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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 24, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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hours here in our state, bringing the number of covid-19 deaths in california to 8,186. an increase of over 9700 cases since yesterday. governor newsom is calling for additional workplace safeguards to protect latinos who are disproportionately infected with the coronavirus. according to health officials, latinos make up 55% of california's confirmed covid-19 cases, despite being just 39% of the state's population. governor newsom said the majority of those with the virus are essential workers in different economic sectors, with the most working the agriculture and construction. >> this essential workforce remains the bedrock, the backbone of those that are providing foundational fundamental services to the state of california. so here is what we're announces
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today, is additional worker safeguards to protect this workforce, to focus again always on preventive measures, to focus on helping support our employers. >> the governor's plan includes expanding employer education resources and protection measures for workers who are sick or have been exposed to the virus. >> san jose has been added to a federal coronavirus watch list. now, on that list, are cities from across the country. but leaders in the south bay say they didn't know this list didn't even exist the first place. ann rubin joins us now live to explain why city and county officials aren't sure what factors got them on that list. still waiting to see what this all means. >> reporter: yeah, local leaders say they weren't on the call when it was announced, nor have they heard from federal officials about, but still say they are concerned about cases
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on the way. the white housest he has a watch list on it, cities lagging behind in slowing the spread, among them san jose. dr. deborah birx, a coronavirus task force member made the pronouncement on a private call obtained by the nonprofit center to be public integrity. the news came as a shock to local leaders. >> i'm not so much offended as a little surprised by the cities that were included on the watch list are all doing significantly worse than san jose and san jose and santa clara are doing significantly better than some of the cities that were left off the watch list. >> reporter: san jose's mayor points out there were hundreds of cities with higher infection, hospitalization, and death rates. still san jose has seen 5,523 cases out of a population of just over a million, and he believes we need to do better. >> i don't pretend to know what criteria were used by the white house. i'm not sure it really matters.
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the reality is, we've got rising infection rates throughout the country, and all of us need to do more, because right now, too many people are getting sick and too many people are dying. >> reporter: there was a question about what the white house watch list means for the cities on it. >> we have no idea. i guess in my best world, i hope that that means they're trying to develop a national strategic approach to dealing with the pandemic, because it's been pretty incoherent and inconsistent so far. >> reporter: for now, though, local leaders say they are focusing on policies here, and the very real possibility of scaling back activities unless transmission rates drop. >> we need to focus on the purpose and not on the circus. the white house may say different things on different days. we know what our responsibility is, and that is we've got keep each other safe. >> >> reporter: officials safe the best way to do that is by wearing masks, washing hands and social distancing, but they say to prepare for the
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possibility that more restrictions may be coming. andrew >> thank you so much, ann. >> coronavirus outbreak linked to a san francisco trader joe's supermarket has grown to 8 indicates now, and half of them are employees who had close contact with one another outside of work. they came down with the illness earlier this month. for power workers tested positive last week. it is the trader joe's on prospect road. it is not clear where the other three picked up the virus. trader joe's says none of them have worked in the store after deep cleaning was performed last week. the u.s. centers for disease control has released new guidelines for control schools after coming under credit item by president trump for being too tough. the cdc guidelines still urge students to wear face masks,
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wash hands frequent economy is social distance, but the upcoming document said it's in the best interests of children and parents for the schools to open, and said children with the virus don't suffer as much as adults. >> we certainly know from other studies that children under 10 do get infected. its just unclear how rapidly they spread the virus. >> they do recommend that local officials should consider closing schools or keeping them closed if there is substantial and uncontrolled transmission of the virus. >> so san francisco schools are working on a plan to protect the most vulnerable students now. those most at risk of falling behind will likely have someplace to go. kristen joins us live from san francisco this evening, and the district just released details on this economic plan. tell us about it. >> yeah, andre, i can tell cow first off that san francisco
