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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 29, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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like adapt. discover. deliver. in new ways. to new customers. what if you could come back stronger? faster. better. at comcast business, we want to help you not just bounce back. but bounce forward. and now, we're committed to helping you do just that with a powerful and reliable internet and voice solution at a great price. call or go online today. a berkeley pastor says someone church just hours after they put up a banner saying, black lives matter. >> i don't think it's a coincidence. i think it must be connected. >> he thinks someone targeted his church for taking a stand against racial injustice. good evening, i'm julie haener.
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>> and i'm frank somerville. church leaders don't think the city of berkeley is taking the attempted arson seriously enough. a neighbor saw the person set the fire on university avenue. that neighbor rushed to put it out and says it was clearly intentional. new at 10:00, ktvu's amber lee with what else we have learned about this attempted arson at the church. >> reporter: we are in the church parking lot. this is the backside of the building. you can see the damage to the wall. the pastor tells me he suspects the attack was racially motivated. >> somebody was trying to burn the building down. >> reporter: the building is the way church on university avenue in berkeley. church leaders tell me they hung a black lives matter banner up front tuesday afternoon. less than 12 hours later, around 12:30 wednesday morning, someone deliberately set a fire behind the church damaging the wall, the asphalt and two garbage cans. >> we are only trying to show love and solidarity and do the
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right thing. this is what we have to put up with, my heart is broken. >> reporter: the churches facilities manager made the discovery wednesday morning and learned that neighbor eugene gonzalez's quick actions prevented the fire from possibly destroying the church. >> i smoked some smoke or something. >> reporter: gonzalez saw a man wearing a tan colored poncho with reflective material setting a fire and a garbage can in the churches back door. >> it just went right up and i realized how close it was to the building. >> reporter: he didn't get a good look at the man's face, he was wearing a hood over his head. he described the arsonist as just under six feet tall with a medium build. >> i used my garden hose and filled up a little five gallon bucket and tried to but most of it out while my roommate called 911. >> reporter: gonzalez describes the police officer who took the report as professional, but dismissive. he and church leaders said they are concerned the incident wasn't taken seriously. >> it just lets me know that we
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are not as far from the 1960s, 70s of racial terror than we might think. >> reporter: pastor mike mc ride describes the congregation as diverse. the church was founded in 1972 and has been in its current location 40 years. church leaders say it's no coincidence this attack came soon for the black lives matter banner. >> it is our duty to raise our voices about the history of racial violence that has been facing black people for centuries. >> reporter: the pastor wants police to investigate this incident as a hate crime. he says if caught, he wants restorative justice repair the damage. >> but you must repent and change her ways. black people are here to stay! [ laughter ] we are not going nowhere.
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>> reporter: church leaders are grateful for a vigilant neighbor. berkeley police said they're investigating this incident as an arson. but whether this is a hate crime is yet to be determined. police tell me they have stepped up patrols in the area to keep an eye on the church. in marin county, a school district is continuing a new name for san francis drake high school. the superintendent says the school sign was taken down today in response to concerns over the explorers ties to slave trading and white colonialism. the district plans to hold a series of forums on racial equity in the coming weeks and helps to have a new name by the end of october. a statue of sir francis drake was removed from larkspur landing overnight. city leaders had it removed temporarily ahead of demonstrations planned for tomorrow and concerns people with tear down the statue. the former mayor of larkspur,
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joe lindstrom, says the statue was a gift from a local artist and should not have been removed. >> he is a freewheeling loose guy and we said fine, we never put a plaque up. there is no plaque. and there was no discussion ever about sir francis drake. >> to see it all gone today, i mean that shows that when we put in the work change can happen. >> the larkspur city council plans to discuss what to do with the statute at its meeting on august 5th. now to the coronavirus pandemic and a one-day dental in california that hit a new high today. ktvu scraggly tells us the recent surge in cases has landed all bay area counties on the states watchlist. >> reporter: california marked its deadliest date since this coronavirus pandemic began. new numbers show 197 coronavirus related deaths on
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tuesday, bringing the two week average 2109 deaths a day. >> the cases that we saw rise earlier in the month were cases that did also have a number of people who had severe disease that led to death. we have to take this seriously. >> reporter: though the statewide averages show the positivity rate and hospitalizations stabilizing from a major surge, the daily death toll has risen dramatically this month. ucsf epidemiologist dr. kiersten bivens domingo says the averages don't tell the story of hot spots, including the central valley and other pockets. >> even if it is not in our area of the state that these high rates of transmission are occurring, we all have to pay attention to it in order to get it under control. >> reporter: in the bay area online counties are on the states monitoring list. san mateo county was added wednesday, exceeding the required metric of less than 100 cases per 100,000 people.
