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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5pm  FOX  September 1, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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limited capacity. by the end of the month, indoor hair salons and personal training will be back. by next month, they hope to have some middle schoolers back to in person learning and the plan is to have high school students back on campus by november. this is a relief for parents and students in the city. we have more. >> reporter: frank, this is the news that a lot of families and businesses in san francisco have been waiting on, a possible timeline on how the city will reopen. for six months the city of san schools and businesses closed in an effort to slow the spread of covid-19. since san francisco is managed go to the purple tear to the red, they begin processing and opening schools. >> i work hand in hand with the school district so we can work
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forward and get kids back to school as soon as it is safe to do so. >> reporter: some transitional kindergarten through sixth grade good resume in mid-september. middle schools mid october, high schools in november. the city laying out a timeline for indoor businesses to resume. hotels, outdoor movies and religious gatherings may begin in mid-september but with limited capacity. barbers and hairdressers held a rally at city hall, health and safetya top priority for them. they are still on when indoor personal services can resume. >> i need to feed my kids. barbers need to feed their families. my heart breaks for anyone that's had to shut down and you guys that are struggling through this.
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>> reporter: some hair salons and indoor personal services may resume at the end of september. >> we can move our nail salons, barber shots and massages by the end of this month, indoors. which is incredible. if we continue at the pace we are now. >> reporter: an important caveat. the mayor and health leaders say the dates are subject to pushback if we see the covid 19 rates creep up in san francisco again. it's so essential for people living in san francisco to follow the health guidelines of wearing a mask and stay socially distant as much as possible, especially with the labor day weekend almost upon us. live in san francisco, fox 2 news . san francisco city leaders have yet to comment on how nancy pelosi's visit to a hair salon yesterday in violation of a covid-19 restriction.
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we obtain this security footage inside a salon not wearing a mask. the stylist who rents space allowed this beaker to come into the salon. it has been closed due to health holders. in a statement, the speaker always wears a mask and complies with requirements. this business offered the speaker to come in on monday and told her they were allowed by the city to have one customer at a time. the speaker complied with the rules as presented to her by the establishment. we have more reaction coming up at 5:30. the sheriff's department said a man is in custody for stocking and threatening the counties public health officer. they found a fingerprint, belonging to this man, 55-year-
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old alan with a threatening letter for dr. cody. they conducted surveillance of him and saw him drop up a letter addressed to dr. cody. his fingerprint was also on a letter sent to a widow of santa cruz sheriff's office who was killed in the line of duty. a search of his home turned up 138 guns, thousands of rounds of ammunition and explosive. he may be associated with the right wing boogaloo movement which is linked to the suspect of the deputy. new cases are trending down since the middle of last month. 3700 new cases yesterday pushes
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the total number of confirmed cases to 707,000. 85 more people have died. the death toll is over 13,000. hospitalization and icu admissions continue to move lower. in new york city, the plan to reopen schools is pushing back amid concerns for teachers. major airlines are adjusting fees to bounce back from the pandemic. back to school debate is ongoing. the mayor announced the delay of in person learning for the country's largest school system. students will start classes on september 21st, two weeks after this scheduled start date. several unions threatened to strike if safety needs are not met. >> the amount of work that will have to be done over the next couple of weeks to get our schools prepared and ready to go, we will make sure no school is being left out there to
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struggle on his own. >> reporter: it will send millions of rapid covid 19 tests to states. it's an effort to support schools and daycare centers among other places. more than 150 million tests were purchased. >> it's so important that all of us protect all of us, so we can all be safer. >> reporter: more companies are making plans to bounce back. airlines including delta and united are doing away with fees for changing tickets. they will be dropped on shorter and domestic flights. the airline industry made $3 billion from change fees. >> it's a tough business, always of. airlines are a tough business in good times. >> reporter: charge change fees on longer international flights are still in effect. cal fire crews are gaining ground on the lightning complex fire.
