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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4pm  FOX  July 27, 2020 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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central value disproportionately being impacted currently by community spread. governor newsom announcing today the state will provide 52 million dollars to the central valley to help with testing and other resources amid a huge surge. welcome to the 4. ii'm alex savage. >> and i'm heather holmes. greg lee joins us now with power on the plan in the central valley and the governor's plea to people not to let their guard down. ggreg? >> the governor reup be his focus on essential workers and
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telling people to wake up. after a major surge, governor gavin newsom saidincrease over two weeks. the icu increase dropped from 39% to 37%. the governor spoke from diamond puts in stockton. the area targeted as a new hot spot where rates are well above the state average. >> 10.7% in french and stanislaus. >> reporter: the governor said
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e spread is disprofessionally impacting essential workers and the latino community. part of the message delivered in spanish. the state is allocating $52 million of federal funding to the central valley to help with the surge. >> to improve our isolation protocols, our quarantine protocols. our testing protocols, and to enhance our healthcare workers. >> despite some signs of progress, a grim statistic continues to go the wrong way. the average number of people dying from the virus is up from 91 last week. >> please let's wake up to that reality. >> there are now 37 counties on the state's watch list. santa cruz was just added. those counties make up 93% of
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the state's population. dozens of protesters showed up outside governor newsom's home in fair oaks near read of the coronavirus in state prisons. about a dozen demonstrators chained themselves to the front gate. they were removed and then detained by the chp. the demonstrators say keeping inmates locked up during the pandemic is a risk to their lives. >> we're here to demand that governor newsom free them all. he can give mass college incy. there need to be safety precaution association that people can survive covid-19. he only released 10% of the population. we want 50 or more. >> the demonstrators are also i
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another inmate has died at san quentin state prison from covid-19. yesterday death row inmate jonny avila died, bringing the death toll from the virus to 19 people at san quentin. right now san quentin has 545 inmates who are positive for covid-19. however, more than 2,000 people at the prison have contracted the virus since the outbreak began there in late may. today marks four months since the cares act was signed into law. that law sent nearly $3 trillion in relief to americans. in a new proposal rolled out just this afternoon, senate republicans called for another round of $1200 checks. the gop wants to cut the $600 boost benefits to any bill is passed.
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>> nothing has happened like this since the end of world war ii. >> reporter: president trump's trip to a north carolina biotech facility comes as the vice president, also traveling to miami to receive an update on vaccine riley. >> i hope you take it and the whole team here takes it. >> reporter: operation warp speed is gaining a sense of urgency as someone close to the president has contracted covid- 19. meanwhile on capitol hill senate majority leader mitch mcconnell unveiling new details for a in march with the cares act, senate republicans have authored another bold
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frame work to help our nation. together they make it the help economic assistance liability protection and schools act. >> reporter: meanwhile, his democratic counterpart, chuck schumer, is blasting the bill, saying the republican plan doesn't go far enough. >> last week was a slow motion train wreck on the republican side. it couldn't come as a worse time. >> reporter: house legislators are set to work from their district next week. mcconnell said a new deal may take weeks to finalize. because of the pandemic, the gap between americas is bec more apparent. tom joins us now with more on
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the growing fierce about a wave of eviction that could be coming as the real estate market, tom, just keeps getting hotter and hotter. >> this is really scary when you think about it. we may on the press piece of seeing the largest homeless population in the entirety of the american serena america is in the middle of a housing sales boom that usually would have cooled down by this time of year. after an early coronavirus sales dip, americans purchased 15 million homes. previously owned home purchases in june a record. and new home sales spiked almost 14%, far more than expert predictions. kathy is a long-time north bay real estate agent. >> so the markets are booming. they're booming across the board in terms of price point, including the high-end .
