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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  July 30, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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area county, you can expect a crackdown as california sets a new record for the number of deaths from coronavirus. a final farewell to a civil rights icon, details of the funeral of georgia congressman, and who will deliver the eulogy. from ktvu, this is mornings on fox 2. good morning, thank you for joining us on mornings on fox 2. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark, welcome to thursday morning. friday eve. it is july 30. we are there. steve paulson is also right there. he has our forecast. it will be a little bit warmer. next week is actually looking cooler, we are ending july on a bump up note. we started the month off hot, for the past two weeks it has been a rather stable" pattern for some. hot for others. there is no extreme here, groundhog day in july, sunny,
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drizzle, slightly warmer for some, not for all. santa rosa is at 55. they will bump up san jose will as well. san jose it was 78 degrees. it has been a hot stretch inland. concord, livermore, every day they check in at 90 degrees. that is close average, but 90 is 90. fairfield, 29, gusting to 33. they had 95 yesterday, it will be cooler today. behind the four corners will build and for a few days and warm up, the pacific and the northwest will start to make a move, and will cool down. one day or two days we will warm up. it looks like another cooling trend. today it is close to average for most locations. it is still quiet out there, or is there something on your screen that you want to get to? >> i would say it is quiet out there. we don't see a lot going on. that is just the way we like
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it. i like it to be nice and quiet in the early hours. northbound 280 and the 101, those commutes into the west valley have continued to be nice and light. also, a look into 880, traffic is moving along very well. this morning's commute at the bay bridge is also doing well. highway four, to concord, also looks good. if you're getting up early, you are getting a decent commute. let's go back to the headlines. three hours from right now, the florida begins in georgia for an icon of the civil rights movement, congressman john lewis. alyssa harrington is here now with the details. good morning, alyssa. >> report arrived yesterday, there we hundreds of mourners lining the streets. they had cheered as he arrived, and of course, they paid their final respects.
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lewis spent more than three decades in congress, and died on july 17 from pancreatic cancer at the age of 80. since then there have been days of morning with louis being honored all over the country and the world. sunday, his casket was carried over the edmund pettis bridge. on monday he was remembered at a memorial service at the u.s. capitol in washington. >> even though the world around him had given him every cause for bitterness, he stubbornly treated everyone with respect. >> paying tribute to a great american, john lewis is definitely representative. he is one of them. >> wednesday, hundreds paid respects to him and a public viewing, george w. bush, george clinton and barack obama are expected to attend. barack obama will deliver the eulogy. he awarded louis the medal of freedom in 2011. donald trump has said he is not going. the funeral starts at 8 am. reporting, live, alyssa
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harrington, mornings on fox 2. you can watch today's funeral for congressman lewis right here on ktvu, and on the ktvu at the beginning at 8:00 a.m. the coronavirus can dimmick in california keeps getting worse. yesterday was california's deadliest day for the virus since the pandemic began. ktvu's greg lee says a recent surgeon virus cases has put all bay area counties on the states watchlist. california marked the deadliest day since the coronavirus pandemic began. new numbers from the state department of public health had shown 197 coronavirus related deaths on tuesday. the two week average is 109 deaths a day. >> the cases that we saw, rise earlier in the month, were cases that also had a number of people who had severe disease that had led to death.
