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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  July 20, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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wondering if it's going to be nice along the coast today or foggy. >> foggy. it looks really cool this week. even inland might be down ten degrees pam and dave. so this is a pretty cool pattern for july. there's going to be a little low sneaking in here and it doesn't mean much but this time of year is really going to bring temperatures down. 0 there's a lot of haze from a couple of fires but underneath there's a big fog bank there. low clouds and hazy sun. breezy to windy. 40 miles per hour gusts northwest at 13 miles per hour. there's some strong gusts up in the altamont pass. fairfield, 40 miles per hour. napa and concord, all with on shore winds. if you like a big fog bank and
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cool temperatures this is your week. as temperatures will be quite cool here and all well below average. all right, over to sal now. on a monday morning. good morning, sir. good morning, steve. we do have traffic that is off to a good start here with no major issues. you can see traffic is looking good at the bay bridge. heading out towards the toll plaza looks like maybe my maps may have frozen here. let's see if we can get the east shore freeway. looks good. there's a stall on the bridge, if you take that bridge any time soon, you might see slowing and you may want to give it time to clear out. here's the bay bridge again unfrozen shot. you can see traffic moving well. 4:31 let's go back to the headlines. all right, thank you sal. happening today, social justice groups and labor unions holding a strike for black lives. tens of thousands of workers in 25 cities including oakland and
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san francisco are expected to participate in a national walk out. organizers say one of the most powerful actions workers can take is to go on strike. they say that their demand in the strike is justice for black communities and they want corporations to take action to dismantle racism and economic exploitation as well as the right for every worker to form or join a union. also today, the labor group one fair wages encouraging all workers who earn tips to join today's strike for black lives. the organization says tipped workers will join the demonstrations in oakland and four other u.s. cities today. the workers don't have to pay the workers minimum wage. former slaves now labor market. >> protestors held a march and rally in san francisco to demand
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the city abolish the current police department. yesterday a demonstration was organized by a group called every two foundation. that name comes from the person of color that dies every 28 hours in the united states at the hands at police. the group plans to go to every neighborhood to disband the city's police department. >> we're going to be here until our voices are heard and real change is made. if that means we continue until we put it to the people with a ballot measure, than that's what we're going to do. >> the protestors made it clear they're not interested in any police reform measures. they want the department completely abolished and then rebuilt from the ground up. time is now 4:33. police in minneapolis say crime has surged in the two months after the death of george floyd. and the protests that followed.
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homicides in minneapolis have doubled violent crime overall is up dramatically. people who live in work in minneapolis report more prostitution, drug sales and burglaries. it can be lawlessness. >> we feel vulnerable people can come any time because we don't have police protection. >> experts say the recent crime spike in minneapolis is linked to rising anger over police brutality and the soaring unemployment rate because of the pandemic. it's 4:34. in washington d.c. democratic leader in the house want a formal investigation into the use of force by federal agents in portland, oregon. they're upset that federal agents are being used to suppress demonstrations that are protected by the first amendment. videos of recently showed federal officers dressed in camouflage with no clear identify occasion badges.