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is 69% contained. it has burned 375,000 acres in five counties. including nampa, sonoma and celano put. the ccu lightning complex fire in santa cruz mountain is 72% contained. is burned more than 85,000 acres in santa cruz and san mateo counties. 1600 structures have been destroyed. this is including 900 homes, most in santa cruz county. a firefighter was killed and another killed while battling the complex fires in the forest. that is diana jones a volunteer emt fire fire from texas. her son is also a volunteer firefighter. they traveled together to fight the fires. she died in an accident while
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repositioning her truck during the firefight. >> she was a good emt. she was a good person. there are people that watch other people do things and there are people that rather than stand back, go help people do things. she was not one to stand back. >> jones had been with the fire department for about five years. coming up next. first of its kind research center in the bay area. five things scientists hope to accomplish by studying wildfires. coming up next, the president tours the damage after rioting kenosha, wisconsin , following the police shooting of jacob like. air quality can be extended into thursday, maybe longer than that. we will talk about air quality, next. ♪
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president trump held a roundtable today with local leaders and law enforcement in kenosha, wisconsin. the president thanked officers that were front and center in protests and riots following the shooting of jacob blake last month. the president toward the damage from the protests and riots. he is promising several million dollars for businesses affected. >> kenosha has been ravaged by anti-police and riots. >> the president along with attorney, bill barr, visiting kenosha, wisconsin against the wishes of the mayor. >> he was shot seven times in
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the back. and nothing can justify that. >> the blake family holding a gathering where the shooting took place. there were also competing protests in kenosha. at the same time, president trump visiting areas devastated by violent riots. meeting with law enforcement is multiple cities are dealing with unrest. >> we have the condition the dangerous anti-police rhetoric. reckless politicians continue to push the destructive message that our nation and law enforcement are oppressive and racist. >> violence erupted shortly after the shooting was not a legitimate response to a police shooting. it was violence for violence sake. >> the president spoke with the blake family pastor. >> whatever they are talking about is a ruse. >> there was no planned meeting between president trump and the
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blake family. >> we don't have words for the orange family. we asked that he keep his foul language away from our family. >> they announced funding not only for the police department but for the riots to improve public safety in the city. another gray, smoky day in the bay area. another smoky air alert all due to the smoke at from the fires. our camera looking out across the bay in san francisco. usually on a cleared day, this is a great view. not today. 16th consecutive day of the air- quality alert. that's a record in the bay area. that alert has been extended since thursday. evacuation orders for santa
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clara county. this fire has burned 300,000 acres. the fire is 70% contained a may hope to have full containment by thursday. three firefighters and two civilian have been hurt in the fire. more than 5000 buildings remain threatened. now we had to the south work crews are closing in on 50% containment of the ccu fire. the progress comes as san jose state researchers launch the nation's first wildfire research center. this new center will not only help her understand the wildfires, it will also aid firefighters in their efforts to help them out. on the san jose state campus, this space-age looking equipment is designed for the age of magnifiers. it tuesday, the university launching the first of its kind
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research center. director craig clements. >> for the last decade, we've been focusing on fire behavior at san jose state. we need to bring more expertise to the problem. >> reporter: he oversees the new team of tenured professors, each laser focus on a different aspect of wild fires. from ecology to behavior mullah jean to remote sensing and managing and policy studies. magnifiers such as multiple complex fires burning around the bay area, will grow during the next decade, fueled in part by global warming. the new centers new models use fine scale meteorology to pick where fires will come and forecast them. >> we could see how this
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impacts fire behavior. >> we can predict what the fire will do and get people evacuated before it impacts the neighborhood. >> reporter: we can see why some choose to stay and fight. >> i don't believe our home will still be there. >> your home is more likely to survive if there's someone on the property to put out amber fires. >> reporter: research is being done on the lightning spark, ccu and s see you fire complexes currently burning. this is another tool that will help california and much of the west as it stands the growing threat of wildfires. governor newsom spent the day touring the damage in santa cruz county, including the historic basin state park.