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we have to take this seriously. >> the statewide average shows stabilizing from a major surge, the daily death toll has risen dramatically this month, ucsf epidemiologist kristin bivens says the averages do not tell the story of hotspots, including the central valley and central pockets. >> we all have to pay attention to this, in order to get it under control. >> and the bay area, nine counties are on the monitoring list, san mateo county was added wednesday, exceeding the required metric of less than 100 cases per 100,000 people. if it stays there for three consecutive days, and/or operations with several businesses including hair salons and gems will be forced to shut down. >> it is something that no one aspires to. being on this list, if we are on this list forever, it would
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potentially cripple our economy. >> the state needs to find a balance between shutting anything down, and opening without restriction. at the he said the county has gotten to this point, but next week is proposing an ordinance to allow county staff to issue administrative businesses finds for skirting orders in social distancing guidelines. >> some people are not taking it seriously enough. if they will not take it seriously enough, then, we are going to have to take these actions. three if san mateo county remains on the watch list for three consecutive days, this saturday, august 1 is when we see businesses shutting down. >> reporter: greg lee, mornings on fox 2. the virus step still nationwide from the coronavirus has reached 150,000 area that is the highest known death toll is any country in the wo like california, florida and texas have new one-day records
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for the number of deaths from the virus. 4.4 million americans have been affected with covid-19, most virus cases are mild, and almost 1.4 million people have recovered from covid-19. all members of the house of representatives will now have to wear a mask, while on the floor. that comes after texas congressman louis comber tested positive for the coronavirus, he was not wearing a mask at tuesday's hearing with attorney general william barr. in an interview he suggested wearing a mask may have been to blame for his contracting the virus. >> when i have a mask on, i am moving it to make it comfortable. i can't help but wonder if that put some terms and the mask. >> so far, 10 representatives are known to have contracted the virus.
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vice president mike pence is assuring schools across the country that they will have the resources to reopen for in person learning. the vice president visited a private school in north carolina yesterday where students have already returned to the classroom the trump administration is threatened to withhold federal funding from schools that do not offer in person instruction this fall. with weeks to go until the school year begins in california, the superintendent, tony thurman is offering an update on the state plans. most districts are preparing for remote learning in order to start the school year. thurman says the state is hoping to learn from experiences in the spring to make improvements to distance learning this fall. >> we know that students have benefited doing this, and many have not. we know that we have to do much more work to support english learners and families that do not have access to computers, and families that are struggling for meeting basic needs. that is where we make our focus right now. thurman says the department of education is already providing money to districts to make sure that they have
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computers and order to provide them to all students who need one. san francisco mayors plan to include $50 million over two years, for the city's public school district within the next budget. the san francisco unified school district is facing a $22 million budget shortfall because of the covid-19 pandemic. the city funding would help prevent layoffs and provide money for critical training and services. let's talk about your thursday weather, pam and steve, driving in this morning, it was cool enough that i had a rolled the windows back up. steve -- you are talking about it getting warmer and some spots? >> yes, a little bit. some areas may not notice it at all. inland it looks like santa rosa and san jose will come up a couple of degrees here. they have been very cool for a while. low average on temperatures. 77, 79, 80, it looks like it is a little bit warmer for those locations over the next couple
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of days. we are stuck in a pattern, for about two weeks now, it has been very little change. buccal bill was 101. and what is 95. fairfield, 95, concord, livermore, stuck around 89, or 91 for a few weeks. the city says 65, 62, the average high, 66. southwest travis, 33 s. of davis, maybe a degree warmer. the 50s, mid-50s and the seneca valley.