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they appear to be using unmarked cars to arrest protestors without explanation. police in washington d.c. are searching for the gunmen who killed one man and wounded eight others. it happened yesterday in the columbia heights neighborhood. investigators say the attack appears to have stemmed from a feud between rival gangs. this morning police in dc are searching for three men wanted for the shooting. it is 4:35 happening today, a uc berkley faculty committee will re-examine the names on two campus buildings. the building name review committee asked for public comments on kroger hall and la count hall after complaints it's named for a man who collected human remains and artifacts from nba tiff american burial grounds without permission from the tribes. the hall is named for joseph la count a supporter of racism as well as his brother john, who was uc berkley's first acting
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president. . >> new this morning, a company based in navoto launching a new program in the effort to ramp up testing for the coronavirus. the safety lab will provide businesses across the bay area with on site testing for covid-19. the goal is to detect infection early, identify newly exposed employees and reduce the chance of spreading the disease. the navato company is one of the nation's top providers of workplace safety products. a new coronavirus testing site is scheduled to open in alameda on wednesday. testing at the research park in marina village will be free to anyone with health insurance or government issued id. the facility will have the capacity to test 500 people a day. results are expected to be returned within 15 minutes. three more pop up testing sites will be available this week in santa clara county. two are in san jose at the county of santa clara service center auditorium and san jose
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high school. the third site in gilroy at the south county annex. the tests are free and appointments are not necessary. state officials could relax some of the rules for personal care workers so that they can move their jobs outside. the agency that issues licenses to hair stylists, barber andest tigss say it's looking at allowing some services to be performed outside the salon. the california businesses consumer services and housing agencies says it recognizes the hardships the workers have endured and an announcement about outdoor personal care services expected in the next few days. religious leaders galtherred in support with inmates at san quentin prison. the interfaith movement for human integrity organization held a vigil yesterday to remember the inmates who have died from the coronavirus. they're also calling on the department of corrections and governor to improve prison conditions. they want to improve medical care, testing and clean
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facilities and they want the most vulnerable inmates to be released to family members and community based reentry programs. there are still 945 inmates at san quentin battling the coronavirus. that includes 410 new cases in the last two weeks. the virus has taken the lives of 12 inmates. prison officials say 250 healthcare workers are now at san quentin to help. more cleaning is happening and inmates are mainly confined to their selves. time is 4:38. thousands of people in the northern community california went to indoor church services despite the outdoor banning indoor worship. it happened yesterday where the lead pastor says they're taking a stand against the order ending indoor worship in more than 30 counties including mraser county. the pastor says his church already limited indoor seating to 25% of capacity using social
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distancing so he's hoping there won't be any push back from the governor. >> people need the house of god. they need worship so i hope he doesn't do that. but we are going to continue to express our first amendment right and worship. >> destiny christian church is not alone in the fight. a lawsuit filed on behalf of three o california churches channelling state rules on singing and chanting activities in houses of worship. a group in mraser county collected signatures seeking to recall governor newsom for reason to go beyond the worship services. those petitioners hope to get close to 2 million signatures to put a recalled measure on the ballot. down in southern california, los angeles mayor says la is on the brink of another stay at home order. los angeles county had several record setting dates last week for the virus infections and hospitalizations. may t mayor blames the lack of
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national leadership and says many people have stopped wearing face masks are no longer social distancing. la county is home to more than half of all of the deaths due to the virus in california. now you can check the county by county information on reopening plans with the ktvu news app. there's a running list of what is open and where near the top of the page. it's 4:40 back to steve paul sen for a look at our much cooler forecast. >> well, i did a double take on these towns because they are well below average pam and dave. it looks like a very cool week. just subtle changes. one day we might bump up a couple degrees but looks cool here and i'll explain why. thunderstorms over the sierra, could see these drift back, maybe eastern solano and up towards lake and mendocino county. i'll mention it because there's a possibility it could come through.
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a cooler forecast almost across the board. low clouds and hazy sun. smoke from the fires is drifting in a little bit north and south. morgan hill and fairfield, concord and livermore, the trend is down. upper 70s and mainly low 80s. for fairfield that's unbelievable. i almost went 79 because there's a good breeze here in the oakland berkley hills. mount diablo west at 17. fairfield, 32 and 40. gusts of 46 miles per hour. that's even more than extra hole on the hair spray. extra, extra. 50s and 60s on the temperatures here because of the low cloud deck making a huge surgement the lows are up but the end result is the highs will be down for many. kent wood is cooler, 51 degrees but a lot around 53. mid 50s winds are at 56 and 57. thunderstorm activity over the sierra continues to fire up. good activity mainly in the central sierra south of tahoe
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but a low is forming and it retro graded and coming back going to open up a door to a lower pressure starting tuesday night and wednesday. that's really going to usher in a cooler pattern for us. 50s and 60s, low 80s mainly on these temperatures. could get a bump up tuesday and looks like we're back down thus and friday. then noise going even into the weekend you guys. >> all right, steve thank you. time is 4:42 kanye west emotional in south carolina during a presidential campaign event. up next, we'll tell you the reason kanye was crying. a big company, the latest to slash its adds on facebook. over the position on heat speech. don't forget, now you can have the morning headlines delivered to you by signing up for the new ktvu newsletter. go to and sign up for the daily service. this cheeseburger is the best!
