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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  September 1, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve paulson for our first day of september forecast. i know it is going to heat up towards the weekend. >> correct. not much change here. very quiet pattern for a couple days and yes, all signs point toward eddie, well, i will say a pretty good warm up by the weekend. it doesn't look like it's going to stick around a long time, but it will get pretty hot by saturday and sunday, especially for inland areas. there's just a lot of fog out there and that it is making a pretty good push inland. averages are in the 50s, 56 santa rosa, the city also at 56, 57 in livermore, mostly clear there. livermore and san jose had a few mid-level clouds going by. the breeze it does pick up once that fog burns back but there's a lot of that has to burn back. hazy skies, we just can't get around that. morning fog, smoke and haze,
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little temperature change here today so if you like yesterday you will like today. temperatures today running below average but they are getting ready to run above over the weekend. and over to sal now. still pretty quiet out there. >> still pretty quiet. as a matter of fact, we do have traffic that is moving along very nicely out there and i've just been looking around and i like what i see so far. you can see traffic is looking good here, no major problems at the bay bridge toll plaza or for that matter, if you are looking at interstate 880, it looks very good. 4:31 now let's go back to the headlines. >> new this morning, governor newsom during the night signed the expansion of the eviction moratorium. it was due to expire yesterday meaning evictions get started as soon as today. the expansion covers both individual and bennett business
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tenants affected by the pandemic. it will keep them from getting evicted until at least february. but they have to pay at least 25% of the rent that is owed. starting today, the foster farms poultry plant in the central valley will be closed for at least six days because of a coronavirus outbreak. health officials ordered that shutdown to allow the company to deep clean the building and also test employees for the coronavirus. the outbreak began at the end of june. at least 293 employees have been affected. eight of them have died. in a statement, foster farms is as it is committed to make sure of the health and that are meant of the communities they serve. many people who work in san francisco will soon have more protection while they are on their jobs during this pandemic. the city received a huge shipment of personal protective equipment. it is starting to pass out those items to small businesses across san francisco. the mayor, london breed says the equipment will be very important in the cities reopening plan. >> we received over 1 million
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pieces of ppe and we have today masks, we have shields, we have hand sanitizer, and we are passing them out direct the two small businesses, at least a 30 day supply to support our small business community of san francisco. workers from san francisco's latino committee will be the first to get these items. the study showed latinos have more cases of coronavirus per capita than any other community in san francis go. governor newsom is expected to sign a law that would make it mandatory to track the coronavirus in the lgbt community. now state lawmakers approved the measure to require healthcare workers to ask patients infected with the virus , as well as 90 other diseases, about their sexual orientation and gender identity. california already gathers information on a patient's ace, read race, age and gender.
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there are more than 6 million confirmed cases of covid-19 here in the u.s. more than 183,000 americans have died from the virus. a new report shows only 6% of the deaths were from the actual virus, the other 94% had an underlying health problem before becoming infected and of the virus was an aggravating factor for other health issues that led to the death. >> they wouldn't have died from that acute respiratory failure or sepsis or some of the other causes if they didn't have covid. covid, that virus, is what is actually causing those diseases, causing them to die. >> fda commissioner stephen hahn says his agency may make a vaccine available before the final phase of testing is finished. he says his experts will use science to decide of the emergency use of the vaccine
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would outweigh the potential dangers for some high risk groups. there are six vaccine trials underway in the u.s. three others and other parts of the world, at least some of those are expected to be complete before the end of the year. now, a u.s. vaccine developer has announced it has reached a tentative deal to supply vaccines and canada. they are selling 76 million doses of the experimental coronavirus vaccine to the canadian government as early as next spring. it still needs to get a license from canada's health agency and the vaccine must prove to be effective. they are not saying how much the vaccine will cost. the canadian government, it is expected to go into the last stage of test being next month. a new bill that reduces the price of generic prescription drugs is now in governor newsom's desk. approved yesterday, it requires the state to create partnerships to increase competition and reduce shortages for generic prescription drugs. however, that measure falls short of governor newsom's