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54 in boulder creek. it will be warmer, thursday into saturday, it will cool down monday, tuesday, wednesday. that might hold, nine is on the temperatures here. a good bump up on some of the temperatures, and then will look cooler next week. all right, a church in berkeley went up in flames, and coming up, we will tell you why church members say that they were targeted, and i will the neighbors have jumped into action to save the building. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg went back into the hospital, we will have the latest on the 87-year-old member of the u.s. supreme court. power up your morning, and
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welcome back to mornings on fox 2, happening today, federal officers are expected to begin living portland. oregon's governor reached a deal with homeland security to begin with drying agents. the justice department has now said that they will send dozens of federal officers to cleveland, milwaukee and detroit. the department says the focus is on violent crime, not protests. the mayor, libby shaft, is making it clear that she does not want federal officers and oakland. she took part in a virtual media briefing with mayors from portland, seattle, philadelphia and albuquerque. federal agents would only incite more civil unrest, and she said that president trump is out of touch with oakland. >> as mayor, the guardian of our beloved community, we now
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what can create safety, as well as destroy it. this president has consistently slandered my beautiful diverse and progressive city, for his own personal political means. >> she is calling for peaceful protest, and she says the vandalism we saw last week and only helps the president justify the need to send and federal agents. there are questions surrounding an arrest in new york city where a protester was taken away in an unmarked ban by a team of plainclothes nypd officers. the 18-year-old woman was wanted for damaging police cameras, and the mayor agrees with the arresting someone suspected of a crime, but says in this case it was the wrong time in the wrong place. a church pastor in berkeley
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will hold a news conference today about a fire that was set at his church. he thinks the church was targeted because of a banner that said black life matter was on the building. amberly is showing us that damage and she has talked to a neighbor that helped put out the fire. >> someone is trying to burn the building down. >> the building is the church on university avenue and berkeley. church leaders say they hung a black life matter better in front tuesday afternoon. less than 12 hours later, 12:30 am wednesday morning, someone deliberately set fire behind the church, damaging a wall, asphalt and destroying two garbage cans. >> we were only trying to show love and solidarity. this is what we have to put up with. >> the facility manager made the discovery wednesday morning and learned that eugene gonzales is quick action prevented the fire from possibly destroying the church. >> i smelled smoke or something. >> reporter: he saw a man wearing a tan colored poncho
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with reflective material setting off a fire in a garbage can near the church is backdoor. >> it went right up. >> reporter: he did not get a good look at the man's face, wearing a hood over his head. gonzales describes the police officer who took the report as professional, but dismissive. church leaders say they are concerned that the incident was not taken seriously. >> we are not as far from the 1960s and 70s operational terror than we might think. >> the pastor mike mcbride describes the congregation as divers. the church leaders say that it is no coincidence that the attacker comes after they display a black life matter banner. >> it is our duty as faith leaders to raise our voices about the history of racial violence, that has been facing black people for centuries. >> the pastor wants police to investigate this incident as a hate crime
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>> reporter: he says that the arsonist is god, he wants restorative justice, for him to repair the damage. >> you must repent. change your ways. black people are here to stay. we are not going anywhere. >> reporter: church leaders are neighbor, and they say they are investigating the incident as an arson. whether or not this is a hate crime is yet to be determined. please tell me they have stepped up patrols to keep an eye on the church. and berkeley, amberly, mornings on fox 2. 87-year-old supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is recovering in a hospital after a nonsurgical procedure to reduce the risk of infection in the future. she is resting comfortably, and may leave the hospital by the end of this week. again, we wish her well. a strong amazing woman.
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okay. 518 is the time. let's check in with steve paulson. this is the time of year where we have seriously, like 40 degree differences between the coast and inland. right? >> at least, pam and dave. sometimes we have seen 50. that is correct. huge spreads. you can go 60-100. i went to the weather conference in upstate vermont, and you had to show whether shows. my eyes were 59 to 99. everyone started laughing because they were from back east, they said how can you miss that? i said, you don't understand, we have microclimates. i was the only one from the west coast. it was interesting. that is about right. 60-100 should cover it. a fog bank out there again. 90 through the interior. i know that it is 90, but, near average to a little bit above. it is going on and on.
