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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  September 1, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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social media. a member of the health and social care committee authored the bill and said when celebrities secretly edit their photos, they are creating a warped view of beauty and feeling a mental health crisis. under the new bill, stores would have to label it images that were edited to change their appearance. president donald trum midst of protests against racial injustice. where he stands on the issue and how leaders in wisconsin are reacting. what federal health officials are saying about an uptick of transits over the labor day weekend. an outbreak of covid-19 and what health officials in sonoma county are doing to help stop the spread of transits. welcome to keep morning zone 2. we are looking at a live picture of the open estuary. cloudy skies and i love smoke unfortunately in the air and there will be a little bit of
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sunshine later on. it will be mixed with the clouds and the smoke. you know, the white house will start allowing public tours again in less than two weeks. the office of the first lady just announced that the torch will pick back up on saturday the 12th with new safety precautions in place. the number of guests will be limited to 18% of normal capacity. all guests two years old and older are required to wear a face coverings and practice social distancing. for now, torch will only be hosted on fridays and saturdays instead of five days per week. as they bring in mike to morning zone 2. i have never been inside the white house and i would like to go one day. i have been outside and he is a majestic building. i would like to go and check it out one day. >> i have never even been to washington, delta02. i know that sounds horrible but with eighth-graders making their trip and learning about
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government, we didn't do that. i actually haven't be in. one day when things open up again, have you been to dc? >> i have never been to the white house. seventh and eighth graders go together. i am hoping that is two or three years away from a oldest and in the summertime parents volunteered to go. i think that will be a fabulous trip, not just for me but to see the young boys and girls and how they look at the white house as they have learned a lot about u.s. history over the centuries and it will be exciting to see. i'm glad to see it is open. baby steps and get people back and running again. and speaking of the white house, president donald trump is on the way to kenosha, wisconsin. there have been protests and we have seen the images and there has been violence since a police officer shot jacob blake more on the story and in of the republican senator in wisconsin is welcoming the president but there are a couple of key
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members in government who are against the president's visit this afternoon. >> reporter: that is right. the governor of wisconsin and the mayor of kenosha have both voiced concerns about president donald trump's visit. he is on his way. cameras caught the president as he left the white house just before 8:00 this morning. he then made his way to joint base andrews where he answered questions for reporters and boarded air force one. he is flying to waukegan national airport in illinois and the and is about 60 miles to kenosha, wisconsin. the president said the main reason is to think law enforcement and the national guard. he will also tour property damage that sparked after the
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police shooting of jacob blake. he was shot in the back seven times leaving him paralyzed. protesters have taken to the streets of common notion for the last week. fighting against racial injustice and police brutality. the president said he would like to breach the racial gap. in recent days, protests have stayed peaceful after days of unrest. the wisconsin governor worries the visit could strain tensions further. yesterday, trump said he would not meet with jacob blake. he said the family and pastor requested a lawyer be with them during the visit and he thinks that is inappropriate. before he boarded air force one this morning he said, he didn't know if he would meet him. spin i'm a. i will also be speaking with the pastor who was talking and very well and involved in in ask in respected man. i spoke to the pastor of the family yesterday. i spoke to him yesterday and had a great conversation. but i am speaking today for law enforcement and for the national guard because they have done a great job in kenosha.