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schools will start with distance learning. the city also setting up hubs to make sure that some of the steps most vulnerable or at risk children aren't left behind. san francisco unified schools has finalized its plans for distance learning and will submit them to the school board next week. the district said it has learned a lot after having to improvise last spring. the district said it has take an lot of feedback from families and will role back into the plan. one of the top concerns families say they want to see more time for on-line interactions, not just pulling assignments down from a website. >> so not only in the teachers or students want to connect more with their teachers, they wanted that for sure, but also wanted opportunities to connect with each other, opportunities to build relationships. they wanted to make sure that was happening. we totally understand that. >> reporter: san francisco is rolling out details on its plans to provide 40 hubs throughout the city to make sure that as many as 6,000
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students in traditionally underserved communities aren't getting left behind. >> we know know that our highest need children struggle the most. >> reporter: the hubs will be located in nonprofits, libraries, and park properties around san francisco, and will bring resources directly to the kids who need them the most. >> that means having an academic support staff that is just, you know, supporting the kids, to open up their zooms, checking in their homework. and then providing a healthy meal, and then providing all of that enrichment and wrap-around support. the recreation and parks department said with a public park within a 10-minute walk of any home in the city, it is ready to step up in an unprecedented way. >> we are planning this very closely together, and we will probably be providing, over approximately half of all of
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the learning community hub sites. >> at 5:00 this afternoon, the school district was set to post their finalized plans on their website w so parents can check that out and parents can also weigh in at that next school board meeting set before the next school board meeting next tuesday. well, there are calls to shut down the country once again to contain the spread of covid-19. reportedly, a group of more than 150 people, including doctors, scientists, nurses, and even teachers, have signed that letter, and certainty it to political leaders in our nation's capital, asking them to shut down the country. for more on this, we're joined by an internal medicine specialist. doctor, thank you for being with us today. wasn'ted to get your take on the letter. what do you make of it , and do
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you agree with it? >> well, cristina, let me put it this way, let me ask you a question, if mandating a shutdown, especially in the areas where we see that the infection rates could be going up and skyrocketing, and shutting down to save lives is a good idea, morning of us could would agree it's a good idea. but people are partying and socializing many times without face masks. if we close down the areas that reduces this type of behavior, we know the number of deaths will go down, and we won't put such a high burden inon our healthcare system. so, yes, i do agree completely. >> i want to get your thoughts on the fact that there are concerns here from these
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what do you say to people who are just concerned that they've lost their job? they can't pay their bills, they want to get because to work? >> well, i definitely feel for them, cristina, because this is not an easy decision that, you know, anyone is going to take lightly. not our state leaders, not our government leaders, but unfortunately we have to think of what is most important and what is paramount, and that is human life. and i think that is where this letter is coming from. that means if we can do anything at all which saves lives, then we must do that, because once someone is gone, we can't bring them back. the economy can bounce back. a dead person cannot. and that's paramount. and as physicians, that's all we want for our patients is a healthy life. if we know there is something we can do which would prohibit them from dying and prolong their life, we should absolute delay that. >> right. you know, i also want to talk about schools, because this is
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on the minds of so many families, sending our kids back here in the bay area, most of the school districts have said they're going to starting with some form of distance loving. what are the concerns for teachers here if there is an outbreak once students return to school? >> well, i don't think that this entire school should be politicized. we want our kid, to go back to school, but we want to do that at the right time. and cdc released new guidelines today. but the essential thing missing from those guidelines is how to prevent teacher infection at schools, and until we have a good idea on a plan for how we're going to react if we have a positive case, how are we going to isolate? unless we have a plan that is dictated by science, we north ready to reopen schools. it doesn't make sense to put an area in shelter-in-place and
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then reopen for schools. that doesn't make any logical sense. >> what do you think of the latest numbers here. california now surpassing new york in the number of confirmed cases. >> it's quite concerning. we are the largest state. so this is something that we can think may happen to us just because of here is numbers, but, at the same time, we though that's people are acting in a way that they shouldn't be. i know that people are -- you know, the behaviors have changed. people are acting a little morer responsibly, and i think we need to take a step back and really need to mask and social distance, and wash our hands. it's very important. >> thank you, doctor. we appreciate you coming on the show, as always. >> thank you, cristina.