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>> reporter: now many people are working no commute or they're buying a second home. >> so we call it the outer counties are doing very, very well, including south of san francisco. >> reporter: at the very same time, millions of others are struggling to keep a noncanvas roof over their heads. last month alone, 12.6 million americans said they could not pay their rent, and without massive federal relief, it's about to get unimaginably worse. >> you have the end of the federal unemployment benefits, the end of the federal moratorium, the expiration of the state moratorium. >> reporter: stout, a consulting and investing firm, is forecasting as many as 12 million people will be served with eviction papers by october. >> when you number of evictions that could be filed, there's no correlation to that. nothing on record that looks like this. >> reporter: during the great depression, there were 2
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million homeless. during the great recession, there were 643,000 americans in shelters or on the streets. currently there are some 568,000 homeless people in the u.s. but even in marin, where more than a third of its residents are renter, and many >> many of those are essential workers, and that is where we're seeing the most cases of covid in the east bay. so it's going to be like a title wave here in marin and throughout the country. >> and so without massive federal aid, this would deepen and lengthen america's already massive economic disaster. a record homeless population is in the offing. >> yeah, it is truly scary to think about what is coming. tom, thank you. washington pays respects to
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congressman john lewis as he lies in state at the capital rotunda. coming up, the reverend aim use brown of the san francisco naacp joins us live to talk about the civil rights leader. >> plus major and legitimate concerns about the fate of the major league baseball season after less than a week of play. up next, players testing positive for covid, and the issues facing other teams moving forward. and on a brighter note, outside our doors, plenty of sunshine and pleasant weather to go a round. we have only subtle changes coming your way. your current conditions and what to expect tomorrow coming up. feel like you've watched all the things?
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some games have been postponed because of players
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testing positive in mlb. let's bring in joe to talk about what is going on with the league and the ramifications for other teams. joe? >> [ inaudible ] games over the weekend, but now there have been two games postponed tonight, and points out again how tenuous the situation is, and points out kind of a domino effect that the whole situation potentially has come into play. we'll start with was the miami marlins played their first series this weekend in philadelphia. they found out at least 14 playerors members of the organization have tested positive for the coronavirus. the marlins played yesterday's game already knowing at least four people had tested positive. here is where the domino effect starts. the marlins home opener tonight against baltimore has been post personned, and tonight's scheduled game in philadelphia with the new york yankees coming to town has also been
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postponed. the marlins had just co atnta where they played a an exhibition game, and the washington nationals are scheduled to be in miami this weekend, and their manager has concerns. >> it's unfortunate for the marlins that this had happened, but as you can see, you know, it's affected not only them, but, you know, the phillies, you know, the yankees, baltimore. a lot of things have transpired since then. because of my heart condition, what happens, you know, to me if i do get it? so i've got to be extra careful. i'm going to be honest with you, i'm scared. >> marlins ceo derek jeter said his teams primary focus is an health, while saying that the postpone 789 of tonight's game today. they played yesterday's game
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knowing that at least four players had already tested positive, and they had no intention of not playing. so to say that baseball's situation is precarious right now would be a serious understatement with at least two games postponed. they're not saying canceled yet, but subject to what developing further, as far as testing is concerned. >> yeah. well these developments certainly very concerning for the situation moving forward, joe, thank yo battle facing major joined this afternoon dr. peter, an infectious disease expert. this highlights the challenge of trying to play any team sport, even with very strict guidelines. >> yes, that's right, heather. i think the mlb has done a fantastic job for preparing for
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all combinations. they have a large instruction manual. they have done really good testing with saliva of all of the players. 14,000 tests a week. but it was about time when one of these things would happen to sort of jeopardize the season. hopefully it won't be too much in jeopardy, but i think maintaining safety is probably the most important thing. >> when you look, though, at these numbers and this outbreak, what does it tell you about just how contagious covid- 19 is? >> well, it's very contagious within a pod, and a pod of players to share the locker room together, there are lots of surfaces, there's a lot of sweat, a lot of shouting and screaming emotion. these are all features that make the virus jump from one person who is infected on a droplet to another person's nose or mouth. >> and, doctor, when we talk
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about this idea of uninterrupted sports here in america, what is it going to take for that to happen? i mean, we see the nba. it's sort of keeping players, coaches, even media covering the upcoming games in a bubble. is that the answer? >> the bubble is an answer, and i think this could be a playbook for schools as well. when you have people in bubbles when someone is infected, you can quarantine or isolate the bubble, and then the other bubbles hopefully won't be affected. however, if this case, if the bubble was already infected at the time they were there in contact with the other groups, then a larger group of people are out of play so to ople if t minimizes the effect on the entire organization. >> yeah, and on different locations, doctor. in terms of what the mlb was doing, it was still having
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teams travel from city to city, versus what the nba plans to do, which is everyone in one location. do you believe that that's how other sports may move forward? >> think other sports will be looking very closely at what happens with mlb, and maybe adjusting. the german football league, or soccer, where they're keeping people, again, in a closed and tight compound is another example. it just depends on how much risks you are willing to take. also i would say at this time may not be representative of the time when the other sports leagues play, because, for example, if you take the marlins, for example, florida is undergoing a tremendous surge right now of covid-19. so it makes sense that they would be one of the first bubbles affected. >> yeah, it certainly does when you look at cases and things like that that are surging in certain parts of the country.