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>> reporter: as for the rest of the plan for the visit, he is expected to head to the hospital where an emergency operation center is set up. probably part of a roundtable discussion on community safety in wisconsin. to visit is expected to last a few hours and the president is scheduled to be back on air force one by about 1 pm. thank you for that. a bill calling for police oversight is headed to governor newsom's desk. but police say the legislation does not go far enough. the measure calls for the state attorney general or another state prosecutor to investigate
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deadly shootings by law enforcement. midnight was the deadline for lawmakers to pass bills this current session. legislators did not vote on paper police restriction such as denying troubled officers of the ability to keep their badge and holding officers to some financial responsibility if they are sued. in south l.a., protests late into the night after a sheriff's deputy shot and killed an african-american man. the sheriff's office said the man was riding a bike when deputies tried to stop in for a vehicle code violation. the man tried to get away and reportedly punched a deputy and reportedly had a gun. two deputies fired shots in the man was killed. overnight, demonstrators vandalized the sheriff's office and confronted deputies, protesting the killing. public health officials in sonoma county are work to stop a covid-19 outbreak among staff at santa rosa memorial hospital. 17 hospital employees have tested positive. one of the unions representing workers say that 200 employees may have been exposed to covid- 19. the hospital says it is stepping up safety measures and the county health officer says the laboratories conducting rapid virus testing on workers who may have been exposed the foster farms poultry facility will be closed for at least six days to a covid-19 outbreak there.
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health officials in merced county ordered the shutdown to allow the company to deplane the building and test workers for coronavirus. the outbreak began at the end of june and has infected at least 293 employees. eight have died and in a statement foster farms says he is committed to ensuring the health and betterment of communities it serves. san francisco will allow hair and nail salons and barbershops to open up for outdoor services. both customers and employees need to wear face coverings. businesses can also set up tents that shield people from the sun or the when that merchants must first receive permits from the city to get the tents. the mayor will discuss today's reopening at a news briefing schedule for 11:30 this morning. gyms can reopen our operations, but that is not until september 9th. any shops and hair salons are now operating indoors for the first time in months. they restarted indoor operations yesterday under the state's new color-coded
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reopening system. contra costa is one of seven bay area counties ranked in the purple. which is the state's lowest ranking. each county has the ultimate say only businesses can reopen. and contra costa county's health officer decided to allow hair salons to reopen indoors. santa clara county has a similar reopening plan. hair salons, barber shops, indoor malls across the county are now allowed to operate. only at 25% capacity. this despite a high rate of inspection in santa clara county. coronavirus cases have surpassed the 17,000 mark with 170 new cases reported in santa clara county just yesterday. new this morning, governor newsom assigned a rent protection and it could extend eviction protection for renters. the governor signed the bill as a payment on evictions was set to expire at midnight. the stitching covers individual and business tenants affected
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by the pandemic. protections go to february but tenants will have to pay at least 25% of their rent. one firefighter has been killed fighting a fire in mendocino county. he was working on the august complex fire. a second firefighter was injured and is receiving medical attention this morning. the u.s. forest service is in charge of the fires and says more details will be released in the coming days. the complex is road to 380 square miles. is 20% contained. cal fire as lifted evacuation orders for the scu lightning fire. evacuation orders have been lifted in santa clara, san joaquin and alameda counties. fires burned more than 390,000 acres. cal fire says the fire is 70% contained in hopes that full containment by thursday. three firefighters and two civilians have been hurt in the fire.
