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right now. >> the presidents orders still have to go through a regulatory the process, and that could take months. coming up, a place to park next at 11:00->> if you for rvs in oakland. want to open the economy you the plan to incentivize the must support essential workers owners vacant lots while and the latino community. offering a solution to the homeless crisis. plus, criminal charges >> a new push to help essential filed for this, the mailey over workers hit hard by the coronavirus. what the governor says is needed for latinos and others. masks in a target store. california governor gavin newsom calls at the backbone of california, the essential workers keeping us fed and much more during the pandemic. thank you for joining us again. >> the governor focused his daily briefing on essential workers today. he says many are latinos being infected at a higher rate. we get live coverage now on why
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latinos are carrying much of the covid burden. >> reporter: latinos make up 39% of california's population, but 55% of confirmed covid cases . and in some counties it's even higher. >> my family, i'm the only one able to work from home. >> reporter: helen says her family is careful, because in her neighborhood coronavirus is close. >> a friend of our family passed away from covid. we have neighbors up the street who their whole families have had covid and they have had to quarantine themselves . we had another neighbor across the street. >> reporter: latino business owners are not surprised on the foothold in their communities. high rents make families share a home or apartment, making it hard to stay separate. >> and infects the
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whole family. >> this is where we are seeing new at 11:00, cloverleaf the spread, essential workforce. >> reporter: governor newsom is pledging to protect drivers, farmworkers, cashiers and other service workers with expanded thickly and workers comp and if family bull is closing after more than 60 years of business. it's, this hotel rooms for family-owned and operated tolling alley had held up hope individuals who need to isolate. >> people who are feeling sick, these past four months for a reopening date. however, owners say the ongoing people that may be sick, we rise in the cases of coronavirus don't want them going to work and infecting other people. in the state in alameda county, they do not see bowling alleys >> i think it's time for the governor and all elected reopening four months and officials to be bolder and come unfortunately they cannot afford not to shut down. out with the strategies that are really going to help us. >> reporter: in marin county new to this now, opening latinos make up 16% of the night for the a's at the population but 70% of the oakland coliseum looked a lot different than usual this year. cases. outreach and testing are ongoing. the county offers disaster relief payments so workers can afford to quarantine. but- >> we have one hotel that's >> a small caravan took place outside of the stadium where helping and that's it. we don't have other hotels raising their protesters and demonstrators want the a's to build a new hand. ballpark at the coliseum site and not howard terminal near >> we hear a lot of fear when we call people and notify them jack london square. they say of the team moves that of a positive. >> reporter: public health will negatively impact officials encounter not only operations at the port and have fear of covid, but fear of a devastating impact in east government and being split oakland.
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apart. >> you might have a mom who is a pilot program is getting started in oakland that would earning wages and caring for three children at her home. allow rv owners, or people living in rvs, to relocate off is offering a hotel room and separating her from her children of the streets and into vacant may not be a viable or lots. and the landowner gets a tax desirable option. >> reporter: advocates point break. out latinos were key to the rv owners would first need california's economy pre- to get them permission and also pandemic, now during and after. meet certain living requirement. >> they don't get anything. didn't get a stimulus check, and unemployment check, they don't get anything. >> reporter: dotted throughout they either work or they get oakland, there are small, vacant residential lot. about nothing. >> reporter: in addition to an 4000 of them according to a aid package for essential city report from 2018. there are roughly the same workers, governor newsom also number of unhoused and many of wants to crackdown on companies that persist with unsafe covid them are people like joey miller conditions and make it mandatory that they report , living in rvs with no consistent safe place to park. outbreaks. >> why not give people like me, california reported 159 who live in motorhomes in a spot where we can go off and deaths yesterday. that is the highest number yet. not really bother anyone? >> reporter: the three-year and it brings the number of pilot program would do just that. covid-19 deaths in california currently owners of residential to more than 8100. there has now been 435,000 cases property can be assessed an annual $6000 vacant property tax. of coronavirus in the state by allowing an rv on the since the start of this
