence services. survivor sam maxwell, who suffered severe injuries did in the cyber security center says the campaign to take the settling the case, the city information is ongoing. asserts that it is not liable >> i regret other countries, instead of working on the projects to solve the problem, for the losses. the retrial of master tenant, they are trying to steal it from western democracy. >> hackers gained access to for involuntary manslaughter is companies developing vaccines set for october. by using spearfishing techniques in what the ncsc describes as custom malware, many states are seeing a known as wellness and well surge in the number of covid-19 patients being hospitalized. prompting a critical shortage of icu beds. as casey stegall reports, the mail. pandemic is also leading to >> the accusation of research concerns of a potential new comes a day after a very public health crisis affecting other diseases. >> the u.s. surpasses 3.5 hacking of verified twitter accounts of some of the world's most influential people. million coronavirus cases, thursday. >> someone or some group got access to the main control the latest surge putting a strain on hospitals. florida, adding nearly 14,000 board at twitter and had the ability to do any thing they
4:15 pm
wanted. >> hackers succeeded by new infections, leading facilities in miami-dade county targeting employees with access to internal systems. to convert beds and other rooms twitter locked down accounts to handle additional patients. and deleted the hacker tweets. facilities in texas and alabama a limited functions for all are also dealing with staff verified accounts. shortage, as medieach level to they are looking into what other activity may have conducted, or information you makes the system work. may have accessed. >> reporting for fox news. mask mandates in response. to talk more about the officials say other areas have twitter hack, we are joined now by washington pone post become too relaxed with taking reporter, we are about to break precautions. >> what we have seen is in down what happened here. certain areas we got lacks on that, and we need to get back to that. and that is what we have been so the hackers got a little more deposited into these visib calling for. >> the latest surge, leading other states including new york accounts, but it feels like the to hit pause on their reopening key to all this, is that this plans. >> to see so many other states going in the wrong direction is wasn't about the money. causing us a lot of care in how it feels like the bitcoin we approach this decision. aspect is just the tip of the >> meantime the world health iceberg. organization and unicef are the hackers likely got access warning of possible
4:16 pm
immunization delays, as a to a lot of sensitive information from some of the result of the pandemic. most well-known and powerful officials say 75% of 82 people in the world. countries surveyed reported we are not sure exactly what disruptions to vaccine campaigns the hackers had access to, once . they attribute the delay to a they got into the employee lack of ppe for healthcare internal system and were able workers and staff shortages. to access all these other accounts. there is some the w.h.o. says the disruption puts at speculation that they might have been able to access those least 30 measles vaccination programs at risk of direct messages from those people, although who knows what's in there anyway. but we don't know any of that cancellation. that's the latest from dallas, for sure yet. the fbi said in their initial casey stegall, fox news. for more now on the covid- statement that they are looking into this, that it seems to be 19 outbreak, we are joined by dr. john schwartzberg, of a fraud scam that was ran just to get to currency. but it really did unearth a america infectious diseases at pretty concerning uc berkeley school of public health. dr. schwartzberg, very good to >> yeah. have you today. we appreciate your time let's start here in california, with about privacy on the platform, how we are doing in our state. about data obviously early on we were able to flatten the curb. now we are in the midst of presidential election. and another surge in cases, that obviously we have the concerns in this country about the virus has the upper hand disinformation campaigns, and
4:17 pm
here, what are the key ways election interference. >> yeah, that's right. that we are going to be able to that's kind of what we are regain control of this outbreak? dealing with right now. >> opened up too quickly, and this is something that could have been a whole lot worse, if different people had been able to make this attack, or if hackers had been after something else. the people didn't really we know twitter is enormously important for politicians to respond to the public health recommendations, in terms of use. and media journalists are on their third when we see the verified checkmark, media takes social distancing, wearing masks, etc. and now we are seeing the that to mean president trump or consequences of that. barack obama is making that we have learned what to do, we know how to control it, we just post. have to do it now. it could havences for the upcom and i think some of the steps the governor has taken over the last several days are going to help a great deal did i think election. >> okay. so help everyone understand how more steps will likely be a hack of this magnitude was necessary to get this under able to happen, with a company control, again, it will take like twitter, putting up a about two weeks after we have statement, saying social started these interventions to engineering was used to target twitter employees. see the effects of these steps. what exactly does that mean? >> social engineering is kind i am anticipating as we get of a broad term that basically farther into august, if people means that the attack had some will much more careful than the