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other locations, to the west, 60s, 70s, 70s, 80s. in the city, hard-pressed to get over 66 degrees which is average today. 54-55 and the city. winds are 5-10 miles an hour. livermore has cloudy skies. at the airport there are low clouds, 57 agrees. the forecasted high is still 91. the average is 89. slightly above. we are locked in on this pattern. westwind, west southwest, mount diablo and the oakland berkeley hills, and marin county, temperatures are stuck. berkeley, that airport, both at 56 degrees. the focus will be via new mexico. warmer for a move monday for a cooldown that will take us into wednesday, and most of next week. it looks like the high for a
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little bit. 60s, 70s, 80s, nearing 90. sunday is the transition day, then back to cooler, you guys. we have big news to tell you about, we have an earthquake in southern california, 4.2 magnitude quake just hit the short time ago. the epicenter located in sylmar, 20 miles north of downtown los angeles, no reports of any damage. no tsunami watch has been issued. there have been several aftershocks, the strongest measures 3.3. again, a four point two earthquake in california, 20 miles north of downtown los angeles. we will continue to get information niners room and bring you updates if we hear about any damage, or injuries or updates on that situation. thousands of u.s. troops are in germany, being redeployed, why they are being moved and where they are
5:22 am
heading. a caravan across the bay area, you will get to meet a 101-year-old world war ii veteran who says that he is on a mission.
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this song is from this century. thank you, featuring schoolboy queue. after 12 million views on youtube, it is a nice thursday. a nice friday, almost.
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send me a son, now that i know that you are up. hit me up on ktvu's twitter, facebook, or instagram pages. use the hashtag #ktvu. >> i love it, thank you. and a major move by the pentagon, thousands of troops in europe are being redeployed. reporter, jennifer griffin explains why the changes being made. u.s. troops in europe are set to begin a major realignment, the pentagon announced wednesday that is 6400 service members will be coming home from germany. the main hub for the u.s. military in europe. another 5600 will be leaving the country and redeployed mostly to italy. u.s. european command would move from germany to belgium. it is a generational shift that the pentagon says is aimed at the pivoting towards cold war threats. >> we hope that russia and china will conduct more cooperative behavior in the future.
5:26 am
>> president trump has repeatedly linked to the move to germany's failure to pay more towards nato defense spending, on wednesday, as the move was announced, he had double down on his reasoning. >> they are not paying their bills, very simple, they are delinquent. growing numbers of republicans say it is a threat to national security, and giving russia a clear strategic advantage in europe. defense secretary mark asper had pointed out that there are still some 24,000 u.s. troops in germany, and redeployments are part of america's long-term strategic plan. >> moving forces out of central europe, germany, where they have been since the cold war, we follow in many ways the boundary east. where the newest allies are. >> the president left the door open to reverse the decision, saying troops could stay if germany had started paying
5:27 am
their bills. jennifer griffin, fox news. a 101-year-old world war ii veteran is now on a nationwide mission that brought him to the bay area this week. retired army corporal sidney walton is on a 50 state tour of the u.s., marking the 75th anniversary of the end of world war ii. the caravan includes a honor guard, motorcycles and vintage cars. the waltons have 18 states left and they will wrap up their tour this fall. he is doing the tour because he wanted to make sure that people had the chance to meet a world war ii veteran. we certainly wish him well on that journey. controversy and any spain h two signs on a car an arrest has been made after a fatal shooting of a mother and a 7-11 arcing lot, what investigators found at the suspected shooter's home.
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the vallejo police department had with stunning allegations, what a former captain says about behavior that is so within the department. stopping the coronavirus, for the point of infection, a new study is now suggesting about vaccines that are used to prevent other viruses helping prevent covid-19. from ktvu, this is mornings on fox 2. good morning to you, welcome to our brand-new day. mornings on fox 2. i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook, it is july 30. we inch closer to the end of july. is august going to be about the same? let's check in with steve paulson. it sounds like it. >> if one believes the global model, we are looking at 18,000 feet. i've seen 15 august, and yes,
5:31 am
it looks like a continuation. at least so far. if it were november, december or january i would say it is going to rain again. but because it is not, we have temperatures that are quite cool for some and hot for others. it is a pattern that has been stuck. on the 12th of this month, the high was 92. on the 13th, it was 76. it has not gone over $.80 and my location. some locations cannot get over 60, some cannot get under 90. 50s and 60s for your temperatures. it is not 104 and 105 degrees, but it is 90 degrees to about 94 degrees for many locations. that will continue into the weekend. fairfield, it was 95 yesterday. we had gusts to 35 miles an hour. it is amazing how it collapses. mount diablo, 73 degrees. the fog retreated, temperatures will be near average today.