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pandemic. that includes more than 9700 property owners could avoid the new cases on thursday. payment. >> these property owners can provide housing to those who need it. just in our newsroom, the alameda county sheriff's provide a space for them to exist to where they no longer department are saying they have have to pay the vacant parcel lost their second employee. a tax. >> reporter: the program would require rv owners to pay a $150 civilian employee died this evening at a hospital in application fee and get an annually renewable $500 permit. modesto. a person's name was not released, but it follows the death of a longtime deputy who the opportunity could be life- changing for some. >> it would cut down on stress. most recently worked at the county jail. that way, while i'm at work, i a 16th inmate from san can know that my motorhome is quentin state prison has died good and safe. i don't have to worry about coming home to a ticket or from covid-19. officials did not identify the prisoner but did say he died warning. at an outside hospital. the news comes as work is >> reporter: at least one underway to deep clean the homeowner living near several vacant lots doesn't like the 600,000 square-foot interior of idea. >> if we started having a lot of rvs it would be a different the prison. san quentin is the oldest state prison in california currently neighborhood. i hope we would get a tax break and has more than 800 active [ laughter ]. cases of the coronavirus. >> reporter: to appease homeowners concerns of blight san francisco health property owners would be required to provide for garbage officials have ordered a new and updated mask ordinance. collection, sanitation and
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the directive requires a written note from a dr. if you electricity. >> we thought about those concerns and we have addressed are unable to wear a mask. them in a way that similar to the new rules say anyone age 10 existing building codes, while and up must wear a face also accommodating for the need covering when they are within six feet of others. of really supporting the that includes on sidewalks. children under the age of two broader housing affordability crisis that we have in oakland. do not need to wear a mask because of the risk of suffocation. while children ages two to nine >> reporter: the program has already received unanimous are encouraged to wear them. approval by the city council and is expected to be formally adopted on tuesday. new at 11:00, the fda has that's when the program will be official and it is expected to approved a new test for people with coronavirus were be up and running within two asymptomatic. the lab or test is able to months. amplify the genetic matter from the virus so it is detectable. prosecutors in los angeles the fda emergency authorization have charged two others for an also allows the test to be used on pools of samples of up to attack involving target security guards. five swabs at a time. altercation started over targets mandatory mask alyse right now the test is only available by prescription. eady. the city attorney says philip and paul hamilton were health officials in alameda county are asking people to limit interactions with people being escorted out of the store for refusing to wear masks when the fight broke out. outside of their homes. they say social gatherings are one security guard suffered a broken arm. it happened at the target store fueling the spread of coronavirus in oakland and in van nuys. los angeles has required face elsewhere. alameda county's interim help
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director says the infection rate in the county is three coverings since april 10th. a new effort to make sure times what it was on june 1st. online learning does not leave at lake merritt the city has been parking and vendors on students behind. now san francisco plans to weekends, but hundreds still support distance-learning with turnout. hubs in neighborhoods across >> ic folks not wearing mass, the city. and in bay area weather sharing food, drinks, smokes. oak and, we got to do better your weekend is just about here. we are talking about a warm-up than this. across a good portion of the >> reporter: a study found the bay area. it is morning and we know thmes to money you want to. number of covid-19 infections has quadrupled since may. alameda is the first bay area county to top 10,000 cases. debate areas armenian community is in shock and i after graffiti and hateful messages were scrawled on the armenian school in san francisco. officials told the da they are looking into this as a hate crime. >> reporter: the da said today this was not a random kind of graffiti, these were targeted,
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malicious messages. and tonight at a rally people in the community came together and said that they would not be intimidated. >> i was shocked. i was appalled. >> reporter: graffiti scrawled across the walls weren't random words, but messages of intimidation and hate targeting the armenian school. >> the community is in shock. our families, students, alumni and they were all in shock to see these hate messages on the wall. >> reporter: by evening a crowd had gathered in the school parking lot. they came together to pray and heal from the hurtful attack. >> this is the only armenian school in northern california. not spend any. that's why 7-eleven has 7 cups free with 7rewards. it is one place where we can actually be able to express our you get the drip coffee you want. for the no money you want. armenian identity. >> reporter: the graffiti attack coffee. no money. 7 times. reopen centuries-old wounds with turkey and comes as is that what you want? oh, we know. tensions have flared up between because we are 7-eleven. azerbaijan and armenia over and we might know you better than you know yourself.
