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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  July 22, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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2020 census, so it's unclear how the trump administration would determine how many people to exclude from the census data. house speaker nancy pelosi released a statement in response saying quote the census is a pillar of our democracy enshrined by our founders to ensure that all people who live in the united states, regardless of we will do whatever we can citizenship, are equally counted and represented yet by seeking to exclude undocumented to prevent this from happening immigrants from being counted again. in the 2020 census, the >> fellow nurses and hospital president is violating the staff members remembering a constitution and the rule of nurse who lost her battle with the coronavirus. up next, how peers are calling law. san jose water department for change. officials are talking about why many residents saw their water bills go really high this plus -- >> i'm getting used to the mask and the reason is i think about month. some residents saw as much is a patriotism. maybe it is, it helps. $100 increase in their bimonthly water bill. san jose water says it stopped >> president trump changing course and staying on script sending readers out between talking about the importance of march and may, so those water wearing a mask. the message he has for the bills that went out covering american people about the that. pandemic. r says it will the difference o from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning their next water bill burke
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to you, thank you for joining us. >> i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm voters will be asked to decide if the public works department should be broken up wednesday morning, we made it and split into two. if this vote passes, one to the middle of the weekday. >> yes we did, pam. department would focus on >> july 22nd. street cleaning, sidewalk maintenance, and sanitation steve paulson, i need to tell you, a big breeze has picked up duties. the other would be focusing on engineering, design, and here as well. project management. >> same here, pam and dave it this comes after the recent is, it is roaring at my corruption scandal led to the arrest of the former director. location, which is not unusual in east bay couple who had in the summer, but it wasn't the strong yesterday, that's to cancel their wedding because of the pandemic is hoping to for sure. wieir dream wedding in france. around cordelia it's around 25 ktvu tells us how the brides to 35. so there's a pretty good breeze work during the pandemic help kicking out. there is an upper level low living in around santa cruz the couple make it into the peninsula, somewhere in there. there is our good friend mr. final round. >> reporter: this oakland drizzle is out there this couple was all set to get morning little pattern change, married next month a big wedding with family flying in maybe even a smidge cooler from the east coast, but covid- today is that logos through. 19 put a stop to all that, what cancel. >> it was so disappointing i
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we did have some of those tropical clouds coming in from the west southwest yesterday. cried so much. i was like, where are we going to get married, what are we the city is also at 56 degrees. going to do? there is your onshore wind all the way from napa airport and >> we can make it happen safely, test everyone to travel even davis. and come over and have a temperatures in the 50s. low might be enough to scour wedding, it just didn't really out the fog, but the stage is seem feasible. >> reporter: the to have a plan set for a rather cool day. they say is feasible, but it's a long shot. the answer to the international contest for a dream wedding in over to sal now things were france. it is 200 miles west of france. >> this would just be, like i said in my story, a silver pretty quiet. >> we are quiet, steve. lining turn gold. >> the contest is for essential workers and sadie is a labor right now traffic is moving and delivery nurse who has seen a lot during the pandemic works along very well. we will start off with a look >> moms just being so afraid. at the bay bridge, which a lot of people like to see. and it does look very good driving into san francisco with no major issues. it's just on a pregnancy is not right now we also do have traffic that is looking good. good. it is 4:32. it's been hard. sometimes we have had people let's go back to the headlines. not tell the truth about their covid status because they feel there was an overnight fire like they are going to get reported that the chinese their baby taken away which is