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more than 100 buildings have been destroyed since the fire started two weeks ago. for them 5000 buildings remained threatened. pg&e crews are replacing or repairing about 900 power poles and transformers destroyed by the czu lightning complex fire burning in santa cruz and san mateo counties. inspectors are on the streets checking homes for damage. 900 homes are among the 1500 buildings that have so far been destroyed. 133 square miles have burned in this morning cal fire announced containment for the czu complex fire jump from 41 to 43%. crews are gaining ground on the lnu complex fire in sonoma, lake napa and yolo counties. this is now 69% contained. it has burned 586 square miles and destroyed more than 1200 buildings. is not yet clear how many of the structures are actual homes. in marin county to woodward fire is now 17% contained. the fire has burned more than five square miles in the
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sheriff's office has lifted some of the evacuation warnings for people in pulling this. damp and foggy conditions have been helping firefighters gain control of the fire. it has limited the use of firefighting aircraft in the area. as we go to the weather with rosemary, are the conditions of the weather today helping keep the smoke contained here? is that what it is so smoky or more smoke is coming in? >> the winds are generally lights at any time we have the light winds we have the cloud cover in place and it gets lot within what we are seeing outside the doors this morning. although air quality at the moment, not bad in most areas. is another spare the air day. it is hazy out there this morning. here is a look over areas where
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we have clouds and fog out there this morning and a layer of hayes. all of this helping out at least to keep temperatures very seasonal. we are looking at air quality currently, good to moderate or at least reported by areas of the air quality control district. santa rosa and napa in the green at the moment and if we shift into the central bay is moderate at this time and into the south bay, moderate for san jose and along the coastline. we are looking good at the moment. unhealthy for all of our areas today. especially for the sensitive groups. we are not going to be able to shake the smoke until the fires under control. meanwhile, when we do get breaks from the clouds, it helps to steer up the atmosphere and we tend to get a little bit of clearing into the afternoon. at least in some spots. winds from the south and southwest. if you are downwind of the area burning of the santa cruz san
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mateo area, you can see it is easy to get the smoke drift. the fog along the coastline at about tonight miles or so. into the north bay we have format to 5 miles there. a little bit of fog but nothing too close to the ground. we have pretty patchy dense fog. afternoon highs for today looking upper 70s to about 80 degrees. mid-60s over san francisco. 70 in oakland. 80 degrees over san jose. temperatures will remain status quo. only subtle changes expected for the next couple of days. we have a how one expected in time for the labor day weekend. i will have a look at the numbers coming up in just a little bit. coming up, bad air quality making it worse for people with allergies. and what the doctor is saying about going outside while poor air settles over northern california. the nfl is releasing more information about his plan during games to show solidarity with the movement against racial injustice. in the next half hour, what
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the u.s. transportation department is investing in additional $1.2 billion in grants to america's airports. six bay area airports get more than $23 million. the largest grant. the napa county airport and sfa will each get more than $3 million. oakland international will get 2.8. the of ports in palo alto and rio vista round out the airports receiving grant money. federal health officials
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say they are worried about a surge in covid-19 cases following the upcoming labor day holiday. dr. anthony fauci told a conference call of governors the labor day weekend will be key in determining whether or not the u.s. will get a running start at containing the pandemic this fall. medical experts are worried about packed beaches, bars, family cookouts and pool parties. similar to those was all during memorial day in the 4th of july. >> tried to limit your barbecues to your immediate family. and remember, you can unnecessarily and unintentionally spread the virus to others by not wearing a mask. being under six feet and being with your extended family. >> the public health officer from los angeles county is advising everyone to avoid holiday tradition where groups would normally gather. the a's are not scheduled to play until thursday after a positive coronavirus test
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within the organization. games over the weekend were postponed after the positive test and now game set for today and tomorrow between the a's and the mariners have been postponed. we don't know if that positive test is a player, coach or someone who travels with the team. according to the chronicle, the rest of the a's travel party tested negative for the virus yesterday and they are awaiting results from a second round of tests. tonight the san francisco 49ers will host their annual fundraiser to kick off the new season. the 49ers open up the season less than two weeks from now. although they could be without the starting linebacker as he was placed on the reserve covid- 19 list. that is for players who test positive or have come in close contact with someone who has tested positive. 49ers open up the season on september 13th against the arizona cardinals. sac it is a horrible combination. the air quality may have you coughing, sneezing, and rubbing your eyes and reporter lisa gonzalez talked to an allergist of about the air we are
9:19 am
breathing. >> reporter: file allergies are already here. >> we're seeing pollen back on the pollen counters. >> reporter: the director of the allergy station says, the smoke from recent wildfires is making the air even worse. >> the smoke has covered us as a blanket. that are just laying on top of each other so we have the blanket of smoke that is laying anywhere from two feet to 800 feet off the ground and mixed in there, is weed pollen, allergy, grass pollen, all of these particles are sitting there >> reporter: making this season especially bad for people with allergies. the doctor says sensitive breathing group should not go outside at all if possible. >> seconds or minutes of exposure can trigger asthma attacks. permit you don't have to be in a sensitive group for the smoke to affect the. even on a short walk or jog at the park part. >> they are bombarding the airways and eyes and skin. dr. miller says we should all
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demise air outside especially if the a q is over 100. >> mask don't take out the p.m. 2.5, the small particle. format you may be wondering how do i know if i call for itchy throat is allergies and it is related order covid-19? >> one defining symptom that you can separate, you probably won't have a fever with smoke inhalation. that is a very uncommon symptom. >> reporter: dr. miller says if you have a fever, cough and shortness of breath, you should definitely contact your doctor. coming up next, the pandemic not stopping the bay area's red- hot housing market. we will shake g increases in bu now and help supporting local businesses in the east bay. how you can participate in oakland restaurant week. summer edition. that kicks off today.
