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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 29, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> san mateo county has been added to the monitoring list. good evening julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. this comes as 197 more people died in california yesterday. that is the highest number of deaths in a single day since the pandemic began. it also means that eight people are dying from coronavirus every hour in california. altogether more than 8700 people have died across the state. as we move to the bay area more than 51,000 people have gotten coronavirus . the 788 people have died. here's the very latest on another sobering day for the state when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic. >> reporter: these numbers are widespread across the state. the death toll has continued to steadily increase. and san mateo county health officials are urging people and businesses to prepare for more closures and restrictions.
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california mark the deadliest day since the coronavirus pandemic began. new numbers from the state department of public health show that 197 coronavirus related deaths on tuesday. bringing the two week average to 109 deaths a day. >> the cases we saw a rise earlier in the month had a number of people who had severe disease that led to deaths. we had to take this seriously. >> reporter: the positivity rate stabilize from a major surge , the daily death toll has risen dramatically. they say the averages don't tell the story of hot spots including the central valley and other pocket is. >> even if it's not in other areas where it's occurring. we all have to pay attention to get it under control. >> reporter: all nine counties
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in the bay area are on the state monitoring list. san mateo county was added on wednesday. exceeding the metrics of less than 100 cases per 100,000 people. if it stays there for three consecutive days, indoor operations at several businesses including hair salons and gyms would be forced to shut down. but this is something that no one aspires to. being on this list. if we are on this list forever it could potentially cripple our economy. >> reporter: they say the state needs to find a balance between shutting everything down and opening without restriction. saying that the county has gotten to this point. but is proposing an ordinance to issue administrative fines for skirting mask orders and social distancing guidelines. >> some people are not taking the virus seriously enough. if they're not going to take it seriously will have to take
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actions. >> reporter: if san mateo county remains on the watch list for three consecutive days. that means a saturday august 1 is when we will see businesses shutting down.reporting live , greg lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a large crowd turned out at a coronavirus testing site today . the 24th street station. it's a collaboration between the latino task force. it gives free testing for the latino community and essential workers. advocates say that people in these high-risk groups face barriers to testing. >> we wanted to bring this to their backyard so it's easier for them to come before they go to work or when they are leaving work so that they can get tested. it's easy access >> organizers expect to do 250 test.
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shocking allegations about the vallejo police department . former captain said that kept points on their badges for individuals that they shot and killed on duty. henry lee joins us more with these disturbing claims? >> reporter: this is another blackeye for the vallejo police department that is dealing with community distrust. these allegations from an insider said it will not help matters. saying that officers bent the tips of their badge to mark how many times they've killed somebody.
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they said it's a new low. but there are no words to explain how making any kind of a marking for human lives that you've taken. >> reporter: john when he said he was fired after coming forward with allegations of misconduct. in a legal claim he said he learned about badge bending after the deadly shooting of william mccoy. officers fired 55 shots. he said 10 badges were it is. and then the chief order those badges return whirring that the cost of replacing them would raise suspicions . the chief ordered the officers to fix them. whitney said that in 2015 that the chief told kenny park to earn that b. believing that she and her boyfriend had made up the abduction story. heard kid abner kidnapper was
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convicted and sentenced to prison. >> if you think back to salem massachusetts in 1610 92. he's the same guy that says a burn that which. all these years later he's just learning the letter b, instead of the w. >> reporter: the chief has launched an inquiry. i reached out to the former chief and got no response. the attorney for the captain said that they tried to silence him by firing captain whitney and they expect to sue over his termination. reporting live , henry lee , ktvu fox 2 news.
