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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  July 24, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> make-a-wish health 400 families of your and the bear. some 4000 nationwide. we whenever possible the agencies trying it's been a while. >> just want to be out. >> exploring 200 miles of beaches and cliffs. >> it's magical and whimsical. >> boundless energy at the santa cruz boardwalk. >> there is nothing like it. >> all of it while staying safe and healthy during the covid-19 pandemic. >> we want to be sure people responsibly and safely. when we return to normal times, think what awaits us. >> tons of nature, lots of biking and hiking and the beaches. there is all sorts of tough to
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discover. >> the power of community. it is friday morning july 24. i know you can't quite visit yet but we will celebrate because when the gates open, let the fun begin as we give you a live picture. i can't tell you how many times in high school i would be. with that, welcome to the nine. i am going to give you my 2 cents off the bat. there is southern california and northern california. my take is the beaches down south, they're beautiful, pretty, nice, white beaches. everyone goes on sunny days. up here we don't get those sunny days. maybe we don't have the same sand but i will say this, when it comes to overcast skies i think more people around the
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bay area go to those beaches. when i bring my children, those are some of the greatest days. a lot of people in the bay area enjoy our coast around here because we don't get that sunshine like l.a. but that does not mean that we don't enjoy our coast. >> one of my most favorite days was when we went to the lighthouse several years ago. we walked all the steps to the lighthouse and we were on the point and it friday and saturday so gray, cloudy, romantic with the emotion and beauty that the area has to offer. there was no sunshine but still it was one of my favorite days ever. grab a puffy, a beanie, and head to the beach. it doesn't mart if it's sunshine or gray. >> you get fewer people.
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it's more of a personal experience with clean, fresh air. i think a lot of people love it that way. coming up on the zip trip, we check in with one of the many treasures found along the california coast, how marine wildlife are doing since this pandemic began. plus marching off the beaten path and into some unknown parts of northern california where some of the best beaches you have never heard of can be found. a trip down south for family friendly fun, local hot spots are now open for business. let's start one of my favorite spots, two hours south of oakland. monterey bay has long been a favorite for many of us in the bay area. like many people making the trek down the california coast, my family spent time in monterey and pacific grove
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recently. we took in all that the area has to offer even though the biggest attraction remains closed. no pandemic with shut down these breath taking views the s the surf this region seems taylor made for tourism 2020 style. the monterey bay aquarium has not yet reopened but tourism officials say that may push locals and visitors to discover other activities they may not have considered. >> maybe they hadn't gone whale watching. maybe they hadn't gone fishing. maybe they never thought of going paddleboarding or kayaking. there is still so much to do. bring bikes here like i was saying earlier. research shows people are willing to drive further to get
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to their destination. >> we have been seeing people that have been coming in. normal vacations have been canceled. whether have never been have be seeing a combination. >> many use monterey as a jumping off point for other adventures. >> you can do 17-mile drive, golfing in pebble beach. there are so many amazing adventures. even wine tasting is offered for the outdoor spaces as well as the restaurants with the outdoor space. >> outdoor dining is in full effect at fisherman's wharf. >> plenty restaurants have outside seating. it is absolutely marvelous. you get to see sea lions,
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harbor seals, otters, pelicans, sea gulls. there are the boats floating. fishing is available. whale watching is available. >> are you seeing the phenomenon of people being tourists in their own town in monterey? >> one of the biggest things is we want to support our locals and keep them around for many years to come. that's been a big marketing push for our organization, to help keep supporting local businesses and encouraging our locals to have each other's back. >> one of my favorite stops is pacific grove farmers market on monday afternoon. the strawberries are unmatched. >> agriculture is the number one driver in monterey county. we do have the absolute best produce. >> i can vouch. initially the mont reunion county convention and visitors bureau was forecasting a $500 million loss due to the pandemic. i can tell you the money you spend in the monterey region
