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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 2, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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record-setting number of days, igs. we will be there again tomorrow. spare the air alert tomorrow all in one place, right on your tv. for smoke. smoke will be worst in the morning, and then hopefully it the xfinity sports zone. will get better by friday and use your voice to search every stat, standing and score. saturday, but right now i think smoke is still going to linger into the weekend as it has been. it's been hard to clear out the follow the teams you love. and, even get notifications with breaking news alerts and more. so you'll never miss an update. with the xfinity sports zone everybody wins. now that's simple, easy, awesome. smoke with the prevailing winds because the prevailing winds have been guiding the smoke click, call or visit a store for details. into the bay area. until those fires are gone, we have got smoke. high pressure is out there. the fog is at the coast that's one of the ways you can tell there's high-pressure. this is the 10:00 news on f it is a stable informant when you have coastal fog, and the a man shot and killed by a coastal fog is keeping temperatures on the coat police officer inside a walmart school. little bit smoky at times too. in san leandro. this is the sea breeze tonight, the officer who pulled represented in green. the trigger is facing serious you can see going all the way charges. >> we ultimately want to see up into the delta, so just a this op is a convicted and that lot of cool marine air pushing inland. that's what tomorrow morning's fog otslow. you know what this reminds me he goes through the judicial of? today or yesterday. these days are pretty similar. process, but that the justice does not just up here at the the real change comes. we talked about earlier.
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the real changes goingon charges. saturday afternoon into sunday and monday, and that's when temperature start to elevate >> the san leandro police up us significantly. and the heat advisory for areas or is the 1st in alameda county away from our. a lot like today. to be charged with a deadly slightly warmer. than the five day forecast. crime since the bart shooting of oscar grant back in 2009. you can see over my shoulder big number start to show up saturday, sunday, and monday. good evening, everyone. right now, the hottest day of i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm heather holmes come the week sunday with in tonight for julie. temperatures coming up near 107, so going to be a hot one. alameda county da says the man with the bat inside that fire danger comes up as well. air quality hopefully will be walmart did not pose an immediate threat to the officer better by then, but right now or to the public. we are still through tomorrow she is bringing charges of in spare the air alert. involuntary manslaughter based on a new state law. live coverage now from ktvu plus's debora be alone, deb ? >> reporter: heather, coming up tonight here in california law changed this year beyond reasonable, deadly sports, our sports director mark ibanez reports on the legacy of hall of fame pitcher tom seger and his impact on the game of baseball. force must be necessary. coming up on the 11:00 supporters of steven taylor news, fire following a death in waited almost 5 months for the family. these charges. >> neither i nor my office one woman's claim of wrongful termination in the early days takes these decisions lightly. >> reporter: nancy o'malley has of the coronavirus pandemic. had protesters clamoring on so you're a small business, the courthouse steps since april's police shooting of steven taylor.
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>> drop the bat, man. >> reporter: now da o'malley have concluded 33-year-old taylor , wobbling but gripping a bat and a walmart, should not have been killed by an arriving officer. >> steven was not a threat. at no point did he swing the bat at anyone in the store any police officer. wear those who know the taylor family -- or a big one. you were thriving, >> justice for steven taylor! >> reporter: -- staged protest but then... oh. outside walmart almost immediately, pointing out ah. taylor was homeless and having okay. plan, pivot. a mental crisis. san leandro's chief initially defended the shooting. how do you bounce back? >> mr. taylor was ordered multiple times to put on the you don't, you bounce forward, weapon , but he did not comply. with serious and reliable internet. powered by the largest gig speed network in america. >> reporter: today, chief jeff tudor writes the loss of steven taylor has deeply affected this but is it secure? community. it's important we allow the sure it's secure. and even if the power goes down, judicial process to take its your connection doesn't. course. taylor's police and how to from so how do i do this? start to shooting lasted about you don't do this. we do this, together. bounce forward, with comcast business. 40 seconds.