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a former san mateo police officer has been charged with embezzlement. more than $100,000 from a foster city little league. they say he committed the crimes between 2016 and 2019. serving as a treasurer for the little league. he pleaded not guilty. they said that he used the money for cosco purposes, snorkel gear, new tv, and an apple watch. he left the police department before the crimes occurred. fire crews on the seam of the mass of the fire in san francisco. it quickly engulfed several buildings destroying two of them and damaging others. authorities are investigating the cause of the five alarm fire that happened on 14th street between folsom and southfield. >> reporter: crews working
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overnight making sure that they can control and contain the fire making sure there's no hot spots. it will take some time to make sure that those flames don't break out again to determine what causes fire. san francisco fire crews of been working for more than a day putting out flames and containing hot spots after a massive fire swept through six buildings in the south market area. some burned to the ground. the sheer scope of the sing made it a challenging fire. >> we had some hot spots. this is a very large area. the equivalent of one full city block. >> reporter: the fire department said the warehouse style buildings that were consumed pancake on top of themselves. creating areas that flared up over and over again. crews will have to continue to work on the hot spots before they can bring in heavy machinery to move that debris
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around and investigators are trying to determine the cause. they said investigators are beginning their work including following up on whether this fire could be connected to a smaller mattress fire that they responded to the night before. >> we were called to that incident and on scene for an extended period of time. investigating that incident that is under investigation to make sure that there was no extension from that fire. >> reporter: fire crews are not releasing information about the residents that were displaced. saying that they are making sure that they get the services that they need. >> it's not up to us to determine nor will we determine if that is a legitimate traditional living space or not. will work with our partners at the department of building inspections on that on a later
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time. our priority is to make sure that those people are taking care of. >> reporter: the fire department said that drills and teamwork help them marshal the resources they need. sourcing enough water to battle fires like what we saw on tuesday. they said they will work on an after action report to see what worked and what did not to improve the response for the next time they encounter a similar situation. reporting live in san francisco , christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. there's new information about a 10-year-old boy that was struck and killed by an amazon delivery truck. they say the 10-year-old was riding his bicycle when he was hit yesterday afternoon. this happened on marywood drive near burton elementary.
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today amazon released a statement calling it a terrible accident. they say the driver was going downhill and leonardo ran into the back of the delivery truck when it stopped. he was taken to the hospital but they were unable to save him. police essay the delivery driver is cooperating and has not been cited. a homeowner association is asking a resident to take down the black lives matter signs on their car. we hear from the homeowners who say that they will not take the signs down. the debate over federal officers being deployed in cities around the country intensifies . the agreement oregon's mayor made? those temperatures inland will start to heat up.
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you will notice that on saturday and sunday. back into the mid 90s. i will be back with that forecast.
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chief executives from apple , facebook , google , and amazon were on capitol hill where they were answering questions about whether their companies are too big and stifle competition. the seals faces some tough questions from their role in election interference to how they handle customers data. >> reporter: even members of congress and never agree came together on wednesday to rip into big tech. >> are founders would not bow before a king and we shouldn't kneel before the emperors of
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big tech. >> reporter: members question the seals of amazon, apple , facebook , and google and an antitrust hearing that could lead to huge changes for the online giants and potentially the entire online universe. >> it carries with it remarkable responsibility. >> reporter: the tech leaders push back. >> we try to be the best. and when we succeed it's because we deliver great experience that people love. >> reporter: they came at the google with a long list of businesses that said that they had been bullied by them. expecting a how google responded when yelp said stop stealing their reviews? i will tell you. our investigation shows that the response was to delist yelp entirely. >> we conduct ourselves to the
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highest standard. >> reporter: president donald trump said that if congress doesn't bring fairness to big tech which they should've done years ago i will do it myself with executive orders pick the seals testified virtually. you think that would go smoothly . the hearing was delayed by an hour because of technical issues. on capitol hill i am caroline shively, fox news. federal officers will be leaving portland, oregon after the governor came to an agreement. governor kate brown said that she has reached a deal with the department of homeland security that will allow oregon state police to take over security for the federal building in portland. brown says a phased withdrawal would begin tomorrow. the officers have repeatedly clashed with protesters since they were deployed there on the fourth of july.