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track it is one reason to get outside and support restaurant owners in the east bay. restaurant week, summer edition is back here it begins today and to tell us more about it we are joined by the founder of visit oakland, mark everett in. to tell us more about how this will all work with the social distancing. can you tell us more about the contactless dining experience that people will have? >> yes. good morning. i am here in the heart of the district right on telegraph and anabsolutely incredible outdoor beer garden. to my right there is a
9:24 am
amazon locker. you order beer from your table using the qr code on your phone and when he is ready to be picked up, you get a text and walk over and site open a little more and there is your beer ready. is amazing. if you can't get down here. the products are available through whole foods and a lot of other retail food outlets throughout the bay area. >> what is fired oakland restaurant week to come back so to speak, and have a summer edition? >> normally we do restaurant week in the middle of january. we are postholiday, when the restaurants are desperate for a bump in business. what we are finding what covid is we need that bump in business right now. a lot of the restaurants are struggling. they are down between about 30 and 50% of normal business. it is time now to be able to give that economic input and infusion by encouraging bay area residents and he spake residents to come down and solicit and enjoy our restaurants throughout oakland. >> there are 65 restaurants
9:25 am
that have participated so far. may be more coming online. some restaurants cannot be outside. we have the space to offer outdoor dining and how are those restaurants going to participate at all? >> we have a combination and i checked the numbers this morning. we have 73 restaurants that are currently signed up with oakland restaurant week offering outdoor dining and that is in combination with the city of oakland's flex street program where they have allowed the restaurant to expand to the somewhat or a lane of traffic where they have put up barricades. we have 220 restaurants offering deliverydelivery servi about 325 that staurants partic restaurant week is well over 300. i think will find a variety of restaurants whether it is black-owned or burmese or asian focused restaurants throughout oakland.
9:26 am
to either go pick up food or down outside if the weather is permitting or to have it delivered to your front doorstep one of the delivery companies. >> and you are standing in that beer garden. that makes me want to go have a cold one. how long will the restaurant week run? >> there will be plenty of time to get you down here. as you know, temescal brewing is open thursdays through sundays. restaurant week will kick off today and run through the 13th. we actually have a 13 or roughly 14 date restaurant week. the week part is a misnomer. is a little bit bigger than it should be as everything is in oakland. and the other nice thing is we transition from restaurant week into local shopping programs that we have launched, spend, stay open. it is a way to show your appreciation and love for oakland. it will have every opportunity
9:27 am
to be able to enjoy oakland. and to keep the dollars here. to keep our oakland raiders working and keep our businesses open. >> it is oakland restaurant week now through september 13th and mark, thank you so much for joining us this morning on mornings on 2. good luck to the restaurants that are participating. i hope people get out there. >> thank you so much. for the full list of participating restaurants in oakland restaurant week, the summer edition, the city and click on web links. coming up on training of astronaut. offering aid to the men and women on the front lines of our wildfires and how you can help firefighters and their families.