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it'can it help with snoring?le of the year on the sleep number 360 smart bed. >> officer fletcher's actions i've never heard snoring. exactly. no problem. and done. coupled with his failure to attempt other de-escalation options rendered his use of deadly force unreasonable. >> reporter: critics waited save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. until now to learn the officer's name. taylor's family, pressing for charges. plus free delivery when you add a base. ends labor day. >> being black, homeless, with mental issues should not be a death sentence, that's exactly what it was. relic that officer should have been thinking what can i do to de-escalate the situation and get this young man some help? instead, he led with the highest level of force the department has pilgrimage activists say the second officer to arrive should also face consequences. >> he showed up at that last moment right when steven was being shot and ultimately tased him even though he had dropped the bat and was bleeding out. >> reporter: san leandro city leaders are promising to examine police culture and practices spread by taylor's death and now o'malley's decision. >> and to the community, i want to say we understand the anger, frustration, and grief this killing has brought to you.
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and i assure you that we will seek justice. >> reporter: jason fletcher has how's it going? some 20 years in law enforcement. his attorney, michael rains, tells me tonight fletcher did tom sieber, he pitched in an try to de-escalate by talking to taylor and hazing him, but era, featuring incredible athletes on the mound. you've got the gibsons, kovacs, that that was cut a lethal mclean, juan rishel. weapon, and in his words no tom sieber stood shoulder to officer should have to risk having their brains bastion. fletcher is free until a court date is set. >> debora villalon reporting shoulder with all of them all live not for us tonight. the way along. thank you of a tiburon police sergeant what a great career. hall of famer, cy young award who questioned two black winner, let the mets to that improbable victory in 1969 over the much favored baltimore orioles. won 311 games during his career. most importantly though, tom merchants about what they were seaver, an incredible family doing inside their own store man. he spent the latter days of his has now resigned. police released this body camera footage of the incident from august 21. the owners of the clothing store were doing inventory late life in the calistoga area in that night when the sergeant the napa wine country. tom seaver suffered from dementia, and at the end covid-
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asked the couple to identify 19. tom terrific as he was known themselves. the owners feel they were was 75 years of age. racially profiled. tiburon police sergeant michael flossie has resigned. you will reportedly continue to operate, to cooperate with an independent investigation of he passed away this week. sometimes, i throw rather this incident. phrase class act a little in san francisco, indoor gyms and fitness centers have been closed during the pandemic with one exception . police casually. tom seaver, class act on the department gyms in the city. mound, class act on the ballfield. the giants could use some great pit too they can hit the baseball as they did last night. 23 runs. what can they do? i will tell you this. they needed to score double digits offensively again to the mission local new site is reporting they received police make up for unremarkable pitching in colorado, and you logs showing hundreds of visits to the gym just in one month. know the guy went off, alex ktvu jana katsuyama has been digging into details and is here now with what she has found, jana? >> reporter: frank, police department and a spokesman told dickerson with three home runs, me these gyms are necessary , five hits. only 2 for 5 yesterday. and he says the officers used masks, social distancing sign but probably with the swing of in sheets, and extra sanitation, but it does raise some questions about why they were allowed to be open and who yeah, he leads up a game again. authorized it. >> sounds good, other foot. >> reporter: six months of solo home run, his eighth. mandatory them enclosures s 1-0. robertson, the guy pushed gyms and fitness centers to their limits. dave is co-owner of mx three juggling find a hole leftfield.