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if it stays there for three consecutive days indoor operations of several businesses, including hair salons and gyms , would be forced to shut down. >> it's something that no one aspires to. being on this list. and if we are on this list forever it can potentially cripple our economy. >> reporter: supervisor david canada believes the state needs to find a balance between shutting everything down and opening without restriction. he said he is sad his county has gotten that this point. but next week he is proposing an ordinance to allow county staff to issue administrative fines to people and businesses for skirting mask orders and social distancing guidelines. >> some people aren't taking the virus seriously enough. and if they aren't going to we will have to take these actions. >> reporter: if san mateo county remains on the watch list for three consecutive days, that means the saturday, august 1st, is when we would start to see businesses
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shutting down. dr. anthony fauci now says i protection may be recommended at some point to help the spread of the coronavirus. during an interview today he explained that because the virus affects intercoastal services, which includes the eyes, it may be necessary to protect the eyes with a shield or goggles. dr. fauci says it's not universally recommended, but even so he's asking people to use eye protection if you can. right now the cdc only recommends eye protection for healthcare workers. new at 10:00, the owners of san francisco's landmark adage growth say federal relief money has run out and they will have to close the old-school restaurant until indoor dining returns. we have their struggle to survive in the calls for washington to help. >> reporter: the owners of the
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tattage grill had plans to continue a but they have to stop operations. friday will be their last day because they say they have just run out of cash. the sounds of sizzling seafood of the same, but the chef at san francisco's famous tattage grill is serving up a legendary dish for carryout only. the dining room of this landmark restaurant, empty in this coronavirus era. and friday the kitchen will close with no date now for reopening. >> honestly, being in here and seeing just like one or two or three customers come through a day versus three, four, 500 was kind of sad. >> reporter: the general manager says the family tried everything. they told ktvu months ago they were committed to avoiding layoffs. but even after putting in their own cash and launching a gofundme, time and run money have run out. >> unfortunately the money just ran out and we weren't
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expecting to be shut down for this long. >> reporter: a devastating blow to san francisco's oldest restaurant that has been around since 1849, surviving recessions and earthquakes. customers are sad to hear the news. >> i heard the owners were going above and beyond taking care of their employees and trying to stay open to all of this. i was disappointed that a great institution like this wasn't able to get through it. >> people have gone through their first ppp loans and they don't have a lot of resources left. >> reporter: ray thomas is executive director of the golden gate restaurant association, which surveyed members. >> about 420 restaurants in san francisco responded and 60% were losing money doing take out. another third were barely breaking even. >> reporter: the independent restaurant coalition, which represents 500,000 businesses nationwide, is calling on congress to pass the restaurants act, giving $120 billion in funding to nonpublicly traded small
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restaurants. >> the independent restaurants, we employ so many people, like 11 million people. plus the supply line that depends on us for the farmers, the fishers, the wineries, the cleaners. >> reporter: tattage grill is hoping for a lifeline. in the meantime, getting sustenance from loyal customers. >> it is really nice to feel all of this love people are sending her away. >> reporter: the golden gate restaurant association's director says that at this point only 50 to 60% of the restaurants might actually survive this pandemic shut down by their estimations. they say they hope congress quickly passes the restaurant act so they can get more federal relief to try to save some of those businesses. school is set to begin in just weeks and today school superintendent tony thurman offered an update on the states plans. thurman acknowledged that most districts in california will be starting off with remote learning because of the
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pandemic. he said california is hoping to learn from their experiences back in the spring to make distance learning go more smoothly this fall. >> we know that some students have actually benefited during distance-learning. many have not. we know we have to do much more work to support english learners and families that don't have access to computers, families that are struggling meeting basic needs. that's where we are making our focus right now. >> thurman so the department of education is already providing money to districts to make sure they have computers to give to all students in need one. vice president mike pence said today schools around the country will have the resources they need to reopen for in person learning. the vice president arrived in north carolina to visit a preschool that will come back students earlier this month. he said online is no substitute for in person learning. the trump administration has threatened to withhold federal funding from k-12 schools that don't offer in person teaching this off.