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there are questions surrounding an arrest in new york city where a protester was whist away in an unmarked minivan by a team of plainclothes officers. the 18-year-old protester is a transgender woman that was wanted for damaging police cameras and had an outstanding warrant . the mayor said that it's proper to arrest somebody, it was the wrong time and place. oakland mayor libby schaaf us spoke out against the trump administration potentially sending federal officers to oakland. she took part in the virtual media briefing with mayors from portland, seattle, albuquerque. she said that federal agents will only excite more civil unrest. she also said that president donald trump is out of touch with oakland and has belittled oakland by calling it a mess and a living . >> as the guardians of our beloved community we know what
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creates a safety as well as destroy it. this president has consistently slandered my beautiful diverse city for his own personal and political needs. jana katsuyama calling for peaceful protest and said that vandalism only helps the president justify sending in federal troops. we are looking at the forecast that it includes a a bit of a warm-up. it's because of these two pressure systems. there is the high and there is the low. there will be estimate begin a warm up from this high . the coastal areas will stay nice because of the slow. we are right in between the heat and the cool you're going to see low 90s . the even some
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upper 90s near king city as we get into saturday and sunday. this is the reason that we will stay cooler at the coast. and that is why people love the bay area because you can have heat just on the other side of this hill. write in here is those 50s and low 60s. the bay will fill up with clouds tonight. itsgonna look a lot like tomorrow morning. you will notice these inland valleys. that means with the air- conditioners on, we will see temperatures spiking and there's going to be a concern for brushfires. were not looking at big winds.
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bed by saturday and sunday those inland valleys will be scorched and dry with low fuel moisture's were especially concerned with freeway fires. that's how the plan works. if you live in berkeley, oakland, sausalito or san francisco's, steady as you go. if you live in contra costa county get ready for some heat. dominican university said that they will offer training in contact tracing. the public health department is partnering with the class. they said that the students will be able to track the contacts of people with coronavirus to help control the spread. marin county said there is a crucial need for tracers to respond. uc berkeley rolling out their plan for students to return on august 20th.
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they say all residents hall will be single occupancy. students will be asked to self isolate 47-10 days. with testing at the begin and end of that time. they plan on creating social bubbles of so that they have people to socialize with and then feel isolated. the coronavirus pandemic is forcing conventions to be moved online. the impact on san francisco's economy and how they are repurposed seen one of the largest event spaces? coming up on ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. a new coronavirus test site? where is located and how long the pilot program will last? a federal investigation into unsolicited packages of seeds from china appearing in mailboxes across the country? local and state officials are issuing a warning.
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today more than 2000 food service employees at oracle park are being laid off. the food service provider said they look forward to a time when the venue reopens in the hope to rehire many former employees. a massive consumer electronics show in las vegas has announced that they will be holding it on line. so what about bay area convention sites? here's more on that story from tom vacar. >> reporter: tom davis the senior vice president and chief sales officer of the convention bureau said that they've taken enormous hit. spivak we've had 40 groups cancel off the books.
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>> reporter: between today and a year ago there were 18 events scheduled >> every citywide convention on the books has pretty much had to cancel. >> reporter: said that the loss of 1.35 billion. the city has developed protocols for downsized conventions . >> the normal operations will not return until the later part of next year and if a vaccine comes to be. tech analyst who has attended hundreds of tech convention said that online conventions are far different. >> for certain things that work >> i would much rather be at the event if i had a choice. i give them credit for thinking about the safety and having it
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virtually instead. >> reporter: it's nowhere near the same as a face-to-face hands-on convention. >> it's impossible to have it in the rich way that it happens when you're gathered together with hundreds of thousands of people. many of whom you may know. but they've taken over to provide homeless housing. it's now the cities operation center until the pandemic has past. >> that space is absolutely being used. is being used well by the city. >> reporter: as for the international auto show. it is still scheduled. they said that city state and officials will decide on conditions before the end of august. a battle in east bay neighborhood over signs supporting black lives matter. how neighbors are reacting after the homeowners association says assigned me to
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come down? the trump administration putting strict restrictions on daca recipients. how dreamers are reacting now that they will have to reapply for the program every year? ahead , a statue comes down in larkspur . why officials decided to remove it and why the former mayor disagreed with the decision?
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a danville couple said that they are battling their homeowners association over paris signs on one of their cars. one of the sign says black lives matter . >> the homeowner association said the message violates the rules of signs. here's more on that story from rob roth. >> reporter: the homeowners say that the signs went up after the killing of george floyd and that they have no intention of taking them down. in this community of town houses in danville. a yellow hummer sits prominently in the driveway of one of the homes with a sign on though wind chill. one supports of black lives matter and the other one reads trump is a donkeys reran. they received at says the signs are against the rules and have to go . >> i was shocked, my mouth fell open.