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got himself an rbi single with fitness. >> the entire fitness industry dickerson scoring. is dying and needs to move back indoors quickly. giants build a lead. the rains are coming, issues with homeless, the air quality in the past couple of weeks. outdoor fitness is not a solution. >> reporter: now, it turns out some indoor fitness centers have been allowed to remain open. what many people might not know come the seventh, the bullpen is that san francisco's police issues sam coonrod. charlie blackman hits it deep. he make this kind of a catch. department has 12 internal not this time come up against gyms and fitness centers such as this one pictured on the the wall. will go for an rbi double. website at the new safety the giants lead 6-5, but the building. and those police gyms have next batter to the plate , stayed open throughout the remember this guy? kevin plr into the gap of tyler rogers. got himself a two run triple, as no error not and blackman will score. rockies will and coronavirus shutdowns. the mission local news the winning, 9-6. giants organization reports they obtained documents showing more bullpen gave up nine runs. they than 400 police gym visits in just the month of may. are off tomorrow. they take on the d-backs over >> if this is good enough for city employees, it's good enough for the residents of san the weekend, four m-series. it has not in the exactly a francisco. >> this is a lot of and race, just a restful vacation, answered questions why these gyms were allowed to remain open, and are they actually following protocols that have been approved by the department of health. >> reporter: we reached out to kickback time for the oakland the police department, and a a's. they played one day in the last seven because of covid issues, and of course the boycott a couple of games, but they
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better be well rested now as they've got a play in one stretch coming up. 7 days, 10 spokesperson sent this response. quote, the department requires sworn members perform and pass days. bob melvin times in. the physical fitness exam every >> it's been hard. six months, twice annually. we talked often about going and because of his requirements and don't expect anything to go the periodic testing, the sf pd smoothly . it's been exactly has private gym facilities at that. i want to emphasize nobody all locations throughout the city of san francisco. breaux protocol, and we've had and they continue to operate in consultation with our health no positives since. partners. >> i'm going to hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt with no assistance from the city or our landlord. >> reporter: misty hanson, co- owner of studio mix is the tell you what, you're mandatory closures have been watching the nba playoffs. devastating, and a police can sometimes with hdtv and virtual operate gyms, businesses should fans, seems like you're be able to as well. >> of a business can follow watching a video game at times specific safety protocols and keep everybody safe, then they should , but it has not affected the drama. we've got it back east. you know, the two favorites, police department gyms have toronto and milwaukee, one and been open this entire time, two seats are both down 2-0 in there is no reason that they their series, and we have an exit from the bubble tonight, should delay letting gyms as james harden will escort reopen indoors at limited chris paul and okc home. fourth capacity with full covid safety protocols. quarter target. years chris paul. he will work it, knock it down, >> reporter: today, the police department did not specify what health partners they consulted.
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we did ask the department of public health and got this a three, and the thunder will response. go a. paul had 19 points, 12 quote, the health order does assists in the skin. about a minute and a half left, not permit indoor fitness gyms harden drives for p.j. and discourages indoor tucker put the floater is good, activities as they place rockets up, 103-102. here's the keys who can speak individuals at a higher risk of infection. the health order does allow 11 seconds left in the game, departments to determine okc down one, lou dort has a essential functions. the power of public health is shot blocked by harden who had not support the use of sfp to' an off game offensively. only had 17 points, but the indoor gyms at this time due defensive play of the night, houston gets the ball, and they to provisions governing gyms and the health order. i also today asked police stave off okc, 104-102. whether any of their covid they will meet the well rested cases have been linked to the lakers in the western gyms. they told me they need more conference semifinals. time to look into the data. back east, it's crazy with the one and two seats down 0. >> that was jana katsuyama reporting for us tonight. house speaker nancy pelosi's hairstylist is now weighing in on that private appointment in san francisco. must talk major league and he backs up the speaker's soccer. that would involve the quakes. claimed that she was set up and if there's any sport that suffers from the loss of having visited a salon and violation of the city's coronavirus rules. quakes did not have it tonight ktvu political reporter greg lee spoke to the salon owner down in los angeles. who claims pelosi is a hypocrite taking on l.a. fc.
