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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 24, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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a rally tonight at a bay area armenian school that was
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tagged with racist graffiti. police to the vandalism is being investigated as a hate crime. >> we are proud americans. america took us in and we believe in the american dream and american ideals. and highest among them is tolerance for people's, love for all creeds and colors. we defend that. >> an emotional evening at that school in san francisco. thank you for joining us. >> members of the armenian community told us they are shocked after seeing those hateful and hurtful messages. now that school is located on brotherhood way near the lake merced and san francisco state. live coverage with more on the investigation and reaction from across the state. >> reporter: the school does have security cameras. the district attorney tells me he's working with police on the
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investigation. the rally tonight brought families together at the school and they said they will not be intimidated by this act of hate. >> as i came today at 8:00 this morning i saw the graffiti on the walls. i was shocked, i was appalled. >> reporter: the graffiti scrawled across the walls weren't words, but messages of hate targeting the school. >> the community is in shock. our family, students, alumni, they were all shocked to see these hate messages. >> reporter: by evening a crowd gathered in the school parking lot. they came together to pray and heal from the hurtful attack. >> this is the only armenian school in northern california. the community considers it the pride and joy of the community. it is one place where we can
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actually be able to express our armenian identity. >> reporter: the graffiti attack reopen centuries-old wounds with turkey and comes as tensions have flared up in armenia over new conflicts in an oil-rich region near the border. earlier in the week protest in los angeles led to clashes outside the azerbaijan consulate . this is being called an active hate. >> this is not how we solve our problems. this is not what we do. we teach them tolerance, we teach them sympathy. >> reporter: sympathy and support is also coming from the azerbaijan community in the bay area. >> we strongly believe that this act is ugly, heinous. >> reporter: members of the azerbaijan cultural society of northern california says the graffiti itself is suspicious and should be investigated and condemned. >> the name azerbaijan itself was misspelled. the other city names were
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misspelled. i call communities to be united in condemning this. >> reporter: san francisco's district attorney is vowing to find the criminals. >> we are absolutely treating this investigation as a hate crime. it is outrageous, it is an attack on every single one of us in san francisco. there is no place for intolerance or hate. >> reporter: tonight the school says they have received hundreds of calls from across california, people who say they want to come and help clean the school and paint over those walls and try and restore this community. >> the community giving back to this school that suffered this hate crime, thank you so much. a muni bus driver is recovering at home tonight after he was assaulted by three men who refused to wear masks. the drivers of the passengers also yelled and spit at him when he told the masks were
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required. this happened wednesday afternoon near 11th and division. the driver says when the suspects refused to put on a mask he stopped the bus to escort them off. that's when he says one of them pulled out a small wooden souvenir bat and struck him several times before running off. the driver suffered a fractured finger and bruises but is expected to make a full recovery. anyone with information can contact us fpd. new at 10:00, a san jose police officer is on administered leave after a video posted to social media shows a suspect being kicked and dragged it to her knees and handcuffs. that happened wednesday on east clannish santa clara street and 27th. the woman was wanted for evading officers on july 17th and the day of her arrest . she was booked on driving with a suspended license. her two children were in the car at the time of the
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encounter. now to coronavirus coverage. another grim record set just yesterday. let's take a look, california reported 159 deaths. that is the highest number get. the raising number of covid-19 deaths in our state is 8186. there has now been more than 435,000 cases of coronavirus in the state since the start of the pandemic. that includes the 9700 new cases from thursday. in the meantime governor gavin newsom is pleading to do more to protect essential workers, many of them latinos from the pandemic. we have live coverage tonight with the lopsided numbers that show latinos carrying much of the covid burden . >> reporter: latinos make up 39% of the california population, but 55% have confirmed covid cases . and in some counties