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this is what the governor had to say, including how resilient those huge redwood trees are. >> list put it this way. is fair to say that except for humans, including wildfires can do and the serious harm to an entire grove of a red food redwoods. >> reporter: big basin redwood state park has many trees thousands of years old. the fire destroyed the nature museum and the camp ground infrastructure and several smaller buildings. usda forest scientists, mark finney, has done significant research on the redwoods. some of the trees have been lost but the vast majority will
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survive as they have through changing climate and humans. >> there's a lot of characteristics of redwoods that facilitate its response to fires. one is it's sprouting ability. >> reporter: federal and state and local officials are helping them. >> we reached out directly and said what can we do to help. >> my heart does break. not only for my staff, who have given everything to get through this but for the people i know, how much this means to them. >> newsom is taking a multiple generation view that will be a park that won't be open to visitors for years. >> we come and go in these trees have been alive for 1500
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years. >> by declaring a extreme emergency, there was a major declaration declared and the fema response to the northern california wildfires now burning in 10 counties. >> reporter: forest research scientist said as the climate warms, we need to manage the rush and the debris in all redwood forest to expose them to less fire. >> they are unique. all the tree species we have in the united states and north america, they are unique. >> they are so hardy, much of the vegetation burned in the crowns of the trees, will relatively quickly be replaced by buds, rady waiting to sprout. a note on the redwood
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trees. they may be 1500 years old and sometimes 2000 and in the sierras. think of how many fires they is experience. that's before native american people were around. those trees can handle fire. also, fire is important. is part of the way things get done. we talk about keeping forest clean, that's what fire is. we will have to come to terms with that in this date of california for sure. you know that. fires is what allow redwood trees to become what they are. it burns out all the contagions that can mess with the redwood trees. it's going to get hot again, as you would expect. is early september, this is not unusual. as we head into wednesday and thursday, friday is a turn the
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corner kind of thing to saturday will be back into the low 100s. wednesday, thursday, friday, not too bad. saturday and sunday the heat is on. excessive heat watch will turn into a heat advisory for sure on sunday, probably on saturday as well. mainly and that inland areas away from the coast. this is not a red flag warning. fire danger goes up but we are not looking at winds at that point. it's about the heat. and that is the weather phenomenon that has a large impact on humans and animals. it kills more people than any other weather related event, that's why we have a heat watch. this is nothing we haven't seen before. i'm not anticipating records in the bay area. there is a fog along the coast. the fog will stick around a little bit and that's why the
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coastal sections will be manageable. when we return will talk about the specific forecast highs which you can expect and the five day work forecast. 90 miles an hour to zero in one hour. we've been at zero now for six months. this movie theater has been gathering for close to a century. to know movies means it's at risk for closing for good. why the community and the owners are trying to do everything they can to keep it open. when you think of a bank, you think of people in a place. but when you have the chase mobile app, your bank can be virtually any place. so, when you get a check... you can deposit it from here. and you can see your transactions and check your balance from here.
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>> reporter: at a historic landmark has been in financial trouble and faces to close. the community is trying to step up to save the old alameda theater. >> reporter: for 88 years the
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theater has stood in downtown alameda. it's one of the great movie houses still standing. they were false to close in march, sending this landmark into deep financial straight. >> we went from 90 miles an hour 20 in one hour. we've been at zero for six months. >> reporter: no summer block busters to help bail it out. >> i grew up in alameda and i remember going to the theater. kitty matinees for schoolchildren. >> reporter: it was designed by the same architect as a castro in san francisco. is hosted watch parties and fundraisers to improve playgrounds. >> it is been a catalyst for
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our downtown businesses. also a great gathering place for people. >> reporter: the theater restored a decade ago, has played its share of tearjerker's over the years. this story may not end up being one of them. >> i don't think our community would let them go under. >> reporter: with mentally federal funds and grants drying up, theater lovers are stepping up. they created a gofundme page to raise $100,000. they've reached 40% of the goal. in the meantime, the owner has a drive up theater in a golf course parking lot. they also have a plan for reopening with social distancing in mind. >> i will not let the theater close. we will do what we need to to maintain it. coming up next. and update of the video of
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nancy pelosi inside a salon in san francisco. we've been gathering the reaction and more on a statement from the speakers team. a bay area assemblywoman takes her infant to work. why she said she had to bring the infant on the last day of the session. still to come tonight, a look at what bill was passed and what was not even considered when it comes to police reform in california.