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fall. coming up, one of the bay area's biggest malls makes a big move outside. plus, the ceos of big tech companies on the congressional hotseat. we will be back with the forecast which does include some heat.
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chief executives from apple, facebook, google and amazon are on capitol hill today. they answered questions about whether their companies are too big and stifle competition. we look at how they handled the questions. >> reporter: even members of congress who almost never agree with each other came together on wednesday to rip into big tech. >> our founders would not bow before a king, nor should we bow before the emperor's of the online economy. i will just cut to the chase, big tech is out to get conservatives. that's a fact. >> reporter: members question the ceos of amazon, apple, facebook and google at an antitrust hearing that could lead to huge changes for the online giants and potentially be entire online universe. >> with it comes remarkable
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responsibilities. >> reporter: tech leaders pushed back, but gently. >> we try to be the best. that was what i was taught matters in this country. when we succeed it's because we delivered great experiences that people love. >> reporter: the head of the committee came at the ceo of google with a long list of smaller online businesses that complained his company had exhibited and believed them. >> do you know how google responded when yelp asked you to stop stealing their reviews? i will tell you. our investigation shows google's response was to threaten to delist yelp entirely. >> i'm really focused on giving users what they want. we conduct ourselves to the highest standard. >> reporter: president trump also took a swipe at the online companies tweeting, if congress doesn't bring fairness to big tech, which they should have done years ago, i will do it myself with executive orders. >> reporter: the ceos testified virtually, which considering the jobs you think would go smoothly. but the hearing was delayed for
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about an hour we are told because of technical issues. now for a look at wall street. stocks closed higher as investigators got the figures on jobless claims. the dow gained 160 points, nasdaq was up 140 and the s&p closed 40 points higher. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is recovering after having a procedure at a hospital in new york city. the court released a statement on twitter saying she underwent a nonsurgical procedure at sloan kettering cancer center in new york to revise a viaduct stint. doctors say it was done to minimize the risk of infection. they say she is resting comfortably and is expected to leave the hospital by the end of the week. texas congressman louis gomer has tested positive for the coronavirus. in an interview he said he got the virus this morning. he was supposed to travel to texas with president trump for
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a fundraiser, but that was canceled. he was not wearing a mask at yesterday's hearing with attorney general william barr, and aid to the congressman told politico that he has been requiring his staff to work from the office and he would prorate them for wearing masks. house speaker nancy pelosi says masks will now be required on the house floor and a mask will be provided as members forget. members of congress who failed to wear one could be removed from the chamber. at least 10 representatives are known to have contracted the coronavirus. there is no mask requirement at the u.s. capitol, although speaker pelosi and senate leader macconnell had tried to encourage members to wear masks. a biotech company is laying off 470 local employees. the company describe the cuts as permanent in a filing with the state employment development department and says they are not related to the coronavirus pandemic. the cuts affect employees in
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south san francisco. more than 2000 food-service employees at san francisco's oracle park and the nearby chase center artificially laid off as of today. bon appcit, the food service provider at the ballpark, and chase center says it looks forward to a time when the venues reopen and it hopes to rehire many of its former employees. today governor newsom announced the creation of a strike team to transform the employment development department. the governor says the edd is operating on an antiquated system that has prevented many in california from getting benefits they earned. the strike team will work to modernize technology at the department and employees will start addressing the backlog of unplayed claims. the governor said workers can expect a one dollar increase in minimum wage next year. the extra money will help lower income workers who experienced real hardship during this pandemic. the minimum wage will go to $14 an hour for companies with more than 25 employees and $13 an
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hour for smaller companies. it is set to take effect january 2nd. business groups to increase will make it tougher for many businesses already struggling to survive. we are tracking a lot of fog again, go figure. it has been that way every night now for the last couple of weeks. it will continue that weight except inland will start to heat up. the fog will start getting pinched were at the coast as we get going here. we are going to see a little bit less push inland as we get a saturday and sunday. as it stands now there is a lot of fog pushing will inland. you can see these are the highs from today. 95 in antioch and i think what really stands out is the big numbers. so 95. and then you go to livermore and then it's five degrees cooler. the heat wi filtering in the inland bay valley. but it's being offset by the sea breeze. we land right in the middle, which is why the bay area has such great weather, because we
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do have the sea breeze and we are able to get away from the heat. in the central valley not so much of this week. inland valleys, eastern livermore valley, eastern contra costa area, eastern alameda, thursday friday and saturday temperatures will be in the 90s. and on these days, right in here , saturday and sunday we will find temperatures into the mid to upper 90s. some real heat in the valleys. along the coast and around the bay kind of like what we've had, maybe a little bit warmer. still ahead tonight, badges bent by police officers to show they had killed someone. the stunning allegations made by a former police captain. up first, we go back to the scene of the five alarm fire in san francisco.