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it's even higher. >> my family, i'm the only one able to work from home. >> reporter: helen says her family is careful, because in her neighborhood coronavirus is close. >> a friend of our family passed away from covid. we have neighbors up the street who their whole families have had it and they have had to quarantine themselves. >> reporter: latino business owners are not surprised at covid's foothold in their communities. >> the rent is so expensive, they can't afford to live by themselves. they have to rent out rooms. >> reporter: families will share a home or apartment, making it hard to stay separate. >> all of them living together in one place. if one person gets infected and comes home, they in fact the whole family. >> this is where we are seeing the first spread. >> reporter: governor newsom is pledging to protect drivers, farmers, cashiers and service
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workers with expanded tickly, workers comp benefits and hotel rooms for individuals who need to isolate. >> people that are feeling sick, people that may be sick come a we don't want them going to work and infecting other people. >> i think it's time for the governor or elected officials to be bolder and come up with the strategies that are really going to help us. >> reporter: in marin county latinos make up 60% of the population, but 77% of the cases. outreach and testing are ongoing. the county offers disaster relief payments so workers can afford to quarantine. but- >> we have one hotel that's helping and that's it. we don't have all the hotels raising their hand. >> reporter: disproportionate disease among latinos has been a topic of community meetings. >> we hear a lot of fear when we call people and notify them about the positive. >> reporter: public health officials encounter not only fear of covid, but fear of government and being split
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apart. >> you might have a that is earning wages and caring for three children in their home. and us offering a hotel room and separating her from three children may not be a viable or desirable option. >> reporter: latinos are key to california's economy, pre- pandemic, during and after. >> they don't get anything, a stimulus check, unemployment check, nothing. they either work or get nothing. >> reporter: governor newsom is urging the legislature to craft an aide package for essential workers. he also wants to make it mandatory that employers report outbreaks and he wants to crackdown on those who expose their workers to covid risk . san francisco health officials have a new and refined public mask order. it's aimed at curbing community spread of the virus. the new rules require anyone
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age 10 and up to wear a face covering within six feet of others. that includes on sidewalks. the directive also requires a written note from a dr. if you are unable to wear a mask. children under the age of two do not need to wear masks due to the risk of suffocation. while children ages two to nine are encouraged to do so. surprise of the only antiviral drug known to effectively treat covid-19 hospitalist patients are running low. the situation is being called precarious. a spokesperson from ucsf told us today that supplies of remdesivir are currently quote , hand to mouth. ucsf donated some supplies to san francisco general hospital earlier this week. remdesivir is an intravenous antiviral drug made by foster city's gilead sciences. it helps patients who are extremely ill get better sooner. alameda county health officials today blame social gatherings for much of that county's recent increase in
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cases. those officials are also asking people to give lake merritt a break this weekend. >> reporter: despite numerous warnings, health officials say people gathering in places, such as here at lake merritt, have led to a spike in the covid-19 infection rate. dr. nicholas moss, alameda county's interim public health director, says the infection rate is now three times what it was on june 1st. >> over the past month we have seen more people infected by attending parties, social events and family gatherings. while these aren't the only places that we see transmission, social gatherings play a much larger role than we had expected. >> reporter: the new study by the ritz community health center found the number of covid-19 infections have drupal since may. >> oaklands numbers are most concerning. >> reporter: the study finds the number of infections per 100,000 people is 60% higher in
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oakland than the rest of alameda county. but with in oakland, what has health officials most concerned, is economically disadvantaged east oakland. >> when we look at east oakland the case rates are double and triple the rest of oakland. and they are doubling at a rapid rate >> reporter: health and political leaders are hoping to increase committee education and drive home that the public is not out of the woods from covid-19. >> i see folks not wearing masks, sharing food, drinks, smokes. oakland, we've got to do better than this. >> reporter: reports have come in on thousands of people crowding into one block. the city has banned parking and vendors on weekends, but vendors still come. they will be issuing warnings and documenting who was doing the vending. and if they continue, then they will take enforcement action. how the forstmann health enforcement tell people to stay in their own social bubble.