4:18 pm
sort of human element. so maya dictates of the governor, i phishing email. you might get a fake email that think we will see improvement looks like it's from your by then. >> obviously we still need more company, it says click here and people to be wearing masks, enter your credentials, but when they are out in public. it's not from your company, and the hacker has stolen your you may have heard the comments account. from the director of the cdc, there is also spearfishing, who said this week, that if which is the same thing, only everyone commits to wearing masks for the next four to six targeting a single individual. there are options like bribing or blackmail, or even an weeks, we can really gain the employee deciding to do it upper hand in this country, is themselves. it really that simple? obviously many other factors all we know is that somebody are involved -- targeted an employee there and >> apparently a lot of people was able to, through them somehow, get credentials to some of twitter office internal are having a great deal of tools that they then used to trouble just understanding that. access many a really the message here is that we troubling thing to see a have the ability to control company like twitter this this. susceptible to this kind of wearing a mask will go a long attack. we have to leave the way to doing that. conversation there. so will social distancing. it's i appreciate your insight. terribly important as well, that is rachel lerman, thank you.
4:19 pm
masks are most important. and also, of course, good hand >> thank you. there are reports that a hygiene. those thingst they do work. coronavirus vaccine underdevelopment in the uk and so, i think, i don't not produced antibodies in human trials. the daily telegraph reports the know whether the director volunteers of the trial at oxford university also showed a statement from the cdc is that boost in sales, t cells, that accurate. but i think his message is can kill the virus. terribly important, in that we have got to do what we know works. and people have to be more the drug would be produced and responsible in carrying out distributed doses in the uk as these things. >> i know you heard this week early as september. that the state of california is >> we will try to help to really prioritize testing accelerate the progression of for covid-19. other vaccine development. in our state, and really >> just yesterday, the national targeting it towards those most at risk. institute of health said their what else do you think we need initial trial also produced to see to be able to expand antibodies in all 45 volunteers testing, improve the testing, and also reduce the turnaround who took that drug. time for getting results, which is so important? the coronavirus, taking a >> yeah, it doesn't do much toll on the sonoma county wine good to take the test and get results 10 days later, you are industry. of next we'll speak with the
4:20 pm
executive director of the wine business institute to learn how most likely to spread to ot get the industry is working to move forward during the pandemic. weather temperatures have settled down over the past few days, but we will warm up by the weekend, and we'll have the full update, coming up.
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one of the industry's severely impacted by the coronavirus, the question now is, how will the industry look after the pandemic? for more we are joined by rob eiler, executive director of the wine business institute there at sonoma state. thank you for being with us. you have been tracking the pandemic's effects on the wine industry. how are certain parts of the industry, on the very retail side has done pretty well. it is seeing a pretty big extension.
4:23 pm
restaurant sales have debt. >> so given that, this week's summit yesterday, what were some of the concerns that were discussed yesterday? >> well some concerns are how consumers are going to be going forward, depending on how they keep their jobs, how the economy moves forward, whether or not other products like cards ulcers will come in and take part of the market away. thinking about the flow of tourism in places north of the golden gate bridge in sonoma and napa counties, and how they will evolve in the wine industry in california. >> did you get a sense people were optimistic and hopeful some of the strategizing and changes will at least allow them to stay afloat? >> i think they have been optimistic about the marketing.