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both squads taking it. . >> reporter: after fox news 21st minute, diego rossi will obtained the surveillance video showing house speaker nancy pelosi appearing to skirt covid- not get past the quakes goalie, 19 regulations, 25, the san francisco salon owner who released it is explaining why. >> this is not about politics at all. this is about small businesses daniel vega. 1-nil. they go on to win a, 5-1. the quakes on the short end, they will play colorado saturday. and people that have worked hard to build a life. >> reporter: the video shows when you watch tonight's speaker pelosi inside esalon on version of check this out, two monday with her face mask hanging around her neck . as words come to mind. either flat out or face plant. of today, san francisco salons are allowed to operate outside check this out. it happened earlier today. jake marisnick, pretty good center fielder, and it is the only. what was your reaction when you orioles. does not quit. first saw that video of her? >> i got sick to my stomach to be honest. i just -- shocked. >> when they said what we're able to accommodate people, one person at a time, and that we no quit in that guy. man, it looks like it hurt just watching it, and get this. resnick stayed in the game. he will be a little sore tomorrow. gamer, he went for triple, a run, but resnick, all the respect of his teammates after
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that collision. that is the sporting line can set up the time, i trusted that. as it turned out, it was not set up. >> reporter: speaker pelosi responded to the culture personally brother visits, say this hour. she's been going to the salon it's 11:00. heather and frank, let's get it several years, and the business back to you. allowed her to come in, adding coming up next at 11:00. she only took her mask off well >> i take responsibility for falling for a set up. getting her hair washed. my neighborhood salon i've gone 1026 says they have enclosed since march. >> my stylists are self- to for years. employed, so they can come and go as they please. i don't really have authority >> at the fire nancy pelosi. to tell them when they can go house speaker refusing to apologize for visiting a san francisco hair salon and violating city regulations. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox in. >> so i take responsibility for falling for a set of. >> reporter: trent 26 denies this was a set up, say she was 2 starts now. and video of speaker shocked when pelosi shut a. she said she decided to release the video because she's frustrated the restrictions will likely force her to close for good. pelosi inside that salon without her mask has gone viral. the salon owner acknowledges she feels like small businesses, especially salons, she's the one who released it. has been abandoned by elected officials. >> so look at your people in your neighborhood, in your city that have worked their life to hello again build what they have. >> reporter: salon owners allowed to be open and safe. >> if she's able to do that and go in there, why am not able to
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have clients come in? >> we have to get our country moving again, and i will not let this subject take away from the fact that have 108 thousand plus people who have died from this virus. >> when asked about the issue today, san francisco mayor london breed echoed speaker poke, saying there are bigger issues to focus on, including communicating with small businesses feel greg lee, ktvu fox news. >> more tonight from pelosi's stylist. he says the salon owner did, in fact, prove that appointment. in a statement provided through an attorney tonight, the stylist says the owner has regularly operated her business in violation of the city's health order and has been, quote, actively encouraging and almost forcing stylists to operate. the statement goes on to suggest that mrs. kious is furthering a set up up speaker pelosi for her own vein aspirations.
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governor newsoms of california's coronavirus numbers are trending in the right direction that the positivity rate for the last seven days is 4.4% compared to 5.1% over the last two weeks. hospitalizations and icu numbers are also improving. >> 23% decline in hospitalizations over the last two weeks. 23% decline in the total number of icu patientshave admitted. >> the governor stressed the importance of wearing masks, keeping your physical distance, and staying vigilant as work through the next few months of what he called a twindemic. the coronavirus compounded by the flu season. california health officials say there were 4200 new cases yesterday . statewide, there are now 712,000 cases of coronavirus. 145 people also died yesterday. since the start of the pandemic, 13,163 people with the virus have died in california.
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the cdc has told public health officials all around the country to prepare for distribution of a coronavirus vaccine. the cdc outlined who should receive the vaccine first. they include health care professionals, essential workers, and residents and staff at long-term care facilities. the cdc says distribution could begin as soon as late october. but critics say that is not realistic. they worry that vaccine approval might be driven by political considerations ahead of the november election rather than science. that news helps stocks heard . the dow was a 454 point. nasdaq client 116 points to reach a new milestone at the close. the s&p also hit a record with a gain of 54 point. health care, technology, and communications companies drove today's rally. and are still struggling
10:14 pm
with your quality in the bay area. will get to that and the five day forecast, which includes a heat up for the weekend. also ahead, fema's decision to stop funding ppe in many cases. at 10:30, the policy change that has school districts local governments scrambling. up first, a painful comparison in the santa cruz mountains, as well fire damage to homes exceeds the damage caused by the loma prieta earthquake. >> this is much broader devastation over a larger area. ♪
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(vo) i have the best job in the world. i get to remind people of their grandmother's conchitas. give the little kids cookies... and celebrate birthdays with all our neighbors. hopefully, we'll be part of this community for many, many more years. ♪
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officials say the czu lighting, expire in the santa cruz mountains has caused more destruction to home in the tahoma's county than the last great disaster, the 1989 loma prieta earthquake. ktvu azenith smith spoke to us live in talked to a cal fire firefighter who unfortunately, as in it, lost his home. >> reporter: his last home. this fire has destroyed more than 925 homes, including that firefighter's home. past and present, santa cruz county supervisors are not surprised the numbers rivaled that of loma prieta, and like the earthquake, rebuilding could take years. two weeks fighting the czu
10:17 pm
lighting complex fire, containment creeping to 46% . so far, more than 85,000 acres burned. the fire destroying 925 homes, damaging 90. county supervisors say that is more destruction in the loma prieta earthquake of 1989. >> the earthquake was bad , but i think this is probably got it topped. >> reporter: the 6.9 magnitude earthquake causing houses and boulder creek to slide from their foundations. some down the hillside. and in watsonville, tent cities to help thousands displaced. similar anxiety and destruction to lives then and now. >> it is hard to think about people when they have no place to go and they have to start over. >> reporter: evacuees staying at the santa cruz county fairgrounds shelter. at its peak, housing 800 people hoping to find homes spared.
