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the scene. morning together for lebanon. people are showing support days after that devastating explosion in beirut. thank you for joining us. i am dave clark. welcome to friday morning, i am pam cook. when the evening rolled in, we had big breezes rolling in again. i don't know if that will continue. off and on. the wind has picked up a little bit. monday we had 90s and yesterday was back in the 80s and we are bumping up a little bit. there is not a lot of fog but some is forming here.
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today looks to be a tiny bit warmer. it doesn't take long to get up to the 80s and 54 in santa rosa. there is west, southwest 20. a little bit of fog there but otherwise another sunny day. temperatures are near average to above. here is my good friend, sal castor. good morning to you. we don't have much the day bridge, it is very quiet. you would expect that at this time of the morning and that is exactly what we have.
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let's get back to the headlines. almost 70,000 customers in manhattan lost power in a power outage. it is now being restored. this is a live picture. the lights are starting to come back on. it also affected mass transit new york and many trains were not running. the power is slowly starting to come back in manhattan and we will get you more information as soon as it comes in. thank you dave. police in oakland are shooting looking into a shooting that killed one person and injured three others. officers immediately sauce shooting victims. one died at
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the scene and another was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the district attorney's office is now investigating a deadly confrontation between a police officer and someone with a deadly assault rifle. the driver crashed and authorities say the driver got out of the acura carrying an assault rifle. an officer shot and killed him. we've been told there is by the camera footage of the confrontation but it's unclear when and if that video will be released. his name has not been released. the k-9 officers dog who disappeared during the incident has been found safe. the k-9 might not have been exposed to gunfire yet in his
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training. ramirez was the person of interest in the death of a homeless man. he ignored orders to surrender and instead, put the car in reverse and back it into police cars. three officers fired shot and killed ramirez. the investigation continues. a controversial bill on police accountability is headed to the state capital. the goal of the bill is to help families of people who have been killed by police.>> people of police violence are never seen as victims.>> reporter: on the day before a committee looks at a bill to change who
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is eligible for the states restitution fund, a virtual press conference was pushing for change. bill 767 along with advocates and residents of those slain by the police showed up. tim grayson, co-authored the bill. if passed, it would allow victims of police violence and their families to get compensation. >> it would correct the racial inequity for people of police violence. most times there is low sympathy or resources to bury their loved ones.
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>> since the moment shawn's life was taken, we've been fighting for justice. there is no support or sympathy shown for us the night my brother was killed.>> reporter: they are dealing with the loss and lack of justice. >> every time you see a police involved shooting, you are traumatized and re-triggered.>> reporter: the states fund has provided financial support for thousands of families left broken by crime. changing state law would bring relief to a long silence minority who have seen their loved ones die with confrontations between lawn law enforcement.
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>> reporter: if it makes it out of committee, he goes to the full senate for a vote. if it passes that vote, i will go over to the assembly before going to the governor's desk for signing. a new projection predicts the u.s. death toll from covid-19 will hit 300,000 by december 1 . according to johns hopkins university, more than 160,000 people have died from the virus. that same study found 66,000 of those projected u.s. death could be prevented if people wear masks outside of their homes during the next four months. more than 10,000 people across the state have now died from covid-19 . there are no more than 531,000 cases across the state in more than a .5 million people in california have now been tested for the
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virus. there will be tougher fines for those who ignores safety rules during the pandemic. county health leaders say a crackdown is needed to help stop the spread of the virus. now, individuals could be fined $100 for not wearing a mask in public or not staying 6 feet away from others. restaurants, bars and stores could be fined starting at $1000 for not following safety rules with their employees. a second violation by businesses would be a $5000 fine . businesses can be fined up to $10,000 for each additional violation. some are saying the fines are not there or necessary.>> i hate the messaging this sends. the information on the virus changes every day.
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it did on wednesday, not monday or today. i know what he means by that. there was big fog back and temperatures took the plunge. they jumped up about 10 degrees yesterday and we are looking for very similar temps. there's not much fog. it's trying to form but it is just patchy right now. temperatures are getting near average a lot. there is a little puff of a breeze but nothing too crazy.