4:24 pm
with celebrities and really trying to understand or make people understand how food and wine can come together. if you're cooking at home, they recognize challenges coming up. so there is cautious optimism about the industry, especially given retail sales. i think what concerns the industry, is how restaurants might be affected permanently, if we don't get restaurants back open, inside dining, and lose some of the wine and tasting groups. i think that is where islamism remains in the industry for sure. >> how large of restaurants? on the restaurant side that is where you see a lot of higher revenues for wine products. so with the size of it, it's not as large as the overall retail side, but where wineries
4:25 pm
can get higher profit margins, if you will, the tasting is also a high profit margin areas. wineries are not 100% dependent on that because they don't want to necessarily sell everything out at the tasting room, if they can move large volume and other channels. but it's another way of getting a broader audience at potential retail through wine clubs and other events. without that, it does slow down how you acquire more customers. >> all right, so so many things for those in the industry to think about, and to pivot on, now that this pandemic is continuing to lag on. thank you so much for coming on. i appreciate it or it well in bay area weather, we have been tracking a good portion of hot temperatures this week, and they will go up a little, but not a whole lot.
4:26 pm
a bit of a warm-up, but nothing too extreme. let's jump to your friday you f this forecast before, we have been in the same pattern over the past few days. we have morning fog, temperatures inland r 80s to lower 90s. ocean beach temperatures are lower. right around the bay shoreline, 70s, and heading inland, 80s and well inland could be lower 90s by about three or 4:00. especially for a place like brentwood near friday. current numbers, brentwood, walnut creek, san jose, 76. oakland, 70, san francisco checking in. look at all those lightning strikes toward this year. we will talk about that second. but some low clouds and fog are
4:27 pm
banked up near the coastline. a pretty good onshore breeze will help transport the clouds back to the bay for this evening. just like last night, that onshore wind will push the clouds over berkeley and oakland and emeryville later on this evening. take a look at the sierra. this, just over the past four hours. 12:00, completely clear, and look at what has developed over the past few hours. showers and thunderstorms, and even some hail. this is video from south lake tahoe earlier this afternoon, so cloud builds up, and the hail , so some instability. moisture is moving into the sierra for today. back here in the bay, we have low clouds and fog, and the marine layer, we always watch that. you can see is right about here. what will happen in the next few days, the marine layer will compress, and lead to not much change coast side, but inland, as we head into the weekend for both saturday and sunday.
4:28 pm
overnight lows tomorrow morning, mainly in the 50s and 60s, fog over the pacific, san francisco, and partly cloudy skies inland. you can see the weather system to the north, not moving directly to the bay area, but kind of influencing our pattern a bit this week. to our south and east, this will gradually build in and be the source of that bump in the numbers by the weekend. here's the forecast model, picking up with cloud coverage tomorrow morning, and in the clouds, just like today and yesterday and the day before, clear back to the shoreline. temperatures, mid 60s to 70s to 80s, to write an out 90s. san francisco, 67 degrees, and for the santa clara valley, a bunch of 80s for san jose, morgan hill, and gilroy. at your five-day forecast now, temperatures are not moving around too much, but up a few d
4:29 pm
degrees on saturday. this forecast is relatively nice for fire danger as well. at least we are not talking about an extreme hot pattern here in california. all right, that is certainly some good news, mark. thank you. up next, there is action in the sporting world, coming up, more on nascar hosting a large crowd. the world cup, putting out sche olympics. we'll get you the update there. plus, a school lesson on how to hold classes outside. coming up tonight at 5:00, we'll take you to a santa cruz county school using the great outdoors to offer great lessons for students. also new at 5:00, a new nonprofit is helping families and struggling restaurants all at the same time. it's called appetite for good, and it is really taking off.