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>> reporter: some controversy around a bay area congresswoman and nancy pelosi. the shows are inside a salon in san francisco yesterday, in defiance of covid-19 restrictions. it clearly shows she was not wearing a mask as she walked through the salon. we are here with some of the backlash including some of the speakers republican colleagues. >> reporter: the responses been swift from republicans and frustrated salon owners. this video obtained by fox news showing the speaker not wearing a mask. the stylist follows in a mass. the stylus who rents space allowed the speaker to come into the business which has been shut down under the city's
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coronavirus rules. as we been reporting, salons are allowed to provide services but outside only. we've reached out to salon owners and have not heard back. senate republican leader said speaker has pushed policies to keep businesses closed and shut down but for herself, a salon visit when she pleases. now harvey dylan sued the state on behalf of salon owners, demanding they be open and full. >> i'm angry that i in san francisco residents have been following the law and my owner had to shut down the business and nancy pelosi think she's above the law. i'm angry throughout all the state. the speaker always wears a
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mask and complies with requirements. they told her they were allowed to have one customer at a time. the speaker complied with the rules as presented to her by the establishment. as we reported in the past, businesses operate outside of covid-19 restrictions, face fines of caught. we reached out to the city attorney's office and have not yet heard back. an east bay lawmaker brought her month old infant to the state assembly floor after being denied the right to vote remotely. she traveled from sacramento to oakland on the final day of the legislative session. she has to have one of her colleagues to vote on her behalf because of concerns over the coronavirus but was denied that right by the speaker because maternity leave is not considered a high risk
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category. >> we are faced with incredible challenges. our system is not prepared for this. we don't value working families and parents, especially new parents. >> that was assemblywoman, wicks , on the floor. she said the state needs look at affordable childcare and sick days for families trying to work and do the best for the children. a black man was shot to death by l.a. county deputies. the sheriff's department said he was riding a bicycle yesterday with when deputies tried to stop him for an unspecified vehicle code violation. the man took off running. when deputies caught up with him, authorities say he punched one of the deputies. he dropped a bundle that had a gun inside. at that point, two deputies opened fire, killing the man. 100 protesters took to the
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streets of south l.a.. there was a number of police reform bills but stop far short of what advocates are seeking. some reform bills passed, including one that will allow counties to have a board oversee the sheriff's office. other changes never made it out of the capital. >> reporter: this led to mixed results force police reform. >> we don't want that police officers in our profession. >> reporter: the bill to strip bad cops was flawed anyway. but the rank-and-file support the underlying goal. >> we are willing to sit down
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and work with you but let's make sure the legislation is thought out and not rush. >> reporter: they pass a plan to have a state level agency if not be attorney general office to investigate police officers instead of the da. they are too close to law enforcement. we obtain this body cam video with south san francisco police teasing this man. he then stole a police car and officers shot and killed him when they were charged by him with a knife. in solana county, two high county shootings still wait judgment. the da's response has always been the same. >> fit it is historically nonprosecution. >> reporter: now the deadly police shooting of sean monroe's up. a new agency could potentially
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be informed. >> we conduct an investigation into the shooting. is the only way you will get confidence. >> reporter: it still requires governor newsom signature by the end of the month before it becomes law. henry, thank you. the u.s. transportation department is getting a grant to america's airports. six bay area grants will get $23 million. of the largest grand $14 million, will go to an airport in sonoma county to expand its terminal. the nampa county airport and sfo will get $3 million. oakland airport will get 2.8 million. of the airports in bonavista round out those receiving money. san francisco international
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airport reopen concourse a today. is been closed since april 1st all due to the major reduction. they have been doing all international flights due to a single terminal. they will use the time to complete updates in the tarmac and inside. deep tells about what republicans and democrats are split on when it comes to additional help for families during the pandemic. don't forget your facemask when you jump into an uber. new policy. with passengers that forget to wear one and what they will be required to do when they call for a ride next.
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public health officials are trying to stop a coronavirus outbreak at a hospital. 17 employees have tested positive. the union said the manager informed staff that you hundred employees were exposed to the virus. the hospital is stepping up safety measures. the county officer said the public health lab is conducting rapid testing on those that may have been exposed. for is rolling out a new mask policy to help their drivers feel safer. if a person was not wearing a mask, they will have to provide photo proof that they are wearing a mask if they want to write again. this new passenger mask policy
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is set to go into effect later this month. struck the nfl is happy with their latest round of coronavirus testing. the league conducted tests between august 21st and august 29th. only 10 confirmed positive and that includes four players. six were from other team personnel purdah during the last round of testing, there was zero positive tests among players. commissioner roger goodell, said teams will start the year with no fans and transition during the season where fans are allowed back in the stadium. struck treasury secretary, steve mnuchin said the white house will work with congress to craft a stimulus bill. is at the white house agrees that more money is needed to help families struggling to make ends meet during the ongoing pandemic.