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dr. peter, always a pleasure, thank you so much. >> thank you so much, heather. another pleasant day around the bay area. i feel like i say that every day these days. we are not seeing a whole lot of change. a little warmer over the weekend. today temperatures very similar, and tomorrow i think similar once again. we do is low clouds at the coastline at this hour. and there's a look there for you into areas of the east bay. we will continue with this pattern. santa rosa right now a nice warm day for you there at 77. 70 in oakland. upper 80s in livermore. upper 80s over areas around san jose. livermore and half moon bay and sawhat we had yesterday, at least when it comes to the temperatures. we haven't lost the onshore breeze. there it is.
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novato is coming in from the north at 20 miles per hour, over areas of oakland at about 15 miles per hour. the fog is moving back visibility was 10 miles ahead. now 9. and we'll continue to watch this cloud cover form and then move across the bay as we get into the overnight hours. there is a look at tell morning along the coastline, into the east bay. perhaps the inner east bay, and into the north bay, as well. we get into the afternoon, and it pulls back once again. mostly sunny for the rest of us. temperature n95 the 50s for most to start the day. 55 in san francisco. 58 in livermore, and 66 for antioch. 66 in san francisco tomorrow. 73 in oakland. low 90s in livermore. 85 expected over san jose. we do take a dip in the numbers
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on wednesday, but it doesn't last. i'll have details on what you can expect in the extended forecast coming up. coming up here on in the 4, thousands of dollars in damage overnight after a hit-and-run into parked cars. the investigation underway in san jose as police search for the driver behind this crash. and be sure tune in tonight for 911 at 8:00, followed by 911 lone star at 9:00, and then join us for the 10:00 and 11:00 news right here on ktvu.