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san francisco fire investigators were back at work today trying to figure out what caused that massive five alarm fire that ripped through six commercial buildings. we look at the destruction. crews were still putting water on hot spots. >> reporter: san francisco fire crews have been working for more than a day putting out flames and containing hot spots after a massive fire swept through six buildings in the south of market area. some burned to the ground. crews say the sheer scope of the scene made this a challenging fire. >> we have hot spots similar to the pier 45 fire on memorial day. this is a large area. it's almost the equivalent of one full city block. >> reporter: the fire department is the warehouse style buildings that the fire consumed pancake on top of themselves, creating areas i can flare up over and over again. crews will have to continue to work on this hot spots before they can bring in heavy machinery they need to move debris around and get investigators through the entire scene, trying to determine the cause.
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crews say investigators are already beginning their work, including following up on whether this massive fire could, in any way, be connected to a smaller mattress fire that crews responded to in the same spot the night before. >> our fire investigation task force was called to that incident. it was on scene for an extended period of time investigating that incident, which is still under investigation. and assuring that there was no extension from that fire and the fire was completely out. >> reporter: fire crews aren't releasing much information about the three residents they report were displaced from this largely commercial and industrial area. saying only that they are making sure they get the services they need. >> it's not up to us to determine, nor are we going to determine if that's a legitimate , traditional living space are not. >> reporter: the fire department says drills and teamwork with other city agencies help them marshal all the resources they needed, specifically sourcing enough water to battle massive fires,
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like the one we saw on tuesday. they say they will also be working on an after action report to see what worked and what didn't to improve the response for the next time they encounter a large fire. the contra costa county sheriff's department has identified a 10-year-old boy who died yesterday after colliding with an amazon delivery truck in lafayette. investigators say leonardo salerno was riding his bike at 12:45 listed afternoon when the crash happened on marywood drive near burton valley elementary. today friends and neighbors stopped to place signs and flowers at the site. amazon released a statement calling it a terrible accident. they said the driver was going downhill and the boy ran into the back of the delivery truck when it stopped. he ended up dying later at the hospital. lease say that rivlin the driver is cooperating and has not been cited. coming up, mystery seeds arriving in mailboxes.
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my agriculture authorities say they could be dangerous. later in sports, it was a good night for the giants and an even better night for dave. up first a major bay area mall moves their business outside of. see how they are trying to safely win back shoppers. feel like you've watched all the things?