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goes a long way to supporting the people and businesses working so hard to stay afloat and you have a great get away. we were in monterey and i can tell you the weekends were busy. if you can sneak out mid week which is something you used to do when you worked weekends, the mid weekdays can be golden and it's like you have the place to yourself. >> i agree. i like that one line about being a tourist in your own town. i think over the last four months a lot of people have been doing that. my family and i were there in the last six, 12 months. the beach is beautiful, a little bit touristy. but to the south, we had a great afternoon, a great stretch of the coast. to the north, it was finding a small beach in monterey at the tide poles, letting the children run around. if i had to put a word on it,
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it's a gem. that whole region is just a gem. >> i always think we are lovely to live here. you don't have to go all the way down to monterey. if you live on the peninsula some of the beaches are well worth the short trip. the beautiful drive hugs the coastline. i took a look at the stretch from half moon bay to pacifica and found a lot to do outdoors. the beach in half moon bay is an oasis of sorts for people who have been cooped up inside. you will see lounging in the sand running in and out of the chilly water or perhaps building a huge sand creation using a shovel at the shoreline. you will also see plenty people cycling, walking pets, exercising outside. some bring their fishing poles and others even tail gate in the parking lot. many come just to look at the beauty. >> it is very beautiful. we are very lucky. that's one thing you can see
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with covid. it is kind of making everyone take a moment and step back and have perspective. >> that of course should be at an appropriate distance. don't worry. there are plenty signs to remind you. the half moon bay mayor and surfer rode his bike to meet us. >> i think of eating outside. and i also think of the restaurants that are outside serving. we have great restaurants situated where you can sit outside. >> it's possible at a lot of places between here and pacifica like this area a few miles north. here you can have a leisurely lunch while sitting on the patio. we saw plenty people enjoying food and good conversation outside and bar tenders shaking cocktails inside. >> you can still get an adult beverage here at this place. >> if you are a surfer you can
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stop at the legendary surf stop or just pause for a moment and enjoy the view which includes that round thing in the background that looks like a giant golf ball. we took a short drive for another few miles and made our way through the tunnel to pacifica. >> pacifica is probably my favorite place to go surfing. >> you have the world's most famous taco bell right there. >> yeah. that place is awesome. >> henry and his friends came to surf today. >> we live in such a beautiful place. we are so lucky there is no lack of outdoor activities we can do around here. if i lived somewhere like even in sacramento, i feel like i would be going crazy because there aren't as many outdoor activities you can do while being safe. >> you can walk on the pier and watch the power of the ocean up
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close. growing up in san francisco, pacifica was also the close beach, if you got tired of ocean beach. go to pacifica and hang out by the now world famous taco bell and watch the surfers. it's a great place. it's not that far. some wanted to keep it a secret but i think the secret is out. >> it is totally out. i lived in liver more which felt three moons away when i was little. these days i realize i can be there in under an hour. i know so many of us only go when there is something happening. the pumpkin festival and things like that. if you were able to sneak away mid week or maybe on a more cool gray summer weekend, that's when you get to see the beauty of the places for yourself. >> coming out of san francisco when i would go down there, you can go 280, hang a right on 92
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and come into half moon bay. but i usually go through pacifica and take the coastal route and then go by moss landing, moss beach, half moon bay on the northside. it takes longer sometimes. sometimes it's quicker because 92 can be bumper to bumper getting to half moon bay. it's a great spot to get lunch. we go in october for the pumpkin fest. i take a vacation day on monday and we go to farmer johns and spend the day. between there and up to pacifica. , it's a great spot. if you haven't been and you are itching to get out for a trip, jump in the car and head out. it's a good spot. coming up next on mornings on 2 the nine, our zip trip to santa cruise. next hour, how things are changed around the boardwalk.. a popular spot ready to
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welcome visitors. we are heading down south.