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that's almost reading. get 1 gig internet with at&t fiber for $49.99a month for a year. no annualcontract. and now get hbo max included. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att debris was left scattered across a san jose neighborhood after a driver in a stolen car crashed into several parked vehicles and then took off. as sarah explains, police are work off surveillance video in an effort to try to find those suspects. >> reporter: it was a scary wake-up call in san jose. the sound of a loud crash made neighbors rush out of bed to
4:24 pm
see what was going on. it was a violent crash outside ashley guerrero's home. >> i heard a loud crash and immediately ran out because it sounded very close. >> reporter: she cause saw this. >> my car in tiny little pieces. the windows smashed. the front just smashed inside. >> reporter: guerrero is just one of about four car owners dealing with this mess after san jose police say a driver stole a car and crashed into parked cars. it happened on south capital avenue and belfast drive just before midnight in san jose. police say sevcarp and ran. no one was hurt. but things since the people responsible haven't been caught, we don't know their conditions. >> very serious. they should have to pay off a
4:25 pm
car that takes so long to pay off, you know. >> reporter: she was thankful that no one was in the parked cars. >> can you imagine if there was a person inside of that car? easily that person could have been dead and a family member would have lost somebody. >> anyone with information is asked to call the san jose police department. antioch police are searching this afternoon for the person responsible for a double shooting that happened early this morning. one person was killed in the gunfire. a second person was seriously injured. this happened outside of a 7- eleven store at the intersection of but cannon road and gentry town drive just after midnight. a woman sitting in a white suv died from her injuries at the scene. a man who was shot was taken to a medical center in serious condition. >> it appears that they were seated in the vehicle and were targeted by a subject who approached them on foot. >> police say they don't know
4:26 pm
why the two were targeted. antioch police have not released the identities of the man and woman who were shot here. we're waiting to find out more from police on whether any surveillance cameras in the area may have captured the crime. well, like a lot of companies, airlines are now focusing on cleanliness and hygiene in the fight against the coronavirus. still to come here on the 4, a new report looks at how each airline is doing, ranking the first to the worst. plus. >> the late congressman june lewis's body returns to washington one final time. we look at his life and service to our country coming up. - [narrator] did you just reward yourself
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he was known as the conscience of the congress. now the body of civil rights icon john lewis is lying in state at the u.s. capitol rotunda. these are live pictures showing his flag-draped casket. we have more on how he is being honored for his lifelong service to our country. >> reporter: a remarkable life of service not only for the country, but for equality. >> he was a remarkable human being, and that energy that he exhibited, we will miss. civil orter: the body of lo rights icon returning to washington to lie in state at the capital. his casket received at joint base andrews by speaker of the
4:30 pm
house nancy pelosi, his former congressional staff, and friends. the motorcade making several stops at significant landmarks, the martin luther king jr. memorial, the lincoln memorial, federal authorities remain in and black lives matter plaza. his son meeting with the mayor portland and tensions are who presented him with a escalating in seattle. >> reporter: another night of replica of the black lives violence on the streets of portland. protesters gathering for the 60th night in a row, and just as we have seen for much of the matter street sign. the georgia lawmaker arriving past two months, the at the capitol one final time. demonstrations taking a violent honored in a small ceremony, turn with protesters trying to bring down a fence a round the attendees socially distant and federal courthouse and shooting wearing masks, before lewis makes history at the first fireworks at officers. >> i came here to try to hold african-american to lie in the people who are supposed to be keeping us safe accountable for their atrocious actions. >> if you're somebody who the state and the capitol row rotunda. his body will remain here until wednesday when he'll be flown errs say they only became violent after officers started to atlanta, a city he served shooting tear gas and attacking them with batons, but late
4:31 pm
sunday police say they found a for decades for a final protest bag with loaded rifle magazines and molotov cocktails near the protest, and they say that represents a possible escalation in what they claim has been an organized attempt to destroy the courthouse. >> they were coming armed with bats, and targeting their violence. >> reporter: their similar scenes all over the country, include nearing seattle, where police say a protest became a riot on saturday after police sat fires and vandalized stores. police say they won't tolerate any more violence, but the protesters say they're not going anywhere. >> the protests are not over. nothing has been achieved yet. >> reporter: the justice department now has federal officers deployed in 7 cities to help local law enforcement protect federal property. coming up here on the 4, an
4:32 pm
annual airline study takes on a much different tone this year because of the pandemic. how airlines fared, from customer service to cleanliness. up next. only subtle changes in store for your bay area tuesday. i'll have a look at what you can expect for tomorrow and the rest of the week coming up.