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the napa airport also at 20 and that is pretty standard. 53 in nevada. kenwood is down to 51. a lot of mid-fifties here. a little warmer towards vallejo. fog again is trying to form but there's not a lot of support. if you are coast and day, you may not notice changes as it gets a little warmer. in washington, no agreement on the release bill. still ahead, what happened here. why one group of essential workers want to make sure they are included in that new
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deal. anger on the streets of beirut lebanon. what protesters are demanding after a deadly explosion and how people in the bay area are mourning for the victims. you have the power to know everywhere you go when you download the news app.
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welcome back. india has reached another grim coronavirus milestone. 2 million people there are now infected. there the third country to top the 2 million mark behind the u.s. and brazil.
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cases were soaring in june and the governor lifted many lockdowns because of the heavy financial toll. the advisory was put in place back in march and health and safety measures have improved and will return to its previous system of countries specific levels of advice. being left has blocked injury for u.s. tourists and many countries are still requiring quarantines. the who's director says the u.s. partnership is needed to tackle the coronavirus pandemic emphasizing that cooperation and solidarity among the world's major powers is a must during these trying times. in beirut, protesters are
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demanding accountability for the huge explosion that injured more than 5000 people. yesterday, demonstrations were on one of the streets that was hardest hit. official had sent several letters asking that tons of ammonium nitrate be removed from the warehouse where it was stored because of the danger. the government says an investigation is underway now community members in the bay area got together for a visual for this. >> reporter: along the embarcadero , people were mourning the loss lives.
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>> the three-year-old daughter of my best friend, passed away a couple of minutes in. >> reporter: he felt the explosion driving on the freeway about 6 miles from beirut.>> the sound was really huge. it started to turn from the black smoke. it was covering the whole sky. it was so scary. >> reporter: sophia s me this video of a home that belongs to a friends brother, damaged by the explosion. the blast occurred when a fire at the warehouse ignited explosive material that had been stored at the site for years. she says lebanon was already
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struggling with high unemployment and dealing with covid-19. this explosion is yet not realize is that people are starving in that country right now. >> is empowering to see the community come together over there. there are people on the streets picking up the rubble and rescuing bodies. it's been inspiring to see that.>> reporter: many people say they have family in and near beirut.
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it's pretty quiet and a tiny bit warmer for some. we rebounded yesterday a good 10 degrees and it didn't take long. it's trying to work its way back but it's nothing compared to what we saw even yesterday. it might take a little while to get something going. 87 today and it depends on where you are in gilroy 76 to 78. it depends on what side of town your on and what wind direction you get.
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union city is 59. 80 in las vegas and 75 in palm springs. a little bit of fog but not much up and down the coast. each day does look like some more inland towns will bump up a little bit. businesses as we know are hurting during the pandemic shutdowns but apparently not in slow spring. dining inside a bubble. some unique measures one area restaurant are taking.
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happening today, some streets will be closed to vehicle traffic as a part of the public safety plan during the pandemic. main street will be closed temporarily between second and third street to allow for more social distancing for pedestrian in downtown napa. a japanese restaurant is keeping their customers in a bubble to keep them safe during the pandemic. they are offering this. dome seating for outdoor dining. these so-called quarantine bubbles cost $1400 apiece. the owners think it is a good investment and will buy even more. is family celebrate the final days of summer vacation, many are headed to nearby travel destinations like lake tahoe.
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many businesses who were struggling months ago are booming right now. kristin has that story. if you're looking at eating out, plan on making a reservation or waiting. after springtime without the taurus, this region is now booming and some say it's busier than normal. >> we are almost at 100% for business. the reopening has opened a flood gate.
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for many, the looming threat of moorish (music)
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good morning. hundreds of thousands of unemployed californians still having problems collecting unemployment. now the fears of the cycle of debt and search for solution. i'm dave clark. a morning, i am pam cook. we will check in with steve for
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our friday forecast. good morning pam and dave. there's not a lot of fog but there is some trying to form here. temperatures, we bumped them up a teeny will hear and san jose was very mild yesterday. while temperature and monday with hot in the upper 60s and low 70s. a decent little breeze and travis is at 20. there is a little puff of a breeze but not a lot of fog up and down the coast. highs near average to above.


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