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welcome back everyone. let's turn back the clock a bit. november 2005. i was a reporter here at ktvu working saturday and sunday. i remember when prince charles came to visit marin, specifically the coast. i remember being in a bar with prince charles and he was having a pint. i had this delay like i have to have a pint with him. but i was working so i pushed it aside. 15 years, i should have had it. you don't get the opportunity to have a pint with prince charles. the point is when he was there talking to reporters he said this area reminded him of where he grew up, basically on the
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other side of the atlantic. he is not alone. a lot of people come to the coast to feel like they are somewhere else. it's a magical spot with a number of great spots to visit during the pandemic and beyond. a hidden gem, even on overcast day where the sound of waves mix with the smell of bodega bay. >> it's the perfect coastline. sandy, calm waters. >> this is dylan beach. on sunny days hundreds sneak out west to drop a towel and chair to spend the day. >> it's perfect waves for new beginner swimmers or seasoned surfers. >> vicki is the you can grab take out at the coastal kitchen or snack the general store before hitting the beach or surf. >> the general store, we've got
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grab and go sandwiches, fresh salads, cold beer, ice cream, an espresso bar. >> there is another gem with another name not far away. >> when you get out there, you feel like you have gone a super far distance and it's really like a little over an hour from san francisco. >> the president of nick's cove, a brilliant spot with brilliant views. a historic road side bar. >> it's not just a restaurant, not just a place to stay for the weekend. it's a whole experience. you can spend hours just enjoying the property. we moved a lot of our tables outside. there are tables at the boat shack. we have tables along the pier, along our water front. we encourage people to bring your own blanket and take a walk into our garden and sit up there. when your food is ready, bring your food up there and enjoy it. >> if it's just a day on the
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pacific you need, head south to fort cronkite where the beach is all you need. pull out your fishing pole, bring your surf board. these are just three spots. we can name plenty more but a day trip to any is enough to fill one's appetite, one hungry for a meal, a drink, or for a moment with nature as we power through the pandemic. >> there are tide pools for exploration. there are cliffs that kind of surround this little area. >> we will survive this. we will figure out a way to continually make changes to stay open and stay serving the community that we love. >> because we are in this pandemic, things are very fluid. if you ever want to go to dylan beach or nick's cove pick up
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the phone to dial them to ask what's open, what's not. that's just a tip. when you go to nick's it's cool because there is this two acre garden. 90% of the vegetables are used on their plates and their signature cocktails. like i mentioned in the story, that's just a few spots. you can talk about tennessee valley and the cove there. you can talk about stenson beach, one of the more popular ones. this is not to leave out sonoma. if you go to jenner at the mouth of the russian river there are some cool beaches there as well. i know not everyone has been out there but if you get a chance and everything is open, pack up. it's a special spot. >> one of my favorite things to do before the pandemic was to head out there and stop where we wanted to kind of like a spur of the moment trip, not have any plans. there is no lack of things to do. as you said in the story it is
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a little different and you should call ahead. but there is plenty to do, gasia. >> growing up in liver more, i didn't know there was west marin. as soon as i moved here and became an adult, we go every year before christmastime. we get the stinky cheese from cow girl creamery, try to hike the trail at bear valley road and point rays, get a nice cup of coffee. we have made it into an extended weekend. if you are lucky enough that this is in your backyard, go, because the businesses and others appreciate and rely on you. if you are not lucky enough to live there, jot a couple of the ideas down because you are getting it from somebody who knows it best. in a minute we will take a trip down south. it will be a car trip so pack your snacks and a couple the good song lists. we are heading to southern california this morning on the
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nine. we are celebrating the california coast. next, the popular surf spot of dana point is ready to welcome visitors. we'll talk with them next.
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welcome back to our zip trip this time celebrating california coast. we are highlighting what's in our backyard certainly and exploring what southern california has to offer. welcome to the nine from orange county, the president of visit dana point. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> i am great and i imagine you are the same. give us an update on what's open and what we can do right now in dana point. >> if you haven't heard of our small surf town it is in southern orange county. we share six and a half miles of pristine shoreline along the california coast.