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back now to our coverage on the tributes this week to the late congressman john lewis. the civil rights icon in this country. and these are live pictures from washington d.c., his body is lying in state in the capital rotunda. one of many tributes to the late congressman happening this week. we are joined by a man who knew him well, amos brown, and reverend brown is president of the san francisco naacp. you were both freedom riders in
4:35 pm
equality. and you have written that you knew back then that lewis, congressman lewis, would make a mark on this country. what was it about his personality and his character that made you believe that? >> number one, he was humble enough to follow the teachings of his mentor and my mentor, dr. martin luther king jr., and he was unapologetic about his being introduced to the nature of this civil rights movement through dr. martin luther king jr. ar oldethe same circumstance that prompted us
4:36 pm
to become involved. one was murder, lynching of emmelt teel, who was the same age that i was. and, number two , the montgomery boycott, and the success of that nonviolent movement, under the leadership of dr. martin luther king. i was privileged to meet dr. king before john. i met him in 1956 here in san francisco when wiley everett, first field director of the naacp, asked my mother and i could come to san francisco as a reward for my having founded the first youth council of naacp in the state of mississippi in 1955, in the wake of the lynching of emmett
4:37 pm
till. i think that today it's most unfortunate that the legacy of reverend john lewis has been disright-hand, dishonored by the violence free riders, and professional rebel rousers have perpetrated in the black lives matter matter in our struggle for civil and human rights. >> reverend, obviously we are seeing protesters across this country, who are continuing to take to the streets, calling for racial equality, calling for equal rights and justice in this country. what do you believe those who are part of this current movement, the black lives matter movement, what should they remember about congressman lewis's leadership and his determination that can help to
4:38 pm
guide them? >> to be enlightened about the nature of the movement. that's why he sat at the feet of dr. king. that's why he red dr. howard washington thurman, who established the first interfaith church here in san francisco, fellow ship church, of all people, that still exists over at broadway and larkin. he was a disciplined freedom fighter, and 1960, before we got involved there as students in the civil rights movement, demonstrations against segregation at lunch counter wednesday when we met in a conference room of harkness hall, and men who were
4:39 pm
president of those institutions, those black institutions, said we're not s demonstrating, bue doing what y doing. and i was a part of the committee in atlanta that wrote a document that was not about civil rights, but it was about human rights, and the title of that document was that published in the atlanta journal constitution before we sat down was an appeal on human rights. we had a world view. it was not just about liberation of black people. we were concerned about all people, and john lewis it if that model, that image, and that style of leadership. and i hope, i hope that this generation will take the time to really honor his sacred
4:40 pm
memory, and labors. >> reverend, as we wrap up here, we are watching live pictures from washington d.c. right now, where congressman lewis's flag-dripped casket is lying in state. over the weekend, i'm sure you saw the powerful moment when the congressman crossed the edmund pettus bridge one final time. what did that moment mean for you? >> it meant for me that we would heed the spirit and the ellow questions of reverend doctor john lewis, and even as thedebate goes on about changing the name of that bridge, if john lewis was able to come back to this crusted earth, he would say don't let it be just my name. let it stay there. the same as was the case in
4:41 pm
atlanta, when the airport was renamed. it was named for harkness and jackson. jackson was the first black mayor of atlanta. we've got to be about coming together and get rid of the divisiveness that donald trump has inflicted upon this nation. we must not become doers of wrong. we must not become that which we hated. we did not like people that are mean to us. we should not be mean to others. and that represents the spirit of john lewis, and that's why he even met with the man who beat him in north carolina, and he accepted the man's apology in the presence of his son, and i think that we cannot fight
4:42 pm
fire with fire, an eye for an eye, should not ever be in our movement. >> we have to leave the conversation there. we greatly appreciate you coming on today to talk about congressman lewis, his life, and his very important legacy in this country. reverend amos brown, president of the san francisco naacp. thank you for your nk you very opportunity. around the bay area this afternoon, a nice one for most. a little warm inland. a tad cool for some along the coast, but most of us enjoying another beautiful summer day. looking at satellite and radar, moving in a little bit closer here, you can see we are dealing with thunderstorm once again over the sierra, and take