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budget proposal for california to create its own generic drug label. federal health officials are worried about another surge of covid-19 cases during the coming labor day holiday. dr. anthony fauci told a conference call of governors, the labor day weekend will be key in determining whether the u.s. gets a running start at containing the coronavirus this fall. medical experts worry about packed beaches, bars, family cookouts and pool parties like we saw during memorial day and the fourth of july holiday. >> try to limit your barbecues to your immediate family, and remember, you can unnecessarily and unintentionally spread the virus to others by not wearing a mask, being under six feet and being with your extended family. >> the public health officer for los angeles county advises everyone to avoid any holiday traditions involving gathering
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in groups. >> bay area communities and families impacted by drug overdoses are calling for more accountability and action as they observe national overdose awareness day. now, every august 31st, family and friends wear purple and gather at a park to mark international overdose awareness day. many parents are turning the reef into action, working to get to narcan into schools and east shame of substance abuse. they say silence keeps everyone from getting the help they need. >> houck have we as a community failed this child? what do we not do? because it is not a parent problem, it is not a school problem, it is all of our problem. >> experts say fentanyl is expected to push u.s. overdose deaths to almost 90,000 this year. the national guard troops helping with the cdu lightning complex fire received some last- minute training on hoto fight
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wildfires. hundreds of guardsmen from lewis-mcchord and washington state underwent training before heading to california. they learned how to use everything from chainsaws, two- way radios and even how to deploy life saving fire tents. santa clara county is considering a proposal to make preventing and fighting wildfires are more regional efforts between cal fire and local agencies. now, board of supervisors, president cindy chavez announced the proposal yesterday. it is part of an effort to allow agencies to use all of their assets to support each other in fighting fires. chavez says that this is an opportunity to prevent more massive fires now and prepare to fight fires during the next wildfire season. and a push in sacramento to direct millions of wildfire response and prevention has stalled. it was a second attempt in the past week to boost fire finding. the plan would have tapped into proceeds from california's tap
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and trade program as well as state general fund revenues and a 2018 bond measure. the money would have been spent on a variety of efforts aimed at addressing wildfires and climate change including cooling centers, backup solar power, and emergency shelters. hey pam, steve, driving in, the air was cool, in fact, i had the window down. i rolled it back up and i didn't spell a whole lot of smoke coming in, and the moon, you should have seen it. it was spectacular. nice and orange. >> the moon is dutiful. >> i can't see it. there's too much overcast at my location. oh yeah. but the smoke is not going away. we just can't get rid of that right now. the satellite picture does show
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that there is just a huge fog big out there and that is going to continue here and once that burns back, hazy skies. look at that. there's plenty of low clouds to go around. the wind just kind of scour things around and then it comes right back. smoke for all, low clouds, he descent, the breeze does pick up a little bit in the afternoon. 50s and 60s on our temperatures here, low 60s for some, mid-50s for most, no upper 50s, on the peninsula, gang, pacificus 54, belmont, low 60s san carlos, atherton, same as what we saw yesterday. 53 warm degrees in tahoe. 86 in phoenix. it is official, august was the hottest month ever, ever. not just august, but ever, for phoenix, arizona. for us, our temperatures by the
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weekend, until then, it is going to be pretty quiet. so he discussed today and tomorrow, morning fog, smoke and haze, little temperature change here. 60s, 70s, 80s, there are a few that might be near 90. with all the smoke and haze, the angle of the sun is not as high as it was, i would say even as three or four weeks ago, it keeps the temperatures down a few degrees, either way we are going to jump up and everything is pointing towards 90s and 100s for those inland. coming up, how long will the oakland a's be off the field after someone tested positive for the coronavirus? what we know about this this morning. plus, a photo that really shows the digital divide here in california with two girls having to do something to get internet access to do the schoolwork. don't forget, you can get the morning headlines delivered to you by signing up for the newsletter. go to and sign up for the daily service.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 4:43 and a judge has set a trial date for president trump's former chief strategist , steve bannon. he must appear in federal court may 24th to face fraud and conspiracy charges. federal prosecutors allege that bannon and three others defrauded donors who gave $25 million to fund a wall on the border between the u.s. and mexico. bannon is accused of diverting more than $1 million of the money for his own personal use. he has pled not guilty and is currently free on bond. a federal appeals court has decided not to dismiss the case against president transformer national security advisor, michael flynn. the justice department moved to dismiss the charges against flynn in may, even though he had pled guilty and admitted lying to the fda during the russia investigation. when they refused to admittedly dismiss it, the ruling by the appeals court keeps the case