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stay safe. well, vallejo police lieutenant on leave. coming up, the lieutenant's connection to the destruction of a piece of in evidence an officer-involved shooting. plus international tensions played out in a san francisco school. the hurtful graffiti, and what the school said likely caused this vandalism. plus, alameda county has had the most coronavirus cases in the bay area, and they are still rising. next, what the county says is the key to stopping the spread. and in bay area weather, almost the weekend, and temperatures will be trending. we'll take a closer look at your forecast highs and year at latest forecast coming up. my money should work as hard as i do. that's why i use my freedom unlimited card
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los angeles bearing the brunt of the coronavirus here in california. about 20% of all cases reported statewide. they also had 49 deaths. next in san bernardino with 21 deaths. kershaw county with nearly a dozen cases, and no deaths today. here in the bay area, alameda county has nearly 10,000 cases, and those numbers are going up. in part because of an increase in social gatherings. a study found one oakland neighborhood is particularly in trouble here, spiking these cases. rob roth talked with health officials and he joins us live now with more on that part of the story. rob? >> yeah, andre, the new numbers are telling the story here, and health officials in oakland say those numbers are bad, because not enough people are
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practicing social distancing. despite numerous warnings, health officials say people gathering in places such as here at lake merritt have led to a spike in the covid-19 infection rate. >> we've let our guard down. >> reporter: the interim public health director said the infection rate in alameda county is now three times what it was on june 1st. >> we've seen people attending parties, social eternities, and family gatherings. while these aren't the only places that we see transmission, social gatherings play a much larger role than we had expected. >> reporter: in a new study by the roosts community health center found that the number of covid-19 infections have quadrupled since may. >> oakland's numbers are most concerning. >> reporter: the number of infections per 100,000 people is 60% higher in oakland than in the rest of alameda county, but within oakland, what has health officials most concerned
5:18 pm
is economically disadvantaged event oakland. >> when we look at east coke of oakland, the case rates are double and triple the rest of oakland, and they are doubling at a rapid rate. so things heading in the wrong direction. >> health and political leaders are hoping to increase community education and drive home that the public is not out of the woods from covid-19 >> i see folks not wearing masks at all, sharing food, drinks, sharing smokes. oakland, we've got do better than this. >> reporter: at the lake, thousands of people were reported crowding into one black. vendors still come, even though they've been band on weekends. if the vending continues, they say they will start to take enforcement action. they urge people to stay within. what they call their own social bubble. if not, the county won't be able to loosen up its restrictions. >> we want to continue to reopen. we need to get our case rates
5:19 pm
down. >> health officials say too many people are tuning out the message about staying at least six feet apart and wearing a mask. they say they hope these new numbers will get their attention. >> some people are getting restless staying at home, but the message is clear to practice social distancing. thank you, rob, so much. an armenian school in sacramento was vandalized overnight. this is what police say it appears to be, hate crime, at the school on brotherhood way. you can see here the school and community center have been included in graffiti that includes pornographic images and curse words written in armenian. >> as a native san francisco, i'm appalled and shocked that on my own city's grounds, such hatred would take place on a
5:20 pm
preschool. >> that parent attended the school, as did her children. she believes the vandalism is connected to an unprovoked attack earlier this month along the border region of armenian. it has led to protests and rallies. bay area weather this weekend just about here, and looks like temperatures will be trending up in a few neighborhoods, so no drastic changes, so definitely one of those warm weekends out there, but no real observation dream heat. as we start your saturday, start out the day with some patchy fog. . it will be breezy, and then on sunday, clearing skies, mild to warm. we begin to introduce some more 90s for the inland spots saturday into sunday. also talking about the tropical activity starting to pick up. you see tropical storm hannah. this will be moving into texas this weekend, and this is
5:21 pm
hurricane douglas, a category three storm approaching the hawaiian islands. there is a satellite loop over the past 12 hours. that well defined category 3 storm. winds 115 miles an hour, moving west northwest, and the projected track, this might change a bit adam we head into the weekend, but here is the latest, could be approaching the hawaiian islands possibly as a category 1 hurricane on sunday, and then for the rest of sunday could be approaching oahu as a tropical storm. so it could be a significant rain and wind producer, and also storm surge with doug has. hannah, this is the eventually track as we head into the weekend, especially later in the day saturday and into sunday. possibly making landfall to the south of corpus christi as a category 1 hurricane. that could be later in the day tomorrow. so a lot to track in the tropics.