9:24 am
it's known as birth place of surf culture. the first surf shop was in dana point, endless summer movie was filmed in dana point where surfer magazine was found. it has a rich culture that goes back decades and decades. over time it has blossomed into this beautiful destination. we have 11 hotels, four pristine resorts overlooking pacific ocean and seven additional properties that have ocean views. ten of the 11 hotels are open as are restaurants, shopping centers, spas, and shopping districts. we made modifications due to the governor's orders. you will see dining on sidewalks and in parking lots in the streets. people are making really cool accommodations so that the environment and experience continues to be top notch. the resorts are also making the
9:25 am
accommodations so when you come to one of our hotels, you will be greeted and you will have a safety feel because most hotels and resorts have gone through safety checks and protocols and implemented safety measures to be sure that the guests feel safe when they visit. >> a lot of people have had to cancel or postpone their big summer vacations, overseas, airplane travel. it feels like more people are willing to drive further distances. are you seeing people from further away in california who otherwise might not consider vacationing not far from their own backyard? >> absolutely. that's the neat part about california. there are so many different regions and places you can visit that have a world feel about them, whether it is the post, death valley, the red woods. there is something for everyone. what we are encouraging people to do is drive the coast all
9:26 am
the way down and land in dana point and that's where you would spend your vacation. it is halfway between los angeles and san diego. it is far enough removed where there is a lot of open air, open space. it feels removed from larger cities, so you feel like you have distance between people. that's just innate to the destination. it's also a place to relax. there is a lot of open air, nature, activity, those type of things. you don't feel cramped as you feel the abundance of air and naturalism throughout the community. the six and a half miles of beach, it really gives people the ample space to set up where they would like and enjoy the experiences. our target during this time frame is to attract people from the san francisco region, obviously greater los angeles and southern california but also extending to las vegas and phoenix because we know people are looking to a coastal
9:27 am
destination. dana point with the little bit hair dyes, you don't have to go overseas. when you find it it is the hidden gem that you had not heard of and it will give you bragging rights when you talk to friends. >> if you drive down one the whole way, it will be amazing from start to finish. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you very much. have a nice day. coming up on our zip trip soak up breath taking views from around san francisco. we are heading to these two familiar beaches. a vacation hot spot for the whole family. beach front views in carls bad. that's coming up next. - [narrator] did you just reward yourself
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we are back at the california coast. you are looking live at baker beach, a little overcast but still beautiful, an iconic view of the city there, the golden gate bridge. you can see this view of baker beach is just beautiful, brings back a lot of memories. santa cruz is one of the places that has a special emotional attachment to people. i remember i went on one of my first dates ever to the santa cruz beach boardwalk along with my parents of course. let's not get into that. we went to the boardwalk. santa cruz is special for me and for a lot of people. you are here to tell us more about this place that a lot of people hold close to their heart. >> i want to hear more about that date. kidding. >> no, no. >> like you, i have loved santa cruz since i was a kid. people it. , i have a soft spr
9:31 am
there are so many great places to visit, not just the boardwalk and the old wood enroller coaster. we should mention it has just joined the covid watch list. if you aren't a local, postpone your visit. i know it's hard because going to the coast is so much fun. we still want to celebrate the amazing place that is santa cruz. santa cruz has always pulled us in. >> beach on one side and mountains on the other. love it it's the beauty of the beach, that stretch of sand at twin lakes and those views from west cliff drive. >> coming here is relaxing. do you know what i mean? it's just a smooth feeling. there is nothing like it in santa cruz. >> then there is the boardwalk. the sound of laughter has mixed with roar of the giant dipper until now. food and retail are open but
9:32 am
rides and arcades are quiet and masks and social distancing are a must. >> it's safer. safety is important. i don't want to stand in line and catch the virus anyway. >> santa cruz coast has had to adapt. places like zeldas still bring the crowds. >> we are very lucky. as you can see we have a big outdoor seating area. i feel like we have been far less affected than most other businesses have. >> capitola and santa cruz are getting creative with outdoor dining. >> living and breathing that shop local spirit that we have but taking it to the next level. >> with millions every year taking the windy route, public officials are trying to get the word out. >> our basic message has been that we want people in their own communities as much as possible. that limits spread of covid within your community and our community. >> they want you to stay home
9:33 am
but they also know people haven't. >> we are surprised by the people continuing to visit. >> we found a visitor from spain. >> i am just enjoying the ocean pacific. i just need a little bit fresh air and inspiration so i came by. >> a trio from florida and oklahoma. >> great people, tourist attractions. the beach in general is gorgeous. >> a family on a road trip. >> when you are stuck home for a period of time, it's nice to be out. >> we like to be out. >> this is tradition. >> we love it. it's the beach, the boardwalk that's closed now. we come every year. >> the visitor's bureau is asking people to take a pledge to wear masks and socially distance. >> it's a privilege to enjoy it. i am happy to do whatever i can. i am doing whatever distancing i can. i am wearing this mask. >> people have been making
9:34 am
people res here for a long time and there is time to make more when it is safe. >> in addition to the pledge if you are thinking oh i still want to think of a time to go. there is a website called there are so many places. they're like buy a gift card, support the businesses and make that future visit when it is safe. i certainly have missed it. >> absolutely. we have taken the train from roaring camp in fell ton to the santa cruz beach boardwalk. in the future when that's available, 100% do it. great recommendations. this might be your backyard if you are lucky enough to live in or near san francisco. the city has more than a dozen beautiful beaches surrounding the city.