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welcome back. we are giving you a live look at like tahoe. a popular getaway spot for many people but this year we are being told to stay close to home. it is interesting to see the scott is a nice and bright blue and i assume the air quality is much better in lake tahoe. i know we are coming up on high temperatures. and we are struggling because of air quality due to several major wildfires burning. the heat that is coming is not going to help.
9:31 am
>> you are right. it will prove an even tougher fight for the firefighters. and that much hotter. outside, seeing more of what we have been seeing in way of cloud cover. and the haze out there. here is a look at sfo. san francisco reporting 58 degrees. upper 50s over santa rosa. and unhealthy air quality will remain. here is a look at the 24 hour temperature change. most areas are a tad warmer than yesterday. not expecting any dramatic changes into the bay area tuesday. i want to show you the predominant when flow coming right at the surface. you can see the south southwest
9:32 am
flow over the santa cruz area and the northbay coastline. that helps push smoke inland and if we got 5000 feet up, we have a different flow going on. that helps push the smoke in a different direction. easy to understand why we just cannot escape any of the smoke as we have the fires burning northeast and in the west. unhealthy air quality especially for the sensitive groups for the entire bay area and moderate air-quality reported although i did step outside my door and i can smell the smoke this morning as i'm sure many of you can as well. here is a look at the afternoon highs for today. 65 in san francisco. low 80s in san jose. mid-to upper 80s in inland cities. seasonal temperatures, the marine layer in place helps keep humidity up for the firefighters in winds are generally light. unfortunately it is not helping with the smoke and haze but hopefully helping the firefighters. here is a look at the extended forecast. we don't see much change for the next few days, but as we get into the weekend, notice
9:33 am
the numbers. a big hike expected. temperatures along the coastline nearing 80 by sunday. upper 80s to low 90s around the bay and triple digit heat in the forecast for our inland cities. president donald trump right now on his way to kenosha, wisconsin. the president saying he expects to meet with local law enforcement within the city and also surveyed the damage left behind from recent protests. demonstrators took to the streets calling for racial justice after jacob blake was shot seven times in the back by a police officer. wisconsin's republican senator is welcoming the president, but both wisconsin's governor and the mayor of kenosha asked the president to reconsider his visit. the acting homeland security secretary sent a letter to portland's mayor saying, if he does not request federal help to end the violence there, the administration will act on its own. >> reporter: portland is quickly approaching 100 straight days of often violent protests would note and
9:34 am
insight. monday was state 96 picked hundreds of people hitting the streets and setting fires. and marching towards the mayor's condominium tower. demanding his resignation over the arrest of what they say are nonviolent demonstrators. >> one family's house was shot up. they didn't have cops there for 17 hours. they were so busy arresting people like me. >> reporter: the protest continued despite the shooting of a member of the consumer to group pray for prayer. police say he died of a gunshot wound to the chest. no arrests have been made and they are asking for anyone with information to come forward. a small memorial was held on monday in downtown portland. >> he was not into instigator. he was a freedom loving american who died expressing his beliefs. >> reporter: organs governor has authorized state police to return to portland to assist
9:35 am
the police department, but the head of the police chief and sheriffs association wrote a letter to the governor saying state police backup will not be sent to portland because criminal rioters are not being important at this point in time for the region to come together to help in the violence on the streets of portland. >> reporter: the department of homeland security's acting secretary has now written a strongly worded letter to portland's mayor urging the mayor to request federal assistance. or the president might have to step in. the nfl's racial justice awareness campaign will extend to the in zones and games. the field will have the slogan and racism on one end of the field and it takes all of us on the other. those mottos and they stop pay and black lives matter will also be on t-shirts and coaches
9:36 am
and officials can wear during warm-ups. the nfl has announced players can wear decals on the back of helmets or patches on team caps to honor victims of racism and police brutality. today, you can get a haircut, massage or manicure outdoors in san francisco. >> reporter: good morning. outdoors is the keyword. hair salons, nail salons, barber shops, nonmedical massages. all of that can now take place in san francisco outside. the mayor says she will have more announcements as early as today on the timeline for other types of bu entities reopening. even though salons can operate outdoors, there are a number of laws that prohibit certain services outside. for example, you cannot have your hair shampooed or chemically treated. really, only haircuts are