5:22 pm
we are tracking storms once again how towards the sierra. that will be the repeated theme this weekend for saturday and sunday. low clouds and fog banked up near the coastline presently. a pretty good onshore as well. current numbers, 70s and 80s inland out cowards concord. san francisco, a cool 58. here is a look out at the golden gate bridge this afternoon. storms still a present. overnight, the clouds clear back to near the coastline. so the beaches not warming up too much. there is the eventual temperature range. it will be warming up inland, and we're showing you more 90s for fairfield and antioch. pacifica 65 degrees. here is a lack ahead. your five day, sunday should be the warmest day of the weekend, and we cool things off a little bit into early next week, but looks pretty good, at least
5:23 pm
into the weekend. >> all right, mark, thank you so much for that weekend forecast. appreciate it. once told to close because of new coronavirus rules, now it's able to reopen. coming up, the reason behind the change at san francisco's ferry building. and coming up on ktvu news at 6:00, the search for this stolen five-month-old french bulldog. the car he was in has since been found, but the puppy is still miss. and elementary schools across the state could open for in person learning. the details on how that would work, explained by governor newsom.
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well, the ferry building in san francisco ask back open after only days of being ordered to shut down. we have more on the sudden reversal and how merchants are responding. >> merchants are certainly happy to be to be back open,
5:26 pm
but some business owners say they are worried something like this could happen again when they are railroad suffering financially. it has been a confusing week for ferry building merchants like chris, the owner of golden gate meat company. wednesday he was ordered to close -- long with the rest of the businesses inside the ferry building. >> an unexpected closure without much lead time, and aft that's right, not much information at all. >> reporter: only businesses with doors leading outside could stay open. others shuffled to try to set up curb side shopping. the rules changed, and the state clair e clarified that the ferry building is a transportation terminal, and transportation terminals are essential operation approximation. >> we have go minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. we have to survive. we have to keep our employees employed, pay the rent.
5:27 pm
pay the bills. pay the meat bills. so, yes, we had to be super flexible. >> the closure threw everything new spew disarray. a lot of almost panic about it. but now that we're back open, it's back to normal. i know a lot of our regulars are going to be happy. >> reporter: now on ill door shops and restaurants can reopen at the ferry building, but strict safety measures are in place. vendors and visitors must wear masks. people must practice social distancing. there's hand sanitizing stations and enhanced cleaning. a vallejo police lieutenant and head of their local union is on leave. coming up, how it's all connected to the destruction of evidence in a deadly officer. solved officer-involved
5:28 pm
shooting. >> and we talk to make libby schaaf about the recent vandalism at her house. and it's opening day at the oakland coliseum for the oakland a's. here is a live look this evening. marin county ibrahima will join us. marin county ibrahima will join us -- mark ibanez will join us in a bit.
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or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. humira is proven to help stop further joint damage. want more proof? ask your rheumatologist about humira citrate-free. if you can't afford your medicine, abbvie may be able to help. ktvu has confirmed that a vallejo police lieutenant is on leave in connection with the
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destruction of a windshield from a police truck. last month through that killing sean monitor oh is a. henry has more on what happened to that key piece of i have had in this case. henry, tell us about it? well, this all centers on this pollution lieutenant who happens be to president of the powerful vallejo police union, which has given it's full support behind the detective who shot and killed sean mon test erosa. a city source confirms that michael nikalini is on paid leave after the wind shield of a truck astroid. our source said he is also under investigation for allegedly allowing the unmarked truck to be put back into service with a new window. a second officer is also on leave. >> clear obstruction of justice to destroy said a flat criminal
5:32 pm
offense. >> reporter: attorney john burris represents monitor oh is a's family. >> he knows you don't industry evidence. she shouldn't have been thinking he could make that decision as whether to whether it was valuable evidence or not. >> reporter: burris said it was a key piece of evidence because body cam video didn't show his actions before he was shot. detective fired his officer from the back of the truck, after mistaking a gun. >> it wasn't too much of a surprise for those that are familiar with this behavior historically. >> reporter: here is a picture of nikoilii holding a cellphone to his waist, and here the two dislake each other, because
5:33 pm
noles has recommended many families in lawsuits against vallejo p.d., past and the next council middle easting? >> he approached the front and walked up to me, you know, like his physical posture like he wanted to fightmy. it was like there was going to be some time of physical confrontation. >> so i have reached out to the lieutenant, the police union and the union's attorney, but so far no response. oakland mayor libby schaaf spoke out on ktvu this morning about the recent vandalism at her home early tuesday. >> i'm not going to lie to you. it was pretty frightening. it felt like our house was being shot up, because of the timing of fireworks and project isles hitting the house. i cannot tell you how grateful our family has been for just
5:34 pm
