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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  July 27, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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in the bay area including the courthouse in oakland set on fire. cleaning up the damage there and other parts of the country protesting against federal agents moving in. two major focuses today on covid-19, the economic relief plan presented by republicans and the next phase of human testing for a vaccine. good morning. thank you for joining us and welcome to mornings on 2. i'm dave clark. >> good morning dave i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. steve paulson watching how this weekend is shaping up for us. >> good morning, i will tell you, we are stuck in a pattern here. it is not changing much.
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if you don't like it, then enjoy it. if you don't then, there's much i can do for you. if you are near the coast it is in the six is, around the base 70s, 80s, 90s to near 100 and there's not much change. the big change was up in the sierra yesterday. a big time thunderstorm is erupting there and now they are pushing towards the sacramento valley and it does look like another round of thunderstorms up there. typical july pattern. morning fog and breezy, sunny, it's hot. 50s on the temptress to near 60 degrees. livermore and san jose, there still an onshore breeze but nothing we haven't seen or dealt with here for about the last three weeks. there's just nothing changing. subtle changes. not the coverage we have seen so far, and temperatures very close to seasonal averages for just about everybody. livermore is stuck at 90. every day is 90.
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but that's about where they land. over to sal and say good morning on a monday morning. good morning sir. >> good morning to you steve. we do have a nice looking commute out there and right now it looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza. that commute looks fine driving into san francisco. interstate 880 we are off to a good start. let's go back to the headlines. >> thank you. new this morning, antioch police are investigating a double shooting outside of a 7- eleven that left a woman dead and a man seriously injured. the two big rooms were in their car outside of the store overnight when they were shot. they say the woman was shot in the head and the man was hit double types and the rushed to john muir medical center. they're still looking for suspect or motive. police are investigating a hit and run that was caught on camera. that is after a driver
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hit several parked cars in the san jose neighborhood. i want to give you a look at that video. it happened on capitol avenue around 11:45 last night. you can see that cars mash head- on into the parked car. it happens right there and police say a total of four cars were damaged in the crash. the driver took lot off and the owner of the car that was hit said she was shocked to find her car destroyed after hearing the crash. >> there was a person inside the car, easily that person could have just been dead and they could have killed somebody without realizing they were doing. >> there still no suspect description and no one at the scene was hurt. >> firefighters quickly put out
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the fire set by protesters saturday night at oakland alameda county courthouse. police say a group of people will set the fire to show support for street protest in portland, oregon. libby schaaf is calling for peaceful protest saying the violence and vandalism is just what president trump wants to see to send in federal troops. the oakland protesters organized by wall of moms bay area. a young woman who was a volunteer medic at the oakland protest talked about the behavior of protesters. >> whether or not people protest peacefully or not isn't going to be whether or not trump decides to send his troops here because he already has. he has this preconceived notion of what oakland is. >> so far there has been no word from the trump administration on any pacific lands to send in law enforcement to oakland. another reaction from the head of the san francisco naacp,
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they told coat ktvu it doesn't matter if the protesters are blacker right, there does respecting the activists who fought for equality during the civil rights movement. >> none of these people, i feel have been planted there in order to divert the attention of the american public away from the main thing and that is justice and equality for african- americans who have an oppressed , underserved, and in some instances, victims of a culture of benign neglect. >> they say several arrests were made over the weekend. people in portland are waking up to what is expected to be the 61st day of consecutive protest. demonstrations of the weekend included fire federal agents. the portland police bureau help
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make several arrests. the united nations's wording of the united states about what it calls excessive use of force by police. the u.n. human rights spoke person said "there have been reports that peaceful protesters have been to tamed by police officers and that is a worry because it may place those detained outside the protection of the law and may give rise to arbitrary detention and other human rights violations." it has been two months since the death of george floyd triggered demonstrations for police are form. >> there's a lot of work to be done and to recognize that not all of the chains of slavery have been broken. >> demonizing the entire system will not produce a better result. >> in the latest edition of voices for change, greg lee is following up with bay area
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police departments. they tell him it is making a public attempt to get rid of bias and address inequality. >> i just hope that the public knows that we want to fill our obligations. >> you can watch that and get the latest developments about police reform on our news out. it is free to download and you can find it in your app store. >> a recent church wedding in san francisco may have violated health orders for big gatherings. according to the san francisco chronicle, the bride, the group, and at least eight wedding guest contracted the wedding virus. the plant their wedding at st. peter's and paul church at north beach and then invited 80 guess who walked in through a rear door of the church. when a city official showed up at the church, the wedding was moved outdoors. the guest watched remotely unseen.