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consulate in houston, texas, really sad. and investigators say classified documents were being >> reporter: sadie entered a learned in the courtyard. that was after the you s state couples story in the french contest not expecting anything. department ordered china to close down the council in houston to quote protect >> on sunday we found out we were finalists out of several hundred people that applied from all over the world works american intellectual property >> the winner will be selected and americans private information. china calls that an outrageous online by people voting for the and unjustified that violated 14 finalists on the instagram account. runner ups will win the international law. elopement package. that consulate is considered the couple is looking for chinese territory, so the houston fire and police department were not allowed to go into that building. likes. even if they come up empty they say they will still have what is most important, other, the time is now 4:33. in oakland police are still investigating how a forum for the oakland school board was taken over in his room bomb and they can always have a very attack. >> we have been zoom bombed small civil ceremony. >> i just wanted her to be my apparently by some white wife and we want to start a family. >> if we don't when i'm really supremacist. >> that forum was hosted by the happy somebody gets their fairytale dream wedding. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. >> we wish them luck . the british 10 family is celebrating prince george's allen baker center over the weekend. two school board candidates who seventh birthday today he is are african-american women were the oldest son of prince
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about to take questions when william's which means he is the feed was taken over. expected to become king one day. the palace released two new photos of him to mark the occasion, each taken by his mom, who is quite a good they were subjected to racial photographer, the duchess of slurs aninvestigating. cambridge. >> if it was such a big deal we would all be wearing the same >> what you think, pam, cute exact mask. >> a woman was caught on camera kid, right? >> extremely. i didn't have anpretty making quite a disturbance when she refused to wear a face mask cute kids. >> way to go. inside the martinez walmart. our time is 4:51. would you what that incident steve paulson always looks was posted online. good. he's at the home castle talking she could be heard telling about the windy weather. other customers that wearing a mask is not the law. >> it gets tougher every day, the state of california do have dave. mask requirements for people you see pictures 10, 15 years inside businesses, and on ago. i looked good then. monday walmart started enforcing its own mask role requiring people to wear masks inside all of its stores across we do have a big overcast. let's play a game, shall we? yes, it is called find the low. right off the bay area, yes, the country. you are correct. and that is swinging in and san mateo is the only bay that's also going to be another area county that is not on the states coronavirus watchlist
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wind producer. and officials are lobbying the that is why we had a series of state to stay off that list. these coming in, even in the right now san mateo hair salons, barber shops, gyms, spring all the way in the summer. some summers we get these, some we don't. crank up the wind, we don't have much moisture, it might worship centers can remain give us some drizzle. i think the system might be strong enough to chew up the clouds, but a little pattern open, but many people that change temperature -wise, could change before the end of the week. that is because the state has a guideline of fewer than 100 new mostly sunny, breezy to windy cases per day for every 100,000 pick san jose with an east people in the country -- in the southeast at 10. travis has county, that is. san mateo has been above 100 for the past several days. >> there has to be a balanced approach and i think the path the county is seeking to take gusts of 30. is that it's the right way to go about it. cordelia, san pablo bay, the >> county leaders hope they can stay off the watchlist because of the steps they have recently taken to reduce the infection rate. that includes an emergency order that requires face city is 56, really not much changed because we have cloudy coverings, social distancing, and the possibility of fines for people who violate those skies. rules. president trump says the ever -- it is a cool pattern coronavirus pandemic will quote for this time of year. cool to mild. get worse before it gets inland temps are in the low better. the president held a coronavirus briefing yesterday 80s, so it is on the mild side
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for the first time since late to one. april. his tone was notably somber as this pattern is like it's not changing much. the death toll in the u.s. from the sierra nevada, under storm the virus continues to climb. activity has just been going the president is also now encouraging everyone to wear a bonkers. tahoe looking for a 10th of an mask. >> we are asking everybody that inch of rain. if you have any travel plans watch out for the skies, they when you are not able to socially distance, wear a mask, get a mask. whether you like the mask or have been lighting up in the afternoon. 60s, 70s, 80s. we saw a little bit of that not, they have an impact, they yesterday. it looks like we will settle will have an effect, and we into a nice pattern going into need everything we can get we the weekend. are imploring young americans >> all right, steve, thank you. to avoid packed bars and other indoor gatherings. beast meet and be smart. still ahead, the messages left behind in the search for whoever did this. plus, politics over the choice >> the president is working to california's decision to keep make sure widespread testing is students home this fall more available. democratic presidential first, could walk or ride bikes candidate joe biden criticized president trump's response to some say they are neighborhoods the pandemic. >> it has been reported to the are being left out. presidents staff that the president is quote not really
