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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  July 30, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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bit the next couple days. this looks to be more of a santa rosa northwind, starting tomorrow. that should warm them up into about saturday. then it looks like right back down again, cooler as we head toward the middle of next week, you guys. the time is 4:54. a final farewell today. the congressman, john lewis. a civil rights icon , coming up i'm just thankful that somebody walked inside and saw we'll tell you what to expect what we've known for quite some time. at the funeral. >> allegations, what the former captain says about behavior a rule just announced by house speaker nancy pelosi, reportedly seen within the after a congressman from texas department. and stopping the coronavirus before the point of tested positive for covid-19. infection. what a new study is suggesting and as you saw live on tv here on mornings on 2, the about how vaccines used to prevent other viruses could launch of a mission to mars is help prevent covid-19. under way right now. we'll keep an eye on nasa's from ktvu fox2 news, this launch this morning of the is mornings on 2. perseverance to the red planet. >> well good morning to you, thank you for joining us, and welcome to mornings on 2. i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. make it a double, yeah!
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thursday morning, july 30th, almost to the end of july. nice mane! try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo >> yep heard and make it a double for a buck more. >> it seems like the weather order now with no contact delivery. pattern will continue into august. let's check in with steve. >> that is correct. first that story on one or two, i think there are only 300,000 left, so bless his heart for going to try and see everybody. >> i love that, i just love that story. >> yeah. that is a very good story. and, i hope you get to meet him if you do. yes. the pattern, pam, it looks like we will get a bump up early in the first of august. after that, we go back into a cooler pattern. i mean it's the way it is looking here, to almost the middle of the month. lily everyone in the house is online not granted, things can change, and i can't get enough bandwidth to video chat with my book club. but we are stuck in a pattern try 1 gig internet with at&t fiber. since the 13th. you get more bandwidth and hbo max included. so, everyone stays entertained. so i can just watch the show instead of reading the book? in the first part of july it you know, if you turn on your subtitles... was hot. after that it has been pretty that's almost reading. nice. although, vacaville and brentwood yesterday, one, 96, it's still hot for someone above average. get 1 gig internet with at&t fiber for $49.99a month for a year. san jose was only 78, yesterday.
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i went 82, bumped it up a no annualcontract. little bit there. i might be out on a limb, but and now get hbo max included. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att still there is a roaring delta wind, and plenty of low clouds and fog. nothing we have not dealt with for about 12 days or so. but it looks like that high in the four corners wants to build in a little bit. as it does, that will bump up some temperatures, probably more so tomorrow. but near average temperatures to slightly above, slightly below. over to sal now. let's see if there's anything new. it was busy yesterday, our starting quiet today, sal? quiet, and just the way we like it, steve. nice and quiet out there so far. if you do have traffic, it's not going to be much. this is a look at the bay get a load of my southwest cheddar cheeseburger. let menutaur make it a doubleeee, yeah! bridge. it's beautiful! it is moving along very nicely, say what? with no issues. and if you are driving on i said it's bea.... try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery. oakland freeways, 880 and 580, we are off to a good start. now it is 4:32. let's go back to the headlines. all right, thank you, sal. also in the oakland area this
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morning, chp is investigating a deadly crash right before the caldecott tunnel in oakland. just after 11:00, leslie, officers responded to an accident between a motorcycle and car on eastbound highway 24 . officers found a 50-year-old man had been ejected from the motorcycle and died at the scene. they believe the driver cut into traffic from the right shoulder when he was hit by the car. eastbound highway 124 was this song is called beer can fix this. and nothing that appear cannot fix, by thomas rhett, and john closed for some time but has since reopened. our time is now 4:33. party. a former vallejo police a little bit early for a beer, captain, making shocking isn't it? it is 5:00 somewhere. allegations, accusing some police officers of it is going to be 5 am here. intentionally bending the points on their police badges after anyway, thank you, corey, for shooting and killing someone while on duty. that request. put a smile on my face. ktvu crime reporter, with more send me a song. on these claims , and what happened to that police department whistleblower. anything will do. facebook, twitter, instagram, user hashtag, #ktvu. >> a stunning new claim against vallejo police, some officers bent the tips of their star- shaped badges to mark each time the san francisco giants beat the padres last night and