10:18 pm
others, not so lucky. one home destroyed, longing to a firefighter. >> all the propane tanks just exploding next to you, houses on fire, like flames everywhere. it was like, like right now, we're trying to save houses, and we tried really hard. >> reporter: his rental home in boulder creek burned to the ground, as the seasonal firefighter was fighting the czu fire. he was able to save his wife's favorite sculptor. his wife and children are now staying at a hotel in santa cruz. >> she did not have time to take anything with her. we pretty much lost everything. >> this is much broader devastation over a larger area, a lot more single-family homes. >> reporter: supercollider ryan, a tina nguyen the loma prieta earthquake happened, hoping to take lessons learned from the quake , remembering most how people act after a disaster. >> in both cases, i've seen the community really pulled together to help one another,
10:19 pm
even in the midst of a pandemic. >> reporter: what's been challenging for this fire, it is happening during a pandemic and economic crisis the county is hoping to fast-track the permitting process so homeowners can start to rebuild right away. heather? >> that had his help but they certainly need. azenith, thank you very much. the scu complex viruses is up to 76% containment. the fires have burned more than 391,000 acres, which is about 610 square miles. 82 buildings have also been destroyed. the fires were started by lightning in rugged areas of contra costa, alameda, and santa clara counties and into the central valley. cal fire has pushed back containment now until september 12. evacuation orders are being
10:20 pm
lifted around the walbridge fire in sonoma county. it is part of the lmu lighting complex. overall, the huge 375,000 acre group of fires is now 78% contained. more than 1400 structures have been destroyed in sonoma, napa, celano, and lake counties. >> the bay area has now broken the record for consecutive days of poor air quality. the air quality management district has issued a spare the air alert for the 16th day in a row today, and that breaks the old record to 14 days that was set during the camp fire back in 2018. smoke from the massive wildfires that are ringing the bay area is causing the high levels of pollutants. the air alert also in effect once again tomorrow, the 17th day in a row. the manager of the state''s electricity grid is taking measures to avoid rolling blackouts this holiday weekend. the california independent system operator notified powerplant today to postpone any planned outages for routine equipment maintenance.
10:21 pm
cal iso says they want to injure all parts of the grid are available for use during the heat wave that's anticipated for the upcoming weekend. california was hit with two nights of rolling blackouts last month when temperatures surpassed 100 degrees. and we're looking at weather that. is heating up the smoke is still back at the air quality alert stays in effect through tomorrow, and perhaps longer than that. until those fires are out, we're going to see smoke it that.'s how it's worked out. the next few days, temperatures remained the same or a little bit warmer. tuesday or wednesday, thursday, friday, kind of a nice little increase in temperatures. it's in here, saturday and sunday were temperatures really climb back into the 100. we might even go 104, 105 on sunday and monday. so that heat advisory will verifysaturday afternoon and sunday.