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7-eleven. always open. new conflicts in an oil-rich region near their border. earlier in the week protest in los angeles led to clashes outside the azerbaijan consulate. this attack on a school and it is in san francisco is being called an active hate. >> this is not how we solve our problems. we teach them tolerance and sympathy. >> reporter: sympathy and support is also coming from the azerbaijan community in the bay area. >> we strongly believe that this act is ugly, heinous and appalling. >> reporter: members of the azerbaijan cultural society of northern california say the graffiti itself is suspicious and should be investigated and condemned. >> the name azerbaijan was misspelled , other city names to keep studmonth. were misspelled. the district plans to support >> reporter: san francisco's district attorney is vowing to distance-learning with find the criminals. neighborhood hubs across the >> we are absolutely treating city. >> reporter: instruction sets this investigation as a hate crime. it is outrageous, it is an
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attack on every single one of us here at san francisco. get underway in just three >> reporter: the school weeks. san francisco unified schools has finalized its plans for distance-learning and will principal said she received submit them to the school board hundreds of phone calls from next week. across the region, people who the district says it has learned a lot after having to wanted to come and help clean improvise last spring. up the walls and help paint over those messages. certainly the district says it has also a wonderful show of support. taken a lot of feedback from families and will roll that into the plan. one of the top concerns, families want to see more time >> exactly. it's good to see they are for online interactions, not receiving that support. just pulling assignments down from a website. sad that it happened in the >> not only did the teachers, first place. a smokey brushfire forced the closure of interstate 580 through richmond for a time the students want to connect it this afternoon. we got this video showing the connect with each other. thick black smoke billowing they want opportunities to build relationships. we totally over the freeway. the fire started near point is understand that. >> reporter: san francisco is about regional park around 1:30 rolling out details on plans to this afternoon. provide 40 hubs throughout the city and make sure as many as 580 was shut down your central avenue while crews got the fire 6000 students in traditionally under control. underserved communities aren't there is no word yet on the getting left behind. >> we know that our most highest need children struggle cause. san francisco has joined a coalition of other cities, the most. countries, or counties and >> reporter: the hubs will be states, filing a legal challenge
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located in nonprofits, and an effort to exclude libraries and park properties undocumented immigrants from around san francisco and will being counted in the 2020 census. bring resources directly to the kids who need them most. proponents say the memorandum >> that means having an signed by president trump this week is a violation of the academic support staff that is constitution, which says all just supporting the kids. persons shall be counted. they open up the zoom, check on never in u.s. history has the their homework and then providing a healthy meal. and census regarded disregarded anyone living in the u.s., then providing all of that in richmond and wraparound support. regarded regardless of status. the city's recreation and parks department says with a public park with and a 10 minute walk of any home in the president trump sign several executive orders today city it is ready to step up and aimed at lowering prescription drug prices this afternoon. and and precedented way. one of the orders would allow the u.s. to import drugs from canada. >> we will probably be providing approximately half of the white house made the all of the community learning proposal a year ago but u.s. hub sites. >> reporter: san francisco drug companies balked at the schools have posted all details idea. they also approved giving on their distance-learning plan rebates from drugmakers to of what the school year will look like a students go back to patients and offering epipens school in august. that plan is now on their website. parents can check it out and weigh in at the next school
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and insulin at a discount. >> in terms of pricing and board meeting, which is before the academic year. the next school board meeting is tuesday july 28th. in bay area weather we have been monitoring these temperature changes over the past two days. a little bit warmer, little bit cooler, it looks like a little bit warmer into the weekend. first we will look at the highs from this afternoon. oakland 65, san jose 78, concord mid 80s in antioch for the warmest spots, right around 90 degrees. this weekend i'm going to bump up the numbers a little bit for tomorrow. once again a sunday. fog is a factor for on the coa portions of the bay, gradually clearing back to the shoreline. thunderstorms verbally a factor earlier today and this afternoon, popping up on the radar and satellite. there was a chance of some thunderstorms this weekend around the tahoe area, probably
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better a bit as we head into your sunday. right now the low clouds and fog near the coast and parceling back into the bay. here is a live camera toward sfo. will show you current numbers for the 11:00 hour and temperatures right now in the mid-50s and lower 60s. overnight the fog will be coast side, a few patches around the bay and then partly cloudy skies well inland. so 50s and a few low 60s to start out your saturday morning. we have been a little bit cooler this week because this area of low pressure has angered up to our north. this high pressure wants to build in and this will be the source of warming and of the week. not a major warm-up, but as this guy builds in we will boost the temperatures on average about 4 to 8 degrees warmer than today. here is the plan tomorrow morning. we have clouds near the coast and portions of the bay and then the clouds clear back to the beaches. the beaches are not warming up too much. some patchy fog nearby and more sunshine inland.