5:32 am
60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. let's get over to sal. i know that it is a select few, but there are some people that will never commute, 35 mile-per- hour gusts? yes, that will get your attention, especially are you are in a high-profile vehicle. right now, we don't have much going on. that is the way that we like it on thursday morning. it is rather early. you can see the richmond bridge traffic looks nice, as we drive through. no major issues. we are looking at the bay bridge, you don't have a big crowd yet. it looks very nice, 880 oakland is looking good as you pass the colosseum and had to downtown, and 5:32 am, let's go to the headlines. we are going to atlanta, georgibeing laid to rest this morning, in his home state of georgia, and in atlanta we were there live this morning. we are looking at the casket arrived this morning. the preparations are underway, and they just brought his
5:33 am
coffin. his casket has been brought into the church, carried by the color guard, as you can see. everything you are seeing is happening at this moment in atlanta. former president barack obama will now deliver the eulogy this morning, for congressman lewis. reporter emily akita is in atlanta, from our sister station, she has much more from historic ebenezer baptist church. a man revered for causing good trouble culminates today. john lewis was the last surviving man considered to be part of the big six civil rights leaders and will be honored with a funeral at 11 am at baptist church, and a few miles south of here at southview cemetery. reflections this week recall his humble beginnings, the third of 10 children, at 15 years old, he gave his first sermon, garnering nationwide recognition, and operation of the top leaders.
5:34 am
to some and montgomery, washington dc and atlanta, politicians on both sides of the aisle spoke fondly of the late congressman area sharing childhood stories, rest membering respect that lewis had for any and everyone. >> and alabama legend, and atlanta icon and an american hero, congressman lewis took time to let me know, to let all of us know, that we matter to him. >> reporter: because of the pandemic, the funeral and burial are private, close to the public. the family is encouraging supporters to hold their own john lewis virtual love event, and launch the lifestream ceremony from the safety of their home area outside of ebenezer baptist church, emily, mornings on fox 2. you can watch days funeral for congressman lewis at 8 am, right here on mornings on fox 2 , and don d ktvu mobile app . a couple in danville will
5:35 am
take talking to a lawyer about their feud from the neighborhood homeowner associations over two signs in their car. michael hernandez put the signs prominently on the windshield of a yellow hummer. one side supports black lives matter, the other criticizes partisan trump area to the couple recently received an email from the ramon terrace association, saying that the signs must go because they violate neighborhood rules. >> i was shocked. my mouth fell open. i am like, really? >> i don't pay h oa dues. not for my vehicle. i own it outright. they have no right to tell me what i can put or not put on my vehicle. >> the couple says conservative members of the homeowners association are behind the
5:36 am
email, and we have reached out to the association and the property manager but at this point we have not heard back from anyone. the union school district is considering a new name for sir francis drake high school in san anselmo. the superintendent says the school sign was taken down yesterday over complaints that sir francis drake is linked to slave trading and white colonialism. the school district will hold several community forms on racial equality and may announce a new school name i the end of october. a statue of sir francis drake was removed from larkspur landing yesterday morning, city leaders had it removed temporarily, and demonstrations were planned for today, there were concerns that people would tear down the statue. supporters say it is a follow- up change, but, the statue was a gift from a local artist, and should not have been removed some say. >> he is a freewheeling loose guy, and we had said fine, we never put a plaque up. there is no plaque. there was no discussion ever about sir francis drake.