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>> reporter: rhonda happens to be the vice president of the homeowners association. >> everybody should be able to say how they believe and what they want to support. >> reporter: those signs were displayed by her partner michael hernandez. >> it's about police injustice. i have been part of that myself because of my race. >> reporter: used the word "reran" to be polite. >> i want to be rude to any parent or child. >> reporter: the email said that they violated hoa regulations because the signs don't meet the criteria and they were not approved by the association. the couple argues that they hoa has no jurisdiction over someone's personal automobile
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and questions whether or not they would complain about bumper stickers. >> i not pay ocho hoa dues and premiums for my vehicle. i own that out right. they have no right to tell me what i can put are not put on my vehicle. >> neighbors said they support the signs. >> the homeowners a station might be overreaching. >> i'm not going to take my signs down. i'm not violating anything. is just a message to make people be aware. >> they said they plan to speak with an attorney. we reached out to a property manager in the homeowners association. we did not hear back. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. a statue of sir francis drake was removed from
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larkspur landing. city leaders removed it to be removed temporarily. protesters say that sir francis drake was involved in slave trading . the former mayor of larkspur said that the statue was a gift from a local artist and should not of been removed. >> he was a freewheeling guy. and that we never put a plaque up. there's no plaque, and there was no discussion ever about sir francis drake but when we put in the work change can happen. >> protesters are working on changing the name of the sir francis drake boulevard and sir francis drake high school. community leaders are protesting president donald
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trump's recent memorandum that excludes undocumented immigrants from being counted in the 2020 census. they said if communities are discouraged that it could affect political representation and funding for the county for the next 10 years. advocates are urging everyone to complete the senses and says a president is violating the constitution. >> certain humans were not counted as whole people. people shed blood and tears to make sure that every single person was counted as a human being. that is what our constitution demands clearly and plainly that every person is a person. >> officials say one out of three households need to complete the census. pop up kiosks are being set up at coronavirus test sites.
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the trump ministries and said they will deny new applications for the daca program and limit the current protections. acting homeland security secretary kevin mcaleenan is calling the changes temporary. here's more on this story from cristina rendon. >> reporter: living life two years at a time have been the reality for daca recipients. >> is upsetting and frustrating, it's hard to buy a car or house.
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>> reporter: the changes mean that thousands of dreamers will be fending spending $500 every year to reapply for the program not including attorneys fees. and the department of homeland security is not accepting applications from those who qualify. attorneys across the country are calling those young people having heartbreaking conversations. but that is the population that i feel the sorriest four. it's a punch to the stomach. we saw what happened after the supreme court decision. >> reporter: in an interview the acting secretary of dhs said that the changes are temporary. >> were going work with a lot of people on daca and we're working on a merit based immigration bill which is what i wanted for a long time. >> reporter: they hope that the changes are challenged in the courts. he graduated with his masters degree under the daca program and now works as a
5:37 pm
communications coordinator for a nonprofit. >> congress needs to step up and pass permanent legislation. if it wasn't for daca i don't know that i would be in this country. >> reporter: it's unclear how long the programs will remain in place or whether the trumpet ministry should make try again to resend the program.cristina rendon , ktvu fox 2 news. after refusing to wear a mask at texas congressman tests positive for the coronavirus. supposedly he was in close quarters with the president? the oakland zoo reopens? the precautions they are now taking to keep visitors safe?