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the health orders ban these kind of events. city officials had warned the church not to allow weddings. state health officials say the rate of positive coronavirus cases in california and hospitalization rates are trending up. as testing increases, expect more positive cases. california has conducted more than 7 million virus test so far. happening today, governor newsom will hold a noontime news conference giving the us the latest on the pandemic. he is expected to give an update on the number of covid- 19 cases in the state and any changes in reopening plans or guidelines or restrictions. republican lawmakers are expected to roll out a proposal for the next coronavirus relief package. that is going to happen later today. steven mnuchin says another round of $1200 stimulus checks would be distributed sometime
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in august. they're in failing plan hit a delay over how much money should be given to people who have lost their jobs. democrats want to ask extend until february. but some republicans want to cut this payments to $200. a vaccine for the coronavirus is set to begin its final stage of testing. that vaccine was created by the national institutes of health. the study will include 30,000 participants. yesterday the former head of the centers for disease control issued a word of caution on vaccines and the timing of the release. >> you might see signals that the vaccine is protect sometime in the fall, you might see announcements from companies that they can make a lot of it, but between knowing it works and is safe, effective and available, that is going to be sometime next year in all likelihood if we are fortunate. >> a few other vaccines have begun smaller, late stage studies and other countries and
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here in the united states, there are a series of studies that are scheduled to begin each month to the fall. >> happening today, the oakland a's will wrap up a four-game series with the los angeles angels. so far the a's have won two of their first three games but yesterday they 1624. the game is an afternoon game. it starts at 12:40 at the coliseum. the giants beat the dodgers in a four-game series. ratio to bone gave the go-ahead on the single to help lead them in a win over the dodgers. veteran right-hand picture jeff samardzija will start the game. >> your time now is for: 10 and
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let's talk about our weather. if you have been like in the last few days, steve, will i like the next few? >> i don't see why not. it's pretty quiet. we are just kind of stuck. some temperatures are hot, some are cool, it is a zigzag between the low in the north and the high in the four corners. it just takes one of the other being the stronger of the two for a day or two and that is what we are looking at. you can see in the sierra nevada there were some big-time golfball sized hail over the weekend as it went over the crest of the sierra. a very typical july pattern. temperatures on your average almost every day here. morning fog then breezy, nice for some, warm, hot for others, there's really no change here up to ukiah. fairfield 93, livermore 92. san jose and atherton all upper 70s and low 80s. those are a little bit below
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average. concord has a little west wind but it is just really not changing very much. 50s and 60s on your temperatures, some low 60s. kenwood is a little cooler with 51 degrees, novato is 54, mill valley one observation of 52 and then point race 53. so for some a little cooler and others a little on the mild side. we will see sunshine, the high in the four corners and the load to the north, if one wins out that we are cooler, if the other wins out then we are warmer. pattern really just kind of stuck. one day it could warm up, next it backs up, there's not much change at least not yet going into the end of the week. >> two hurricanes aiming now
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with united states. how people in hawaii are bracing for hurricane douglas and the people in the gulf coast are already dealing with floodwaters from hurricane hannah. plus, remembering the life and legacy of a congressman and civil rights legend john lewis. the very emotional ceremony over the weekend and how luis will be honored in the days to come.
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welcome back. the body of georgia congressman john lewis will lyons date at the u.s. capitol building in washington today after making this one last trip over the bridge in
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selma, alabama over the weekend. yesterday's horse-drawn casket was carried across the very same bridge where congressman lewis fought for civil rights more than 50 years ago. he is being honored and remembered all week in several cities where he was a fighter for civil rights. caroline shively is in selma to tell us about the commemorations. >> reporter: the body of congressman john lewis, retracing the steps of history, including here at this bridge where he almost lost his life 55 years ago, but instead helped change the course of history. the body of long serving congress men john lewis lying in state at the alabama state capitol in montgomery. the hearse retracing the same 54 miles demonstrators took from selma days after bloody sunday. when his casket arrived, friends and family held a private ceremony before the doors opened to the public. earlier sunday, service was
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held at the brown chapel church in selma, alabama, where the 1965 march for voting rights began. his body was then taken on a final journey across the bridge where he faced one of the most dangerous confrontations in his lifelong fight for equality. beaten by alabama street troopers in 1965. he fought 55 years plus for us to be out here like this and it is amazing. he left so many marks in so many different states and cities. >> reporter: on monday, his body will be tight into washington where he will make history one final time as the first african-american to lyons date in the capitol rotunda. his body will remain there until wednesday when he will be flown to atlanta, the city he served for decades for a final farewell. >> then went to washington, d.c. and to atlanta, it covers all the important bases for