5:37 am
>> to see it done today, that shows that when we put in the work, change can happen. >> larkspur city council will discuss what to do with the statue at a meeting august 5. the time is 5:37 am, here is the latest on coronavirus. john hopkins researchers say that statewide, 8900 people have now died from covid-19. there are more than 484,000 confirmed cases. there may soon be an at home coronavirus test that is available to you, the public. the fda has approved an at home testing kit from quest diagnostics, users would be able to use a nasal swab, and send the sample overnight to a testing lab. the testing results would be available on a website and a mobile app. the company says that they will have a half-million tests available to send out essential workers by the end of the month.
5:38 am
new research now suggesting some vaccines could provide protection from the coronavirus. a study from the mayo clinic had found a 28 percent reduction in the risk of covid- 19 , in people that receive pneumonia vaccine in the past year emma compared to those that did not. 43 percent reduction if they received the polio vaccine. others of the study have said it is another reason why everyone, including children should stay back up to date with vaccines. we showed you the launch live this morning, 40 minutes ago,allie rasmus is here to talk about the mission. good morning. >> reporter: it is a long-term
5:39 am
vision for sure, the perseverance river will take seven months to make it to mars. it started its attorney at 4:50 am our time. >> liftoff, the countdown to mars continues, the perseverance of humanity launching the next generation of robotic explorers to the red planet. >> seven months and 300 million miles from now, the mars rover will make it to mars. the mission is to collect samples at the bottom of a steep racine, where there used to be a river delta that is a dried up lake. that is where scientists believe that there may be signs of microbial life. >> mars was at one time habitable. it was a lot like earth. the question is, we know it was habitable, but was it inhabited? we have built a rover that is going to enable us to ask and answer those very important questions.
5:40 am
>> rovers from china and the united emirates launched last week on similar missions to mars. once perseverance collects the rock samples, they will have to wait and keep them there on the surface of mars, until 2026. the plant that is for nasa and the european space agency to team up in order to collect the samples with another mars rover and then they will have to put them into orbit. mars is orbit, to be picked up by a spacecraft in 2030. the entire process is expected to take more than one decade to complete which is why nasa gave this rover the name perseverance. so far things are off to a good start. no problems with that lunch that had happened about one hour ago at cape canaveral. reporting live, allie rasmus, mornings on fox 2. pam and steve are here, we are talking about the weather. some of us like what we are getting, and others -- hey, we ta >> i am giving you warmer weather. a little bit of warmer weather. not a lot. some locations, they won't notice change at all. it looks like some that have
5:41 am
been held in check, your 70s and 80s. it will bump up a few degrees. there are low clouds around. there's an onshore breeze. this is not a huge warm-up. yesterday, marco phil, 101. these are all a little bit above average. there are some that are above and then there are always those that are right around average or below. deerfield, 95 degrees. livermore at 90. they have been stuck there for two weeks. morgan hill, 86. san jose, only 78 degrees. what about the city? average highest 66. 64, 62, 62 degrees. what about today? 64 degrees. below average. the average was 67. it is pumped up to 67. the record was a 1995, -- southwest went, 33 miles per
5:42 am
hour. 50s and 60's on the temperature. lakeport is down to 53 degrees. that is good for them. 63 and brentwood. candlewood again, 48 degrees. the leader of the pack as far as the coolest temperature. lima valley, point raise, tiburon, all perfect. the high building and thursday to saturday, the low for the pacific northwest will move through monday, tuesday and wednesday and we will have a cooling trend. warmer for a couple of days and then right back down we go. temperatures at some locations will not change, others will come up a few degrees, four and five below average. saturday, the transition day will be sunday and the cooling will kick in again on monday. coming up, the latest unemployment numbers had just come out moments ago, we will take a look at the latest report after the break. businesses that are normally inside of shopping malls are setting up and operating outdoors. we will tell you what storm stores are doing, in order to
5:43 am
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of safety and infection control. visit red cross blood dot org to schedule your appointment now. welcome back to mornings on fox 2. we have shocking allegations that were made by a former vallejo police captain, accusing police officers have intentionally pending the plants on police badges after shooting and killing someone, on duty. crime reporter henry lee has more on the claims, and he will tell you what happened to that police department whistleblower. >> a stunning claim against vallejo police, some officers bent the tips of their star- shaped badges to mark each time they killed someone. >> it is despicable.