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>> we want to continue to reopen and we need to get case rates down. >> reporter: too many people are tuning out the message about staying at least six feet apart and wearing a mask. they hope these new numbers get their attention. bay area weather a little bit cooler today but temperatures will be trending up this weekend. we will also tell you about the new tool to tackle homelessness. the plan to allow rvs to park on vacant lots and give property owners a tax break. plus, we will know more details of a new coronavirus relief bill as the $600 a week unemployment supplement is about to end.
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a chinese researcher who fled her post as a visiting researcher at uc davis is now in federal custody. sacramento county jail records show that juan tang was detained early this morning. the justice department is bringing charges against tang and three other scientists in the u.s., saying they lied about their status of members of china's people's liberation army.
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they are charged with visa fraud. the fbi had suspected she was hiding in the chinese consulate in san francisco. meanwhile, the chinese consul in houston close this afternoon after orders from the government. the decision was made in an effort to protect american intellectual property and private information. consulate staffers are accused of trying to steal data's from texas anna medical center and the cancer center. china has denied the allegation and it responded by closing one of six u.s. consulates in china. the growing tensions with china prompted more selling on wall street. the dow closed 182 points lower . the nasdaq lost 98 points and the s&p was down 20. tech and healthcare companies led the sectors on the downside. gold hit an all-time high, nearly $1900 an ounce. a new poll from the associated press finds nearly half of americans whose
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families experienced a layoff believes those jobs are gone forever. still, the same poll finds health concerns or overwriting economic fears. nearly 3/4 of americans would i them loosen them to help restore the president trump is dismissing calls for states with high rates of coronavirus to rollback reopening's. this comes as congress tries to find common ground for new coronavirus relief packages. >> reporter: as some states see covid-19 numbers continue to rise, the nation's top infectious disease expert urged hot spots to pull back on opening up. >> if you look at what's going on and some of the southern states particularly, they are having the resurging of cases. you can put a pause on what you're doing, or even maybe take a step back. >> reporter: in an interview that aired on friday, president trump seemed to dismiss dr.
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fauci's concerns. >> he would like to see it close for a couple of years. i said that's okay, because i'm president. >> if we can't get the numbers under control by the beginning of next week, i think you can expect that we will recommend a superintendent push start dates back. >> reporter: in the meantime republicans say that will reveal the next coronavirus relief package by early next week. one major focus, emergency unemployment and if it's that will run out soon. >> we also intend to contend supplements to unemployment insurance while fixing the obvious craziness of paying people more to remain out of the workforce. >> reporter: but democrats want the benefits to stay at $600 a week. >> i, for the life of me, cannot understand why the republicans in congress hold it against people without, shall
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we say, a trust fund or something. >> reporter: as for timing, the senate majority leader says he hopes to have a deal on the relief package in the next few weeks. u.s. immigration officials today clarified the rules on four students attending u.s. universities. immigration and customs enforcement said today that international students are actively enrolled in college by march 9th will still be around to attend, even if classes are fully online. but new foreign students will not be able to, will not be allowed into the u.s. if there classes are online only. initially all foreign students were told they would have to leave the u.s. if their courses were remote. but the administration had to resend that rule this month after universities, including uc berkeley, filed a federal lawsuit. u.s. government says it's putting new applications for the daca program into pending
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status while the trump administration considers its next move. the trump administration improperly ended daca, which protects some immigrants brought to the u.s. as children from deportation. the hearing today had the government's attorney who said the agency is accepting new applications, but they are unlikely to be approved unless the court orders it to do so. hawaii is keeping a close watch on hurricane douglas. it's the first hurricane to threaten the united states since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. the storm peaked as a category four today, but has begun to weaken. it's expected to make landfall by sunday as a category one storm. bay area weather, no storms for us. in fact, we are talking about a little bit of a warming trend into the weekend for both saturday and sunday. these are just minor