9:37 am
allowed. all other bay area counties except san francisco and alameda are allowing salon services indoors. some owners are upset about that and they plan to protest the urge the city to change its restrictions. san francisco's numbers are lower than other cities that have opened up for indoors. so, maybe if we have more of an explanation, we would be more open-minded. >> reporter: san francisco handed out personal protective gear to businesses in the city yesterday. they started with deliveries to latino neighborhoods in the mission district because the cases are higher there than in other parts of the city. the hope is that the delivery will help all businesses be ready to open as soon as they are allowed to. when it comes to other types of businesses, still not allowed to open in san francisco, indoor shopping centers remain closed. the city is not said yet when
9:38 am
that will allow the indoor enclosed shopping areas to reopen. all other bay area counties including alameda, allowed mazda reopen yesterday with limited capacity at 25%. every tuesday we are continuing our giving day drive which highlights charitable organizations and today we are focusing on the california fire foundation which provides emotional and financial support to the families of fallen firefighters, active firefighters and the communities they protect. we are joined by the organization's executive director, rick martinez. thank you for joining us today. obviously, i don't need to tell you with all the fires burning, the services are now more important than ever. what are some of the specific resources you are providing for >> first, let me say thank you for the opportunity to speak here today and be with you. we have a couple of programs that we have. one is our save program which is supply and eight victims.
9:39 am
this is a program that operates year round and we provide direct monetary support to those who have severely damaged or lost their homes in fires or disasters. we have about 100 fire departments throughout the state that issued a cash card right on the scene of the incident to the resident and they are able to use that cash card to buy immediate items such as, food or diapers, or anything they need. to get a hotel room. is a value of about $250. as an example in the camp fire, we distributed $2 million worth of those debit cards. we support community-based organizations in the fire area that provide direct services to the residents. folks that are providing food and lodging and perhaps clothing and other essentials that typically, when people evacuate their homes they are not able to take what they need . >> how does the organization
9:40 am
make all of this possible? >> through direct contributions. we are fortunate to have a number of corporate sponsors that help with some of our programs and from the public and the firefighters themselves. the foundation was started in 1987 from firefighters and primarily focused on supporting families of firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty. since 1987, we have expanded and we have grant programs to communities for fire production, public education and public preparedness. what the direct support of community based organizations to help victims immediately with their essential needs. but, it comes from your viewers and people from around the united states that make contributions to us in times of need. >> you spoke about our viewers and decides participating in the giving day drive to our viewers can do, is there
9:41 am
anything else that someone who watching, who no doubt has a lot of appreciation for the firefighters, how can they help ? >> our website is the fanciest and easiest way. california firefighter foundation. if you go there you can donate specifically to the save program or a benevolent fund for firefighters who lose their homes while they are out working to protect others or we have a scholarship program for children of fallen firefighters. there are a number of ways, cash contributions help. we have a very small staff. there are four of us. we take the contributions and put them right back in the communities that are affected. >>, i don't need to tell you that a lot of people including me really appreciate what firefighters give us each and every day. simply couldn't do it without
9:42 am
them. thank you for joining us and we are going to hope to get a lot of contributions for your foundation today. >> thank you very much and if i could close their i am a 35 year firefighter and i have seen firsthand what devastation looks like. i am humbled when we seek donations come from across the united states to help californians that are losing everything as we speak. thank you very much for the opportunity. we appreciate it. thank you very much and if you want to contribute to the giving day drive to support the california fire foundation go to . coming up on mornings on 2 on the 9. high school students may have to add another class to high school requirements. also, they say hindsight is 2020. what one area trump butter says ill do come november 3rd.