5:46 am
>> alyssa nall says this is a new low for vallejo police. >> there are no words to explain how making any kind of a marking to mark the amount of human life you have taken -- >> vallejo police captain john whitney launched the report and it was reported by open vallejo. when he was fired last year after coming forward with allegations of misconduct. whitney said he learned about the bad spending after the deadly shooting of willie mcquay. officers fired 55 shots at him at the drive-through at taco bell. he directed police supervisors to collect been badges, and he said 10 of them were produced. according to whitney, chief andrew badoo ordered the pad is returned, saying the cost to replace them would raise suspicions. he ordered the officers to fix them, but does not know if it happen. whitney also said that in 2015, the chief told the tenant park, the police spokesman to burn db -- referring to denise haskins.
5:47 am
she and her husband had made up the adduction story, they thought. matthew mueller was convicted and sentenced to prison. >> the department is so misguided. >> the couple got a $2.5 million settlement from vallejo. >> if you think back to salem massachusetts, in 1692, he is the same guy that is yelling burn that which, right? all these years later, now he is using the letter b instead of w. >> someone has confirmed what we know all this time. >> the killing of a human being is never acceptable. i am disturbed by these allegations. >> reporter: i reached out to the teeth and have not got a response. the captain's attorney had told me that they tried to silence him by firing him. i expect to see vallejo over the termination and relief.
5:48 am
we have important breaking news to tell you about, the two important financial reports that were just released this morning, about the current state of the nation economy. as expected, the news is not good. second-quarter gross domestic product for the u.s. plummeted 32.9 percent. that is the sharpest decline in u.s. history, and to put it into perspective, the previous record was only 10 percent. that was in the first quarter of night teen 58. again, 32.9 percent drop for gdp. the labor department had just reported that another 1.4 million americans had filed for initial unemployment benefits last week. on that news, i keep an eye on the futures, they indicate a 100 point drop for the nasdaq and a 200 point drop for the dow jones. we will bring you that is the opening bell rings and less than an hour from now.
5:49 am
federal reserve chairman jerome powell says that the u.s. economy is facing a long road to recovery, saying that the pandemic is expected to continue for the next few months , at least, as a result of the short-term interest rate remaining zero. federal officials said that the pandemic will continue to weigh heavily on economic activity, employment, and inflation. the airline industry is likely not to return to pre- pandemic levels until at least 2024, according to a new report from the international air transport association. the association says that globally the recovery has been slower than expected and air traffic was down 87 percent compared to the same time last year. the report also finds that travel is hampered by weak consumer confidence and severe cuts to company travel budgets. jetblue is now testing a new way to sanitize for the coronavirus, the airline is testing uv light technology to clean planes. the company says they will try
5:50 am
it out for three months on planes that jfk, new york, and fort lauderdale airport. the cleaning will treat the passenger cabin in less than 10 minutes. governor newsom has created a new strike team to handle the backlog at the employee development department. the edd is operating with an old outdated system that prevented many people in california from getting the benefits that they had earned. the strike team will modernize technology at the edd and employees will start dealing with the backlog of on paid claims. minimum wage will go up by one dollar next year, despite economic struggles. the governor said that the extra money will help lower income workers who have hardships during the pandemic, the minimum wage will go to $14 an hour for companies with more than 25 louise, to $13 per hour for smaller companies. the bay area's biggest mall, the westfield valley fair mall and san jose is
5:51 am
reinventing itself with an open air shopping concept. last weekend, they set up tents outside, pottery barn and ann taylor. starting tomorrow, the ball will also introduce out door dining and more pop up tents for high-end stores. >> this a bit of variety, flair and culture. i would hope that each of the different vendors can injure safe practices. >> the pandemic hit just as valley fair mall was adding a new movie theater, and a three story bloomingdale's as part of the $1.1 billion expansion and remodeling. a quick reminder for you, there is information on what is and is not open around the bay area around this period of time it
5:52 am
is on the ktvu news app. important information, steve paulson has our forecast. we are talking about, if you are complaining that it is too cold where you are, move around the bay area. we have talked about quite a temperature span. >> there is a 15 degrees difference from where i live and where i was yesterday. you don't have to go far to find warm temperatures. we have a pattern here, where it changes very little. it looks like there will be a bump up in temperatures. san jose has been below average for two weeks. it looks like they will get near average, but it is a hot stretch for some inland. even if i use concord and livermore, it is hot. ukiah, clearlake, very hot. san francisco, it has not. san jose, 82 degrees today. that is near average.