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california attorney general from massachusetts and new york will hold a news conference to discuss their efforts to protect the affordable care act. the virtual news conference is scheduled for 11:00 this morning s. last month the trump administration asked the supreme court to declare the affordable care act un-constitutional. california along with 16 other states filed the lawsuit seeking to preserve it. in florida, today is the deadline to register to vote in next month's primary. last week the supreme court turned down an emergency appeal from voting rights lawyers over ex-felons casting ballots. voting rights of felons is a hot button issue in the state and could have played a major role in swinging the state one way or the other. the latest polls shows joe biden
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leading president trump by eight points. 49-41%. 10% of voters say they're still undecide. the race has narrowed since june when biden was leading by 12 points. a wide ranging interview over the weekend where he touched on a number of topics including the pandemic and his declining poll numbers. the president sat down with fox news chris wallace and asked the president if he would accept the results of the election in november. president trump says he would have to see the results before making that decision. he also seemed to down play the coronavirus pandemic. doctor fauci's credibility and gave a mixed message on the use of masks. >> will you consider a national mandate that people need to wear masks? >> i want people to have a certain freedom and i don't believe in that no, and i don't agree with the statement that if everybody wears a mask
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everything wouz disappear. our surgeon general said don't wear a mask and then all the sudden everybody says they need a mask. masks cause problems too. i'm a believer and i think masks are good but i leave it oup to the governors many governors are changing. >> the president touched on school reopenings reiterating his threat to pull federal fundings if schools don't offer students in person class time. >> schools have to open. young people have to go to school. there's problem when is you don't go to school too and there's a funding problem because we're not funding when they don't open schools we're not going to fund them and give them money if they're not going to school. if they don't open. >> first of all, what the federal government gives is 8%. >> 10%. you know what? that's a lot of money. >> and you're going to take it away? >> chris wallace showed the president the fox news poll we told you about and president
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trump said that those polls are "fake". kanye west kicked off his 2020 presidential run holding his first campaign rally in south carolina. west is hope to go get enough support and signatures to appear on the ballot there. at one point he went on an anti abortion rant talking about his dad wanting to abort him. 0. >> my dad was too busy. there would have been no kanye west. >> kanye west lists his party affiliation as the birthday party, a new party he created. initial polls showed him pulling 2% of the vote. all right our time is 448 tim attempt. the walt disney company cutting advertising budget on facebook and instagram. which is owned by facebook. it is facebook's latest set back as the advertising boycott over
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its policies on hate speech keeps growing. the time line for the spending cuts hasn't been laid out yet but disney was facebook's top u.s. advertiser, the first six months of this year. disney is now joining hundreds of other companies that have paused spending on facebook. a bay area tech executive is spending millions of dollars of his own money to help fight crime in san francisco. chris larson is funding a network of private security cameras at neighborhood community groups can install wherever they want. >> the question is always how much surveillance verses how much privacy. we have to balance the two. what we determined was putting cameras and making donations to community benefit districts so that they can go out and buy camera networks. we think that's the right formula. there's 18 of these community districts in san francisco. got coverage of seven of them now. and we think that that is very effective. in helping to prevent things like smashing and grabbing
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because you not only see the crime happening at the point of the crime. but you can also see blocks away maybe the perpetrator and he hid his identity until he got a getaway car. having a multiple block presence is very important. >> now there are 1,000 of these hi-def cameras in san francisco and you're looking at video of an incident in russian hill. they are installed on private property and neighborhood groups monitor them. the video is kept for 30 days. it's owned by those groups but everyone has access to them. >> the cameras can solve not just what's smashing and grabbing but also with maybe people proving their innocent, for example. so defense attorneys also pull this footage. so i think what everybody likes is that everybody has equal access. the police can make a request to that community. the district attorney can make a
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request. public defenders can make a request. victims. and by the way, the community sometimes just used it for simple things like making sure the streets are clean. >> larson says the police and district attorney have supported the plan. he also talked about privacy concerns saying he's trying to balance crime prevention and protecting the rights of people. these cameras are very visible. no facial recognition involved and larson met with privacy groups when he put this program together. he says he hopes to expand the cameras to the rest of the city, maybe to other cities around the country. it's 4:51. back to steve, where it sounds life threatening july is cooling down quite a bit. >> it sure looks like it. everything is pointing in that direction, pam and dave. this week i'm sure somewhere down the road here as we transition from july to august, we get back into hotter temperatures. this looks cooler for all.