10:22 pm
there is the smoke advisory the air quality advisory. the numbers, the forecast tomorrow not as bad as they happen. it's not as good, but we're not seeing 150, 180. we are seeing 74 and 84. those numbers representing penumbra particulates in the year. always worse in the morning. spare the air alert tomorrow, and's heating up this weekend. airlines warned that layups were coming. coming up after the break, the jobs being cut at united airlines, and how it will affect the company's base at sfo. also coming up tonight, where to go when the weather heats up this weekend? find out which beaches will be closed. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the sleep number 360 smart bed
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pacifica is closing beaches of holiday we can. beaches at monterey and santa cruz will also be off-limits. health official data restrictions are in the preventing crowds from gathering in an effort to prevent a surge in coronavirus cases. in san francisco, however, ocean beach, baker beach, and
10:25 pm
china beach will all stay open. >> what we're asking people to do is just to make sure that you are using good judgment, so if you go to dolores park and you see that it is crowded? there's really no place for you to be with your crew of people and maintain your distance and your mask and so on and so forth, why even step foot in that park? >> crown beach in alameda, stinson beach in marin, and beaches that half moon bay will also be open this weekend. united airlines announced today that it plans to lay off more than 16,000 employees. 3000 of those will be from the bay area. like most airlines, united has seen a dramatic decline in demand, with most people staying close to home. air travel is down about 70% from a year ago. economists say it would be too expensive for the government to subsidize the industry and keep it at full size. >> at some point, we have to make the decision of when do we let the market decide how big this industry is going to be?
10:26 pm
>> united says the layups could be postponed if congress approves another $25 billion in stimulus to cover payroll costs. democratic presidential nominee joe biden said that president trump should be focused on the coronavirus rather than, quote, whipping up fear and division over racial justice protests. >> let me be clear. if president trump and his administration had done their jobs early on in this crisis, american schools would be open and open safely. instead, american families all across this country are paying the price for his failures. and his administration's failures. the former vice president was speaking in wilmington, delaware today. he said as president, he would use federal emergency fund to keep students and school staff healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. a new poll finds that 78 % of
10:27 pm
americans are very or somewhat concerned about the coronavirus. the rotors& poll of registered voters shows that nearly 60% blame president trump at least in part for the scope of the pandemic here in the united states. 30% listed the economy or jobs as a top priority for the country. only about 8% of those polled though said crime was among the biggest problems. today marked the 75th anniversary of the end of world war ii. it was on this day back in 1945 that japan formally surrendered to allied forces on the uss missouri. now because of the coronavirus pandemic, there was no large commemoration this year, but there were ceremonies all around the country, including at pearl harbor at hawaii and at the national mall in washington. president trump marked the occasion in wilmington, north carolina. he named that city the nation's
10:28 pm
first world war ii heritage city. >> this designation, we probably declare in america, we don't tear down the past. we celebrate our heroes. >> to receive the heritage city on a, a city must have made a major wartime contribution. wilmington bill 243 warships thanks to a bill passed by congress. one city will receive the designation each year. still ahead tonight, cardrooms moving outdoors. the new rules in san jose allowing poker in the parking lot. recruiting oakland sex police chief of the new job description that sets a high bar amid the current climate of police scrutiny. coming up a little later in sports, remember one of baseball's legendary pitchers. our sports director mark ibanez will have more on the death of hall of famer tom seaver. coming up next, schools scrambling to the policy change that means fema will no longer pay for masks and face shields.
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new at 10:00 tonight, a policy change at fema that has local governments scrambling. fema says it will no longer pay for face masks used in schools in courthouses. ktvu's amber lee live in daly city were county leaders say the lapse in funding could not come at a worse time, amber? >> reporter: heather, right now school districts are preparing for the possibility of bringing students back to school for in person learning. here in daly city, that possibility could come as early as sometime next month. cree longstreet is currently deciding if she wants her children to return to in person
10:32 pm
learning and marjorie tobias elementary school in daly city. the jefferson elementary school district is offering a hybrid model of learning, a combination of in person and distance learning that may happen in mid-to-late october. >> the concern is not having safety measures in place and them not providing masks. masks need to be provided to everyone. the school superintendent tells me this is likely the type of mask that would be distributed to students, teachers, and staff. they are provided through the county and state with 75% of the funding coming from fema, but the federal agency announced this week it will no longer pay for masks to be used at schools, public housing, and courthouses. >> i was shocked. i cannot believe they were thinking about not providing a. >> reporter: under fema's new policy, it will not reimburse states for the face covering or personal protective equipment costs in nonemergency settings. the new guidance goes into k, we have to make sure that it is accessible.