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alive. fremont's new homeless navigation center for the homeless is finally open. it says behind fremont that he hall on liberty street. the location was selected after months of debate. a recent survey found homelessness in fremont increased by 27% since 2018. the news center is designed to help anyone in need to find a stable and safe place to live. >> we have a very low barrier model where as long as we have identified that they fit the really minimal criteria which is literally homeless in the fremont area, we will work closely with them to get them plugged in and connected to the services they need on-site. >> the navigation center is expected to be fully operational before the end of this month and will serve more than 40 people at a time. americans are losing faith in the u.s. economy. that is according to a new york research firm. the conference board. the u.s. consumer confidence index is tanking with the latest numbers falling 284.8,
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making that the lowest point in six years. this comes after the index was at its highest for the year back in february just before the coronavirus pandemic. experts say consumer activity fuels about 70% of the u.s. economy and this could mean that more trouble ahead for small businesses. >> the pandemic has really thrown a lot at us, and you have to really run your business extraordinarily well to succeed. >> my gut feeling is that people are going to come back, there's going to be a significant outbreak, and it's either going to be managed and and contained, or they are going to hit the pause button and go all online. >> small business owners aren't the only ones worried about that. economists say the declining index means many americans are concerned about their bank accounts. a heartbreaking photo that
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captures the tragedy of america's digital divide during the pandemic is now getting worldwide attention. it shows two little girls in salinas using the wi-fi outside a taco bell restaurant to complete her schoolwork. the photo of the first and sixth graders first appeared on tmz. it shows the girls doing their homework in the parking lot because they could not get adequate wi-fi service at home or anywhere else. >> it is critical because these days, education for most students is online. we need to beef up our support for people because the internet is no longer an option, and is an essential part of work and education. >> a gofundme account has raised more than $180,000 to help the girls family who are set to be evicted this week. organizers say part of that money is paying for a hofind something permanent. students in the west contra
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costa county unified school district will now be able to pick up free meals for the rest of the year. the school district extended its summer meal program through the end of 2020 because of the pandemic, and the many students who will still be learning at home this fall. the details are available on this whole districts date. the san francisco public libraries to go pick up program is expanding to more locations around san francisco. they can now borrow books from the yreka branch, the marina branch, and the mission bay branch libraries. at first the program was only being offered at the may library and the excelsior branch. library visitors can put books or other items on their accounts and then take the books up. it is the library's version of curbside pickup.
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sorry, david going to have to send it back to you for a moment. >> i have it. let's talk about the oakland a's. they are not scheduled to play until thursday after a positive coronavirus test was discovered within the organization, so games of the weekend were postponed after the positive test. games are set for today and tomorrow between the a's and the seattle mariners. they are now postponed, and the series finale for thursday hasn't been postponed yet, but we will be watching to see what happens. we don't know yet if the positive test involves a player, a coach, or someone who travels with the team. and the oakland a's did make one trade at the trade deadline yesterday. they are hoping mike minor will benefit from a change in scenery. he didn't win a game with the texas rangers this season, but he has pitched well for the past couple of years. the oakland a's gave up a couple of minor league prospects who were drafted last year. mike minor is expected to start in the back half of the oakland
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is pitching rotation. tonight, the 49ers will host their annual fundraiser to kickoff the new season. the 49ers first game is in less than two week and they may be playing after without their starting line backer. that list is for players who either test positive or they have come in close contact with someone who has. >> i think it is a good reminder that no one is out of the woods. when you go a few weeks without nothing happening at you start to feel pretty safe and we are not here 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so this type of stuff is going to happen and it is going to continue to happen at times and we need to make sure we are on top of it and do the best we can. >> the 49ers start their new season on september 15th. chocolate is taking the cake for peoples go to comfort food during the pandemic. chocolate sales have spiked in the last few months according
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to a report by the national confectioners association. it shows demand for chocolate surpassed the demand for overall candy between march and august. to the premium chocolate market saw the biggest growth with a silence bike of more than 12% will non-premium chocolate, their sales went up 5.5%. just chocolate. pam's favorites. i know. >> i do have, yeah, i have a weakness for chocolate, that's for sure. well, let's check in with steve, who likes probably a little wine with his fine chocolate. >> you know he does. >> in light of a lot of dark chocolate. that's good for you. i like clear skies is what i would like, but we have too much smoke and haze. it is not getting out of your get and i don't think it is