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temperature changes. you probably noticed the temperatures go up a little bit and then down a little bit. no extreme changes with our weather pattern. the highs today, typical july weather. the hot spots are not incredibly hot, 80 to 90 degrees. 60s and 70s around the bay, santa rosa 79, san francisco 61 and pacifica 56 degrees. here's the plan this weekend for your saturday, some fog to start out the day, fierce guys and breezy. then on sunday clearing skies and it will be mild to warm. the hot spot is approaching the low, may be mid-90s. satellite and radar showing you another round of thunderstorms over the sierra earlier today. there's a chance earlier this weekend, especially for the sunday forecast. for us we have the low clouds and fog regrouping with a pretty good onshore pattern to push the clouds back into the bay for tonight. current numbers, walnut creek 57, sfo 59 and san jose in the lower 60s. here is our live camera toward
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the alameda estuary. some low clouds back in the picture. temperatures to so that your saturday are mainly in the 50s and then into the afternoon hours 60s, 70s, 80s and lower 90s. coming up, we will up the five day forecast and have a closer look at hurricane douglas and another tropical storm that is developing right now. two problems, one solution. coming up, the plan to tackle homelessness in oakland by allowing rvs to park on otherwise vacant lots. plus, the search for a french bulldog.
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so you can keep more cash in your pockets for when it matters most and that's just one of the many ways we're here to help the military community find out more at new at 10:00, rvs in oakland may soon start moving off of the streets and onto vacant lots. the city council recently approved a pilot program that would allow rv owners to move their vehicles onto vacant
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residential lots with the owner's consent. >> reporter: this is one of the creative ways the city is trying to deal with the homeless problem. but as you can imagine, it's not a program that sits well with some homeowners. dotted throughout oakland, there are small vacant residential lots, about 4000 of them. there are roughly the same number of unhoused and many of them are people like joey miller living with no consistent safe place to park in an rv. >> wynot give people like me, with motorhomes, a spot where we can go off and not really bother anyone? >> reporter: the three-year pilot program would do just that. currently owners of vacant residential property can be assessed an annual $6000 vacant property tax by allowing an rv on the property.
10:26 pm
homeowners could avoid that payment. >> these property owners can provide housing to those who need it, provide a space for them to exist to where they no longer have to pay the vacant parcel tax. >> reporter: the program would require rv owners to pay a $150 application fee and get an annually renewable $500 permit. the opportunity could be life- changing for some. >> it would cut down on stress, because that way while i'm at work i can know my motorhome is good and safe and i don't have to worry about coming home to possibly a ticket or warning and having to pick up and move. >> reporter: but at least one homeowner living near several vacant lots doesn't like the idea. >> i mean if we started having a lot of rvs it would be a different neighborhood. i hope we would get a tax break [ laughter ]. >> reporter: to appease homeowner concerns of blight, property owners would be required to provide for garbage collection, sanitation and electricity.
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>> we have thought about those concerns and we have addressed them in a way that's similar to existing building codes while also accommodating for the need of really supporting the broader housing affordability crisis in oakland. >> reporter: this program has already gone unanimous approval by the city council and is expected to be formally adopted on tuesday. that's when the program would become official with the expectation of it being up and running within two months. this five month old french bulldog was inside of a stolen car on july 3rd. the vehicle was found in san pablo the next day, but the dog was gone. police released pictures of the
10:28 pm
suspect. it appears she is trying to keep the dog is around pet. they moved to california to distance themselves from the scrutiny of the royal family. coming up, the new lawsuit claiming invasions of privacy in southern california. later in sports, the oakland a's hold their season opener tonight. the federal agents deployed to seattle ahead of demonstrations this weekend.