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the nba season resumes tomorrow with the teams in their bubble in orlando and it appears the players are coronavirus free. over the last nine days 344 tests have been conducted. and the results have all come back in negative. it is the second consecutive report that the league and the union have issued with no positive tests . the no word on whether other people inside the orlando bubble such as coaches, referees, executives, and staff have tested positive? house speaker nancy pelosi said that she is going to require all members of the house to wear a mask when they are on the house floor pick this comes after a congressman from texas who has questioned
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whether we need to wear masks tested positive for the coronavirus. that happened just before he was about to board air force one with president donald trump. more tonight from lauren blanchard in washington. >> reporter: president donald trump traveling to west texas, and the area hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. absent from the trip? louie gohmert. >> an asymptomatic. i don't have any of the listed symptoms as part of covid-19 apparently i have the wuhan virus. >> reporter: tested positive for covid-19 just before boarding air force one with the president. >> i'm concerned about the irresponsible behavior of many of the republicans who have chosen to consistently flout well-established public health guidance. >> reporter: on tuesday louie gohmert was seen multiple times on capitol hill without a mask. >> i haven't worn a mask. >> reporter: although he did wear a mask during the hearing for u.s. attorney general attorney general william barr. but stop violating the members of the committee and holding out is not caring by refusing
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to wear a mask. >> reporter: democrats, republicans and the white house remain at odds . >> it's time for republican colleagues to roll up their sleeves and become serious. >> we are operating at a time when we have $26 trillion in debt. or every dollar that we spend is a bollard dollar. >> reporter: louie gohmert says he will isolate for the next 10 days. jetblue is gearing up to find a new way to sanitize for the coronavirus . the will be the first carrier to test the light. they will try to out for three months. the cleaning system is about the size of an aircraft bar card. it has light arms that extend over the tops of seeds and can treat the cabin in less than 10
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minutes. after four months the oakland zoo has finally reopened . the changes you can expect to see? a 101-year-old veteran is on a mission to visit all 50 states to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of world war ii. today his mission hit the bay area. we are looking into the weather forecast. not that far from the weekend. we have heat coming our way. that fog is going to hang out as well.
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the gates of the oakland zoo reopened to the public this morning. there was a lot of excitement and changes as well. here's more on that from frank mallicoat. >> reporter: it's been an pandemic shutdown mode for hundred and 34 days.
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>> we are really excited to be here. it's nice to be out and doing something with people. and to get these guys out of the house. this is great. we are very happy that he was open. >> reporter: a variance gave the zoo the green light. the capacity is a 7000 , a giant step in the right direction. >> i think the animals are going to appreciate people back on the pathways. i know the public is missed the zoo being open. >> reporter: stay within your small family group. all tickets are bought online in advance. rights are close but the animals are abundant.
5:47 pm
after a lonely summer you can bet that they are ready for visitors. >> i cannot wait to see the animals see people after not having visitors for so many months. they've seen their keepers but i can't wait to see their reaction to the visitors. i could even sleep last night. i was up early i wanted to be the first in line. >> reporter: how about those animals , 700 to see. including a brand-new giraffe and baboon. if you are hungry they've got that covered . >> food and drink at the zoo. you can go inside and sit down. we are following county orders pick you can get a hot dog, hamburger, you can get ice cream. >> reporter: frank mallicoat, ktvu fox 2 news. a world war ii veteran going strong at 101 years old took his admission to the bay area today. the retired corporal is on a 50
5:48 pm
day tour marking the anniversary of world war ii. today he and his son paul led a caravan from san jose to san francisco and up to sausalito. 's son explained why it's called the no regrets to her. >> you had a chance to meet the civil war veterans? and that is why you are on tour? meeting all 50 governors and all 50 states because you want to give everybody an opportunity to meet a world war ii veteran before it is too late? that's why it's called but no regrets to her? >> right . >> that included an honor guard of motorcycles and they have 18 states left and they hope to wrap up the tour sometime this fall.
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a group of inmates is being credited with saving the life of the deputy at the county jail in georgia. the inmates say they saw deputy hobbs leaning back in his chair and then he fell to the ground hitting his head on the concrete. one inmate said he started yelling and banging on his door. and and 60 inmates were pounding on the door . the deputy regained consciousness long enough to hit a button to unlock a sell. >> respect goes both ways. just because we made a mistake out there doesn't make us bad people. just because they chose to be a police officer it doesn't make them bad people. >> deputy hobbs is at home recovering from a heart problem and says he's a grateful for the quick actions of those inmates.
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if you know me you know i like these pictures pick anything in the bay area . we will of the most beautiful place in the world, and this picture the fog is spilling into san francisco looks like an ocean waves . the white water gets a little turbulent, and then it sinks down as it moves out across the bay. you can see the fingers of the fog. you can see the beautiful shot, and i just love those. it's nature the runs in ways. light is a wave in color is a wave. the wind creates waves and that is what we are looking at. that's interesting when you can visually see it. temperatures today are like this. 95 in antioch. that number came up from yesterday.