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this great american. >> reporter: on thursday, a celebration of his life will be held at the landmark ebenezer baptist church before he is laid to rest nearby. hannah continues to pound the texas gold coast, turning streets into rivers. it motrin southern texas to northeastern mexico leaving rain, flooding and damage, high winds and damaging rings have been knocked out power. they say there were no fatalities from hannah. meanwhile, hawaii is bracing for hurricane douglas. the system is threatening to bring a maximum sustained winds of 90 miles per hour. the hurricane will pass near oahu, kawai, and maui. >> this is the closest approach that we have had for hurricane
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probably at least in the last decade. we encourage everyone to hunker down, to be prepared for hurricane force winds. >> a hurricane warning is in effect for kawai county. the governor for a says people should already have their 14 day emergency supply kit in place because of covid-19. he is also encouraging people to add masks, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes. with claudine and steve here as well, steve, any concerns for us relating to what they are getting over in hawaii and elsewhere? >> oh no, no no. sometimes though, sometimes they can re-curve. we have seen that before but not in this case. we are not expecting anything
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like that. we have seen typhoons come across the pacific and turn extratropical. there have been cases in september and october were that has made an impact, but it mainly went to the north of the islands. it is still category one, went 90 miles per hour, it is accelerating north northwest 16 miles per hour. it just skirted to the north, so still, it was close enough. we have a pretty good low cloud deck. thunderstorm activity continues over the sierra. some big thunderstorms popped up yesterday over tahoe. typical july pattern, fog then sign and breezy. and if you are near the coast it's not bad. west southwest fairfield 25, nothing here that we haven't dealt with before, we have seen much stronger than that.
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berkeley is 55, novato is 54, 50s and 60s east bay temperatures, low 60s around clayton. you can see danville, everybody is pretty close. if you have enjoyed this weather, i don't really see any change. and we just sandwiched between the high and the four corners and the low in the north. if one of them decides to flex its muscle we will cool down a teeny bit or the other one and we will warm up. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, there's not really much change here. it could be a little cooler for some and then looks a little warmer towards the end of the week. there's really no big screaming message of change here. another airline taking a hard stance when it comes to wearing masks. next, the latest requirements to fly delta. and how many people delta has already banned for noncompliance. plus, a couple caught on camera
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on them. it starts a confrontation with other shoppers. down to double digits. we'll take a look at the state of the 2020 race for the white house.
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♪ the great aretha franklin. start off the week with the queen of soul. and i say a little prayer. thank you mike, great request. great way to start the week. just use the hashtag, ktvu on
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facebook, twitter, or instagram. >> all right, thank you. 99 days left until election day and there's a new pullout showing a new low in a survey of how president trump is handling the pandemic. the associated press shows 32% of americans approve of the president's handling of the coronavirus. 48% approve of his handling of the economy. 20% say they think the u.s. is headed in the right direction. that is down from 42% in march before the pandemic. well today, the campaign of democratic presidential candidate joe biden will by 14.5 million dollars of ads in battleground states. arizona, florida, wisconsin and north carolina, the biden campaign spend another 15 million in camping ads joe bide
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announced a running mate. he has only said it will be a woman. susan rice is among the women being considered. she says she feels qualified even though she has not run for office before. senator kamala harris continues to be seen as a favorite pick for joe biden's running mate. harris is considered the least risky option for biden who is under pressure to pick a woman of color. the senator is also viewed as someone who will be prepared to be president on day one. biden is expected to announce his pick for vice president early next month. the reagan foundation is requesting that the trump campaign and the rnc joint fundraising committee stop using president ronald reagan's image for fundraising purposes. it was a response to a fund- raising email that offered trump, reagan commemorative coin sets featuring the likeness of both presidents. as folks person for the rnc says the objection came as a surprise, given that the reagan
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foundation recently hosted the trump family to raise money for its organization. the time right now is 4:26. california coronavirus hospitalizations continue to trend up. next, the unsettling data about covid-19 deaths in contra costa county. and a couple was caught on camera wearing masks, and they had swastikas on them. it stirred up confrontations with other shoppers. we will tell you why they say they were wearing those masks and walmart's response.
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>> she was such a fighter. we really thought she was going to beat this. of family grieving is a 61- year-old grandmother dies from covid-19 just one day after a fellow employee also died from the virus. and a mural outside of a home in berkeley honoring african
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americans killed by police. how the artist has her childhood in germany influenced her project. good morning, thank you for joining us. and welcome to mornings on 2. >> and i am claudine wong. pam cook is off today on this monday, july 27th, cut but steve paulson woke up early to help you start your work week with some weather that, i mean, you may not love it, but you can't hate it. it has been really nice out. >> i didn't have anything else to do so i decided to join you too. >> appreciate it. >> you know what, this is been a very quiet pattern for us. if you're in some areas that are inland, it is hot, it is july, but for most it is a pretty quiet pattern was 60s, 70s, 80s, and low 90s.


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