10:33 pm
>> reporter: san mateo county supervisor says it is essential that free masks are available. he tells me he plans to introduce a resolution calling on fema to restore funding. >> at the end of the day, this is about saving lives. to take them out of our teachers' hands to me in a classroom setting, it is disturbing. >> reporter: a fema official acknowledged in a call with state and local governments that there are increased expenses related to covid-19, but said those ongoing costs do not meet fema's definition of an emergency. >> everybody is in this transition of we don't have money. but i do believe that the federal government or the state or the county, someone has got to step up to the plate. >> reporter: this parent says schools cannot safely reopen without free face masks readily available. >> they have to take every thing an account and make sure all safety measures are
10:34 pm
available. it's essential for us to have the protective gear for everyone. >> reporter: supervisor canepa says he plans to write to president donald trump and house speaker nancy pelosi. heather? >> we will have to wait to see if there is in fact any shift in this new policy. amber lee reporting live for us tonight. thank you, amber. san diego state university has put in person class is on hold after dozens of students tested positive for coronavirus. the school announced today roughly 200 classes will be moved online for one month. on-campus housing will remain open. health officials say there have been 64 confirmed or probable cases of coronavirus among students at san diego state. some of the cases involve students who live off campus. in san francisco, resulted in him ucf's free coronavirus testing at a b.a.r.t.
10:35 pm
station in mission, and it shows an elevated risk for latino cental workers took data from the three-week testing initiative in the mission last month found a high transmission rate among the workers. researchers say the study highlights the urgent need for access for rapid testing to shorten the time between infection , test results, and isolation, especially in low income areas. >> and the yield of testing was high, 9% of the persons who were tested were pcf positive. to give context, if we look at the embarcadero, the test positive yield rate is there about 1%. >> the test positivity rate among latino participants was high at 11%. researchers say the study shows the value of offering testing at a transit hub that is free and convenient. officials that san
10:36 pm
francisco's muni say the city' light rail system will be shut down at least until the end of the year. it's all to accommodate extensive repair work . ktvu's rob roth spoke to the city supervisor who calls this shutdown mind-boggling. >> reporter: this is how san francisco's muni trains will remain until the end of the year, at least in storage in immobile. muni said last week fixing the splices that connect overhead electrical wires would take a few weeks. now, officials say it is more extensive than it . >> we discovered were questionable splices. we also discovered it was going to take us longer to get the new splice material than we had expected. >> ror quarantine along with some fellow workers. the beleaguered train system had been out march because of the pandemic. then after much publicity, the trains reopen saturday, august 22nd. two days later, splices in the overhead wires failed, causing
10:37 pm
a meltdown, and the system had to be shut down all over again. >> this is deeply disappointing. >> reporter: supervisor aaron peskin also shared that san francisco transportation authority, one of the agencies that controls muni's funding. >> the ship that was going to be an opportunity to fix this once and for all. it is mind boggling. it is deeply upsetting , and on behalf of the city, i want to apologize. >> during most of the covid crisis, we've been unable to do maintenance work in the subway because the work we need to do requires close contact. so now that we're at this stage of the health directive, we're finally able to catch up on some of that work. >> reporter: muni says with ridership low during the pandemic, this was a good time to fix not only the wires but the tracks and possibly more. >> another thing we're looking as well is whether we can use this opportunity to extend wi- fi or cell coverage in the
10:38 pm
subway as well, so we're still not certain about that. >> reporter: supervisor peskin has called for hearing later this month on how muni's problems happened and how to ensure they don't happen again. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. still ahead tonight, back to the movies just in time for the labor day weekend. how amc is hoping to cash in on the first big movie opening in months. plus. >> what we're talking about is not a wizard. it is a doable position. >> tough new criteria for oakland's next police chief, as the city revamps the job description. temperatures on the warm-up this weekend. heat advisory will go into efplus, the air quality. see you back here after the break. another day, another chance to bounce forward.
10:39 pm
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oakland is looking for the next police chief, the new description is law as detail. our crime reporter amber lee tells about new requirements amid calls for social justice. >> being the oakland to lease cheap is hard enough as it is, but the job posting for the next top cop is not for the weak. >> if they are scared off, they should not apply. >> reporter: it's no laughing matter. six months after chief anne kirkpatrick was fired, it has released its wish list 40 ideal leader. the next cheat must be able to embrace guardianship rather than a warrior mind-set, promote de-escalation and disengagement tactics, eradicate the department's role in racial profiling, implicit bias, and structural racism. it's much meatier than previous posting 40 oakland she. >> it was kind of milk a toast, your monk garden via ready.