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working this anymore. he doesn't want to be distracted by it. the all-new fox 2 doesn't want to be distracted by it. newsletter. dear california... his own staff admits that donald trump field the most important test of being an american president. the duty to care. for you, for all of us. >> joe biden said the president has no plans to rebuild the post pandemic economy and he offered his own plan to create 3 million new jobs in his words we know these are challenging times. to ease the squeeze on working families and restore the rest assured, you are not alone. dignity they deserve >> our time is now 4:37 we've all had to adapt. and with summer here, your energy bills might go up with rising temperatures. together, we can save energy and money. negotiations continue in washington between congressional leaders and the white house on the next try closing your shades during the day... coronavirus relief bill setting your ac to 78° or higher... president trump once a payroll tax cut, but some republicans or cooling off with a fan when you can. and many democrats don't want it because that money will go united we are always stronger. stay well, california, to entitlements like social and keep it golden. security. senate republicans want more than $100 billion to help
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schools reopen. and another round of stimulus checks for people who earned my money should work as hard as i do. that's why i use my freedom unlimited card to buy heavier weights online. $40,000 or less. got it! they also want legal protection go time! for businesses that could be sued for exposure to covid-19 . with freedom unlimited, you're always earning. i should've purchased lighter weights! in oakland, colleagues are remembering a fellow nurse who recently died of covid-19 in the same hospital where she works for more than 20 years. ktvu's shows you a special tribute and their demands to better protect healthcare workers on the front lines. >> reporter: her smile touched hearts and helped heal patients. for 25 years, janine ponder had been a nurse. last friday about one week after testing positive for covid-19 , coworkers saw ponder arrived at the e.r. as a patient and pass away. >> she has left a huge hole in our hearts. i love you, janine, and i miss you and i can't wait to see you
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again. >> this is the hardest and ultimate loss to our family. none of us had signed up for this. but we are doing this and we are doing this willingly. >> her husband, two children, family members, and hundreds of friends and family members in shock and grief. they say potter was a warrior, good morning, richard meyer helping patients battle the wanted to hear fortunate son. coronavirus. a small woman with a huge let's hear your request. heart. >> years ago she became my mentor who became my friend who became my second mom. an easy way for you to send a >> her dad prompted fellow nurses to speak out. janine and one coworker from request. facebook, twitter, instagram, her unit both tested positive. nurses expose are only tested when the nurses show symptoms. use the hashtag pete buttigieg. >> they only test nurses when >> i've got it, sal. they already have some rooms. symptoms. that is too late. all right. >> on this particular unit is a mix of covid and non-tran08
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happening today, the webster patients. tune between the city of covid patients should be alameda will be closed from 830 separated out from the non- to 9 until 5:00 tomorrow tran08 patients. we do that here in icu, that morning because of a fire drill. it is called routine. we don't do it on the units. >> coworkers say there's not enough personal protective equipment. back sometimes they are not readily available. even in the lock down there in the fire response system. he will see clouds of smoke the manager's office. during the test. right now, 20 san francisco streets have been stopped, some >> we stand here in our grief vowing to make it right, promising her that we will do whatever we can to prevent this from happening again. residents notice they are left out of the slow street program. implementing slow streets, >> jolene, we will miss you dearly, my friend. we will miss your laughter, your humor, your strength. i love you, sister, and until we meet again. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. creating lockable outdoor space for people to get exercise, and maintain social distance. residents say that they have so many healthcare workers right there on the this and tak watched them proliferate through the city until the sf ta say they have been left out. a >> i am wondering why there are such good care of patients. no street streets and my so, it is 4:40. neighborhood. >> that cities densest population and highest number of