all of the support and love that has poured out, neighbors showing up with pressure washers. it's -- you know, this city comes together. no, thinks that what happened at our home was free speech or a protest. it really was vandalism, and we're very clear about the difference. >> graffiti sprayed on her house called for defending o p.d. the mayor said she back this decision to cut $14 million from the police budget, but not more just yet. >> i can't let really terrorizing tactics like the ones used against my family to in any way influence my decision. i believe most people want to see a reimagined system of public safety, but they want us to do it in a thoughtful way. >> mayor schaaf said she is also concerned about public safety and said residents
5:35 pm
should be involved on decisions on reforming the police department. she went on to say that she supports a measure on the november ballot that would give the city's police commission more independence, and would also allow the commission to higher it's own inspector general. this week, the city council voted to relief the police chief's authority to override the commission and council during emergencies. the city is also making a move to hire more emergency dispatcher, and look for funding for the dispatch cent. lawmakers on capital ill are trying to get a new relief package through congress. democrats want it done greene the additional $600 per week unemployment benefits run out next week. republicans want that scaled back, saying it allows people to make more money from staying at home than working. >> there has to be liability
5:36 pm
protection for the businesses, the small businesses, because the drive-by trial lawyers will be suing. >> well, more house democrats have passed a relief bill with a price tag of over $3 trillion, while senate democrats say they are ready to do the same, and the gop senate plan is now expected to be ready by monday. well, more states are pushing pause on the reopening, as the coronavirus continues to spread rapidly across the country, and now businesses already hit hard by this virus are being force to shut down gain. as jonathan reports, and businesses are considering moving outdoors with social distancing in place for months or even years. >> reporter: in many areas wit more than 4 million confirmed cases in the u.s. that's up from 3 million just two and a half weeks ago. and deaths are increasing, as
5:37 pm
well. florida reporting four straight days with more than 100 fatalities, including 173 on thursday, a new record. hospitalizations are trending down slightly in hot spots like texas, and arizona. but officials say that trend may not last long, and new mitigation efforts are needed. >> we all need to get back to the best practices to make sure we use the appropriate measures to reduce the spread. >> reporter: but those measures include closures and new executive orders in dozens of states, and some business owners who are now shutting their doors for the second time say they're struggling to adjust to long-term changes, like moving operations outside. >> devastating to see them going through what they're going through. >> we need to deal with this in figure out how make money. >> reporter: some states are enforcing social distancing rules, including minnesota where face covering it is public became mandatory this
5:38 pm
week, so city leaders in minneapolis and saint paul are handing out more than 4 million masks to local businesses and community groups. >> it's going to make the difference between a customer coming in and not being prepared, and basis being able to say let us help you. >> and a new cdc report shows about 40% of american adults have a pre-existing condition that puts them at greater risk for serious complications from the coronavirus. a researcher at u.c. davis is now in federal custody. coming up, the accusations of her connection to a foreign military. plus, it's not the opening day anyone really imagined, but the oakland a's will finally play their first game of the season tonight, and here is a live look at the coliseum. sports director mark ibanez joins us next to talk about the a's chances this season.
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leash is another live look at the oakland coliseum. it's opening day of the 2020 season. the a's are playing the los angeles angels inspect no fans will be allowed in, but the players are still getting ready to play ball. the entire season is going to feel a lot different, because the stadium will be empty, but the a's have their sites set on a big season, nonetheless. mark ibanez is here now with a look at the unique season getting underway for those teams tonight. this is going to be vastly different than decades past. >> reporter: yeah, andre. miss seeing you know on a regular basis. you've heard that expression brand-new ball game west? it certainly applies here quite literally.
5:42 pm
new rules, and no fans. nothing traditional about this opening night. and this is a railroad different team, the a's, than what is going on on the other side of the bay, with the san francisco giants who have a depleted roster. not a lot of people expecting them to contend. the a's, on the other hand, a definite world series contender. they have a boat lloyd of talent, and it's a 60 -game season, and every game counts. a very different vibe in the stadium, of course. you talk about cardboard cutouts, literally a bunch of stiffs watching the game. i think i saw cocoa crisp there. the players are going to have to get accustomed to playing with to crowd. prior to tonight's game, both the a's and angels coming in to
5:43 pm
offer the opposition to the a's, all wearing black lives matter shirts to warm up, and bob melvin sizes his team up here on opening night. >> we're just hoping we got to this point. the close we are got to opening day, and now that we've gotten here, i think everybody feels good about where we are, and potentially getting this season in, so hopefully that's the case. >> usually we would have -- you know, we would just be getting out of the all-star break, and just starting to get hot like we've got the last two years, now it's like let's play this game today week where we're at. no reason trying to cram for opening day like it's finals or something in school. i think we need to see where we're at and learn from it. >> hot dogs! hot dogs here!