9:35 am
let's bring in frank. you are going to give us a look at two of the more popular beaches. good morning. we have all heard of ocean beach. that's our first stop. what about baker beach? it begins south of golden gate park and the view is spectacular. if you have never been, that is a must see for so many reasons. ocean beach in all its splendor, three miles of salty goodness on san francisco's western edge. it's a haven for bikers, joggers, dogs alike. it's the perfect place to take a deep breath and enjoy the view. >> i think if you don't live on the west side, you don't see it. i live toward sf state so i know the area. we are very fortunate to have it. >> the beach is busy because the water is rough and icy cold. mid 50s for those that dare like surfers and boogie borders. it is so cold jack o'neill
9:36 am
invented the wet suit at ocean beach back in the '50s. for 59 years, play land ruled the beach, a 10-acre sea side amusement park before it shut down in 1972. the cliff house remains in its third incarnation. just north these ruins. once the biggest indoor pool in the world, 1.7 million gallons of salt water before a massive fire destroyed it in 1966. >> scenery for me. i like scenery. that's what it is for me. >> baker beach is a short four mile drive. it's a great escape on the western shore. one plus miles of sandy beach with some of the city's most spectacular cliff side homes and one. best picture taking areas for the golden gate. >> i think it is true. that's why we started coming
9:37 am
here. china beach is around the corner too. >> it gives a good feeling whenever you are here. the weather, beach, view, the people around you. it is going to give you time to think about yourself. >> baker beach is simply the best. where else can you go with the pacific on one side and you are staring at this iconic golden gate bridge and the and the bea open. the parking lots are open. keep an eye on the covid-19 restrictions. they can change and the parking lots have been shut down before. mike, i know you spent a lot of time there going to high school in the city. baker beach brings back so many memories. it's so close too i think people forget. >> yeah, even my parents. i hear stories. thank you for that. we appreciate it. if you are looking for a place
9:38 am
to take your children, going outside in northern california, there is a good spot down south. legoland park in carlsbad may be closed because of the pandemic but its hotel is open for business and it is a family- friendly hotel. there are also some cool beaches nearby. let's bring in julie live from legoland california. julie is the park spokesperson. the last four months had to be pretty difficult for you guys. >> it's been challenging for sure. we have a water park, aquarium, 60 ride shows. we have the two beautiful hotels. it is sad to not be able to be there for the guests. but now we have found a way. >> that's cool because that recently happened. i know people are encouraged to stay home but slowly we are getting through this pandemic.