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it's been a while since we could say this, but major league baseball is back on ktvu. it starts on saturday with a triple header, the cubs and bruins followed by the giants and dodgers and the world champion nationals against the yankees, all here on ktvu fox 2. a federal judge ruled that the state of oregon does not have standing to represent protesters in a lawsuit against the government. the suit alleged the federal agents were arresting people without probable cause and
10:31 pm
using excessive force. oregon's attorney general was seeking a restraining order, saying some people have been taken from the streets and unmarked vehicles. portland's mayor and other officials have reportedly asked to the u.s. to withdraw. they say the presence of federal agents is only inflaming the situation. federal forces are also heading to seattle. >> they are definitely not being discriminatory about what they shoot at you. all they care is that it hits you and it hurts. >> reporter: what began as a stand against racism has become a nightly ritual outside the federal courthouse in portland. the presidency by force, 100 federal agents. >> if they are going to be violent, we have to match them. >> it's definitely a lot more aggressive. i wouldn't call it peaceful. >> reporter: 2000 gathered peacefully thursday evening, holding hands and blocking
10:32 pm
traffic. but as night fell, a younger crowd set fires inside offense erected to protect the building. agents warned protesters multiple times to back away from the fence, they refused. after several breach to the perimeter, agents fired tear gas and foam pellets. >> we are targeting individuals that are doing these criminal acts and we are trying to hold them accountable. >> reporter: the feds charged 18 this week for assault, arson and destroying federal property. in seattle, an additional 100 federal agents are on standby in advance of a solidarity demonstration plant for saturday. police erected walls around two police stations out of fear they could not protect them as the city council and now a federal judge say cops cannot use pepper spray, teargas or nonlethal munitions in crowd control. >> now that we don't have any tools in our toolbelt to protect the officers, as we did before, we have protection around each of the facilities.
10:33 pm
>> reporter: meanwhile the seattle mayor says she will take every legal step necessary to stop federal agents from deploying as a quote, occupying force. >> i don't trust this president. i trust him to say what he does when it comes down to conflict, but we've got to prepare for any scenario. and that's what we are trying to do. >> reporter: the doj inspector general agreed to review agents use of force in portland. in seattle she told police not to risk safety during protests since they are limited to their gun and riot baton. five seattle news outlets are being ordered to hand over unpublished video and photos from a protester racial justice back in may. a judge sided with law enforcement, saying the photos and video were critical to an investigation into alleged arson of police vehicles and fasts of police guns. the judge did impose limits on the ruling. he told police they can only use the images to identify
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suspects in the arson and done investigations. here at home ktvu has confirmed that a vallejo police lieutenant is on leave in connection with the destruction of a windshield from a police truck after the truck was involved in a deadly shooting. crime reporter henry lee has the details. >> reporter: a city source confirms to ktvu vallejo police lieutenant michael nichelini is on paid leave after the windshield of the police truck involved in the deadly shooting of sean monta rosa was destroyed. nichelini, first identified by the news site open vallejo, is also under investigation for allowing the unmarked truck to be put back into service with a new window without consulting the police chief or city attorney. >> it is a clear obstruction of justice to destroy justice. >> reporter: civil rights attorney john byrd represents monterossa's family. >> you know you don't destroy evidence.
10:35 pm
he shouldn't have been thinking he could make that decision as to whether there was valuable evidence were not. >> reporter: the windshield was a key piece of evidence because police body can video doesn't show monterossa's actions before he was shot. a detective fired his rifle from the backseat of the truck after mistaking monterossa's hammer for a gun. nichelini is president of the police union, which represents officers. his father once served as vallejo's top cop and he hired his son, a former officer in oakland. >> this wasn't too much of a surprise for those of us who are familiar with his behavior historically. >> reporter: civil rights attorney melissa knowles said he recorded her last fall. this is part of the 15 minutes of video showing her on his phone. the two dislike each other because she has represented many families and lawsuits against vallejo pd. >> he approached the front and walked up to me and it appeared he wanted to fight me.