4:43 pm
a look at that, a bunch of lightning strikes reported in and around the valley, just on the west side, looks like between arnold and bear valley. so the afternoon thunderstorms continues for portions of the sierra. for us, it's low clouds along the coastline and mostly sunny for the rest, and temperatures, as i showed you in the last half hour, very similar to where we were yesterday afternoon. getting into your bay area tuesday, we're going to start out with the morning clouds, we'll have the afternoon sun. could be breezy for some, and temperatures will remain around the status quo. right now brentwood reporting 96 degrees, so, toasty for you there, but as we head west, 73 in san francisco, and low 60s at half moon bay. the north bay, a nice mild one in novato. 74 for you there. and beautiful in santa rosa at 77. along the san francisco stretch from the west end to the east,
4:44 pm
you can see what is there by the embarcadero. hine, 54, and you get closer to ocean avenue, upper 50s with partly sunny skies. already looking at that fog returning later today and into tonight back across into the east by by this evening. some of our inland cities really warm. 90 degrees in clayton. upper 90s for one neighborhood there in brentwood. into the overnight hours, barely budging these numbers. 56 to start your morning in san rafael. along the peninsula, 58 for mountain view, 57 over san mateo. beautiful one for you in livermore again for tomorrow. upper 80s to low 90s expected from pleasanton, dublin, livermore area. and then topping out low 90s by 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon. a look a round at 81 for san rafael, along the
4:45 pm
east bay shore. 66 expected for the city of san francisco. in our east bay, 91 for concord. south bay, going to be beautiful for you here. 86 in san jose. the extended forecast, temperatures do take a drop on wednesday. note be enough anywhere from 4 to 8 degrees. so we will feel that cool down, but it will be brief. temperatures back up by thursday. as we get into the weekend, perhaps even slightly warmer with low 90s expected saturday and sunday. upper 70s to about 80 degrees around the bay. upper 60s at the coast. heather? up, traffic trouble caused by chickens? opening of a chick- i wouldn't be here if i tht reverse mortgages
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been devastated by the ongoing pandemic, with airlines making sanitation an even higher priority in an effort to try to lure back passengers. joining me to talk about which airlines are doing it right in the fight against covid-19 is the senior editor with the planes lab. you are out with a new list ranking airlines, and a big factor is how those airlines are responding to the ongoing pandemic. >> yeah, that's right. we attempted to come up with a list that would quantify how the airlines have responded, look at things like cleaning procedures, and, of course, 0 how they have treated their loyal members throughout this outbreak. >> okay. so how did they do? >> well, the top spot went to delta airlines. they've done a number of things to kind of stand above the risk. rigorous cleaning procedures. they were the first airline to extend medallion
4:49 pm
have committed to continuing blocking meddle seats through at least september of 2020. >> so let's talk about those that are sort of in the middle of head to road here. >> the two big ones in the middle were american and united. they were hurt by a couple of things. they have stopped blocking middle seats, and within the last several weeks they've started fill their planes to capacity. so that really hurt their score in the onboard experience category. united was hurt by a couple of never changes they made during the pandemic to their mileage plus loyalty program and they implemented some pretty punitive refund policies to those who had their flights canceled as a result of the pandemic. and let's talk about the airline that kind of falls in the worst category that you looked at. >> at the bottom of our list
4:50 pm
was spirit. and i want to stress that doesn't mean that spirit is doing nothing. they have implemented a lot of cleaning procedures to ensure that customers are safe, but they have barely made any changes to its loyalty program. they also haven't done any kind of blocked middle seats or limited capacity. so there are chances that if you're flying spirit, you're going to wind up in a pretty full cabin, which can, of course, create the potential for more likely spread of covid- 19. >> and how much do you think all of this, the new way of ticketing, you know, mask wearing, all of that, how do you think that is affecting the flying public? >> well, i think at the end of the day we haven't seen any notable outbreaks that can be traced back to a specific flight where there was poor cleaning othis is about customer perception. how do you help provide the perception for customers that
4:51 pm