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new at 10:00, with indoors malls closed because of the pandemic, the bay area's largest mall, westfield valleyfair in san jose, is trying to reinvent itself with a new open air shopping concept. >> reporter: the valleyfair mall underwent a massive expansion and remodel not too
10:30 pm
long ago. and then the pandemic had. customers can only browse merchandise in stores with exterior entrances, until now. shopping at valleyfair mall in san jose looking a lot different in a pandemic. >> you have to be very quick on your feet to develop new ideas as things progress. >> reporter: launched this past weekend, pop-up tents sit in front of them all. 18 retailers so far participating, including levi's , coach, pottery barn and ann taylor. new elements will be added this weekend. alfresco dining on the most backside, the popular dumpling place typically with long lines among the restaurants. also, new cabana for half a dozen high-end stories. >> clients can actually book appointments to visit our luxury retailers upstairs and private cabana spaces on our outdoor terrace. >> reporter: the mall had to shut its doors and briefly
10:31 pm
opened back in june, then closed again. the timing of this pandemic, horrible. the mall has evolved, adding more parking garages a three- story bloomingdale's in a movie theater, improvements costing $1.1 billion. >> and nobody can use the $1.1 billion worth of stuff they built. >> reporter: malls hurting before the pandemic, devastated by online retailing. valleyfair had the highest sales volume in the state. this new concept, a way to survive. even with this market, less than 10% of its 270 retailers are open. >> they are trying to obtain some fraction of the income they normally would have obtained. and they will have to cut back on a lot of expenses and hopefully just kind of squeak through. >> reporter: at nearby santana row shoppers miss the most the ambience and are intrigued.
10:32 pm
>> it's nice. i think it adds a bit of variety and flair and culture. i would just hope that each of those different vendors that are providing the products can ensure safe practices. >> reporter: at the market facemasks will be required. markings on the ground for social distancing and capacity monitored. >> it's definitely something innovative and fun here at valleyfair. we really hope the community is reset to. >> reporter: other westfield malls across the country are launching similar programs. the market will remain, depending on county mandates. other stores not participating in the market are offering curbside pickup. bay area agriculture officials are warning people to be careful of unsolicited packages that arrive in the mail from china, or other asian countries, and contain unlabeled seeds. contra costa and solano county officials have joined the u.s. department of agriculture,
10:33 pm
urging people not to plant the seeds. they warn, the mystery seeds could eat an invasive species and notifier agricultural commissioner if you receive them. >> those kinds of seeds are typically hard to control under normal agriculture practices. you can kind of overtake our native species and crowd them out. >> packages are often mislabeled as clothing or jewelry and could be part of an online scam known as brushing. that's when a vendor sense and isolate added product to get a fake positive review to boost their ratings. the usd is collecting the seeds and will soon begin testing them to determine if they are invasive. now to santa rosa where authorities cleared out a homeless encampment today because of the threat of fires. the camp at fremont park was the largest in the city. the area is surrounded by large trees and residential homes. the fire department says there have already been a number of small fires at the end kampmann. with a warm and dry weather
10:34 pm
there were it will only get worse. the city also says they only have enough beds at the facilities for everyone at the park. stunning allegations about the vallejo police department. a former captain says some officers bent the points on their badges after they shot and killed someone while on duty. our crime reporter henry lee with more on what happened to the department whistleblower. >> reporter: a stunning new claim against vallejo police, some officers bent the tip of their star-shaped badges to mark each time they killed someone. >> it's egregiously speakable. >> reporter: civil rights attorney melissa knowles says this is a new low. >> there is not words to explain how marking, making any kind of a marking to allow the human lives you have taken. >> reporter: the allegations were launched by former vallejo police captain john whitney and first reported by the new site open vallejo. 's attorney says whitney was fire last year after coming forward with allegations of misconduct. he first learned about the badge bending after the deadly
10:35 pm
shooting of william mccoy. officers fired 55 shots at him in the drive-through at taco bell. whitney says he directed police supervisors to collect any bent badges. 10 of them were produced. but according to whitney, then chief andrew but do order the badges returned, wearing that the cost of replacing them would raise suspicions. the chief order the officers to fix them, but doesn't know if it happened. >> what i would classify as a wild goose chase. >> reporter: whitney also set in 2015 chief purdue told lieutenant any part, the police spokesman at the time, to quote, burn that be, referring to kidnapping victim denise hoskins. at the time they believed she had made up the objection straight. or kidnap your, matthew mueller, was sentenced to prison. >> that will department is so decided. >> reporter: the couple got a $2.5 million settlement from vallejo. >> if you think back to salem, massachusetts in 1962, it's the same guy who was yelling burn that which. right? now all these years later he's just using the b instead of w.