10:36 pm
i had never seen anything quite like it. it was like there was going to be some kind of physical confrontation. >> reporter: i've reached out to the lieutenant, police union and the union's attorney but have not got a response. former royals harry and meghan have filed an and frye asian of privacy lawsuit. application of a photo of their son archie was taken at their home. the lawsuit says photographers perched on a ridge to. into their home and claimed photo shooting drones have repeatedly flown over there residence. coming up, life-saving tools built into your fitness tracker. how one could identify coronavirus days before symptoms. and in three minutes, new guidance from the cdc on reopening schools. in your bay area weekend
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forecast we feature warm temperatures. but how long will the warm-up last?
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governor newsom has opened a window of opportunity, allowing school districts to apply for waivers so elementary schools can open for in person learning, even if there county is on the states watchlist. >> it's about partnerships that need to be initiated with labor, parents and community based organizations to allow for in person instruction again for elementary schools specifically. in partnership with local health officials so school districts can work with their local health departments to go through that waiver process.
10:40 pm
>> the governor says school districts will have to work with parents and teacher labor unions to come up with the specifics for a plan. the u.s. centers for disease control can has released new guidelines for schools reopening after coming under criticism from president trump. the new cdc guidelines still urge students to wear facemask, wash their hands frequently and social distance. but the updated document says it's in the best interest of children and their parents for schools to open and says that children with the virus don't suffer as much as adults. >> we certainly know from other studies that children under 10 do get infected, it's just unclear how rapidly they spread the virus. >> of the guidelines do recommend that local officials should consider closing schools are keeping them closed if there is substantial and uncontrolled transmission of the virus. president trump's former personal attorney michael cohen
10:41 pm
is back home in new york after being released from federal prison the second time. a judge ordered his release, saying he believes the government retaliated against cohen for planning to release a tell-all book about the president. he had been furloughed from prison back in may as authorities tried to slow the spread of the coronavirus. he was later sent back. he can now serve the remainder of his three-year sentence for campaign-finance violations of lying to congress under home confinement. the faa has issued an emergency order directing airlines to inspect engines on boeing 737 jets. now the directive comes after four reports of engines shutting down during flights. boeing says it's planes are being used less during the pandemic and that makes them deceptive to engine valve corrosion. the problem can lead to a loss of power in the engine and the inability to restart it. boeing says if inspectors, or if
10:42 pm
inspections turnup a problem they will provide the parts needed. check this out, your fitness tracker may one day become your covid-19 tracker. researchers say that monitoring changes in heart rate, breathing and temperature may allow wearable devices to detect the virus days before symptoms appear. one study out of stanford found smart watch is identified early signs of infection in 80% of covid patients. >> we can tell when someone is getting ill before or at the time of symptoms and we think that is superpowerful. that means two thirds of the time you can tell people to stay home, don't go out and infect other people. >> fitbit is conducting its own study and hopes to eventually roll out a new feature to detect asymptomatic patients. san jose on a white house
10:43 pm
watchlist for coronavirus cases. my city officials said they can't understand why. and our meteorologist will be back with the complete weekend forecast. you are thirsty and we know that you want a cold drink. but we also know that, when it comes to money, you want to...not spend any. that's why 7-eleven has 7 cups free with 7rewards. you get the big gulp you want. for the no money you want.