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after a taco truck ran over someone in san jose this morning. the driver said he felt a bump and saw he had run someone over. investigators say it appears the victim was homeless and they are trying to determine if it was the taco truck that killed the person or if the person was killed by a different vehicle. investigators say at this point it does appear to be an accident. several midwestern states are emerging as new covid-19 hotspots as more colleges work to contain outbreaks. our report says this comes as the u.s. passes another milestone in the number of cases. >> reporter: or the 6 million
9:46 am
coronavirus cases have been reported nationwide. new infections arising across the midwest. i will, kansas, minnesota and the dakotas reported more than 19,000 new cases last week. official site biggest surges come from college towns. more than 900 students at the university of iowa have tested positive with roughly 1/3 identified since friday. >> the virus is highly transmittable and whether you are in a small town in rural america or a big urban city, we have seen the virus come to you. from outside the midwest, new infections and flattened in more than two dozen states. new jersey, one of the hardest hit regions, or move forward with reopening plans. starting friday in the indoor dining will open with limited capacity for the first time since march. >> i think people should wear masks and all the ppe, that is the best we can do.
9:47 am
it will be around for a while. >> reporter: a new report finds a large number of healthcare workers may be going undyed nosed with covid-19. the center for disease control and prevention study more than 3000 front-line workers. about 6% of them had antibody evidence of a previous infection. about 30% were asymptomatic. researchers found antibody presence was higher among staff who reported not all wearing face coverings. the cdc says more testing and ppe can help hospitals protect their healthcare workers. many americans are losing faith in the economy. that according to a new york- based research firm. the conference board, the u.s. confidence index is taking. the latest numbers falling to 84.8. that is the lowest point in six years. this after the index was at the highest back in february, just before the pandemic hit.
9:48 am
financial experts say consumer activity makes up 70% of the u.s. economy and this could mean trouble for small businesses. >> pandemics have really done a lot at us. you have to really run your business extraordinarily well to succeed. >> my gut feel is that people will come back. there will be a significant outbreak and it will either be managed and contains or, they will hit the pause button and go online. >> small business owners are not the only ones worried. economists say many americans are just as worried about their bank accounts. san francisco's elections department director says he is working to make sure the vote by mail process in november run smoothly. he says the department has been in contact with the postal service to try to resolve any issues with mail-in ballots and there will be 500 eddie in person voting locations for the november election. voters can drop off their mail and balance there as well.
9:49 am
san francisco voters should start seeing that balance arrived in the mail on october 5th. a bill that would require high school students in california to take a course on racial and ethnic studies is on the desk of the governor. state assembly members apng one school course on oppressed and exploited people throughout u.s. history. a few weeks ago, the governor signed a bill giving students in the calais state university system a similar graduation requirement. as the november election nears, voters may still have second thoughts. this morning we are hearing from a bay area republican who says president donald trump no longer has his vote. christina says some democrats might also be changing their minds. >> reporter: in 2016, daniel le center was suited up in the stars & stripes, donning a mega hat and cheering on donald trump in san francisco on election night. spin i rememberay this is
9:50 am
the light at the end of the tunnel. format 2020 is different. the last few years he says good for the economy, but not the people. >> he was able to get 62 million people out to vote for him. but i don't think the 62 million people are going to come out to vote for him again. >> reporter: the 20 three-year- old who calls himself a lifelong republican, is voting for joe biden in november. his turning point, president donald trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic and current race relations. >> a rather pivotal moment in time with the social unrest and what is happening in kenosha and in minneapolis. and what is happening throughout the country. we are at a time where we are the new change. new change. >> donald trump has a lot of support and a lot of people are seeing through the mainstream net media narrative., chairman
9:51 am