10:42 pm
this is a position. what we're talking about is not a wizard. it's a doable position. >> reporter: regina jackson is chair of the police commission. >> i absolutely believe a person is out there. but it is not enough to say i am a transformer. your actions have to actually say it for you. >> reporter: the next top cop reports to commission, which can terminate the chief like it did with kirkpatrick with the mayor's blessing, but in reality, the next cheat will have to answer to many of the city council, independent moderate overseeing department reforms, the mayor, police union, citizens. >> police chief should come here with their eyes open to that reality. >> reporter: jim chanin helped file a civil lawsuit to opd that led to ongoing performance. he's concerned about what is not in the job announcement. >> which is a plan to do all these things , and at the same time deal with the bread-and- butter issues of crime. >> reporter: mayor libby schaaf agrees. in a statement, jeff tudor said oakland standards are high. the residents demand police
10:43 pm
chief will embrace a mandate to reimagine public safety. we want a person who can protect systemic racism and restore trust, also do hard work to reduce crime in our city. the police commission will select four finalists by the end of this month at the mayor will pick the next chief from that list. henry lee, fox 2. there's a lot of people that want to get out and play. >> bay area car cruise get the go-ahead to reopen in a matter of days. how they plan to set up securely in parking lots. our chief meteorologist bill martin tracking the return of that hot weather. he will show us the changes that are coming. ♪ can't read, can't read, no, you can't read my poker face. ♪
10:44 pm
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amc shares jumped 15% today after announcing that 70% of its theaters here in the u.s. will be opened this weekend. amc is expected to open roughly 440 theaters for the three day labor day weekend, including several right here in fornia. the reopening plan coincides with the highly anticipated release of tenants, studio executives are hoping that this christopher nolan thriller was drawing people out of their
10:47 pm
homes and into the theater. in san jose, the city council is allowing their two cardrooms to resume operations, but all the gambling will now be done outside in parking lots. ktvu's jesse gary tonight on the change of fortune. >> reporter: lady luck is changing spaces in san jose. wednesday, state regulators inspected tense in the parking lots at the bay 101 and casino m8trix cardrooms. this, as executives prepare to move indoor operations outdoors. >> we're very excited. we've been closed essentially since march 13. we have nearly 700 employees. >> reporter: robert lindo is vice president of the casino m8trix card room. he says his 49 tables have lost more than $1 million a month in revenue since the covid fually, excluded from the emergency declaration. >> reporter: early wednesday morning at the end of a marathon city council meeting, leaders amend an emergency alfresco waivers. the change allows the two
10:48 pm
indoor gaming venues to operate outside, similar to restaurant. similar move was made in citrus heights near sacramento. >> they do help with employment. they do help with a lot of tax revenues that go into the general fund which funds everything from libraries to parks. >> reporter: councilmember johnny khamis says the city depends on the millions of dollars of tax revenues from the cardroom. they will put more than half their tables under tents and will initially bring back half their employees. >> there's a lot of people that want to get out of the house and play. the whole challenge is to get enough of the economy rolling so that as, frankly, other pieces continue to decline, we don't fall into a depression. >> reporter: executives say they are working with city and state regulators and with the police department to ensure safety and security. >> the area is fenced off, but there will also be appropriate barricades to prevent people
10:49 pm
from being able to drive up to close to the area. >> reporter: lindo says there will be partition separating the players at the tables, masks that will be required, dealers will be wearing gloves, and have thermometers for touchless temperature checks. as to when the games of chance my resume? perhaps a week or two after labor day. in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. we are checking on the weekend weather. we know it's going to be hot. hot holiday weekend ahead. with got beach closures we told you about earlier, so places like santa cruz and pacifica pick along the coast, temperatures are going to be in the low to mid 80s saturday and sunday. excessive heat watch for some of the inland spots. of course, when the temperatures come up on the weekend into the low 100s, the fire danger comes up. air quality still a thing, a bad thing for a while now. it's been smoky. air quality has been
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