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take a look at your forecast highs tomorrow, upper 80s to lower 90s for the hot spots, 70s and 80s around the bay, san francisco 67 degrees. look ahead to sunday, it should the warmest day of the weekend. then we cool things off a little bit as we head into early next week. it looks like a quiet weather pattern that will take us at least into the weekend and beyond. the oakland a's go extra innings before winning their opener with a walkoff grand slam. but it's not the reason why history was made at the coliseum.
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happy friday to you. what a wild and has direct friday night for the oakland a's on opening night. it is history, it's just
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bizarre history. more on the and a moment [ laughter ] we will explain. it's ridiculous history is what it is. but the a's, all the action in the late innings. down 2-1. it's ramon laureano with marcus simeon leading. after that tom hanks and the cardboard cutout [ laughter ] the movie star who used actually be a vendor. and then matt chapman d5 the board to right-center field. he will get himself a triple and then lorianna will score. the a's ta hendrix. here is the history, baseball has decided when it goes into extra innings from here on out you get to start the inning, the offense does, with a man at second. the a's in the bottom of the tent and marcus simeon was at second. they eventually load the bases and matt olson clears the bases with a walkoff grand slam to win it for the a's to the tune
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of seven-3. where is your social distancing, guys? that is supposed to be a no-no. they try hard not to completely celebrate, but who can blame them for getting a little carried away? what a way to win opening day. a ridiculous new rule for the a's. let's go to the videotape and show you what happened with the giants tonight at dodger stadium. they outscored 17-2 and it was a tough one to call from a distance. tyler anderson starts for the giants, taking it deep on the second batter of the game. max muncy, that's 1-3 in the third. they only scored two runs in the first two games. that's jalyn davis and ross strictly. a solo homer and the giants are very much in the ballgame. and in the sixth we start up 4- 1. muncy again deep to left center, and complete dodger
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domination. 9-1 this court today. it was 8-1 yesterday, all about l.a. madison bumgarner making his diamondback debut in san diego. a sixth inning, scoreless versus the padres. but san diego loaded the bases and on his 100th pitch eric hosmer is deep in the right- center field and he will wind up with a base that's clearing double. madison bumgarner with the loss, he went 5 2/3 innings, gave up four hits, three runs and san diego winds up winning it 7-2. all about baseball and opening night. the a's pull off a miraculous victory, has direct as it was. that's the sporting life. >> that was pretty cool. what a way to start off the season. thanks so much for joining us. that's it for us. something tells me we're not gonna want to do this on a full stomach.
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i can't believe there's such a thing as autopsy camp. [ laughs ] there is no such thing as autopsy camp. i had to trick luke 'cause i'm actually taking him to a ballroom-dance class. he's been resisting, but it's in his blood. i come from a long line of dancing dunphys -- a kick line, actually. [ chuckles ] come on, we don't want to be late, like the guy we're gonna see on the table. am i right? of corpse you are. [ chuckles ] hey, mom, can you take me driving? my test is coming up, and i really need to practice. oh, honey, i would, but i've got a big closets and blinds union meeting today. there is no closets and blinds union. driving with alex is torture. she drives so slowly. i have to be the only parent who slams on the imaginary gas. hey, i'm not doing anything. i guess i could take her. great! i'll go check the tire pressure and the fluid levels! fun! can't wait! be out in a sec!
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