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masks will be distributed to fans, hospitals, city workers, food banks, and other community organizations in the coming weeks, and the 49ers masks will go out later this summer. duriuncement, ceo jed york and for not emphasized the simplicity of wearing a mask to help stop the spread of covid-19. >> it's not that difficult. larry just made a great point of coaches and players wearing them. it's just something that if we want fans back in our ballparks, if we want to get back to normal, this is a very very simple step for us to be a part of. >> the 49ers and the giants, along with partners dignity health and knbr hope to give away more than half 1 million
4:33 pm
masks. we all know the coronavirus is impacting sports my but some of them are taking place without fans. nascar now hosted its largest crowd since the pandemic began. >> a big day for sports, wednesday. nascar, hosting the largest sporting event since the pandemic hit in march. 20,000 were socially distant throughout the grandstands in thunderous crowd, but after four months of silence, race winner, chase elliott, says it was good to have fans back at vibe was . back, and that fire and intensity was back even more so than it has been. >> meanwhile the countdown for the next world cup begins. fifa, releasing the schedule for the soccer tournament, with kickoffs set for november 2022.
4:34 pm
fans will be able to watch an unprecedented four games per day during the group's stage. the world's first post-covid-19 celebration -- >> i generally believe we will be the first global celebration , we will have overcome covid- 19, and we will be able to celebrate this tournament. >> if you can't wait that long, it's still full steam aheathe i committee says it's fully committed to staging the world's biggest sporting event next summer. the rescheduled games are more likely to be toned down than previous years, but will hopefully have fans in attendance. >> we are preparing a multiple scenario list with addressing the health situation. then next july and august. >> if the olympics do not take place next year, then the 2022 beijing winter games will likely also be pushed back. reporting for fox news.
4:35 pm
another violent night for police in new york city, and across the nation. i'm lora ingle in manhattan. we'll have the latest, coming up . california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones.
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like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. many cities are seeing ongoing protests and civil unrest, that can lead to confrontation between police and protesters. we have more now from new york with lora ingle , a city that saw more violence. >> tensions are escorting across the country between police and increasingly violent protesters in a number of big cities. here in new york, crime is up sharply, and there were multiple shootings again overnight. just hours after an assault of police during what was supposed to be a peaceful protest. four officers attacked in a confrontation with protesters on the brooklyn bridge, including the chief of department, terrence monahan.
4:38 pm
dozens were arrested, and at least one charged with assault. >> i got bruised up. this was a violent incident. i saw a guy get eight staples put in his head. >> mayor de blasio, signing reform on wednesday, including a ban on chokeholds. he pleaded with protesters to remain nonviolent. >> here's the reality, anyone who does that will suffer the consequences. >> police in portland, also expressing a dramatic uptick in violence. on wednesday, federal officers deployed tear gas to disperse a crowd. the protesters say police are the ones who instigated the violence. while law enforcement paints a different picture. >> we were trying to tell them we are not doing anything, we are being peaceful right now -- >> these are individuals that are planning organizing premeditation to destroy federal
4:39 pm
property. >> president trump said he will make an announcement soon on how he plans to deal with the spike in violent crime. in new york, or angle, fox news. ktvu news at 5:00 starts right now. >> we are following some breaking news out of the city of oakland, where a multimillion dollar settlement has just been reached between the city and victims of the ghost ship warehouse fire. good evening, i'm julie hanger. >> and i'm frank somerville. the city has agreed to pay for the ghost ship warehouse fire. about $23 million will go to families of 32 of the 36 people who died back in december of 2016. the rest, $9.2 million, will go to sam maxwell. he survived the fire but suffered life altering injuries and has major legal expenses. >> the families of those who died claim that numerous city officials knew about the
4:40 pm
hazardous conditions inside the warehouse before the deadly fire. in settling the case, the city asserts it is not liable for the losses. the retrial for involuntary manslaughter has now been set for october. >> fallout at the vallejo police deferment. a windshield was replaced on a police truck, that officer, firing through the windshield at a suspected looter. >> the outcry is deepening. first off, 16 was not armed, and body camera did not show officer actions or monterossa's actions before.
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