5:44 pm
>> that's got to be my favorite cutout so far. that, of course, alluding to tom hanks, bun of the greatest movie stars in the world. he grew up in oakland. not only was he an a's fan, but he also was a vend of at one point in his career, and that's just good stuff. the a's are always very good at marketing. i guess the goal, andre, is try and make it as close to what we know as baseball as possible, and like i say, the a's always do a great job of promoting. that's opening day in 2020. >> thank you, mark. cristina over to you. the nba is also playing games as it prepares to restart it's season, and like major league baseball, games are being played without fans in attendance. scrimmages are being played this week. and the season will restart in
5:45 pm
orlando, florida. it's in a place called the bubble. >> we care for one another, not only on the floor, but off the floor as well. so you have to create your own energy here. we understand that. >> the nhl will hold its playoff tournament in two of its own bubbles in canada. all games are set to be played in edmonton and toronto starting on august 1st. nfl training camps are also getting underway. this year, the league is doing away with its preseason schedule entirely. well, a visit league searcher at u.c. davis now in federal custody. the accusations of which she is accused coming up next. plus, get your fit bit or apple watch detect early stages of coronavirus? researchers around the world are now racing to find out. and temperatures will be going if one direction. we'll talk about a warmup heading our way. we'll have your forecast coming
5:46 pm
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a china researcher is now in federal custody. officials took juan tang into custody. she is being held at the sacramento county main jail. the fbi said when tang applied for her visa, she claimed she had no connection to the chinese military, but investigators say photos were found of her wearing a military uniform. her neighbors in davis were shocked biff the arrest. >> pretty scary to know that to know that someone is lying about their identity, and close by. i've got kids here, you know. what else is she lying about? >> a spokesperson for u.c. davis said tang was a visit league searcher working in oncology and her work was solely based in the laboratory, and she left the university at
5:49 pm
the end of last month. she is scheduled to appear in federal court on monday. well, smart watches and other fitness devices could detect the coronavirus before symptoms even start to appear. researchers at stanford university found promising new results in a recent study that they did, and as ashley tells us tonight, the pba and the nba are both looking into the technology and getting behind it to help curb the spread of the virus. >> reporter: fitness tracker could soon play a key role in the fight against covid-19. research err also round the world are racing to discovery whether devices like fitbit and apple watch can showcases of coronavirus. these devices may be able to flag the illness days before users start showing symptoms. one study out of stanford university found that smart watches identify early signs of infection in 80% of coronavirus patients. >> 2/3 of the time we can tell
5:50 pm
when someone is getting ill before or at the time of symptoms, and we think that's super powerful. that means 2/3 of the time you can tell people to stay home, don't get out and infect other people. >> the sports world is get beak mind the movement. the pga partnered with root to provide smart bands for players caddies and media, and the nba is teaming up with the oraring to keep players safe as the baseball season restarts in orlando. >> it gives people more security to be able to look at their device and know how they are doing. >> we would like to try and put this into some sort of program or feature that people could use to actually detect early signs of covid. >> the tech company stresses these gadgets are not medical devices, but can be a powerful
5:51 pm
tool when paired with other forms of mitigation. well, officials in the east bay are warning about blue green algae blooms in wear lakes that could be dangerous to puts or humans. >> we started a project this week at the lake, where we're trying to treat and remediate the bacteria in the lake by adding oxygen. >> the oxygen then creates a chemical reaction that makes it harder for that algae to thrive. east bay fresh water lakes and reservoirs are currently closed due to the coronavirus. there are signs that park entrances and the lake where their high levels of the toxic algae bloom. symptoms are wide range, but include nausea, skin irritation, blisters, and a soar those or coughing. >> well, bay area weather, we've been tracking, monitoring minor temperature changes over the past few days, a little bit warmer, a little bet cooler.