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he criticized democrats for wanting to pass a broad package rather than a smaller, piecemeal approach. >> will you commit to working in good faith with congressional democrats? >> the president and i want to move forward with more physical response and i'm prepared to sit down with the speaker at any time to negotiate. >> the white house said democrats remain far apart on the size of the relief well. republicans are urging caution about trillions of more dollars it will be added to the national debt. the consumer confidence is tanking marking the lowest in six years. according to the research firm, the index was at its highest back in february, before the onset and the pandemic. consumer activity fuels about
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70% of the economy, this could spell trouble for small businesses that are already feeling financial burdens brought on by the coronavirus shutdown. >> the virus has thrown a lot at us. you have to run your business extraordinarily well to succeed. >> small business owners are not the only ones worried. many americans are also worried about their bank accounts. people who live in this east bay city say this tree helps to give it a small time feel. one of the oldest trees in pleasanton have to come down and some people are upset with the decision. the air-quality alert gets extended through thursday. to be on that we will have the forecast and a warm-up, coming your way.
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in the east bay is the end of an era for a high profile, historic tree. one of the oldest trees in pleasanton has to be taken down and this is a reason why some residents are upset. >> reporter: is one of the oldest trees in pet pleasanton. this high profile eucalyptus trees sits in the park. >> on the back of the tree there is a heart. this is the heart of pleasanton. it's in this part. or like a small town type of feel. >> a small town and big tree this more than a landmark, is like a family member. >> my office is next door to the tree. pleasanton and over
5:47 pm
the weekend announced a historical tree is sick with a fungus and must be removed. >> reporter: this is a frequently visited park. of the removal of the tree is necessary for public safety. >> eucalyptus trees are notorious for shedding branches. with a fungus it will make it problematic. >> reporter: that won't help long time pleasanton residence including this 90-year-old. >> this tree is my statue of liberty for the city of pleasanton. >> reporter: he and others are frustrated with the lack of notification on the city's part. >> concerned about the lack of procedures. and no posting around the tree saying what's going to happen and why is going to happen and when it will happen. >> pleasanton is not required to issue a public notice for park tree removal removal. it
5:48 pm
did post on platforms on social media because of the prominence. >> if it's a risk to the public and so forth, sometimes we have to bite the bullet and let her go. >> reporter: it was supposed to begin monday but now it will be expected to start tuesday and take until friday to remove one of the oldest trees in pleasanton. starting today, more than 300 oakland restaurants are taking part in the late summer addition of restaurant week. the theme is stay in oakland, spend in oakland, eden oakland. the visit oakland restaurant website lets you search for neighborhood restaurants and outdoor dining. usually runs in january to give the industry a boost after the holidays.
5:49 pm
but today we are told why restaurant week is back. >> a lot are struggling. they are down between 30 to 50% of the normal business. it's time now to get the economic input. we encourage bay area residents to come down and enjoy our restaurants. >> the restaurant week runs through september 13th. for a full list, head to our website and click on web. free grabbing goal school meal program. students working from home will have access to breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, even if they don't qualify for the free and reduced meal program. this helps meet the increase
5:50 pm
for food assistance during the pandemic. we talk to a representative about the changes. >> our schools and food banks are teaming up in a lot of communities. all families with any participating schools will show up and get access to the meal for that day but a meal also for several days for their kids and other kids within the community. >> usda officials say it's unlikely that this grab and go free meal program will continue beyond the end of the year. looking into the weather. it was cooler today in many locations. 83 degrees in fairfield, the concord area. low upper 70s and low 80s. a bit of a cool off today. we talked about the increasing temperatures as we go into the bay area we can. a heat advisory on sunday but probably saturday and sunday as well. temperatures that were in the
5:51 pm
80s are soon to be in the 100s. is significantly warmer in those spots. 83 in fairfield. 83 and antioch. temperatures pretty much continue on. there is the fog off the coast. a lot of fog out there, keeping things nice and cool. helping our firefighters out quite a bit in the bay area boom burns that we've been seeing. it does not help with the smoke. fires still smolder and that's why there's a lot of smoke. that's why they have extended the air alert through thursday. we have the heat to contend with on saturday and sunday when temperatures go back into the low 100s. here's the thing, the fog will stay at the coast, that's good news. we will see temperatures on the mile side. the heat advisory will be for the inland bay and the media bay.