10:36 pm
>> i'm just thankful somebody inside has confirmed what we have all known for quite some time. >> reporter: chief johnny williams had this to say in response- >> reveling in the killing of a human being is never acceptable and i'm deeply disturbed. >> reporter: i reached out to the former chief, but have not gotten a response. the former captain's attorney told me they try to silence them by firing him. they expect to sue vallejo over his termination. coming up a planes sanitized between flights and minutes. see the uv light technology when airline is rolling out. first, the federal government agrees to remove their agents from portland. we're looking into the forecast and it does call for more heat and lend.
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the white house says it will send federal officers to three more u.s. cities just as an agreement was reached to pull law enforcement teams out of portland. the governor of oregon says she reached a deal with homeland security to be in a phased withdrawal from portland starting tomorrow. the justice department now says it will send dozens of federal officers to cleveland, milwaukee and detroit. but officials say they will be focused on violent crime and not on protests. the trump administration says it will deny new applications for the daca program and limit the current protections. the acting deputy secretary of the department of homeland security is calling the changes temporary. we spoke with a daca recipient about the impact. >> reporter: living life two
10:40 pm
years at a time, that's been the reality for daca recipients were now being told their renewals will only shield them from deportation from one year instead of two. >> is upsetting and frustrating. it's hard to buy a car or own a house or just to live a normal free life. >> reporter: adrian had his daca renewal processed earlier this year. the new changes mean thousands of dreamers will now be spending $500 every year to reapply for the program, not including attorneys fees. and the department of homeland security is not accepting new applications from those who do qualify. attorneys across the country are calling those young people, having heartbreaking conversations. >> that's probably the population i feel most just sorry for. it's a punch to the because we saw what happened after the scotus decision. from that moment usc i guess and dhs had not been processing any
10:41 pm
applications. >> reporter: in an interview with npr, the acting deputy secretary of dhs said wednesday the changes are temporary. become more than a month after the u.s. supreme court ruled the trump administration didn't follow procedures when it tried to end the program, leaving it in place for now. >> we are going to work with a lot of people on daca. and we are working on an immigration bill , a merit- based system. which is what i wanted for a long time. >> reporter: the 31-year-old graduated with his masters degree from st. thomas university in florida last year under the daca program and now works as a communications coordinator for the nonprofit group, defined america. >> congress needs to step up and pass legislation. if it wasn't for daca i don't know if i would be in this country right now. >> reporter: it's unclear how long the temporary changes will remain in place , or whether the trump administration may try again to fully rescind the
10:42 pm
program. congressman john lewis returned home to atlanta one final time today. tonight his body is laying in repose of the georgia capital in the same atlanta district he represented in congress for more than 30 years. lewis' body was brought to valletta this morning. a private funeral and burial will take place tomorrow. late today we learned that former president barack obama will eulogize lewis at tomorrow's funeral service. lewis died on july 17th at the age of 80 after a month long battle with pancreatic cancer. and you can watch tomorrow's funeral service for congressman lewis on both ktvu and ktvu plus beginning at 8:00 a.m. dozens of conventions and events canceled in san francisco alone. that hit to the city's economy as the coronavirus pandemic drags on. in our chief meteorologist is back with his forecast.
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in san francisco muscovy center is no longer a meeting place for organizations and visitors from all over the world. instead, the convention center is part of the city's response to the pandemic. we look at the economic loss and what lies ahead. >> reporter: muscovy center is a big part of san francisco's $11 billion, 90,000 employee
10:46 pm
convention and tourist industry. tom david, the senior vice president and chief sales officer at sf travel, the convention bureau, says that muscovy has taken an enormous hit. >> today we have had about 40 groups cancel off the books between 20, 2020 and 2021. >> reporter: between today and when year from now there were eight events schedule, plus 65 more at hotel venues. >> every citywide convention that was on the books has pretty much had to cancel. >> reporter: that, says david, represents a loss of 1.3 billion convention and convention dollars. the city has developed articles for future downsized protocols, but normal operations will not return until at least the latter part of next year, and only if a vaccine comes to be. tech analyst larry magid, who is attended hundreds of tech
10:47 pm
conventions here and worldwide, says online conventions are far different. >> for certain things that actually works. but sure him i would rather be at the event if i had a choice. but i do give them credit for thinking about safety and having it virtually. >> reporter: but it's nowhere near the same as a face-to-face , hands-on convention. >> it's really impossible to have it in the way, the rich way that happens when you are gathered together with, in this case, literally hundreds of thousands of people. >> reporter: the city has taken over muscovy west to provide homeless housing. muscovy north and south are the city's emergency operation center until the pandemic has passed. >> that's absolutely being used. >> reporter: still scheduled. but muscovy city and state officials will decide, based on conditions at the end of august.