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getting out of here anytime soon. the humidity is high, that does help the firefighters. there's a big fog together. to me, this is not going anywhere, did i mess up x there it is. what is going on? is that right? is everything all right? did i lose something? okay. my computer is frozen. that's the problem. my computer is frozen. so i'm going to have to send it back.i know this happened to sal the other day so i'm going to have to send it back to you guys. we'll we will be watching and by the way, just a reminder, make sure you download the new weather app. it has interactive radar, hourly up dates and the seven- day forecast and it's a really easy way for you to upload your weather photos and video. the ktvu weather app, free to download for your smart phone or tablet. air quality still not healthy around the bay area as wildfires keep burning. still had, we will give you an update on the wildfires and where is evacuated residents are being allowed to go back home. plus, we will tell you up we are expected to find out from
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the president and the inner workings of the trump administration in a new tell- all book about first lady melania trump. but first, the pandemic seems to have changed just about every facet of life including the real estate market. the effect it has on bay area home prices. ♪ ♪ i got it all from you ♪ i'm always pushing through ♪ i know we'll make it to the finish line ♪ ♪ i'm like you on-demand glucose monitoring. because they're always on. another life-changing technology from abbott.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. happening today, more than 300 oakland restaurants putting their best foot forward for a summer edition of restaurant week. their theme, stay in oakland, eaton oakland, spent in oakland. on the visit oakland website, diners can decide where they want to go by neighborhood, cuisine or services, including delivery, takeout, and outdoor dining. later today on mornings on 2,
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will be talking about the ceo of visit oakland. he is mark everton. he will be joining us from tennis cow brewery which is one of the participating restaurants. that is coming up later today on mornings on 2 . also happening today, the san francisco international airport will reopen a concourse in the international terminal. concourse cafe is has been close since april 1st because the major cutback and flights. the airports have been operating all international flights at a single concourse. they used the time to complete updates and do maintenance work on the tarmac and inside the terminal. the bay area real estate market continues to be hot, even during the pandemic. according to new information, bay area home sales in july went up 9% compared to this time last year. and the median home price is
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also up 6% with an median price of a home in the bay area, $865,000. one real estate broker in contra costa county says there's a lot of movement in the market right now. >> some of our suburban residents are moving out of state as mentioned, idaho, montana, those are a vorites, a housing is being purchased by people from the south bay, the peninsula, the city, even oakland hills, so everyone is just shifting a little bit which keeps everything flowing. >> here is how it looks. places like marin and sonoma top the list of increases in home sales in july at 26% and 23%. they are followed by santa clara county where home sales were up go where the only counties reporting a drop in home sales. delta and american airlines are following the lead of united airline and have dropped the $200 change fee for domestic
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flights. this is effective immediately and is designed to encourage passengers to start flying again. normally during the summer, at least 2 million people pass through security checkpoints at airports in the u.s. every day. but that number hasn't been over 900,000 since the middle of march. zoom, based in san jose, reported another quarter of huge growth due to a surge in paid subscriptions. zoom says revenue more than quadrupled from last year. the company's growth is a direct result of the pandemic with millions of people now depending on its video conferencing platform for business, education, and personal use. to middle school kids from arizona who started a clothing company during this pandemic are seeing some success with the help of a website for young entrepreneurs.
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the brothers are tanner and tate. they sell t-shirts online. they are 13 and 11 years old. they say they got help on their "create or complain" campaign. the site help them develop it and they brought it to market. >> so things like investing in savings and grit and perseverance and delayed gratification, all of those things are part of our online curriculum. so we are building that community, we are encouraging kids every week and every month on zoom calls, coaching calls -- >> the owner says the goal is to teach business and life skills that are not taught in a school and also provide the kids support and a marketplace for their products. >> this is kind of error new record. >> we have a look at
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good morning. thank you for your waking up with us. i am pam cook. >> im dave clark. welcome to september. it is september 1. it is tuesday. i know where to find steve paulson. the next couple days a quiet. we are stuck in a pattern that has fog and smoke. a lot of smoke and haze. the load cloud deck, we have carried fog into early september. i don't think it is going anywhere. 50s and all the temps.


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