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they killed someone. >> it is a despicable act. they will wrap up the series today. no fans were allowed in the stands, but, a lucky fan >> a new low for vallejo police. >> there is not words to paddled away with a homerun hit explain how marking, making it by mike stransky and the third. a marking. >> john whitney and first reported by open vallejo. the second homerun of the game gave the giants a 7-6 walk off when. tonight's game starts fired last year after coming forward with allegations of tonight at 6:45 p.m. at oracle park. misconduct. he learned about badge bending the oakland a's have today after the deadly shooting of off after losing yesterday, the willie mccoy. first road trip of the season, officers fired 55 shots at him playing the pirates in seattle. in the drive-through of a taco bell. supervisors were sent to collect struggled in the field, two bent badges. 10 were produced. errors -- ouch, that hurt. rock chief andrew ordered badges returned, worried the cost of replacing them would raise pictures with reruns, and they lost 5-1. tomorrow's game suspicions. the chief ordered the officers to fix them but does not know against the mariners starts at if that happened. 6:40 p.m.. >> well i will classify it as a while goose chase. >> whitney said in 2015, the chief told a spokesman to, burn that, she believesconvicted and the 49ers and their general
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manager john lynch have agreed to a multiyear contract extension, according to several reports. lynch's new contract will cover five years, and tie into the sentenced to prison. 49ers through the 2024 season. the 49ers also gave the head >> the whole department is so coach, kyle shanahan a new six- misguided. year contract, and they were >> the couple received a $2.5 million settlement from vallejo. assigned together in 2017, it >> if you think back to salem, massachusetts in 1692, it was the same guy who was yelling led the 49ers to the super bowl this past season. we have to take this burn that which, right? now you know, all these years later, he is just using the b seriously. >> some people are not taking instead of the w. the virus seriously enough. >> if you ignore the pandemic >> i'm glad somebody inside confirmed what we've known for quite sometimes. >> celebrating the killing of a human being is never health mandates and one bay area county, you can expect a crackdown as california sets a acceptable. and i am deeply disturbed by new record for the number of these obligations. deaths from coronavirus. a final farewell to a civil >> i reached out to the former chief and have not gotten a rights icon, details of the response. funeral of georgia congressman, the former captain's attorney tells me they tried to silence him by firing him. and who will deliver the eulogy. they expect to see vallejo over termination. from ktvu, this is mornings reporting for ktvu fox2 news. police in antioch say 20
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guns connected to a man suspected of killing the mother on fox 2. good morning, thank you for of his child have been found. joining us on mornings on fox investigators say hello randall 2. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark, welcome to fired shots into a car parked thursday morning. early monday morning at friday eve. it is july 30. we are there. steve paulson is also right there. he has our forecast. girlfriend was killed. a 27-year-old man was wounded. authorities say they searched an oakland home connected to randall and found guns, including assault weapons and ammunition. randall is now in police it will be a little bit custody. his bail set at $6 million. warmer. next week is actually looking cooler, we are ending july on a the contra costa county has bump up note. we started the month off hot, for the past two weeks it has identified 18-year-old boy who been a rather stable" pattern for some. hot for others. there is no extreme here, died while writing his bike. grnd writing at. he was hit by an amazon delivery truck. the crash happened on marywood drive near burton valley elementary school. now, friends and neighbors have been stopping to place signs and flowers at the site.