5:51 pm
these numbers in length, very specifically you can see the difference between livermore and antioch. that's how it's going to go. there will be a delineation between these inland spots that the coastal area stays cooler because of that low-pressure that's keeping that fog going. the computer and satellite doesn't really pick it up. it's a much foggy along the entire coast. i always talk about the green being the sea breeze. you can see it getting cut off. it's nice around the bay. it's going to warm-up. it will be a little warmer tomorrow. there is the fog footprint for the morning hours. and there is that burn off with a little bit of clearing and then the temperature spread. mid-90s and some of those inland spots. in brentwood 93. 84 in napa and in vallejo. fridays a little warmer, and saturdays a little warmer.
5:52 pm
check it out on the 5-day forecast. we do have some heat. with that will become the burden of increased fire danger. especially on saturday and sunday. because these inland spots will hover above 80. there will be a little bit of a cooling. there's that 5-day forecast . see you back here with an update. today authorities in santa rosa cleared out and unsafe homeless and kalman amid the threat of fires . the largest camp in the city was set up in fremont park. already fire officials say that there have been fires at the encampment and with the warm and dry whether they feel that will only get worse. the city said they have enough beds and facilities for everyone at the park. we could soon find out who joe biden's pick for vice president will be. center kamala harris is on the short list. what president donald trump said about her as a possible
5:53 pm
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but i think i've been 'round long enough to know what's what. i'm proud to be part of aag, i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better the pentagon announced that it is 6400 service members will be coming home from germany the main hub for the u.s. military in europe. another 5600 will be leaving the country and redeployed to italy. the u.s. european command will move from germany to belgium . the pentagon says it part of a generational shift that is
5:56 pm
pushing away from the cold war threats. >> we are posturing forces to deter aggression. >> some critics including republicans say that it's a threat to america's national security and gives russia clear strategic at vantage and euro. secretary of defense mark esper said that there are 24,000 u.s. troops in germany and that the redeployment is part of america's long-term strategic plan. people in atlanta gathered to honor congressman john lewis. his casket lies in repose at the georgia capital after leaving washington, d.c. today. he was given the honor guard escort this morning when his coffin left the u.s. capitol. he died on july 17th at the age of 80 . the funeral service is set to take place tomorrow
5:57 pm
former president barack obama is expected to utilize the former congressman. you can watch that tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. on sometime next week is the narrowest window for vice president announcement. speculation was swirling after a photographer got a close-up shot of bidens notepad. a political article claim that there's some level of the trust saying that chris dodd was dismayed when harris laughed out her ambush on by. the note said to do not hold
5:58 pm
grudges, campaign with me in jail, great help to campaign and great respect for her. speculation is that biden prepped himself for questions about harris following the article. political publish an article yesterday naming harris as of bidens vp including a quote from the announcement. they said that the article was not real. today president donald trump gueydan. >> i think that senator kamala harris would be a fine choice. >> reporter: this morning susan rice was on the view. >> i am prepared to support him in any possible way that he thinks i can. there's a variety of ways that that can happen. i will leave that choice to him. i am ready to help him win and govern if that is what he wants.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: rice is seen as a sleeper pick if she were selected she would haze scrutiny over her role in ben ghazi. jacqui heinrich, fox news. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. california reports the deadliest day so far in the coronavirus pandemic. with the death toll that shattered the previous record high. the unfortunate truth is that we are in the pandemic for the long haul. that's the reality. there's not a situation where we can let down our guard. 197 deaths were reported statewide in just one day. a very sobering toll. good evening everyone i am frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. most of the death or in southern california and the
6:00 pm
central valley . the bay area has also seen a steady increase. here's more on that from greg lee. >> reporter: at california marked the deadliest day since the coronavirus pandemic began. new numbers from the state department show 197 coronavirus related deaths on tuesday bringing the two week average to 109 deaths each day. expect the cases we saw a rise early were cases that had a number of people who haddisease we have to take this seriously. >> reporter: the statewide averages show the positivity rate stabilized from a major search . the daily death toll has risen dramatically. epidemiologists say that the averages do not tell the story of hot spots including the central valley and other pockets. >> even if it's not in our area of the


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