5:52 pm
san francisco there will be heat advisory. that's for saturday and sunday. right now the temperatures are cooler by 10 degrees in concord than they were yesterday. the heat is on his we had towards the holiday weekend. it's a ways down the road but it's something we will here about as we are concerned about the air-quality and fire danger. the fire danger will come up that it's not a red flag warning. or should not be a red flag warning environment. we're not expecting strong, gusty winds. nothing unusual, pretty much what we get every year about this time. just hope we don't get too many of them. then the fog burns off tomorrow morning. instead of mid-80s like we had today, we will go low 90s in some of the inland bay valleys. 91 in brentwood. 88 in fairfield, antioch area.
5:53 pm
a little bit warmer tomorrow. a five-day forecast sets it up with temperatures that will be gradually warming into the weekend. wednesday, 91 degrees. hotspot 92. friday warms up, mid 90s. saturday and sunday, game on for the heat. that's a concern. we have had a pretty good run after the round of thunderstorms and all those fires. cal fire had a advantageous pattern for fighting fires. as soon as they get the fires out, we will get our air quality back to normal. another horse has died at golden gate feels. california's horse racing board said a two euro cold died during a training session. this is a 20th horse to die at
5:54 pm
the track this year. the death comes after the state enacted new safety rules. it comes after four months after the health department allowed them to resume live racing after it was suspended due to the pandemic. for a 96th straighten night, protests in portland. once again it ends in violence. this time the demonstrators target a building where the mayor lives. a new study on antibodies, it's helping scientists learn more about how the body fights the virus. news at 6:00, mcdonald's faces a major lawsuit. we will claims of discrimination made by dozens of franchisees. medical history is in one place, cordsr so i can give you great care. your primary care doctor, your specialists...
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as portland quickly approaches 100 straight nights of violent protests, president trump and the mayor are trading accusation. they are warning the mayor to accept help from the feds. >> reporter: for the 96 night in a row there was unrest on the streets of portland. protesters targeted ted wheeler . angry demonstrators marching towards the condominium tower. writers say they will be back. officers used tear gas. >> one more day on my knees. i'm here. >> portland mayors blames the president for the virus he said he exploited racial tensions for political purposes.
5:58 pm
on tuesday, the acting secretary said if he did not ask the feds for help, president trump will act on his own. >> lots about things are happening for this foolish and stupid mayor. all he has to do with this is call and the problem will be over. >> reporter: they are having a plan to send in state troopers to help restore orders. law enforcement officials say it will not help because violent protesters are not being prosecuted. with no end in sight, some are saying city officials should start holding talks with protest organizers. they are asking for the public's help to identify a suspect who shot dead a member of the conservative group, patriot prayer, over the weekend.
5:59 pm
this is fox 2 news at 6:00. police arrest a gilroy man and sees a cash of weapons. he's accused of making threats against the santa clara county health director. >> in said he stands them anonymously and scares the heck out of people. >> this suspect is accused of sending harassing letters to a santa cruz deputy killed in the line of duty. >> the suspect is a teacher at a local college. he also has links to a far right extremist group. we have more on the suspect and the extremist group that investigators say he's a part of. frank and heather, when local governments began issuing
6:00 pm
the shelter in place orders at the start of the pandemic, nearly 30 public health officers were threatened in some way. hours was one of them. >> reporter: he has been arrested by the santa clara county sheriff's department accused of stalking. and sending letters to the health officer. the attorney who represented him said the letters have been mischaracterized. >> the short period of time i was involved in this case, there was not much actual information that was provided. >> law enforcement provided pictures of the 138 firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition and other material at his home. he targeted gilroy and found information on the far right boogaloo movement.


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