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amazon released a statement, calling it a, terrible accident. it says the driver was going downhill, and that the boys bike ran into the back of the delivery truck when it stopped. the boy was taken to the hospital where he died. police say the delivery driver was cooperating and has not been cited. a memorial service was held for a baby boy found by workers at a recycling plant in san jose, last october. the group, little treasures, held the service and burial yesterday, along with members of law enforcement and volunteers. they say they want to offer a message of community and hope. >> i hope that it shows the community as a whole. that there is another choice to not leave their child abandoned, so they can drop off at a hospital or fire station, if they don't think they can care for the child. >> since 2005, the group has provided a burial for 52
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abandoned babies. our time is now 4:37. a couple in danville will talk to a lawyer about their feud with the neighborhood homeowners association over two signs on their car. ronda levy and michael hernandez put signs on the windshield of their car, one signed supporting black lives matter. the other criticizing president trump. the couple recently received an email from their homeowners association, saying those signs have to go, because they violate neighborhood rules. >> i was shocked. my mouth fell open. i mean i'm like, really? >> paying no primos or hoas for my vehicle, i own it outright, so they have no right to tell me what i can put her but i can't put on my vehicle. >> the couple believes some influential conservative members of the homeowners association were behind that email they received. we tried
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to contact the homeowners association and the property manager, but there has been no response, as of yet. time is 4:38. in marin county, they may consider a new name for sir francis drake high school in san anselmo. the school sign was taken down, yesterday. in response to concerns about sir francis drake's ties to slave trading and white colonialism. the school district will hold several forums on racial equality in the coming weeks. they may have a new name by the end of october. there may soon be an at- home coronavirus test, available to the public. the fda has approved an at-home testing kit from quest diagnostics. users will use a nasal swab that ships overnight to a testing lab. results will be available on a website and mobile app. the company says it will have half 1 million tests available
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to send to healthcare workers and essential workers by the end of the month. new research suggests some current vaccines could provide protection from coronavirus. a study from the mayo clinic found 28% reduction in covid-19 risk in those who had received the pneumonia vaccine in the past year, compared to those who did not. and a 43% reduction, if they received the polio vaccine. the authors of the study say it's another reason white when including children should stay up to date on their vests vaccinations. >> reporter: pam and steve are both back, and you'll be happy to know, if you haven't felt it yet, the air outside feels good. it feels good, this morning. >> it does. >> and steve has a really easy forecast for us today. >> [ laughter ] a little warmer, but then it goes right back into a cooler pattern. it is really just subtle changes, some locations won't change at all, a couple will come up a few degrees here.
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we have another big fog bank making its push. we saw that yesterday as well. isolated amounts to some of the coastal locations. but we are really stuck in a pattern, going all the way back to the 13th, morning overcast, slightly warmer for some. the city really has been stuck. 65, 64, 62, yesterday, 62. today? i went 64. it is just bumping up a bit. high pressure is building in, and we will take that probably into friday, as well. so, nice to hot, fairfield yesterday, 95, napa, santa rosa, 81. redwood city, 80, and san jose was only 78. that was downtown. east san jose was a bit warmer. santa rosa, 82 . tomorrow looks like to be a warmer one, rosa there. fairfield is a west-southwest at 35 miles per hour. nevada, 54, 57, menlo park.
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fremont and hayward, 58. the pacific northwest looks like it will give up a bit of ground, which is in! four corners as it builds back. and as it does, that will allow earlier burn off on the fog and a bump up on inland temperatures. but that low will kick back in and start a cooling trend, if not sunday, early next week it's again, just subtle changes here. a bump up for a bit, and right back down into the first week of august. time is 4:42. dozens of conventions that were due to take place are now canceled it up next, a financial hit to the bay area is the pandemic continues to disrupt the economy. plus, businesses normally inside of shopping malls, setting up shop outside. the measures some stores are taking just to stay open. don't forget, you can have morning headlines delivered right to you by signing up for
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welcome back. it's now 4:44 here on mornings on 2. two very important financial reports will be released in the next 45 minutes or so. the bureau of economic analysis will announce the gross domestic product for the u.s. in the second quarter. economists predict that gdp plummeted nearly 35% in the second quarter, which would be the sharpest decline in u.s. history. also, the weekly jobless claims will be released. analysts protect another 1 1/2 million americans filed for unemployment benefits last week. the pandemic is expected to continue in the coming months, as a result, the shortened term interest rate will rename
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remain near zero. so we will watch wall street's reaction. according to a new report, the association says globally, the recovery has been slower than expected. air traffic was down, 87% in june, compared to the same time last. the report also finds travel is being hampered by weak consumer confidence and severe cuts to company travel budgets. jetblue is testing a new way to sanitize for the coronavirus to try to the passengers back in the planes. the airlin lanes. the company says it will try it out for three months on planes at jfk and new york and florida. the cleaning can treat the passenger cabin in less than 10
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minutes. 4:46, the deadline to sign up for covered california has been extended until august 31st, because of the pandemic. california department of managed healthcare says the recent surge in virus cases led them to extend that deadline. the sign was originally supposed to and back in january, but it has been pushed back four times. governor newsom has created new teams to try to handle that big backlog at the employment development department. the governor says edd is operating with an antiquated system that has prevented many people in california from getting the benefits they have earned. the team will try to modernize technology at the edd, and employees will start dealing with the backlog of unpaid claims. minimum wage will still go up by one dollar next year, despite economic struggles. the governor says the extra money will help lower income workers, who have gone through hardships during this pandemic.