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san jose has been added to a federal coronavirus
10:46 pm
watchlist. a dozen cities across the country are on the list. but leaders in the south bay say they aren't sure what factors got them on the list in the first place. >> reporter: the white house apparently has a covid watchlist. on it , 12 cities they say are lagging behind in slowing the spread. among them, san jose. >> we are tracking it very closely. >> reporter: a coronavirus task force member made the announcement on a private call obtained by the nonprofit center for public integrity. the news came as a shock to local leaders. >> i'm not so much offended as a little surprised. the cities that were included on the watchlist are all doing significantly worse than san jose. san jose and santa clara are doing significantly better than some of the cities that were left off the watchlist. >> reporter: san jose's mayor points out there are hundreds of cities with higher
10:47 pm
infection, hospitalization and death rates. still, san jose has seen 5523 cases out of a population of just over 1 million and he believes we need to do better. >> i don't pretend to know what criteria were used by the white house. i'm not sure it really matters. the reality is we've got rising infection rates throughout the country and all of us need to do more. because right now too many people are getting sick and dying. >> reporter: there was a question about what the white house watchlist means for the cities on it. >> we have no idea. i guess, and my best world, i hope that means they are trying to develop a national strategic approach to dealing with the pandemic because it's been pretty incoherent and inconsistent so far. >> reporter: for now local leaders say they are focusing on policies here and the very real possibility of scaling back activities unless transmission rates drop. >> we need to focus on the purpose and not on the circus. the white house may say different things on different
10:48 pm
days. we know what our responsibility is and we've got to keep each other safe. east bay regional park officials are warning about blue-green algae blooms in area lakes that could be harmful to pets and humans. the regional parks freshwater lakes and reservoirs are currently closed. but there are still signs of park entrances warning people about the high levels of toxic algae blooms. park officials say they are taking steps to mitigate the problem. >> is very weak we started a program that will treat and remediate the bacteria in the lake by adding oxygen. >> the oxygen creates a chemical reaction that makes it harder for the algae to thrive. symptoms from exposure are wide- ranging, but include nausea, skin irritation, blisters and a sore throat for coughing.
10:49 pm
the bay area weather headline as we head into the weekend features a warming trend. probably and also bump in the numbers, about 5 to 10 degrees. as we take a look at the graphics we will show you the bottom row with the highs from today. and everybody has an up arrow here. santa rosa up to 86, liver for more from 83 to 91 degrees. we are still talking about fog for the morning hours, leering back to near the coastline and the beaches aren't warming up too much with patchy fog nearby. even a little bit warmer as we head into the sunday forecast. a lot to talk about in the tropics, tropical storm hanna and hurricane douglas. here is hurricane douglas. you can see the well defined eye approaching the hawaiian islands . this is a category three storm with winds at 115 miles an hour moving to the west/northwest at about 20 miles an hour. has become in it looks like they could be sunday, possibly a category one hurricane just
10:50 pm
to the north of maui, heading very close to a wife who is a tropical storm, then maybe tropical storm for kawai e. will be watching this one closely into the weekend and here is tropical storm hanna making a big impact for texas right now with winds at 65 miles an hour and a could briefly become a hurricane tomorrow making landfall somewhere to the south of corpus christi later this saturday. watch out for those two systems this weekend. for us in the bay area, low clouds and fog just off shore and another round of thunderstorms out toward the sierra. they still have a chance of thunderstorms in this year this weekend, especially heading into sunday. a slight chance for saturday, probably a better chance at a sunday. current temperatures right now mainly in the 50s to lower 60s, overnight we talked about some fog. let's see, coast side and right around the base and patchy fog from the coast in the patchy fog writer on the beds well. temperatures in the 50s. it has been a cooler weather pattern this week on because this area of low pressure has been settling in over the north of the bay area. this area of high pressure
10:51 pm
wants to build in and that will lead to our warm-up. not an extreme warm-up, but still you will notice temperatures going up for tomorrow. 91 in st. helena, fairfield 90 degrees. right around the bay 70s and inland upper 80s to lower 90s. down in the south they san jose 84, morgan hill around 90 and san francisco has clouds in the morning. it becomes partly sunny and the beach is not warming up too much, mainly in the lower 60s. sunday is the warmest day and then minor cooling into the weekend, actually in the next week for monday and tuesday. while we are talking about a warm-up, thankfully it's not an extreme heat event in the bay area, just temperatures up a few degrees from today. >> not too bad. no complaints from me, thank you. coming up in sports, a coliseum thriller between the angels and the a's home opener. and then on the 11:00 news,
10:52 pm
a protest outside the coliseum tonight. the message this caravan of cars hopes to send.