10:48 pm
a new report suggests the airline industry won't return to pre-pandemic levels likely until 2024. the international air transport association says globally the recover has been slower than expected. air traffic was down about 87% in june, compared to the same time last year. report also finds travel is being hampered by week consumer confidence and constrained company travel budgets. jetblue is going to try a new way to sanitize for the coronavirus. the airline will be the first major u.s. carrier to test uv light technology to clean its planes. the company says it will try it out for three months on planes at jfk in new york and the ft. lauderdale airport in florida. the cleaning system is about the size of an aircraft burkart. at has arms that extend over the top of seat the cabin in less than 10 minutes. checking the weather we
10:49 pm
have a pattern of a little bit warmer inland. we talked about that. that's the trend pretty much the full week, and inland sector of the sacramento valley, san joaquin valley. the heat is going to bleed into our eastern areas. but in this corner of the bay area, where most of the big cities are, like mountain view and oakland, it will remain relatively mild. so that's the plan anyway, we will see how it works out. right now it looks like hot, hot inland saturday and sunday. and mild to warm, to very warm around the bay. there is the light camera shot that shows a lot of fog. we are in a pattern, kind of a stuck pattern. we are stuck between the high- pressure and the hot and the low-pressure in the cools of the north. there are two air masses that are sort of bouncing off each other and we are right in here. so the inland valleys will get the heat, but the low to the north will keep the winds blowing onshore. that's where the fog stays, that's why the sea breeze stays
10:50 pm
for the most part. there is the low spending, you can see at there. is becoming close we got fog, you knew that. a lot of fog. and then as we look at the temperatures there is the sea breeze kicking in. it's not quite as robust as last night, but you see some greens getting up in the sacramento valley. that is the piece that's going to go away. come saturday and sunday will get pinched. you will not see greens and a fairfield and brentwood. at least that's how we think it will go. cooler in fairfield right now than last night at this time. same in livermore. moving through the bay area microclimates you've got numbers like these, no big surprise. i just like this map because it sort of lays out the hills, the bay and the ocean, the three big microclimates. bay, inland and coastal. and the hot spots, about mid- 90s. there is the fog in the morning and then the fog burns off. again tomorrow is a lot like today, not much different. and it's been like this. we've been doing this pattern for about three weeks. it's going to be a little bit changed as we going to the weekend, as i mentioned, with
10:51 pm
the heat coming in. because we are between the low and the high, most of us aren't going to notice a heck of a lot of heat. but the inland will. the inland areas will, which is not that atypical at all for this time of year. i will see you guys back here at 10:00 and we will look at it again. coming up in sports, critics may say the giants have a real shot this season. but they silenced their doubters tonight. than on the 11:00 news, protection from the coronavirus even before there is a vaccine.