you are taking this seriously. i think what will be interesting is how many of these policies continue post pandemic, once we get to the other side of this. are we going to see more flexibility with canceling and changing flights. in the past, that would cost you up to $400 per passenger. are airlines going to be more lenient? we'll have to see. >> yeah, we have to see if this is a new way of doing business. all right, nick, really appreciate it. thanks so much. >> yeah, thanks for having me. well, the oakland zoo has officially reopened to members after a month's long closure that nearly shut the zoo down for good. members can visit today and tomorrow for a preview, and then the zoo is going to open to the public any wednesday. the zoo is limiting guest capacity to 2500 people were day, which is about a third of normal, and tickets do have to be purchased in advance. some members showed up early to be first in line and catch the animals reactions as the zoo welcomes back crowds. >> i can't wait to see the
4:52 pm
reaction to the visitors. i couldn't even sleep last night. >> the community has stood behind us for many months that we've been closed, and so we're so happy to be open back for the community. >> since the zoo's closure, there have been some new additions for visitors to see, including a giraffe, a newborn baboon, several newborn american buffalo. and we'll be giving you a closer look at the oakland zoo on our next zip trip. you can join us next friday, august 7th, when we will be talking all things oakland zoo as a jail of the east bay comes back from the brink of closure. well, a new chick-fil-a in redwood city continues to draw quite a crowd, which can be seen by the long lines at the drive-through window. you know see a line of cars
4:53 pm
that stretches all the way down the avenue and around the corner, back to the highway 101 exit. friday's opening day traffic and backups, well, they continued throughout the weekend. people in the neighborhood argued against the restaurants location, but ultimately lost that battle. this is the first chick-fil-a to open in san mateo county. all right. coming up here on the 4, with less than 100 days until the election, we'll talk about who might join joe biden has his running mate. coming up, two california lawmakers said to be on the short list. (baby murmuring) grubhub rewards you, (scooter horn honking) get a free delivery perk when you order. (doorbell rings) - [group] grubhub.
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a new poll has presumptive democrat pdouble digit lead over president trump. according to the cbs news poll, he has the support of 51% of
4:56 pm
likely voters. trump is backed by 41%. the poll also found 4% of likely voters said they are undecided, and an additional 4% said they would vote for someone else or a third party candidate. growing speculation over who joe biden will pick to be his running mate. senator kamala harris is one of the front-runners, but another california lawmaker has also joined the conversation. doug is in washington now with more on biden's short list. >> reporter: with joe biden in washington today for the john lewis memorial, intrigue is growing about his potential vice presidential pick. >> i will let him make that announcement. >> reporter: speculation is growing that among the field, liz berth warren and kamala harris may be losing favor.
4:57 pm
harris remains a favorite to some, but she carries her own baggage. not only her caustic sarcasm, but a history of being a tough prosecutor in a party that wants law enforcement reform. one sizing star, karen bass of california. some believe she can straddle the line between bernie bros and more main street democrats. >> i'm not going to get into that specifically, but let me just tell you that i want to do whatever the vice president needs, if he calls on me to do. if he wants me to go out and campaign in precincts, i'll do that. >> reporter: susan rice is also another possibility,
4:58 pm
someone that the former vice president worked with for 8 years. you are not invited here. we do not want you to come here, and we will do what we can within the law to prevent you from coming here. >> oakland city leaders concerned about the threat of federal officers being deploy odd the city after protests turn destructive over the weekend. oakland is hoping to avoid a federal crackdown. >> there is concern that the violent protests over the weekend will justify president trump's call to send in federal law enforcement officers. crime reporter henry joins us now with more from oakland. henry? >> reporter: the mayor's house, the court house, oakland p.d. headquarters, all have been vandalized over the past week, and this could fuel the fire behind president trump's threat to send federal officers to
4:59 pm
oakland to quell unrest. protesters smashed a glass door and set the alameda county courthouse on fire in downtown oakland over the weekend. >> whether it was gasoline or some other flammable material, it was put in there, and liked fire work went in there and created the combustion that looked like an explosion. >> reporter: original doors from the 1920s and '30s were vandalized. they also sprayed graffiti on the courthouse, causing over $200,000 in damage. they also smashed winds at businesses near city hall and at the oakland police department. so-calleddage straighters set off fireworks, and pointed layers
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