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hey, how's it going everybody? happy friday night to you. opening night it is out at the coliseum. you had to wait around for the drama and it still in progress. as we say, they are tying one on . the angels in the a's and most of the good stuff happening later, but what has become custom now, both teams prior uniting for a common cause as they get ready for the start of this first game. the eighth inning, told you we had to fast forward to the late innings. angels up 2-1. marcus simeon on the move, a homerun earlier, this time a laser down the
10:55 pm
right field. simeon hightailing it home and he will score it to tie it 2-2. and then matt chatman atoning for a costly error earlier. he will wind up with third-base. lorianna will score, actually he was trying to tag and got a late break. but he did come in for a 3-2 a's lead. and then liam hendrix lowing the same as jason castro, a stanford man who also grew up in nearby castro valley, deep to write off hendrix to tie it 3-3. there is your cardboard cutout of the century so far. tom hanks grew up in oakland, went to skyline and was a vendor in his early day, prior to movie stardom. you know it would be absolutely foolish to make any kind of an assessment after two games, but let's talk about the giants' first two games. tonight they walk eight guys, a combined score with two losses
10:56 pm
to the doctors. they have been outscored 17-2. you make a call and that's exactly what the chore was tonight, doing it long distance from oracle in san francisco. as usual, doing a great job. but this was a tough call because it was all dodgers. tyler anderson is the san francisco starter tonight. second batter of the game, he faces max muncy. deep and the only giant run. jaylen davis a homerun, his first, the giants first, obviously. they are still in the ballgame come the sixth. they are down 4-1 as l.a. leading. is not man max muncy again. deep and it's gone, his second of the year. big-money mookie, first rbi as a dodger. he's got an rbi single , nine-1 complete dodger
10:57 pm
domination in the first two games. the old pal madison bumgarner and the diamondbacks uniform. six innings scoreless versus the padres, but san diego is load the bases on the 100th pitch of the night. deep, he's got extra bases and he will clear the bases with a three run double. four hits, three runs, san diego sending madison bumgarner to a 7-2 loss in his arizona debut. there was some cool news concerning the san francisco giants. you remember earlier this week when they were playing the bay bridge tuneup series against the oakland a's? they made some history. guess what, cooper still, the hall of fame has noticed as the giants coach alyssa knaak and becomes the first woman to serve as an on-field coach. she was at first base for the first couple of games and that
10:58 pm
series against the a's and then there you go, her jersey will go to the hall of fame and that will be forever preserved and commemorated as a great first and hopefully not last first in major league baseball to invite women in. why not? here we are, it's july 24th. happy birthday to barry bonds. can you believe it? he's 56 years old today. and a couple of people that he is very close to our right at the center of joe fonzi's, the stay in sports, history lesson. >> reporter: it was on this day in 1973 that willie mays, representing the new york mets, made his 24th and final all- star game appearance. >> reporter: after a lengthy ovation, mays was struck out by
10:59 pm
the yankees' sparky lyle. mays' former teammate bobby lyle went 2 for 2 for a homerun. that's the stay in sports, july 24th, i'm joe fonzi. without a little time to check this out. let's go back to the giant dodgers game in l.a. this hurts looking at it. he will get a face full of the panda at first base. that's an ugly collision. both taylor and the panda are okay. if you take a look at a replay or two, let me tell you what, pablo sandoval packs a lot of weight and that could hurt. so the a's and angels, it's in the bottom of the 10th inning, tied three-three on opening night, extra innings. we will have it for you, hopefully a walkoff win by the a's and about 20 minutes from now. that's the sporting life for
11:00 pm
right now. the next at 11:00->> if you want to open the economy you must support essential workers and the latino community. >> a new push to help essential workers hit hard by the coronavirus. what the governor says is needed for latinos and others. california governor gavin newsom calls at the backbone of california, the essential workers keeping us fed and much more during the pandemic. thank you for joining us again. >> the governor focused his daily briefing on essential workers today. he says many are latinos being infected at a higher rate. we get live coverage now


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