5:52 pm
today was one of the cooler days, and then we warm things up a little bit as we head into the weekend. no big changes, though. no big temperature swings. we're showing you some 60s and some 70s, and some 80s. one 90 to report out toward antioch. livermore 83. san francisco 61. we'll jump right into your weekend forecast once again, starting off the day with fog near the coast and near the bay. clearing back to the other shoreline. sunday will be just a little bit warmer compared to your saturday. here is a satellite and the radar. in fact, you can see the thunderstorms popping up out towards the sierra. if you have weekend plans, thunderstorm chances for both saturday and into sunday, you condition see what's happening right now with those thunderstorms just over the past three to four hours, and still some lingering activity, but those showers should decrease in coverage over the next few hours. that's already happening. right now, though, here is the fog. coastside, pushing locally back into the bay. we'll check in on some of the
5:53 pm
current numbers out there. concord 82. oakland 66. san francisco and half moon by a only in the upper 50s. looking out towards the alameda estuary. nice to sees the camera showing up this afternoon with a bit of a breeze out towards portions of the bay. what is happening, we have a layer of warm air above our heads compressing the marine lay person that will lead to dense fog first thing tomorrow morning, but that also means warming temperatures across a good portion of the bay area, especially for the inland spots. this week, it has been a cooler pattern for the most part off and on, but this area of high pressure wents to build in a little bit from the four corners area, the desert southwest, and that will lead to a warmer weekend headed our way. here is the plan tomorrow
5:54 pm
morning. temperatures in the 50s. the clouds will clear back to near the coastline to the beaches, not warming up too much, still some patchy fog nearby, but you will see more 90s. fairfield and vacaville, right around the bay, lots of 70s. san jose, 84. morgan hill 90 degrees, and downtown san francisco in the upper 60s. here is a look ahead. sunday will be the warmest day, and then we cool things off by a few degrees. some minor changes in our weather pattern as we head into next week. >> all right, mark, thank you so much. the main event of the republican national convention is canceled. i'm ray bogan with what the president's nomination acceptance speech may now look like, coming up. and coming up on ktvu news at 6:00, mcdonald's becomes the latest national chain to announce mask requirements, as another fast-food chain restaurant follows suit.
5:55 pm
plus police in the east bay ask for the public's. the finding a puppy stolen in a car burglary. what we know about the thief. my money should work as hard as i do. that's why i use my freedom unlimited card every time i get gas. give me a little slack! with freedom unlimited, you're always earning. i said i need some slack on pump three!
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5:57 pm
p.d. president trump announced he is canceling the republican national convention in jackson, florida, as coronavirus cases begin to form in that state. it's no secret around the white house how i and my fellow task force members feel about the issue of congregating in crowds. >> reporter: the nation's top infectious disease expert said he never spoke directly to the
5:58 pm
president about canceling the republican national conventions main event, but dr. fauci adds he may have been an influence. now instead of looking like this. >> i humbly and grateful friday accept your nomination. >> reporter: president trump's nomination acceptance speech may look more like this. >> it's great to see you, and all of the front line workers who risk your lives every time you go to work. >> reporter: the rnc will still have four days of prime time speeches, but with virtual rallies and on-line events. >> i think we're going to do it well, and i'll still do a convention speech, in a different form, but we won't do a big crowded convention per se. >> we are not worried at all about the enthusiasm level. it's off the chart. i know a lot of people were disappointed. >> reporter: the convention was moved to jacksonville just last month, but coronavirus cases have since exploded in the sunshine state. >> this virus we know spreads person to person, so this was
5:59 pm
the right thing to do, as disappointing as it is. >> reporter: dnc chairman tom perez responded to the move, from the very beginning of this pandemic democrats have put the health and safety of the american people first, unlike trump, we followed the science. one thing will remain relatively similar, delegates will still gather in charlotte, north carolina, to formally nominate the president. on unwanted milestone for alameda county, as it become this first in the bay area to top 10,000 coronavirus cases. and today health officials pointing the finger at social gatherings. >> this is three time this number of cases we had on june 1st. social gatherings play a much larger role than we had expected. >> a plea to the public from the county health officer to avoid gatherings with people
6:00 pm
from outside of your home. >> the weekend is here, and it comes wait warning to limit social interaction. robert rob roth has more on the spike in cases. >> reporter: officials say people garbles in placing like this lake have led to an increase in the rate. dr. nicolas moss, the interim public health director said the infection rate in alameda county is now three times what it was on june 1st. >> over the past month, we've seen more people infected by attending parties, social events, and family gatherings. while these aren't the only places that we see transmission, social gatherings play a much larger role than we had expected. >> reporter: a new


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