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even over the next couple of days, clear lake and lake port, there's a massive fog bank out there. cooler forecast now again, there could be subtle changes but low clouds and hazy sun. there's a little bit of smoke in the air north to south. but a deep fog bank and it is a solid marine layer equalling cooler air and drizzle tuesday night and wednesday morning and wednesday night and thursday. a little low is coming in and i'll tell you, if it was any other time of the year, probably wouldn't do much but this time of the year it can ramp up fog bank and temperatures. morgan hill and concord, when travis has a sweft of 40 gusting to 46 which they had last hour. that is a screening message. oakland west at 12. concord southwest napa airport, up in the hills a good west and southwest wind as well. 50s and a few 60s. these probably won't change much because everyone is getting in already on the low cloud deck.
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east bay temperatures, 50s to 60s. alameda is 59. hayward and dublin, pittsburgh at 58. lafayette cooler at 55 degrees. that's one of the few along the mid 50s there. 91 in las vegas. 94 in phoenix. it's been hot. super hot in arizona but for us, we get a cooler pattern here. thunderstorms over the sierra. the low is hard to see but it's there moving over the bay area and usher in a cooler week for all as that settles in tuesday, wednesday thursday and lingering into the weekend. so 60s, 70s, 80s mainly on the temperatures. they are a good ten degree below average. some inland areas should be 80. . federal funding at a cost. governor newsom had to do to get
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money for the state from president trump. the controversial vaccine expected to begin soon at oxford. how reserlgers plan to reduce the risk. first, the annual aids walk went virtual. how organizers kept the spirit of the event alive despite shifting online during the pandemic. my money should work as hard as i do. that's why i use my freedom unlimited card to buy heavier weights online. got it!
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0. it's carlos santana's birthday today. 73 years old. 73 years young. jeffrey wanted to hear this.
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thank you. all right. and send me your requests. facebook, twitter and instagram. use the hash tag ktvu. >> thank you sal. time is now 4:57. so far nascar is the only u.s. sport allowing fans at events. yesterday drivers were in texas where 67,000 fans were allowed in the grand stands. kyle busch is in the middle of the screen, tried to make a move and got bumped from behind lead to go a big wreck. it came down to a restart in green white checkered distance. austin dillon had his first win of the year. raiders owner mark davis says fans aren't allowed in the new stadium in las vegas this fall. he's going to stay home too.
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he signed loyalty to fans to who helped pay for the stands. davis said if they can't be there, he won't either. davis voted against tarping off the first eight rows of seats in the stadium saying it's all or none for me. time is 4:58 an online fundraiser easing the financial burden. so far the park has raised $95,000. ferry land hopes to raise $300,000 so they will be able to reopen once that's allowed. the park drafted a plan to reopen soon but the recent surge in covid-19 cases forced to postpone the plan. if you're interested in donating to fairy land, go to or the news app and more information under westbound links.
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gloria estefan. san francisco and new york took part in a fundraiser. 0. >> today thanks in part to aids walk incredible participants we have emerged from the darkest days of the crisis to be celebrating retirements of loved ones living with hiv and aids. >> the last time we checked aids walk san francisco raised more than $948,000 from the event. the money will go to thousands of san francisco residents who are living with hiv and aids.
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>> i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark did you have a good weekend. >> great weaning. it was very nice. not too hot or cold just how i like it. >> then you will like the rest of the week. >> yeah. >> dave, you will


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