5:53 am
same for santa rosa, they have been 78 or 79 degrees. there is a rather robust onshore wind, out to the delta over san pablo bay and out towards fairfield. not that strong elsewhere. ultima past, i have seen 25-35. 60s, 70s, 61 for san jose. 55 for el cerrito. 56 and castro valley. and lafayette, the temperatures are close here. 60 and pittsburgh, not much of a spread on the temperatures. i will built-in area and warmer for some. thursday, friday, saturday, the low and the pacific northwest moves through and bumps by out of here. we will have a cooling trend tuesday and wednesday. 60s and 70s. 80s near the water, 90 through the interior. the next few days, it will be warmer. saturday, it will cool down sunday, and more so monday into tuesday.
5:54 am
the time is 5:53 am, the funeral in georgia for the late congressman john lewis is happening right now, in atlanta people are paying respects and saying goodbye. we will talk more about how the best-known civil rights icon is remembered. from one of the several companies producing a vaccine, what researchers have found out so far. a new requirement on the floor in the house of congress, the rule that is announced by speaker nancy pelosi after a congressman from texas tests positive for covid-19.
5:55 am
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it is the rubber ban man. man. i used to be obsessed with this song. i cannot tell you, a long time
5:58 am
ago, i still love it. thank you crustacean enthusiast, for this great request by the spinners. the rubber ban man. facebook, twitter, instagram, you guys are doing very well, may i say. with these requests, it is one of the banner days. a banner day. usually hashtag #ktvu. dave clark. >> i will take it from here, shall, thank you. the time is 550 five a.m. the san jose beat the padres, they will wrap episodes today. there were no fans in the stands, but a lucky fan paddled away with a homer and the third. got it. a three run homer tied the game, and then the second home run of the game gave the giants a 7-6 walkoff win. tonight's game with the padres will start at 645, at oracle
5:59 am
park. the oakland a's have today off, but they lost yesterday. they will go on the first road trip of the season, playing the mariners in seattle. yesterday, they wrapped up a series against the colorado rockies, struggled in the field and add to errors and the game. the rockies rocked the a's picture for three runs, and they lost, 5-1. the game tomorrow against the mariners starts at 6:40 p.m.. the 49ers, in contract with will cover five years , tying into the 49ers through the 2024 season. back in june, the 49ers had also gave a contract, a six- year contract to head coach kyle shanahan. they signed together back in 2017, and it led the 49ers to the super bowl this past season.
6:00 am
we are just about two hours away from the funeral service for the late congressman john lewis. who is expected to attend as the country mourns the loss of a civil rights leader? san mateo county joins the rest of the bay area in being on the states coronavirus watchlist. the attempt from state leaders to ensure that the school year starts off strong online from ktvu, this is mornings on fox 2. good morning, thank you for joining us for mornings on fox 2. it is thursday morning. july 30. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. pam, if you give me permission i will ask steve paulson to give us a forecast for this thursday. can i do that? >> permission granted. >> steve, was the forecast for this thursday? >> the same as it has been for two weeks, dave. not much has changed.


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