9:39 am
if we head down there via plane or car, whatever it may be, it is nice to know that you are taking baby steps and that the hotel is open. there are restrictions. >> absolutely. we will go inside the pool area if that's okay. we have two hotels. legoland hotel and legoland castle hotel. right now we have legoland hotel open at lower capacity. we are offering lowest price rates ever at 169 which we haven't done before. kids are starting to come into the pool area. it's a little after 9:30. we have reservation windows for two hours. we have cab cabanas that you can rent and enjoy with the family. >> you can do what you are doing and book that two hour window. outside there in carlsbad you have a great coastline, great
9:40 am
beaches people can visit as well. >> we are really lucky because there are so many places to be outside. i know we are doing everything with the masks and social distancing. we have more than 60 miles of trails in carlsbad. we have three lagoons over 1700 acres. we have so much room to go hiking, paddleboarding. we are a mile from the beach. carlsbad is a great place to explore and there is a golf course nearby. there are all kinds of fun places for the kids and geared towards students. we are used to having families come down and be outside and explore. we encourage that. at night when they're tired and ready for a nap, then they come inside. >> what about the theme park? i was hearing maybe you had a day you could open but based on county guidelines if that didn't happen, you had to push
9:41 am
it back. for people who want to experience this, do you have a specific date or an idea of maybe when the theme park can reopen? >> i wish i had a good answer. i really do. we have been waiting and have talked to every county, state, city, legislature possible from senators to assembly men to everybody has looked at the plan for health and safety guidelines. we went above and beyond all guests age three wearing masks. we are just waiting right now. it's a waiting game. we figured while we can give you an escape to have a nice stay-cation this is the place to do it. >> i have two young children. to the show. njoy lego masters. i was walking by back and forth
9:42 am
and i found myself watching this, watching these amazing things being built. i was wondering if you were getting phone calls from people saying hey maybe we should check out the legoland? >> there are a lot of families building with legos. we opened the big shop which is the largest lego retail store. it's inside the beginning of our court. inside lakeland, california, you can enter the big shop. it's 10:00 to 4:00 on the weekends, 10:00 to 2:00 on the weekdays. the winning models from lego masters are on display for the first time for guests to see. the third place winner, sam, he was one of the winners for third, we talked to him last week. he was so excited that his model would be on display. >> i appreciate your time.
9:43 am
i am glad you guys are slowly getting there. hopefully people in northern california in the bay area, when we are ready and comfortable we can pack up and head down and visit not just the hotel but the beaches in carlsbad. have a great weekend, julie. >> thanks. if you've got young kids, put them in a nylon dutch bag. >> i love it. thank you. i've never been there. have you been down to legoland or just the carlsbad area? >> absolutely. we have been several times. >> you enjoy it? >> we love it. i loved it. my kids love it. legoland quietly has good food inside the park. at the hotel it is nice. i can't wait for it to reopen.
9:44 am
near legoland there is this place called the flower fields where you can walk through. it's carlsbad, not far away is the beaches. the moment things open up i am down there. >> the whole region in san diego county, it is quieter and much more relaxed than the beaches in the heart of san diego everyone knows and goes to. a big thumbs up. quadruple thumbs up for legos and this family. i think we have the world stash of legos in our living room. don't step on one if you are barefoot and it is the middle of the night. we will talk about adventurous travel. you may not be but i know there are those out there. in minutes, he will lead us on a grand adventure.
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for those like myself itching to travel, we have more beach destinations. some are in northern california and others are a little bit more off the beaten path. we are joined by our travel expert. what is your first pick? i have a list here and i think it is one of my favorite all time beaches. >> i said when folks are visiting, what do you recommend? actually a couple of those great beaches are what they
9:48 am
offer their sophisticated guests. there is a lot of history here. this is before world war i was a military defense installation with the 200-foot cliffs to give that great perspective. it's not a swimming beach cell. it's a wind swept area. you will find a great hang gliding launch pad. otherwise a great network of trails. horseback riding is an option. urban diversion will take you on an hour long horseback riding trip through the hiking trails and into the sand. if you like the beautiful open space, great hiking options, this is really close to home for a lot of folks, a beach destination. >> you can bring your dog too. >> a dog friendly beach. >> that's right. tell us about sonoma. it's not far either. there is a beach in sonoma
9:49 am
county. >> sonoma, we think of the ag production that happens there. really they're 55 miles much coastline and some of the best beaches you will access. i am picking jenner beach because of how open and wide the space it. a lot of folks like to come and collect the great drift wood and create some neat coastal art. otherwise it is great for snorkeling, kayaking. you are at the north end. in generaller there is a visitor center for the state beaches that will launch you to do kayaking, a little bit boating. it's about two hours north, jenner beach next to the town of jenner. >> there is a beach called bowling ball beach. i am afraid to say but i haven't been there.