of the san francisco republican party says another movement called to walk awaybeen drawing in large numbers to leave the democratic party and become republicans. he points to send as much on the golden gate bridge and says the tide is turning in the city. >> for the first time in six years, republic and registration is going up in san francisco and in relation to the number of democrats we have in the city. >> reporter: he credits trump with a strong economy and believes the country is moving in a strong direction. >> if we get an alternative like joe biden, we will go back to the same business. format all he sees is a president of a divided country. >> morley, there is no way. i am not going to change morley. happening today, the santa
9:52 am
clarita board of supervisors scheduled to discuss several possible solutions to the increased threat of wildfires, including creating a wildland fire program. the county's fire department came up with this program idea which would focus on to name technology, response and risk reduction. the board of supervisors president has been working with the department to come up with new solutions and it does support the new proposed plan. another horse has that at golden gate fields. california's horseracing board is a two euro cult died yesterday during a training session at the track in albany. that is the 20th day at the track this year. this after the state enacted new safety roles for horseracing tracks around california. coming up next on mornings on 2 on the 9, a photograph captures the digital divide in california. in minutes, what these two girls had to do to get internet access for distance learning. a warning from health officials as the holidays are approaching. why they are advising not to go big on turkey day. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
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a heartbreaking photo that captures the tragedy of america's digital divide. it is now getting worldwide attention. it shows two little girls in salinas using wi-fi outside of a talk about restaurant to complete their score. the photo of the first in six greater first appeared on the tmz website. it shows the girls doing their homework in the taco bell parking lot, apparently because they couldn't get adequate wi- fi service hope or anywhere else. >> is critical because these days education for most students is online. we need to beef up our support for people because the internet is an essential part of work and education. >> a gofundme account has now raised more than $121,000 to help the girl's family, who were said to be evicted this week. organizers say part of the money is paying for a hotel room for the family is staying
9:57 am
until they find something permanent. students in the west concord county unified school district will now be able to pick up free meals for the rest of the year. the district has now extended its summer meal program through the end of 2020 due to the pandemic as well as distance learning. the bay area real estate market continues to be red-hot. according to new data from core logic, bay area home sales were up 9% compared to last year. many people think there was a demand on people not selling at the beginning of the pandemic. the median home price is up 6% with the median price of a home at $865,000. one realtor in contra costa county says there is a lot of move in the market right now. >> some of our suburban residents are moving out of state. idaho and montana are a few favorites and a lot of our housing is being purchased by people from the south bay, the peninsula and even oakland hills.
9:58 am
everyone is shifting a little bit. >> we are showing the breakdown regionally. leeches such as marin and sonoma county talk the increase at 26 and 23% thought about sarah santa clara county. alameda and san francisco were the only counties to show a very slight drop in home sales. health officials across the country are recommending you about plans for thanksgiving. they say they expect a jump in the number of covid-19 cases this fall because of school openings and more activities indoors and of course it is getting colder as we approach the fall months. a bad flu season to put extra pressure on the healthcare system. a covid vaccine may not be ready for the thanksgiving season so the recommendation is to limit to people in your household. and i want to take a second to celebrate our co-anger, sal castaneda. this come out. the local chapter of the local
9:59 am
arts and sciences has announced you are being inducted into the silver circle class of 2020. this is an honor for people in the bay area television for more than 25 years and devote the time to community service outside of their daily jobs. it will be celebrated next month and i kind of did a double take. i thought it was the goal class. you know, the ones who have been in the business for 50+ years. >> come on now mike. spin i saw silver. and it is an honor to work with you and well deserved my friend. >> i was just going to say it is an honor to work with the two of you and everyone at ktvu. and when we get back together at whatever point that is, we will celebrate. >> i will bring my martinelli sparkling cider. 25 years doing anything is to be commended these days and i love
10:00 am
it when i hear from viewers who say i grew up watching sal. and i say, i did too. i remember back when you were on the radio. thank you for joining us and congratulations. wendy williams is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now, here's wendy! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> wendy: yup! well, well, well, thank you for watching!
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