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the minimum wage will go to $14 per hour for companies with more than 25 employees. it will go to $13 an hour for smaller companies. time is 4:47. it's been months since hans francisco saw its last convention, and we are not sure when it will come back. how s.f.'s convention hub is dealing with the absence of visitors. >> it is a big part of san francisco's $11 billion 90,000 employee convention and tourist industry. tom david is a senior vice president and chief sales officer at sf travel. he says they have taken an enormous hit. 240 groups canceled between2021 >> now, there
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were 18 events scheduled for the center, plus 65 more at hotel venues. >> every citywide convention that was on the books has pretty much had to cancel. >> that represents a loss of $3 billion in convention funds. normal operations will not return until at least the latter part of next year, and only if a vaccine comes to be. tech analysts, who have attended hundreds of tech conventions here and worldwide, says online conventions are far different. >> certain things work, but sure, i would much rather be at the event if i had a choice. but i do give him credit for thinking about safety and having it virtually instead. >> but it's nowhere near the same as a face to face hands-on convention. >> really impossible to have it in the way the rich way it happens when you're gathered
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together with, in this case hundreds of thousands of people. many of whom you may know. >> the city has provided homeless house during the pandemic until it passed. >> spaces are being well used by the city. >> an auto show is still scheduled for thanksgiving, but officials will decide based on conditions at the end of august. tom vacar, ktvu fox2 news. we have breaking news, happening right now . nasa getting ready to launch the mars rover, perseverance. let's listen in. and lift off, as the countdown to mars continues. the perseverance of humanity, launching the next generation of robot explores to the neck
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of space, to mars. >> coming up on 30 seconds, throttling down as expected. and mach 1, atlas five is now supersonic. >> there you have it. watching live here on ktvu mornings on 2, the launch of the new mars rover, perseverance. launching from cape canaveral in florida. these are live pictures you are looking at. it will take perseverance seven months to go 300 million miles to get to mars, and once on mars, it will look for signs of life. among other things, it will be collecting rock samples that they will bring back to earth, around the year 2031. pictures
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, live pictures of the mars rover, perseverance. other spacecraft from china and the united arab emirates are also on their way to mars. they blasted off last week. again, this is a live picture taking off from cape canaveral, florida. the mars rover, called perseverance, on its way. time is 4:52. we get to talk about our weather, and pen and steve are back. steve paulson is talking about our forecast. steve? you are into spaceflight and things like that, that's exciting! >> i am excited indeed. but in the words of steven hawking, don't tell anyone we are here. >> yeah, [ laughter ] >> [ laughter ] yes. our weather doesn't look like there will be a bit of a different twist, not dramatic or anything. we might bump up on some inland tabs temps in the next few days
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. we are stuck in a pattern, going all the way back to the 13th i believe. let me take a look here. yes. going back that far. yesterday though, vacaville, brentwood, still 95, 96, and 101, so there are some hot conditions. they are above. not above a lot, but a bit. maybe 3 degrees above. but san francisco 64, 65, 62, and today, again, 62. there is just not a lot of change going on. not much of a breeze, i have sinned. i have seen the pressure just roaring again out towards travis. gusts of 35. they may get to 95 yesterday. it is pretty amazing. 50s, 60s on the temps. berkeley, oakland, 56. the pe warmer for most, but low 60s, upper 50s, including los altos
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and san mateo, both at 57 degrees. foster city, both at 58. the low on the pacific northwest, the high in new mexico area, starting to build back it looks like, a little bit. that will allow for , creep up
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