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pedestrian collisions, they i want to check in with steve paulson on the weather and i want to say i can hear the windows open, it is quite a breeze. there's leaves blowing, trees have been pushing for slow rustling, it's a pretty good streets for weeks and have been breeze out there. >> you know i went golfing with told that implementing streets would be difficult for the city, last and line. more week is done on a friend of mine yesterday, pam. we both said the same thing. streets and the tenderloin, it kind of felt fall like then anywhere in the city. briefly. not july. so, there is a little low coming in. it is hard, and they have done i'm getting emails from people, why is it so windy? last. >> san francisco moves to phase 4 of slow streets adding 17 much streets to the 16 in because we are getting these place. tenderloin is very much on the lows coming in and they are radar. >> the yellow sheeting on the wind producers. they don't have enough map, they put up the city's jetstream support, colder support or more stir, but they do crank up the wind. see the circulation right there, that is another low that broader efforts to address a public health crisis and san francisco. is formed. we coordinate closely with the also, the monsoon cloud cover team leading the effort. has just been going derstorms. streets are a tool and their toolkit. >> 350 slow streets and the i will show you projections for tahoe. these are the highs yesterday. city, they will consider
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options. 84, gilroy was 82, all between and chinatown, and the mission are currently under review. in san francisco, 2 news. 79 and 76. i don't see much change, maybe even a little cooler. libby shaft shutdown and southwind low direction, sound attempt of defund the police department, the reason why they health say -- san jose, 50s on made a tie-breaking vote. >> get them off the street, put them in a safe place. the temps here to upper 50s, low 60s for some. >> tends fill up a community there is the one low and tennis court, the neighbors there's another one sticking up want the city to do to do with to the north. a combination of those two will the cab. give us some local drizzle this from 2 news, this is kutv, morning. i know that is not much, but not far away you could easily get a half-inch to one inch. 2 news. a from 2 news, this is pam 60s, 70s, 80s on the 10th. it does feel like it will be cook . >> dave clark, this is july 22. cooler today compared to yesterday, but a little warmer will pop up on thursday.
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you and steve both are talking about winds and coolness during the night and the morning. >> thank you, steve. >> it is howling out here. yeah. 4:42. water mills going up for it is pretty big. >> same here. customers in the south bay. we are not neighbors. the reason for the higher water bill and the adjustments officials may make. plus, we will tell you have a bay area nurse could win the wedding of her dream after the >> we are not, we have very gusty winds this morning. it is roaring. pandemic got in the way of her not unusual for my location, it is extra turbocharged here. big day. make sure you have the morning headlights delivered to you by signing up for the new there's a low moving in, you ktvu newsletter. just go to sign can see it on your high definition tv, do you see the up for the daily service. circular motion? there's not a lot of moisture, but, it this cheeseburger is the best!
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it's about to get bester baby! ♪ menutaur! make it a double, yeah! nice mane! try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery.
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get a load of my southwest cheddar cheeseburger. let menutaur make it a doubleeee, yeah! it's beautiful! say what? i said it's bea.... try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery. welcome back the power of 2. it is 4:45. firefighters quickly put out a fire in the sunset district that started last night about 7:30 at a home on 33rd avenue near golden gate park. it looks like the home was under construction. no injuries reported that the cause of the fire is being investigated and 60 displaced from their
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homes this morning after an suv crashed into a building in san francisco's ingleside neighborhood. this happened yesterday afternoon at 1:30. again, this is video from the citizen app showing part of a wall was knocked down people who live there are no hurt. the driver in the passenger were able to get out of that car safely democrats say they will challenge the memorandum signed by president trump to exclude undocumented immigrants from being counted in the 2020 census. the president signed that memorandum yesterday. population data collected in the census is used to redraw congressional districts and determine how many seats each state gets in the house of representatives. democrats were quick to criticize the president's move. >> this order isn't worth the paper it's printed on and will be struck down by the courts.
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attempting to weapon nice the senses for political gain is yet another recently driven attack by a president and an administration that wrongly views immigrants as the enemy when they are a vital
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