10:52 pm
this isn't about today. this is about the next 10 years. pero hoy, tu puedes hacer algo. you can make a difference today by completing the census. the census impacts everything from hospitals, schools and public transportation. it is more important than ever before that everyone's voice is heard. the census builds america, so the census count should look like america. shape the future of brooklyn. kansas city. tucson. atlanta. oregon. los angeles. d.c. start here at
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how's it going, nobody know
10:54 pm
baseball season is going to last, but at least for one night you got to say that the whole lot of fun at the ballpark. oracle not a home runners hitters part? look what happened. thing we haven't seen in years. balls flying out of their. san diego's starter chris paddack with his own personal rosin bag, and pretty much the same for the giants. mike is trough, you will hear that name again tonight, his first homer a solo shot and a one bounce skip into the drink and it's a 2-2 ball game going into the fourth inning with the potters of 3-2. center fielder youngster trent grisham, that is not a cheap home run off john anderson. three runs sean, 6-2 and the giants in the sixth are pretty much cooks. and there they come, alex dickerson taking it with a 400
10:55 pm
foot shot. solo, got to hit him with men on. 6-3, bottom of the eighth, two on, two out. donovan solano, suite part of the bat on that thing, take it to right 6-6 game and we go to the bottom of the ninth. yes, again. >> high drive to right! headed to the logger! it is out of here! >> [ laughter ] yeah and the walkoff and they are distancing fairly properly at the plate. and a pretty big night out there for dave on his kayak. had both of these homeruns. and the giants with a walkoff win, the first of the year. on the other side of the bay this afternoon the a's, in normal times, usually off to a slow start. they can't afford that this time with just a 60 game schedule and a couple of tough ones against the colorado
10:56 pm
rockies. no fans, but no cramping in the bolton. spread out in the shade and getting a view of matt chapman going deep. he's off in the bottom of the first against armon marquez and it's a quick and short-lived lead. frankie mai tais for the a's gives up a long shot off the bat of tony walters. 's even get scalia take catches the ball nine out of 10 times, but it's off-the-wall. daniel murphy scores, only one running on that. the bases loaded and it's a 1-1 game. 2-1 rockies, bottom of the fourth two on, two off. for some reason nolan and renato decides to drop his ground ball to the plate. matt holsen is called out on an extremely close play. the replay will uphold that. i don't know about that, but the bottom line the a's are in the top of the ninth, 3-1 rockies.
10:57 pm
lazzaro's throat was off, olson can't keep his running. and 2-1 score, 5-1 and a sweep of the two games series. and the a's hit the road for a day off tomorrow. something happen last night. it just can't happen. and of the dodgers have a grudge against the astros. back to the 2017 world series with the astros potentially cheated, probably did. and last night joe kelly took it out on the dodgers and said he hit, or almost hit a couple of the houston astros and knocked them down. for that, today, he is suspended for eight games. the manager of the dodgers, dave roberts, suspended one game. dusty baker's, for some reason, the astros manager was fined. you can't have players out on the field like that during these times. but joe kelly today on social media with this post, completely and repenting sent this out. i would like to apologize to
10:58 pm
absolutely nobody! the astros are hiding in their dugouts because i'm suspended. just wait until i get out. tough words from a guy who was nowhere near the field right now [ laughter ]. let's change the subject. remember three years ago when the 49ers only went out and hired john lynch? never had a front office job before and never been a general manager. i said at the time, hey the guy has been a winner all his life. he smart, personable, had a great football career, hall of fame caliber and he is a winner at everything he does. that trend continued. and after three years with the 49ers, he and kyle shanahan have turned the team into a bona fide super bowl contender. to some of his moves, he drafted george kittle, traded for jimmy g and wound up signing richard sherman. pretty good. he gets a five year extension.
10:59 pm
he will amplify on that, i'm sure, when training camp opens in a few days. back to baseball, as we have a little time to check this out. the triple play that shouldn't have been tonight comes with cincinnati's shoko akiyama. a line drive to third, touches third and eventually will throw to first for the triple play. but if you see closely, brian didn't catch that ball on the fly. he actually trapped it. it hit the ground. the umpire see it, evidently. the triple play that should not have been. but you know what? they will take it. the cubs lost big-time anyway to the reds, so it didn't really matter. that is the sporting life at this hour. we will tell you what unesco did tonight, the product from walnut creek. a big game from her, coming up about 20 minutes. next at 11:00:
11:00 pm
>> it's been a busy, busy day. >> a san francisco institution planning on shutting down for now. the owners of tattage grill say they are out of money and options. >> it's the oldest restaurant in the city, but the pandemic is really taking its toll. tattage grill tried to avoid layoffs by offering takeout, but owners say time and money have run out. hello again everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. restaurant owners across the country are hoping to get more help from washington. but for now tattage grill is closing, only planning to reopen when indoor dining resumes. new tonight, the ongoing struggles for restaurants, even one that has been around as long as tattage grill. >> reporter: the general manager told me that even up until last


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