9:50 am
it's one of the beaches i still have on my list. tell me about that. >> it's very cool. it's because of the formations falls back, it reveals these hundreds of formations. they're not actually rocks. they're concretions. i guess there are geologists watching. i want to get that right. it's basically compact mass that over the eons have formed in these round shapes. it's a cool thing to look at. again you are close to some great kayaking and snorkeling in spots. if you want a great beach to walk down, there are these great formations. when the tide is low, you've got bowling ball beach. >> some great pictures if you are a photographer. it looks like a place i want to
9:51 am
go to. last but not least in northern california, one of the most northern beach. it's another beach that i have to visit. it's a little far but it is worth the trip. >> this is the northern most county in california. drive about six hours north. lots of open space, lots of elbow room between people and some great beaches. it was on the south end of the river mouth by this huge sand spit. it's great kayaking, great boating, one of these great open beaches there. you are surrounded by red wood forest in some of the areas as well. klamath beach is remote. the journey is part of the experience because you are driving six hours north. protected water space makes it really family friendly and one of the great beaches on the
9:52 am
northern most coast of the golden state. >> gabe, our travel expert, thank you. you just expanded my list of places i want to go to. thanks pour the picks. >> thanks. gabe had a couple things i haven't done before. of course i have been to fort fun ston but never to bowling ball beach. have you? >> i have never been to bowling ball beach. when he talked about sonoma, jenner, people who don't live here, they think wine. it puts into perspective how big the county is. you go from downtown sonoma west to jenner, it is a great spike. hang out and follow the russian river along and enjoy a day at the beach. it is a good beach. i have been there. goat rock is also a good beach near jenner. >> one of you said it earlier
9:53 am
in the week. when we think california beaches most of us have a southern california bias. if you drive north, 100 million years ago on our honeymoon we drove all the way up highway 1. it was the most wonderful eye opening week we spent along the california coast. if you have the time on your hands, it was the two of us so we didn't come in contact with anybody but ourselves. it might be a safe place to explore. it it is gorgeous, thumbs up all around. when we come back, we will go to a place we report on frequently in the news but perhaps you never visited as a visitor. we are giving you an inside look at all the good work happening at the marine mammal
9:54 am
center up in sal lsilito.
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among the golden state's natural treasures the marine life they call the california coast home. educators at the marine mammal center are finding the pandemic is affecting coastal wildlife in a surprising way. >> without one of the richest ecosystems ever marine mammals you can find anywhere. >> the marine mammal center works to study and rescue them. >> california sea lions, northern elephant seal, pacific harbor sale. we have sea otters, dolphins, fur seals, whales. >> so far the center has rescued about 300 animals, fewer than in recent years. >> some years it can be around 700. some years it can be close to 2,000 animals. >> the associate director of conservation education says the pandemic may be one of the reasons why the number of rescues declined. >> the good news around kind of the shelter in place element is we saw less people on the
9:58 am
beaches which could mean less disruption to the moms and pups and animals resting. but we know that can mean less recording. >> another possible reason may have nothing to do with us humans. >> just didn't have a lot of storms to be perfectly honest in january and february. that meant less storms that could potentially separate baby elephant seals from the moms. >> whatever the reason, it was able to continue the vital work during the pandemic. >> as a hospital we are already prepared for certain things like this. we have things like ppe we are using. >> careful planning made sure heart warming moments like this took place throughout the year. in this video you see volunteers keep a safe distance when they help release this rehabilitated sea lion back into the wild. some day the pandemic will end and crowds will return to the beaches increasing chances of animal encounter. >> the rule is to keep 50 feet
9:59 am
away. if they start acknowledging their behavior, if you are lifting their head and looking at you, you are too close. >> pandemic or not, admiring the coastal creatures from afar is the best way to keep them healthy and safe. when they were doing public tours my family took one and our eyes have been opened. marine mammal center accepts donations so the people there can keep doing the good work that they do. >> an amazing job. thank you for your hard work, for everyone who volunteers and works at the marine mammal center. it's been a fun hour hanging out with you. it's fun to break up a little bit, so involved with the pandemic. it's fun to do an area on the bay area coast, california coast. we will do it again in a couple weeks. our next zip trip will be friday august 7. we'll visit
10:00 am
the oakland zoo. have a great weekend. we will see you back here at noon when we bring you november newsom's news conference live. wendy williams is up next. >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ now, here's wendy! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> wendy: how you doin'? [cheers and applause] thank you.


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